Robin Hood of Keene Cases DISMISSED!!

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UPDATE – 2013.12.10 – The “City of Keene” is appealing the dismissal of the two suits filed against the six individuals collectivized as “Robin Hood”. RELATED: City Appealing Robin Hood Case to Supreme Court – Sentinel Reports & Show Must Go On: DPRK Denies Robin Hood Ruling


The text below, originally posted to, comes to us from Ian Freeman:

Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women are victorious over the lying, corrupt “City of Keene” in BOTH Robin Hood cases!  The first civil case was filed by “the City” back in May seeking a preliminary injunction against the six named respondents, in hopes banning them from being near, speaking to, or recording video of the parking enforcers.  It was heard over three full days of court “evidentiary hearings” later in the summer and afterwards, heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Attorney Meyer’s motion has now been granted in a 17-page notice of decision from Cheshire “superior” court judge John C Kissinger Jr., which also dismisses the second civil case against us that was filed by “the City” in September,  seeking monetary “damages”.  The second suit proved what we all knew and the city people had originally denied with their first lawsuit – that ultimately this was about their lost parking revenue.

Ultimately, the Robin Hooders have been completely vindicated.  The city people were lying (as is typical of governments) when they claimed Robin Hooders were harassing, intimidating, and threatening their parking enforcement agents.  Again, the proof that they were lying is that no Robin Hooder has ever been arrested for “harassment”.  Even if Robin Hooders were saying nasty things (no evidence of that was presented in court, and I’ve never seen it happen), the job description of the parking enforcers makes it clear they must put up with “mental and verbal abuse” from members of the public.  The city people tried to illegally oppress our right to free speech and to hold government agents accountable for their actions, and the court made the right decision and dismissed their frivolous, aggressive, unconstitutional cases against us.

In the notice of decision, judge Kissinger notes that the free speech rights of the Robin Hooders outweigh all of the claims of “the City”:

The Court agrees with the Respondents that their free speech rights under the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution will be violated by permitting the City to move forward on any of the claims in this action or the more recent action or by granting the requested preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.

In the rest of the notice, Kissinger defeats the ridiculous claims of “the City”, rejecting the claim of “tortious interference”, denying their request for an injunction, and dismissing the second suit for damages from “intentional interference with employment contractual relations and negligence”.

Will “the City” appeal the case to the supreme court?  Given their past history of blowing taxpayer dollars on frivolous appeals, there is a good chance they will.  They don’t know how to handle taking “no” for an answer.  Speaking of wasting your tax dollars, we’ll be digging into the financials of this case to see just how much was spent hiring their fancy private attorneys to handle the Robin Hood case.

Meanwhile, Robin Hooders are still on the streets of Keene, saving countless motorists from the aggression of the parking enforcement bureaucracy!  We won’t go away until they do.  So far, one enforcer quit over the Summer.  Will the remaining two follow suit?  Will “the city” be able to find anyone willing to fill the empty position?  Will they come up with some ridiculous ordinance against Robin Hooding?  Stay tuned to for continued updates on the Robin Hood saga.

Robin Hood Ruling 2013.12.03


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  • steve


  • steve

    Congratulations on winning the case filed against you all for Robin Hooding.The Constitution can work for you and your rights.

  • t

    Interesting read.

    I hope everyone sees now a little more clearly just how “peaceful” the Keene Crew is. Well, isn’t

    Pete, were did the decision say the city was lying? Oh, it didn’t. In fact I think it says that it accepts the testimony as fact. Hmm
    I see now why the court wouldn’t let you out of the case though. You were involved.

    Overall I thin I shows just how juvenile you guys are. And while I’ll agree with the courts reasonings, and ultimately the finding…..I think its really a sad commentary on how little you guys really respect the rights that you take for granted.

    Maybe the city will now seek a less gentle way of protecting their employeesand start arresting you guys for the threats.

  • john k

    Those Judges in Keene are a bunch of lairs, and have been proven wrong. I am not sure but I think their is a false arrest suit bouncing around from one of those Judges.

  • t

    K: Not sure what to make of that comment

    Pete: how do you explain that all of the officials are corrupt, and how all of the judges are clowns in robes….but yet you respect this guy only because he sided with you? Way to stick to your guns guy.

  • John Q Public

    Great. Let the city stop parking enforcement. Take down all the meters and stop enforcing the parking laws. The city doesn’t need that revenue anyhow. Let the people park any way they want to, when they want to. But, when there’s potholes to be filled, streets blocked by cars, and the streets are filled with garbage, don’t call the city or the police department for help. Call the robin hood guys. I’m sure they’ll hurry on down and do all the repairs to the roads and keep them clean all by themselves. Hell, they can even tow cars out of the way to get traffic moving again. That’ll make those robin hood guys happy.

