Fired then Rehired: Bad Cops Get Their Badges Back, Then Continue to be Bad

I have written before about fired cops having little trouble finding new jobs as police officers.  Sometimes they are hired by other departments, other times the same police department is forced to rehire the officer due to the decision of an arbitrator or by a judge. Either way, fired then rehired cops often continue to be the thugs they were before being fired.

Boynton Beach Florida Police Officer, David L. Coffey, was arrested and charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm and culpable negligence after he sneaked up behind a fellow officer and activated his taser just inches from her ear to get back at her for honking her horn at him in the parking garage. His victim, Officer Rachel Loy, is now being treated for hearing loss because of the incident.

This was not Officer Coffey’s first misuse of a taser. He was fired in 2007 for attacking a suspected drunk driver in a holding cell and then tasering him four times while the man was in handcuffs.  Not only was Coffey not charged with assault in that case, but because an arbitrator decided he should be rehired, Boynton Beach was forced to give him his job back in 2008.  Bureaucrat-on-serf violence was not enough to cost him his badge, but maybe bureaucrat-on-bureaucrat violence will be.  He is now on paid vacation pending an internal investigation into this latest incident.

Lindal Hairston of the Gary Indiana Police Department fought for several years to get his job back after being fired in 2003 for an off-duty altercation in which he threatened a teenager with a gun.  The city settled the lawsuit Hairston filed against them a year ago, by not only rehiring him, but PROMOTING him to Sargent.  This promotion was awarded to him despite the fact that he never had to take the tests or go through the other processes usually required for such a promotion.  Now Hairston is accused of losing his cool once again, this time while on duty.

Russell Thomas, 50, who owns Prestige night club on Broadway, claims Hairston struck him in the head after handcuffing him, then swore at him and threatened him as he took him to the police station. A verified complaint submitted to the Gary Police Civil Service Commission charges Hairston with violating seven commission rules, one city ordinance and one state law. Charges include willful mistreatment, making a false report, mishandling evidence, neglect of duty and failure to comply with a proper order from a superior officer.The commission accepted the complaint at its meeting Thursday and will assign a hearing officer to preside over the disciplinary matter and make a recommendation on what action the board should take.

Before being hire as a deputy for the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office in New Mexico, Algin Mendez, was fired from the New Mexico State Police Department in 2010 for refusing to take a report from a victim of domestic violence.  Now Mendez is once again in trouble, this time for his off-duty conduct.  Mendez has been wreaking havoc at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino in Pojoaque, New Mexico.  According to KRQE 13,  Mendez “has started at least one fight, intimidated citizens and security guards and exhibited drunk and disorderly behavior”, much of which has been caught on surveillance video.

Deputy in trouble over public behavior:

Of course the arbitrators or the judges that force police departments to rehire bad cops have no personal liability if and when these officers hurt someone once they are back on the job.  Even the Police Chiefs or Sheriffs who decide to hire officers that were fired from another department have little to lose.  Sure their departments may have to pay out a lawsuit to that officer’s next victim, but when they use funds taken from the public, there is little incentive for them to be more discriminating in their hiring practices.  As long as as we have monopoly police services, we can expect more of the same.

  • The Judge

    Fuckin’ sociopath PIGS need to be eliminated, with prejudice!

  • Sherish Yousef

    I guess every cop can’t be like a Team Six member. Maybe if they were, we’d be able to shut up idiots like Omar bin Laden faster:

  • iol

    I understand rehiring the guy who refused to fill out the police report because he didn’t cause any pysical harm and you would think that getting fired would teach him a lesson but his behaviar after that unacceptable and he should atleast be charged with assualt

  • Typical

    Thats how things are in south FL, I just spoke with a gentlemen yesterday as my friend and I where picking up a six pack and he told us that FT Lauderdale police broke his jaw, bruised his ribs and arrested his mom! Now he is broke due to fee’s against him, his family lost his home and he his barley getting by… Sad but true but the funny thing is we asked him what he thought about police in Pompano Beach and he said that they (BSO) where the most ruthless of them all HA and they say they are here to protect and serve

  • Anonymous

    My first, and only, arrest was “courtesy” of David Coffey. And let me assure you all that “courtesy” is NOT a concept he’s familiar with, at all. When my attorney saw the video of me at the jail, refusing the breathalyzer btw, he said he had never seen such a polite defendant in 20yrs of criminal defense law. It took the Boynton Beach PD nearly 3 months to turn over the “dash cam” of the roadside sobriety test, which I assured my attorney had been edited. It not only didn’t show how many officers were present (5 cars were there) it also didn’t show the SWAT team they had with automatic weapons in plain view, some of whom were tearing apart my little pick up truck (they found nothing). The “official” report made no mention of any of this, nor did it mention that I had a passenger who they ordered to leave the scene, walking, prior to the administration of the “roadside test”. BTW, I was 41 yrs old, female, 5’7″, 106 lbs. By profession, I’m an RN. Strange how it took 5 carloads of cops and a SWAT team to arrest me for DUI

