D. McCarthy Stalks LibertyOnTour.com – Again

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On our last day in Greenfield Beau and I headed to the local gas station to pick up a few things. On our way there we witnessed Daniel McCarthy, a member of the Greenfield police, make an illegal U-turn and park near our location. As we approached I turned on my camera because the day before this same officer chased us all over Main St.

I realized that the officer was merely playing a game with us (probably trying to bait us into a confrontation) so we decided to continue on. Upon leaving the gas station (located about an 1/8 of a mile away from first encounter) we realized that the same officer was parked on the opposite side of the street and facing our direction. This bothered me, as it would anyone who was being followed, so I decided to ask the officer what he was doing. As I came to his window he rolled it up and pretended he couldn’t hear me.

That’s when Beau and I decided to walk further down town, turn a corner and see if McCarthy followed us. At that time I started rolling the camera again.

For those who live, and pay taxes, in Greenfield do you think this is the best use of time for this officer? Did you notice the double standards that took place over and over. No one who worked for the state wanted to help me identify this officer, not the Greenfield 911 dispatch, State police or Mayor himself! How are you going to fix this abuse of power, waste of money and intrusions on your life? A phone call to McCarthy is a great place to start, 413.773.1305 or email at [email protected]

For more about the Greenfield police department go to CopBlock.org/greenfield and/or watch the video below.

  • Dan

    First off the people you talk to on the streets of Greenfield in the middle of the day have no jobs, easy prey, second they would rather spend their money on drugs and beer, rather than a camera or recording device. Third, most of them can’t think for themselves and a couple who you guys were conversing with are class three sex offenders , who are without a doubt easy prey, now that’s what I call credibility towards your mission.

  • Guy Fawkes


    I take it you live in Greenfield? A lot of people have jobs where they work on weekends and get odd days off. You know, medical people, firemen, COPS, so assuming anyone Ademo talks to during a week day is some kind of hood or bum is silly.
    “a couple who you guys were conversing with are class three sex offenders” Friends of yours? Honestly I think you just made that shit up and are trollin’, but even if true how is Ademo supposed to know that? If some of the people he talks to have criminal records that reflects on them, not him. How come the cops are following Ademo around when there are sex offenders walking the street; why aren’t the police following those guys around?
    Greenfield reminds me a lot of “jerkwater U.S.A”, from the first Rambo movie. The only thing it’s missing is a fat cop resembling Brian Dennehy telling Ademo to get out of town.

  • Aaron

    Maybe “Dan” is Mr. Daniel McCarthy himself? Certainly seems pretty familiar with your activities, and the people you’re talking to there.

    @Ademo You should check Dan’s IP in the site’s logs and trace it back to see if it belongs to the GPD.

    I seem to recall someone in one of your previous videos saying that officers aren’t allowed to discuss this with you until the case goes to court. If that is actually McCarthy, Dan’s activities here would certainly seem to violate that policy.

    @Dan Whether or not the above proves to be true, I’m curious, do you think that ANYTHING the Greenfield police have done is wrong?

  • Ogre

    “What cops can I call that police other other cops?”

    That’s just classic.

    Maybe next time you should call 911 and just say that a man with a gun is following you around. See who shows up.

  • Aaron

    @Ogre that would be interesting.. Wouldn’t mccarthy himself probably have been the officer dispatched? I see that either ending in them getting arrested again for falsely reporting an emergency (or something like that), or mccarthy just ignoring it, which would be bad for him.

  • bob

    The paranoia surrounding most of the people posting here is simply astounding. Anyone with an opposing point of view is automatically assumed to be law enforcement. Why are we not allowed to simply think that you are wrong?…but an even MORE poignant question would be, are you THAT self involved that you would actually believe that the officer in question would bother engaging you in any way? I have news for you. Once you leave Greenfield, you are somebody else’s problem. They don’t care. They most likely don’t even know about much less visit your little site.

  • K

    I was a resident of Greenfield for many years and I have been following this story all along. I must say I am not surprised by the behavior of the officers involved. There are a handful of decent law abiding officers but I have witnessed many who abuse their positions and treat people unfairly.

    A few years ago while driving in town, I encountered an off duty officer (whom I recognized) trying to cut through a parking lot to get ahead of myself and several other cars waiting in line at a stop sign. When I wouldn’t let him get in front of me, he attempted to squeeze his vehicle in anyway. I reacted as I would to any other driver and gave him the finger (big deal). Apparently this engaged some sort of road rage in him because he started trying to yell something to me. Meanwhile traffic moved and he got a few cars behind me where he followed me until I reached my destination. Upon exiting my vehicle with my toddler in my arms I found the officer parked behind me blocking me in calling me by name. As I walked away from this hostile and creepy sittuation he followed me in his car scolding me like a child through the window of his personal vehicle.

    It is quite obvious this man called in my plate # as we had never previously been in contact. I did nothing legally wrong that warrented his harrassing behavior! Frankly it wasn’t until I found him lurking behind me in the lot when I got out that I realized he was a cop. Who are you supposed to turn to when an officer mistreats you? The only thing you can do is educate the people willing to listen and hope they don’t experience the same misconduct.

  • http://www.mises.org A

    Wow. That video is just…


    With the mayor parked in the middle of the street, too.

