Greg Pettigrew Shoots Dog, Protected by Badge-Wearing Colleagues

Published On November 6, 2013 | By Pete Eyre | Videos

When in Chicago – the 7th stop of the Police Accountability Tour – Al Phillips, the owner of Colonel, a dog shot by Greg Pettigrew of the Chicago police outfit, gave a recount of the incident and the lack of accountability thus far afforded by the criminals justice system.


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About The Author

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, Eyre seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.He later hit the road as co-founder of the Motorhome Diaries and Liberty On Tour, and now resides in the 'shire.
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  • steve

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  • John Q Public

    I couldn’t make it through the first 5 seconds… ugh.

  • John Q Public

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  • WallStreet

    Asshole cops – this is pretty funny, huh?

    It’s OK – we know your uncles played w/ your little peckers, you drink too much, your kids KNOW you’re an asshole, your ex-WIVES all hate your guts because you are waaaay behind in alimony / child support, your live in gal pal is fucking her boss, and you WILL suck on the barrel of your “spare” gun a couple seconds before you blow your pathetic brains all over your shitty wallpaper.

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    Street: Sorry…..I couldn’t hear you with your wife’s thighs covering my ears.

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    Street: BTW….did you catch the part where he is letting his pit bull run unrestrained near a preschool? Yeah,you care.a lot huh? Rather risk the child get mauled and save the dog of a careless pet owner eh? That’s how it goes? Officer, you should have waited until it was actively mauling the child. Paper covers rock, kid beats dog.

  • certain

    Actually a bull terrier, not the same thing at all, other than they’re both dogs. Notice the face?

    And letting a 20 pound puppy “run loose” near a pre-school is just a tiny bit less dangerous that letting rounds fly near that same pre-school.

    And regardless of what you or other ignorant morons like to think, pit bulls are not automatically killers by nature. When most dogs fight, they are mostly bluffing and threatening the other dog. Nobody really gets hurt. This restraint has been bred out of Pits, as they were originally bred to bring down bears. That’s the sole thing that makes them more dangerous than any other large and strong dog. And it’s only a danger when they are left unaltered, unsocialized, and untrained. That’s what results in ANY dog being aggressive and vicious. It’s irresponsible Pit owners that cause the danger, as well as the sick fucks who fight them, thinking somehow that a tough dog is a reflection of their own persona. I have 2 Pits. The only danger they pose to any kid at a pre-school is possibly suffocation by licking.

  • certain

    “I couldn’t hear you with your wife’s thighs covering my ears.”

    Wow. Just like common. Like that salty taste that comes with sloppy seconds, do you? That’s just plain fucking nasty. But to each his own, I guess.

  • Common Sense

    Hey now, don’t bring me into this.

    I was fine letting the rest of you this one. I could have leaped in with something about giving someone’s wife/girlfriend the “Alaskan Pipeline” or “Carpet Bombing” but I was staying away.

  • Keith

    Pussy cops making dumb ass remarks…check. Funny how you stupid fucks cant tell the difference between a pit bull and bull terrier. But why let facts get in the way, especially when firing a gun at a moving target “RIGHT NEXT TO A FUCKING PRE-SCHOOL”. God damn you fucking pigs are stupid.

  • certain

    What do you mean? I’ve seen lots of comments from you about banging other peoples wives.

  • t

    Keith. Again….kid beats dog every time.

  • WallStreet

    Asshole cop shoots dog – every time…

    Chris Brown, that pussy woman hitting asshole rapper, would make a stellar cop.

    He’s never fought a fair fight either – you guys would love him.

    Asocial, violent, dumbass, community college tough guy wannabe’s

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  • Ariel


    Real low-life comment. Even to the calloused.


    Right there with him, though understandable.

  • Ariel


    You left an “‘s” off kids if you meant to share your childhood and what you did to dogs. Yeah, it’s infectious, I’m over my self-righteousness and prepared to dig in. My Puck flys.

    Along those lines, WallStreet was covered by your sister, mother, and wife, so of course he was muff-iled. Not a screamer in the bunch, or you would have heard it.

    Did I cross a line by following?

  • Ariel


    50% of the population bleeds every month. It’s not a wound or a curse. It’s not different.

    The breath part I can go with.

  • Ariel


    I don’t believe he has shot a bunch of wives. I also don’t believe boring women should be called banging either.

  • t

    Kid still beats dog. Don’t be a careless let owner. Its amazing who dogs on leashes seldom have any problems. That makes a lot more sense than the”my dog would never hurt anyone” argument.

  • Ariel

    “Kid still beats dog. Don’t be a careless let owner. Its amazing who dogs on leashes seldom have any problems. That makes a lot more sense than the”my dog would never hurt anyone” argument.” I’m a native English speaker, could you please tell me your native language? Is it THC or LSD? Or Bath Salts? Or Ethanol?

  • t

    Ok. Divert away. Have a blue weekend.

  • ArtB

    CommonScum can always find a new low.