Eight Arrested at Manchester, NH Pro-Police Accountability Rally

UPDATE – October 27th:
To see all posts related to this incident visit: Manchester’s Chalking 8

UPDATE – June 5th (by Ademo):
I was finally released at approximately 12:30pm after a bail hearing. I was placed on $1,000 Personal Recognizance – meaning if I don’t go to court I’ll be fined that amount – with several ‘bail conditions,’ all things that are illegal already (except the excessive drinking one? – lol). My trial is scheduled for August 18th, 2011, I’m facing three misdemeanor charges (Criminal Mischief and two counts of Resisting).

I want to thank all of those who were at the protest against Manchester Police brutality ofthe past few weeks. Seems folks were right when they said the Manchester police were heavy handed and quick to use force. I also want to thank all those who made calls in support to the police station and jail facility for Wes and I (and the others prior to release).

For now it’s back to work, finishing the Free State Friendship Tour (and PorcFest) and then our trial in Greenfield. After that we’ll revisit this issue, thanks again and stay tuned for more from LibertyOnTour.com and CopBlock.org. – Much love Ademo!


On Saturday, June 4th, 2011 – eight ‘shire-based activists were arrested while at a pro-police accountable rally outside the Manchester, NH PD 603.668.8711. Earlier in the week we had announced our intentions to hold the event due to two recent incidents perpetrated by those wearing “Manchester PD” badges:

Those arrested:

  • Ademo Freeman – criminal mischief and resisting
  • Charles Nachtrieb – disorderly
  • Garret Ean – disorderly
  • Kate Ager – disorderly and resisting
  • Mike Segal – disorderly
  • Neal Connor – criminal mischief
  • Pete Eyre – disorderly
  • Wes Gilreath – criminal mischief and false report

Kate was bailed out for $540. We were all given court dates of June 23rd. Only Ademo and Wes currently remain behind bars. They were transported to the Valley St. Jail 603.627.5620 and should be arraigned this Monday, June 6th at 8:30am – join us to show support!


The event today began at 4pm. At its peak, about 40 activists were present holding signs on the corners of Chestnut and Merrimack and along the street. Passerbys were handed literature and engaged in conversation. Many stopped to share their own stories of rights-violations by those wearing “Manchester PD” badges. Some driving by honked in support.

A short time later Ademo and Wes were arrested – ostensibly for chalking. Next, Mike and Neal were handcuffed and taken away. A WMUR Channel 9 van driving by was flagged down. Some folks present, including myself, gave interviews. Not sure what, if anything aired from that. Next, Kate was literally surrounded by men and women wearing “Manchester PD” badges and arrested for standing in a “crime scene” (the sidewalk that had earlier been chalked). The group then stood shoulder-to-shoulder and walked north on Chestnut, telling those present to “move back” – supposed so they could capture “evidence” (pictures of the chalking). After passing the last of the chalk someone with a “Manchester PD” badge ordered his colleagues to “arrest them!” and Charlie, Garret Ean and I were handcuffed for …?

Video cameras and cell phones were stolen (“seized”) from those arrested. Even some not arrested had their video camera and/or phone stolen by those wearing “Manchester PD” badges on their costumes.


  • http://youtube.com/user/kinleyhard K.C.

    I don’t see anything about it on wap.WMUR.com yet. Hopefully they won’t tamper with stolen footage.

  • Joe

    looooosssseeerrrrsssss!!!!!! You guys are a bunch of clowns!!!

  • http://www.copblock.org YourWorstEnemy

    I live in manchester and I see these Dbag rookie cops acting like king shit. I witnessed an all out brawl last sunday at one of manchesters establishments. There presence made it worse by toting semi automatic machine guns. scared people and made people run. I am pretty sure no one was arrested but several were hurt. Being ex military You know that you add a gun presence people are gonna freak out. They could of handled the situation much better then that. You can listen to these amazing cops on http://www.radioreference.com go to nh hillsboro county then manch goffstown fire and police. usually thurs-sunday from 11-3 is pretty entertaining. And the cops that got all of there charges dropped is bullshit.

  • Jim Babb

    Anyone who had their property stolen, should immediately report the theft.

    Demand a criminal investigation and consider civil legal action against the individuals involved.

  • Dawn

    But Joe, the don’t ever look for trouble…yeah right…everywhere they go they “innocently” get arrested…funny how that never happens to me when I’m walking down the street.

  • Joe

    My kids draw on the driveway with chalk, maybe they have a career with the freestaters!!!!

