‘Minority Report’ Program Goes Live In Chicago

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University professors have teamed up with the Chicago police department to develop a new technology which will allegedly predict violent criminal behavior. Using a computerized algorithm, Chicago has now generated a “Heat List” which indexes approximately 400 individuals they see as likely to commit violent crimes in the future. And some of the people on the list are not criminals at all.

So much for the tenet of “Innocent until Proven Guilty” or even the oft repeated police-apologist sentiment, “If you don’t do anything wrong, have nothing to worry about.”

For 22-year old Robert McDaniel, there certainly was something to worry about, when a police commander showed up at his house simply to issue a threat that he was being watched by police. McDaniel’s grew up in a gritty neighborhood, but was guilty of no crime, and had no recent interactions with police of any kind. Yet there with this official authority standing there on his porch, issuing a stern warning that since he was being watched, there would be severe consequences if he committed a crime.

Stalking, verbal threats, is this what our modern police forces have been reduced to? Forget about the very tenets of due process for a moment, and consider that the actions of the police themselves border on criminality, in this instance, and all too often actually cross the line in countless others.

You certainly don’t want the police showing up at your door for no reason or otherwise to specifically threaten you, especially when you consider cases like this one, where a woman called police for help after she was assaulted and wound up suffering this terrible ordeal.

Hope Steffey case

What good could possibly come from a police officer initiating a deliberately threatening confrontation with a citizen in their own home who as committed no crime?

“If you end up on that list, there’s a reason you’re there.” -program commander in the Chicago Police Department

Perhaps, but that reason has nothing to do with being guilty of a crime. Where does this slippery slope end? DNA blood-draw checkpoints on every roadway? Cameras in your bedroom to ensure you aren’t having deviant sex? Sound far-fetched? If you had told me, in the year 2000, the the government would be strip-searching children at airports I would have said you were nuts.

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Custom Notifications in Chicago – Pilot Program


I. Purpose


This directive announces the Chicago Police Department’s pilot program for custom notification under the Violence Reduction Initiative in partnership with John Jay College of Criminal Justice Community Team, which will serve as outreach partners within the social service and community partners assembly.


II. Scope


The pilot program is effective 07 July 2013 and will continue until further notice in the 015 District.


III. General Information


A. While the Violence Reduction Strategy (VRS) is predicated upon group accountability, individuals within certain groups are identified as having the increased likelihood of victimization or engagement in criminal activity. The custom notification will identify those at-risk individuals and reach out to advise them of the risks and consequences of their actions should they engage in criminal conduct. The goal is to ensure the individual is not only informed of the law enforcement consequences for deciding to engage or continue in gun violence, but also of the devastating impact of gun violence within their community. Opportunities for seeking assistance will also be provided during the custom notification. However, it is ultimately the decision of the individual to choose not to engage in criminal activity.


B. For the identified individuals, custom notifications serve as notice that law enforcement action will not be random, but rather targeted and specific to the individual, and the failure to follow the clear and consistent message to cease participating in gun violence will have specific and cognizable penalties, as contained within the custom notification.


IV. Definitions


A. “Custom Notification” is a process that identifies potential criminal actors and victims associated with the continuum of violence. Once identified, the individual is notified of the consequences that will result should violent activity continue. The Custom Notification is predicated upon national research that concluded certain actions and associations within an individual’s environment are a precursor to certain outcomes should the individual decide to or continue to engage in criminal behavior. The Custom Notification will include a description of both federal and state sentencing options where applicable, as well as identification of the potential for seized assets and other consequences as appropriate.


1. Initial custom notifications may be predicated upon the Heat List generated by the Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC).


2. Ongoing custom notifications may be linked to public violence incidents (hot spots) or associated with call-ins as necessary and as approved by the district commander.


B. The “Heat List” is a rank-order list of potential victims and subjects with the greatest propensity for violence. The list is generated based on empirical data compared with known associates of the identified person.


C. “Influentials” are those individual seen as having importance or the ability to influence an individual’s actions. These can be both positive and negative influences.


D. The Custom Notification Letter will be used to inform individuals of the arrest, prosecution, and sentencing consequences they may face if they choose to or continue to engage in public violence. The letter will be specific to the identified individual and incorporate those factors known about the individual inclusive of prior arrests, impact of known associates, and potential sentencing outcomes for future criminal acts.


