When Should You Shoot A Cop

That question, even without an answer, makes most “law-abiding taxpayers” go into knee-jerk conniptions. The indoctrinated masses all race to see who can be first, and loudest, to proclaim that it is NEVER okay to forcibly resist “law enforcement.” In doing so, they also inadvertently demonstrate why so much of human history has been plagued by tyranny and oppression.

In an ideal world, cops would do nothing except protect people from thieves and attackers, in which case shooting a cop would never be justified. In the real world, however, far more injustice, violence, torture, theft, and outright murder has been committed IN THE NAME of “law enforcement,” than has been committed in spite of it. To get a little perspective, try watching a documentary or two about some of the atrocities committed by the regimes of Stalin, or Lenin, or Chairman Mao, or Hitler, or Pol Pot, or any number of other tyrants in history. Pause the film when the jackboots are about to herd innocent people into cattle cars, or gun them down as they stand on the edge of a ditch, and THEN ask yourself the question, “When should you shoot a cop?” Keep in mind, the evils of those regimes were committed in the name of “law enforcement.” And as much as the statement may make people cringe, the history of the human race would have been a lot LESS gruesome if there had been a lot MORE “cop-killers” around to deal with the state mercenaries of those regimes.

People don’t mind when you point out the tyranny that has happened in other countries, but most have a hard time viewing their OWN “country,” their OWN “government,” and their OWN “law enforcers,” in any sort of objective way. Having been trained to feel a blind loyalty to the ruling class of the particular piece of dirt they live on (a.k.a. “patriotism”), and having been trained to believe that obedience is a virtue, the idea of forcibly resisting “law enforcement” is simply unthinkable to many. Literally, they can’t even THINK about it. And humanity has suffered horribly because of it. It is a testament to the effectiveness of authoritarian indoctrination that literally billions of people throughout history have begged and screamed and cried in the face of authoritarian injustice and oppression, but only a tiny fraction have ever lifted a finger to actually try to STOP it.

Even when people can recognize tyranny and oppression, they still usually talk about “working within the system”–the same system that is responsible for the tyranny and oppression. People want to believe that “the system” will, sooner or later, provide justice. The last thing they want to consider is that they should “illegally” resist–that if they want to achieve justice, they must become “criminals” and “terrorists,” which is what anyone who resists “legal” injustice is automatically labelled. But history shows all too well that those who fight for freedom and justice almost always do so “illegally”–i.e., without the permission of the ruling class.

If politicians think that they have the right to impose any “law” they want, and cops have the attitude that, as long as it’s called “law,” they will enforce it, what is there to prevent complete tyranny? Not the consciences of the “law-makers” or their hired thugs, obviously. And not any election or petition to the politicians. When tyrants define what counts as “law,” then by definition it is up to the “law-breakers” to combat tyranny.

Pick any example of abuse of power, whether it is the fascist “war on drugs,” the police thuggery that has become so common, the random stops and searches now routinely carried out in the name of “security” (e.g., at airports, “border checkpoints” that aren’t even at the border, “sobriety checkpoints,” and so on), or anything else. Now ask yourself the uncomfortable question: If it’s wrong for cops to do these things, doesn’t that imply that the people have a right to RESIST such actions? Of course, state mercenaries don’t take kindly to being resisted, even non-violently. If you question their right to detain you, interrogate you, search you, invade your home, and so on, you are very likely to be tasered, physically assaulted, kidnapped, put in a cage, or shot. If a cop decides to treat you like livestock, whether he does it “legally” or not, you will usually have only two options: submit, or kill the cop. You can’t resist a cop “just a little” and get away with it. He will always call in more of his fellow gang members, until you are subdued or dead.

Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them from doing so, which will almost always require killing them. (Politely asking fascists to not be fascists has a very poor track record.) Consider the recent Indiana Supreme Court ruling, which declared that if a cop tries to ILLEGALLY enter your home, it’s against the law for you to do anything to stop him. Aside from the patent absurdity of it, since it amounts to giving thugs with badges PERMISSION to “break the law,” and makes it a CRIME for you to defend yourself against a CRIMINAL (if he has a badge), consider the logical ramifications of that attitude.

There were once some words written on a piece of parchment (with those words now known as the Fourth Amendment), that said that you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures at the hands of “government” agents. In Indiana today, what could that possibly mean? The message from the ruling class is quite clear, and utterly insane. It amounts to this: “We don’t have the right to invade your home without probable cause … but if we DO, you have no right to stop us, and we have the right to arrest you if you try.”

Why not apply that to the rest of the Bill of Rights, while we’re at it? “You have the right to say what you want, but if we use violence to shut you up, you have to let us.” (I can personally attest to the fact that that is the attitude of the U.S. “Department of Justice.”) “You have the right to have guns, but if we try to forcibly and illegally disarm you, and you resist, we have the right to kill you.” (Ask Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians about that one.) “You have the right to not testify against yourself, but when we coerce you into confessing (and call it a ‘plea agreement’), you can’t do a thing about it.” What good is a “right”–what does the term “right” even mean–if you have an obligation to allow jackboots to violate your so-called “rights”? It makes the term absolutely meaningless.

To be blunt, if you have the right to do “A,” it means that if someone tries to STOP you from doing “A”–even if he has a badge and a politician’s scribble (“law”) on his side–you have the right to use whatever amount of force is necessary to resist that person. That’s what it means to have an unalienable right. If you have the unalienable right to speak your mind (a la the First Amendment), then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to shut you up. If you have the unalienable right to be armed, then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to disarm you. If you have the right to not be subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to inflict those on you.

Those who are proud to be “law-abiding” don’t like to hear this, and don’t like to think about this, but what’s the alternative? If you do NOT have the right to forcibly resist injustice–even if the injustice is called “law”–that logically implies that you have an obligation to allow “government” agents to do absolutely anything they want to you, your home, your family, and so on. Really, there are only two choices: you are a slave, the property of the politicians, without any rights at all, or you have the right to violently resist “government” attempts to oppress you. There can be no other option.

Of course, on a practical level, openly resisting the gang called “government” is usually very hazardous to one’s health. But there is a big difference between obeying for the sake of self-preservation, which is often necessary and rational, and feeling a moral obligation to go along with whatever the ruling class wants to do to you, which is pathetic and insane. Most of the incomprehensible atrocities that have occurred throughout history were due in large part to the fact that most people answer “never” to the question of “When should you shoot a cop?” The correct answer is: When evil is “legal,” become a criminal. When oppression is enacted as “law,” become a “law-breaker.” When those violently victimizing the innocent have badges, become a cop-killer.

The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “in the line of duty,” take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the “law enforcer” was the bad guy and the “cop killer” was the good guy. As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history.


Larken Rose narrated the text he wrote, and the video below was edited by Pete Eyre, and published in November, 2012.

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  • R Mich

    Incredible article! I hope people take the time to actually read the full article after their brains shut down after seeing the “shock” title.

  • Magoo

    Very good article. A little over the top at some spots but perfect reasoning overall.

  • Jeff

    This article was great!! I love Larken Rose. He always speaks the truth.

  • Lawrence

    What an excellent article. It’s a “must read.”

  • Dave

    I really do agree with most of this article and the general sentiments toward government agents. I think the biggest problem with the system, however, is that the offending agents don’t have any accountability. If they did, I would have an easier time letting them do what they think is their job, if only I knew they would be punished for it in the end.

    If a cop enters my home illegally, I don’t really want to shoot him/her. I just don’t have that blood-lust. I would have an easier time with the illegal entry if I knew that in court, when it was deemed illegal, that not only would any evidence of my wrong doing be thrown out(which, lets be honest, does happen) but the police officer that committed what is now considered an illegal act would be fined or jailed like any other criminal. In the current system, my case may be thrown out, but the cop will only be told to “be more careful next time”.

    I guess what I am really trying to say is that I wouldn’t want a world where common citizen’s are deciding what is legal/illegal at their front door, in a matter of seconds, when the cops show up. They should let the infraction happen, peacefully, but as long as an impartial judge would punish whichever side was actually wrong accordingly, I would be cool with that.

    I think that would be a fair and more civil system of justice, but it will never happen so go nuts I guess.

  • Jeff

    The sad part about this is that if you defend your “inalienable rights” it will ALWAYS end up being a kamikaze mission. These are the people who are defending our rights; not the idiots in the middle east.

  • John Devilman

    I know the truth of this article first hand as I am currently in a legal fight with the LAPD after they entered my home without announcing who they were with their fists flying. Given this uninvited, unwanted assault, I fought back… mostly just tangling them up so they couldn’t hit me and keeping one in front of the other so they couldn’t effectively gang up on me. At first, there were only 2, then they called for help and there were 4 and a gun to my head with a threat to blow my f’ing brains out. I surrendered… and that’s when the clubs came out. They beat me to look like the elephant man after my hands were already zip tied and now I’m going to court for felony resisting arrest. :D

  • Russ

    This is come crack-pot pussy hippie shit. What the fuck tyranny and oppression are you talking about?

  • Ogre

    “Aside from the patent absurdity of it, since it amounts to giving thugs with badges PERMISSION to “break the law,” and makes it a CRIME for you to defend yourself against a CRIMINAL (if he has a badge)…”

    Worth repeating. Think about that line for awhile.

    Great writing.

  • Larry in Va

    this is probably the single most dangerous post I’ve ever read…..trying to insert the hypothetical possibility of corrupt and vicious police officers hunting you down?

    I think we all know VERY WELL there’s corrupt officers …..encouraging others to even consider using force against officers whom actions you disagree with is STUPID….considering that an ILODD may be as a result of misconduct is possible I suppose in about .000009% of cases.

    Poorly constructed and titled article created to bait you with an extreme title…….overall poorly supported supposition and reccomendations.

  • orion

    Does Rose believe in IP?

  • Trevor Peck

    I’ve been putting off buying Larken Rose’s books for a while, but I just ordered three because if this article is any indication, I’m really going to enjoy them.

  • Lance

    Larry in Va, BS
    you think misconduct is .0000009% of cases, you are SADLY
    and GRAVELY mistaken.

    And if you took time to finish reading the article, it clearly states that fighting for your rights obviously often has to give way to moral and rational reasoning for one’s own safety.

    But the point of the article is, that these are our unalienable rights, and they are being taken from us, which is nothing but illegal, no matter who denies us them, a cop, a man on the street, or the government itself.

  • jameson

    very nice, very nice. i always enjoy reading your articles.

  • Chris

    I would say for the most part cops are not a bad group. But they do have bad apples and the laws are totally nuts and unconstitutional. You would think someone would be able to arrest a politician that proposed an unconstitutional law in the first place. Maybe a citizens arrest for trying to break the law. I don’t know.

  • Don


  • George Sand

    Sorry to hear about your experience, John! I hope you did not suffer permanent damage and that you prevail in your felony resisting arrest charge.

  • 1605

    Larry, you’ve really proven yourself to be something other than what I thought you were at first.

    Kirill Denyakin would have been much better off if he had shot Stephen D. Rankin on April 23rd. Instead, Kirill went home to Kazakh in a box because of death by cop.

  • Paul

    First off, it’s never OK to shoot anyone, ever.

    Now, The points in this article are valid. There IS remedy!

    I don’t have this all down quite yet, but the basics are this, were are a Trust, legal fiction.
    In Trust Law there are three Roles, Executor, Beneficiary, and Trustee.
    We have all been convinced that being the trustee is the way to go about life. (transferring liability to the .gov)
    That puts them in the executor/beneficiary roles. Giving them executive power over all your affairs.
    You have the power to take control of your ‘estate’, become the executor, appoint the public servants as your trustee. Then, you have control over your destiny and freedom.

    Do you know what your rights are? What are rights anyway?
    What is the difference between Statute and Law?
    Why are Legal word definitions different than oxford english? (but sound the same) Example.. Person, Apply, Submit, Register

    Who is looking out for your best interests?

    I hope this brings up some more questions and you try to find the answers.


  • George Sand

    @Paul – never ok to shoot anyone, ever? That’s a rather absurd proposition. What if someone is raping you? Or shooting at you?

  • Giovanni

    Many State Courts have looked at this issue and even the U.S. Supreme Court touched on it in its April 30, 1900 decision in John Bad Elk v United States. The following link references many cases that deal with this issue:
    The title of the page is “Your right of defense against unlawful arrest”. I would not accept this info as fact without researching the actual cases myself….but as a listing, it is a starting point.
    I am gathering this information for the purposes of research and writing a book. Anyone who has additional info or updated case law please post the link here.

  • Nick

    The giant logical fallacy is that there are only 2 choices, law follower/tyranny supporter or law breaker/potential murderer. Here are two that destroy the whole argument, first you could be someone who does not put them in the situation to “oppressed” by the cops/”ruling class” In most cases this is also known as being a descent human being. The second obvious choice is to be a law changer. We have a system where most everyone can get involved in the government and change the laws that are being put into affect. Sometimes this is as simple as voting and getting those like minded to vote as well. We do not have a ruling class. With enough support any politician can be removed or never put into power. The idea of a ruling class is not supported None of the examples of tyranny used are in a democratic system. why not compare apples and limes. This article has no logical base to work on and the author hopes to get such a strong emotional response that you will overlook the glaring deficiencies.

  • Sucktackular

    Great article, but it is difficult to take you seriously when you use caps-lock for emphasis. That is childish and unprofessional.

  • Duke Falco

    Excellent piece. There’s an additional point that relates to what you call, “…obeying for the sake of self-preservation.”

    Obedience for the sake of self-preservation can be and often is used, paradoxically, to get people enslaved or murdered. State advisory higher-ups recommend increasing state power incrementally and gradually, such that for ever step toward total control, it is in the civilian’s rational self-interests to refrain from fighting back — until it’s too late.

    The desire for self-preservation is natural, but it has been used historically to enslave large populations.

    This doesn’t mean anarchist revolutionaries should throw self-preservation out the window and become martyrs. But it does mean that conditions must be created in which state agents are the ones who are standing down for the sake of *their* self-preservation.

    There are several ways to bring about these conditions. But one of the best ways is decentralized targeted resistance, to the point where it is no longer within an individuals rational self-interests to get a job in “law enforcement.”

    Waiting for “defensive” contexts is nonsensical, because we’ve ALREADY been attacked. By the time you see the whites of their eyeballs at your door, it’s too late. Actions taken NOW against state power are defensive by default. The odds don’t matter anymore, as Malcolm X pointed out.

    Every unguarded police vehicle parked on the street, every unguarded military recruiting center, every cop trying to bully you at a traffic stop, is an element of state control, intrusion, and occupation of these lands. Putting up with it for the sake of self-preservation in the moment will ultimately, paradoxically, work against self-preservation.

  • Voluntaryist

    Very nicely done, Larken!

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  • Alexander Solzhenitzyn

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .”

  • Jennifer

    Please write an article titled “when you should shoot a bureaucrat” That makes more sense to me.


    Shades of Thomas Jefferson! You used your free speech! Good article. I don’t want to kill ANYBODY, but I have been asked to do so by the government on their behalf (in the service). To protect what? A tyrannical beast that bends everyone to their will. As Bush said -to him- it’s just a piece of paper!

