Officer excessively tasers dog

You really have to come to your own conclusion on this one. I totally blame the owner for not having the dog leased or in a yard but at the same time if the officer really wanted the dog to leave I would think pepper spray would have worked better. Using a taser in the fashion that he did is excessive. There was no reason to hold the taser down that long the first time and absolutely no reason to taser the dog a second time once animal control had the collar around its neck.

  • brit

    he deserves to burn in hell.. that cop

  • Tobin

    Can’t really blame the cops here for too much. If I were being harrassed by the animal, I am not certain how I might have reacted differently.

  • Wiregeek


  • AlvinB

    Where and when did this happen?

  • Guy Fawkes

    I don’t blame the cops either. The douche bag owner lets a large, aggressive dog walk around the street; it could have hurt someone.

  • KBCraig

    I bet they called it a pit bull, too.

    It’s a boxer, and white boxers have a high likelihood of being deaf. They might as well shout at a rock.

  • G. Michael

    I don’t blame the cops for that one either…almost two years ago btw…..owners fault pure and simple.

  • Jeff

    Don’t like over aggressive cops, however I don’t like large pitbulls roaming wild in the streets either. My daughter was attacked by one while playing at home in our yard. If I see a dog like that close to my home without a leash I won’t use a taser. Sorry if it sounds cruel, but my baby still has scars and nightmares from being bit by a pit bull (which is what that looked like to me) Let me also take this opportunity to say, yes cops are a##holes

  • OldMan

    At least they didn’t follow the usual practice and kill the dog. But, I agree; the owner is at fault on this one.

  • AlvinB

    From a news report of the event:
    “[officer] Lowther wrote in his report that he didn’t shoot the dog with his gun because it was standing on blacktop and he feared a bullet would ricochet and strike a house or three bystanders. He ordered the people away and used the Taser. Officers encountered the dog after responding to an unrelated call.”

    Lucky dog.

  • Brooke

    First of all this dog is NOT a pit bull, secondly the dog does not appear to be aggressive. Simply barking is not a sign of aggression. Yes the owner should have made sure their dog was not roaming the street, however an experienced animal control office would have been able to capture the dog without incident, the use of the taser seems unnecessary. As a pit bull owner (a responsible owner), I hate seeing a dog misrepresented as a pit bull when it clearly isn’t, all that does is harm responsible owners who care about their pets. I’ve raised both my pits since they were puppies, they aren’t aggressive, they love kids and people. When people they don’t know come around, they bark, they don’t attack or bite they simply bark. I’m tired of people acting like pit bulls are nothing but baby killing vicious attack animals.

  • NYNurse

    Agree with KBCraig–the dog IS a boxer, and white boxers are often born deaf [they aren’t aggressive, but they do seem to enjoy barking at whatever catches their eye]. Hand signals [pointing at ground for “sit”, etc.] may have worked. The “collar” on a pole CERTAINLY would have worked to prevent the animal from potentially biting the officer, had they used it to control the dog properly.

  • Matt B

    Sick bastards. The dog posed no threats, and it could have be taken down by animal welfare officers.

  • JP

    Animal welfare officers call the cops when an aggressive animal is involved. I dont see any problems here. He tazed it until the collar was secured, then when the dog jumped at officers he got tazed again. I think they handled this appropriately. I can see many folks shooting this dog.

  • AlvinB

    The most important fact in this story that the officer was able to resist the impulse to use his firearm. Unlike so many others, for him it was an impulse rather than uncontrollable urge.

  • Mike

    Pepper spray doesn’t work on dogs. He only tased the dog long enough for animal control to get control of the dog. Good job in my book.

  • AlvinB

    Once again, the officer’s first choice was to kill. He chose not to, but sparing the dog wasn’t his motive.

  • Lance

    I agree with BROOKE!
    It’s not a pit,
    but tasering an animal with a taser designed for humans like that could easily kill the dog, and stop it’s heart on the spot.

  • G. Michael

    Lance, not seeing your point. Put your self in their shoes, an unknown dog…looks menacing to my eye…sure as hell don’t want to be bit…let’s see, baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, pistol, tazer…which would you choose…whining without offering an alternative is just pointless whining.

  • AlvinB

    Actually, the officer was responding to an unrelated call, and the only claim about the dog being agressive originates from the officer himself.

  • Dennis

    That fucking cop covered up his camera on purpose. Maybe it was because he knew that he was about to do some shady shit?

    Further, that dog was not being aggressive, he was being talkative and that is all. He wasnt even looking at the fucking pig when he was barking

    Cops are nothing but bullies and their fucking thugishness knows no bounds…whether its a dog or a kid or a disabled adult, they love to torture and overpower those who are weaker.

    This cop deserves to having his fucking balls tazed repeatedly.

