Did the FBI just raid The YMCA in West Oakland?

Published On November 6, 2013 | By WeCopwatch.org | Uncategorized

By Jacob Crawford of WeCopwatch.org
Yes the feds did raid the YMCA. On the morning of November 5th, 2013, FBI agents and US Marshals conducted a raid in West Oakland, California.

According to agents, the person they were attempting to apprehend allegedly escaped out of a window during the raid. Accompanied by OPD, the agents set a perimeter that eventually partially locked down the neighborhood for a brief amount of time.

There are two points in this video where space was negotiated between agents and the videographer. It is important to note that the first incident took place was a result of one agent allowing the videographer to walk down a street only to be received eventually by a more hostile one closer to the next intersection.

The second incident in this video took place in an area that was not shut down to the public, the sidewalk was open and there were two other people within close proximity of the agents. It was the appearance of a video camera that prompted the hostility.

As the perimeter tightened, it was believed amongst agents on the scene that the individual in question was on top of the YMCA located on the corner of Market and Brockhurst. Eventually they worked out a top and bottom approach to the YMCA issue by bringing in a fire truck to help some get on top of the building why others below broke into the center using a tactical crowbar. The roof was clear and the building empty.

As the operation was coming to an end, a person was taken into police custody, arrested further down the block. A board was put over Youth Center door. It’s clear the feds did damage to it, and they were seen taking their battering ram into the building after the initial entry.

Question. So do the feds foot the bill when they come to Oakland and do property damage?

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About The Author

Jacob Crawford is a long time Copwatcher based out of the Bay Area in California. He joined Berkeley Copwatch in 2000 and produced the first ever "in the streets" non-dramatized know your rights video "These Streets Are Watching". He has been a contributor for CopBlock.org for several years and currently is running WeCopwatch.org with other Copwatchers.
  • John Q Public


  • Veritas Grigg

    My profound apologies for being slightly off topic, however I couldn’t help butt wonder how our resident feces fondlers would attempt to defend this:


    and for another point of view:


  • ThirtyOneBravo


  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Due to the heavily edited video, I find it difficult to believe that the person arrested was caught on the street and not the roof. Mr. Crawford, please post the actual raw video so we can draw our own conclusions.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    What’s more, I see officers attempting to gain entry to the door. I see them using an impact bar, but of course the video was edited and cuts to an opened door and shows no *visible* damage to the door. Impact bars such as the one depicted in the video cause heavy damage.

    Further, the video fails to show any boarding of the door where entry was gained.

    In short, I call complete BS on this one.

  • Common Sense

    It was someone wanted for armed robbery who’d fled from a search warrant/arrest warrant nearby.


  • Chris Mallory

    If the Feebs were involved you are lucky the building didn’t get burned down.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • t

    31: But unedited video might contain truth. We can’t have that here.

  • John Q Public

    Another heavily edited video? Say it ain’t so!