Toddler Killed By Foster Mom, After Being Taken From Peaceful Birth Parents For Their Cannabis Use

By Cassius Methyl

August 5, 2013

Because the state demands that people don’t smoke cannabis, the authorities will go as far as to kidnap your child to enforce this, and put him or her in a new, very likely more dangerous home. The bottom line is, there is almost no chance of a child ever possibly getting hurt because of his/her parents smoking cannabis.

Alcohol is legal, and parents can drink, therefore this kidnapping because of cannabis is absolutely dysfunctional, ridiculous, tyrannical, and in this case, fatal. This is a story of the state, at one of its most disgustingly dysfunctional and forceful points. It is abundantly clear that Alexandria Hill’s parents were average young people, in no way dangerous whatsoever. Joshua Hill, the father of Alexandria Hill, the 2 yr old girl who was killed, said “We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state ‘care’.”

Once she was forcibly placed in foster care last November, she began displaying bruises and injuries often, and appeared to live in unsanitary conditions. Alexandria’s father says “She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested, because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

The parents of Alexandria had her sent to a new home after the experience with the bruises and unsanitary living conditions, and this new home was the place where she received the fatal injuries. In January, for the second time, CPS made a mistake transferring her to this home, and that mistake was fatal.

They placed Alexandria in a home with 54 yr old Sherill Small, and she later either hit Alexandria in the head and killed her, or somehow inflicted a blow to her head, maybe dropped her , or threw her. Now this girl is dead, because the state can kidnap with impunity. Why should we ever allow the government to forcibly kidnap people’s children, for victimless crimes?

Why should we, the citizens, let them keep arresting people, hurting people, and letting people die for the controls they wish to impose on us? We have had enough of the dysfunctional, fake services they pretend to provide for us while they incessantly molest our lives from birth to death. Things seemed to be going alright according to Alexandria’s parents, when she was placed in the care of Sherill Small in Rockdale, Texas, at first.

The parents were about a month away from being reunited with their child, but then, Sherill beat the toddler’s head with a blunt object, or somehow inflicted severe force which resulted in blunt force trauma to the brain. The child sadly ended up in a coma, and she died 2 days later at the hospital. Sherill claims the child hit her head on a carpet when she was playing, but an investigation showed that the blunt force trauma means she was struck hard with something, and falling on carpet could never do that damage.

Sherill Small was arrested at her home for murder, yet revenge is not ‘justice’, as the ‘justice’ system would lead you to believe. This time, the dysfunctional and out of control, parasitic state has ended the life of a toddler. Punishing this psychotic old woman will not bring back the life of this girl. The only true justice that can be done, is to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and the only way to achieve that, is to severely cut and limit the power of the state and federal governments. Our dogs will not be shot by police, our children will not be kidnapped by their parents and left to die in worse conditions, all of this would be okay, if only the citizens would demand that the government not arrest people for victimless crimes.

This is all a result of the citizens sitting back and watching TV, doing nothing, while these people continue to expand their own powers. The politicians and the people who control them like puppets, the corporations, and the police state they use to their advantage, are destroying us. It is time for the citizens to stand up, and have a peaceful revolution, clearing out the tyranny, taking people out of office, revoking laws.

We need to invoke the restoration of our true law, the Constitution, which does not allow the police to arrest people for victimless crimes, and kidnap children. Some very charismatic and corrupt politicians have manipulated our people over the years, convinced them that somehow the Constitution doesn’t guarantee basic rights, or that our safety is incompatible with freedom. They molested the loopholes in Constitutional Law until this was the result. It is now simply time to restore the true law- no more arresting people for victimless crimes.

We do need to solidify our rights that aren’t clearly outlined enough in the Constitution too, but it is a reasonable goal for freedom for today, to want to restore this true law. This is a reasonable philosophical solution to the problems we face today as a society. If you cannot see how much better off we would be without the government doing what they do, you need to learn about the crimes this government has committed. It is time to demand these people step down, and NO ONE restrict our rights to grow cannabis or smoke it.

