CANADA August 2012: Saskatoon Police Trespass with K-9

Kris Eyvindson shared the following post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

SASKATOON, AUGUST 8 2012: Prior to this, I noticed two people in my yard with a dog. I wasn’t sure, but thought I saw the uniforms and suspected it was the police. I went into my front yard and began talking to a neighbor from across the street.

The alleged Saskatoon Police Service member with the colored badge (not handling the dog) ran from my backyard to my front yard and asked me, “Did you see the other officer come through here?”

I replied, “No.” After hearing my response, he ran to the back alley.

A few moments later, I heard the one with the dog yelling extremely loudly and aggressively at my neighbors, “GO IN YOUR HOUSE,” multiple time, very loudly and aggressively, and I heard doors closing. I walked towards the back alley and filming began shortly afterwards.


He responded, “NO, I’M JUST BUMMING AROUND FOR THE HELL OF IT,” (while snooping around in one of my neighbors backyards.

This was filmed late afternoon Wednesday, 8 Aug 2012. These men had NO WARRANT, and they were not in ‘HOT PURSUIT’ of a criminal. (As you see, there was no one fleeing the scene, and they were at the scene for over ten minutes before coming into my yard and yelling at me).

After posting this to YouTube and telling people I know about it, many people told me that I should have just done what I was told and that I’m an idiot, basically.

I feel that I am completely within my rights and the POLICE were completely abusing their authority and use of K-9, and I am very disappointed that since posting the video and sharing it, about half of people disagree.

Do you think I acted appropriately? Did the Police act appropriately?


-Kris Eyvindson


  • simpleton

    Not sure who I dislike more in this video…ding dong with the camera being a pain in the ass, or the cops. The cops must keep a laminated card in their pocket listing the top 5 things you can recite to get someone out of your hair. 1. Interfering with investigation 2. Officer safety…you get the picture. But when the guy said “do you want this dog to bite you because that’s what he’s trained to do” I almost lost it. Is that fucking animal that you’ve spend 2 years training and invested over 20K in trained to bite just anyone? Not criminals and suspects but innocent people holding a camera phone on their decks? well, then the dog and the handler need more training.

  • John Q Public

    This guy who’s filming ain’t too bright. He has no clue as to what’s going on. What if the person the cops were looking for came up and shot him? All he’s doing is being a distraction.

  • RadicalDude

    You did nothing wrong. Wouldn’t blame you either way. You could have just told them to get off your property if they were bothering you.

  • t

    What a dumb Canadian jackass. You don’t see any criminal fleeing from the scene. Really? No crap guy. That doesn’t mean they aren’t tracking one now does it? What a complete tool.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    Looks like they were tracking a suspect that fled on foot. You being out there walking around, though it is your property, is contaminating the scent trail.

    That being said the officers could have been a bit more respectful towards you and briefly explained what they were doing or who they were looking for. I doubt that would have changed your attitude.

  • Jason Free 123

    They were obviously looking for someone. Typical fucking activists bitching and whining. The officers don’t have the fucking time to sit there and hold your hand. If all you got out of it was a little irritation, big fucking deal. Anyhow this happened in kunuk territory.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • Keith

    Yeah, not feeling this one. Obviously they were looking for some one. It’s irresponsible to mess with them and ask all kinds of questions right in the middle of a search. And while you can tell them to get off of your property, they do not have to while searching for a criminal. I’m not sure why you would stir this up as it had nothing to do with harrassing your or your neighbors. Even though we can, sometimes we shouldn’t.


    I LOVE the internet experts. Cops look like they are doing a track… So lets say they were trying to track on someone who raped a 12 year old 2 blocks away.. Sound like a good reason for them to tell you to stay inside so your sent doesn’t fuck up the k-9 track????? Or maybe its for a violent felon…who ran through your yard…sound like a good reason to stay inside?

    They don’t need a search warrant to walk through your yard doing a track…

  • RadicalDude

    “PSOSGT says:
    September 12, 2013 at 8:32 pm
    Or maybe its for a violent felon…who ran through your yard…sound like a good reason to stay inside?”

    Pretty good reason imo.

  • Dr Kranknstein

    Despite any circumstances…He could have just raped and butchered Mother Teresa’s dead corpse and I still wouldn’t be a fan of an officer ordering me inside my house. You are not responsible for my safety so quit acting like I need you to protect me. Officers can not have it both ways. The courts ruled our protection is not your responsibility so stop acting like it is when it fits your purpose.

  • bill_derberg

    Its called exigency. During “hot pursuit” the police have the right to come on your property without a search warrant IF they have probable cause or suspicion. Obviously they didnt like a mundane making them justify their actions. They were within their rights and this guy was in his rights also. The problem is the lack of respect on the officers part.