  • Dan

    Don’t Ademo Freeman and Pete Eyre have to be at work in the AM on Monday?

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  • Dawn

    You guys deserve what you get…you all just need to GROW UP!!!!!!!

  • James

    Dawn, I agree, what were these people thinking.
    First they decide to hold a peaceful protest in the city (1st Amendment)
    Then getting upset when their personal property was seized for evidence without a warrant for protesting (4th amendment)
    Then having the gall to get upset and say something about it (1st amendment)
    Then being upset after having to pay 540 dollars to be let out of jail on vague charges (8th Amendment).

    Hmm, maybe perhaps they are not upset enough, and maybe perhaps you should be a little upset as well. Or would you be perfectly fine if I threw on my badge and came in your house and started taking all of your electronics cause there was some vague story of a crime across town and it is all now evidence? Receipt for those items, hahaha oh no ma’am, we are the police, we do not give you receipts.

    Maybe you should close your one mouth, open your two eyes, and listen with your two ears and then when your head is completely spinning and you are foaming at the mouth, head back here, read a few more stories, understand why people like myself are upset and then rally with us.
    If you are not part of the solution, you are simply part of the problem.

  • JdL

    What form of communication will be required for government thugs to understand that this kind of high-handed behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated?

  • Dave

    Don’t feed the Pentagon sock puppet LOL.

  • dave

    Something i’m unclear on: Did authorities arrest people who were simply entering the building to follow the “camera return process?” If your answer is yes, how first-hand is your information, did you witness this yourself, and how many sources do you have on this…?

    I’m trying to collect all the “Manchester Spring” links and info in one spot. A spot most everyone can get to and update themselves.
    That spot is http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?board=3.0

    It links here, probably good if you link to it as well.

  • Lawrence

    When are these cops going to start arresting little girls and boys for drawing chalk-lined hopscotch boards on the sidewalk? That game has even less value than the political purpose of this event, yet the Americano-with-snack would presumably be outraged at such behavior. Go copblock!

  • Lawrence

    Notice that the troglodyte cop invents crimes by the minute — accusing them of “blocking” the door when nobody was trying to get into their stink-ridden station.

  • Lawrence

    I have to wonder if RICO statutes can be brought down on these crook cops.

  • AlvinB

    Dawn: so why do you think they were arrested? Spill the beans already.

  • Clayton

    Thats a good point Lawerence, I had never thought of that but since it is pretty clearly a criminal syndicate at this point it could be looked into, but the feds wont do it.

    PETE, ADEMO you guys got some cops on your site! Now your making a difference, I would consider it a safe bet Joe is some cop you have blocked in the past. Haha who else could seriously consider a protest against a murder and a beating as clowns? Did you not see the picture of the man they brutalized? And I dont care what he did, he could have killed someone close to me, YOU SIR with your badge are NOT the judge, jury and exectioner. In this country everyone gets their day in court even if there is a smoking gun, thats the only way a JUST and FREE society works. Without that, with getting beat down for ALLEGDLY commiting a crime, that is a police state. Soon Minority report will be a realty and they will arrest you because you fit a model who has a higher crime rate. Dont believe me, the technology is already being used on kids in school in Florida who have had to go to “alternative school” (AKA mommy wont feed them Ritalin so they quit thinking for themselves).

    People like Joe truly amaze me. Joe should get to decide who gets to do what and when. Joe doesnt like something, so Joe gets to banish it. This is Joe’s world afterall and we are all just lucky enough to breathe in it and be told what we should do by Joe. Joe thinks your a clown, so Joe gets to lock you in a cage! (meanwhile probably thinks its cruel to lock the K-9 unit up a night) And just so your all aware, Joe knows more than Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Byrd, Hancock, Paul, Mises, Rockwell, Rothbard, JUDGE Napolitano, Hayek, Plato, Thoreua (cant spell well, LOVE spell check), Jackson, and the ENTIRE free market.