  • Your name

    This website is absolutely ridiculous!!! You should never shoot at a cop because when something puts your life in fear is call for police. Sure nit everyone is perfect but most negative police encounters are the bad persons fault. Cops/officers have families that they need to get back home to. Above everything safety is first and if someone threatens their life as officers they need to react. Most people that fight or run from the police are guilty. Ive never met a petson that is scared of the police that hasnt done anything wrong. For those people on this blig that talk so negative about police you should get with your local police department and ride with an officer and see how the day goes. I bet youll change your mind.


    Duke Falco very good point, I never thought of that, Thanks

  • Mick

    This article is dangerous. By employing empty and false logic, the author could swap weak minds to believe that there are no mechanisms in place to right the wrongful actions of the government and its agents.
    One example is the misstatement of the holding in the Indiana Sup Ct case. The author suggests that because we are not allowed to shoot a cop that walks through the door of our house, the evidence that the cop seizes in such an illegal search or seizure will be used in court against us, voiding and nullifying our right. This is stated while completely ignoring the whole litany of US and State Supreme Court decisions on when evidence will be barred from trial based on the illegality of the search. Even more protection has been heaped on this protection in the form of the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ doctrine, which all states have accepted.
    So, while you do not have the right to force the officer out of your home at that moment, your right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures has not lost its potency.
    Further, in tort law, deadly force or serious injury force are not acceptable degrees of force in the defense of one’s property. Hence, there is no enablement of the government agents here. If a person breaks into your home and is going about stealing things, you are not allowed to shoot him, unless a reasonable person would believe that the intruder was threatening imminent bodily harm to the home-dwellers. Deadly and serious injury force are not acceptable in the defense of property, regardless of whether the government is the actor or not.
    One more point. The author’s makes some grand false assumptions that are the underpinnings of his whole argument, and which, the falsity of, is fatal to the argument. One such assumption made is that ‘inalienable rights’ means that “you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try” to impede your exercise of those rights. This is not the definitions of the inalienable right. Source that. Find me where that is the definition. The framers certainly did not decide on that definition, otherwise, why would they have drafted the Constitution itself, creating a legislative body, a judicial branch, and the executive? They put these bodies in place to act as instruments to protect the people and to carry out the necessary government functions scribed as essential.
    I do agree that there comes a point at which it is acceptable to kill a law enforcement agent, but that line falls for me far beyond the moment when a law enforcement official momentarily impedes my Bill of Rights privileges. Let us not forget that the Bill of Rights, itself, was an afterthought, and was only put in place at the objection of many of the great founders of this country as they feared that enumerating such rights would suggest that other rights were not as powerful.
    One right that we see nowhere in the Bill or anywhere else, is the right constantly suggested in the above article: the RIGHT to kill a cop.

  • Ryan Joseph

    @ Nick,
    No ruling class? Are you blind?! See, its people like you that are the reason its so easy for the social elite (ruling class) to rule. The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didnt exist… same concept. watch the new documentary “hot coffee”. The social elite cram their money into elections, and basically buy the alleged justice our system claims to offer. its a joke. you are right about voting to change things though. It is difficult to even change things through voting when your opponents (ruling class), throw millions of dollars into campaigns in order to trick people like yourself to vote for their candidate.

  • Ryan Joseph

    these people are outrageous. hes saying that just because a cop has a BADGE, shouldnt mean we no longer have the right to defend ourselves from harm. if someone breaks into my house illegally and threatens to shoot me with a gun if i move, i have the right to shoot that person in defense of my life, families lives, etc. now if that person has a badge on his chest that he was awarded for two years of education at a community college, well, then i cannot defend myself. i must take whatever this cop plans to dish out? no. and anyone who would is a coward. that little badge should never mean you are above the law.

  • Ryan Joseph

    …..”This website is absolutely ridiculous!!! You should never shoot at a cop because when something puts your life in fear is call for police. Sure nit everyone is perfect but most negative police encounters are the bad persons fault. Cops/officers have families that they need to get back home to. “….


    1. if i am fearing for my life, i would never under any circumstances call for police. im not a coward. i can handle things myself thanks.
    2. No cop in this world goes to work and puts their life on the line for ME, ever. If it were up to me, they wouldnt have jobs. very few police officers respect the power they are undeservingly given.
    3. Most negative police encounters are the bad persons fault?! yes, because the police officer is the bad person! Where the fuck do you live, happyville? Go on youtube and you can find 100s, if not 1000s, of videos of police officers wrongfully beating, arresting, and murdering absolutely innocent people. If you look at a cop wrong, he will assault you, and then charge you of a crime. Its UNAMERICAN to support the opression of your fellow american citizens. It is UNAMERICAN to bow down and submit to an unjustified authority. The founding fathers of this once great country would be sickened to see how many of americas children are so willing, and often enthusiatic, to allow the opression of their natural rights to people they dont even know (police). Everyone thought the gestapo and SS were great people putting their lives on the line for us everyday as well. You people are so fucking blind it sickens me. your not american, you were born here, but in your veins runs the blood of a bowing coward, not a standing patriot…

  • Carlos Veracruz

    The logical structure of this article is solid and well supported by empirical evidence and basic ethical considerations. Well done, sir.

    It is always morally permissible — and sometimes even obligatory — to defend oneself against an assailant, including taking the assailant’s life when necessary. That is to say, when the assailant is, say, about to call 20 or so armed assailant’s to back him up and further terrorize you, it will be necessary to kill him before he can make the call, collect your belongings, and vacate to a secure location.

    That the assailants wears a blue costume with a piece of tin on his chest does not change this fundamental fact. If he bullies, brutalizes, or terrorizes a peaceful person, he has forfeited his right to live. No tyrannical, arbitrary “law” can change this moral reality.

    As the great 19th century radical Mikhail Bakunin said: “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.”

    Fight back, always.

  • Carlos Veracruz

    The logical structure of this article is solid and well supported by empirical evidence and basic ethical considerations. Well done, sir.

    It is always morally permissible — and sometimes even obligatory — to defend oneself against an assailant, including taking the assailant’s life when necessary. That is to say, when the assailant is about to call 20 or so armed assailant’s to back him up and further terrorize you, it will be necessary to kill him before he can make the call, collect your belongings, and vacate to a secure location.

    That the assailants wear a blue costume with a piece of tin on his chest does not change this fundamental fact. If he bullies, brutalizes, or terrorizes a peaceful person, he has forfeited his right to live. No tyrannical, arbitrary “law” can change this moral reality.

    As the great 19th century radical Mikhail Bakunin said: “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.”

    Fight back, always.

  • Carlos Veracruz

    The logical structure of this article is solid and well supported by empirical evidence and basic ethical considerations. Well done, sir.

    It is always morally permissible — and sometimes even obligatory — to defend oneself against an assailant, including taking the assailant’s life when necessary. That is to say, when the assailant is about to call 20 or so armed assailants to back him up and further terrorize you, it will be necessary to kill him before he can make the call, collect your belongings, and vacate to a secure location.

    That the assailants wear a blue costume with a piece of tin on his chest does not change this fundamental fact. If he bullies, brutalizes, or terrorizes a peaceful person, he has forfeited his right to live. No tyrannical, arbitrary “law” can change this moral reality.

    As the great 19th century radical Mikhail Bakunin said: “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.”

    Fight back, always.

  • Carlos Veracruz

    The logical structure of this article is solid and well supported by empirical evidence and basic ethical considerations. Well done, sir.

    It is always morally permissible — and sometimes even obligatory — to defend oneself against an assailant, including taking the assailant’s life when necessary. That is to say, when the assailant is about to call 20 or so armed assailants to back him up and further terrorize you, it will be necessary to kill him before he can make the call, collect your belongings, and vacate to a secure location.

    That the assailants wear blue costumes with pieces of tin on their chests does not change this fundamental fact. If they bully, brutalize, or terrorize a peaceful person, they have forfeited their right to live. No tyrannical, arbitrary “law” can change this moral reality.

    As the great 19th century radical Mikhail Bakunin said: “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.”

    Fight back, always.

  • DEAN

    hahah i swear the stupidest fuckin comments on here about how cops dont need to be shut down, are coming from cops themselves posting on here….

    seriously it seems that way… you would have to be a moron or living in a fuckin cave to disagree with this… or like i said before. a cop hahah

  • DEAN

    And oh my fuckin god…. its like cops are the only ones with families and kids that matter. If some cop ever did some shit to me, where i needed to shoot him… and i fuckin would. I would go straight to that fuckers house and finish his fuckin family off for all you bastards out there that are so worried about the family the cop has. so no one has to be sad.

    fuckin slaves. this shit makes me sick.

  • meatwad

    Grow a pair officer. You have the obligation to refuse the illegal orders. You are not in Iraq where your insane unit commander will suicide you for refusing those illegal orders.

    If you break down a door, you have just broken the right to live another minute. The “no knock” policy is the tyrants creep into tyrany. There is no valid reason to break into a home unless you hear screams, and more often the only screams inside are coming after you break in. Never before the illegal ninth amendment violating war on some drugs, you never entered the home at night, NEVER.

    The fact that GANGS without badges are doing the no knock entry, concider your self to be without a badge.

    It is only the cost factor to sit and surround the home with a suspect inside that your watch commander is ordering you to break the law by entering anyones home. refuse that illegal order and tell your watch commander to take a hike. If you want to live another day, do the right thing. No life is in immediate danger until you break down that door. There have been thousands of cases of the police tyrant breaking into the wrong home and killing or crippling the home owner that broke no law. STOP IT.

    So what excuse do you have for these illegal intrusions, expediency?? You deserve to die if you think that.

    Follow the laws that are right, you have the right to refuse illegal orders so use it.

    To the home owners, make your entry as tight as can be, make them funnel into a squeezed in area, and get ready to defend yourself fro mthe badged and unbadged home invasion.

  • Giovanni

    To Mick:
    You should read both the U.S. Supreme Court April 30, 1900 decision in John Bad Elk v United States…and the references found in the following link:
    The title of the page is “Your right of defense against unlawful arrest”.
    You stated in your Post ” I do agree that there comes a point at which it is acceptable to kill a law enforcement agent, but that line falls for me far beyond the moment when a law enforcement official momentarily impedes my Bill of Rights privileges”
    Consider a hypothetical case in which you would be excercizing your 1st Amendment right to free speech by carrying a political sign (completely within the parameters of existing law)… other people with an opposing viewpoint are also carrying signs which advocate their position. A police officer takes offense to your sign, in particular, and tells you to stop protesting. He threatens you with arrest and will use any means necessary to take you into custody if you do not comply. He has a tazer with him and, he informs you, he will not hesitate to use it. For the sake of this story let us also assume that you have a heart condition to such a degree that a tazer strike could be deadly to you. You also are carrying a concealed handgun because it is legal to do so in your state. You are fast as lightning on the draw. You have decided to continue your protest because to comply would not just “momentarily impede my Bill of Rights priviliges” but would in fact permanently deny you your Bill of Rights priviledge to free speech… because the opportunity to protest at this time at this event under these circumstances will never come around again! The police officer sees that you will not comply and he reaches for his tazer….Would this situation meet your “POINT AT WHICH IT IS ACCEPTABLE” criteria?.,,,
    I am gathering this information for the purposes of research and writing a book. Anyone who has additional info or updated case law please post the link here.

  • George Sand

    @Giovanni – as almost every state has resisting arrest laws, I believe that Bad Elk merely mentioned in dicta that one has a right to defend themselves against wrongful arrest. I think Bad Elk mostly dealt with the propriety of jury instructions in light of the fact that the state law there allowed for resist against unlawful arrest – the decision was dependent on that, and as states have gradually overturned such laws, Bad Elk’s force and effect really only applies to interpretation of jury instructions, and isn’t binding law with regard to the substantive issue of resisting arrest. This is my take after only a very cursory read – but it would explain why state after state has been permitted to enact such laws, with no protest in the judicial system.


    I just have to say one more thing. If a cop is beating your kid for being retarded, are you, his mother going to stand by and watch, “your name says”, so he can “go home to his family”. If a cop comes into your home and shoots the place up, killing your daughter sleeping on the couch, AND ITS THE WRONG ADDRESS, ARE YOU GOING TO “JUST LET IT GO” or “seek justice in court?
    Whatever, your pathetic.

  • George Sand

    @Takaru – couldn’t agree with you more. Problem is, most people see police as gods, and the rest of us as ordinary humans. Thus, ordinary humans have a duty to yield to the gods when the gods are killing their children, raping their wives, or beating their disabled family members. Ordinary humans must obey the gods at all costs, and if they are fortunate, they can go through a slow, costly and risky court process later, which at best, will not result in jail or payments by the cop, but a payout by taxpayers. This is what it means to be a police officer-god in America, versus an ordinary peon.

  • Giovanni

    To: George Sand
    Good point George.
    Even though the reference may have been made in dicta… at least it was made favoring Bad Elk. As you probably know the US Supreme Court vacated (on the premise of faulty jury instructions) the lower courts conviction of Bad Elk and sent the case back down for re-trial. I do not know the subsequent outcome of the re-trial.
    What appears to be the current status…, please correct me if I am wrong, is that to date the US Supreme Court has not considered the specific issue where a police officer is killed while attempting to illegally arrest someone.
    Also, you mention that States have gradually overturned laws which have allowed for the resisting of illegal arrest. I believe there should be no need for a special law permitting the resistance of an illegal arrest…. and therefore any law repealing a law which was initially unnecessary should also be unnecessary.
    If the inalienable rights claimed in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution are violated then the right to resist that violation should also be an inalienable right… should it not? There should be no need for the States to permit rights which already exist.
    Also, what do you think about the hypothetical case that I presented above ?
    I am gathering this information for the purposes of research and writing a book.

  • Ryan joseph

    @ giovanni.
    Good points. It should be an inalienable right to defend your inalienable rights from being violated, with force if necessary. A bagde is nowhere near as powerful than our constitution.

  • Dan

    Obviously there are a lot of sick individuals out there. In fact, there is NEVER a justification to kill a police officer acting in a lawful manner. If in fact the officer acts unlawfully, his actions should be brought to the attention of the department or the media to insure any illegal acts are investigated. I hear a bunch of blowhards on this site commenting of what they would do. Well as a police officer with over 20 years on the job I can assure that they are exactly that, blowhards. Most don’t have the testicular fortitude to say a word let alone attempt to murder a police officer. The vast majority of police officers serve the public honorably and with integrity, unlike the blowhards and their comments on this site. Typical, internet tough guys… Yeah, I am really scared now cowards….

  • meatwad

    I think you all can gain from this one case that happened in San Diego a few decades ago, 1985. Search for ‘Sagon Penn’ and add in +police +shooting.

    He was tried twice and aquitted both times for using a cops gun on the officer. The police were not too friendly to us civilians after that, and I don’t think they ever have forgotten it.

  • Jasilwatcher

    Hey with an article like this, maybe do away with the US Constitution. Let everyone defend themselves and see how many people survive. Man for Man. What a bunch of a “bullcrap”. The author should reside in a foreign country to see if he can survive his own theory. What rights? Jury of his peers? I truly believe he would come crying back to yjr the GREAT USA.