1. The Bureau of Organizational Development will work with the Office of Legal Affairs to develop a letter template for the Custom Notification.


2. The Office of Legal Affairs will provide review and approval of the Custom Notification Letter prior to distribution. The purpose is to confirm the range of outcomes identified as it applies to potential prosecution and sentencing outcomes.


3. The letters will be signed by the district commanders.


V. Procedures


A. District intelligence officers will:


1. continually review and update information relative to individuals linked to gun violence. These reviews will include, but are not limited to:


a. review of the Heat List for the district including the identification of those individuals who live within district.


b. CPIC information relative to criminal activity and conflicts within the district.


c. the District Gang Audit and other database information.


d. intelligence information relayed from district officers, area-assigned officers, and officers assigned to the Bureau of Organized Crime and Bureau of Detectives.


e. review of those individuals who have attended previous call-ins within the district.


2. identify those individuals eligible for custom notifications. Factors for eligibility include, but are not limited to:


a. placement on the Heat List;


b. victim of a shooting incident, where prosecution has been declined for lack of cooperation;


c. identification as a repeat offender for public violence crimes; and


d. other factors as developed and linked to public violence within the district.


3. when an individual is identified and:


a. residency is established, inform the district commander who will ensure the Custom Notification procedure is initiated.


b. residency cannot be verified, forward such information to CPIC and record the information in the district Heat List database pending subsequent confirmation of a new address. Residency will be verified and notification will occur at a future date.


B. The Custom Notification will be conducted under the direction of the district commander.


1. Those present for notifications may vary, based upon identified criminal factors, identified influentials, and other factors as identified in the review process.


2. A CPD officer will always be present for a custom notification.


C. The Custom Notification Team will:


1. generally conduct the notification at the identified individual’s residence;


2. explain the Custom Notification program and the contents of the Custom Notification Letter;


3. deliver the letter to the identified individual.




When an identified individual is not present at the time of the custom notification, or refuses to participate, the Custom Notification Team may deliver the letter and explain the program to a family member or leave the letter at the residence.


D. When a recipient of the custom notification engages in criminal activity for which he or she is arrested, then the district commander will ensure:


1. notification to and coordination with the appropriate Bureau of Detectives Area to ensure appropriate charging occurs. The highest possible charges will be pursued for any individual in the VRS Custom Notification Program.


2. Court advocacy volunteers are notified of the date, time, and place of the bond hearing or other court hearings and encourage attendance at the hearing to demonstrate the community’s support in decreasing the violence.


3. coordination with the Cook County State’s Attorney Community Prosecutions Unit as appropriate.


E. A copy of the custom notification will be forward to the CPIC and maintained within the district.


Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
13-080 TRH


Captain Six

  • Jake C

    This article boarders on insane. The author is actually saying as a result of this “study” police are going around and giving people “verbal warnings”? Where is the proof?

    The author says, “For 22-year old Robert McDaniel, there certainly was something to worry about, when a police commander showed up at his house simply to issue a threat that he was being watched by police. The author says this “Robert McDaniel” has never had a run in with the PD in his life but there is an officer who is verbally warning him? That makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I believe the author is trying to instill the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s slogan. “We never sleep” along with the all seeing eye to terrify people into believing the police and government are watching you. It is nothing but a paranoia jag with no credible evidence. It is sad when these types of authors believe in writing fantasies and half truths to try and “scare” those who read it. I am not impressed. I hope if this author submits another story he/she will take into account that bad movies don’t make good articles.

  • keepitreal

    “Boarders”. Slaps, learn to spell, moron. How much money was wasted on your education, slaps? Wait, what are those phrases everybody is using wrong, slaps?

    And where did you see “”Robert McDaniel has never had a run in with the PD in his life”, slaps? That’s not what the article says, not even close. I believe you’re an uneducated buffoon, slaps. With no credibility at all. None. Nada. Zilch. Because you make up stuff that the story supposedly said, when anybody reading your moronic comments read the same story, slaps. So they can see first hand that you’re a lying tool.