This miracle plant that can be used to build homes, make paper and textiles, treat cancer and several other illnesses. Of course, it can even be smoked recreationally, being less harmful than almost any other recreational drug. You should know all of this, but knowing is only one step- now it is time to sway public opinion to a critical mass, and truly make the change happen. Go tell people about this, build up the support for freedom, the abolishment of all these government agencies, the revocation of laws, and the restoration of true constitutional law.

Please share this with as many people as possible, so we can simply gain our rights back, just so we can live in peace. This tyranny is getting bad- the scariest thing is how complacent and unaware many people are, of the crimes, dysfunctionality, and true nature of this government.

Editor’s note: Much of this is spot on, though rather than advocating “the restoration of … the Constitution,” I’d simply advocate reaching a common understanding that everyone ought to be free to live their lives in whatever manner they choose, so long as they are not initiating force against others. -Kate

  • t

    I love it when the “dope love” truth comes out on this site. In the end, that’s what’s it is all about.

  • Shawn

    The DCF’s failure is the responsibility of DCF and those they answer to. But the laws regarding drugs and children are not wrong. Do you have any idea how many children’s lives are destroyed by drugs?

  • certain

    Hey T, fuck you, fake ass wannabe cop.

    That kid is dead because of the state, not because of “dope”.

    What’s it’s all about is you want to be a real cop so bad you’ll find an excuse for just about any action the “officials” take.

    You’re a piece of shit loser that’s a $7 an hour security guard, pal, deal with it. Low class motherfucker.

  • Common Sense

    The article leaves out that Hill, the father (who knows where the mother is) had visited Small’s home and said it was “okay” after CPS listened his complaints about the previous foster care home.

    I certainly believe there is more to the removal that him smoking a bowl. Perhaps they were both on state assistance, They didn’t work. They had no electricity. Someone complained about the Hills’ use of the “devil’s cabbage” that put him/them on CPS’s radar. In the end, I guess Hill decided that weed was more important.

  • Keith

    @Shawn, do you? And do you realize that the majority of those ruined lives are due to the archaic and politically motivated laws in this country? Educate yourself, booze is 100 times more dangerous, but i’m most people are too dumb or too selfish to admit it since most of the drink and would be exposed as hypocrites.

  • Jason Free 123

    More fucking bullshit by activists. The kid’s parents were fucking drug addicts and selling drugs out of their homes. Of course activists are too fucking stupid and would put their own children in danger doing drugs and selling them out of their homes. Where is the link to this story? Funny how you leave that shit out and make assumptions. I don’t know what happened in foster care and it is a tragic loss. But the parent’s chose drugs over their child and they are responsibile for this kid’s death.

  • t

    certain: Wow guy. Drinking the “hateraid” this morning?

    The child’s dying is tragic. But the dope love is what made it happen. Read the rest of the article. On and on about the great ess of marijunana. The debate about maulrijuana can go on if you want too, but my point is that when you boil most of the articles and comments on his site down to a common denominator….it’s not constitutional rights, it’s not freedom for anything other than they wanna smoke dope and be left alone. I couldn’t possibly care any less if you smoked your head off. My problem is the associated crimes….the robberies, the break ins, the thefts….the accompany marijunana use especially. Legalizing it doesn’t make that component…the component of the people (a great many of which can be viewed on this site weekly) who don’t / won’t work to afford their habit….they would rather just steal your stuff. We just did some stats and a whopping 90% of he property crimes committed in my city had a drug component. (It was really 89.8 or something). That’s not including the assaults, DWI’s, and other crimes. With alcohol mainly the issues are DUI, figure / assaults. About the only alcohol property crimes are kids who steal beer. I’m not excusing / condoning / wanting alcohol abuse either. It leads to horrible things as does: smoking, chewing, eating to much, driving to fast, not using sun block, etc.
    My only point was that is always comes back to dope love around here. This article is clear proof.

  • Shawn


    You are correct about alcohol. It is worse, probably because it is legal and has no stigma. Alcohol has only one use. To leave to people desperately looking for a used condom.

    Drugs an alcohol have no place in a family environment.

  • RadicalDude

    “By Cassius Methyl
    August 5, 2013
    We need to invoke the restoration of our true law, the Constitution”

    Are there any facts and evidence to show that the constitution is “our true law”, or is this an baseless assertion?

