Backs Police Accountability Tour

We’re happy to announce that is now on-board as a sponsor of the Police Accountability Tour!

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As noted about six weeks back, Davi Barker – the person behind – inquired of our interest in collaborating to get-created the beautiful, individually numbered, conversation-provoking natural law enforcement badges that read “Shiny Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” We jumped at the opportunity. It’s great to know that folks across the states and the globe are now rocking that item and making that message clear to those in their sphere.

Those badges, like all the others created by, are embossed ‘soft enamel’ pins made from hand-brushing colored enamel into the recesses of a die-struck metal pin. The color sits lower than the raised metal lines so the art stands out in relief, then the pin is baked in a kiln for durability and polished to protect the lustrous jewelry-like finish.

In addition to, Barker is focused on “an ongoing effort to conduct a renegade psychological experiment on obedience to authority.” If that topic is of interest to you (which I’m guessing it is as you’re reading, be sure to check out his paper Authoritarian-Sociopath.

  • Jason Free 123

    More fucking out of work idiotic people who call themselves activists. Now they go to the mall and buy police badges like little kids do. Anyone who would actually where that shit needs to learn how to dress.

  • Common Sense

    A Muslim huh? Interesting…..

  • StanfordMilgram

    I remember playing policeman. I was 4. Some people never grow up.

  • Don Francisco

    That’s cute.

  • Casual Observer


    You are correct on that one… and in fact, some “adults” actually enjoy beating others with sticks while they get paid for it with our tax dollars.

  • RadicalDude

    Wow, excellent work

  • Jason Free 123

    You activists like like chimps. They love toys, trinkets, and trash to play with.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • John Q Public

    The image on “thanks but no tanks” is not a tank.


    Good job to everyone on this post for not indulging the idiot that calls himself Jason Free 123
    I love that he keeps trying to enter the discussion and no one is listening. Don’t waste your time responding to anything he has to say. He has been lying for so long that he has actually convinced himself that everything he says is real.