All Rights Reserved, UCC1-308 or its just business

by Silas-Wesley: King, Junior, All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved, UCC1-308 in all places and at all times and I deny all.

Never give anyone your name when asked. Sign above your name on your drivers license, All Rights Reserved.

and when presented with any paperwork in court or on the street, say, “Let me see that. That’s not me, and I don’t think that person exist”. and give it back to the person that gave it to you.

Claim your rights at all times and refused compelled benefits. Be humble and say, ‘Sir’, ‘Your Honor’, etc.

It is just business. We are dealing in commerce. The life we live today has been re-directed, mis-directed and we have lost our perspective based on how we are educated in the school systems across America.

We are educated to be tax payers and cusip numbers. Every interaction we enter into is about commerce and contracts. The Founding Fathers at the least wanted us to learn and understand what commerce and contracts are about.

The ‘Banksters” are about controlling your money, the educational system and constantly making war and creating arguments. But, the thing people don’t know is that they always have to give you a remedy. Before they took over this nation they let everybody know how they would do it, and gave us the remedy. It is part of the contract, otherwise everything is a fraud.

A fraud is a fraud is a fraud.

It does matter when you find the fraud. At the beginning or at the end of the issue, it has always been a fraud.

The remedy is in Common Law. Common Law protects. it is like goose in the game called, ‘It’. Just say, “I Reserve All my Rights”.

Let it be known to all that I, am a beneficiary of the Trust, I explicitly reserve all of my rights. UCC 1-308 which was formally UCC 1-207. I reserve all of my rights at all times and in all places, nunc pro tunc (now for then) from the time of my birth and forevermore, not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. And furthermore, I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement.
Further, I am not a United States citizen or a 14th amendment citizen. I am a Citizen of the republic of Illinois and reject any attempted expatriation. See 15 United States statute at large, July 27th, 1868 also known as the expatriation statute.

Further, let all be advised that all actions commenced against me may be in violation of,
USC TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13 > § 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law
USC TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13 > § 241 Conspiracy against rights Violation fee is $250,000 per person or $500,000 in silver species per organization per incident or per 15 minutes or any part thereof. Wherefore all have undeniable knowledge.

In common law you use a notary and pay a dollar before there is an argument.

In Admiralty Maritime or Contract Law you pay an attorney or lawyer after there is an argument.

You pay a notary a dollar before or an attorney or lawyer after. Which one would you decide. Public or private. Common law or hidden contracts that are adhesions contracts that bind you to something you knew nothing about. Contract Law.

Attornment is the act of turning over property from one person to another.

Scribes studying to become knights would list all the property and create treaties for the winning nobleman of some contest. It is called attornment and the scribe later came to be called an attorney.

After the civil war, attorneys were sent over here from England to turn the land back over to England. The Banksters also took notice of the gold rush of 1949. The attorneys form the first labor union that kept any one from practicing law except lawyers and attorneys. But, you are expected to know the law. The law of your peers, common law, the law of the land.

Attorneys are used whenever there is an argument or to create an argument. The judge is there to decide who has to pay. Who has brought dis-honor to the contract or the agreement. This entire process has descended into both sides paying both the judge and the attorney. It is just business.

In these transactions no one has to be damaged. You just have to give your name and you are in the game. In Roman Law, you are guilty until proven innocent.

In common law, you are innocent until proven guilty.

In Roman Law, the all caps name, is used in commerce and once you give it, you have just given your title away. Who you gave it to, now owns you or you are considered a dead man. It is just business.

So, when asked to give your name, say “I reserve all my rights, UCC1-308, may I see the paperwork?” and there is paperwork somewhere because it’s just business.

  • JP

    Let me know how it works out for you. I envision a youtube video of you getting arrested. Also, I dont think you are going to be issued a IL drivers license, or any other state for that matter, if you try to sign “all rights reserved” above your name. If you sign it after you have been issued the license, it means nothing. In fact, your license is null and void if you alter it in any way. Just an observation.

  • Scott

    You guys can do a lot of good by showing legitimate examples of police abuse.

    Unfortunately mixing in all this ‘sovereign citizen’ stuff just makes you look like a bunch of kooks.