  • Dawn

    My point is Peter and Adam are a circus show, they come into town do a ton of tricks getting a bunch of very simple people agreeing with their story, I do believe that the bottom feeders that they collect on main street of Greenfield have very little impact on the situation as a whole, the will perform in the circus as they are told. It would be interesting if Peter and Adam had some influential people backing them up, or some sort of stronger voice, until then the circus goes on…

    @ Aaron,, I believe that you are a tool, nothing more and nothing less .

  • http://www.rashynullplanet.com/blog/ Matt

    What brain defect makes the dude in the black muumuu believe he can arbitrate other people’s lives without their consent?

  • Brian

    Wow. The pig acts like he’s deaf and retarded. Look at his weakness, his fear, hahahah! It doesn’t disappear in your costume, you scared little piggy. If you’re that scared of people being nice, what would happen to you in a dangerous situation, hmm? Better change from black uniforms to brown pants, noob

  • Aaron


    You didn’t present a single “reason” there at all. And yet you claim to be the “voice of reason”. How can you claim “reason” without actually attempting to apply any logic?

    And that makes me a tool? You don’t even attempt to use logic in your claims, and I’M the tool?

    You still haven’t addressed my previous question (and yes, I recognize that you’re in no way obliged to) … why do you think Ademo and Pete deserve to go to jail for videotaping their initial encounter with GPD?

    Nobody is asking you to like them. I don’t like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, but I think anyone that uses or threatens to use physical force to stop them from voicing their opinion should be thrown in jail. Justice isn’t about putting people YOU don’t PERSONALLY like in jail, it is about protecting people’s rights.

    And you, Dawn, appear to be mixing the two up.

    @ Dawn,, I believe that you are a shoe, nothing more and nothing less . (As long as we’re making claims without feeling the need to substantiate them.)

  • Aaron


    “The paranoia surrounding most of the people posting here is simply astounding. Anyone with an opposing point of view is automatically assumed to be law enforcement.”

    It was a simple conjecture, does “Dan” not seem awfully familiar with the specific people that Ademo was talking with? Or maybe I just missed the videos which detailed the histories of the people Ademo talked with on the streets in Greenfield? I still feel like it’s a valid question.

    ” Why are we not allowed to simply think that you are wrong?”

    As long as have actual REASONS for thinking that something’s wrong, that’s fine. You’ll find that, when anyone presents an opposing opinion (and they actually try to back it up), there is someone there to respond in kind — with an explanation for why they’re wrong. When people present random assertions without trying to back it up, then how SHOULD they be dealt with?

    “…but an even MORE poignant question would be, are you THAT self involved that you would actually believe that the officer in question would bother engaging you in any way?”

    If that’s a reference to my comment, then I’d like to point out that this incident affects me (as with everyone except for Ademo, Pete, and the GPD) only indirectly, so this can’t be me being self-involved, by definition. And in response, I ask you this: Do you REALLY think that NONE of the officers at the GPD have been following these entries that are about THEM? Tell me, would YOU not be following a series of articles that was attacking your actions. (That sentence doesn’t get a question mark because it wasn’t really a question, the answer is “yes, you would.”)

    If that comment was actually a reference to the video, then, yeah, the officer SHOULD have engaged them when they confronted him for following them around town (which he was obviously doing).

    ” I have news for you. Once you leave Greenfield, you are somebody else’s problem. They don’t care. They most likely don’t even know about much less visit your little site.”

    Is that what you really think, or is that just something you threw together because you thought it would sound insulting? YOU certainly appear to be visiting their “little site”. How are YOU involved with this story? If you have nothing to do with this story, and you’re reading it, how exactly do you justify saying that the SUBJECTS of the story “most likely don’t even know about” it?

  • Dan

    “@Ademo You should check Dan’s IP in the site’s logs and trace it back to see if it belongs to the GPD.”

    How gay, very gay

  • bob

    @Aaron….(sigh)(shaking my head)…I love you people who dissect a post to try to make a point….which, by the way, led wild conjecture on your part…

    Look, I’ve already done it once, so I’m not going to do it again. I don’t need to play tit-for-tat and dissect yours now. What I will do is respond so try to keep up.

    Point #1-I do not like nor trust either Ademo or Pete…or whoever else is on that RV but they might as well not even have a name. They’re lemmings following two stronger personalities. It’s undeniable. Pete and Ademo (GOD I hate calling him that-I’m SURE it’s not his name-I probably just hate adults with absurd nicknames) are the face of the “organization”-if you can call it that….but you might be surprised to find out why….we’ll get to that.

    Point #2-FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I AM NOT A COP….there, was that clear enough? Funny sidenote…some know-nothing retard just said he’d donate for every post I made on the site…ARE YOU LISTENING ASSCORE??…I say great. Because his money will likely A. have no impact whatsoever, and B. be frittered away on booze, cheetos, pot….whatever else those idiots get into. He’s going to donate to keep those morons going and go broke in the process because there is no limit to the length I will travel to make that happen. I will post one word at a time if I have to. This is a welcome comic relief to the end and to the beginning of my day….My job can be particularly high stress…Wealthy homeowners can be difficult to say the least….again, not a cop-a tradesman…translation-I build houses.