  • John Q Public

    john k, if the judges were liars, they would have sided with the city. But, keep on drinking the koolaid.

  • John Q Public

    And one more thing, you robin hood guys better watch yourselves now. Since the word is out, expect charges to be filed if you get too rowdy harassing the parking guys.

  • steve

    jqp, your ridiculous.You banter too much.

  • certain

    “Take down all the meters and stop enforcing the parking laws.”

    You get that out of somebody paying somebody else’s parking meter? Seems to me that by paying the meter, and preventing the violation, they are supporting the parking laws, not opposing them.

  • t

    Certain: The case really had nothing to do with them paying the parking meters. It was the way the threatened the employees.

  • steve

    They never threatened any employee and if they did it would have held up in court.

  • John Q Public

    “Freeman testified that he views parking tickets as a threat against the people and the ultimate goal of robin hooding is to shut down the city’s parking enforcement.”

    You can read the rest Steve. So, give the robin hood guys what they want. There are consequences though. But, hey, who cares as long as anarchy rules.

  • steve


  • t

    steve: Dude that is a really limited view.

    So your answer is to punish everyone through higher taxes instead of just making those that use something pay for it?

    How positively socialist of you.

  • John Q Public

    steve, generating taxes in any form is “gouging” the people. So, if not parking, then it will come from increased sales tax, property tax, or some other tax. So, the people will still pay regardless. So, the robin hood guys really don’t do anything other than look like fools.

  • John Q Public

    Damn t, beat me to it.

  • ThirtyOneBravo



  • Keith

    I knew as soon as I read the headline, dumb ass t would pipe up with some stupid shit. Even though the judge clearly found it to be a free speach issue, good old t…bag still claims it’s about threatening behavior, even though the judiciary found no eveivence of that. You and all your buttfucker cop buddies on here kept tauting and saying how they will lose, go to jail, etc… Now you see the truth, which you probably already knew, and still act like a petulant fucking child with what is tanamount to nuh uhhhhh. Idiot

  • steve

    Im not a socialist and Bravo *you’re to. If they raised taxes on everyone fairly it would only be a few cents on everyone per year instead of pocketing money from the public in the manner they do for an expired meter.Your all so ignorant and indoctrinated by socialism you cant see what is in front of your eyes.You all don’t understand the true meaning of socialism. Hitlers Nazi party was a national socialist party and that is where you trolls are trying to lead people,down the path of destruction.I served my country and retired with honor and pension,I served my country again and retired with honor once more only to see trolls like you guys overwhelming local law enforcement.Its a shame.

  • steve

    These cop blockers may not have everything straight, but most of them know you trolls are not doing our public justice in any manner. A very large percentage of you are malicious violent felons that are out for yourselves and not for the good of our country or the public.

  • bradybuster killer

    congratulations to the robin hooders, the work you guys do is great saving people from the ransom of the peo keep up the good work on helping people it is appreciated everything you do, atleast the judge saw that the city of keene’s case was pure bullshit again congratulations on the win in court.

  • bradybuster killer

    @t your such a trolling copsucker the robin hooders di not threaten the pee on parking enforcers so shut up you wanker, what the robin hooders did was prevent the pee on enforcers from robbing citizens of keene, the city of keene still made money by the funds the good hearted robin hooders paid out of there own pockets into the parking meters, the robin hooders are good hearted, peaceful people unlike most law enforcement officers.

  • bradybuster killer

    the attorney for the robin hooders is jon meyer he is a big civil liberties and rights attorney he is awesome at what he does and is a great guy to know

  • t

    Killer: Don’t hate on me guy. I just read the court decision and that’s what it said. And the same judge that you think did the right thing for the Keene Crew accepted it as fact.

  • steve

    Now all the parking enforcement are suffering from ptsd.

  • RadicalDude

    Ya, the case Mullins put together just didn’t cut the mustard. The whole thing kind of just begs the question:
    If this was so traumatic for the meter maids/meter men then why didn’t they just file for a “normal” civil restraining order like any other “victim”? Why did they have to work this whole convoluted “tortious interference” angle, because there just wasn’t enough there to warrant an RO?
    Then why would this be any different just because of some gimmicky, far-flung “tortious interference” legal theory?

  • t

    Dude: You completely miss the concept. The city tried to take the high road by just seeking the buffer zone and NOT trying to make any arrests or cause more grief. Now I bet things change a lot. Remember…the judge already accepted everything the PEO’s said as fact.

  • John Q Public

    There’s about to be a lot of criminal harassment forthcoming with their own videos used as evidence I bet.

  • t

    JQP. Here clueless

  • John Q Public

    t, I meant to say that the robin hood guys are going to be charged with criminal harassment.

  • RadicalDude

    Doubt it, they will probably just up their game. I think they might even manage to shut parking enforcement down.