    Please stick to the cop stuff and leave out the other stuff.


  • Momo

    I didn’t know copblock dealt in conspiracy theories…

  • Dr.TCH

    1. Very wise to note “all rights reserved” or “without prejudice” on virtually any document you sign, and certainly on any governmental form or application. Note: The Howard Freeman stressing (perhaps an obsession) with noting UCC-207 (now, UCC-308) is slightly nutty in that it is merely the commercial code allusion to the explicit reservation of all one’s rights, as exemplifed by the two phrases just above. I believe I would rather just make my point, then make it in terms of a type of law (commercial or even a variety of admiralty juridiction) I find repulsive. It’s a little like rising in an American court and saying, “Your Honor, I’d like to take this opportunity to say, in terms of Mexican law, I really stand on my rights as an American citizen!”

    I was fascinated by Freeman’s argument in the early nineties, but far less these days.

    2. I happen to be a citizen of the California Republic (and secondarily) of the USA. I suggest you exercise caution with the folks who give a good “song and dance” about “commercial redemption.” Some of it is terrific. Some consists of pure flights of fancy. Some of their tools work: some do not. One of their main the middle of a series of lectures..comes right out and says, “This is all nonsense, you know. I don’t know why you-all don’t just go do xxxxx instead of this.” MAYBE he was telling the truth.

    3. Beware of folks who make a big deal about labels, such as “liberal” or “conservative.” These days, these categories are virtually meaningless. Yes, Obama is awful, but (no, he is NOT a Socialist!), but his agenda is the very same as Mr. Bush’s. Both are globalists and traitors who care not a whit about the American republic. PEACE!!

  • Dr.TCH

    The remedy is in Common Law. Common Law protects. it is like goose in the game called, ‘It’. Just say, “I Reserve All my Rights”.


    With regard to government documents, please be particularly sharp-eyed about any passages such as this:

    The registered owner mailing address is valid, existing, and an accurate mailing address. I consent to receive service of process at this mailing address pursuant to V.C. Section 1808.21, Code of Civil Procedure Sections 415.21, subdivision (b), 415.30, subdivision (a), and 416.90.

    I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

    Huh? Maybe I’ll want to reflect on this a moment!!

  • Eric


    In principle, I am sympathetic. In practice, in reality, all this will do is lead to your arrest, imprisonment and related hassles. You may not recognize The System but The System recognizes you.

    I don’t like it; I wish it were different. But that’s the way it is.

  • Pete

    I have “without prejudice” after my name on my NJ driver’s licence.
    The people at the DMV don’t know and don’t care.

  • Dr.TCH

    That passage was at the bottom of a standard Calif. DMV form. Very problematic.

  • JP


    Thats fine, but I guarantee you that if it needed to matter NJ would make it matter. What it boils down to is that you cant alter an official document to make it state something other than what it was intended to mean. You may not agree, but you still have to obey the laws regulating the priviledge to drive. You have no “right to drive”. It’s a priviledge. Also, if NJ DMV don’t know, how do you know they don’t care? It’s your right to NOT follow the rules of the road, however, if you choose to exercise that right be prepared to suffer the consequences, i.e. tickets, arrest, ect.

  • DrTCH

    Nope, Pete, you are “off the beam.” Motoring (not “driving” which denotes commercial operation) is a right, not a privilege. Anyone who does not qualify one’s signature on a document when it demands something absurd and coercive is either a fool or uneducated. If a form in Nazi Germany demanded your wearing a swastika on your shoulder (as a minister or judge, e.g.), would you simply comply? If you had any intelligence, you’d opt out (and maybe leave the country) or perhaps hang in there for awhile and reserve your rights as best as you could.

    Many make the assumption that “government” is our friend. Too often, this is far from the truth. And, please don’t quote some hackneyed word of advice, such as “Well, you can’t fight City Hall.” In a republic, citizens are expected to put up a fight when confronted with examples of tyranny. They are expected to “Just say no!!”

