Camera Man Attacked during Stop and Frisk in Harlem,NY

I was walking by and I witnessed some arbitrary stops by the police, so I decided to stop and take a look. After about five minutes of watching what was happening, I remembered I had a camera on me. I was in no way trying to distract the officers; I was actually more than fifteen feet away from the scene. The officers began to try to intimidate me and even assaulted me. I have made a complaint at the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board and they weren’t much help at all. I didn’t posted this video sooner because I was in fear for my safety. I hope this video is educational to everyone. My goal is for people to understand that it’s not American and not Constitutional for the police to conduct themselves in this manner and for the people to stand idle as if nothing is happening.
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  • d0nj3nko

    A lot of people would have been intimidated and left when they started to film themselves trying to intimidate… They look like bullies and thugs who would have no problem beating someone and setting them up. It makes me sad that the once free country of America has been brought down to this level. If they act like that in public and on camera, I shudder to think how they behave when they are off camera or when raiding someones house. If something is not done about all this soon like fitting them all with cameras as the judge has ordered then this behaviour of lies and intimidation will continue. They are criminals that have managed to get into a position of authority, it will be very hard to remove them and bring about some accountability. What is the problem with filming by the people when they film everything for themselves with cctv on the street or in their cars etc? I hope the personal cameras are fitted to them all soon, when it happens you will see this behaviour stop or at lease decrease a lot for it is criminal… God bless us all

  • Jason Free 123

    More fucking bullshit from fuckfaced pussy activists. Of course a total piece of shit like you would be standing there when the PD are investigating a robbery. You were acting like a fucking dick. You stand there and film the officers and when they film you you go balistic. One accidently bumps into you and you start screaming like a little girl. I believe you bumped into them liar. What a fucking faggot. They didn’t want you filming the innocent lady. Of course total fucked up activists with cameras growing out of their faces do not care about anyone but themselves. You got what you had coming to you. You fucking cunt.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • simpleton

    Absolutely amazing, these geniuses are investigating a robbery and act like a bunch of 8 year olds with ADD. They get distracted by some dude quietly filming, they engage him, cause a scene only to be reigned in by a innocent female standing by that basically tells them to knock it off, and even more amazingly, they listen to her. Wow, just wow. I’m guessing they listened to her because they knew how fucked up it was that they escalated this situation to that point. All 27 of them (sarcasm)) couldn’t stay focused long enough to continue their investigation into a robbery, instead they had to get into a scuffle with a guy, harrass a store owner, and then get yelled at by a chick. Just when I thought I’ve seen stupidity at its highest, something like this comes along and demonstrates there is no shortage of stupidity in law enforcement.

  • certain

    Calm, slappy, caaaaaalllllllmmmmmmmm. You must go through a shitload of keyboards with all of the spittle flying out of your mouth.


    WOW my calender is WAAAAAAAY off. I thought it was September 2013.. Maybe if we search really hard we can find some older stuff to post.

  • t

    Ha ha.

  • AmigaJoe


    -If you have nothing to say, why say anything?
    -Get your nose out of Sarge’s ass…

  • steve

    I didn’t see anyone get hurt or stomped by the police. I did see a couple of retard nypd cops film you back and I would only imagine that would be called intimidation.

  • John Q Public

    Its ok for the copblockers to film but they don’t like their antics used against them.

  • Common Sense


  • certain

    It’s the Zionists at work again, donstanko. You ought to know that, you’re one of them. Or have you changed your tune? Go back to, they welcome your type there.

  • steve


  • akkard

    I don’t feel like watching this stupid fucking video. The headline says this is a stop-and-frisk, then one of the commenters says it’s a robbery investigation. Well, which is it?

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Another one of the Davy V School of Cinematography… Except this one wasn’t edited enough.

    May I please have 10:29 minutes of my life back?