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On May 10, 1976, Ronnie Long was taken into police custody and he’s been there ever since (38 years!).

He was charged with first degree rape and burglary of a prominent white widow of a Cannon Mills executive. Ronnie was convicted on October 1 ,1976, by an all white jury with NO evidence linking him to the crimes.

In 2005, Ronnie’s attorneys discovered that the state of NC intentionally withheld exculpatory evidence from the 1976 trial.

Exculpatory evidence is evidence which proves ones innocence.

During the 1976 trial, the state of NC committed perjury by leading the jury to believe that no evidence was collected. The same officer who was in possession of the evidence later served time in federal prison himself for stealing checks from the mail.

In 2008, the assistant district attorney who had helped to prosecute Ronnie in 1976, testified FOR him stating that based on the evidence being withheld he felt Ronnie did not receive a fair trail and that he should be given a new trial.

The courts continue to deny a DNA test of the reddish hairs (Ronnie’s hair is black) that were found at the scene. The current Cabarrus County District Attorney, Roxanne Vanekhoven, wants us to believe that a 20-year veteran of the SBI lab cannot distinguish between a police dog hair and a human hair.

Ronnie’s closets shot at some form of justice was when his case was brought to the NC Supreme Court. After hearing all arguments, the judges came to a 3-3 TIE decision. The 7th judge declined to vote, and because Justice Brady declined to vote, Ronnie was denied a new trial. A tie decision has never happened in the state of NC.

For the charges that he is convicted of, Ronnie has served more time than anyone else with the same charges in the state of NC. Ronnie has seen murderers come and go.

Ronnie was due to be released with his good time but former Governor Bev Perdue denied him and 133 other inmates their good time.

She said that she would go to jail herself before releasing these criminals back into the streets of NC.

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  • Jake C

    Of course he is going to say he is innocent. Everyone in prison claims to be innocent. This is an old case. Of course his lawyers will claim racism. I can’t find any more recent articles regarding this case. Could someone post a more recent link?

    I thought this was an interesting article about DNA evidence.

  • John Q Public

    I’m surprised Long can’t get a new trial. DNA technology has come a long way since the 70’s and a new trial would prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not Long committed the crime. The tie decision sounds more like indecision to me.

  • Jake C

    This article is a little windy but it answers some of the questions.

    This is from the ACLU. It states most likely why DNA cannot be used in this case. “Although invaluable, DNA testing cannot always be put to use. In many cases, because of the nature of the crime, a DNA test cannot identify the murderer. In other cases DNA samples were not collected at the crime scene and preserved in a state suitable for testing today, or DNA testing of sufficient sophistication either was not available or not performed. And most significant, in some cases relevant samples may no longer be at hand because the evidence was destroyed”.

  • Ghost

    slappy why do you even try? Fucking moron.

  • keepitreal

    Of course slappy will claim to have your IP traced and get your address. Everyone named slappy claims to be a parole officer yet somehow doesn’t know a basic term used in court. This is old news, he’s long been proven a lying tool. Of course he will always be a lying douchebag. I can’t find any reasons to not consider him a lying douchebag with no credibility. Could someone post a rational explanation how somebody could be so dicked up?

    Post the address, slaps.

  • Jake C My Pee Pee


  • RaymondbyEllis

    Every guilty man and every innocent man claims they’re innocent.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    In 1976, the accusation against a black man of raping a white woman had a lot of racism involved. We were only four years from most anti-miscegnation laws being repealed in the States (Alabama didn’t formally do it until 2001, looked the subject up and I thought they were gone by ’72, what an amazing country) and not to many years from lynching. You have to look at the time of the accusation and trial.

    Yes, the link was interesting. But the real meat was toward the end, where labs make mistakes. DNA is only as good as the taking and the testing. What’s more interesting is looking at state forensic labs and how poor they are actually.