    In any case I rarely get that upset at commenters and I apologize but I mean how can anyone think this was ok? I love what you guys do but there have been one or two vids where I thought it was possible yall went out of your way to give the police a hard time. But this was not one, this was about Cops facing the same accountability as mere mundanes, as Will Grigg so aptly puts us, and they didnt like it so they stopped it without even citing the laws used. They give charges like disorderly because someone doesnt obey an unlawful command? There was a time in this country WHEN the internal investigations would put you out of a job for just ONE unlawful order. Not to mention, when crimes actually had victims. I will remind everyone as I always do, your average American commits 3 felonies a day and doesnt even know it! (look it up) When that is the case your Liberty only exists at a cops discretion. Now cops could decide to nullify and not obey certain crap laws but they wont, because they love Adolf Eichmann’s old moddo of “I was just following orders” (Eichmann was the creator of the “final solution to the Jewish problem” in Nazi Germany and this was his excuse at Nuremburg, Tribunals found this to not be a viable excuse and that it would never be again…) So enjoy your time out of a cage, because it could end at any moment and you wont even know your risking it. Lets get back to crimes have to have a victim in the form of property, or person! It would be better for all, especially ACTUAL victims.

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  • http://www.MarkSMcGrew.com Mark S. McGrew

    There’s always a few bad apples in any group. Cops like this make the other 5% look bad.

  • Joe

    Hey Clayton just read your post. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. I actually had a job to go to today, didn’t have time to play with my friends and draw on buildings with chaulk, and tie the police up with sillyness while their trying to protect and serve the public. Get a life.

  • Dawn

    You’re so right, Joe. Some of us work and pay taxes.
    These people need to grow up and get a life. Stop wasting the time of people who are working and protecting people like me. Can’t wait to get a comeback…I’m sure you all have plenty to say to me. You all have too much time on your hands.

  • AlvinB

    You, Dawn, are the one with too much time, just chasing your own tail here.

  • Shigman

    I love how Ademo’s court date is on my birthday. Maybe my wish of him being locked up will come true(or at least pay a hefty fine for his insolence). I love how the police have a zero tolerance policy with these “stubborn kids” who have no respect for authority. I am seriously loving it. Activists is the way to go to protest and get arrested but nothing will come out of it. If these people really want respect for their cause, it’s called taking the laws you have a problem with to court. Until then, keep getting arrested and making my day. When is Jenn going to do these? Would love to see that cunt be arrested too :)

  • Shigman

    Dawn I wouldn’t let these people get to you. You don’t need to explain yourself: they will find a way to use it against you(people with these disorders always find a way)

  • chase

    im so pleased to hear that police are engaging others on this post. i have a video for you officer(s) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uL3yMPpdgo…what you will see there is the people of egypt burning a building that allegedly was the headquarters of the secret police. this was after the occupants (police) of the building already tried to surrender. now one poster mentioned the Nuremberg tribunals and the fact that “i was just following orders” was not and is not acceptable…me..i say crooked cops should only pray to be as lucky as to make it to a trial after the dust settles, my guess is most will end up like the police in those burning buildings. start thinking for your selves LEO’s, do whats right, not just what your told.and remember , revolutions happen out of necessity, this revolution we will out number you roughly 1000 to 1.

  • AlvinB

    Shigman: you would know.

  • Dan

    @ Chase

    “im so pleased to hear that police are engaging others on this post. i have a video for you officer(s) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uL3yMPpdgo…what you will see there is the people of egypt burning a building that allegedly was the headquarters of the secret police.”

    Move to Egypt then !

  • John Q. Galt

    That cop building is ugly.

    It needs to be bombed with large amounts of neon pastel paint.

    Balloons filled with said neon pastel paint is a great way to deliver such happiness.

    A truck with a balloon-launcher might just show up outside that ugly pig stye some day.

  • AlvinB

    Dan: why don’t you move instead, if that’s your idea of solving problems. Lead by example. Show us the way.

  • John Q. Galt


    Egypt is moving here.

    Btw, careful with which side you chose.

    Lots of us are still deciding how violent
    we are going to be with the collaborators.

  • John Q. Galt

    Wats Shigmans ip address? We wish to visit him.

  • Dan

    “Dan: why don’t you move instead, if that’s your idea of solving problems. Lead by example. Show us the way.”

    I don’t have a problem, no complaints, cops haven’t bothered me nor I of them, I like it here in America,

    “Egypt is moving here”

    They are, Well we better inform the Mexicans because by the time they get here there might not be anymore room

  • Dan

    @John Q. Galt

    “Lots of us are still deciding how violent
    we are going to be with the collaborators.”

    Go easy big guy, I’m sure harry potter will make another sequel

  • AlvinB

    Move out. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Dan


    “Move out. Put your money where your mouth is.”

    I just told you that I like it here in America, why would I move?

  • Shigman

    For those who see how demented members of CopBlock, join my Anti-CopBlock page on FB

  • AlvinB

    Your problem, well, is that you don’t see yourself as a part of the problem. This is why you are refusing to admit that the solution you propose should apply to you in equal measure. Since you’re the one who advocates it, it’s only natural that you ought to try your own medicine.

