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Michael Burns shared the following story of his experiences in Pasco County via’s submit page.

I am my sister’s Power of Attorney. She has her own issues, so whenever she needs to deal with court or police, I am usually with her – and that’s usually the only time I see her. Earlier in 2012, she went to jail and while she was in, her Millionaire husband Jay Linville, got a new girlfriend. (Once again, an addict with issues). The day after my sister got out of jail, she asked me for a ride to her house. I obliged, however considering her husband is a drunken asshole, I waited near the car to see whether or not she was going to stay at the house or not. Her husband came out to see who brought her to the house and upon figuring out it was me, he attacked me after letting his large German Shepherd out of the garage. I backed the car off the property and onto the street while I continued to wait for my sister. He came out and attacked me again. The second time, his dog bit me and then he ordered the dog to continue biting me as he blocked the path back to my car.

When an officer came, he saw the video of this happening and heard my side (the truth) to the story, which was not even a necessity with the video. After watching the video, the officer talked to the millionaire for about three minutes before returning and treating me like a criminal. He refused to arrest the millionaire, stating that he had scratches on him too. My sister explained that he got the scratches from his own girlfriend attacking him, however it fell on deaf ears. I went to the hospital for multiple dog bites while the Deputy stayed behind and tailored his perjured report to make it seem like I was the cause of the fight.

The Assistant States Attorney Mathew Parrish and another ASA “Garcia” refused to watch the video and refused to prosecute the millionaire originally. They watched the videos later but still refused to prosecute, citing, “There is no evidence of a battery.” I have a current lawsuit against him for aggravated battery, gross negligence, false imprisonment (he closed my car door after pushing me out from behind it and blocked the path to my car while his dog was biting me), and a few other counts to the lawsuit, but those are what I believe the below videos show. He was not even cited for an unleashed dog.

Because of this night, the millionaire’s new girlfriend got a restraining order on my sister and listed my sister’s marital home as her address. My sister was forced to be homeless while she was pregnant. This continued for a few months until Judge Lynn Tepper decided to give my sister a court order to move back into her martial home and the girlfriend had to move out.

With court order in hand, on 2-25-13 my sister and I were accompanied by a Pasco Sheriff to enforce the court order. The first officer was rude but did enforce the court order to the best of his ability. When my sister’s husband left with his girlfriend, they locked the doors behind them so my sister was left there without the ability to get in her house. I had tools in my car so offered to use a sledgehammer as a last result. We decided to call the sheriff back to avoid damaging her property.

When the next deputy arrived, he read the court order but did not seem to get it. He talked to the millionaire for a few minutes when he returned and once again, my sister and I were treated like criminals and “why” she wanted to get in to her marital home was being questioned even with the court order in the deputies hand. I attempted to interject the fact that she had a court order which is the only thing that mattered, however I was quickly quieted by the deputy.

Other deputies arrived on scene and I started to be threaten with arrest for nothing while the millionaire can be heard in the background yelling about what a stupid thing the Judge did by allowing my pregnant sister back into her marital home. I was asked for my name and date of birth, and while I knew I did not have to give this information, I did. This was not good enough for them, so Deputy Steven Napoleon demanded my ID after threatening me with violence for not moving five feet quickly enough when called.

Once again, my name was run and after 5 minutes and no warrants/felony history, my ID was returned with attitude. Upon giving me back my ID, Deputy Steven Napoleon glanced into my car and saw a box of ammunition. He asked where my gun was and I refused to answer. I did not get a chance to go off on probable cause and what not; I was ordered to his car so I could be patted down. My passenger was pulled out of the car and not searched while the officer started to walk toward my car door. Before he could open it, I yelled that he did not have consent to search my car. I knew all I had in there was my gun and it was securely encased in accordance with FL statute 790.25. I still did not want him in my car. I was ordered to be quiet and to hold the front bumper of a police car while my car was illegally searched.

He went into the car and within a minute found the gun. At this time he came back and threw me in handcuffs saying I was being detained for the gun. I attempted to tell him it was legal and that he was breaking the law, however it fell on deaf ears. I was put in the back of Napoleon’s car while my wrists were cuffed wrong, to the point that my wrists were being dug into by the cuffs. The police continued to search my car, my trunk, my sister’s bags, and also started running the serial numbers on some tools in my trunk. Forty-five minutes passed with multiple officers on their hands and knees searching. Napoleon spoke with my passenger and went back and forth between the trunk of his car and my car three times before finally coming to the back seat of his car and telling me, “You are under arrest for possession of narcotics, how is your Masters Degree going to help you now?” He read me a watered down version of Miranda and told me he was going to try to charge me with “armed possession.” He continued searching for another twenty to thirty minutes before finally driving me to jail and perjuring a very simple report along the way.

They did not know I had been recording the entire time. The criminal charges were dismissed only after I wrote a motion to suppress and attached the URL for the video on YouTube. IA concluded that none of the officers did anything wrong besides the one that used bad language and sarcasm. This did not come with a penalty of any sort so far as I know.

The link directly below is the entire 18 minutes of the false arrest, full length videos of the attack by Jay Linville and that police encounter, and also a random time I was at my grandmothers house in the same county and my door was knocked on by three sheriffs – all rolled into one.