    Point #3-Your reference to Dan being a cop is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Sure, Dan seemed familiar….what the hell does that even mean? I’ll tell you…nothing at all. Dan could be anybody. Dan might not be “Dan” at all-he could be “John” or “Fred” or “Amelia”…you couldn’t possibly know. Dan could be any number of 10,000 people. Maybe Dan lives there and saw them in town….Maybe he’s referring to a video you haven’t seen or was taken down for one reason or another (editing?…they’re pretty good at manipula…uh, I mean “editing”)…maybe alot of things. Point being, to assume he’s a cop on the basis that he knows something you don’t is asinine. Hell, that “asscore” clown thinks I’M McCarthy. He’s wrong. It doesn’t matter. You have proved my point in spades. Thank you. Paranoia is rampant. Trust me when I tell you that morning coffee is more important to these guys than spying on some wingnut website….The FBI does that, not local cops-so all of you just get a grip. You are probably SO FAR UNDER THE RADAR WITH THIS NONSENSE YOU MIGHT AS WELL NOT EXIST.

    I’m finding it distracting and difficult to not follow your list so I’ll just do it and then add later…

    Point #4-Of course I have reasons. I watched the same videos everyone else did. My interpretation is different. I voice my opinion…wingnuts come out of the woodwork and tell me I’m a cop- that I’m a facist (not one of you ACTUALLY knows what that word means…and don’t go look it up now and retort some dictionary definition cause I’m not listening)-that I should have my throat slit-that I support barbarism and thuggery on the part of the cops-you name it…all in the name of “Libertarianism” or “Voluntaryism”…imagine that. Someone who purports to be a “Voluntaryist” threatened me with physical violence while another called me awful names. Ironic and hypocritical…Where the fuck are MY first amendment rights?….consequently also the reason that the concept will never work. Human beings are inherently prone to violence. Just my opinion, but backed up by many thousands of years of human history. Opinion is a strange thing. It can make even the most benign pacifist bleed with rage. Why is my interpretation less valid? I see a group of troublemakers out to push the buttons of local cops for no reason…strike that, they have reasons but they’re ridiculous (pissed off that you couldn’t WEAR YOUR HAT in a courtroom?? Please…that’s BEGGING FOR IT). Again, my opinion. Either way, they get EXACTLY what they ask for in the way they behave.

    Point #5-It’s not a reference to you specifically…It’s a reference to the impression I get when I read this garbage. Take a look. EVERY SINGLE NON SUPPORTING POST IS ASSAULTED BY PEOPLE WHO MAKE WILD UNSUBSTANTIATED ACCUSATIONS ABOUT THE POSTERS CHARACTER, EMPLOYMENT, SOCIAL STATUS, PENIS SIZE….YOU NAME IT. I, and others like me are allowed to disagree. These are my rights. You can’t take them away. They were fought for and guaranteed by generations of my own family and many others like me. END. OF. STORY. Your “cause” suffers when the venom starts to spew….once again why it will never work.

    Point #5.3.1415…-I just read the last part of what you said…see point #3. And the cop doesn’t even need to acknowledge you’re there unless there’s a problem. Much in the same way Ademo wouldn’t identify himself over the phone. Was he being a dick? Yup. Is it illegal? Nope. doesn’t fit the criteria of stalking…not even close. In fact he was probably ordered to make sure they left town and to make them feel unwelcome…and as big as their heads are about the issue, they’re probably NOT welcomed by the vast majority of residents…oh, and no, not necessarily. I respond to, but do not care what people say about me. The simple fact is I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to call it like I see it.

    Point #6-No. It’s what I think. If you’re insulted, then I’m sorry but that’s you’re problem…not mine. Better luck next time. I’m involved because an old friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to one of the stories. That’s it. No grand conspiracy here. He happens to believe this bullshit, but I love him anyway. Hell “Aaron”-it could be you if you post this crap on your Facebook page. You’ll never know unless you single out and contact every one of your 500+ friends on Facebook. I doubt he’ll do that but even if he did we’d talk it out and likely agree to disagree. I can justify my opinion because it’s just that-my opinion. McCarthy probably has a family and rest assured they are WAY more important to him than responding to a never-ending flood of bullshit that inevitably comes your way when you disagree with the status quo…that applies to EVERYTHING, not just here….

    Look guy, I’m tired and I have work to do, my day was hard and tomorrow will be harder. 15 minutes is all I can spare on this. So I’m going to regurgitate another post of mine to explain how I feel about Adam and Pete. Know this-I’m all for more personal freedom….but it comes at a price. As they say, Freedom ain’t free. It’s very true. The ideal society that some of these people ascribe to is a myth-a fantasy-a mirage. In their lifetime they’ll never get there. I don’t blame them for trying, but the methods they use only damage that which they work to build. Maybe some other day I’ll detail why I think a “voluntary” society is impossible, but for now…

    “But you know what REALLY bothers me about these guys? They don’t (at least Ademo-he’s bragged about it on other boards that I’ve seen) pay any taxes. They complain that the police are public servants, yet he doesn’t pitch in a dime to make their job-or the job of ANY OTHER PUBLIC SERVANT-possible. In my opinion that entitles him and everyone like him to none of the services available in this great country…Unfortunately the constitution disagrees. But think about it for a second…all the roads they drive that beast down-are paid for and maintained by OUR tax dollars….any other public service they use…paid for by us…if one of them gets hurt and has to use a hospital emergency room for a procedure they can’t afford…they receive care and we pay for it…If the RV catches on fire, who do they call? the fire dept…they are taking advantage of a system set up to protect them, and then complaining that it doesn’t do enough for them-meanwhile contributing ZERO. How many times have you heard one of them say something like “you are a public servant, aren’t you? You work for us. We pay your salary.”…but he pays NOTHING. And they have the NERVE to call police HYPOCRITICAL?…I’d say it’s time to find a dictionary. Voluntaryist my ass…it’s a front to give them an excuse to opt out of paying their fair share for services and freedoms that we all take for granted in this country. You want to live in a “voluntary” (anarchist) society? Go to Somalia….I’d like to see them try ANY of this bullshit there.