  • George Sand

    @Dan – yeah, there are a lot of sick individuals out there, that’s for sure. And you’re definitely one of them. Did you completely miss the point of the article? Everything the Nazis did was legal. So I guess if it’s legal for Nazis to kill you, you have to sit there and take it up the ass? And if we apply it to American police, if it is legal for them to abuse, oppress, and kill people, then people have a duty to take it? You are out of your mind.

  • Losmans friend

    You are $&@?ing stupid!!! Enough said!



  • F.U. ryan j

    ryan joseph….you sound like one of the most il-logically fucked up idiots i’ve EVER encountered…the writer of this article is an idiot condoning the killing of ANYBODY, not just cops. The comparision of nazi Germany an law enforcement today is proof of the DIP-SHIT idiot that wrote the article…IF you ever grow up and realize that laws are in place to maintain order, same reason the constitution was written on the federal level, you MIGHT have and understanding of the role of law enforcement in todays society…if yuo still don’t have a clue, laws are passed by YOUR state government, if you don’t like it, move, take steps to change it, or better yet, go on a permenant vacation to ANY other country and see how your rights compare…til then, F.U.

  • Ryan Joseph

    at the person who didnt write their name.

    Are you kidding me? Do you need a lesson on United States History?! people like you are so pathetic. I understand completely what he is saying in his article. I support the right to protect myself with deadly force regardless if the person wears a phony badge on their chest. The Bill of Rights WAS NOT created to maintain order!!! you moron. It was created to protect normal citizens from government intrusion. period. To protect us from overzealous police and politicians. Also, you fucking moron. He was speaking hypothetically when comparing nazi germany. I understand it is difficult for someone with an education deficiancy like yourself, so i will try to explain it how i would a 10 year old child. What the nazis did was a travesty; crime against humanity. Yet, their actions were absolutely legal by law. The point is, regardless of whether or not something is legal, it is not always right. The people who stood up against nazi opression and fought for there freedom were heroes regardless if they were actually in violation of law.

    “… realize that laws are in place to maintain order, same reason the constitution was written on the federal level…” paraphrased.

    If you continue to write statements like this, you will never be able to hide how absolutely uneducated you are concerning the united states constitution, and american history in general. Laws are created to maintain order, but also to opress. there is a thin line between what is maintaining order, and what infringed upon our freedom. incase you didnt know this, the constitution WAS written for the united states i.e. Everyone in the US; therefore, federal. The states adopted their respective constitutions after the fact, moron.
    Not only do i have a clue, i think it is quite obvious to ANYONE who reads your uninformed post and then mine that you are completely dominated when it comes to the understanding of government and its functions as such. douchebag. Go to the library tomorrow, open a fucking history book, take some notes, then come back when your about 1% prepared to debate with someone who is obviously intellectually superiour to yourself, loser. If you dont like the fact that AMERICAN citizens should have the right to protect themselves from threat REGARDLESS of whom that threat may be coming from, then you are NOT an AMERICAN. Maybe born here, BUT no way a patriotic american by my standards, or by anyones standards who actually beleive in the constitution. The founding fathers created this country in spite of opression, not to found its own opressing mechanism. moron. People should have the right to be free from any and all unwarranted government intrusion, and have the right to defend themselves from said intrusions. read about the founding fathers and youll learn that YOUR ideals and philosophies on what it means to be AMERICAN, ARE THE OPPOSITE OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS. YOUR A JOKE. GO BE A SHEEP.

  • Ryan Joseph


    Il-Logically?!?!?! are you fucking serious!!!
    You are obviously one of the most Il-Literate fucked up idiots ive ever encountered!! seriously. Go read a book, if you can read that is your retard. Your probably some redneck who has a pig for a brother. Never graduated highschool and has never even been outside of his state let alone this country. Uneducated idiots like you are laughing stock when you attempt to debate with people who are literally 100 times smarter than you. what a waste of time you are. What happened to the american dream when so many idiots out here like this guy cant even fucking read?! no wonder government feels like they need to control people more and more. its because uneducated idiots like this guy are dangerous. they really are. highschool dropouts who if not for the internet would never leave the county they reside. Do the world a favor, loser, and stop spuing your uninformed, uneducated, and obviously illiterate opinions from the internet. go back to school and learn something for once because its annoying to people like me to continually have to SCHOOL morons like yourself. Not only is it annoying, its a waste of my time. Im sure all you do in life is work in a coal mine and drink beer at night with your wife who has 1 tooth, and your inbred children, but people like me who are actually educated have better things to do than argue with drunk losers who have absolutely no facts behind their arguments. not only are your statements rediculous and unsupported, the FACTS are actually on my side. “THE SAME REASON THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL” hahahahahaha wowwwww. the founding fathers would be ashamed to know their are people like you calling themselves americans. do us a favor, drink a couple more budwiesers and then go chew buckshot. it will be to the benefit of mankind if your DNA is not replicated.

  • Trevor Peck

    I’m on Mr. Rose’s side 100%. First of all, this isn’t an article about when you SHOULD shoot a cop, it’s an article about when it would be morally RIGHT to shoot a cop. Those are different things. Obviously in today’s climate you would have to be very brave to shoot an evil man with a badge, as all his evil (and good) friends in blue would come chase you down. That means once you decide to do this you would almost definitely become a martyr for your cause, or just a cold, dead body no one cares about. The practical choice may well be to give in, but that doesn’t mean it would have been wrong to shoot.

    But, with all of that said, after reading Mr. Joseph’s comment, I think I might change sides. I’m embarrassed to be in even passing agreement with such a hate-monger. Perhaps Mr. Joseph is a fake, a false-flag operation to make people hate those who agree with him, just because he’s a jerk – even if we’re not.

  • Ryan Joseph

    At trevor:

    Im not quite clear how responding to someone saying ” one of the most il-logically fucked up idiots i’ve EVER encountered” completely unprovoked can be seen as being a hate monger. Someone makes a stupid statement and tries to school me on the constitution when obviously has never read it, so i respond. attacking me for simply agreeing with someone else saying that is agreed with his analology of inalienable rights. yet again though, attacked and called another name which is yet again not supported with evidence.

  • meatwad

    It is quite obvious the little men also known as piggies have their alterior motives. They claim the constitution is to oppress the Citizen,,, at the same time they go about arresting people for lawfully possesing arms,, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall NOT BE INFRINGED” show me the exception in THAT law. Yet how many times has the PIG used the illegal laws against arms, fire arms or martial art arms,,, all illegal law(s). Then they enforce laws violating the right to use intoxicants NOT the one enumerated as the worst chemical contraptions in alcohol is currently the only lawful intoxicant. OUR NINTH AMENDMENT says all intoxicants are the right of we the people to use as we wish, yet they have built up the policy state, police state using those ulawfull statutes to oppress we the people. These laws they enforce are to be violated at the WILL of the people and any law “enforcer” that continues to ignore our “laws” shall be the target and rightfully so until they refuse those orders to enforce illegal law(s).

    If you wear the badge and you continue to enforce these unlawful laws you have given up your right to life. Simnple as that is, the piggies will continue to compare other nations to ours as if the minor tyrany here is worth the oppression.

    If you searched for my prevous example of Sagon Penn and his trials after peacefully going about his life on the American streets,,, you will know it is our obligation to resist, and today unfortunately, that means to the pigs death because of the pigs attitude. The reason they pulled over that young man, which by the way was hoping to become a police officer, was due to the overly amped up search for another man and they were pulling people over left and right, no matter what they were peacefully doing.

    Turn in your badge pig, or enforce lawful laws and not the illegal policy of the political tyrant. Our bill of rights was not an listing of what we as people are allowed to do, it is a restriction of what you as the representative of the governamnet can NOT do.

    There is no legitimate reason to invade anyones home, as I said unless you actually hear screams coming from it BEFORE you enter. Just sit outside and wait, then all of the innocents in the future will still be able to live their lives and not becvaome another example of an pigs ‘oops’. The number sof those oops are growing daily, and what does the pig say afterwards,,, they just point fingers at others blaming them for their deadly errors.


  • meatwad

    To Kop Killa,,, the use of “letting god sort it out” is how the governments get away with their form of tyrany, when too many people think it all gets sorted out in some afterlife, the tyrants can continue on in THIS life. Have you even considered your god is testing you to do the right thing NOW for your neighbor and enemy alike? You sit back and proclaim “shame shame” gewts nothing changed for the better.

    Back to the piggies,,, refuse your illegal orders to oppress based on illegal laws. As I said previously, unlike in Iraq, your commander is not going to suicide you for refusing the illegal orders to invade a Citizens home in the darkness of the night. Sure it will be expensive having half the shift one one home, but it is worth it when later you find out it is the wrong address,,, right?
    If you do not refuse the illegal orders, you appear as the gun crazed trigger happy tyrant that deserves to die now.

    I appoligise for any typos, anger at the policy state oppression does that to my fingers.

    This from a man that has stood up to the piggie, and lives to tell about it.

  • bong_jamesbong2001

    The answer is: Self-defense and defense of family, and don’t wait till they start shooting (they are good shots!). My motto is: “Self defense is always right and is never illegal.” This, after a public defender told me I had no defense to resisting cops that were kidnapping my kids.

    Defense of property: Will definitely get you in front of a jury, but does putting on a uniform give you immunity to the criminal code? No!

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  • Oink Oink

    When Should You Shoot A Cop?

    Anytime one of them violates your rights.

    This will help other cops think twice about doing the same.

    But then, they are slowly trying to change your rights to their benefit too so that they can legally get away with their crimes against we the people.

    The system’s quite cunning and deceptive in the use of it’s fascist practices. You just have to learn their ways and out smart the ugly hypocrites.

  • Kevin Benko

    [[ Yes, I use my real name ]]

    The above article is a basic conclusion that moral rules are universal, that they apply to everyone equally.

  • greenfloyd

    “In the real world, however, far more injustice, violence, torture, theft, and outright murder has been committed IN THE NAME of “law enforcement,” than has been committed in spite of it.”

    While I’m certainly no apologist for law enforcement, I found this unsubstantiated claim – the central premise of the article – unable to support this violent line of reasoning.

    Sure the “system” is screwed-up and the threat to our liberties from both the left and right are very real. I’m sure many, if not most, cops also recognize this threat. Ending the so-called War on Drugs would be a major step in the right direction to restore public trust and respect for the rule of law and those sworn to uphold it.

    To get a little perspective, try watching a documentary or two about some of the atrocities committed by the regimes of Stalin, or Lenin, or Chairman Mao, or Hitler, or Pol Pot, or any number of other tyrants in history. Pause the film when the jackboots are about to herd innocent people into cattle cars, or gun them down as they stand on the edge of a ditch, and THEN ask yourself the question, “When should you shoot a cop?” Keep in mind, the evils of those regimes were committed in the name of “law enforcement.” And as much as the statement may make people cringe, the history of the human race would have been a lot LESS gruesome if there had been a lot MORE “cop-killers” around to deal with the state mercenaries of those regimes.

  • greenfloyd

    Opps! I inadvertently left a chunk of text from the article dangling at the end of my post. I’d appreciate it if it could be removed…
    Thank you…

  • Praetorian

    It’s never ever right to kill a cop. Are you peole out of your minds???? Wtf

  • jb

    all cops are criminals, they deserve whatever happens to them.

  • Adrous

    Outstanding article. Very well thought out and sadly, frighteningly true. Well done to the author.

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  • meatwad

    Praetorian says: July 5, 2011 at 10:22 am “It’s never ever right to kill a cop. Are you peole out of your minds???? Wtf”

    It is never right for a cop to kill an innocent Civilian, IN THEIR HOMES, are you piggies out of YOUR minds? The parades of funeral and police vehicles when a cop is killed,,, silence when they kill an innocent Citizen, even the cover up commences to put the blame on the dead innocent.

    Can you see the problem here KoP.

    Now if we had a nationwide policy of a cop must have his/her blood spilt first before they can make the claim of a threat to their life,,, so many innocent people would still be alive.

    Your “It’s never ever right” shows the world where you stand,,, blind support for the cop right or wrong. Eat your service weapon now and save us the trouble.

  • Jack Zeller

    This articel is shallowly written, and the author distinguishes himself as an utterly linear thinker. Most of the comments do as well…

  • DDaniel2006

    Sad story but true. We celebrated Independence Day two days ago hear and I was like that’s odd, we have like half the freedoms we used to back when this country was formed. What has happened to America?

  • kls

    I find it funny that an officers testimony is considered to have more weight in court that a citizen, but their accountability is less. It would seem to me when you bestow the honor of law enforcement on a person that they would be held to a higher level of accountability. It is, after all a reasonable expectation. Make law officers more accountable for violations of citizens rights and you will see less violations of those rights.

  • Rosy Cheeks

    You guys sound like a bunch of terrorists running around trying to kill police officers

  • George Sand

    @Rosy – yeah, I could not agree with you more. Self-defense is totally the same thing as terrorism. Every American has a moral duty to be beaten, raped and killed by police if the police wish to do so. To fight back against oppression would be terrorism. Therefore anyone who advocates self-defense is a terrorist.

  • Rosy Cheeks

    What about all the bad teachers out there? Or the bad doctors who take advantage of their patients? What about all the other evil or bad people in other professions? You guys are just bitter because you got a ticket or something and now your pissed off at the police. BTW I guarantee the ratio of murderers and rapist among police officers is lower then the that of the general populace, so should we kill them too…. hmmm, makes a lot of sense…..

  • Kevin Benko

    @ Rosy Cheeks

    Are you being willfully ignorant?

    The only thing that anyone is saying here is that individuals be treater equally and that a cop is no different a moral agent than any other individual.

    If an individual, any individual, does something for which an appropriate response is deadly force, then one should respond with deadly force, regardless if that individual is wearing a clown suit.

    This seems like a very simple concept to me. If you are not getting this, then I suspect that you are being intentionally obtuse, not all that bright, or you are a cop “groupie”.

    Which is it?

  • George Sand

    @Rosy – you are wrong. The proportion of rapists and murderers in the police force is actually about the same as the average population. Actually, they commit sexual assault in higher proportions. Which is extremely disturbing. That means that if I walk down the street and see a random bum or a police officer, they are equally dangerous to me. See here: Go to the 2010 Q3 Crime rate comparisons chart.

  • Rosy Cheeks

    Im just wondering how many times you guys have actually seen or been a victim of this type of thing or your just pissed because you got a parking ticket, grow up, people break the law and get punished for it, if a police officer uses deadly force on you I’m sure he has a reason too, but you know you can stand up for the criminals, congrats for doing that, I’m really glad someone is protecting their right to commit crime.

  • Rosy Cheeks

    BTW your big words are nice, glad your giving your dictionary a nice workout from behind your computer desk.

  • Kevin Benko


    I noticed that you evaded my queries.
    Did you even read the original article, or are you making your comments based upon the title alone?
    None of your comments actually refer to the moral ideas in the article itself. What’s up with that?
    Again, I ask, are you clueless, stupid, or are you a cop groupie?

    PS: I don’t know what you are talking about with the dictionary comment. This is my normal vocabulary. Has it ever crossed your mind that an individual can have rational, logical, and philosophical views that lead them to the necessary conclusion that a cop is is absolutely no different, no better nor worse, having no moral privileged, than any other individual? Has it ever crossed your mind that those of us who are not cop groupies have arrived at that position through well-justified and rational thought?