  • pc

    hey JP

    Is it a privilege for me to ride my bicycle down the street? Is it a privilege for me to run down the sidewalk? Is it a privilege for me throw a baseball in a park? All of these things can hurt someone else. We have been so conditioned to believe what the criminals in government want us to believe. We don’t want anarchy, but we have the right to do whatever we want so long as it does not infringe on someone elses rights. If there is no injured party, there is no crime. All we have in government are control freaks that want nothing other than to tell us everyday what we should do, where we should do it and when we should do it.

    Remember this, the only rights we have are the rights we are willing to fight for.

  • Eric

    It’s not hard to pinpoint the exact moments when the Constitution was explicitly disavowed by the robed shysters charged (by themselves) with “interpreting” it.

    Once such moment was 21 years ago, in 1991, when the robed shysters of the Supreme Court “interpreted” the plain meaning of the Fourth Amendment to mean its opposite.

    This was the year of Michigan State Police v. Sitz, the case that decided the legality of random roadside sobriety checkpoints on the basis of “compelling state interest,” as lead shyster and Badge Licker in Chief William Rehnquist put it.

    Rest here:

  • DrTCH

    Momo’s comment is pure junk. If I want to challenge someone’s statement in a low-life, disingenuous way, I will call him a conspiracy theorist, a denier,a Jew or a dirty Arab terrorist…to halt genuine intellectual analysis and civil intercourse. Let’s deal with the facts in a civil way, and not resort to barbaric and rude antics, PLEASE.

  • DrTCH


    State government will typically use a rule such as “compelling state interest” to determine when the state may act in an outrageous, illegal fashion against its citizens and nationals. Most of the time, this exception (which by now is more the rule than the exception) is unacceptable and suppressive. They start with “silly” regulations against motoring w/o one’s seatbelt fastened or riding a bike or motorcycle w/o a helmet (or smoking just outside of a hospital or in the area of a train station–like one some two miles from my home), and go down from there. Before long, we have shifted to a kind of acceptance..or at least, the idea that being dominated by gov’t is the usual and norm, when this is supposed to be exactly contrary to our idea of a republic, with governmental power being strictly limited and only one based on a trust, related to strict delegation from the American people, not a kind of Divine Right. And, there comes to be a shift in that most rights gradually come to be seen as privileges.

    Did you know that a “marriage license” used to be a “marriage certificate?” Now marriage is a state privilege, when before it was a matter between the two parties, their group of friends and families, and their God. Now Busybody Government steps in with its dirty boots and makes the rules. If were to marry, there is no way I’d apply for a marriage license. Nobody’s business but ours. Do you get the point?

  • gbear

    A few years ago there was a movie w/Robin Williams called Popeye. In the movie,Brutus owned the town & charged a tax for everything he could, like breathing air tax, spitting tax,etc.People got used to it & complied.It has always been said that ignorance of the law is no excuse although the laws are not taught in elem/high schools but must be pursued later if interested.I may be wrong however I believe peoples would like a more simple,peaceful life on this planet even though our history if fraught with wars & that includes tribal peoples who faught amongst themselves.I do not romanticize about the so called noble native.Basically amongst the garbage there are always some flowers growing which do inspire hope.I find peace in searching for those flowers & will do all I can to support their growth otherwise all is lost.The economy has caused a positive event which is the interuption of the everyday hypnosis to cause we the people to pause & reflect on what we have,what we need, by searching for truth in all life.Truth is not a legal term,but self evident.Ignorance & ego are barriers to this.From a native perspective,I see we have not fully appreciated the gifts of this world but have become trapped in their commercial value.Its unfortunate for all of us & too late to blame.I fully understand the enemies that exist who oppose truth & they are without self worth therefore their reactive personalities emerge to control.One who is out of control,seeks to control others.You remember the words of JFK who said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible,make violent revolution inevitable”.Chief Dan george would say,”today is a good day to die”.Death is no problem,its life thats so difficult as we make it so.

  • George Sand

    Yes, please note that DR. TCH is right. Citation to the UCC is ridiculous as it is a commercial code relating to sales of goods. Further, depending on what state you live in, it is not necessarily binding law, but is a model code.