  • RadicalDude

    “t says:
    August 6, 2013 at 11:45 am
    The child’s dying is tragic. But the dope love is what made it happen.”

    She died of a marijuana overdose?

  • t

    Yep. And her parents love of it lead dire toy to her death.

  • Kiko4564

    Marijuana overdoses are physically impossible

  • RadicalDude

    If the allegations are true that this woman hit the girl, then she is culpable for that. From the facts presented in this story the parents cannot be shown to have any culpability.

  • Jason Free 123

    ceratin – You are just a fucking dink. That little girl died because her real parents decided that getting fucked up and doing drugs was more important then the care and welfare of their daughter. What kind of fucking life do you think she would be looking at with her parents? The parents are what caused this little girl to die. Scrunts like you want to blame everything on the police and that isn’t the case you fucking faggot. You are not even allowed near children.

  • Alvin

    Just goes to show you that govt. FAILS at EVERYTHING it attempts. I don’t understand how it is that all of you armchair cops and lawyers keep missing that central point. The Police are a FAILURE, the Courts are a FAILURE, as well at the Child Protective Services….FAILURE !!!!!! The sooner this nation realizes the futility of the Govt. at every level and take back their responsibilities in their own lives, the sooner we can get back to being the great nation we once were. Think about it.

  • RadicalDude


    Good point

  • Ariel

    As soon as the state took the children from the parents, assumed guardianship, and placed her in not one but two foster homes where she was abused, ultimately killed, the parents had/have no culpability. In fact, the father got her removed from the first by complaining about the abuse that this CPS either didn’t see or ignored. Her death is solely that woman’s responsibility, but placing her in abusive foster homes is solely the state’s.

    As for the cause for CPS to act, they do it for bathtub photos too.

  • Keith

    @fakeRadicalDude, did you grow up in this country? Even a fucking retard knows that the true law of the land is the constitution. Not literally, but the basis for all laws, and the filter held up to laws that decides if they are just or not. Read a fucking book for God sakes.

  • Jason Free 123

    Ariel – You stupid fuck. The people at fault for this little girls death is the parents. They chose drugs over their daughter. There is absolutely no proof that the first foster home was bad. It’s a drug addict and dealers dad who make the accusations. The parents did hurt the child. How many fucking times has your children been in foster care because you choose activism over your children Ariel?

  • Ariel


    I had no doubt that you can understand how once the child is under the guardianship of the state, the state as guardian assumes responsibility for the child and all that happens after. Just not to the same degree as the foster home. BTW, I have doubt now.

    1. “Drug addict” and “drug dealer” is nowhere to be found in anything written on this. Anyone smoking pot is no more an addict than anyone drinking alcohol is an alcoholic.
    2. CPS removed the child from the first after the accusations by the father. So there was either proof to CPS or CPS moved her to mollify the parent. There’s no proof in the article that the first home was good or bad, only that CPS moved her after the accusations.
    3. In states like Texas, the use of marijuana is de facto evidence of neglect, without any other proof of neglect. There’s no evidence the parents hurt the child or even neglected the child in any other manner.

    Finally, I’m that rare civil-libertarian Republican. My children were born into, raised in, and now slowly leaving the same house with the same two parents. The oldest is an Honors student in an Honors College pulling a 4.0 in Applied Mathematics and Philosophy (he has to submit and defend a Thesis to get his Bachelors) on full scholarship. The second is an Honors student, 4.0, in High School. They have been taught to be civil-libertarians and I hope it sticks; I would hate to see them become authoritarian nimrods.

    I won’t reply again.

  • Jason Free 123

    Ariel – The words drug addict and drug dealers were in the article because it was written by some dumb fuck activists who has problems. The state wouldn’t take her just because the parent’s smoked on joint. Come on use your fucking head. About your fucking kids, I could care less. You can’t prove that you even have kids.

    Again, you are wrong about the little girls death. She died because her fucking parents chose drugs over her. They now have to live with it just like you have to live with it.