    I’m glad they have as much trouble as they do with law enforcement everywhere they go. I hope it continues their entire pathetic lives. And should I EVER see any of them roll through my neck of the woods?? My first call will be to the police to make them aware of their presence….the next will be to the IRS. They are treated like criminals because they ARE criminals. Their “victimless” crimes are not victimless at all…we’re the victims. In my book, they are no better than the people who picket military funerals…only exception being that the Westboro assholes pay their taxes and have legitimate rights….which I guess puts Pete and his crew one step below that….”

  • bob

    You all want to engage in conversation? Well here’s your chance. I’m always listening…if you can convince me, you can convince anybody. I challenge ANY of you to do this. Conversations aren’t sound bytes, or smarmy or witty retorts. The ones worth having are long and drawn out and absolutely REQUIRE YOU to be able so see the picture from both sides? I can do this. Can you?

  • Dawn

    well said, Bob.

  • Dan

    They complain that the police are public servants, yet he doesn’t pitch in a dime to make their job-or the job of ANY OTHER PUBLIC SERVANT-possible. In my opinion that entitles him and everyone like him to none of the services available in this great country…”


  • Aaron


    1. I wish you would get over that first comment of mine. Yes, I realize that “Dan” is probably not McCarthy, and I realized that at the time of writing it. If you interpreted that as me already being convinced that he was, then you read it wrong, because that certainly wasn’t in the text of my post. I noticed a possible connection and stated it, without even saying what I thought the probability was. And yes, I’m sure that every person in Greenfield is intimately aware of the criminal history of everyone else in Greenfield. (To make sure what I actually think is more clear, I want to state that this last sentence was sarcasm.)

    2. I know that your post wasn’t entirely directed at me, but for the sake of putting it out there, I don’t claim to know whether or think that you or anyone else is a cop. Nor, frankly, do I think it particularly matters. As far as I’m concerned, on here we’re all just people, what we do is irrelevant with respect to the greater theme.

    Frankly the paranoia thing is irrelevant, too. You’re probably right that some people on here really do think that every dissenting voice is that of a cop. It probably makes it harder to take them seriously, but just because people think they get abducted by aliens doesn’t mean that they can’t be right about some things — The merit of a statement is independent of who makes it.

    3. I happen to agree that a strictly voluntary society is unrealizable. I don’t, however, think that is reason to allow police to abuse their authority.

    4. “…wingnuts come out of the woodwork and tell me I’m a cop- that I’m a facist (not one of you ACTUALLY knows what that word means…and don’t go look it up now and retort some dictionary definition cause I’m not listening)”

    Yes, bob, I’m sure you’re the ONLY one that knows what fascism is.

    5. Are your “reasons” all based on the fact that you don’t like Ademo or Pete? You and I probably wouldn’t like each other, but I’m certainly not going to advocate putting you in jail for wearing a hat or recording something with a camera. What did they do that actually WARRANTS them being put in jail?

    6. An opinion is supposed to be the result of thought and reasoning. An opinion is not an excuse to dispense with the burden of the thought process. Opinions are not something to be revered as holy. NOTHING guarantees you the right to hold your opinions without them being attacked, you’re only guaranteed the right to voice whatever opinion you happen to have. Defending your opinion based on the fact that it is your opinion is circular logic and goes nowhere in helping people to understand each others points of view.

    7. “In fact he was probably ordered to make sure they left town and to make them feel unwelcome…and as big as their heads are about the issue”

    It is not the police’s duty (or at least is not supposed to be) to remove people from town on the basis that people don’t like them. That is unconstitutional.

    8. “they’re probably NOT welcomed by the vast majority of residents”

    I would like to know your reasoning behind this statement.

    9. “I can justify my opinion because it’s just that-my opinion.”

    That statement is everything that’s wrong with what you’re saying. Like I said before, an opinion shouldn’t be its own justification. If it is, that means you’re not even thinking about it.

    10. “I doubt he’ll do that but even if he did we’d talk it out and likely agree to disagree”

    I won’t do that, you’re right, but I wouldn’t agree to disagree anyways.. I have plenty of friends that can tell you that. “Agreeing to disagree” is the same as saying you give up on the other person, because they’ll never get it, or because it’s not worth your time. I prefer to offer people a little more credit than that. I generally won’t stop until an agreement is reached, or the other person decides that it isn’t worth their time to discuss. (Or something more pressing requires my attention).

    11. Regarding the taxes thing, I don’t actually know the details behind that, but I’m pretty sure that Ademo pays SOME taxes.. maybe not federal taxes (and NH doesn’t have a state income tax, or a sales tax, btw) but if he has ever bought gasoline, liquor (maybe beer.. not sure), or prepared food in NH then he’s paid some taxes.

    12. “Their “victimless” crimes are not victimless at all…we’re the victims.”

    I think this point is important, how are we the victims? (And, for the record, I do pay taxes, but more because I don’t have the motivation to put up with the shit that Ademo and Pete do than because I agree with being forced to pay them.) Why is it that they’re the ones responsible?

