Assault With a Deadly Weapon

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My car battery died, so I took it on the bus to get to Walmart and exchange it. I got on the bus with the battery; three stops later, the bus driver told me they didn’t notice that battery. I got off the bus and stashed the battery behind a tree. I got back on the bus.

I got off at the central bus station. I asked some lady if she ever heard about not being able to take a battery on a bus. She said batteries are dangerous, she has seen them explode and hurt people. I said I didn’t know that. I sit down and talk with the other people waiting. I assume she called the cops. An hour later, the police showed up. I was leaning against the bus stop, my hands in my pockets. The police got out of their car.

Officer Jack Bower: “You come here.”

Me: “Who, me?”

Officer Jack Bower: “Get your hands out of your pockets and come over here.”

I started walking over, my hands out of my pockets and away from my body.

Me: “What’s going on?”

Officer Jack Bower: “You are accused of being a terrorist.”

Me: “What the fuck, are you serious?”

Officer Jack Bower: “Sit on the curb.”

Me: “Why?”

Officer J.B. pulled his gun and pointed it at my face: “Haven’t you been watching the news lately? Do you have any idea about what’s going on?”

The rest was pretty standard – him humiliating me in front of everyone and pulling his night stick when I took my hands off my knees.

This happened another time to a black guy I spoke to, only he was accused of having a knife and threatening to stab people, but the bystanders backed him up. One of them was a security guard; I’m a security guard at the same company.

The officer said the bus driver was a female, the bus I was on had a male driver, though.

Once my back was towards the bus stop, the officer was holding his gun with one hand. If he would have decided to do the diallo thing, then the people standing behind me at the bus stop could have been hurt or killed.

Not Diallo This Time

  • John Q Public

    Ahem… First!

  • John Q Public

    Another incredible poorly written work of fiction.

  • akkard

    This is bullshit.

  • KAZ

    Batteries blowing up LMFAO. Really, that’s almost as good as the cellphone gun BS. This story sounds pretty real to me. Cops accuse people taking pictures of being terrorist all the time. Now you got a guy simply trying to fix his car and bam a bunch of sheeple start to freak out. This is exactly why I don’t like living in the city. If you carry a battery down a country road more than likely someone will stop and give you a ride.
    —-take away all police immunity for a safer America—-

  • t

    KAZ. I’m not shocked that you believe it.

    For the more intelligent… What a crock.

  • KAZ

    what is even more shocking is the fact that idiot cops like t, and JQP actually believe that themselves or their thin blue line buddies don’t ever lie, cheat, steal, abuse their limited authority, or break the laws they swore an oath to uphold.
    Blaming police wrongdoing on victims, raping people of their constitutional rights, and turning a blind eye to police abuse is what t, common sense, JQP, as well as other cops who comment here, often do and support.

  • KAZ

    —-take away all police immunity for a safer America—-

  • Common Sense

    Bullshit story #323

  • certain

    Jack Bower? Really?

    Batteries don’t explode often, but it can happen. Why do you think you’re not supposed to smoke around car batteries? The electrolyte reaction produces small quantities of hydrogen gas.

    Wouldn’t be much chance of this happening on a bus, the battery would be for more dangerous if the bus were in an accident and it got launched.

    But come on now, Jack Bower?

    (common, you’ve surpassed 3000 by now, I’m sure of it)

  • AmigaJoe

    Many of the things we in fact KNOW happened would be called BS if there was no video of it, or if official investigations hadn’t validated them. Most commenters would be in paroxysms of denial if the ‘Anal Probe’ story from NM was just an anonymous submission, wouldn’t they? COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAPPEN. Submitter is ‘insane’, or worse. I keep that in mind when I read stories like this.

  • AmigaJoe

    …Which is hardly an outrageous tale, anyway.

  • WallStreet

    Know how you can tell a cop is lying?

    He’s a cop

    Can’t wait till one of you blue boys get the shit kicked outta ya, in front of dozens of witnesses, and NONE go to your assistance.

