ABC News Video Catches Cops Breaking the Law

A “20/20” speed trap catches irresponsible police officers, deputies, and state highway patrol officers as they break speed laws at felony levels in non-emergency situations in Raleigh, North Carolina.


  • Ernster78

    NC pigs and Government are out of control!!!!! Has to be #1 on the list of crooked cops and Government! Seen It with my own eyes and Ive only been there a handful of times. Scary my kids live there.

  • Casual Observer

    Maybe “certain” will FINALLY start to understand the definition of the word “hypocrite” if he watches this video.

  • certain

    You’re a fucking idiot, moron. That’s what I understand.

  • certain

    Fastest cop shown in the 80’s. LOL. Drive between Vegas and LA sometime. 80 will get you run off the road.

    70 in a 45? Yeah, that’s excessive, and worth a bitch. And you know why? Because most (sensible) people wouldn’t drive that fast off of the freeway. So in other words, the cop is doing something that most people don’t do. But 80 in a 65? Not so much.

  • truthspew

    The problem is the hypocrisy. The cops think themselves above the law since they are the ones who enforce the law. Therefore that’s the problem I have with them speeding anywhere.

  • Shawn


    Sorry certain. 5 to 10 over is one thing, and something cops overlook in others usually. But 15+ is too much. Cops are doing this because they can. They enjoy that they can flaunt the law.
    Part of the issue is that this ‘small’ corruption leads to an attitude that excuses big corruption.

  • Jason Free 123

    If the officers were driving fast for no real reason, then they should be called on it. I will take the word of a major news show over some fucking activist with a cellphone camera.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • Common Sense

    Remember when you get the shout at and flip off cops? This is the pay back.

  • certain


    I agree with your point more than you know. To me, that first decision that “Well, I can speed because I have this badge” is the top of a very steep and slippery slope that leads to the current fucked up and broken system we have.

    But that isn’t my point. My point is that nobody who breaks the same law the cops are breaking has a right to make it some sort of moral outrage. Regardless of who is issuing their paycheck. The other person commenting on this seems to draw some sort of distinction, even between 2 drivers, both speeding, both receiving their paycheck from the taxpayers.

    So if I’m out beating and robbing people who have done absolutely nothing to warrant it, can I complain if I get arrested and beaten? Remember, I’m not saying right or wrong on the cops part, I’m saying doesn’t it make you a hypocrite if you complain about the cops doing the same to you as you do to others?

  • certain

    Slappy – Ron Paul filed the lawsuit papers today.

    He also notified the State Department of Mental Health that you are obviously a danger to yourself and goats.

  • mike247

    The nazi communist bitch Jason Free 123 is running his mouth again.

    Activists says, “Jason free 123 is a fucking pathetic piece of shit.

  • Jason Free 123

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    ROn Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • certain

    Slappy – None of that really happened, dude, it’s all in your head. I’m telling you, the torture will stop if you just get on some medicine. Any mental health professional would recognize your illness very quickly after meeting you, just give it a shot. Or spend the rest of your life having sick-ass fantasies about peoples mothers being beaten then sending you bestiality videos. Dude, that’s as weird as it gets. You really need help.

  • Shawn


    I would agree if someone who usually does 10-15 over started bitching about a cop doing 5 over. That would be silly. I’m not talking about that. But any sane person, even one who routinely goes a few over, would take note and start bitching about a cop going 15+ over, or even 30 over.
    At that point, not only is the cop driving dangerously, but he had clearly gotten a bullet proof attitude. That never ends well. The speeding is only a symptom of a much more dangerous issue.

    By the way, I’m not much of a speeder. Either I’m in rush hour traffic practicing patience, or I’m on streets that already let me go 50 to 60. That’s fast enough for me.

  • Jason Free 123

    Annonypussy certain – Still at it I see. I posted the videos your mom sent to me because she asked me too. She felt that might help you get motovated and get the help you need. Instead, you make childish comments that aren’t original, you have no support, and you beat the fucking shit out of your mom. You will more than likely end up with goat aids or something. Maybe even anthrax because of your behaviors.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • Joseph Love

    Interesting video, especially the part where the cops are being followed.

  • ghost rider

    Wonder if that little faggot Goldilocks is moderation this site also ? lol !

  • ghost rider

    If i say the cop was in the right and can speed as much as they want i guess the moderator wont ban me huh ? lousy morons !

  • Anthony D Hurst

    The reporter in this video is a total idiot. What a dramatic, attention seeking dipshit, lol!