  • Meatwad

    Yes Kevin, Rosy Palmer is an ignorant and no rosey, I’ve only witnessed pigs trying to kill someone because of their paranoia. I did have one pull his weapon to my temple a long time ago after they politely asked me to step out of my car,,, what fereaked him out is your guess too. I suspect he wanted to kill someone that day and I did not ablige him, telling him to holster his weapon and I’m not moving a pinky until he does. What was my initial crime, sitting low in the drivers seat at a beach park and reading a book propped up on my cars steering wheel. Maybe he hated readers, I don’t know.

  • Jack Zeller

    Meatwad..I don’t know Rosey, but you are ignorant, stupid, and older than you should be. Pigs are good, and so are most police officers…And when they are bad, do NOT confuse the issue. You sound like a dopehead right out of the sixties. And your story is NOT believable.

  • lovecops

    thank god for the death penalty. Should someone read this and be brain washed into it and follow the act of killing a government agent you may also be held accountable for that crime. I love 2 for 1 specials.

  • Wastrel

    You make it very clear that you think that you have the right (which you also call an ‘inalienable right’) to free speech, and if someone tries to prevent you from exercising that right, you can KILL them. That is wrong. Your right to do something else does not give you the right to kill. Other people have rights, too, and the right to life is specifically stated to be ‘inalienable’ in our Declaration of Independence.

    I am not saying that a policeman, as a representative of the state, has any rights. The State has NO rights; it has duties and responsibilities. Only individuals have rights, and your hypothetical policeman who prevents you from exercising your right to free speech has a right to life as an individual, both legally and morally.

    Many of the things you say are quite true and valid, but as usual with people who have decided to adopt a radical position, you overstate it and thereby bring it all to ruin. You must reconsider some of your positions and rewrite this to make more sense.

  • Jack Zeller

    Wastrel – a calm, (and sane) thinker… Well put.

  • Kevin Benko

    Again, I am astounded at, what seems to me, an obvious lack of comprehension of what the article actually said on the part of many, if not all, of those who disagree with the article.


    The article merely identifies and notes that moral principles/standards/rules are universal and that no individual human being, nor groups of human beings, falls under a different set of moral principles/standards/rules than any other human being(s). That if a certain moral rule applies to one person, it applies to every other person. Hence, if an individual, any individual, behaves in a certain manner towards you that would, necessarily, require you to use force, even deadly force, against that individual, then it does not matter if that other individual is a rapist, mugger, or a cop. The same moral rule of acceptable response via (deadly) for applies universally.

    For example, if an individual wielding a pistol seems to you to be intent upon harming you or killing you, then, by the universal nature of morality, your response should NOT depend upon whether that individual is a common thug or a cop. (although some could argue that I am being redundant).

    All this other nonsense that a majority, if not all, of the dissenting opinions are bringing up is irrelevant to what the article is saying.

  • Giovanni

    If you are referring to the hypothetical case in the July 1 @ 7:01 PM posting….
    How do you suppose the Police Officer would prevent free speech without using force? As stated in the hypothetical case…. “He threatens you with arrest and will use any means necessary to take you into custody if you do not comply”
    In what world would this case ever be confined to just free speech?
    The case would never be confined to just a free speech issue unless the Patriot/Free Speecher was to back down…which he wouldn’t…because he doesn’t have to …he has acted completely legally thus far.
    Now the situation has been escalated by the Police Officer from preventing free speech to potential false arrest, false imprisonment, battery, and threatened assualt with a deadly weapon (tazer).
    Notice my hypothetical Patriot did not make any aggressive moves until the police officer reached for his tazer.
    Thank God your type did not prevail in 1775-1783 when those radicals (Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Payne, etc) were fighting to gain our rights. I suspect many of the Torries (British sympathizers) would have thought like you do. It is in this context that I take your name-calling of “radical” as a compliment.
    I would like to believe the title of the initial post “When should you shoot a cop ?” refers to cops who are acting ILLEGALLY. I think we would all agree that it is never acceptable to shoot anyone, cop or not, who is acting legally. You should read the full text of the US Supreme Court decision “United States v John Bad Elk”

    @Jack Zeller
    If you also are referring to the same hypothetical case…then read the whole post. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you read “US v John Bad Elk” also.

  • Wastrel

    Giovanni, I was not talking about the case to which you refer. I still haven’t read that. Here’s the relevant quote from the article:

    “If you have the unalienable right to speak your mind (a la the First Amendment), then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to shut you up.”

    I stand by what I said. Your right to free speech (which by the way is not ‘inalienable’) does not negate someone else’s rights (in this case, a person’s right to life) and it does not give you a right to kill.

  • Louise

    Good article! The one point I disagree with is the mention of Branch Davidians – cult leader David Koresh and his mindless followers were hardly victims of law enforcement.

    Koresh played the system as he had a death wish (because he knew in prison he’d be abused by fellow inmates for his many child-brides who bore him children). Don’t make him into a martyr.

    – Louise

  • Giovanni

    I think in the main article, the author, by saying…. “if you have the right to do “A,” it means that if someone tries to STOP you from doing “A”–even if he has a badge and a politician’s scribble (“law”) on his side–you have the right to use whatever amount of force is necessary to resist that person”….was skipping over a lot of intermediate steps.
    In your scenario, the choice would never simply be between “right to free speech” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.
    Because the Free Speaker would legally not be required to back down the Police would escalate the situation…by attempting an arrest.
    Then the choice would become between “right to be free from false arrest” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.
    If the Free Speaker resists an illegal arrest then the Police would escalate again…by threatening or using moderate physical force.
    Now the choice would become between the “right to be free from false imprisonment” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.
    If the Free Speaker still remains successful in defeating all attempts to take him into custody then the Police would escalate again…by threatening or using deadly force.
    Finally, the choice has become between the Free Speakers “right to life” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.

    So by merely boiling it down to a case of “right to free speech” versus the Police Officers “right to life”, you miss all the intermediate steps and present a case which would NEVER happen.
    In a situation where a Free Speaker, acting legally, is determined to never relinquish his rights and never back down…that case would ALWAYS escalate to the Free Speakers “right to life” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.

    Conceivably, any case, where a person, ACTING LEGALLY, is determined to exercise any of their Constitutional Rights against the unlawful orders of a Police Officer illegally trampling on those rights…would result in an escalation to the point of Constitutional Rights Patriot’s “right to life” versus the Police Officers “right to life”.
    Are you suggesting that it should it always be incumbent on the person who did nothing but legally exercise their rights to back down?

    I believe that if “Qualified Immunity” was repealed the public might once again believe that they could get a fair redress of grievances in court and faith in the Justice system might be restored.

  • Kevin Benko

    Not so minor nitpicking point:

    The constitution does not give us any rights, those rights are inherent in all humans by our very nature as humans, the constitution was supposed to delimit and constrain the federal government and, by extension, the state and local governments, via further amendments. The first ten amendments to the constitution were supposed to be a list of those things that the federal government and, by extension, state and local governments were NOT PERMITTED TO mess with. Hence, the cop attempting to violate an individual’s free speech, for example, would be an illegitimate act on the part of the cop, whick would throw it into the Bad Elk case.

    Furthermore, via the Padelford case, the constitution does not apply to regular people, only to the government, as it was supposed to be a document that limited and constrained what the government was permitted to do.

    Unfortunately, the beast was let out of the cage as a result of the whiskey rebellion, in my opinion.

  • Phil Severence

    Ryan Joseph’s chest beating sounds a lot like he’s trying very hard to convince himself that he’s not in the closet. Buddy, if I need some head, you’re the one to call.

    Ha, you claim you’re not a coward. You sound like the biggest coward there is. Now kneel before me you simpering wimp.

  • Ryan Joseph

    So you read an article about civil liberties and social injustice, and the only thing you can thing about by the end is to demonize homosexuality, and in the next sentence show that you yourself are a latent homosexual?! You want another man to be on his knees in from of you? Are you a cop, because you sure talk like one. Having a badge and a gun doesnt make you a hero. You talk a big game, but in reality, thats all it is. its talk. in real life, im sure you would be quick to call the police to handle your disputes for you. real manly. dork. read the article. if you cant think of something constructive to say about civil rights or cant come up with a constructive argument, than do everyone a favor and take your uneducated and homophobic rhetoric elsewhere. Its funny when people like you call people homos, point fingers, condemn people, and then are found with male prostitutes in hotel rooms smoking meth (ted haggard).

  • lovecops

    So than by reasoning should a cop or thug point a gun at you, you have the “right to shoot”, what if lets say a 9 year old stumbled across a gun on the street, would you kill that child? Or would that go against the morals of society which you so often point out. I believe it is against the morals of society to kill anyone on hence the legal system has a way to deal with these people. If only massachusetts would bring back the death penalty.

  • Kevin Benko


    Your argument is an example of the logical fallacy of a “straw man” argument.

    It should be clear and obvious that your hypothetical 9-year-old with a gun does not represent the threat that a cop represents, given the difference in non-verbal-cues that each expresses.

    You are, it seems to me, clutching at straws. ((pun intended))

    Simply put, it doesn’t matter what your job is or whether you are wearing a clown suit, the same rules of behavior and action apply to everyone equally.

    No exceptions.

  • Paul Bonneau

    I generally agree with this article; in fact I have written a couple of articles similar:

    My only nit to pick is this statement: “Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them from doing so, which will almost always require killing them.”

    It probably depends on where one lives, but I know a story where a cop tried to get someone who open carried a firearm to not carry (where it was legal) and the guy responded that he would kill the cop if the cop tried to disarm him. And no killing happened; the cop gave up on the idea. So at least in some places you can get the assholes to back down just by standing up to them (this was in Wyoming). Of course you can’t assume it will happen that way; you have to actually be willing to go to war.

    A few dead “bad apples” would actually go a long way to fixing some big problems in this country. The surviving cops would learn there are limits to the behavior.

  • Dan Miles

    That’s an interesting question. This is an interesting article.

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  • Cara

    The blogger and 90% of his commenters couldn’t reach an accumulated IQ of a hundred if they were spotted fifty points.

    Congratulations to those few commenters who were rational in their response to this lunatic’s paranoid ranting.

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  • Sara

    This is the most asinine “article”, if you can call it that, that I’ve ever read. It’s seriously concerning that anyone would agree with any of this. Getting through the first paragraph, I thought my eyes would bleed. – To give you all a sort history lesson, none of the terrible crimes committed in history can ever be said to have been carried out in the name of “law enforcement”. Everything has been stretched to amuse your sick thought process.

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  • Jimmy

    I lol at your ignorance xD what the fuck is this?! LMFAO!! they’re here to protect you, silly.

  • Richard Kahn

    Just in case you think this article is over-the-top, I suggest two books by Vin Suprynowicz. “Send in the Waco Killers” and “Ballad of Carl Drega.” This is not a new discussion.

  • Kevin Benko


    “I lol at your ignorance xD what the fuck is this?! LMFAO!! they’re here to protect you, silly.”

    I was a police officer for about six years in the 1980s. I was, also, under the delusion that the police were here to “protect” us. I realized, early on, that this was not the case and was further deluded that I could stomach it and one of the few “good cops”. However, in the late 1980s I couldn’t tolerate it any more and I quit.

    From what I have personally seen from the “inside” and the “outside”, the police, whom I now refer to as COPTHUGS, are not here to “serve” us nor to “protect” us.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Kevin Benko…Oh, really Kevin? What department…oh go ahead, you can say, it’s been over seven years…and you left the PD, why? Go ahead kevin, you can tell us…or can’t you?

  • Marian

    BULL****! Have a cop as a loved one then re read this ridiculous article.

  • Cara

    It’ been my experience that someone who leaves policing after six or seven years does it one step ahead of an indictment.

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  • Jack Zeller

    …er, Kevin Benko? Are you there? Somehow I don’t think you will be…

  • Kevin Benko

    @Jack Zeller

    So, you seem to be under the impression that it is not at all possible for an individual to, somehow, acquire something resembling ethics and morality and, as a consequence, come to the necessary conclusion that, for example, the police, in general, have never been “our friends.”

    There is also the delusion, often found in political/bureaucratic structures, that it is possible to change things from the inside, by working within the system. Sadly, that, too, is a pipe dream. Eventually, some people, myself, for example, arrive at the conclusion that it is not possible to change the bureaucratic/political structure from within, and just leave that structure, as I did.

    Since then, I’ve changed “careers” a few times, not, as Cara wants to assert, because I was in any sort of trouble, but because there’s no rule that says that you have to stick with a single career path your whole life. And that single fact is a consequence of my very first career path change from CopThug to NonCopThug.

    Anyway, back to the original article, as many of the cop groupies seem to have misunderstood. The article is merely stating/asserting/reinforcing the principle that morals are universal. The article merely states that every individual be held to the same exact moral standards, and consequences thereof, as every other individual.

    It’s that simple, why is it that some of you people cannot grasp that simple concept?

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  • Ian MacLeod

    To Mr. “.000009%” and friends :
    This took the time it took to copy and paste them to gather. There are THOUSANDS of them,and probably TENS of thousands more incident, most of which are never reported.Those that are almost always clear the cop(s), even the most egregious. Yes, there are many honorable, professional, even courteous police; I know, I’ve worked with them and encountered them. I honor those men and women and admire them for doing a necessary and dangerous job.

    There are also FAR too many violent, even psychopathically violent cops out there with a hair trigger who seem to want desperately to hurt or kill someone on any excuse. And THOSE are rarely held accountable, and NEVER to the extent a non-police perpetrator of the same crime would be when the cost of accountability should go the other way if anything. Defend yourself though, even when it is clear that you would have been murdered by a violent psychopath with a badge had you not, and you WILL be be killed – executed by the state or by his buddies. Sorry – truly – but there is NO excuse for this, especially not in the numbers it happens in these days! The asshole cop who pulled over the skinny little guy with a new CCW permit, refused to accept the permit, refused to allow him to talk, then when he found the gun desperately wanted to KILL the guy not informing him of the permit immediately, spent half an hour berating and threatening him, shoving him around (and fastened the restraints too tightly causing an injury) is too often the kind of cop people run across. In another video a cop called to the scene where a woman was attacked and hurt ATTACKS HER! Then he hauls her off to jail (now with a broken vertebra from being slammed down by this cop) where she’s sexually abused, humiliated, beaten and left lying on a concrete floor nude for six hours. “Our officer followed proper police procedure” they said!

    Say what you will, too many of these incidents are teaching citizens to HATE cops, mistrust them, and that just feeds into the problem. SOMETHING must be done or there’s going to be war between citizens and police, and weapons or no, there are LOTS more citizens than cops!


  • Gene

    Well ask the former cop father of Kelly Thomas who was savagely beaten to death on July 5 by six sadistic cowboy mental rejects posing as Fullerton, Cal finest steroid accidents!

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  • Karl


    The nicest guy off duty becomes a criminal the moment he puts on the costume and searches a vehicle without probable cause or reasonable suspicion…participates in a sneak & peak under Patriot Act law…tasers and beats a handcuffed suspect…runs an open carriers’ gun serial number instead of checking only to see gun is unloaded (CA)…enters a home without a warrant…runs a DUI checkpoint, etc.