    I’d like to end this with an analogy to the tax situation (and by all means, if you don’t think this is an apt analogy, point out the differences):

    You and a friend are being forced by someone with authority over you to work building a railroad or something. Your friend rejects the idea that this person actually has the authority to force you to do labor, and so your friend refuses to work. Unfortunately, there are quotas to be met, which means you and the rest of the people have to work even harder to meet them. Is YOUR FRIEND really the one to blame for the extra work?

  • Ademo Freeman

    “You all want to engage in conversation? Well here’s your chance. I’m always listening…if you can convince me, you can convince anybody. I challenge ANY of you to do this. Conversations aren’t sound bytes, or smarmy or witty retorts. The ones worth having are long and drawn out and absolutely REQUIRE YOU to be able so see the picture from both sides? I can do this. Can you?”

    I normally don’t get involved in comments on the site or it’s social networks. I feel the comments amongst people are good enough and I’ve said what I need to in the video(s) or blog post(s).

    That being said I couldn’t miss this chance. Bob, if you’re serious about wanted to communicate in a calm and peaceful manner then I’ll take you up on this offer, with one condition. We record and publish it to this site.

    We can do this via phone, skype or whatever means you’d prefer but I’m only doing it if I can record you and publish the video afterwards. Thoughts?

  • bob

    I’d love to ademo, but my time is really limited. I haven’t even had the chance to respond to aaron because I was in a CPR/FirstAid and O² provider classes tonight. Typically, my day can run anywhere between 12 to 14 hours, not including time with my daughter. I don’t get to see her as much as I should so my free time is extraordinarily valuable to me so please understand that direct communication is a difficult thing to accomplish. If I can’t find the time for family, I’m not going to try real hard to communicate directly with more or less total strangers…please don’t take offense. It’s not you or the subject, it’s just time is valuable to me. That said, if you can endure a relatively drawn out back and forth via email or courtroom style like this, that’s fine with me. Right now is my little girls time…

  • bob

    That would be “chatroom”, not “courtroom”….fucking auto-correct….

  • bob

    @ Aaron…I’m too tired for this. This is going to be short.

    1. It’s not about you…it never was. It’s generally about everyone I’ve come into contact with here. Paranoia is the overwhelming constant. Stop thinking in terms of “you and I”.

    2. Why would you contradict you first statement with the next one? Sorry, that doesn’t even make sense. You ARE right about one thing tho….it’s totally irrelevant.

    3. My point was then and is now that no true “abuse” had occurred in the videos I saw. And correct again-voluntary society is completely unrealizable. We’re just not wired biologically for that.

    4. The word “facist” has devolved so far from it’s original meaning that it is in effect totally meaningless when used as a slur. I could’ve called the people who called me a “fascist” the same because they share some of the core tenets of the movement. It’s like saying if you drive a red truck, it must be a fire truck…just because the truck is red does not make it a fire truck. I just didn’t want to hear from people who felt a compulsion to define the word they see fit. Sorry that got to you…Once again-not about you and I.

    5. No. My reasons are based on my own experiences with law enforcement and other authority figures, both good and bad. I’m simply not going to run down 35 years of experience to prove my point. I’m not advocating putting Pete in jail for wearing a hat…Pete is. Whether you believe it or not-whether you like it or not, showing respect in the form of the simple act of removing your hat when you walk into ANY establishment -but particularly a formal setting- is a cultural norm. If you don’t do it, expect to be dealt with. In a courtroom, it means contempt of court. have a little respect for the institution…or not. We make our own choices and we deal with the consequences. Would you do it?? Here’s one…are all of your “reasons” based in the belief that the institution of law enforcement is crooked and fatally flawed?

    6. Wrong. You misunderstand circular logic. An example of circular logic is as follows…
    A. Everything in the Bible is true because it’s written in the Bible.
    My opinion is based on interpretation of the videos I watched, the people I’ve talked to, and my own life experience. At no point did I dispense with any thought processes. It is nowhere near circular logic. But again, I’m simply not going to try to tell you my life story in a few paragraphs.

    7. The “order” possibility may have been a stretch, but unless I’m mistaken the officer didn’t remove anybody from town. Was he being a complete ass? Probably. Did he break any laws? No. He can be anywhere he thinks he needs to be in the confines of the public spaces of that town without warrant or reason. He does not need to identify himself to you if you confront him on that unless he wanders onto private property. Fact. If he suspects that the occupants of the RV are going to be nuisance to the citizens in any way, it’s actually his obligation not to ignore that possibility. Ademo doesn’t like it? Too bad. It’s. Not. Stalking. It’s his job.

    8. Reasoning? That’s an easy one. I work in small towns, large towns, and cities all over the state in private residences. If you think for one second that political views, statements, and conversations aren’t had with homeowners from time to time, you’re woefully misinformed. In fact, I believe it gives me every right to make a statement like that.

    9. (sigh) get over the opinion thing. See point 6.

    10. What you’ve just said is tantamount to saying “I can never be wrong, nor persuaded. I will win every argument on my terms because I am smarter and have better facts. If my opponent does not agree with my point of view, I will continue until he/she gives up or I get bored”. If it were true, there’d be no point in continuing. Cancel that garbage. I’m smarter than the average bear-you can’t just slide that one by me. One does not need to “win” an argument. That is an immature position. Rather, state your case and listen for the reply. Agreeing to disagree is basically an irreconcilable difference of opinion. Hopefully you’ll mellow with age…..