The video also shows harassment by the officers just weeks before the dog bite incident by the same county.

After I was released from jail, I attempted to call the Sheriff’s department and attorneys with the fact that I had the video and, being declined, I posted it on YouTube and then posted the video on the Pasco County Sheriff Facebook page. After I did this, I got suggestions from a Pasco Deputy by name of Stanley Miller to “kill myself so police won’t bother me” and “eat buckshot.” This was also ignored by his superiors and IA. I attempted to go to a sheriff sub-station to make a report on the perjury of the officers and obstruction of justice by the millionaire and his lies in the statement he gave to the deputy, however, I was threatened with arrest for trespassing in a police station. That video is below

These are the different people interviewed by IA: four officers, my passenger, and my sister.

Michael Burns

  • Hank_Thoreau

    In before the bootlickers post a fucked up defense for these pigs.
    Real talk though, get out of Florida. Pigs are horrible wherever you go, but the Florida ones seem to aspire to be the worst in the country.

  • certain

    More than half of the cops in Florida are on the Brady list. That means if they arrest you, the DA has to tell your lawyer that they’ve been found to be untrustworthy. So rather than fire them, they just put them on a list. Wow.

    But that said, what was the deal with the narcotics? You kind of blew through that part of the story quickly. Did they find narcotics, and you got it suppressed because of no reason to search the car? When you leave details out, cynical people on this site such as myself will pretty much always assume there was a reason for leaving out the details. If you’re going to complain abut a bad interaction with the cops, you have to include everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly, as it were. I, for one, won’t automatically assume the cops were “justified” in anything they do just because you had a bit of dope on you. And if you’re honest enough to admit that, I’m more prone to believing the rest of the story.

  • certain

    And 12 videos might be just a touch overdoing it.

  • Common Sense

    First……oh wait, shit

  • Common Sense

    After struggling though several of his video from this months long process, he really needs to have an attorney do this. He’s his own worst enemy.

  • Keith

    The most confusing part to me is, he says he is his sisters power of attourney, yet she resides in her “marital” house? If she still lived there with her husband, how the hell does her brother have POA? Something is a bit off here.

  • John Q Public

    I guess when someone repeatedly says to get off of his property, maybe you should. And his attitude towards the cops really didn’t help either. Don’t know how to shut up and let the cops talk to your sister. “Y’all fuckers take me to jail… that ain’t happening…” Nice. And Keith, you have a great point.

  • John Q Public

    certain, I was wondering about the dope too. It’s on the report he put on his youtube, buts says nothing about it.

  • mrmburns

    Sorry.. I cannot speak to the “Micro Particles” of marijuana that the officer said he saw with his sunglasses on all over the center console & floorboard. I only have video that shows pictures of both the center console & the floor with my iphone taken from the freeze frames of the actual video that shows there was no marijuana where he says he saw it and as far as I know there was none in the car. They were on their hands and knees looking under seats and through my sisters bags for 45+ minutes while I sat cuffed over my gun before he finally walked back and forth between his car & my car a few times and then told me I was under arrest for narcotics.. Try to watch the IA videos.. the officer that sounds like he is about to cry half the time is the one that “saw marijuana”.. anyone with a brain that watches the video will know better.

    As for the Power of Attorney… Sorry, I am not teaching a bunch of people what it is, who can do it & anything else about it… lets just say I have held it for more than one person and just because it’s a “marital home” doesn’t mean the married couple are happy and trusting the other with such a power. The guy is a multi-millionaire that could have bought another house like we buy disposable toiletries.. instead he makes his pregnant wife sleep on the streets for 4 months prior to me going to help with WITH A JUDGES ORDER.. you must have missed that part. We were told by Judge Lynn Tepper to go there an hour earlier with a deputy. We did… video picks up from there… the video of the first deputy is on my channel. Please.. only constructive questions.. otherwise have at the comments I have already posted on youtube to figure the irrelevant ones out.

  • Public Offender

    When are people going to learn to not ride around with drugs in their cars? Especially when you show up at the house of an antagonistic brother-in-law where the police have been called or appeared multiple times before and been hostile to you? And why show up with a box of ammunition in plain sight and drugs in your car?

  • Oink in A flat

    I have an idea let’s have a pool, kind of like a football pool except this would be an expiration pool. We all put in X amount of dollars betting on the day and hour that deputy Steven Napoleon expires. The luckiest guess, that one that’s closest to this poor mans demise wins the pool, what do you say?

  • Keith

    Ha, that it so damn true. Like the story of a dude flipping off a cop, with drugs in the car. I’m all for giving the bird, but for god sakes, use a little forethought, as you know you’ll be harrassed, don’t have dope in the car. Or better yet, leave it home like me. :) HAH!

  • certain

    I’ve seen the micro-particles bullshit before, so if they couldn’t actually produce any dope, that explains it.

    There was a cop that had his dog alert on a car, then said it was only micro-particles, so although the dog could smell it, there wasn’t anything to see.

    OK, thanks for explaining.