    @PC – the idea that the only rights you have are the ones you are willing to fight for is absurd. Then it isn’t a right. A right is something that is unalienable. If you have to fight to have it, then it isn’t a right. So if the police come after me with guns, and I don’t fight it, get shot and die, then it’s my fault? I didn’t fight for the right to live, therefore I had no right to live? That line is pure government garbage meant to drive people into submission and accept the authority of government.

  • DrTCH

    Hey, guys, this has been fun. Let’s continue, but continue to keep this on a civil and intelligent level, dealing in facts, not on emotional appeal, not on name-calling, nor on assumptions and presumptions.

  • DrTCH

    @PC – the idea that the only rights you have are the ones you are willing to fight for is absurd. Then it isn’t a right. A right is something that is unalienable.

    Hmmm. This gets a little tricky. Inalienable (sometimes expressed as “unalienable” as in the Declaration of Indep.) signifies that these are fundamental rights which must never be abridged. Yet, government has this tendency (perhaps by its very nature) to intrude in our lives, coerce us, regulate most all of our activities, tax us, and to..not so rarely…conscript us or arrest and incarcerate us for “not playing ball” as often as for genuine commission of criminal offenses. There is a hoary principle of the Common Law, that “There is no crime, absent an injured party.” Yet, the courts routinely ignore this principle, collecting bail-fees and fines, and exacting punishments upon their victims.

    Yes, we must sometimes fight for our rights. Look at the d*mn Patriot Act, which summarily removed important provisions of Due Process. Look at the infernal Dept. of Homeland (huh?) Security, which has meant all this airport security escalation (with associated violation of our rights). Many are prosecuted and then incarcerated for minor drug offenses, which is unjust and not a little stupid. This is also financially unsound, as–e.g., in California–we spend many $ millions each year to house these people, most of whom are non-violent offenders. Wouldn’t you rather they work in, say, an auto-manufacturing plant, paying their own way, than simply being warehoused at a cost of something like $60,000 a pop? And, incidentally, prisons are not known to be very good at providing good, solid training programs, so many of those who are eventually released quickly return to a life of crime. Where’s the good in this odd–and dehumanizing–system? Some even claim that prisons act as “crime-schools.” And, why would anyone expect something different, when they provide little as an alternative?

  • George Sand

    @Dr. TCH – I agree sometimes it is necessary to fight for rights. The tricky part comes as to whether rights are actualized. I think people have a right to be free from search and seizure and they have a right to live, but this isn’t actualized because the government kills people and jails them for no reason. Certainly, people should be encouraged to fight against government abuse. But I do not agree with the idea that a person only has a right to be free, and to live, if he is willing to fight for them.

  • paschn

    Wanna know why many Western European countries have;

    retirement at 60
    mandatory 5 weeks paid vacation per year
    child care…etc, etc,…

    There, the government fears the people.

    Here, in the United States of Israel, we fear our government.

    Here, our “leaders” have sold our sovereignty, loyalty, (to our murdered citizens and servicemen, and our economy to Israel. We’ve been conquered….defeated, betrayed and don’t even realize it. So, I guess the old saying is true. A society gets the type of government they deserve. So…the next time you’re going to bad-mouth the French….you might want to check whether or not their home. they might be on mandated vacation….or they may have already retired….you see, they have a bit less to worry about than whether they’ll use a credit card for necessary medical aid and go bankrupt, or join the ranks of the 50,000 +/- a year that DIE for lack of it in the USA. The bullies in blue and what they use to subdue us is really the LEAST of our troubles here. Take away their cushy retirement and they’ll disappear into the woodwork like a roach after someone hits a light switch.

  • Agent Paranoid’s

    Yeah well … and remember when you became, in government speak, a Human Resource? Or, how about a, Consumer?

    Sounds a tad … commercial, doesn’t it?

    And here is a conspiracy for you. Anyone here old enough to remember when contrails were condensation trails and did not leave a lingering, spreading haze?

    Americans have very short attention spans. Are gullible. Easily lead. And believe, that by virtue of being American and being an American … it can’t happen here.

  • DrTCH

    That’s a good one about being a consumer (or taxpayer). I am neither, but AM a citizen and producer..and a good resource for my friends and patients. Yep, your Average Joe American citizen does seem to be in a coma these days…and easily led around by the nose.