    11. You can be no more sure that ademo PAYS any tax than I can be about the fact that he doesn’t. What I DO know is that he’s publicly stated as much. I don’t recall ever seeing him write that he PAID taxes. And I’m familiar with NH tax law. Sucks to own property there sometimes. But I’m not talking about only state taxes. I’m also talking federal, which everyone pays.

    12. We are victims in the same way that we are victims of illegal immigrants don’t pay any taxes, but use public road, facilities and services. The only difference here is that illegals occasionally ship money out of the country to sustain a family elsewhere, and the LOT crew ostensibly do not. Their money from donations or odd jobs goes back into the local economy….hopefully not toward drugs. Thank you for paying your taxes. You’ve helped ME. That’s right…me. Business is not always good and 2009 was a particularly bad year. I lost my job, started a company and drained my savings. When it was all said and done, my records indicated that I had made $12000…for a family of three…Me, my wife and my infant daughter. I needed help in the form of state subsidized medical insurance, and I got it….all because people PAY THEIR TAXES. I’m grateful for this. My daughter was sick. I’m grateful to the people of Massachusetts. I’m grateful for the clean, paved, and plowed roads that lead me to everywhere I needed to be. I’m grateful for every public employee who has ever helped my family.

    13. I will respond this way…I want you to look up the term “Logical Fallacy”, study it, and attempt to honestly reassess your positions. Simple logic is not the answer to all life’s problems. In fact it can cloud greater truth.

  • bob

    So what’s it gonna be Ademo?

  • bob

    Arrested for writing on a police station wall? Whatever. Grow up kid. I have no time for your shenanigans anymore. You are a total waste of my time and effort, and hopelessly clueless. You’re going to fail, Ademo and Pete….spectacularly. You’ll be in prison…only then will you realize what it truly means to have your freedom taken from you. Good luck, good riddance….

  • Dan

    @ Guy Fawkes

    “You know, medical people, firemen, COPS, so assuming anyone Ademo talks to during a week day is some kind of hood or bum is silly.”

    I believe that Adam and Peter have the right to talk to anyone they want, pass out whatever information they feel the need to hand people . But in this one section of town called the “Veterans mall” is a place where the “Have not’s” corral. Understandably Peter and Adam may have talked to some “Haves” (medical people, firemen, COPS) but I am willing to bet they took Peters and Adams advice with a grain of salt. I’m sure the “Haves” yes them to death and kept on walking (for they had better things to do). I’m sure the “haves” told them that I will look into this, or I agree to that, but I ‘m willing to bet that there decision to go any further or to help in any way was quickly removed from their though process . You see my point is that the “have not’s” group there almost every day, most of them make a living sitting at the Veterans mall smoking a cigarette and swearing at will. They are easy prey they lack the discipline that the “Haves” encompass. So when the circus comes into town they want to watch and get involved because they have nothing else to do.

    “a couple who you guys were conversing with are class three sex offenders” Friends of yours”

    No, not friends of mine, and would you want a class 3 sex offender backing you up in court, I think not

    “How come the cops are following Ademo around when there are sex offenders walking the street”

    A class three sex offender is free to walk the streets, as scare as that is

    As for the cops “Following around thing”

    If Peter and Adam can Troll downtown Greenfield than so can the cops.

  • Aaron


    1. Fair enough

    2. What contradiction? In the first part I said I don’t think Dan is actually McCarthy. In the second part I said I don’t claim to know or think anyone here is a cop. If there’s a contradiction in there, I don’t see it.

    3. The police arrested Ademo and Pete for attempting to record their trip to bail their friend out of jail. The police subsequently performed an illegal search on the RV (which wasn’t even nearby) on the bogus pretense that the VIN plate was illegally manipulated. You don’t think these constitute an abuse of authority? I certainly do. They were on tax-payer owned property recording public servants in the performance of their duties. It’s totally absurd that the police should make this illegal. If you don’t think this is an abuse, then on what grounds do you think it is okay for police officers to decide that this is illegal? Keeping in mind that the default position here should be that it should be legal. It should only be illegal if there is some compelling reason to make it so.


    5. Are you saying it’s okay to persecute people that haven’t harmed everyone just because they go against the cultural norm? Most people aren’t gay. Are you saying that when gay people get the shit kicked out of them by small-minded bigots that they should expect what they get? Further, are you saying that the attackers didn’t do anything wrong? All because they violated a cultural norm? A “cultural norm” is not under ANY circumstances a fair reason to punish someone.

    And, I’m sorry, why again is it that we owe the court room any respect? Just because it’s a court? And even if you do somehow think that, do you really think that not being “respectful” is enough reason to arrest someone? (And again, we’re not talking about interrupting the proceedings.. we’re talking about wearing a piece of clothing)

    No, my reasons are not based on vague generalizations about law enforcement. Nor are they based on personal experiences that I’ve had, which may or may not have had anything to do with it, and certainly have no bearing on the specific events of the incident. MY reasons are based on my personal philosophy of law, my understanding of actual law (to some small extent… because I’m much less concerned about whether their actions ARE illegal, than I am about whether their actions SHOULD be illegal), and how those relate to the evidence, as portrayed in the videos posted here (All my arguments here are based on the assumption that the videos have not been edited to misrepresent the facts. If your position is that that is happening (and I’m not saying it is), then I don’t really have anything further to say, because then we’re just arguing about random things that “might be”).