  • AlvinB

    Oh Shigman.

  • chase

    @dan…why would i move to egypt, that pig cookout happened 3 months ago and i think the cops learned their lessons after watching there buddies be burned alive. i want to be HERE for the pig cookout when it happens you know. p.s being burned alive is quite an excruciating feeling i hear, what are your thoughts on being burned alive, im interested to hear more of your stupidity.dont forget dan,1000 TO 1.
    FUN FACT #1- they didnt stop making guns after they made yours pea brain

  • Dawn

    Love the threats. Thought your were all “civilized” and “nonviolent” activists.

    And by the way…this is so much better than watching tv at night. Love the drama. Very entertaining.

  • Joe

    Hey Dawn, your right this is entertainment. All these “activists” had their lunch money stolen at school and were picked on, nobody came to their rescue and their pissed and hate everything that has to do with a normal functioning society. I’m sorry you people feel inferior and feel like you have to challange anybody that is superior. Sad Sad Sad existence. Darwin had it right!

  • James

    So Joe, I see you figure that theft, intimidation and bullying are the normal functions of society.
    It sounds like you need to see a mental health professional.

  • AlvinB

    Where exactly are you going, Joe, with the Darwin reference?
    Are you really comparing the police to predators found in nature?
    In all honesty, I respect the philosophical depth of your insightful observation.

  • chase

    well at least dan stfu. dawn, joe, ..what do you future hot links think about the video of the police headquarters being burned with the police, that were trying to surrender,locked in it. grace us with your intellectual greatness and address my comment out right.

  • http://truthinvictus.facebook.com TruthInvictus

    Joe is a shill,anyone can see it, although he might just be an indoctrinated fool he also may belong to a lodge somewhere desperate to troll truther groups in order to carry out their agenda and simultaneously try to get the subject matter off track with insults not in any way germane to the subject,and his name is”Joe”,okay.

  • http://truthinvictus.facebook.com TruthInvictus

    Joe’s a gangster too,I love internet muscles.

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  • bgwillia

    A bit OT, but related to your situation in MA, (except this occured in NH): O’Brien, Dan. “Camera Ordered Returned to Owner after Being Seized for Wiretapping.” Facebook.com. The Goffstown News, 12 May 2011. Web. 09 June 2011. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150264660325505 .

    “Rodriguez’s charges were also dropped. He was arrested for allegedly recording inside the police station lobby – despite the lobby having surveillance cameras – while trying to bail Gericke out of jail.”

  • http://thejusticeleaguefiles.blogspot.com/ The Equalizer

    watched the video. always keeping tabs on you guys. love how organized the accountability watch is getting. its how you gotta roll when dealing with these conciousless criminal cops. many people with camcorders, walkie talkies and scanners. quite excellent. as usual the cops are pathetic. checked out the stories on the beating and killing. sad world these hypocrite criminal cops have us all living in these days. wonder what its going to take to make more people start standing up and putting an end to this police state we are living in today. keep up the great work.

  • http://facebook keith

    sent some1 in my area. claremont cop got recognive in newpor at country kicchen go gop blockers

  • SwedishAnarchist

    @Shigman & Dawn: would you have told Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King or Alva Belmont (a millionaire who among other things bailed out picketers who picketed for women’s suffrage in the early 20th century) to grow up and get a life? I personally think you would have, but if not, what was the difference between their struggle and the great work that these fine folks at Cop Block are doing?

    All they wanted back then was for everyone to be treated equally. Why should that not be that case now, just because you’re wearing a uniform? Why should a uniform be a get-out-of-jail-free card, allowing you to do pretty much whatever you want?

    Wake up, people.

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  • Megan

    RIDICULOUS!!! I would have been there right along side them had I known it was going on! Chalk? Really? Imagine how ridiculous it looks after a few manslaughter cases, rape cases, armed robbery, drug possession, etc. I was arrested because I went… chalking some sidewalks?

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  • Henryk

    I can not fathom the extent of police overreach, intimidation, harassment and total lack of accountability. In particular the missing Galaxy phone stolen from Pete gets the raw nerve. In short the cop said we don’t give a damn where it is. So, you have to suffer the loss? And they literally get away with murder, that ‘s not right! I never advocated disobedience before until now. And, I am sorry to say that they will escalate the oppression until they hit a wall, us. We have to be the wall which will fall on them and change things for the better. It says, We the people, not we the police.

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