  • DrTCH

    Incidentally..I was a member of a “Commercial Redemption” group maybe a year ago, and have a pretty good chunk of materials on this subject. You’ll want to be careful here, as some of the arguments and tools, upon further study, appeared to be bogus. E.g., it is common–in this movement–to argue that the USA is still a colony of the British Crown, but no one seemed to have an real documenation of this. On the other hand, it IS clear that there are close links between the “Fed” and the Bank of England, and that we have given away our gold to other countries like Britain and France, through the years (and that there is no longer any gold left in Fort Knox).

  • paschn

    You’re absolutely right. Fort Knox hasn’t had our gold in it since atleast the mid ’50’s. it’s been funneled out of the country , porbably to the country of the “Red Queen” at first, then ending up in Israel, (either physically or letters of credit drawn on the Central Bank of England).
    The truth, (to one with the ability to think critically), is as clear as the fact that the United States of Israel has been conquered w/o a shot fired, (controlled demolition, yeah, but no rifle fire), and the traitors, (the “Renfield Class”) that brought it down, packaged it neatly and handed it to Israel, dwell in Washington D.C. Want nightmares? Read the Talmud, the instruction manual of the group that pulled it off.

  • DrTCH

    There is definitely an Israeli connection, but please don’t fall into the trap of confusing this (or the Rothschild involvement) with a Jewish Conspiracy. This is pure nonsense and a false lead.

  • paschn

    Henry ford actually called them “International Jews”…others have called them the Money Trust. Because of their complete control of the media, education, (Carnegie foundation, Rockefeller Foundation et al), they have literally written history. That, coupled with the mention of their holy book, the Talmud pretty much lays it on the line re; their pure venomous hatred of we “Goy”. All one need do is look around us at the unfounded hatred for Muslims that has been, not so covertly, fomented by Hollywood. the few legislators whos lip-prints are not on AIPAC’S ass have openly stated that we’re in an hegemonious slaughter in the middle East at this time FOR Israel. Do I hate the Khazar/Ashkenazi? No. that would make me as evil as they and if the most decent man ever to trod this earth, (the one who named them the “Synagogue of Satan”) could forgive them after they framed, tortured then murdered him, I certainly can. The truth is the truth, period. From them being no more Semite than I am, to their gangster haven, Israel, not having a constitution, EVER or their being “God’s chosen”. I see shills like Foxworthy promoting lies and hatred against Muslims, I see “Christian” organizations teaching children to hate them and be ready to fight them…It’s totally ridiculous! Bottom line, This Christian nation grovels at the feet of the very ones who’s holy book reviles the Christ over and over again throughout it’s filthy pages, along with his mother, Mary. The Quran speeks of him ONLY with respect. yet we slaughter them and literally worship the ones who have ruined nations for millenia. Why? because we have never known the enemy, the REAL enemy. those whos “Holy Men” OPENLY preach that we “Goy” are no better than beasts and deserve no more than to either die or serve them, period. The term, “Goy” or “Goyim” doesn’t refer to ONLY Christians…it refers to every non-Ashkenazi/Khazar human being trodding upon this Earth. There’s no “trap” for me to fall into. Knowing the truth of a matter isn’t a trap, NOT knowing it is.

  • DrTCH

    Well, no. I have one of Ford’s books packed away somewhere, and while it makes for interesting reading, it has too much hate for my stomach..and makes the very mistake I alluded to above. The Rothschilds (and Zionists) are part of this “spider’s web” of globalist/New World Order junk, but this is not essentially a “Jewish conspiracy.”

    Besides, WASP companies and banks (and families like Rockefeller and Mellon), such as Arthur Anderson, AIG, B of A, Chase Manhattan,…are right in there playing their criminal games, and robbing the country blind. And, support these damn wars which seem to go on forever!! Incidentally, note how Bush and Obama are made of the same cloth: Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Most folks I talk to favor one or the other, being blind to the Big Picture.

  • Hugh Hawkins

    A Texas Patrol Officer gave me a ticket for driving on a flat tire but refused to let me sign the ticket with a UCC1.308 clause. Could this be a civil rights violation on his part ?

  • Hugh Hawkins

    Thanks for any help.