    6. “I can justify my opinion because it’s just that-my opinion.” — If that statement isn’t circular logic, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. “My opinion is valid because its my opinion that it’s valid!”

    7. In this particular video, I agree, the officer hasn’t done anything that’s actually illegal. He has the same rights as any other citizen. But he shouldn’t have been doing it (I don’t mean this from a legal standpoint, I mean it from a moral one — like you said, he was being an ass — and I don’t think he should be punished for his actions in this video with anything other than scorn from you and me.) Also, I don’t know that he actually is obliged to “not ignore that possibility,” but I don’t think that’s terribly important. (And when I mentioned the unconstitutionality of it before, that was only if he was actually “ordered” to try to drive them out, but I don’t see any evidence that that is the case.)

    8. I disagree on this point, but I’m not going to get into it because I don’t think it’s terribly relevant to the overall discourse here.

    9. See point 6.

    10. You have a bad habit of misreading what I say. Please tell me from which statement it logically follows that I think I can never be wrong? “I generally won’t stop until an agreement is reached”? Is it that? Try reading that again. Read it out loud if you need to. Now decide if it’s the same thing as “I will argue my original viewpoint without taking into account any points they make that I may not have originally thought of, and I will continue until they decide I’m right.” When you deliberately misrepresent what I say, it makes you look like an ass. If you think I mean something other what what I say, ask me and I will clarify. Thank you, Mr. More-than-average.

    11. He may have actually said that, but I just don’t buy it. I’ll let this point rest though, because I don’t think it matters for the topic at and.

    12. You didn’t address my question, my response to the illegal immigrant thing is the same as before. The question is whether you should blame the person that refuses to pay the bully, or if you should blame the bully for making YOU pay. (For the record, I don’t think we’re victims of illegal immigrants, either, for the same reason.)

    You’re welcome. I would have no problem donating part of my income for charitable causes, or to organizations and programs that I think deserve it. I don’t like being forced to do it. Here’s the thing, I’m glad that your family as able to get help when you needed it, but I’m not glad that I was forced to pay it without my consent. I don’t OWE you or your wife or your daughter a penny. To say I do is ridiculous (for any reason other than I’ve benefited from you paying taxes in the past, too. But that’s an awful reason, because then it’s like saying the only reason that people should keep the system going is because the system has been going). To force me to pay a debt I don’t owe is wrong.

    Beyond that, if not paying any taxes means you’re making victims of people that do, then why is it that people that pay less in taxes than me aren’t making a victim of me? Why am I not making a victim of people that pay more in taxes than me? Hell, the people that pay the most are typically the ones that get the least out of those public programs, because they can afford not to.

    13. What are you trying to get across here? Instead of dancing around what you’re trying to say in an attempt to be condescending, why don’t you just say what you mean? If you really think you’ve spotted a logical fallacy in any of my statements, instead of making me look for it, please just point it out.

  • Dan

    Aaron stated on May 27, 2011 at 1:43 pm
    “Maybe “Dan” is Mr. Daniel McCarthy himself?”

    Aaron then stated on June 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    “In the first part I said I don’t think Dan is actually McCarthy.”

    Aaron you have a lot of “maybe” thinking to do, maybe?

  • Dan

    Maybe “Dan” is Mr. Daniel McCarthy himself? Certainly seems pretty familiar with your activities, and the people you’re talking to there.

    @Ademo You should check Dan’s IP in the site’s logs and trace it back to see if it belongs to the GPD.

    Quite convinced that I think that you think that I am who I am not,

  • Aaron


    Keep telling yourself that you’re a fairy and I’m sure that someday you’ll convince yourself of that too.

  • Bill Ray Cox

    You Dirty rotten cops! MCarthy. Carma is a bitch right, cause your daughter is a mess and you can’t control her. All the dirt you’ve done to people over the years is right in your living room! Your daughter was pregnant, but you made her kill the baby right, cause she was pregnant by what you call him: A spic huh! Well what goes around, comes around. It’s the last days and bible prophesy is being fulfilled. Your time for salvation is coming to an end. If you’re a cop then you already know who will be ruling over you. These guys were not doing anything illegal. They don’t want anybody seeing the dirt they do. Well I tip my hat to you brave guys!My son was harassed by GFPD because of his last name that he shared with a black person. They accused him of being related even though he is white. You guys are sick and need the almighty God in your life!

  • bob

    @ Aaron…i asked you to look up logical fallacy. I see you did not. Goodbye Aaron….

  • bob

    And for the record, the fallacy is called a “false dilemma”.

  • Aaron


    That’s correct, and if you had asked me to clean your kitchen, I wouldn’t have done that either. I’ll make a deal with you though. If you look up “reasoning”, and go through every statement you’ve made and figure out why what you’re claiming doesn’t make any sense, I’ll do the same for “logical fallacy.”

    But I won’t really, because my time is frankly worth more than that. You have yet to make any statement with anything resembling actual reasoning for your opinions. If you’re willing to work with me, I’m willing to work with you, but your condescending bullshit will have to stop, instead of returning reasoning with insults, you should try returning it with reasoning.

  • bob

    Right, kid…whatever you say. Go ahead and hitch your wagon to these meathaeds. Your lack of ability to reason has cost you at least a conversation. If you follow them long enough, it will cost you your freedom….just like Pete and Adam. You need a perspective only time can provide. Hopefully you’ll make it. There will be no revolution.

  • bob

    And you don’t understand “reasoning”….stop kidding yourself.