  • werallhumans

    jason free 123 is a troll. He states they won’t take the kid away for smoking one joint. But ariel just stated the law in texas declares and smoking of cannibus is considered neglect. Jf123 either has reading issues or has a personal vendetta against his own parents or someone else close that uses drugs that he dislikes. Meh I see the state as being responsible for assigning the child to a proper home, which we can see they didnt.

  • steve

    Common Sense sometimes you just loose the point. the point is the kid was killed and if the kid was at home the kid would be alive today. every once in a while your just plain stupid and fully idiot.

  • Keith

    Only a true commi cock sucker would say that this was caused by parents smoking a joint. For fuck sakes, this happened because a human being beat a child to death, saying it is because they smoked dope is like telling a parent who lost their child to SIDS that it is there fault because they had to go to sleep that night. I don’t expect some to understand this, which just solidifies how god damned stupid this punk fuckers are.

  • Keith

    Hey slapdick, read this you fucking moron, then we’ll talk the devastating affects of cannabis…retard!

  • t

    It wouldn’t have happened if it wasnt for the dope love. Simple as that. Their love of pot was more thn their love for their child.

    It’s awful that it happened. But it’s amazing how folks that don’t do stupid illegal stuff don’t have their kids taken away.

  • Jason Free 123

    Keith you fucking cunt. No wonder you had no children that lived. The little girl died because her parents decided they would rather get stoned and sell drugs out of their home then raise a little girl like responsible adults. They are at fault for this little girl’s death. obviously you would rather smoke and toke then take care of your fucking kids.

  • certain

    You stupid motherfuckers are classic. Let’s see, the state took a child away from “dangerous” pot smokers, “for the child’s own good”.

    Kid ended up dead.

    So how, exactly, was the child protected? And the parents smoking pot didn’t lead to the kid’s death, the state placing the child in a foster environment was what killed the kid.

    But, I guess I wouldn’t expect a security guard with delusions of being a cop to understand the difference, anymore than I’d expect slappy to suddenly become rational.

  • certain

    “But it’s amazing how folks that don’t do stupid illegal stuff don’t have their kids taken away.”

    Once again, our friendly local security guard wins the ignorant comment of the week award.

    And you’re a cop. LOL. Yeah, right.

  • Ariel

    Common Sense,

    You do realize all this “I certainly believe there is more to the removal that him smoking a bowl. Perhaps they were both on state assistance, They didn’t work. They had no electricity. Someone complained about the Hills’ use of the “devil’s cabbage” that put him/them on CPS’s radar. In the end, I guess Hill decided that weed was more important.” is just supposition on your part and no more real than gossiping to your neighbor over the fence? What we believe to be true by supposition is only an expression of a need to make things fit our preconceptions. Suppose is a guess, and it has the same odds as shooting craps. Look up the “Jeane Dixon” fallacy. Look up the Peoria, AZ, parents that had to fight to get their children back over bathtub pictures (the judge threw it out with a “what child pornography? these are bathtub pictures, with a hint of “you perverts” to the prosecutor and detective). Suppositions.

    I’ve done a three page deep search on Goggle, and there is just nothing there other than what’s above. I would like to see the link to where the father approved of the second foster home. But even that has no bearing on responsibility, once the state assumed guardianship, well, they became responsible. It’s that simple. The woman now charged with murder had been accused of abuse once before.

  • Ariel


    “But it’s amazing how folks that don’t do stupid illegal stuff don’t have their kids taken away.” Simple minds, willfully ignorant, arrive at simple conclusions and believe they have arrived into reality.

  • Ariel

    To all,

    Part of that search (as mentioned to Common Sense) involved “deal” in order to find out if the father was a drug dealer, which again only applies to him in losing his child but not to the state’s responsibility as guardian or the foster mother for killing her. Only JF123’s comments had “deal” in them, over those three pages. I did do the search with her name as the string, but still.

    Making shit up comes under that “shall not bear false witness” prohibition, and it doesn’t matter whether you are Abrahamic or not. It’s just normal moral behavior. Mistakes are allowed until…

  • Ariel

    If it helps for the morally challenged, put “not” between “just” and “normal”. Have to think into those simple minds, however painful.

