Peacekeeper Community Defense, Stateless Security

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Peacekeeper is Community Defense without the state. Are you fed up with the so-called state protection services? We know that you are the one with the greatest incentive to safeguard your family and community. That is why we are running a crowd funding campaign to develop an app that will give you and your neighbors the opportunity to send, receive and respond to emergency alerts. We could really use your support. If you believe in Peacekeeper please help us get the word out and contribute to the campaign. We hope you will consider the cause and become a force for good in your neighborhoods. We are enormously grateful!

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Cody Drummond

  • certain

    I’m starting my own crowd funding venture. It’s called “Get me a Tropical Island of my Own”. I’ll send out emergency alerts when the beer gets low and I need a parachute resupply.

  • Common Sense

    Or, for free, you could just knock on your neigbhor’s door and get to know them….

  • Jason Free 123

    Another bullshit attempt to push vigilantism. This will never fucking work. There are tons of fucking security centers who do a great job. Why would I trust my home to someone else I don’t know or may not get along with? With paid security you are monitored 365 days a year. You pay for what you get. It’s another scam by activists. Typical bullshit that will never fucking work.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    Um they already have this in many states. It’s called C.E.R.T. (Community emergency response team).

  • tz

    I don’t see how you are preventing false positives.

    If someone joins and wants to SWAT – basically call a bunch of armed thugs falsely on some innocent – how will you prevent it? Or be different than the current thugs other than being faster upon the draw so you will have even less time to verify things?

    People will order a dozen pizzas to be delivered to someone who didn’t order them in order to harass them. Somehow being able to order a dozen armed thugs seems less likely to end well.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    After watching the video I’ve realized this is just an elaborate neighborhood watch app.

  • KAZ

    Although this idea has potential it does have its drawbacks. I see this app as a great tool for women who are alone at night and feel threatened in some way. They request help via the app and bam, anyone who is notified in the immediate area are there to support her and get her to her car or home safely. 911 is a great tool for people in need but is starting to become outdated technology. Smartphone gps technology can have good samaritans there in seconds rather than cops there in minutes, and when seconds count between life and death this app could make the difference.

  • Locke

    Summoning an untrained, non-accountable mob of Zimmermans? No way. Way too many bad scenarios come to mind.

    I pay taxes, and expect to be provided professional policing for that fee.

  • peacekeeper

    Hey guys, after reading some of the comments I thought it necessary to explain some misconceptions about PEACEKEEPER.

    -Peacekeeper is not for everyone.
    – The Peacekeeper app it’s free for download and use
    -Peacekeeper is defensive only, it has no function for justice or law enforcement.
    -With Peacekeeper you choose which individuals you want in your network. If you dont trust someone you probably should not add them to your network.
    -Security companies are great at calling the police. if thats what you want then have fun depending on the government for your protection.
    -CERT does not compare to Peacekeeper nor does it have similar goals or functions.
    -Again, with Peacekeeper you choose your network. So dont include someone you don’t trust. But If Trust, training and accountability are your greatest concerns why on earth are you advocating state protection?