Waco, TX Police Search Apartment Complexes, For A ‘Crime Prevention and Safety Inspection’

Joe submitted the following post written by Cassius Methyl at Intellihub.com on August 5, 2013.

The rights guaranteed by the constitution are being trampled on more, while the public will not stand up yet and demand their rights be returned.

At the Sanger Oaks apartments and other apartment communities in Waco Texas, police officers are participating in a nazi-like ‘Crime Free Housing’ program, where they search apartments, check safety features to make their presence seem necessary, and trample people’s rights while carefully making it seem as if they are doing someone a service. It seems clear that everywhere in the US, the police, agencies of government, DHS, DOJ, DOD, CIA, all of those unnecessary gangs, will expand their powers more and more.

Not much is known about this program, no one else is reporting on this. Some Police departments such as the NYPD, or Texas police, seem to be a bit worse than other police in America. Texas police often make their militarized presence more known, showing up in helicopters to high schools for ‘drills’, basically doing more and more to make their intrusions a common and acceptable thing. I am mentioning this specifically so this does NOT become an ordinary thing, as it violates the Fourth Amendment. It is detrimentally abusive to the peace and privacy of all of us.

The constitution might as well be dead at this point, IF people keep being this lazy. The truth is, we will be left with no rights, and these people with badges will do whatever they wish. Those with badges who claim power given to them by the most intense criminals, the government, congress, the president. Of course, above them, the wealthiest people and the true rulers reign, and the politicians serve as an enforcement mechanism now, for the interests of the corporate elite, and other people who are arguably in control.

To really see the big picture, i am now talking about the entire situation Americans like me are in now, past this one instance of our right to privacy being trampled. Every communication we send is being recorded and analyzed. All of us are being treated like criminals, and the police state is going after people who use substances, don’t have ‘state licenses’, and do not commit ‘crimes’ with victims. Not only that, but they are going after peaceful people, with militarized force and equipment.

If you live in Texas, maybe you should protest this in some way. The Fourth Amendment is very clear, and this is a violation of it.

  • Jason Free 123

    I looked up those apartments, They are nothing but meth labs and crime 24-7. OF course the PD is goign to do searches. I’m sure the dumb fuck who wrote this is hiding drugs and selling them. The apartments are dangerous and they are having problems getting real tenents to live there. Go fuck yourself. You are helping to cause it to be a war zone of drugs and crime.

  • Guy Fawkes

    @Jason unFree

    Just because you think crimes are being committed does not negate the 4th amendment. If there is criminal activity the police can get proper search warrants, not just run around randomly searching peoples homes. Fuck YOU if you don’t like it. Shitheads like you have ALWAYS been around, touting the same mantra about how we have to “give up some of our rights” in order to fight (fill in the blank here) witchcraft, communism, drugs, terrorism.
    Go suck some more government cock, you statist bitch.

  • Jason Free 123

    Guy Fawkes – You stupid cunt. These apartment building are going to fucking hell because there is so much crime and drugs going on. Guess what faggot, When you sign a lease with the owner, it says the owner can enter the permises at anytime. That also includes the owners permission to have the PD search the aparments. Maybe if stupid fuck heads such as yourself would stop doing drugs and selling drugs the police wouldn’t need to carry out the searches. The police isn’t violating anything you stupid cunt. The only one sucking cock is you and it’s your cellmates.

  • Shawn

    “Guy Fawkes – You stupid cunt. These apartment building are going to fucking hell because there is so much crime and drugs going on”

    How does that negate the 4th? Our rights don’t simply exist for when it is convenient for the government to acknowledge them. They exist for when the government finds our rights INCONVENIENT.

    As for rent leases, you’re full of shit. There are laws restricting what demands a land lord can make. When he rents a place, he gives up the right to control the inside of the property in that manner. A land lord can not simply allow cops into your home. The law usually only allows a land lord access for maintenance purposes, and requires notification. The only exception, if any, is emergency maintenance like a busted water pipe. And he certainly can’t enter at will.

  • Shawn


    Do a search of “Landlord arrested” and you will see numerous stories of landlords that thought they had unlimited access, and found out the hard way they were WRONG.