  • John Q Public

    It did say loose marijuana on the center console and driver’s side floorboard. Enough to get a positive test. Someone needs a vacuum cleaner.

  • John Q Public

    mmburns, your videos pretty much suck visually. Its easier to close your eyes and just listen than to try to watch. You might need to take a copblocker video class or something.

  • mrmburns

    they are.. only there are key things I do catch like a clear view of the inside of my car dash & floorboards which are freeze framed in a few of the IA videos. Also the cop that say she saw “micro particles” of a “green leafy susbstance” I was good enough to point the camera at his face wearing sunglasses as he was looking in my car asking about the ammo.. which he obviously saw.. which is NOT against the law to open carry.. never has been a problem before and has not been since.

    AS far as the copblocking video class.. When I go out copblocking.. dui check points or anything else that does not involve me.. the skills improve.. These cops had obviously already perjured reports in the past about me involving this guy.. I did not want them know know I was recording so I was holding the phone.. like a phone.. I did however say I would have shit on camera to the cops and did point it at them enough that they should have known.. I had already planned to sue them over the dog bite night so..

    Nice to figure out who the trolls are early! :) Lots more to post over the next few weeks.. now I know who to ignore for the most part! :)

  • steve

    they are trolls

  • t

    What a winner.

  • Public Offender

    @ mrmburn: I’m not sure what the procedure is in your state, but if the marijuana charges had not been dropped, you would want to make sure the LEO is not going to waltz into court and testify about any field test he conducted.

    Here in VA, you would make a motion for a chemical analysis which the court “shall grant.”

    Va. Code § 19.2-188.1. Testimony regarding identification of controlled substances.

  • mrmburns

    They did dismiss the criminal charges as soon as they saw the video (the states attorneys office, not the police).. lets hypothetically say marijuana magically appeared in my car while they searched for 45 minutes after detaining me for my legally owned gun.. none of it matters criminally because the search was bad. the officer did conform his response to try and fit the video but if you compare napoleon to sgt shaw & peacock they all conflict and prove the officer at LEAST did not find something when he says he did, where he says he found it. I personally saw something that looked like a small piece of dirt in a test tube but they apparently got a positive out of it… never the less whatever it was…was either found 45 minutes or introduced into my car 45 minutes later once he could not find anything else to charge me with. Please let me know if anyone actually thinks he saw marijuana at the same time he saw the ammo.. just failed to blurt it out or mention it until the report was typed up. (notice time on report was 2 hours. i have him on video for 15 minutes and the drive to jail was 20 minutes or so.. that leaves an hour and 20 minutes left that fits the truth, not their story!

  • WallStreet

    Sorry for your sisters trouble – the cops deferring to the millionaire is not surprising – he is prob well connected w/ local chief, mayor, all the folks that can fuck over a citizen w/ minimal effort.

    Bad searches are a bitch – cop swears he had prob cause, court believes liar 100% of time there is no vid, and 99% even if there is.

    Recording cops is the only way to keep them slightly more honest – but if their bosses are gonna back them despite it, then move up the food chain until you find a cop or politician that isn’t a complete cock sucking asshat (good luck).

    Fuck the laughing, insulting pigs here – and on the street.

    They are afraid of us – and lash out like bullies.

  • Ariel


    Yeah, driving around smoking pot, or having any drug in your car that you aren’t taking directly to your home while driving observing all rules (in Arizona, using your turn signal might not be a good idea, you stand out). As for your pile on, you were just describing stupid. I’m amazed at how stupid people can be, but then I’ve seen videos that in no way match police reports, so I know it’s distributive. Sorry, but stupid isn’t confined to dopers, just dopes.


    Could I see some proof that 50% of Florida cops are on the Brady List? If it was hyperbole, that’s fine because it’s likely only half of the cops that should be on the Brady List are on it though I may be off by a factor of two. When lying is a skill set, it’s a skill used.

  • Ariel


    You can give power of attorney to someone other than your spouse. Mrmburns gave good reasons.

    BTW, the term after a dog alerts but no drugs can found, even after tearing the car apart, is usually “shake”. “Micro-particles” that only a dog can find is a good second. What I don’t understand is why K-9 drug cops (human) don’t carry a battery operated vacuum, shake all over the car adds up. Moreover, it would validate the dog. and lead to real data on the accuracy of dogs smelling for pot. Every cop using a dog should want that validation, and should make every effort to accumulate accurate data for validation. I think I just used cyanoacrylate between tongue and cheek. My tongue’s stuck.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    I don’t recommend taking a Cop Block accredited videoraphy course. They’ll turn up to be hacked up 20 second video clips of wind blowing through trees ala Davy V.

  • upyourarse

    Cops plant drugs all the time.Especially if your a dick to them.When I was a younger man,a cop named Timmothy Hubert planted crack on a friend of mine.The friend denide it, and we all just laughed it up.You know the yeah right shit.Anyway,about five years later,after my friend had already been to jail and got off probation,this cop gets arrested for selling none other than crack at the local jail.Takes a plea and admits to planting drugs on people so other officers could pad arrest sheets to make ranks.Go figure.Cops are a criminal gang,there colors are blue,souls black.

  • obama

    Yes cops are criminals.