  • keepitreal

    Here’s the single fact which shuts down your whole idiotic minority report comparison. The cops can legally decide to come knock on your door to warn you against this or that. You can completely ignore their presence, act like they are not even there. Or better yet, ask them to immediately leave your property. Fence your yard off and put “No Trespassing” on the gate.

  • gwest

    They’re still going to be monitoring and targeting you.

  • ben dover

    For 22-year old Robert McDaniel, there certainly was something to worry about, when a police commander showed up at his house simply to issue a threat that he was being watched by police. McDaniel’s grew up in a gritty neighborhood, but was guilty of no crime, and had no recent interactions with police of any kind. Yet there with this official authority standing there on his porch, issuing a stern warning that since he was being watched, there would be severe consequences if he committed a crime.

    If you would read what was fact not what you think you wanted to read it states different.

  • ben dover

    Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, February 20, 2014:

    Rising Star, Texas: A now-former police chief has been indicted by federal prosecutors, who say he sold and pawned $4 million worth of equipment, including a machine gun, he fraudulently obtained through a federal

    Livingston Parish, Louisiana: A sheriff’s deputy has been fired after being arrested on accusations of tampering with narcotics evidence and illegally firing a weapon at his home.

    Iota, Louisiana: A police officer has been arrested, following an investigation into weapons that were reported missing from the Police Department’s evidence room.

    Update: Prince George’s County, Maryland (Previously reported 08-19-13): A former deputy sheriff has been sentenced to one year in prison for having sex with an inmate. A judge him a three-year sentence, with all but one year suspended. He’ll also be on probation for 18 months after his release.

    El Paso, Texas: A police officer has been suspended after being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a police spokesman said.

    Update: Manatee County, Florida (First reported 11-05-13): A now-former sheriff’s deputy, who was charged in an undercover steroids investigation, was sentenced to two years’ probation. He was federally charged for possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids.

    Springfield, Massachusetts: A city police officer was arrested. He was one of 11 men arrested in a prostitution sting and has been placed on desk duty while the department conducts its own internal investigation.

    Update: Glendive, Montana (First reported 08-16-13): A now-former police officer has been sentenced to 32 years prison with 24 suspended on four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one count of sexual abuse of a child, all felonies. The sentence was significantly longer and more than agreed to in a plea agreement signed because since that time he violated the terms of therapy.

    Craig, Colorado: A police officer was arrested for disorderly conduct and disrupting government operations. The police department released a statement saying, “The Craig Police Depart­ment has initiated an internal investigation of the incident to determine any department policy violations and potential disciplinary action. Any internal action will be in addition to any criminal penalties he may face.”

    Columbus, Ohio: A State Trooper is accused in a case of extreme drunk driving. Police say he plowed into two parked cars, and then attempted to drive away.

    Broward County, Florida: A woman spent one night in jail after she used a cellphone to record a sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop. “All I knew was I was trying to keep my phone,” she said. “I knew I couldn’t give him my phone, because I didn’t know why he was acting the way he was if he didn’t plan on doing something wrong.” She spent the night in jail but was never charged. She now has two attorneys and says she gave notice that she plans to sue the agency.

  • John Q Public

    I stopped reading when I saw it was from CPT 6.

  • keepitreal

    And what is it that we do here?

  • Jake C

    I don’t believe that story. There has to be much more to it. For an officer just to show up and say “he’s watching you” is just ridiculous.

  • Jake C

    The author said, “was guilty of no crime, and had no recent interactions with police of any kind”. As you can plainly see, he hadn’t had any run ins with the police. IF the only thing you can point out is a misspelled word, then you obviously have nothing important to say.

    Your ridiculous attempt at trying to discredit me has failed. You have succeeded in making yourself look like a complete ass. It only you and a couple others who seem to try and discredit me. The rest of the people don’t. There are significantly less people like you. Like any sub species, you will eventually play yourself out and disappear. You are the lying tool. You have never engaged me in a discussion. Just name calling. That is the last act of a desperate man. Please return to the muck at the bottom of your well. It needs more shit like you. You talk about the police targeting people. It would seem you do the same thing Mr. Hypocrite.

  • gwest

    Who does what where now?
    I’m certainly not closely monitoring and targeting people who have harmed no one.