  • steve

    They are tricking people through persuasion to let them in for a safety check. If the people in that complex were educated to say no at the door they cant come in on their own. Thats how the cops in california and texas are getting into peoples homes to search and confiscate guns. being ignorant of their tricks is a bad thing.

    fuck you jason bitch

  • Jason Free 123

    Shawn You are the typical fuck up. The landlord can enter the premises when there are problems or emergencies. This apartment complex is nothing but drugs and crime. The owners are getting fed up with not keeping good people as tenants. I assure you the PD are right, you are fucking wrong. No landlord will be locked up or in trouble. Most of this story is fucking bullshit. There is a lot more going on then what was written and a lot of it is lies. Only a stupid fuck would believe every story.

  • Jason Free 123

    steve – The mortition called and said he found a bunch of condoms that were in your mother’s ass because they fell off your tiny little dick. I remember your mom saying there were times when she would ask what happened to the condom when you two were fucking. Just think, now she has to spend eternity with the condoms you were supposed to wear shoved up her ass. I guess when to take her fishing and use her for bait, she can also be used as a float. You are a sick fucker.

  • YankeeFan


    Common Sense gave me the website….fourth amendment.com. It constantly updates cases involving the 4th from all the courts. There were a couple of cases that dealt specifically with this phenomenon. Where a landlord had to enter an apartment and found drugs and called the police and it was ruled valid.

    You are correct, however, in that the landlord can enter on emergencies without prior notification or if it is some regular non- emergency maintenance, they usually schedule an appointment to enter. A landlord can’t enter and walk around searching for contraband. We do not surrender 4th amendment rights just because we rent!

  • Shawn

    “The landlord can enter the premises when there are problems or emergencies.”
    A land lord can enter due to emergencies and basic maintenance. He can not simply invite cops in. Learn the laws you are talking about. There are specific legal protections granted to tenants.

    “This apartment complex is nothing but drugs and crime. The owners are getting fed up with not keeping good people as tenants”

    That has nothing to do with what is and isn’t legal for a landlord to do. Maybe they should only rent to those who have clean records and let the slum lords have the rest. But if they want to be slum lords, then they have to deal with the consequences.

  • Shawn


    A landlord does have a few legal causes to enter. And if he sees something, then it is no different than anyone else seeing it. He can report it and be a witness.

    But dip shit thinks a landlord can enter at his own will for a crime check and invite the cops in. That is not legal.

  • Shawn


    Oh, even if the landlord enters legally and finds something. He still can’t invite cops in. He can only act as a witness for a warrant. But the warrant is still needed.


    How is doing active shooter training a violation of the constitution???

    This “article”(once again) is nothing more than another rambling bitch.

  • Common Sense

    Sounds like a bunch of fascist punks that couldn’t do anything else with their C average high school diplomas. Everybody else went to college, and that just made them soooo angry.

  • YankeeFan


    Go to that website and there is a link where the search was ruled legal. A landlord entered and saw drugs on a night stand or some place visible and he called the police and if I recall the story, it was ruled legal.

    As to the idiot, He is a troll and nothing more. He has no rhyme or reason. His M.O. is the same. Start the topic off with a very inflammatory statement that has nothing to do with the topic then slowly try and hijack the topic to his usual name calling comments. You know the your mom is a 2 dollar whore, I can piss, shit and fuck on the ground, fairy dust and the whole array of bestiality takes. Really a pathetic piece of shit he is.

  • StanfordMilgram

    Thank you Joe for all you do to expose the truth

  • Common Sense

    I have a fan, once again I am blessed.

    As for the article, both YF and PSO are correct, its just a rant. Copy and pasted on all the typical sites.

    Heaven forbid a community work with the police to reduce crime. I knew of one complex where renters signed a contact that if drugs or other violations took place, they were immediately evicted. No one forced them to live there. After a year, and 60+ evictions, its now a far safer complex.

  • Shawn


    All YF said is that a landlord has a few legal reasons to enter, and that what he sees is valid.

    PSOSGT didn’t really say anything.

    ” I knew of one complex where renters
    signed a contact that if drugs or other violations took
    place, they were immediately evicted.”