  • DrTCH

    Maybe, but I think your winning on this basis is slim. Incidentally, I would have scribbled simply “w/o prejudice” and signed my name very large, and probably would have gotten away with it. Now, if you want to win on this one…you might try a claim of insuffient process as the “ticket” is not a verified complaint. I have won with this one. You might also try the old (“Common Law”) principle of “no injured party, no criminal offense.”

  • wishtobefree

    please all youtube bursting bubbles of government deception
    and check out

  • Hugh Hawkins

    The officer grabbed it out of my hand and I fortunately did not resist.

  • Bob Patterson

    What is going on with the newspaper “News Of The World” phone-hacking scandal in the Great Britian? The causality’s are starting to grow: News of The World itself closed down. Rebekah Brook (News International chief executive) arrested on suspicion of corruption and phone hacking. The Great Britian’s most senior policeman John Yates resigned. The News Of The World reporter who broke the story on phone hacking at the paper has been found dead, which is now being treated as “unexplained”. Rupert and James Murdoch are to appear before government committee to answer questions on the phone hacking scandal. The news is making the news; whatever next?

  • Russ

    Ladies and gentlemen, “peoples” is not a word. It is jargon used by anthropologists and archeologists (e.g., the aztecs and mayans are referred to as “the mezzo-american peoples”, or the tribes of sub-saharan africa are referred to as “african tribal peoples”). But that’s jargon used by people who got tired of saying “cultures”, “tribes” and “societies” all the time. But it’s not a word accepted in public parlance. People is already the plural of person – it is redundant to pluralize a word that’s already plural. If you stop writing in your articles and comments, I’ll stop laughing at you under my breath. Don’t let the liberal intelligencia muddy our language along with our collective thought processes. We let them do that and they killed common sense in favor or just thinking what we’re told to think. Draw the line at our language please.

  • Russ

    And, while we’re at it, can we all reach out to a britton and advise them that “disorientated” is not a word? The word is “disoriented”. In order to “disorientate” someone, they’d have to go through “disorientation”, sort of the opposite of say an orientation class/program. So, unless they’re talking about an exit-interview, “disorientated” isn’t a word.

    I realize that one wasn’t used here, as was the case with “peoples”, but this one is a personal pet peeve and I so rarely get to climb up on my soapbox about it. Haha

  • Dr. Glen

    If I feel pressure, I may write my notice of any conditions before applying my autograph. One can also add the short and sweet “TDC” with a signature as notice of the conditions of threat, duress and coercion… Ultimately, our sovereignty flows as inheritance from our divine source. The power of the Word is one mode of expression, and another is our indwelling holy spirit. As Saint Frances put it, “We are always preaching; Sometimes we use words.”

  • Sovereignty

    Can I sign under or above my name on a Drivers Licenses, All Rights Reseved, Without Prejudice, UCC 1-308? I tried it today in North Carolina and they would not accept it, said I could only sign my name. So what is the truth, how and what do I do, and where can I get the proof to take to the DMV with me?
    Thanks for your time and help.

  • John wolf

    Here is the question can someone show me real proof this works and someone in the courts still have honor to there name or being a public servant. been doing research for about a year on this and the Internet is spun like a tiger I would like to see if this works in Texas . but don’t want to be someone test dummy for it. I understand what your saying its stuff they teach in pre law. I got a good mind to find a federal judge to talk to if he would give me some time to talk to him. I understand all of it and good argument But does it really work or is it only good for a teaching tool only and discussion boards only . do not take this as a knock or downing it I looking for information verifiable kind

  • bob

    how often does this work exactly? I mean come on if this worked then there would be people everywhere doing it. Imagine if someone could rob a bank and just reserve there rights and recieve no punishment. perhaps (God forbid, I’m just giving an example) somebody breaks into your home tonight and kills one of your family members, but when this said person is caught they can just say these words and do these things and what? walk away? do it again and re-reserve there rights to get away again? I think not. true, the government is full of crooks but they are doing a few things right.

  • Dr.TCH

    I have used the UCC argument (and method), but came to see–after some years–that the UCC only restates a right we already possessed under Common Law, and the Constitution. All you need write on documents is “All rights reserved,” “With Explicit Reservation of Rights,” or “W/o Prejudice.” You don’t necessarily want to place yourself under commercial law, mate.