  • Station.6.Underground

    If you follow the links provided in the article you will find the supporting evidence. Not to mention the fact that the directive from the police department is spelled out right there for you in black and white.

  • Station.6.Underground

    Yeah right, as if that never happened before.

    “We tell them, ‘Listen, we know what you were doing before and we’re watching you.'” -Boston Police Commissioner, Edward Davis

    Read more:

  • Station.6.Underground

    For the police to show up on your doorstep, when you have committed no crime, when you are not suspected of any crime, when they are not even investigating a complaint, is nothing short of stalking and harassment.

    Imagine if a CopBlock video-reporter showed up to the home of a police officer and said, “We’ll be watching you, because we believe you are more likely to commit crimes against the people than other cops we know.”

  • Station.6.Underground

    Nothing like burying your head in the sand and admitting to everyone here that you are willfully ignorant. Thanks for playing.

  • Jake C

    I looked at your website and it is just an activist run website citing stories that are old and resolved. Looking at the “hot list” they are talking about those people who are chronic law breakers who are on parole or had a recent conviction pertaining to violence and a victim and they are habitual offenders. The offenders can also choose to participate or not participate. That is a lot of information you left out.

  • Jake C

    Activists do.

  • Station.6.Underground

    If you showed up on a police officer’s doorstep and threatened to be “watching” him, you would go to jail for harassment and stalking. Heck, try to follow a police cruiser around one night, when he is actually operating as a public servant…. It’s one thing to randomly record a police officer. Quite another to start stalking a police officer. Even one who may have wronged you.

  • Station.6.Underground

    My website has nothing to do with the facts being reported. You can read the CPD directive for yourself. It says nothing about “chronic law breakers” or anything of the sort.

  • Station.6.Underground

    Offenders can choose to participate or not? What the hell is that? There are no offenders, that’s the whole point? And where do you see anything voluntary about being targeted by police for stalking and harassment?

  • keepitreal

    No, slaps, what I pointed out is that you’re a liar with no credibility, because you said, and I quote, “The author says this “Robert McDaniel” has never had a run in with the PD in his life”. So you’re a no-credibility liar, slaps. This on top of the fact that you’re barely literate.

    And target you? No, slaps, you’re pretty much self targeting. In a strictly metaphorical way slaps, wouldn’t want you launching one of those multi-agency investigations on me. How’s that one you have going now, anyway? Any federal indictments yet?

  • Jake C

    Again your childish rants and lack of intelligence has proven you to be nothing but the scum of society. You are trying to take the spotlight off of you because you have failed to prove your statements. You must be Certain reborn into another bottom feeder. I have already proven you wrong. It’s amazing you say nothing about the posted article but you will take the time to show everyone how ridiculous you can be. Prove you aren’t certain. Again the only place you feel like a man is at the bottom of society’s well. You like to hang low in the muck and the shit society gives you. Every response you post proves that. I would like to thank you for being the token weenie of this form. I believe every website has a token weenie, that’s you. IT’s amazing you have no credibility but you are quick to point out that I don’t. You are the only one going off on these ridiculous jags lying and not proving your statements. Yes, you are the liar of this form. I guess you have earned two titles. The lying token weenie. Keep up the good work.

  • keepitreal

    But what about your lie, slaps? And I am certain, slaps, but I had a disqus account and it switched over. At least I don’t lie about it, slaps. But I guess it doesn’t matter if you lie or not, you have no credibility at all either way.

    “The author says this “Robert McDaniel” has never had a run in with the PD in his life”


    And it’s “forum”, professor.

  • Jake C

    You can’t even just stay with the same name. Of course your multiple personalities must each have a name. You seem to be the only one that can tell them apart. Again you have been proven wrong and instead of learning from it you will continue to argue only proving your intelligence is extremely flawed. You continue with the name calling and you have no proof. Your credibility has been destroyed. Almost everyone on this “forum” believes you are a joke. But you will continue to use the same tired old lines because you have no originality. You haven’t said anything about the video. Clowns make me laugh. Please continue with your lies and BS. I know I can come to this website and get a good laugh especially when you post something. I’m going to have to pull out the DSM-III so I can address each personality you seem to poses. You are definitely psychotic.