    No shit. I’ve never seen or heard of a rental agreement that didn’t have crime eviction clauses.
    As the landlords, maybe they should be more careful who they rent to. And all i’ve said is a landlord can’t simply enter at will, or invite the cops in. I rent out a mother-in-law type suite at my house, and i can’t just do as i want. The laws are clear, and many landlords got hammered for thinking they can.

    Fighting crime is fine. But you can’t ignore the 4th to do it. The 4th isn’t about protecting criminals, it is about human dignity.



  • Chris Mallory

    “Active shooter training” so they practice circling up the patrol cars and eating doughnuts until the shooter commits suicide?

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • Common Sense

    Sorry Shawn, it appears I once again have an admirer.

  • certain

    @The Authority –

    First let’s get him to leave the farm animals alone.

  • certain

    Because right now, if you eat a cheeseburger, there’s a slim chance that it has a little slappy in it.

    That’s worse than mad cow disease, any day.

  • Shawn


    Im amazed i haven’t gotten an evil twin.

  • Jason Free 123

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  • certain

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    And I’m sure Jason Free is your actual name, isn’t it?

    Freaking toad.

  • Jason Free 123

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  • Ariel

    I did a quick three page deep google on those apartments. Mixed reviews, but nothing about all of them being meth labs and crime 24/7. It would be really good of well-meaning and intelligent people to supply the links to such claims.

    Should be easy.

  • Ariel

    Sorry I need to correct something so the simple don’t think they can run to the touchdown. It wasn’t as I wrote “all of them being meth labs and crime 24/7” but “nothing but meth labs and crime 24-7”. My apologies.

    Should be simple to prove with one link, maybe two.

  • Moonglimmer

    Crime Free Prevention does not give management nor police the right to enter your apartment with out a twenty four hour notice. If you do not want them there when you are not, then print up a notice stating so and put one on your door and have another filed with your rental agreement. This will not stop entering if there is an emergency. This will not stop pest prevention from entering as this has to do with the proper maintenance of the complex. Crime Free Officers are usually a Police Officer and or a member of the fire department. They check the complex to make sure security lighting is in place and working properly as well as make sure foliage is properly trimmed back. They check random apartments to make sure that deadbolts are installed and that all locks are installed properly. They make sure that windows lock and screens are properly attached. they make sure that alarms, fire alarms or other such devices are working properly. If they are not they may change batteries or have them replace when necessary.

    They do not go in and search apartments but if they go in and illegal substances are in plain sight then the proper steps are taken. This means you will be evicted and you could face criminal charges.

    People that live in high risk areas have a tough job when it comes to living there. They often live in fear but as a resident the only way we can stop this is to work together. We have to get out of what I call the “Prison Mind Set” for the safety of all especially for the children. If you see something illegal going on call the police instead of hiding away in your apartment. What kind of life is that for our children? What are we teaching them when we do not stand up to those who want to trash the place we live and cause an unsafe environment. Lets teach them to stand up for what is right! We can make a difference. For those of you that say it is teaching them to “Rat” on others then it must be you that they need to worry about because you cannot “Rat” on someone that is doing the right things and keeping our environment safe for all. They are not a “Snitch” when they are keeping the drugs away from their homes, their friends their brothers and sisters and other family members. No you see they are doing what is necessary to keep those places sacred to them safe for all.

    As with all types of employment there are good apples and bad apples and this includes the police department but to say or insinuate that they are all just power hungry law breakers is an injustice to them as well as the people they have sworn to protect. Many of them have families just like the rest of us and they are out their in the streets seeing the same thing over and over again. yes some of them may even become jaded because it seems like nobody cares which is were we have a job to do our selves. it is our job to support these men and women and help them to do the best job possible. But many clam up out of fear and that has got to stop because then the criminals do win. They beat us down and then they don’t stop there; no they then drag our children into it by tricking them to join gangs and sell their drugs or steal for them. Then we see a repeat of the past over and over again. If you see something wrong, even if it is a police officer, then report it. Make sure you have all the facts when you do so. As far as the technology to listen to every single call we make or watch us from TVs or other devices it is NOT possible. they can pick certain devices to listen to but again they have to have a reason. So ordinary people that strive to do the right thing have nothing to worry about.