Candi Arrested By Rangers For Odessa KopBuster Sting by Barry Cooper

Candi was arrested (and released) by the Texas Rangers for a misdemeanor, False Report To Peace Officer, stemming from the KopBuster sting in Odessa, Texas that successfully freed Yolanda Madden from prison. We performed the sting one year and seven months ago.

Early yesterday afternoon, a lady knocked on our door and claimed she accidentally backed into our truck in the parking lot. When Candi and my daughter walked to the parking lot, the Texas Rangers arrested her. My daughter ran inside, locked the door and awoke me with the news. The Rangers advised I also had a warrant for the same thing but I refused to go outside because during their investigation earlier this year, the Texas Rangers threatened to “kick my ass.” Unbeknownst to the Rangers, I was recording the threat and just posted it on YouTube.

This is all very sad and upsetting because it magnifies the truth that our American police forces are corrupt and if exposed, they will retaliate with violence. However, we are not quitting and we will continue busting kops! Our fuel is courage, patriotism and compassion for our American brothers and sisters. has the full report here.

  • Dex

    The dude in the video is drunk and slurring, what a fkin disgrace. No wonder his daughter turned out to be a criminal.

  • Jay Duba

    Dex = Cop

  • http://dd Jeff

    The dude does look like your typical drunken redneck hick with very limited intelligence.

    Jay Duba = G W Bush

  • K.C.

    Barry is awesome. He’s an ex-cop who defected and became a freedom fighter and candidate for Texas Attorney General. His video series KopBusters and Never Get Busted turns the cameras and tables on corrupt cops and exposes their arrogance and crimes.