    All cops are scum because they support illegal actions by their associates. There is not one honorable officer in the entire USA.

    Please kill any man that you see beating a handcuffed person. Kill any thugs that enter your home without a warrant or attempt to violate any of your civil rights.

    If we continue to allow cops to murder our brother, harmlessly sitting on steps in Belmont Shores/Long Beach, our friend, not moving fast enough to drop a carving tool (Indian artist in Seattle), an ex OC deputies’ homeless son in Fullerton…it’s just a matter of time the reader is next being slain.

  • Jason Calley

    The author of this article is deeply, deeply confused. He (or she) seems to think that our actions and our ethics are a matter of universal principles or natural rights. No, not even maybe.

    Obviously, our rights and our morality are both based on clothing and costumes. It is our clothing, our outfits, our pants, shirts and robes that give us our rights. When a man (or woman) puts on a blue uniform, he (or she) becomes a sort of mini-God, a new form of creature, an actor who now has the ability and right to dispense life or death. A soldiers uniform, a priest’s robe, a Senator’s red power tie, these transmogrify an ordinary mortal into an institution, into a force which may sweep through ordinary mundanes the way a bulldozer cuts through swathes of concentration camp detainees.

    A man in a blue uniform may not be punished or injured, because a man in a blue uniform is universally and eternally the standard by which we define what is Right and Lawful, just as a man in a robe defines what is Holy and Sanctified. Attempting to “defend” yourself against a policeman who is attacking you is unthinkable, because it presumes that a policeman is capable of doing anything outside the law. Arguing that a policeman is somehow in the wrong for breaking into a house of law abiding people, or for clubbing an unresisting videographer, is just irrational. It is as crazy as calling for the punishment of priests who sodomize children.

    The author of this article, Larken Rose, is obviously a person of no principles or understanding.

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  • George Sand

    @Jason Calley – thank you for clearing that up for us all. We were all confused. Your explanation makes much more sense. Now that I understand they are mini-gods, everything makes much more sense.

  • Icepick

    Hey cops, don’t like this? Then you should stop waging a war against the people of the United States. Your actions are causing a reaction from us. The people of this country are just about fed up with you and no longer respect what you stand for. If you continue doing what you are being trained to do by the Federal govt. then you will very soon find yourselves out numbered by an angry populace that see’s you for the thugs that you really are. On that day you will no longer strut around in that stupid looking costume you wear, no, on that day it is you that will run and hide. And it will be your own fault.

  • Jason Calley

    @ George Sand

    Yeah, glad to help clear up that confusion! :)

    It’s a real shame that we can’t just get our politicians to pass a law that EVERYONE has to dress in a blue uniform. Think about it… nothing we did would be grounds for prosecution. The crime rate would drop to zero!


    Speaking seriously for a moment, and not satirically, it is difficult to understand why so many otherwise normal people fail to see the point made by Larken Rose in the article above. What is so hard to understand? If I hire a man to mow my lawn, and while he is at my home, he burns down my house, he does not get a get-out-of-jail-free card because “he was just trying to help keep the neighborhood beautiful by mowing the grass!” NO! The moment he commits arson, he is no longer a member of the “just trying to help” class, but rather he becomes a member of the “criminal arsonists” class. Similarly, a man hired to enforce the laws of your local community does not gain a “get-out-of-jail-free” card by donning a blue uniform. The fact remains, at the moment that Officer Friendly chooses to go outside the rule of law and beat, bully or murder some one who is not putting him (Officer Friendly) in immediate danger, the officer leaves the class of “law enforcer” and joins the class of “outlaws and murderers.”

    This is not complicated.

    Man in blue uniform obeying the law = respected public employee
    Man in blue uniform breaking the law = criminal outlaw

  • Raphael

    I don’t live in the US and don’t own a gun.

    Unfortunately all points in this article are logically valid. A few example of extreme unwarranted police brutality:

    Just a few examples… I know there’s good cops out there, the last thing I would want would be to mix up the bad ones with the ones that can really help.

    But here’s the rub, if the bad cop don’t like the tone of your voice, he will want to beat you up. That involve tasering, making your head look like the elephant man and a pile of false charges. If you resist, he will call in other cops, you will have to deal with a hail of bullets. If you have a gun, then they will retreat and call in the SWAT team with superior fire power and gear.

    This is the thing, if you don’t want any of this, logic dictates that you almost have to use maximum lethal fore somewhere in the process, preferably at the beginning when you feel they’re coming in. Then they will try to find you and hunt you down. Not an easy decision, either that or be dead or in a similar situation.

    Again, I wish all of this could be resolved in a more peaceful manner

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  • Jack Zeller

    @Kevin Benko – Kevin, you never answered my question…what department were you a ‘copthug’ on, before you decided not to be a ‘copthug’ thingey anymore? You know what? I don’t believe you were ever a cop. I have 32 years of LE. I am a forensic interviewer. I have known stupid and unethical police officers. I have known unjustifiably violent police officers. They were, and are a tiny fraction of the men and women serving in the police services. I have worked internal affairs, and for those of you who think that wayward police officers are not jailed, fined, fired, are simply ignorant, or do not accept the truth. I will say this…Police departments supported by their communities, that spend a good amount of tax dollars on good and constant training, and who spend lots of tax payer dollars on thorough and complete background investigations before hiring, have few wayward incidents and officers. You’ll find that the most troubled departments are the most underfunded departments. People stating that all cops are thugs and killers, is as stupid as saying all citizens are criminals. It may also surprise you all to know that there are thousands of LE nationally who are members of Oath Keepers. Go ahead, google it. It is simply not true. So, Kevin – put your department where your big mouth is…

  • Jack Zeller

    @Jason Calley – Jason, you are spot on. And, no, it is NOT complicated.

    “Man in blue uniform obeying the law = respected public employee
    Man in blue uniform breaking the law = criminal outlaw”

  • Kevin Benko

    @Jack Zeller

    Oh, I thought that you were only a cop groupie and not a real live cop. Well, I guess that given your status as a demigod, you are probably not used to mere non-cops telling you:


  • My3Suns

    “One who turns his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination.” Proverbs 28:9

    Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest
    “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”
    “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.” Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7 Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349; State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621.
    “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.”Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.
    “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.
    “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).
    “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).
    “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).
    “Story affirmed the right of self-defense by persons held illegally. In his own writings, he had admitted that ‘a situation could arise in which the checks-and-balances principle ceased to work and the various branches of government concurred in a gross usurpation.’ There would be no usual remedy by changing the law or passing an amendment to the Constitution, should the oppressed party be a minority. Story concluded, ‘If there be any remedy at all … it is a remedy never provided for by human institutions.’ That was the ‘ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice.’” (From Mutiny on the Amistad by Howard Jones, Oxford University Press, 1987, an account of the reading of the decision in the case by Justice Joseph Story of the Supreme Court.
    As for grounds for arrest: “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner, concealed on or about the person, is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” (Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th Ed., Vol.2: Judy v. Lashley, 5 W. Va. 628, 41 S.E. 197)

  • Jack Zeller

    @Kevin Benko

    Kevin, please, you are embarrassing yourself.

  • chena

    …if someone enters my home illegally, (that means without my prior expressed permission) I don’t care who they are, or what clothing or uniform they are wearing, they take their life and well-being out of their own hands and place it into my care and custody. I may actually deprive them of it, or not….my choice.

    Out on the street, I am responsible for the safety and well-being of myself and my family. I observe and judge my surroundings and avoid trouble whenever possible. Approach me or my family with respect and courtesy and you will receive the same…my response may be less than cordial if you are less than cordial.

    I will never submit to treatment that I deem to be illegal or disrespectful, whether that treatment be from a street thug intent on depriving me of life or property, or if the treatment be from a LEO, of any organization, acting outside of what I deem to be the limits of their authority….for these reasons, I avoid interactions with LEO’s at all times and in all manners…I keep my vehicles registered and insured, keep our bills paid, and generally keep my actions within the boundaries generally deemeed ‘socially acceptable’…these and other actions minimize the ‘footprint’ that I leave for LEO’s to have a reason to notice my existance, and thereby intrude into my life…

    Keep your wits sharp…your eyes and ears open, your mouth shut….keep your knives sharp and your guns loaded, food in the freezer and gas in the tank…you’ll be fine….

  • mark

    fisrt .for those who believe in GOD.GOD says there is a time for war.war can be between counties or between two people or between one person who is right and 20 authority people ethier be 20 wrong cops or 20 wrong roman soilders.romans 13 where it says that we obey the government well you must read that very slow an carefully .so to say that .if someone as in a police offier came in my house unvited ,how do you really know if he or she or them are really police officers,or some who is acting as police .so if he ,she come in yes the would be blown away .we as people have the right to resist those who trust pass .again how do you know that they would not try to fram you for something you did not do.courts do not always do the right thing.again romans 13 please read careful .the government is to work for GOD,in a good way.this government is not .so it should beaware .GOD is over them ,

  • mark

    well i see some one didnt like what i was writing down in here so i was cut should be aware yourself .it looks like you are working for them.the evil people.i see you left my name an email in the boxes i see.but took out what i was so scared.if you came for me im not afraid to i will say yes there is a time to shoot .a time not.its all up to them ,if they come in unvited..GOD said there is a time for war.romans 13 read careful .government is to work for if governments treat there people wrong ,then people do not need to listen.GOD comes before governments.romans 13 6 for rulers are servantsof GOD,,,,,,so rulers treat your people well.

  • TruePatriot

    Anyone who disagrees with this article is either a cop or a fucking pussy that is willing to bend over for any tyrant pig.

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  • Leonardo

    It comes down to everyone leave everyone else alone. If you are going to stick your nose into someone’s life and business and attempt to harm their property or their bodies then they have every right to stop you and it’s not their duty to be careful about it.

  • FTP!

    All you ignorant females, I.E. Cara, Sara, Marian, Rosy: You are girls, you have never lived as a man, you are not expected to perform as men, you are not expected to lay your life down for men, you are not required to be registered for a draft to be eligible for college financial aid, you aren’t capable of thinking as a man because you are not expected to be men, the phrase “be a man” means something while “be a woman” means absolutely nothing, you are too stupid to know that you are stupid! You have no business commenting on this issue as this is man’s domain and you are incapable of participating in a meaningful way as you are afforded options that are not available to any man, except pansies!

    All you ignorant males, I.E. Jack, “nameless”, etc: You are cops or their sycophant copsuckers. You couldn’t reason your way through wet toilet paper. You believe that your masters decide what you should believe. You are servile, brain dead, morons like those that accepted the catholic church dictating to them what the Bible meant and agreeing that they shouldn’t have direct access to the Bible or even God Himself without a priest intermediary. You are the modern ignorant parishoner of the catholic church and the black robed priests of the courts are who you bow down to. You are NOT Americans and are far too consumed by your cowardice to trusted by anyone. You are uncomfortable with real men speaking the truth. You want everyone else to be a servile coward like yourself; that allows to be comfortable with your spinelessness! If the founding fathers were anything like your spineless pantywaste selves we would still be a colony of Great Britain. Go back to your spineless copsucking you pathetic excuses for men!

  • Waste A Cop

    One solution, the one I’ve applied, is to know your local cops, and be honest. Tell them what the consequences of screwing with you will be. Of course, that only works in small towns like mine. Impractical in a city of any size. Most of our local guys hold the government in contempt anyway, especially the Feds. But, if push comes to shove, my home will be the last one they try to disarm….heh heh.

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  • Stanley

    Issue outline – excellent.
    Solution – very poor, out of sync with state of the affairs.
    Rugged individualism and do it on your own worked well in a mainly rural configuration of society.
    Police for some time understands logic of force and employs overwhelming force against resisting individuals. It is dangerous to resist by force.
    In my view there is no other way than to get organized.
    Some ideas:
    – Form alliance with your neighborhood similar minded men who will show up in number in a case of police assault on you/family/home. Even when they have more firepower it tends to give them a feeling not having an overwhelming power, which can chill down any escalating situation.
    – create a civil liberty union with very competent lawyers and lots of active members. Police needs to feel that even though they might escape penal code for killing (which they do now), personal responsibility for damages will inevitably come down on them ruining their financial future. If witnesses independent from police are present they can not escape lying in reports.

  • Freedom At All Costs

    Here is how I think of it – badges, uniforms, laws, and weapons DO NOT create sanctioned reasons to be victimizes by police. Respect should be the police’s FIRST weapon of defense. If they show respect, then they get respect. If they are violent in every situation, the victim can only escalate the level of violence if, they want to protect themselves from the threat.

    How are wars won? The “good guys” have to be MORE deadly than their enemy! So, if you think reason, hope, submission, and ignorance will protect you….you are a victim before anything even starts to threaten you.

  • alnuemann

    Dont want to risk getting shot? Take up farming. You LEO’s know what your fellow officers are doing. Go along with it and take your medicine. Where the occupation requires a gun theres a risk of getting shot. It goes with the job. Its like a soldier whining about getting shot. You know the risk. Americans are getting tired of seeing unarmed people murdered by LEO’s. Every dog has his day. “As a man soweth so shall he reap.” The bad apples give all plcice officers a bad reputation. As for the ones that are willing to be abused by crooked cops, more power to them. I often wonder if the Branch Davidians had used that bulldozer to dig a tank trap and filled it with gasoline, sulpher, and tar if thay would be dead today. One day the LEO’s will bite off more that they can chew, and will raid somebody that is prepared, and knows what to do, and how to stop the assault. Anybody fighting the LEO’s will never survive, so they’ll have to make their last stand a good one. There are a lot of people out there that are not afraid to die because they have nothing to lose. When a man has nothing lest to lose, that is a very dangerous man indeed. “you knew the job was dangerous when you took it” – Superchicken

  • Jack Zeller


    Honestly, FTP, there ARE places that you can get help…I’d be glad to assist.

  • Dood McMan

    OF COURSE the purpose of the TSA & the rest of those smoke screens is 2 convince the ‘cattle’ 2 round up 4 the slaughter. U can bet they will continue pushing 4 more – like groping your kids @ school, eliminating the ability 2 get passports (through various ‘security’ excuses), so they can eventually put U in the ground & take your land & property & give it 2 their masters abroad. It’s not complicated. The same game is repeated throughout history. The Russians were into that stuff big time. The USA is going down the drain & the TSA is the #1 threat 2 America. Even the grunts in the TSA know 911 was an inside job. The entire Earth knows, including all the leaders & the FBI agents reading the posts on this page (hi there =)). U know it’s true! Get a grip guys. WHo’s side R U really on? Evil, or good? Make up your mind, Anglo Mafia (government) grunt.

  • Billy

    Dumb sheep will always be dumb sheep for the slaughter, and those who think you will go to court and get any justice are fools, there is no justice in the courts, the man that wrote this article was far smarter than most of those who read it, the abuse of police and their authority will continue to get worse, cause most of the people they hire for cops are now scum and filth, perverts like those who put think in those positions and those who rule over the dumb sheep. 75% of you will be leaving this country soon, most have no clue how bad things really are behind the scenes and what has been planned for the sheep, death camps and mass graves is all that is left for america. You have no manufacturing, no jobs, illegals, drug and crime gangs are eating up your resources, and your politicians want to take more rights and freedoms from you and the cops now can basically kill you and no one do anything about it. And if you think those mass graves and death camps wont be used in america you are a fool and an idiot.