    Fucking scumbags

  • AlvinB
  • tim

    nothen wrong good use of tazer the vid doesnt look good but remember the oficer job is to serve and protect he did not kill the dog he used a tazer as a tool to stop the dog so they could capture it. who you want this dog walking around your neiberhood with kids and family. would the owner want his dog dead. I am tired of seeing cops kill dogs maby this idea will take off.

  • AlvinB

    If the problem was with the dog “walking around your neighborhood”, it would have to be removed, and no proof was given that the use of Taser was warranted. And once again, there weren’t any complaints coming in.

  • DanTheMan

    This dog showed no aggression at all, no teeth baring, growling or hair raising. He could have been lured into the van with a treat.

    These people have no idea what they are doing. Disgraceful.

  • Wm Taylor

    Tazing the dog the first time was stupid….the second time was over the top. Once you have a control stick on a dog if you cant control him….you should not be working with animals. Why taz again….assholes.

  • Patrick

    As a dog lover this digusts me, thank god this cop didn’t let me see this, I would have stood up for the dog even if it cost me a court trial, It amazes me the kind of “cowards” we have in law enforcement

  • Audrey

    I agree Brooke. I had several pitbulls growing up. Nikki and Rocky were the best! This dog looks like an American Bulldog. She’s beautiful and did not deserve what the officer did. This dog wasn’t even threatened by the officer, you can tell. A treat instead of a tazer would have been a better choice. The dog was more chill than the cop. He should have turned the tazer on himself. The dog would have come over and licked his face. Uncool on the part of the officer.

  • Eric Vought

    @AlvinB: “The most important fact in this story that the officer was able to resist the impulse to use his firearm.”

    I agree. many police make the mistake of using solid shot on an animal situated on hard ground and end up shooting bystanders or even themselves when it ricochets. I applaud the choice to use the Taser instead.

    As to whether the use of the Taser was justified, I won’t make that call from here. There is too much context missing and, right or wrong, we can’t see what the officer on the scene saw.

  • Kivaari

    I don’t see a problem. This was a pit bull/mix. The cop held the trigger until the animal control officer got the loop around the neck of the dog. TASER’s don’t do terrible harm to man nor beast.
    Having used Mace and OC on dogs, I found that they are not as effective as a stun gun. The animal control officer with the loop, should have had it opened more so he could make a quick grab. As soon as it was controlled the officer stopped and only hit it again when the dog was likely to cause trouble. In ten minutes the dog wouldn’t have remembered what had happened. Much screaming over nothing.

  • no_treason

    Those saying “good police work” or excusing this in any way are sadistic pieces of troll shit.

    Violence of this kind is not justified until the animal exhibits aggressiveness in trying to approach it, and anyone with half a brain can tell this dog isn’t acting aggressive nor a threat.

    And so what if the owner shouldn’t have allowed this. That’s a red herring and doesn’t justify this. People make mistakes; sometimes their dogs will be loose by accident.

    A lost dog should be treated with the same respect afforded its owner, and it’s the job of the peace officer to reunite animal with owner with the MINIMUM of force — not electrocute it TWICE, even AFTER the animal’s been controlled like this sick uniformed degenerate did.

  • Kivaari

    No_treason, The dog was not electrocuted (killed). It was shocked, until it was controlled by the dog catchers pole. People are TASERed daily and don’t suffer lasting pain. Most TASER deaths are a result of hypoxia from positional asphyxia, cocaine induced cardiac arrest and excited delirium. Cops that carry a TASER normally must get shocked by one before being allowed to use it on the street. Just like OC or Mace. Would you rather see it shot? Getting bit by a dog can take an officer out of service for days or weeks.

  • Kivaari

    Wm Taylor, “assholes”? Really? Cops don’t need to get bit by any dog. In a more rural setting it would have been shot. They waited for the animal control officer to get on scene to use a control pole.
    Obviously you have never been bitten by a large dog. Had it bit the officer, it would have been killed so a rabies test could be done. It takes killing a dog to check for rabies.

  • Kivaari

    Dennis, “That fucking cop”? Not winning friends with that except maybe in the scum of the earth crowd.

  • AlvinB

    “In a more rural setting” he would have shot the dog just in case.
    No dog = no problem.

  • matt

    this is So wrong all the dog was doing was barking seriously taze the dog to get the hoop on its next then tazed it again wtf.. the hoop is on to control the fucking dog… they had no right to taze it again…. and for so long. i have 3 tasers including the cop taser they all have off switchs instead of the 5 or 6 second taze but he left it on i would want to tase the cop with 3 tasers because im sure hes three times the size of the dog so its only an eye for an eye.

  • ross

    fucking basterd cop if you honestly think what the officer did was right then you are nothing more than a sadistic pile of shit id have laughed if the dog had mauld that prick it would have served him right