  • Jake C

    I have see n some activists do that. They stand in front of the officer’s house on the sidewalk or the street with their cameras and sing songs and make wild claims. They also do that to judges.

  • Station.6.Underground

    Its still different than knocking on their door and issuing a threat for one thing. But activists also wind up arrested for harassment, etc. Even in actual public venues where they SHOULD be allowed to protest, they are often arrested.

  • John Q Public

    Nothing like seeing you post your drivel all over the place. When you say the “evidence” is on your own biased site, it really doesn’t mean much. By the way, what profession are you in this week?

  • Jake C

    Yes, it is different. What this “hot list” does is print up a host of names who have been involved in a number of illegal activities that are violent. Those people are habitual offenders. This is nothing new. Every city has this type of hot sheet. Parole agents give the PD names and the justice departments also give names. This is life. You intentionally screw up and constantly get into trouble, you just may get a visit. But remember these are habitual offenders or on probation.

  • keepitreal

    Really, slaps? My credibility, huh? I guess because of all of those posts I made where I flat out lied about what the story said, right, slaps? LOL. And you call me psychotic. You’re very delusional, slaps, all that mentholated steam down at the bathhouse, I’d guess. Or maybe the constant pole exposure, who knows?

  • Jake C

    Yes, really certain. You have no credibility. I posted that information to you a long time ago. Since you don’t have legit arguments, you take the words I said and use them over and over because you have no credibility. You seem to know a lot about bath houses and perverted homosexual practices. That plus your perverted interests in goats makes you one very sick individual. I believe they are going to have to add 100 pages to the DSM-III just to cover the multiple psychotic personalities you have. Have you seen your case manager lately? How about your psychiatrist? I would think the combination of the two would help you get over what ever mental illness you have. Give it a try. You just might feel better.

  • keepitreal

    Projection, slaps, projection. In the psychological sense. No matter how much you try to pin your self-doubts and lack of self-esteem on somebody else, in the end, it’s all about you, slaps. I’ve never seen a DSM-III, slaps. Something you spend a lot of time perusing? Seeing if you can discover what’s wrong with you and what might have caused it? I’ll tell you, slaps, self-diagnosis rarely works. Mental illness such as yours is hardly ever caught by the sufferer. Usually it’s those around the impaired one who spot the inherent “wrongness” of their thinking processes and report them to the authorities. Some of the things you say are a clear cry for help, slaps.

    Plus you have no credibility. None. Zilch. Nada. Because you tell stupid lies about what stories say. When anybody reading your post has already read the story. Wow. That will kick the shit out of anybody’s credibility, slaps. People say, “Man, what a tool this slappy guy is.”

  • keepitreal

    And here’s slappy making shit up again. The word “probation” is not used in this article. Not even once. Nor any other reference to anybody even being on probation. Yet credibility-man here instructs everybody to “remember these are habitual offenders or on probation.” Your credibility just took another hit, slaps. What there was left of it, anyway.

  • Jake C

    Certain – Why don’t you look up what a DSM-V is. Again you can’t come up with anything original. You continue to repeat things because you have no originality. You are a walking trash can. What goes in you comes out the same. You are an obvious embarrassment to anyone who knows you. Your psychotic features continue to radiate through every statement you make. You are talking for people who aren’t there. You must be living off of disability. How much are you conning the government out of each month? How much is a good garbage can such as yourself worth to the government? You obviously have no shame and no life. You are another loser who will be sitting in jail before long. Judging by your sick fantasies of homosexual acts and goats I would say it won’t be long. Just as I said before, the DSM-V needs about 100 more pages just to list your psychotic. You have a number of the features posted in the DSM-V. YOu need a team of psychotherapists and doctors to handle your problems

    Multi-axial system[edit]

    The DSM-IV organizes each psychiatric diagnosis into five dimensions (axes) relating to different aspects of disorder or disability:

    Axis I: All psychological diagnostic categories except mental retardation and personality disorder

    Axis II: Personality disorders and mental retardation

    Axis III: General medical condition; acute medical conditions and physical disorders

    Axis IV: Psychosocial and environmental factors contributing to the disorder

    Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning or Children’s Global Assessment Scale for children and teens under the age of 18

    Common Axis I disorders include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and schizophrenia.