    See that in the news week or so ago?

    People – your employers – stood and laughed, and did NOTHING while one of your brothers got his fucking ass handed to him in a fair fight.

    AND they taped it – so we can all laugh, and hope for the glorious day when WE can do them same.

    Just like you thugs do to us…

  • t

    KAZ: k

  • John Q Public

    Sorry Kaz. I’m not a cop. You just wish I was. Idiots like you think that’s all cops do is lie. Hell, I see more outright lies posted by the admin of this site that copblockers eat up more than anywhere else. This story is a good example. A real journalist would vet the story to determine its authenticity. These guys just throw up any kind of bs they can make up just to get a reaction. Just keep on drinking the koolaid.

  • EvilRadicalDude


    You couldn’t kick a damn soccer ball. Now go do your homework before mom grounds you again.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I laughed myself into an asthma attack reading this one.

  • Ariel

    1. Batteries do blow up. The lead-acid ones produce hydrogen. Takes a real piece of work to explode one.
    2. A dead lead-acid battery is dead. Hydrogen is lost if vented. Sealed lead-acid (AGM) good luck on making it blow. Both are projectiles not bombs.
    3. The sulfuric acid concentration in a lead-acid battery is in the range of not harmful to skin but to mucous membranes (20-40 wt %). When I read “he threw battery acid in her face”, I go phew, she was lucky. Industrial 93% sulfuric to (oxidizing sulfuric) 98% is permanent disfigurement, blindness, and heaven forbid you swallow or inhale.
    4. Other batteries get really effing hot and start fires. It’s why Priuses have an interior port to draw cool air across that expensive battery. Or why the Boeing 787 is going through electrical revision.

    I can believe some woman called in about a guy carrying a battery on a bus because batteries explode and he thus threatened her life and all on the bus. Explosive device = terrorist.

    Nitrogen is toxic. Heard it on the news. I’m surprised terrorists aren’t exploding nitrogen tanks. Oh, wait, oxygen explodes, they should start there.

    As for the cop, I have no idea how that call translated through 911 to him. Explosive device?

  • Ariel


    ‘I laughed myself into an asthma attack reading this one.” I hope you carry an inhaler at all times.

  • Keith

    how come these baby rapist pigs just come on and say “bullshit”, then nothing else. I know you fuckers are retards, but just once throw in a reason it’s bullshit, other than you don’t want people to accuse the ones whos cocks you suck, of wrong doing.

  • Alvin

    I laid off of this story purposefully so as to see how the “cops do no wrong” crowd treated it. Here is my take. If we are going to start harassing folks and denying them access to certain public services all for no other reason than “that could be a dangerous/deadly……”, then I’d like to see us take it to it’s logical extreme.

    I’d like to see some police called when someone is wearing a gold or silver chain (someone could use it as a choking weapon). How ’bout wrist-watches (slide them to your knuckles and they become brass-knuckles). Or someone wearing long pants (take them off and you can use them as a garrote. Or anyone wearing laced shoes for the same reason. Do you wear eyeglasses? Those can be used as a weapon too. Steel-toed boots? Nope, there is a danger that you can use them to bludgeon someone to death.

    Where I am going with this, is that nearly everything, no matter how innocuous it appears, may be used as a weapon. The law allows for when something is used AS a weapon and not IF something has the POTENTIAL to become a weapon. A pocket-knife (or a gun or battery if you wish) is simply a tool. An inanimate object with no inherent danger until someone or an individual wields it with malice or ill intent. It is not the police’s job to go around playing danger nanny to the citizenry. Now, if in the course of them doing their job they notice the unusual or suspiciously dangerous, they may take notice, investigate, or even intervene if that danger appears imminent. They could (and this is how I’d like to see police behave) simply hold some pleasant conversations with the perceived threat to further their “investigation”. They don’t need to go around forcefully pinning folks up against walls or tackling them, spraying them with mace or pepper-spray, or even shooting them, all in the name of public safety and “that could be used as a weapon”.

