Bipolar Woman Receives $250,000 Settlement for Police Brutality

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Debra Williams, a 42-year-old bipolar woman, was arrested while arguing with her ex. Very distraught, talking about killing herself because her daughter needed her protection from being abused by her father and unable to help, Williams was handcuffed in a police cruiser, at times kicking the protective glass. Officer Chad Moyer and Cpl. Greg Hatfield grabbed Williams and punched her in the face several times. She also alleges the two officers filed false reports about the arrest.

She filed a federal lawsuit against the officers, the police department, as well as the York County Prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors later dropped the charges against her, including aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, after she agreed to plead guilty to simple assault for scratching a person prior to police arresting her, according to Jacob.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney directed state police to conduct investigations into both incidents. After reviewing those findings, Kearney determined none of the officers broke the law.

The full video of the incident, which contains very graphic language, can be found here: http://bcove.me/dy124ze4

This particular police department has been through several incidents in the past couple years. They shot a mentally ill man who was carrying a knife in a local K-Mart store, as well as brutalized another man who also filed a federal lawsuit. This woman was bipolar, suicidal and handcuffed. The force they used wasn’t necessary.

Link to settlement story

Link to lawsuit charges

  • Jake C

    A mentally ill woman who is telling people she wants to kill herself while involved in a domestic. Heard it a million times.

  • Ghost

    You haven’t heard shit you motherfucker. Where do I live cocksucker? What’s my name bitch? Fucking moron.

  • John Warren

    Of course the state police are not going to find that the police broke the law. It’s like a thief running a theft investigation. The woman should have filed criminal charges on her own against the cops for assault and battery and false arrest. At least then it is on record that she pressed charges and would require more investigation.

    All cases where a cop is a suspect should be investigated by an independent organization and prosecuted by a special state prosecutor never affiliated with the police unlike DA’s who collude with the police all the time.

  • keepitreal

    Which has exactly dick to do with the cops beating the shit out of her, stupid. Post the address, troll. And stop making your incredibly stupid comments. And since you have no credibility at all, everything you say is, by definition, incredible.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So, Jake, given the settlement and what you’ve heard a million times, that must mean you’ve seen awards totaling 250,000,000,000?
    This was settled because the cost of winning or losing, dependent on the strength of the defendant’s case, was greater than the settlement. It doesn’t mean the plaintiff was wrong. It doesn’t mean the defendant was wrong. It only means the defendant saw the cost to fight as greater than $250,000. It also means that the defendant didn’t see it as a slam-dunk we can beat the crazy woman because they saw some culpability.

  • t

    Oh….so this one is just a business decision. Ok then.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    What was it otherwise? An admission by the defendant or the plaintiff? It was a settlement where both plaintiff and defendant agree to the settlement. The defendant is the one that minimizes by settling, that’s the business decision.

    The plaintiff settles because: 1) it actually meets their need of making whole; 2) it’s close enough and immediate not protracted; and 3) there’s always a chance of losing no matter how right the suit because it’s against cops.

    OK, then.

  • Jake C

    The officers were found not guilty of any crimes. Most lawsuits are settled out of court. I have a friend who is a risk manager of a local hospital. He receives around 10-12 lawsuit papers per week This doesn’t mean the hospital is bad. It just means people are ready to sue anyone for anything. This country is sue crazy. People are looking for an easy life. WHat better way to live by bringing up a lawsuit and settling. What would she use the money for? To me it’s like winning the lottery. Most people who win the lottery have the money spent within a few years. The same goes for these high payout lawsuits. Look at Rodney King. He spent everything he had to live this out of wack lifestyle in the end, it killed him. It brings up a question, how much money truly makes up for a beating, a shooting, asault, unlawful confinment, ect.. (I am refering to all lawsuits that include the average person on the street) Again, most insurance companies would rather payout because a cost of a trial ect.. is more expensive then the payout. How much are your sensabilities worth?

  • ben dover

    So then what are your thoughts on a independent panel to investigate all possible crimes against cops. And i suppose all the charges that our brought against cops that are listed on CATO are bullshit stories???

    Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, March 13, 2014:

    Aurora, Illinois: A now-former police officer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft; he stole more than $9,000 from a police union, officials said. He was sentenced to 12 months probation, 200 hours of community service, and resigned from his job after stealing from the Association of Professional Police Officers over a three-year span. ow.ly/uzaI9

    Johnston, Rhode Island: A police officer pled no context to willful trespass and simple assault. She was accused of barging into a man’s home and demanding money over an alleged drug transaction. Police say she also struck a 17-year-old girl in the face. ow.ly/uyYOn

    Allentown, Pennsylvania: An elderly man was tasered by police six times in a parking lot after being mistaken for his brother. He is now filing a lawsuit.ow.ly/uyOXC

    Update: Jackson County, Mississippi (Previously reported 12-13-13): Sheriff Mike Byrd has been sentenced to six months of home confinement, followed by six months of probation in federal court. Byrd pleaded guilty to misleading conduct toward another person with intent to prevent communication to a federal law enforcement officer. ow.ly/uyOQH

    San Jose, California: A police officer has been arrested and charged with raping a woman while on duty after she had argued with her husband. She requested to stay in a hotel the evening of the incident and the officer forced his way in and raped her. ow.ly/uyofM

    Clayton County, Georgia: A sheriff’s deputy is being held without bond following his arrest on child sex charges. He was charged with sodomy and aggravated child molestation. ow.ly/uynem

    Dallas, Texas: A police officer has been indicted over allegations he assaulted a fleeing motorist during an incident. He was indicted for assault and official oppression. ow.ly/uykgX

    Philadelphia: A police officer was suspended with intent to dismiss after being charged with false imprisonment and other counts in an arrest of a war veteran who had pointed out the officer was driving the wrong direction on a one-way street. ow.ly/uy86D


    And SHE got paid! SO who won?

  • Jake C

    You bring up a very interesting point. 31B made the comment that he knows of some police departments who have these civillian pannels exist. I have no problem with it. I would like to see an election for people from the community to sit on a board like that. It would be a huge bennifit not only for the people of the community but also for the police department. Communication between the two would improve drasitcally. But you should be reminded that if police officers are going to be investigated, then a panel like i just posted will not work. There are confidentiality policies and laws to consider and if you do not have a degree in law then it wouldn’t work. There is a pannel that already exists. It’s call a jury. I don’t go to that CATO site and I do not support that group.

  • Jake C

    You tell me who won



  • RaymondbyEllis

    How much money makes up for harm? Whatever two persons can agree to make the one whole for the harm done by the other. How the money is used after has nothing to do with why the money was awarded. It just isn’t pertinent. But, yeah, people can be stupid afterward.

    I agree that this country is sue crazy, it is. Too many people believe they should go through life without any harm from others, or that any harm that happens to them must be the fault of others, no matter that the harm may be necessary to help (I’m thinking of fractured ribs or damaged larynx in CPR) or that it would take super-human effort to ensure no harm.

    In this specific area, the way to decrease the cost is to decrease the behavior that causes the cost. Civil injury doesn’t mean a crime was committed, it means an injury was that was avoidable.

  • Jake C

    You say, ” Whatever two persons can agree to make the one whole for the harm done by the other”. HOW is money making you whole? Why aren’t they paying in bitcoin? or anyother currency. What I am saying is these people are selling themselves. The lawyer is the pimp and the client is the prostitute. The lawyers client goes to the highest payout. When I was in grad school we did a group study about the effects of lawsuits. We looked at a case that occured a number of years ago in Texas. A man climed a power pole to steal cable TV. While he was up there he touched the wrong wire and was killed immediately. The family sued. This is how the lawsuit went. They sued the power company, they sued Stanly Tools because that is what he was using, and they sued the levi company because his pants caught on fire when he was being electrocuted. All of the companies payed a settlement to the family. What are your thoughts on that?

    As you can see, people’s greed out weighs the real trauma of an event. I just trying to pose a deeper conversation. Will you sell yourself for money and at what cost. Many of those who receive large settlements end up losing all of their friends, their jobs, their family, and the list goes on. They use themselves to get the money but then everyone else uses them for the money. When it is gone, so is everyone else.

  • Jake C

    How do I hate it? I’m simply asking how much money says you are secure. How much money = justice? These peopel wouldnt’ even be in court if it weren’t for a lawyer. So now the lawyer is telling the court how much their client is worth.

    Again, who won?


    She did dummy! Thank to the punk ass cop. Have you thank him yet?

  • keepitreal


    Post the address, you illiterate bestiality video posting troll.

  • keepitreal

    Only thing he’s heard a million times is, “Take care of this pole, pole-boy!”

  • Ghost

    Yeah, and the sound of nuts slapping his chin.