    Common Axis II disorders include personality disorders: paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; and intellectual disabilities.

    Common Axis III disorders include brain injuries and other medical/physical disorders which may aggravate existing diseases or present symptoms similar to other disorders.

  • keepitreal

    There’s slappy, lying through his pie hole again. You said, before you looked it up on Google so you could sound like you knew what you were talking about -“I believe they are going to have to add 100 pages to the DSM-III just to cover the multiple psychotic personalities you have.” You said III, slaps, not V like you’re claiming now. Anybody can go back and see that you’re an obvious liar, slaps. No credibility at all. But now all of the sudden it’s “Just as I said before, the DSM-V needs about 100 more pages just to list your psychotic.” Which, by the way, should be “psychosis”, not “psychotic”. You used the word wrong, slaps. And you used it to support a lie. Wow. How much credibility can you lose, slaps? I’d have thought you’d be all out by now.

  • keepitreal

    And I’m no shrink, but that Common Axis 2 sounds just like you, slaps.

  • Jake C

    Certain – Again your idiocy shows. Yes I said DSM III and there is a DSM IV and a DSM V. The DSM III was the first book to come out regarding mental illness diagnosis All the other books were based upon that. Since you are a mentally ill mess, they need to add 100 pages to the DSM III to continue keeping the other books up to date. The DSM V also needs to add another 100 pages. Even the DSM IV needs to add another 100 pages. You are a true walking illness. You are really trying to desperately grab anything you can to try and stay afloat in the well you live in. You are pathetic and a joke. Why are you so desperate? What is so terrible in your life that you live for desperation? You continue to be psychotic and you need serious help. No one cares about your rants. Yes, I respond to them because I like watching you make a bigger ass of yourself each time you post a statement. Go back to the bottom of the well where you belong. Stop ripping off tax payers with your imaginary disability. Get a job and do something with your life.

  • keepitreal

    Well, slaps, if you really are a parole officer, then I rate about 200 points above you in the “doing something with my life” gig. And I don’t suck off of a fucked up government tit. As a part of a broken and corrupt system. No wonder you’re such a tool, slaps.

    And you can change your story all you want, slaps, doesn’t matter, the damage to your credibility is already done and proven. Liar.

  • keepitrealsucks

    Keepitreal…. in all my internet days, I have yet to see such idiotic comments… Slaps? Are you kidding me? I’m guessing you and your Johnson have a slapping time alone. I only wish I knew you so that I could show you a nice slap…. after you read this you should probably go “slap” yourself in the face with a gun.

  • keepitreal

    WOOT WOOT – I have a fan club!!

  • Jake C

    I believe you are lying. You are a sad and angry little man who has the verbal equivalence of a drunk teenager. I do believe you take out disability. I believe you are a burden on your family and what little friends you have. You say nothing about these videos but you continue to stick up for copblock. You always respond to me first. It’s amazing you aren’t living on the streets. But I am sure that is coming in your future. I believe you have a substance abuse problem. You are just another one of the few the mental health system has let down. I feel sorry for you.

  • Jake C

    I’ll tell you what. You come and find me and we will discuss your irrational statements. You seem to make the claim that I am not who I say I am so why don’t you prove it and then come and find me.

  • Azrael Michael

    What exactly are you quoting?
    Your reading comprehension is less that my four year old son’s.

    This us what the article clearly says. You piss poor attempt at a troll.
    And I quote…..

    “For 22-year old Robert McDaniel, there certainly was something to worry about, when a police commander showed up at his house simply to issue a threat that he was being watched by police. McDaniel’s grew up in a gritty neighborhood, but was guilty of no crime, and had no recent interactions with police of any kind.”

    You ignorant fuck.

  • keepitreal

    You know, making fun of somebody and calling them an ignorant fuck because you missed a HUGE FUCKING CLUE within the post really shows that you shouldn’t have been allowed to father any 4-year old kid. Bad genes and all that. Because if you had any reading comprehension skills at all, you would have seen that I was pointing out a misquote on somebody else’s part. So change your last sentence so it starts with “I am a totally” instead of “You”and it will be dead on.