  • Aaron


    Let’s do it your way, then. You still fail to do anything other than make stupid, insulting assertions (without any logic whatsoever backing them) while trying unsuccessfully to mask them as coherent thoughts.. Who do you think you’re impressing? Are you still stuck in high school? Honestly.

    I’m beginning to think you’re a lonely teenager that’s just here to troll anyone that’s willing to try to defend their position. You STILL haven’t made a single statement that is based on any sort of reasoning. And you’re trying to tell me I don’t know what reasoning is? There’s a reason that you’re a construction worker than makes $12,000 a year, and I’m an engineer that makes 5 times that. And I’m going to venture a guess that, even though you may think it, it’s probably not because you’re so much smarter than me.

    But, keep making your insults, dude. You’ve basically already admitted to anyone reading this that all your “worldly experience” has done for you is help you make shitty decisions that leave you unable to support your family without the help of “kids” like me. How pathetic can one person be? Al Bundy comes to mind when I think of you. And even he could support his children.

    I tried to be mature about this, but you just couldn’t handle it, so I’m done. Feel free to respond to this with whatever asinine excuse-for-a-thought will let you continue to feel like a big, tough, smart man.

    I will even keep reading your lame insults, I promise, but I’m done responding to your childish crap.

  • Dawn

    Oh Aaron…YOU are the voice of reason. That’s a good one.

  • Bob


  • Bob

    @Aaron…i just read the Al Bundy part. Lest I remind you that was a television show and not reality. I’d like to see you support a family of 2 children and a wife with no job on a shoe salesmans salary. That was an unnecessary low blow. You know neither what I do or what real hardship looks like and I hope you never do. For real. Because it’s not always so easy in the real world Aaron. I’m not going to engage you at all after that, but you definitely owe me an apology. Not that I’ll get one from you. Your “engineer” status means nothing to me. The point of the matter was that I was forced to start a business that cost me $140,000 to begin with. Rest assured that this “construction worker”, as you so eloquently put it dwarfs your earning potential. Yes I am a great deal smarter than you, and at the rate you’re going you’re only getting dumber. You’re mad at me because I know your very young, and ironically I know you’re young because you’re so heated. If not by number then by mentality. You’re not capable yet of holding a peaceful and rational conversation and THAT is why I chose to stop talking-no other reason needed. You know what the best part of it is though? That I will make money gouging assholes such as you, you arrogant little shit. And I ALWAYS will-i should say we because every “lowly contractor” can see you coming a mile away. I take care of people that treat me with respect, and you will never be able to hide your contempt from people like me. So you lose aaron. That’s a fact. $60,000 indeed…lol…i made more than that when I worked for somebody else-benefits, company vehicle, 2-3 weeks vacation plus access to a company boat and other perks on top. Translation-you got nothing on me Aaron with the exception of tens of thousands in school loans I never had. That’s right, my company paid for my education too. You’re a funny little man. Have a nice life prick…oh, and if you ever run into me, you’re getting knocked the fuck out.

  • Bob

    And I’m STILL laughing at your little temper tantrum….wait til I share this exchange with my employees…they all make more than you too!

  • Aaron


    I know I said I wouldn’t respond, and I really meant not to, but what can I say, I am weak. I just want to say this.. when you show this to your buddies, do me a favor and show them the entire conversation (not just my previous post and your response).

    Thanks in advance,

  • Bob

    Oh I did…they’re laughing at you right now…

  • Ted

    I read your comments. Both sides. Bob, you’re an asshole but Aaron….you’re an idiot. He made a fool out of you. And not just him…everyone you talked to or about made you look stupid at one point or another. What gives? You’re constantly contradicting your self.

  • Aaron


    Nobody has pointed out any “contradictions” that I haven’t addressed. Point them out and I will be happy to re-examine them.

    As it turns out, it’s really easy to say “you’re an idiot” but it’s a lot harder to say “here’s examples that show it, and here’s how they show it”

  • bob

    uh oh….somebody has got a bruised ego….

  • undercover4FSBRussian

    should i call anarchy cops ?

  • Brett

    utterly bewildering…. i feel for ya guys im goin through an illegal search and seizer right nao..

  • http://copblock.org Eli Webber

    The people having problems with this video .won,t react to your point of view, until it affects them personally .when the cops come and break down there doors, or harass them walking down the street.Etc. there in the dark until it happens to them .they don,t see the big picture, because they think it will never happen to them.but it seems to me, as long as its someone else whose rights are violated, its o.k. long as its not them or there Family .if they think there immune to this well.that remains to be seen ..its all about our rights and standing up for them.these people won,t do anything until it there rights that are violated or taking away ..then we,ll see how they react .

  • anon


    I agree with your point of view, but something about your comment really irks me:

    “there” – used when referring to a location (opposite of “here”)
    “their” – third person possessive plural pronoun. This is used when talking about a property or possession that belongs to “them” (“their” is to “they” as “our” is to “we”)
    they’re – a contraction for “they are”

    Also, when using a contraction “we’ll”, “won’t”, “don’t”, “they’re”, we use apostrophes ( ‘ ) not commas ( , ). Using commas makes it much harder to follow the flow of a statement, because it’s used to separate things into logical groupings (whether its a list of things or to separate a group of words into a phrase).

  • http://n/a copblocker79

    Man what a freaking waste of tax dollars!!! Isee this kind of thing in my town cops wasting dollars harrassing innocent people.