    “Officer” Coffey wrote one ticket for me…DUI, nothing else. I never did find out his alleged reason for the stop, or for calling in “the troops”. After arresting me,and laughing about me asking was it necessary to cuff me behind my back and threatening to charge me with resisting, he drove like a maniac with me sliding around on a plastic seat with no seat belt and no way to stop being flung from side to side as he took turns like it was freakin Daytona. When I screamed after a particularly nasty curve slammed my head on the side of the vehicle he said “Shut up, this isn’t the Oscars so stop your drama”. Nice, eh? Should have seen the bruises on my wrists and arms, and the big knot on my head – both were lovely shades of purple by the time I got released from Gun Club. Hey y’all don’t forget “CLICK IT OR TICKET”…unless you’re a cop transporting a cuffed prisoner…then it’s all fun and games!

    He also informed me that if I was a decent woman I’d have been at home with my husband and children and breathalyzer didn’t matter anyway because I shouldn’t have been out that late at night (it was about 1:30 am when I went to give my buddy a ride home). When I said I didn’t have either he informed me that maybe if I was a better behaved woman I would have a husband.

    This sorry excuse for “protect and serve” should have stayed fired. I heard from a good friend that he wasn’t fired for that one incident but for quite a few “unsubstantiated DUI stops” as well as “insubordination” and the incident was the last straw that allowed the firing to be legal. But he has friends, believe me. He arrested someone else I know and was even nastier to her. He has a serious problem with women and the things he said to her were far uglier than his remarks to me. She made a stink about it, and got harassed by BBPD until she moved to another county. Maybe his Mommy wasn’t very nice to him? Whatever. I hope this time they keep this ahole’s badge.

  • Anonymous

    PS: I’d really rather be anonymous, because I know the BBPD makes retaliation an unwritten policy, and I have to drive through there on occassion although I try to avoid it as much as I can.

  • George Sand

    Your concern about retaliation is understandable. We changed your name to be “Anonymous.” Next time, you can just put “anonymous” as your name to avoid this problem.

  • anonymous

    Thank you George! I have a question regarding Coffey’s arrest that maybe y’all can answer. After my arrest, my mugshot was on the web before I was even released, but for some reason I’ve never been able to find Coffey’s. Do cops get some kind of pass on this?

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  • http://[email protected] John b raper

    I live and work in the north east of Scotland and I’m finding it incredible about the abuse that pigs(ie cops) are doing to other citizens, now I’m not daft enough to think that only happens in your great country but the only tme I was getting hassle from the pigs I met him two weeks later on a night out with my cousin and the both of us put him in intensive care!. Take note all you bad cops what goes around comes around. We are watching You.

  • doug rees

    july 8th 2012 I was forced to defend myself against a 6’4″ violent attacker .I am 5’8″ 51 year old grandfather of 5 & dragracer I have had several accidents & 37 broken bones & multiply surgerys plus I work 60 hrs per week .I had no choice but to shoot this man while he was running toward me yelling that he was going to kill me & put me 6′ in the ground.medical records prove this .I have a letter from the prosecutor backing me 100 percent.HOWEVER the chief of police of whiteland ind RICK SHIPP has been friends with the attacker for over 30 years & has bent every law & even broken a few trying to get me in trouble .DID I MENTION THAT I WAS AT DINNER WITH MY 83 YEAR OLD FATHER .this chief arrested me & took me to the hospital for blood work because he said that i was drunk plus he thought i would have to pay the bill . 0.00 was my b.a.c. so the whiteland pd had to pay the bill over $1000 this has infuriated chief rick shipp so he is currently still holding my 10mm glock & all my clothing even though the prosecuter has called & emailed him sugesting that he return it to me .ALL 3 SHOTS WHERE IN THE LEFT LEG JUST TO GET HIM TO STOP RUNNING TOWARD ME .underind law IC 35-41-3-2(C)my attorneys & many officers ( MY SON IS A POLICE OFFICER )has explained to me that i could have killed him legaly . however i cannot kill a person for being a drunkin bully . I went today to sign paperwork for litigation against rick shipp for theft of my property.

  • Chumscrubber

    A protected PBSO PIG:
    Dan Burrows, former SWAT Commander and admitted Oxycontin addict, got his badge & gun back, and the right to ruin your life over the same pills he was addicted to.