San Diego PD

Criminals In San Diego Police Department

The San Diego Police Department has finally done it! They get their shot at having the highest incarceration rate in the world. But not among the residents of San Diego, among the ranks of the SDPD itself.

Police Corruption Means High Percentage Of Police Are Criminals

The SDPD currently has 11 officers out of 1,100 patrol officers under criminal or internal investigation. The alleged police corruption ranges from drunk driving and harassment, all the way to domestic violence, sexual assault and rape. That is a solid 1% of the police. If they play their cards right and all 11 get locked up, the SDPD will have about the same incarceration rate as the general US population! That gives the SDPD a solid chance to take sole possession of first place very soon.

SDPD – Higher Percentage Of Criminals Than Any Other Population In The World

Having a higher incarceration rate than the general US population is quite an accomplishment. But, given the fact that the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, the SDPD has a solid chance of taking sole possession of first place very soon. The closest competitor is Russia with a .6% rate, a mark that the SDPD are very likely to beat, even if all the criminal officers aren’t incarcerated.

Personal Information Available To Criminal Police Officers

So what are innocent people to do when the boys in blue are just as likely to be a criminal as anyone else off the street. Is your information really protected when access is limited to law enforcement riddled with police corruption? Your internet activity, phone records, phone location, bank records and lots of other information are searchable by law enforcement. And what about the information that you are required to give law enforcement, like your name, address, drivers license, etc.?

Protect Personal Information From Police Corruption

There are lots of ways to limit or protect your information from falling into criminal hands, no matter what uniform they are wearing. Proxy servers or VPNs based in another country keep your internet searches out of the jurisdiction of domestic authorities. VoIP phone services based in a foreign country can minimize the phone records available to law enforcement without a warrant. Removing the battery of your cell phone keeps your location from being tracked. You could also bank in a foreign jurisdiction to increase the costs to law enforcement of searching your bank records. You could even go so far as getting a foreign drivers license so that you reveal less of your sensitive information, like the address where you stay in the US, to the 1% of the police officers that are criminals.

Record Police Corruption Without Violating The Law

It is also important to note how modest the record breaking police are about having their picture taken by admiring fans. Sometimes amateur camera men are arrested and charged with a crime, usually for recording a cop without their consent under wire tapping laws. is full of these kinds of encounters. Getting charged with a crime has a huge affect on your personal privacy.
A few states require you to get consent from everyone involved before you can record a conversation. Through some extreme distortions of these wire tapping laws, and with the help of prosecutors and judges who possibly aid and abet police misconduct, prosecutions for filming cops are possible, although relatively rare.
It cannot be helped that some people, like Rosa Parks, will violate unjust laws in protest. Others who do not want to risk prosecution can avoid breaking the law and still contribute to protecting liberty.

Don’t Record Sound When Recording Police

To help prevent violation of a grossly distorted understanding of wire tapping laws, don’t forget to take your special Cop Cam that does not record sound. Since most wire tapping statutes require you to record a conversation to violate the law, if you don’t record the sounds of a conversation, you probably won’t be guilty of a crime. The individual facts of each situation will be important for your attorney before they can give you legal advice on the matter. r.


When the authorities are more likely than anyone else in the world to be a criminal, it is important to protect as many of your rights as possible. It is your right to protect as much of your information as you legally can. Using these tips, and others in the book How To Vanish, you can legally prevent the police from gathering more information than you are legally required to provide. And you can prevent violating any laws when you are trying to contribute to helping the police set a record for the number of criminals in their ranks.

  • George Sand

    Fantastic post, Bill! Thank you!

  • dougo

    don,t forget the wonderful A-holes at the san diego county sheriff office.

  • wes barker

    Hello this is a great story but, a small town busted the 1% mark a few years ago over 20 officers face drug, weapons, and other chargers with a force in the mid 200’s thats around 10%. Even the sheriff him self severd time in jail over all of it!

  • dj

    Interesting that you have taken my posts off the website. Tells me a lot about you, Bill.

  • Rob

    @dj, No posts have been removed. If it’s your first time posting your comments will need to be approved. Also we changed severs over the last 3 days so a comment might not have made the transition over. Trust me we did not censor anything you wrote and I apologize for the inconvenience. –Rob

  • dougo

    with the lack of response to this article from locals is the public uninformed,misinformed,apathitic ,just don,t care,or scared of the cops to the point of submission to sdpd/scso every command?stand up people,for yourself and for others against bad cops/people have been stripped of your 4th amendment rights and must fight back or lose its that cut and dried,YOU ARE A PRISONER IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!pay attention to polotics and listen,and vote against these tyrannts and their supporters

  • dj

    Still didn’t put my post back on, did you? Can’t take the facts? I’m not surprised…would love to see you defend your apples to oranges comparison.

  • dj

    Sorry, Rob, my initial posts were responded to by someone, so they were removed. Doesn’t give this website much credibility, as far as I’m concerned. My original post stated that you can’t compare a couple of months of data to decades of data. Instead, you need to compare decades of police crime data to decades of civilian crime data. Otherwise, you are pulling out a “blip” and comparing it to long term statistics.

  • Leslie Williams

    My Name is Leslie K Williams
    I am a traget of San diego police Brutality and Retaliation I belive they have orchestrated two assualts on me one on 8/17/2011 at a Bus Stop on rose Cransa nd NimitzBlvd and One on 10/10/2011 on the MTS Bus-Im Learning Disabled Autistuic Spectrum diangnostics their haveing me GangStalked along all of my Routes Review gangstalking Tactics Extensivleey at You Tube-Their Attempting to break me Down Menatlly and Physically The Brutal Assult on the 928 Bus I Know in my heart they staged is being treated as a Misdameanor in ordder to protect the perpetrator they used and to prevent me from getting help under the Laws described here and to prevenet me from getting crime victim services their Involved in Human Trafficking and Forced Sexual servitude using gansgtalking to break Woman Down-I went to the San Diego District attorney’s office on the 8th of October to make a complaint and was Brutally assualted within 36 hours on a BusBus Route 928-the bus Driver allowed the entire thing to happen—

    Their just Biding their Time until they use a syndacted individual within eith Social Security or the USPS to take away my SSD becuase Im being reviewed right know
    lets see who they use finacial destruction to exploit
    Leslie Williams-

  • James Brenner

    Hilarious – Love the name of this site! Keep up the good work!

  • claudia acevedo

    You must understand that these corrupted cops have strong ties to the organized crime (all the way). These cops have Hacker-criminal friends of these cops. If any of these cops doesn’t like what you post, your coment will be taken down. deleted. erased.

    Get it? I already tried. There are programs specally designed to do this. Example: I type police chief, police corruption in san diego, Willian Lansdowne, Jerry Sanders, and my coments desapeared!!! I tried to post coments in police brutality that I witness in answer to the police chief, Lansdowne lies to the people, and my coments got deleted for over 1 hour and a half.

  • claudia acevedo

    My coments about police corruption in san diego got erased from Youtube, and Facebook.

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    scope drive are you trying to say the shaved microcephalic cops look like dicks with ears?well I agree.