  • massacre50

    I feel awful for these parents. they lost a child, and they’ll never get her back. But at the same time, marijuana is a recreational drug. When you become a parent, you can’t engage in these kinds of things. Your kids have to come first. He chose marijuana over his daughter.

  • cantsay

    The system is broken, it doesn’t have to take so long to reunite children and there parents …we all make mistakes…If the father was willing and tested neg for drugs why didn’t the state use its funding to help him get a place…Instead they placed the child with a foster dad that had pot charges on his record!!!!!

    All this funding that goes into foster care could be going into homes where parents and children could live together under supervision….why not move a family into a supervised group home for such minor problems…no criminal charges were filed against the parent,they had never harmed the child…Dose the state not realize that yanking a child away from its family is harmful!!! If the offense dose not warrant a criminal charge than the parents should be aloud to keep the child under close supervision and a strict back on tract program…The system is broken. How do we fix it?

  • t

    Ariel: You are right….simple minds. And you are at home with them. Your inability to understand that if the parents had t been engaging in criminal behaviors…the police and then CPS would never have been involved. It’s really not even a hard concept or long line of causation to follow…and yet you still manage to lose your way.

    That’s in no way excusing the foster parents or the system that allowed them to be foster parents. But you blind ignorance to that fact that, like it or not, the drug use / possession / sales are illegal and reprehensible for a parent to be involved in.

  • Ariel

    “Ariel: You are right….simple minds. And you are at home with them. Your inability to understand that if the parents had t been engaging in criminal behaviors…the police and then CPS would never have been involved. It’s really not even a hard concept or long line of causation to follow…and yet you still manage to lose your way.” And thank you for continuing your simple mindedness.

    That line of causation breaks when the guardianship shifts. The parents lost that child for the behavior that is considered de facto neglect in Texas (in many other states, real signs of abuse or neglect would have to be evident, pot smoking isn’t de facto neglect, so your typification by “criminal behavior” is more simpleness). Their responsibility ends there. Once the state took guardianship, a new line of causation begins that the state sets in motion. It’s choices of placing the child is that new line of causation. The parents no longer had control or responsiblity.

    I realize that you put some weighted meaning to “criminal behavior” but “criminal behavior” doesn’t mean “immoral” (or “negligent” in this case) it only means breaking a law; if you want to maintain breaking laws = immoral, good luck, your morality will change from state to state, especially in this case.

    Now I’ll give you some real criminal behavior: pick-up two eagle feathers in the desert or the woods and you’re a felon. It’s criminal behavior, really it is, because it’s a felony.

    As for “dope love”, that renowned pot-head William F. Buckley wrote a good essay on how our “War on Drugs” was destroying the very fabric of our system of justice, our civil-liberties, and what should be innocent lives. “Dope love” is just another simplistic way of looking at the arguments, looking at the world. I only own a 42 year-old 16 gauge shotgun, and no other, but I support the “individual” interpretation of the 2nd Amendment which is typified as “gun lover”. I don’t smoke pot, don’t use Hillbilly Heroin (in fact I usually eschew pain killers even after surgery), and have no truck with meth as it is used today. Yet if I say the drug laws are wrong it’s “dope love”. Simple phrases for simple minds.

    Simple minds use simple formulas, simple phrases, to create a simple world that they can deal with because they can’t deal with the world otherwise. They use phrases like “good guys” and “bad guys”. They equate “criminal” with immoral. They are always authoritarians.

  • Ariel


    Do you know all the laws of your state? Do you know how those laws are interpreted by each jurisdiction in that state? Do you know what constitutes “child neglect” in your state by jurisdiction?

    I’ll give you a hint: in some states letting your 8 year-old walk to school is negligent parenting. Texas has made pot-smoking de facto child neglect. Most states require more, that pesky “real evidence of neglect”.

    Again, as I gave t., my favorite criminal behavior is “two eagle feathers = felony” (it’s actually one, but the feds have leeway). Those damn criminal Boy Scouts need jail time. Our system has become a joke, and all of you that equate criminal = immoral are part of, and responsible for, that joke. I’m not accusing you of that, I’m just venting. I am so tired of the authoritarian simple mind…

  • t

    Ok. Lets make sure WE ALL got that….