  • steve

    the usual , not enough info and then it goes troll.

  • John Q Public
  • Alvin

    Oh no !!!!!! James Bond, OSS type of .22 cal. firarm disquised as a cell phone exists somewhere on the planet. None of them are here in our country and as a result is no danger to us, but we need to treat everyone as a trained assassin none the less. Brilliant. You jittery “everyone is out to get us” types are showing your paranoia.

  • John Q Public

    Alvin, Alvin, Alvin… you are so deluded in your thinking. Kaz said they are BS.. I’m just showing that they do exist. I figured you’d like it so you can “pull the trigger” during your “revolution” if it comes. Especially after your rant about anything can be a weapon. There must be some bad mojo in the water there in Oklahoma.

  • Alvin

    Nope, just a part of it that is deeply steeped in independence. We have an extremely skeptical view of authority ’round here. My forefathers were among the 1st here in the late 1870’s and this part of Oklahoma is no easy place to live or thrive. We’ve developed a very strong independent streak because we pay a good chunk of the State’s income yet receive next to nothing for it. 5% of the land but barely 1% of the pop. Hell, the State had to think about it for a few months when they were offered Statehood because the Feds insisted our part of Okla. be added for acceptance. LOL, yeah, we have a huge chip on our shoulders out here.

  • Alvin

    JQP, you may be shocked to learn that you and I probably agree on 90+% of the issues of the day. It is your hero-worship of your profession that is causing us to butt heads. I (and I’m sure you to a larger extent) have seen the inefficiency and heartlessness not to mention the outright ignorance of govt.’s undertakings that has formed my view. Although you don’t like it, I am sure you can’t dispute it. If you would become more open to admitting that you or your profession aren’t as “right” as you or your profession claim, you might find that more folks that read this forum are more likeable than you or your cohorts admit.

  • John Q Public

    Alvin, what profession are you referring to? The business that I own? The military I retired from? Or are you just assuming something? Remember, to assume is to make an ASS out of yoU and ME.

  • Ariel


    Really a 1990s phone with antenna stub turned into a gun and which has never made it to the US is a poor example. Especially when compared to police claims in only the last few years that a cellphone could be a gun. I think Kaz was thinking it BS because today’s phones are too thin, and the police claims are today, not from the 1990s.

    The fallacious, crappy thinking, born of paranoia, is simple: A cellphone has been made into a gun, therefore all cellphones could be guns. Or it’s disingenuous, an excuse to force the issue on being video recorded. I don’t see middle-ground on this one.

    Truthfully, they should be more afraid of fountain pens.

  • John Q Public

    I guess all fountain pens can be guns too.

  • Ariel


    “I guess all fountain pens can be guns too.” And that was my point, thank you. Do some more research on other objects, the truth is out there, cellphones in the last 5-10 years are not even in the running. But why would “cellphone gun” suddenly become an issue? Is it a metaphor?

  • John Q Public

    Ariel, my post to Kaz went straight over your head. Your problem is simple. You’re way to literal in your interpretations. I merely put the cell phone gun link up in a satirical way. Same with the fountain pen gun. So, calm down. Geez.

  • Ariel


    If you decide to go way sardonic, give me a heads up, as I may miss the cues you fail to give.

    That heads up would sooo help me to calm down. Geez.

  • Ariel


    Another way to address it is a quid pro quo of each asking for clarification before accusing the other of being an ass. Think of it as a perestroika, a restructuring.

    Or we can just enjoy it as it is. Either way is fun. Puck or Solomon. If Solomon was the author of Ecclesiastes, unfortunately doubtful, but still, if he were, wouldn’t he be the better choice?

  • John Q Public

    Ariel, heads up! Satire to follow:

    That better?

  • Ariel


    Blatant cues are better than no cues at all. Subtle but discernible would be better, but blatant works.