  • t

    Oh. Funny that you argued that it never happens that way on a different thread. Oh well.

  • RaymondbyEllis


    The idea of making you whole, the basis of both types of insurances and civil suits, is to bring you (or your heirs) back to before the incident. There is no way to make someone whole who will suffer a lifetime of pain by what was done to them by another, we can only approximate by money and there is no schedule that you can point to and say this X hurt means this Y whole. Nor can we make heirs truly whole because there is no real way to predict what that person would have earned or what they will suffer by losing that person. All we can do is approximations. (Disclosure: I worked also as an insurance agent, emotionally devastating for me, and my wife was a sales trainer for the same company.)

    Now look at what you did: you took an outlier and normalized it. Of course there are disgusting lawsuits. One company I worked for settled for $60,000 when they were in no way, let me repeat in no way, responsible. I had two thoughts on it: that company saved money and gave impetus for more lawsuits entrapping companies that are blameless.

    But we are doing apples and oranges on civil suits. There’s a categorical difference between what a cop did, or anyone doing a direct action, and what a company failed to do.

    You aren’t selling yourself for money if that money is to make you whole. It doesn’t matter how you act afterward, or how your family acts, or how your friends act, or how many telemarketers call you. Or whether you use the money wisely or poorly. It’s about making you whole at that time.

    If you were hit by a soccer mom trying to get home to make dinner and you were left a quadriplegic, what would make you whole? When are you a whore? If you were beaten by a cop and spent a week or two in the hospital, what would make you whole? If you were arrested and spent a day or days in jail, with the charges dismissed, what would make you whole? When are you a whore just doing it for the money? Are you a whore if you stop a police department from doing the same thing again? Are you a whore for asking for money that may or may not pay for the damage done?

    I’m proud for you for going to grad school. Frankly, I didn’t have the patience. My son may be the first, he sees a PhD as the only choice.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Did I? Or did you confuse what I wrote with what you believe? I’m pretty consistent on my beliefs, my arguments, and my opinions. It’s just so much simpler than making it up as you go along.

  • Common Sense

    I bet she’s a handful in the sack…the nutty one’s always are. Like a coin toss, is it gonna be freaky sex or are you gonna lose part of an ear lobe…

    On a side note, she can take a punch like a champ.

  • Jake C

    I really do understand what you are saying but I thinking outside the box.

    You said, ” There is no way to make someone whole who will suffer a lifetime of pain by what was done to them by another” That is a good point. I then ask what amount of tangible items will make you whole? They say everyone has their price. If someone has wronged you and your first attorney says he can get you a million and the second attorney can get you 2 million, which are you going with? But in this case, you settled for $100,000. Who cheated who? Is that enough to help you deal with the pain? If you walk onto someone’s property and their chiwawa bites you, you can sue. Many have. How does that justify a $500,000 lawsuit? What exactly is the total amount of pain you are going to suffer? It’s all in the hands of the attorneys. Justice in a courtroom for lawsuits goes to the person who hires the most expensive attorney. Again I’m just wondering how much will make a person “whole”?

  • Jake C

    Obviously the question I am asking is too difficult for you to answer.


    I have answer you dumb ass!

  • t

    No you aren’t

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Good luck proving it. One more assertion as fact, one million more to go.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    The system we have detemines all this. If you settle for X, you agreed to X. You may have been stupid, but you agreed to it. It doesn’t matter what was asked, only what was settled or determined by a court.

    “Justice in a courtroom for lawsuits goes to the person who hires the most expensive attorney. ” Justice for a person in a courtroom over a criminal charge has the exact same issue, but there it isn’t about making whole it’s about years of incarceration.

    Now I have a chihuahua mutt, called a rat-chi, if he bit you I would be responsible. If he broke skin, one thing, if he snapped your Achilles tendon in two, another thing. You can ask for any amount you want, what you get is something else. Just as I can sue a cop for shooting my rat-chi even if he is really just a drop-kick-to-Jesus dog.

    Again, in civil suits what makes a person “whole” is what is agreed upon or what is settled in court. No way will money make up for a cop blowing your arm off or splitting your liver (I use both metaphorically) because he thought your cellphone was a gun. All we can do is use money to make up for it, it’s an attempt at making whole that is seen as making whole when all is done.

    Personnaly, Jake, if you caused me to lose the use of two or more limbs, your children would support me while eating rice and beans for every meal. But I put a higher price on it than others.