    According to your second paragraph….in Texas, “de facto neglect” IS neglect….but YOU still don’t think it’s illegal and just a horrible idea to raise children in a home where the love of the dope is more important than the love of the child.

    I stopped at that point. Your “arguement” died right there. Nothing else would really matter.

  • Ariel

    No, pot-smoking is “de facto neglect” not “”de facto neglect” IS neglect”. That “de facto neglect” in Texas means no real neglect (you know, what your betters would call actual neglect) needs to be found, which means the child is only neglected because the parents smoke pot. So the child may be well fed, well taken care, given all sorts of loving care, have all the comforts of life, safe and protected, but smoking pot means the child was neglected. Ever read Carrol or Orwell? Familiar at all with the names? Ever have real thoughts not given to you? Ever realized that if the state had not taken the child from her parents she would still be alive? That’s the mirror to your simple-minded argument.

    One, it’s not “illegal”, as in child neglect (don’t do the stupid, though you will), in most states. Two, if the child was well fed, well taken care, given all sorts of loving care, have all the comforts of life that the parents can give, safe and protected, then the love of dope wasn’t more important than the love of the child, anymore than using your favorite drug, alcohol, means you love alcohol more than your children. Ever have too many beers, you child neglecter? I know, it’s legal, so drunk on your ass just isn’t the same.

    You’re entire argument is as I wrote: “Simple minds use simple formulas, simple phrases, to create a simple world that they can deal with because they can’t deal with the world otherwise. They use phrases like “good guys” and “bad guys”. They equate “criminal” with immoral. They are always authoritarians.”

    “I stopped at that point. Your “arguement” (sic) died right there. Nothing else would really matter.” But of course, simple phrases, simple formulas, simple minds. You couldn’t read past that, it left your realm of understanding. You had to close your mind. It was to be expected, and thanks for the proof.

    If it was de facto a criminal sex offense to scratch one’s ass in public, you’d be on the side of the prosecution. And going on and on about how the scratchers need to be on the sex offender’s list. Making distinctions is how we separate ourselve’s from the other apes, even those in our own species.

  • Ariel

    BTW, “but YOU still don’t think it’s illegal and just a horrible idea to raise children in a home where the love of the dope is more important than the love of the child.” is a weak straw man, given it’s you arguing with yourself thinking you’ve used my words, worse my arguments, against me.

    Really, guy, if I weren’t willing to wade through the morass of your logical fallacies, I’d stop at the first verb. That would put me two words (I’m counting “Lets” (sic) as one) in on your last comment.

    Frankly, I should have stopped just to avoid the pain of realizing you have the right to vote. But what’s worse is the realization that the average cop IQ is likely to be 105 if only by your example. So what’s it like being unable to understand distinctions and wholly dependent on others explaining things to you, but unable to judge the worth of any one explanation?

    Yeah, that was pure and very enjoyable ad hominem. Not like you don’t do it, but at least I know that it’s a guilty pleasure and not a real argument.

  • t

    Didnt make pasted the first sentence this time. To nonsensical. Hope there was t anything else funny farther down that I missed

    Keep swinging guy.

  • p sharp


  • Ariel


    If you had read further, whatever comment you were referring to, you might actually have had a glimmer of hope of understanding. You would have to get passed your simple labels for your simple world. Illegal doesn’t equal immoral; “de facto” declared by a legislature hardly makes it “in fact” or “concerning fact” other than “de jure”, which is why I didn’t use “de jure”, given “de jure” makes a Boy Scout with two eagle feathers a felon (so much criminal behavior, so little time to stop it); and finally, you use “dope love” in the same way leftists use Hook’s “epithets of abuse”: label and then discussion is over; those labeled are obviously morally inferior and without meaningful argument just by the label. I know you don’t get it. Read some Sidney Hook, you’ll find yourself there.

    I am glad you didn’t “pasted” the first sentence, of whatever comment you were referring to in yours, that could be messy. But just for you.

  • RadicalDude

    This little girl is a victim of gang violence. Color of “police power”/color of law authoritarian gang violence.