  • Bo Oliver

    Hyundai Motor America and its Inglewood California dealer as well as the City of Inglewood are currently sued in federal court United States Central District case CV13-2264 FMO (MRWx). The allegations against Hyundai include gross negligence, breach of contract, fraud, consumer fraud, specific performance, violation Unruh Act, violation Title VI, violation Equal Rights, conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, breach of implied contract, breach of warranty, violation of Magnuson-Moss, unjust enrichment, false and deceptive business practices, negligence. Filed Mar 29 2013. Hyundai has vowed to sue or arrest all those who post negative comments on blogs.

  • Jairod

    Step away from slavery people and do your own research. Its all there. If you are ignorant of the facts do not form an uneducated opinion thereof. :)


    Every single one of your stupid examples refers to harming or affecting another person.. Thats not what common law is about, and the Government does NOTHING right, Statist!

  • RevoltNOW

    it think he was pointing out that UCC1-308, used too be UCC1-207
    to point out that “THEY MOVED IT, IN ATTEMPT TOO HIDE IT”!!!!!
    THEY don’t want you to use this, they want YOU to fall victim to
    themselves!!! They perpetrate the crime of deception, much like
    they did with convincing Citizens to become licensed, even though
    Citizens have an “Inalienable” Right to travel, either by horse,carriage
    or Automobile”!!!! Look up Right to Travel VS. Privilege of Driving!!!!

  • Jon Dough

    The debt that USA, Inc owes is proof! We [the people] are involuntary collateral (slaves) to the debt!

    Since 1871 the United States president and the United States Congress
    has been playing politics under a different set of rules and policies.
    The American people do not know that there are two Constitutions in the
    United States. The first penned by the leaders of the newly independent
    states of the United States in 1776. On July 4, 1776, the people
    claimed their independence from the Crown (temporal authority of the
    Roman Catholic Pope) and Democracy was born. And for 95 years the
    United States people were free and independent. That freedom ended in
    1871 when the original “Constitution FOR the United States FOR America”

    The Congress realized that the country was in dire financial straits, so
    they made a financial deal with the devil – the Crown (a.k.a. City of
    London Corporation – est. by the Catholic Church on Jan 1, 1855 )
    thereby incurring a DEBT to the Pope. The conniving Pope and his bankers
    were not about to lend the floundering nation any money without some
    serious stipulations (collateral). So, they devised a way of taking back control of the United States and thus, the Act of 1871 was passed. With no
    constitutional authority to do so, Congress created a separate form of
    government for the District of Columbia.

  • Jon Dough

    On June 5, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution (HJR 192), which is now known as Statute at Large 112, CH 48. It was passed to suspend the gold standard and abrogate the gold clause in the national constitution. Since then no one in America has been able to lawfully pay a debt. Since we no longer have an American currency (gold/silver), we are, and still do today (2014), operate in a CH.11 Bankruptcy! The UCC was put into place when the USA, Inc started operating under Ch 11 Bankruptcy.
    Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) had been adopted (forced) into the Constitution (Fed Res Act) as a form of currency! However, FRN’s are NOT currency! It is not legal tender either! It is a DEBT instrument! This is where the UCC applies! UCC applies to commerce, contracts and law [color of] and it applies to us today because of the system that was set up. WE ARE IN DEBT! The debt IS the COMMERCE, IT IS THE CONTRACT and yes, IT IS THE LAW! This is a world wide matter!

    We all operate in debt, therefore we are all in commerce, we all contract and therefore the law [color of] applies. No debt can ever be lawfully paid, you CANNOT pay a debt with a DEBT!

    The good new is, for all liabilities, there are remedies! It is in the UCC and you must fully understand it to invoke it. Otherwise this will continue on until we all wise up and claim our rights back!

  • Jonathan Ramsay

    People is NOT the plural of person. Persons is the plural of person. Person refers to the status one holds in a society. eg. judge, priest, attorney,mayor, etc., are all persons, but not all people are persons and not all persons are people. Some persons are corporations.