  • Dave

    Brilliant article!
    Now the author will feel forced to write three more articles that slowly & carefully explain to the reactionary, limited thinking types mentioned that it isn’t a call to harm the police, rather a philosophical discussion that recognizes the extreme dangers involved in “obeying the law & law enforcement” in an unlimited manner and how that tendency can lead to tyranny & genocide.

    He’ll have limited success doing that.

  • Dave #2

    Obviously the vast majority of cops at this time do not fit into this discussion & they do an excellent job of keeping anarchy to a minimum, but as long as we keep allowing DHS & their creepy Zionist sidekicks in the SPLC (Potok & Cohen) to write dubious new guidelines explaining that “patriots are now terrorists”, the day may come when many cops do fall under the category of being a clear threat to us and our liberties.
    To all the LE reading these posts, think it through, don’t mindlessly accept the trendy new definitions of who a “terrorist” is and keep your oath to the constitution.
    maintaining liberty in the US is way more important than following questionable orders.

  • Stanley

    @Billy: You are right, but the solution proposed by the article does not meet the current power balance (one man vs. “unlimited” enemy for practical purposes) hence doomed to failure. And it would result in only loosing good man. A risk/benefit analysis would tell me it is not worth it.
    As long as those who understand the real state of affairs and still unwilling to adopt a better solution than a do-it-on-your-own there is no possibility of a positive change.

  • Lucy

    We need to develop an intelligence network, so that we can find out where rogue cops live. This applies particularly to police chiefs who are responsible for murderous police departments. If these people knew that they and their families could suffer serious consequences if they wage war on the public, and incur their wrath, they would think twice before doing so.

    Eventually, rogue cops would never be safe living in the community and would have to live in protected barracks, which would make the job less attactive.

  • http://Rense Steve

    The cops are the hired guns of the corporatocracy that governs our lives. Cops always side with the system and against the people. That is what makes them the enemies of the people. Since they are the enemy, we must always treat them and their overlords, the politicians and bureaucrats as our enemies. They only pay lip service to the term “Public servants”. He who controls the purse through coercion is the master. The one who must pay taxes/fines is the slave. It is time for the slaves to rise up and say no more, however that may be necessary. The new slogan is, “Who Made You God of my Life?.

  • bruce

    I don’t know about all of you folks, but when another man or woman tells me I HAVE to listen to him and DO WHAT “HE” TELLS ME TO, well, thats when I take a hike. NO ONE has the right to tell ME what to do, PERIOD. I also think pretty soon, the police will wish they had taken up another profesion. Alot of folks will not START anything with the powers that be, BUT THEY WILL FINISH IT IF PROVOKED. The sad fact is that most police officers think as the pofficed above, that no one had the “testecular fortitude” (balls) to resist them and their violence. I “think” they are going to find out how wrong they were in that assumption one day. You can only push folks SO FAR.

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  • The Dalai Lama

    For all of those commenters here who say that it is NEVER OK to shoot anyone, let alone a cop, or in self defense, here is what The Dalai Lama said:

    “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”

    – The Dalai Lama, (May 15, 2001, The Seattle Times) speaking at the “Educating Heart Summit” in Portland, Oregon, when asked by a girl how to react when a shooter takes aim at a classmate.

  • freedom

    When a peaceful revolution doesn’t work a violent revolution is inevitable.

  • richloomis

    @Jack Zeller — so you were with Internal Affairs, and claim all sorts of understanding and empathy with your fellow officers, yet I note you managed to avoid addressing the main thrust of so many comments, i.e. that even the so-called “good apples” are mostly cowards who will NOT turn in their “buddies” lest they be ostracized, demonized, become rejected/unpartnered or worse, deliberately “set up” and abandoned in dangerous situations where loss of life or severe injury is not only possible, but intended. You remain an apologist for the “system” that employs you, just as so many of the ladies posting are likely wives of cops and fear for their husbands lives, perhaps even KNOWING how dirty they are in their everday behavior with free citizens. Your attempt to “expose” Kevin as perhaps not having been a cop is pointless, since he is entitled to privacy AND his logic and exposition is not truly dependent upon ever having served. If you think making him a “liar” on that issue automatically dismisses his (or others’) arguments, think again. We are not fooled nor distracted by your diversionary rhetoric, nor will we treat you any differently from any other cop who might presume to bust down our bedroom door in the dead of night, whether you’ve worked Internal Affairs (and “gone along to get along” with your bosses) or NOT.

  • http://none Wyatt

    To all police officers. Here is where we are at. You treat ALL citizens as a potential “criminal” based on the acts of a few. Less than 2 percent of our population is incarcerated, and the majority of those are for non violent drug related crimes. The larger majority of citizens are law abiding, yet EVERY contact you make with one of us is based on your training that EVERY one of us is a potential threat.

    Now it’s your turn. Citizens now treat ALL of you based on the actions of a few.

    It’s a sad state of affairs, but as long as you “good” guys continue to ignore or God forbid even support the “bad”, and continue to enforce laws you know are bad, and continue to violate our natural rights, the decline in respect you once deserved will continue to unravel. Just putting on a piece of tin does not garner respect, you, like everybody else, earns it. The fact of the matter is, you break more laws in one week than the average majority does in a lifetime. Dig deep and you will agree.

    The ball’s in your court, but know this, the people are restless and most have simply had enough.

  • Anon

    There are red stripes on the American flag for a reason. It represents blood. Liberty was not given, it was taken by force. Tyranny is being placed upon us, we didn’t ask for this. By refusing to honor our inalienable rights does not take them away. It’s time to fight back. These cops aren’t going to change unless we make them heel like the pit bulls they arem, mainly female bitches!

  • Patrick Henry

    To: The Honorable Ryan Joseph

    Sir, I fully understand the frustration encountered when attempting to discuss and/or debate these vital principles with the average ignorant, blinded, indoctrinated, hopelessly undereducated, deceived, cowardly American dupe. Their very existence is shameful as they persist willingly in their state of psychotic denial are are supremely worthy of their pending total enslavement. Your responses to their feeble minded address, are entirely appropriate. Remember Sir, individuals such as You and I, comprise roughly 5% of this Republic. I encourage you to yield not in your efforts.

  • rotorman

    I just clicked this article as “like” and I wonder if the local coppers are going to kick down my front door to get me.

  • George Gingo

    The problem with your statement is that there it does not allow room for mistakes. Good cops do make mistakes – and they should not be punished with their life for a mistake.

  • Patrick Henry

    To: ” Dan ”


    You claim to be/were a Law Enforcement Officer for over twenty years. This being the case, what possible justification could you have to specifically provoke? I suspect, rather, you are not that which you claim to be, and thus can only believe you to be nothing more than a reprehensible agitator, completely unworthy of any reasonable recognition or consideration. A shill? A troll? or perhaps in fact, the cowardly blowhard of whom you so bravely reference? Of these, the latter is most evident.

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  • disciple

    You are correct, Stanley. There is no safe or practical way to “do-it-on-your-own.”

    How about this for a better solution:

    There are those, like the active members of CopBlock, that tend to try to “swarm” an incedent with cameras – which is great! But, once the injustice is verily documented, why not the entire attending crowd put down their cameras (save for one or two who continue to video document the event) and proceed to make a concerted citizens’ (plural on purpose) arrest on the perpetrator(s).

    It’s a very rough-draft idea that needs much refining (especially considering an officer’s personal arsenal to get aroud). But, with the eventual education/notification of those already active in the patriot movement and the subsequent inclusion of others in the general public, eventually we might move this police state back towards equal footing.

    What would happen if every individual who spotted a “law enforcement event” were to stop and, as a group, get directly involved?

    What would have happened if everyone in the audience of the Quartzsite, AZ city council meeting stood up to stop the arrest of Jennifer Jones?

    What happens if the “ants” figure out that they out-number the “grasshoppers” 100-to-1?

    Psalms 94:20-21, Isaiah 10:1-2

    In His Word,

  • ax

    great article

    what do you think echelon ?

  • ax


  • J Glenn Lowe

    “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”

    Albert Einstein

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  • Cutting Windows

    It’s seems the criminal element here in Canada wields more powerful then our justice system. An Ottawa judge threw out dozens of cases involving Canadian biker gangs and the gangs proven connections to the illegal arms and drug trades. Why? The judge said he couldn’t handle the case load.

  • http://rense bill stubblefield

    to kill anyone is a dramatic answere to a given situation but one that must always be considered. the last thing I ever wish to do is take a life but if someone is attempting to injure or kill my family, police officer, swatt team, or hired guns like blackwater…so be it. what they do to me is no big deal. my family God gave me and said that if I did not take care of them I was less than an infedel. it is a shame we have came to this point in america that we contimplate the killing of these people. the sad fact is many of these people come back from the military or are trained as civilians in combat tactics and use them against us. I personally know of an incident where three officers went to make and arrest and pushed the man into shooting. to this day no arrest warrant can or could be found. he along with two officers died that day and the third was badly wounded. why? society as well as police are losing sight of their humanity. to protect and to serve is not part of the venaculer of police nor our leaders. i grieve for all who are part of this. i am deeply saddened that we must now consider such a trully frightful but maybe needful to a future knock on our doors.

  • Paul Bonneau

    @Jack Zeller
    “Police departments supported by their communities, that spend a good amount of tax dollars on good and constant training, and who spend lots of tax payer dollars on thorough and complete background investigations before hiring, have few wayward incidents and officers. You’ll find that the most troubled departments are the most underfunded departments.”

    So, we have a choice between cops who beat and taze us, and cops who merely steal large amounts of our money.

    The point most here are missing is that even good cops are not that good. They are all tax eaters. They all lobby for more pay and more military toys. And even when they are doing what they are supposed to do, they are looking to throw you in jail. It’s their business to stick their nose into your business.

    We don’t need cops. We need people to learn to protect themselves, or to exchange peacefully with their neighbors to do so. Even historically, it’s been shown we don’t need cops, and got on for a long time without them:

    I don’t particularly think cops as human beings are worse than the rest of the population. It’s the job that is bad, and makes them bad.

  • phil

    Your article sounds like someone should open up a can of whipass on you. I’m a cop and I’d love to have you ride along for a few week and then we’ll see what kind of shit you’ll write.

  • http://http/rense bill stubblefield

    i am writing again because this is the most troubleing article i have ever read.i have many friends who are police officers and if needed i would lay my life down for them. many good people are officers working under very strenouse circumstaces to say the least. not only do they deal with a public every day that could be a serial killer to a boy scout, but also must be sub servient to popliticians and their children in the towns they serve in. they are required to take care of the drunken politicians and town councilmen but also give tickets to someone they know for a fact have not enough money to replace a muffler let alone pay a ticket. i want the public not to be afraid when pulled over not knowing if the next minute you will be continually tazed until you die, or beaten so badly you are unrecognizable. i also want the police to know that if push came to shove we the citizens would back them up. i think a good pace to begin is a dialouge between both groups and attempt to find some answeres.

  • wardoc

    This article and its contents represent the treatment for the disease of authoritarianism from which the US is currently suffering.

    As for the fool above who is squealing about needing more funding for the cops to keep them from being sociopathic, 1) he is obviously another cop (or an offspring of such slime) with an IQ in the luke warm range at best, and 2) he’s also another NAZI wanting more funding for the NAZI’s; image 1939 Germany and the NAZI’s claiming they need more funding to do their “thing” without being so brutal; that’s this guy’s “reasoning.” Pathetic.
    What a moron !!!!
    WARDOC Desert Storm Vet.

  • Ian MacLeod

    One of these days, if martial law is ever actually declared, the cops who pull this thing are suddenly going to find they are no longer the biggest dog on the block, and that they are standing in front of the target they themselves painted facing a REAL army. I also think the military will find that a lot of small, rural towns and areas like this one will present only two possible solutions: leave them alone, or destroy them a la Mei Lai. “We had to destroy it save it.” The police here are generally respectful and professional, even friendly, and they get the same thing back from citizens. Then again, this area is full of veterans and older people, by which I mean not kids, but not nursing-home “old.” Probably close to 90% of the people are armed, and while if asked politely to help out in an emergency, being told that some undefined or BS National Emergency somehow requires that we all – or even just many of us – be hauled off to some camp somewhere “for your own protection” is going to cost whoever a lot of personnel. This is probably true of much of rural America. Most of these people are quite well educated, I’m including farmers, and we know our rights.


  • Tom Hillgardner

    The point of this article is to make you think and to convince you that the answer “Never” is wrong. The author is correct on both counts: you should think about these things and sometimes killing a cop may be justified.

  • Meatwad

    Cara on July 28, 2011 at 12:10 am says proudly: “It’ been my experience that someone who leaves policing after six or seven years does it one step ahead of an indictment.”

    Tell that to Frank Serpico, Cara. I’ve worked in close quarters with cops too,,, and I wouldn’t trust them in their station where they are supposed to feel safe. What is that olde saying,,, ‘pulled the wool over your eyes’,,, that is what the blinded police defense mob has going for themselves, wool over their eyes until one day,,, and it will happen some day.

    A simple club to skull is a deadly blow,,, the cops are just lucky it is not always one blow that kills so they repeat often until you end up looking like Kelly Thomas, a family member of a cop, Cara dear.

    The sheriff gang in Riverside cnty, go on Cara, tell us they are honorable men and women for applying a little pressure onto their own deputies. Time to test them all, weekly for steroids and other drugs. Oh you didn’t know that cops too can be drug users?

    Which brings me to the main cause for this unnecessary escallation of rage on the streets by cops,,, the illegal enforcement of illegal laws against all drugs that intoxicate the human. Our ninth amendment, after they have listed one specific right of the intoxicant liquor, means that all other intoxicants are now clearly legal for anyone to use. But try and convince the enraged cop to follow their oath and you have just become another one guilty of *contempt of cop*, for knowing and explaining the law to the lawless cop. I’ll repeat for the slow law-n-order types in here, the ninth amendment demands all intoxicants ARE legal and any law saying otherwise is to be ignored at the will of the people.

    “The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    Does that look familiar? It should, that is OUR ninth article to the original Bill Of Rights. [Number nine number nine number nine] as clear as any law can be written. You make it so that just one intoxicant has a special rights status in the constitution, they all be come the special rights status,,, get it yet?

    In all of human history from the isolated tribes to large communities, there has always been the intoxicant(s) to go with them. Stop with the forced sobriety nonsense,,, it is not human nature to be sober and you people that can not accept this fact,,, need to get off of your religion and stop forcing your insane petty beliefs onto others. Yes your beliefs, the religion that was created by plagiarizing parasites. This police *IT IS ONLY A POLICY* state escallation was weened and raised on the illegal war on some drugs.

    Where were you when they came for the jews, then the catholics, then they came for the union leaders, then there was none there for you. It is all based on someones wishful dreams, the policy, of white sidewalks and free clear roads with a calm childrens pool on the ocean front,,, from those not connected to the real world and reality one bit. Your wishful *policy* is not going to make it so, no matter how hard you close your eyes as you pray, that which you do not like to go away.

