Cape Town Cop’s unfounded claim : Filming arrests is a crime

Recently Spokeman Officer Andre Traut implied that filming an officer during the course of their duty was perfectly legal, that is until they were in the act of arresting someone. While lawyers we met with here disagreed with that notion, we found it disturbing how little the police know about local current laws, and more importantly how aggressive they are to the idea of people watching them.

Maybe it’s because people don’t trust or respect the police out here, literally everyone we have spoken with sees little to no value in their existence. Or maybe it’s because countless people we’ve interviewed claim they have been beaten, tortured, or robbed by people with badges.

We def have considered the fact that it might be because a lot of the drugs and guns that are sold in the streets and the prisons pass through their hands, either physically or in the form of bribes.

While the local newspapers report on police issues extensively, and we’ve spoken to people who first hand have either paid off police or been smugglers while working as law enforcement, one thing is clear.

The videotaping of police on any level out here won’t prove to anyone what horrible things the police are capable of doing. The people here know this truth. At this point, maybe the best thing that videotaping the police can do is help show the world what people are experiencing here on the ground.

While this video refers to four incidents where the police were videotaped abusing and murdering people, the cameras rolling did
little to stop these incidents from taking place. And when an officer knows that if they get caught beating someone on video, they can just arrest the victim to legitimize arresting the copwatcher, than like in the states, we see a system that is designed to fail the people.

Regardless of what Officer Andre Traut says, we think that videotaping arrests is one of the most important times to be documenting, as this is one of the times police are most abusive.

  • Jason Free 123

    This is in Africa. Why don’t you fucking go over their with your little camera and see what happens. You talk a bullshit story now man up and go over there and film. Obviously there isn’t enough drama in your life or drama you can make up so you bring up bullshit that is on the other side of the planet.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • Jacob Crawford @ WeCopwatch

    @Jason Troll. In response to your comment “Why don’t you fucking go over their with your little camera and see what happens. You talk a bullshit story now man up and go over there and film.”

    We are in South Africa you idiot. Signed. Jacob Crawford, in Cape Town, South Africa

  • John Q Public

    You guys are going run across the wrong person over there and it’ll be lights out. Different country, different laws. Not too bright of you. I’d personally like to see you copblock someplace like Russia, North Korea, or even anyplace in the middle east. That would be excellent entertainment.

  • EvilRadicalDude


    No one and I mean no one has ever accused them as being bright. What the hell are they doing for OUR country in Africa. Nothing. Just taking a vacation and shooting a few videos at the expense of the idiots that give them money.

  • John Q Public

    Evil, you are absolutely correct.

  • Common Sense

    Who gives a shit what happens in South America?

  • Jason Free 123

    Jacob Crawford – Your little bullshit bio doesn’t say you are over in Africa. You are just another fucking cunt activist with no real future and a criminal record a mile long. Go to Africa, stay there. At least if you get arrested no one will ever hear from you again you fucking loser. No one gives a shit about you and that is proven by those who have left comments regarding your fucking bullshit video.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • t

    Maybe the lawyers have no idea what they are talking about. The fact that YOU ran across them makes it a pretty safe assumption that they would be in agreement with your “side”. Awaits and trials take place everyday with similarly educated lawyers who don’t agree with each other. Talk about gullible.

  • EvilRadicalDude

    You two should stay over there. Maybe adopt a kid together.

  • Jacob Crawford @ WeCopwatch

    Don’t like what you see? Go jump in the sea, or do something to make the world a better place, doesn’t matter to me.

    Trolls are just lonely people. Maybe you guys should start a group where you can talk about your emotions. I’d support that. . .

  • EvilRadicalDude

    Jacob cop watcher,

    It obviously matters to you because you responded.

    Fact of the matter is it is you who has joined a group to share your “emotions” with because you are lonely. A reject of society who found acceptance within the “cop block” world.

    I don’t support anything you do because you are a thief. You manipulate people into believing in your “beliefs” and then ask them for money.

    Like I stated before. Stay over there. This country would really benefit from having 2 less idiots.

  • John Q Public

    Drive on up to Somalia and copblock there while you’re at it. I’m sure they’d love you there. You guys ain’t making the world a better place. You guys are bullies. You haven’t done a damned thing but look foolish. Have fun with that.

  • Casual Observer

    @Jason Crawford,

    Keep up the good work. You see what we have to deal with here. LOL

  • Casual Observer

    @Common Sense,

    Just when I thought you couldn’t express anything more ignorant…

  • lakewood_in_afghanistan

    Drive to Somalia? Wouldn’t your car get wet?

  • RadicalDude

    There are no countries, there are no national borders- they are merely products of superstitious minds. Cops all over are the same as everywhere else. The institution is an attempt at rationalizing the primitive, yet irrational impulses that all apes have to violently dominate one another through politicized violence. The violence is irrational yet it is hardwired into the primitive brain circuitry. Some of us are more evolved than others and soon hopefully we will be at the point of reaching that 100th monkey where the irrationality of the violence becomes clear to all. What Jake and Pete are doing is bringing us one step closer to that peaceful evolution.

  • RadicalDude
  • RadicalDude
  • John Q Public

    All Jake and Pete are doing is travelling around having fun with money that are given to them by idiots.

    And Fakewood, you can drive up from South Africa to Somalia right up the east coast without getting wet (unless it rains on the way). Get a geography book. You realize these knuckleheads are in Capetown South Africa, right?

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