Pete and Ademo outside the Greendfield PD

Greenfield, MA Justice System Falls Short Again!

Pete and I were arrested last July by Todd M. Dodge (of the Greenfield Police) for filming inside the Franklin Co Jail, even though officers on scene couldn’t provide or recite any statue, law or policy that would limit such activity, and charged us with 3 Felonies and 5 Misdemeanors.  Since then we’ve been at the mercy of the state. Required (by force) to attend several courtroom hearings, learn the legal process, file motions and forced to jump through every hoop at the states demands. (See this playlist to follow our 10 month legal fight or this post for all related blogs.)

We’ve been waiting three months (wonder what would happen to us if we made the court wait 3 months?) for judge William F. Mazanec to rule on our two previous motions. Yet, it took another trip to Greenfield to ask him why he was 60 – 90 days over due on his ruling for him to actually rule on them. For those who don’t recall, we put in two motions, one was to dismiss all charges because there was no victim. The other was to dismiss the felony wiretapping because we weren’t secretly recording anyone. In fact several of the police even commented in their reports that they were informed of filming prior to their arrival.

This week I receive a letter from the ‘judge’ denying our motions — see here. This is a huge disappointment because I thought for sure the judge would grant ONE of these motions. Especially the wiretapping motion which the state claims took place via a cell phone, that only one person can possess, yet we both of us are charged with wiretapping (a penalty that carries 5 yrs in prison).

There are so many things wrong with how this case is being handled by the state that I’m pretty much done with the legal process. I’ll show up for court in July and do my part to help the jury realize I’ve done nothing wrong. At the end of the day it’s obvious I can’t get justice inside their walls, so I’m going to tell the truth and hope it sets me, and my best friend, free. If not, then I’ll go to jail.

Pete is about to file a motion to deem the wrongful search of his RV illegal, so stay tuned for that and I wish him the best of luck.

There is a letter writing campaign going on in our behalf, thanks to Shaun Lee, more details here and we hope as many people as possible can make it for the trail on July 18th, 2011. It will be one for the books.

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  • Dennis

    Dude…I certainly hope you have a lawyer or at least have contacted one. Perhaps you may consider that the ACLU might be willing to help defend you guys as well.

  • James

    Screw Lawyers they are officers of the court. I think Ademo has the best chance at fighting this by himself as he knows his case better than any lawyer, Plus I have seen what he can do. If this jury doesn’t find him innocent. Eventually we will all be in jail and the then the lawyers will have nobody to pay their bills. They will wish they had fought to help us and not the courts.

    My advice to Ademo is to find U.S. Supreme court Rulings that support your argument. That is the supreme law of the land. You will need to defend the findings of the supreme court as though it was your dissertation.

    My prayers for your victory Pete and Ademo. This is b.s.

  • Ademo Freeman

    Dennis, the ACLU was in contact with us but even though they helped Emily Peyton back in 2007, who faced the exact same charges as I (in the same TOWN!), they have no interest in helping us with our state charges.

    @James, thanks for the kind words. I too feel that I can hang this jury with a blind fold on and if I don’t then I was never going to win in the first place. I’ll go to jail knowing that I didn’t harm anyone. Too bad it will cost so many others who weren’t involved alot of money to cage me, most of which wouldn’t voluntarily pay to put me (and Pete) in jail, if they had the choice.

  • Name

    Good luck to you guys…wish I could be there to help support you. Damn! You have huge arms…lol.

  • Helper

    If you can afford it, hire a lawyer. And if you cannot afford one, get them to appoint one, or have a ‘standby’ lawyer. I think you can challenge the wiretapping, despite the judges ruling. Reading what the judge wrote, I think he misinterpreted the term ‘secretly intercepted’ to mean the interception device, rather than the interception itself. But the law doesn’t require one to describe the means of interception. As long as the police were on notice that the conversation was recorded, they cannot claim the recording was secret.

  • Guy Fawkes

    I hate to be cynical, but I’ll tell you something you probably already know. You are going to have a hard time with that judge. A biased judge running a kangaroo court can railroad a defendant right into a prison cell no matter how right the defendant is. It’s too bad Jenn is on the west coast, she would probably give you the best defense you could get, although even that would not be enough to counter a biased, corrupt judge. I suspect just about every objection by the state will be sustained, and every objection by you will be over ruled. That’s the screw-job regular people always get in the justice system. The only thing you can do is have a camera running, covertly by someone you know if the judge tries to ban filming, and put him up on youtube for all to see.

  • noone

    Try the Electronic Fronteir Foundation

  • Matt

    The “honorable” William F. Mazanec ( is a tax feeder, most likely for his entire adult life. *Of course* he denied both motions. He has a vested interest in dragging out every trial, so he can continue to feed.

  • Tobin

    So sorry you guys are having justice withheld from you by those jackasses. Sincerely wish you the best of luck. We all deserve better representation than this from our judges, our prosecutors,and our “law enforcement”. If they are to have a bias, it should be toward protecting every day citizens, not putting them in jeopardy at the cost to the tax payer.

  • Ed

    Surely you guys are aware of Marc Stevens. Here:
    If the “State” is the plaintiff then there is always a conflict of interest because the “Judge” represents the “State”. Stevens can show you how to get the “judge” to expose himself.
    Good luck.

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  • julio

    Let me know when “alternative” extraction methods will be required;-)
    If we don’t take care of our own, they sure will.
    Stay strong guys!!!!

  • Brian

    Ed is right! Do get hold of Marc Stevens. If you take Marc’s advice, the judge will probably drop the charge in order to save face.

  • bgwillia

    Hmm, so the wiretap charge is not the cameras you were carrying openly, but the cellphone they say was recording from either your belt clip or pocket and tranmitting instantly to the web. But I suspect your hands were busy with the open cameras, I don’t think you were handling the cellphone. Hell, as ubiquitous as cellphones are in Massachusetts every citizen there is at risk of arrest as almost all cellphones have cameras. You need to get a change of venue out of that hick town.

  • Harley

    Even if you or Pete DID have a cellphone uploading to the net can they PROVE that? Sounds like they are trying to scare a guilty plea out of you guys. Good luck. I’ll make sure the court receives a few letters on the matter.

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