  • It’s Your Right, Use It Or Lose It

    It is every man, woman, child, and animals right to defend themselves against violent attacks or oppression. These rights are not only granted by Constitutions and Compacts, they are granted by your Creator, whomever or whatever you may deem that to be. These rights, not “privileges,” are inalienable and therefore can not be taken away. If anyone fails to see the logic in this, then that individual is not logical. Defend your freedom!

  • The Grit

    Mr. Rose speaks truth and the “powers” never like the truth to be known, much less than it be provided logically, honestly and freely to the citizens. “Government is an instrument of the people and is answerable to the people.”

  • Steve

    The premise of this article lies on the idea that we have “inalienable” GOD GIVEN RIGHTS” guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The unassailable logic of the late great comedian George Carlin puts that canard to rest in the “It’s Bad For Ya” routine here:

    The cold hard truth is that we have man made “privileges” in America, NOT “rights”. During the current national devolution into a Chinese fascist style police state it’s increasingly “rule by man” and less “rule by law.”
    In the face of current “Realpolitiks” it is an individual’s personal decision whether to martyr oneself for these privileges or to submit,defer to faceless bureaucratic masters, acknowledging that “we the people” have lost control over our own governance.
    Welcome to the New World Order, sooner or later you’ll learn to love the “freedom of your chains”…

  • Meatwad

    Thursday, July 28, 2011S.C. Police on Alert After Political Activist “Liked” Article on Facebook. Brandon Turbeville on
    Activist Post

    Quoting article:
    “With the increase in propaganda being pushed by the mainstream media government police state agencies regarding “right wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists,” many are no longer surprised when law enforcement or government agents single out individuals or groups that may express controversial or unpopular points of view, or even points of view that are simply critical of government or its agents.

    ,,, big snip,,,

    The article became an issue when Jeff Mattox, the co-chair of the Kershaw County Republican party, “liked” the article on Facebook. According to, the article was posted to Facebook by the Kershaw County Patriots, a grassroots conservative political organization of which Mattox is a member. It was at this point that he committed the crime of “liking” the article.

    As a result, the Sheriff of Kershaw County, Jim Matthews, a man with an extensive background in freedom-crushing law enforcement divisions such as the DEA and SWAT (as well as the FBI and the US Army), put his officers on high alert upon his knowledge of the article.

    He then went to the local newspaper where he stated, “The article in and of itself doesn’t advocate shooting an officer, but some who read it will get out of it what they want . . . Some warped individuals may get it in their mind that it’s OK to resist an officer to the point of shooting them.” Matthews also stated that the article “irritated” him because it came out just as he was about to attend the funeral of a Laurens County Deputy.

    Of course, Mattox didn’t write the article. He didn’t even post it to Facebook. He merely “liked” it on someone else’s page. Not only that, but the Sheriff, as quoted above, even admits that the article itself never advocated shooting an officer.

    But that didn’t stop the Sheriff from fear mongering the public and his officers about the dangers of free speech and those who not only exercise it, but those who listen to it. Thoughtcrime if you will.

    Predictably, Mattox is now being asked by the Kershaw County Republican party, specifically by the Chariman Chris Oviatt, to step down. However, to his credit, Mattox has refused to step down or to apologize for the article.

    Of course, the Sheriff and the Republican establishment are not the only enemies of free speech in Kershaw County. The majority of the Kershaw County Law Enforcement community seems to have rallied behind the belief that anyone who dares advocate (even passively) that someone defend themselves against state-sanctioned thuggery is a dangerous potential domestic terrorist.

    Indeed, Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd has also placed his officers on high alert for individuals who “don’t recognize police authority.”

    Floyd says, “We have knowledge now that some of these ideas exist here in Kershaw County. We’re just reinforcing the training that we already put our officers through, just to be watchful and mindful that the potential does exist, that people out there that might want to hurt them.”

    Aside from the fact that Chief Floyd is frightened by Kershaw County citizens having ideas different from his own, one must wonder exactly what kind of training he is talking about.” ,,,more follows,,,

    So he had a funeral to attend to,,, so does Kelly Thomas’s father but there will be no parade of tax payer funded vehicles leading the way or trailing the hearse for the *killed by cop* innocent Citizen.
    I have posted the copblock piece here on my own facebook page, and I’ve repeated it today with a few added articles surrounding it to push home the point that cops are raging wild, for no real reason other than their own ego.

    “”Contempt of cop”” I can find the statute numbers,, criminal code or insurance code?? Building code??

    The above article is found here:

  • Mike

    Blood is freedom’s stain! When your right to be free is impeded upon you must stand your ground at some point and protect your right to be free with your very life if need be. Or else accept you are owned and not much different than livestock in the eyes of your owners. What do you think the founding fathers did? Played dice for independence? They KILLED PEOPLE FOR IT! “Give me liberty or give me death!”

  • Meatwad

    So Jack Zeller says I am older than I should be. I wonder why it would think that,,, because a cop should have removed me a long time ago,,, is that it jackO. No jack, everything I wrote down is the truth,,, if nobody has informed you yet, it makes life so much easier not to need to remeber who you told what lie to.

    The proud cop will proclaim “I’d even arrest my mother”,,, well piggy the question is will you arrest your commander or your partner when they break the law, any law, like assault with intent to kill a prone man sleeping at a bus terminal? Still no arrests made, just a forced vacation with pay…

  • richloomis

    @Phil — you posted: “Your article sounds like someone should open up a can of whipass on you. I’m a cop and I’d love to have you ride along for a few week and then we’ll see what kind of shit you’ll write.”

    Hey asshole, talk about PROVING THE POINT of the whole article, your piggy shit talk truly makes the case! Bet you’ve got LOTS of cans of “whipass” in your cruiser truck or under your seat, and anytime no honest person is looking you bring it out with great pleasure. Bet it gives you a boner you can take home to your slut wife . . oh the GOD POWER feel of going to work each day, huh. Yeah, what fun it would be to ride along with you . . only guess what, if I was a rookie with some vestiges of MORALS still in my soul, either I would have to turn your slimy ass in (probably on the very first patrol, given your attitude) OR allow myself to become corrupted so as to “fit in” with the drunken, boasting, head-bashing good ol’ boys in blue, yes? (ps don’t forget to pocket some drug money or force a hooker to go down on you in the squad car, ok? Else you might take it out on the wifey later . . )

  • Ben

    You don’t have the right to KILL anyone!

    Great article and some valid points raised, however insighting violence to be inflicted on anyone….. cop, politician or any human being is wrong!

    The police aren’t the enemy, they are all human beings like the rest of us. Unfortunately they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to act the way that they do, but that isn’t their fault.

    Non compliance is the way forward….not violence!

  • joe bassett

    The people of the USA have a hard time facing reality. I mean it’s OK to bomb Arabs and it doesn’t make any difference if the attack was based on lies. Americans have a hard time thinking about killing a politician, but it’s OK for the politician to lie us into a war. If Cops are beating the crap out of your relative and you know he’s done nothing wrong. Who says that one of the blows couldn’t kill him? Cops try to kill their own like Serpico and there have been many times good Cops turn in bad Cops and then theytarget him. So if Cops are trying to kill your friend or relative, then you might have to decide you have to kill. I can see what happens to a Cop. Let’s say you stop someone you don’t like. Someone that beat you up in school. You could decide I’m going to pay him back. But the person that kills a Cop will have it rough, because I’m sure they’ll beat him pretty good and if he resist too much they’ll just kill him. I’ve had Cops tell me they got on the force to push people around. They did it sometimes to target certain people. The only thing that has gotten these thugs off the force is after they have killed or injured someone and the only reason people knew was because someone filmed it.
    It won’t be much longer we’ll have checkpoints. 9/11 was committed to achieve this. You think Cops are bad now, you just let this country be under martial law, when Cops won’t have time to waste on anyone talking about their rights and the Cops have no right to question them. You’ll get a stick upside the head. Now you’ll hate Cops big time after this and it just gets worse and worse.

  • kirby

    well, I just tried posting this in a gun rights forum where there are a lot of LEO active on the site. It lasted 5 minutes and was deleted. I think that the power they exercised in that forum is analogous to the power trips they feel in real life: mainly, don’t question them.

    It’s sad that we can’t have a discussion on this topic, though I would suggest the title of this piece was poorly chosen.

  • George Matthews

    I feel sometimes the Cops take things a little too far. Like those car chases where they will have 20 Cop cars chasing one person. Especially when there is a helicopter filming and then 8 guys take down one little person. I mean if they guy is standing there hands raised in the air put the cuffs on him and put him in the car. It’s not necessary to slam him on the ground and create these theatrics. I mean you’ve got a felony stop with four dangerous people. You might demand they get on the ground. But one skinny punk unarmed surrounded by 20 armed Cops and they slam him on the ground,when I know that can not be protocol. If Cops can’t in the front of hundreds of witnesses and a helicopter filming can’t act calm and leave out the brutality, then there is no way you could trust them out of camera view. Put cameras in your car or at least have a small voice activated recorder under the dash. If you see the Cops committing brutality do film them, but stay back 75 to 100 feet and don’t get involved. If they demand the camera tell them where to go.

  • Mike holecheck

    As technology has gotten more advance I’m thinking we really don’t need Cops running up and down the road wasting fuel. Everyone has a cell phone with camera and video. If someone screws up like speeding and wreckless driving or if there is a fight someone will get it on film. Then investigators can take it from there. I believe we could have Cops stationed so many miles down the road and when someone has a complaint they can show the film to the police. But having Cops stopping speeders on the side of the road with cars going by 80 mph just a few feet away is dangerous and I’d be scared to stop along side the highway. I see films all the time people being stopped on the side of the road and someone crashing into them.
    Cops speed all the time. How many times have you seen them going 75 mph down the road? If they are not going to a call and they are speeding, then I would be calling their superior and show them the film of the speeding trooper making the roads unsafe.

  • Umbramajoris

    “When tyranny becomes Law, resistance becomes duty.” Nuff’ said?

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  • richloomis

    @Ben — You post: “You don’t have the right to KILL anyone!”

    A pretty bone-headed thing to say, Ben, since the entire subject matter is about how COPS very often (far too often) think they DO have the “right” to kill “anyone” who mouths off or questions them or (God forbid) takes videos as they beat some poor slob into oblivion — and then brag about it over a few beers!

    Then you say: “The police aren’t the enemy, they are all human beings like the rest of us. Unfortunately they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to act the way that they do, but that isn’t their fault.”

    Oh, so because it “isn’t their fault” we should just bend over and take it up the ass, have them shoot the family dog, smack the wife around if she tries to speak on behalf of her screaming husband (being stomped and punched and maced and tasered to death) and maybe because “society” is also responsible for the crazed drug addict and murderers we should let THEM TOO kill us whenever they’re in the mood for a can of “kick ass”?

    Your sort of post (way too many of them) is precisely WHY this country is doomed; only a tiny few left who understand true freedom and its cost, and who are willing to treat out-of-control cops as the bully-boy OUTLAWS that they are. I have little doubt that you are of the sort that would accept being “drafted” into the ranks of Homeland Security, would be a prison guard just like the Nazis, might even try a little water-boarding if asked, “for the common good” of course. Hell you might even smile and apologize sweetly afterwards once or twice, until your frowning superiors let you know that wasn’t “proper” attitude for a man in uniform with a “proud tradition” of respecting individual freedoms (except when freedom conflicts with the newest policy, yada yada barf barf.)

    You say: “Non compliance is the way forward….not violence!”

    Exactly! Which is why more and more of us will express “non compliance” with a boot on our face at 4 a.m. some dark morning — but unlike you we will in fact counter the police VIOLENCE (with implicit threat of murderous follow-through) as befits the occasion, with clear conscience.

  • http://n/a Igor

    When should you shoot a cop? Well just about anyday anytime would be an answer. To protect and to serve an establishment. It doesn’t matter how tyrannical this establishment is. I love how people equate legality with morality. I would never do it because it is ILLegal. Therefore i am moral and good. Police is a gang, with their own clothes, jargon, physical looks, etc. They serve whoever is in power. One day it’s the government of x country, the other, perhaps nazi established regime. It doens’t matter to them. Small minority of cops are great people, however most are not. Pure power trip. So when should you shoot a cop? Well, anytime a cop shoots, beats, tasers your loved ones, and then LEGALLY, gets away with it. Suspended with pay, etc. So thank you for all the honest, good cops and DEATH to all the power tripping, establishment serving pigs. An eye for an eye.

  • Richard Kahn

    @freedom – the complete quote is “When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” Ironically, that came from a Democrat, namely JFK.

    @Bruce – you should make an exception for someone who is paying you. Of course, if you don’t like what they say, you are free to ‘take a hike.’ The alternative is the employer telling you to take a hike.

  • Admiral Obvious

    Anyone who calls themselves ‘Praetorian’ is a fucking tool who is homoerotically obsessed with the idea of being above the law. Doubtless has a bottle of hand cream and a box of tissues by his puter so that he can jerk off while watching his fellow tools on youTube as they kick the shit out of citizens or shoot them in the back… then yuk it up like heroes.

    Change you nick to ‘Gestapo’ or ‘NKVD’ or ‘Cheka’ or ‘SAVAK’, jerkwad. And folks like me wioll laugh their fucking heads off when the government ass-fucks you on your pension. Imagine that – being a ‘guard dog’ for the State for an entire career, then spending your twilight years eating dog food because of fraudulent COLA adjustments.

    Your political overlords have nothing but contempt for you, you fucking idiot: they think you’re just a stupid lump of meat that does their bidding.

    And they’re right.

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  • John Renehan

    They are putting up more and more cameras everyday. In London they must have a million. With cameras watching why do you need Cops patrolling? If they put up speed cameras that a lot safer than Cops stopping someone on the road and causing accidents. I think the roads would be safer if there were no Cops patrolling only at night. I don’t believe them running up and down the road 80 mph makes the roads any safer. How many times have you followed a Cop down a highway and he goes 55 mph for any length of time. No they go 75 mph. Since everyone has cell phones I can’t believe that Cops would haveno choice, but to slow down, because people would be filming them left and right and turning them in for speeding. A Cop going 75 mph is no safer than anyone else.

  • John Renehan

    I’ve tried posting in those Cop chat rooms forget about them. If a Cop does something stupid you’ll hear them berate them some, but if you post something stupid a Cop has done they will delete it. Everytime I hear of a Cop being shot or totally screwed up I just pray it’s one of them Pusser wannabes. Folks things are going to get really bad real soon. When the Mossad commits the next attack sanctioned by our government you can kiss it all goddbye, because martial law is no fun. When they can stop you at roadblocks and search you anytime they want you’ll know all about Communism.

  • John Renehan

    Hey ,Cops I got news for you. 9/11 was committed by the Israeli Mossad, but who gets the blame the poor Arab. Hey rememebr Waco where the law murdered those women and children. Randy Weaver’s wife and son murdered. Our politicians vote for war based on lies and over a million Iraqi civilians killed. They say everyone is your equal. Those negro Cops on the force are they your equal? That means that Iraqi is just as equal. If you Cops were smart you would all put your guns down and let the militia tak care of the crips and Bloods. Then maybe take care of these politicians. The officer in blue serves the Jew. Why hasn’t George Bush been arrested for lying about starting the Iraq war? Why hasn’t he been arrested for allowing 9/11 to go off without a hitch. The U.S. Marshals can arrest George Bush at anytime. It’s time they did their job.

