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From Keene in the ‘shire – the liberty media capital of the world, this is Darryl Perry, host of the Police Accountability Report brought to you by CopBlock.org.
This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions.

Story #1
Police Attack-Dog Mauls Man During Warrantless Search of Private Property


In Livingston, Montana, a kitchen manager visiting his place of work after hours was mauled by a police attack dog, which was released into the property with the purpose of seeking out and attacking anyone it found.
Police defend the actions of the dog, saying “He did what he was supposed to do.”
Mark Demaline manages the kitchen of Park Place Tavern in Livingston, and on August 22, was visiting the business at 2:00 AM, which he often does, to eat before going home.
His routine visits are brief, as he makes a quick salad, grabs his laptop, and leaves. He does not lock the door while in the tavern, reports the Livingston Enterprise.
Unbeknownst to Demaline, police had decided to perform a “standard downtown security check,” which involves entering a private business without probable cause or a warrant, snooping around inside and releasing an attack dog to sniff out intruders, without permission from the owner.
Mark had prepared himself a take-home salad and prepared to exit the building, with food and drink in hand. A strange black dog approached him.
Being a dog lover, Demaline greeted the dog, “Hey puppy.” The dog lunged at him and sank its teeth into his leg, gnawing his flesh with repeated bites. Mark dropped everything and began screaming and trying to restrain the attack dog.
Just then two Livingston police officers appeared, taking control of the dog and cuffing Demaline, dragging him outside for an interrogation.
A phone call confirmed he had permission to be in the building, unlike the police officers and their violent dog.
“It’s just way out of line — the excessive force of this dog,” he said.
“It’s acceptable for the dog to confront anybody in the business at that hour,” Police Chief Darren Raney said, claiming police can enter any private property if it is unlocked.
The police offered no sympathies or apologies to the cook, who had to miss a week of work, and incurred hospitalization bills and many personal inconveniences.

Story #2
Utah Police Officer Charged For Allegedly Faking DUI Reports


A former Unified Police Department officer has been charged with faking DUI reports and working overlapping shifts to steal taxpayer money.
Stephen Hall retired amid an internal investigation that allegedly found he had faked reports while working grant-funded overtime shifts, sometimes at the same time he was clocked-in at other jobs.
From 2010 and 2013, Hall was double-paid about $14,100.
Prosecutors charged him with second-degree felony theft by deception and three counts of class B misdemeanor falsification or alteration of government record.
While the misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail, if he is convicted for theft, Hall could spend up to 15 years in prison.
Unified police have the option to work federal and state grant-funded overtime shifts specifically for DUI and underage drinking enforcement.
During 2012, Hall reportedly made 27 DUI arrests, issued 398 citations and impounded 27 vehicles during such shifts, according to the charges. But the police records did not match up: they showed only one DUI arrest and four citations.
Supervisors also found that Hall had made up 50 cases, filled out with fictitious information and listed work he did not actually perform.

That’s this week’s Police Accountability Report brought to you by CopBlock.org.
I hope you’ll take a moment to consider just what it is that you are paying for via taxation – and speak out against the corruption.
Until next week, stay safe and remember that badges don’t grant extra rights.

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