SFPD Assaults Black Cyclist, Discover He Was Only “Packing” a Cupcake and Juice

Published On November 17, 2013 | By WeCopwatch.org | Videos

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Written by Kevin Montgomery

Photographer Travis Jensen reports that 21-year-old D’Paris Williams, a.k.a. “DJ,” a City College student, was assaulted Friday afternoon for what appears to be no reason:

Yesterday afternoon, while riding his bicycle home from the Make A Wish Foundation’s “Bat Kid” happenings, DJ was confronted by two undercover police officers in an unmarked vehicle at the Valencia Gardens Apartments in the City’s Mission District. Apparently, the officers said something to DJ about riding his bicycle on the sidewalk as he was pulling up to his home in the complex. It is unclear whether the officers identified themselves or not, but did proceed to get out of their car, grab DJ from behind as he was entering the home and beat him for no apparent reason. A police search uncovered a cupcake and juice that DJ had just purchased from the corner store. Nobody has spoken to DJ since the incident occurred as he was immediately taken to S.F. General Hospital for treatment, and then to the 850 Bryant police station. So far, it appears no charges have been made against DJ either. There is building video surveillance footage of DJ’s confrontation w/ police, but it that has yet to be released by housing authority. Furthermore, three residents came to DJ’s aid when they saw officers beating him up, only to find themselves also under attack by officers. By this time, uniformed backup had arrived on the scene. Including DJ, a total of four individuals were beaten and arrested by officers.

As mentioned, after DJ was assaulted and taken to SF General, the Valencia Garden community spilled out into the street in protest of the violence.  Residents began filming and soon captured footage of officers attacking protesters.  Around 1:30, an officer can be seen punching a detained man on the ground:
That man, who can also be seen earlier in the video trying to pull an aggravated man away from officers and then being attack, was later seen with his face bloodied:

We’ll update as this story develops.

[Portrait by Travis Jensen]

UPDATE: We’re now getting more information about the incident.

We’re told that the scene unfolded right as DJ was entering his house. As he was questioned by undercover narcotic agents, the officer in the black baseball hat (pictured above) grabbed DJ and shoved his head into his front door. DJ’s sister, who was holding a newborn baby, was witness to the entire scene. When she approached the door where DJ was being assaulted, a second officer pushed her.

They then dragged DJ into the street and punched him in the head until he was knocked out. Others in lock-up with DJ report that he blacked out and has no recollection of what happened. DJ is still in custody and not being allowed to speak to anyone; however, criminal charges are yet to be filed.

Currently two of the other three men who were arrested have been released.

We’re told man seen holding the cane in the video is a gay, HIV-positive man who needs his cane because of medical complications. The police are continuing to hold him in custody, allegedly because his cane is being considered a “deadly weapon.”

Orlando (last name unknown), who had his face bloodied after pulling the man with the cane away from officers, was released “a few hours ago,” according to Travis Jensen.

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    “Though we only have the one second-hand account at this point from photographer Travis Jansen, he says that his friend D’Paris Williams, a.k.a. “DJ,” was bicycling home with a cupcake and juice in his pocket from the corner store when some undercover officers approached him in a car and said something about having his bicycle on the sidewalk. They then got out of the car as he was approaching his home, “grab DJ from behind as he was entering the home and beat him for no apparent reason.”

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