  • jimspriggs

    This is a great article. Im sitting here in OZ comfortable & safe watching all that happens in the states, & very aware that it is starting to happen here more & more.
    Not to the same extent at the moment but we cans till see the change happening. I am constantly infuriated by people that get abused by the powers that be, but still have faith in the Gumbeint
    ( goverment) when are we all going to wake up.
    Remember that you are only doing the wrong thing when you are one out.
    Together we are stronger than them because its our lives we are fighting for not just the bottom line.

  • paul daehling

    Excellent article. It has long been obvious that there is a serious disconnect between justice and the law. It is clear that the police are no longer-if indeed they ever were-required to “protect and serve” but to punish and collect revenue for their respective municipalities. That our rights as a free people no longer exist. But the problem does not end there. There is no longer any accountability for the elected officials of the counties, towns and villages that run these so-called law enforcement agencies. In fact, there isn’t a single politician at any level that keeps our best interests and our rights as American citizens at heart when they act. Even more so, they actually seem to prefer to keep us downtrodden and disheartened, unemployeed and ignorant. I would refer to ourselves as slaves, but slaves are aware of what has been done to them. In our current, pathetic paradigm, we have become nothing more than livestock waiting to be slaughtered. We will never become “cop killers” not because we lack the courage or determination to stand up for ourselves or because we find civil disobedience to be distasteful. We will remain sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse because we are too fucking stupid to see what’s being done to us. And even if by some crazy chance we are able to recognize our predicament, we are still too fucking lazy to do anything about it. Things have become the way they are because we let it happen. All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing; and we have done nothing for so long we are most likely incapable of actually doing anything.

  • Good Cop Bad Cop

    Since the police started wearing those thuggish looking black turtle suits and behave in a “militant and militarized” fashion. I dated a cop for about 1 week and saw that he had a “control” problem. I had just could not keep dating this bully. I am surprised that I gave him a whole week. I found him to be a nice person when out of the black monkey suit, but when he put it on and looked at himself in the mirror..OMGosh! He would change personalities and push his weight around. He also was the best at drinking and driving while off duty, yet ticketing anyone else when on duty. He was a small man, and probably was picked on as a child,having never grew out of it and now has big cop/little man syndrome. I am sure there may be some who still try to “protect and serve”, but I wish that they would stop trying to act like “The Terminators” of law abiding people. My Bible calls the bad ones “scorpians” who will betray good peoples for their masters for mammon. Pathetic are the ones who betray law abiding and good peoples for the police state that they indeed have aided to help propagate for a paycheck. It would be better not to have sold your very soul and have gotten a job at a local walmart than to continue to intimidate the populace. Cops, Please remember to GO after and capture the BAD guys and leave the law abiding people alone. Never have I read more police getting angry than being videotaped during an arrest. If you are one of the good Cops, then you really will perform your duties professionally and not fear anything can come back on you later. As for the few cops that have been seen beating and shooting(remember the video showing the cop shooting someone while face down on a sidewalk?)someone while after surrendering and not provoking or doing anything that would make the cop “fear” for their life,then it is incumbent for the public to continue to be able to document bully police officers who have something to hide. All that people ask is for police to just perform your duties in a professional manner. Is this not taught in the police academies anymore?

  • Nick Dixon

    I think the best approach is to use the same criteria cops themselves use every day . If you feel your life might be in danger, or even if you ‘don’t feel safe’ with the officer, you are good to go with the glock.

  • STI18

    Lets just stick with Case Law on the subject:

    “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

    “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.” Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7 Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349; State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621.

    “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

    “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

    “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

    “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

    “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

    “Story affirmed the right of self-defense by persons held illegally. In his own writings, he had admitted that ‘a situation could arise in which the checks-and-balances principle ceased to work and the various branches of government concurred in a gross usurpation.’ There would be no usual remedy by changing the law or passing an amendment to the Constitution, should the oppressed party be a minority. Story concluded, ‘If there be any remedy at all … it is a remedy never provided for by human institutions.’ That was the ‘ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice.’” (From Mutiny on the Amistad by Howard Jones, Oxford University Press, 1987, an account of the reading of the decision in the case by Justice Joseph Story of the Supreme Court.

  • David

    There actually is another way to stop the government, especially bad laws. Jury nullification. As long as your jury members are informed of their right to nullify law, and go against anything that the judge would tell them they are obligated to do, even in direct opposition to what evidence would say in a case, they can hang the jury or return a verdict they were not even looking for. Done. Of course, people have to know about jury rights before they are put in the pool for a case. And, they have to not tell the judge or attorneys of their knowledge of their rights and powers or they would assuredly be excluded from the case. Judges and lawyers don’t like thinking citizens who return verdicts that make sense or send a message.

  • John

    “on a practical level, openly resisting the gang called ‘government’ is usually very hazardous to one’s health” … that’s why it’s necessary to be thoughtful and creative when devising strategies for resistance. Resistance can be consciously exercised in many ways, from thought through word to deed … civil disobedience, culture jamming, boycotts, street theater, withholding labour, general strikes and go-slow … disorganized, distributed, diverse resistance has potency because it’s difficult for the ‘government’ to identify, target and counter such efforts

  • greenfloyd

    Beginning with Richard Nixon’s infamous “War on Drugs” declaration in 1972, and with every president since, cops have been transforming into para-military units while citizens have become the “enemy.” Even with billions in federal largess, massive expansion of enforcement, leading the world in prison population, etc. by criminalizing so many people the cops are woefully outnumbered and thus lawlessness becomes the new normal.

    Despite the pro-drug war fascists, most cops are still honest, dedicated public servants who take their work very seriously and do not have racial or political agendas. They deal with the whole spectrum of humanity, from the harmless panhandler to the hostage-taking psycho-killer. Sometimes, all in one day. Nonetheless, I do believe cops must be held to a higher-standard than the ordinary citizen.

    However, it is up to our lawmakers to provide them with good laws that 1) protect the public, 2) respect the individual and 3) instill confidence that justice is served. Decades of high-intensity enforcement of victim-less drug crimes, unfair punishments and political dis-enfranchisement has turned millions of people against the government in general and the police in particular. So, in addition to the carnage, the gangs, the cartels, the endless flow of drugs, guns and dirty money we can now see the true costs of Nixon’s other dirty little war, the end of respect for the rule of law and those sworn to uphold it. Today this is most evident in Juarez, Mexico, a place author Charles Bowden calls, “the laboratory of our future.” And it’s not bright.

  • patrick

    Th language KILL was perhaps excessive. I personally would not resist probably.

    However, a RIGHT is s RIGHT and government has been looking for ways to circumvent our CONSTITIUTION for years now rather than looking for better ways to defend it.

    Should you kill an officer to defend your rights? No!!!But the TSA, Homeland Security and out of control government threaten us more than a few country boys who want to have a few guns in their closets and collect REDNECK tough guy paraphenalia. Rather than alert people about these gun collectors, the government should realize that it is criminalizing generally harmless “good ol’ boy types”.

  • Dave #2

    Meatwad said it best: “No knock entries are the tyrants creep into tyranny”
    All cops reading these posts should rethink the mindless “war on drugs” and realize that it is bringing disgust and hatred to your ranks.
    Lighten up, we (and former military) outnumber you 10,000 to 1…

  • Paul Bonneau

    “However, it is up to our lawmakers to provide them with good laws that 1) protect the public, 2) respect the individual and 3) instill confidence that justice is served.”

    What, we don’t have enough laws already??

    The problem is not a lack of laws, or having the wrong laws. The problem is having laws at all. Folks, PROTECTION IMPLIES SUBMISSION. If someone has the job of protecting you, you must submit to them. It’s not a surprise cops are acting like this; what the surprise is, is that it took so long to get to this state. Maybe it’s always been this way, but without the internet the outrages always got covered up. Giving cops the job of protecting you puts them in a position of power over you, and power is terribly corrupting. It’s to be expected that these things happen.

    We don’t need cops, and historically we got on fine without them. They are a “cure worse than the disease”. Cops should get out of their gang and find an honest line of work. If they don’t, well, then they deserve what is eventually going to happen to them when the system they are working for collapses.

  • Joe Jussac, Jr. (Yusuf bin Jussac)

    Well done! Hence, my posting the url in my Page at (ENJOY dudes!)

    When I was in MD, I kept a total of four various caliber handguns and two semi-auto .22LR and the real good .22Magnum (seven ammos in the clips, and I owned five clips just in case). I was just enjoying “punching paper” then at a couple of indoor-shooting range in MD and VA.

  • rico

    I love this article! Many people don’t see the unlawful abuse that occurs in this world especially since it mostly happens on a day to day basis is “ghetto” areas. I live in Orlando fl and the “bad” (unlawful) police in this city are horrible. They do everything from illegally pulling you over to falsifying police reports. I myself was pulled over after leaving a bar with my friend who is a law enforcement officer. I accidentally cut off an undercover officer who was driving in my blind spot. I had my blinker on and all. He cuffed me and zip tied me and told my buddy that if he would have spoken up sooner about being a law enforcer we would have been off the hook. Since he was taking me to the station for a breathalizer test which took place 4 hrs later. I got to the jail where I received my copy of the .police report. The report stated I swirved across three lanes almost hit a car and smashed into a median which was all false. It was the officers attempt to screw me over.

    I have many friends and family who have been harassed by the law and have witnessed it as well. We have been held at gun point called 911 for help and they at times have never showed up.

    Some law… but then we are required to be cooperative..

  • john

    All men have a right, given by God, to resist tyranny. If it is just one man he will be killed. If it is 100 men, most will be killed and the rest jailed. If it is 1000 men, the same. 10,000 men the same. 100,000 men and you will be outnumbered 60 to 1 and out gunned. Even then military forces would squash any organized resistance. Under these circumstances, retreat is the only option. By that I mean live outside the matrix. There are still pockets of freedom round the world. Find one and live in peace. You can’t change the system, it will continue to get worse and worse until man is reduced to serf and slave. That could last a few hundred years. btw outside of the matrix there are few police and they are generally friendly.

  • Richard Kahn

    It appears to have been said in different ways many times; we have too many of the wrong laws. How do we know whether a law is a good or bad law? Read the US Constitution and your state constitution. Then ask whether the law criminalizes something that is victimless. Proponents of the War on Drugs (more appropriately called the war on our civil liberties) say that drugs make people do such and such. We have laws against such and such. If someone gets high or stoned and robs a store or bank, well, we have laws against armed robbery. If they get high, stoned, or drunk and hurt someone, we have laws against assault and murder. I have no problem with a law that enhances penalties when a person is under the influence, but for G-d’s sake, judges refuse to throw people in jail who kill someone because they were drinking/smoking/getting high and then driving. If someone dies, it is at least manslaughter. There should be no distinction between driving drunk and misuse of a firearm.

  • greenfloyd

    Paul Bonneau says:
    July 31, 2011 at 10:20 am

    “However, it is up to our lawmakers to provide them with good laws that 1) protect the public, 2) respect the individual and 3) instill confidence that justice is served.”

    @Paul Bonneau
    “What, we don’t have enough laws already??”

    I’m not suggesting any new laws.

    @Paul Bonneau
    The problem is not a lack of laws, or having the wrong laws. The problem is having laws at all.

    I think most people would find that a rather extreme statement. Remember power abhors a vacuum, so we delegate a specific amount of power to police who bring offenders to justice. And yes power does corrupt, that’s why we have a system of checks and balances that are necessary to the fair and equal administration of justice. Of course it is up to us, the citizens, to make that system work. It’s our responsibility to repair the system when its broken and prevent its “collapse.” Because as bad as it can be, it’s still the best system ever devised.

  • Giovanni

    Reference: “John” post of 2011-July 31 @ 10:30 AM
    “…the same. 100,000 men and you will be outnumbered 60 to 1 and out gunned. Even then military forces would squash any organized resistance. Under these circumstances, retreat is the only option….”

    Really? !!!! With that logic the US military should have mopped up in Iraq and Afghanistan years ago.
    In reality, you can not defeat an indigenous people (except for what happened to the American Indians)…and in the US, where the indigenous people would be the most heavily armed in history and where it would be nearly impossible to tell friend from foe the prospects for victory by the Government would be remote.

  • laura

    I think there are truly good police officers out there who sincerely give their time, talents, their lives to protect and to serve with the very best of character as well as intentions. Yet, I believe on a systematic level, we are witnessing organized crime leaving the streets and entering the halls of power. Literally, the mob has swept into political power. Some of these “police officers” who are dedicated to the mobsters, are members of the mob, they’re not law officers. They’re literally the protection racket and enforcers for the mob. Literally, they are criminals.

  • Dave

    Human history shows us that Americans will eventually experience an attempt to enslave us or worse by our government.
    There is no avoiding that cycle.

    Our experience of having been exposed to a much higher level of freedom than others have had should translate into a higher level of disgust and resistance when confronted with the threat of losing it (I’m talking about a real loss, such as being forced from our homes & into a bus for transportation to some FEMA camp against our will, not just putting up with the TSA at the airport).

    When that day happens, it will certainly be the police & military that attempt to carry out those new “lawful orders”, but we will be a very defiant, extremely numerous population with a serious amount of arms to resist that attempt at tyranny.

  • Beau

    I was driving from Austin to San Antonio today and every public advisory sign on the way had the description of a car that had apparently injured a cop. Kind of makes you wonder why they don’t do that for everyone. It is almost as if “filing a report” doesn’t actually solve any problems.

  • alnuemann

    When the American prople decide they have had enough and revolt, the smart LEO’s will take note of the old Iraqie Republican Guard and remove their badges, and uniforms, try to blend in with the population and go home to protect their families. If they don’t they will die for their satanic masters trying to defend an unjust legal system, illegal laws, greedy bankers, and crooked politicians that have brainwashed them to believe they are superior to the rest of the population. Take note Mr. Crooked Officer. You are tool of an evil system. There will be no use in pleading “I was only doing my job.” You are being watched by the people of the United States of America and MILLIONS want to see you brought low, so dont ever let up on the oppression you deal out or your families may find your burned, lifeless bodies dragged through the streets, and hung from bridges, or bar-b-qued by starving people for food. You Mr. LEO will be eaten first. “I hear roasted pig is best served with gravy! MMMM….MMMM good!” You cant kill everybody even though you will try and the more you try, the more you will enrage the population. Sleep well.

  • alnuemann

    I wonder what Phil “whipass” tastes like? MMMM… My mouth is watering! I’ll bet his meat is tough though. No matter, boiling for a couple of hours before roasting will tender him up enough for my 85 year old toothless grand ma to eat!

  • phil

    In memphis tennessee police officers routinely, pull people over without cause or committing a traffic violation,I’ve had it happen to me twice,I was stopped asked for my drivers license when it checked out okay i was told to go on twice.I’ve also heard of the samething happening to relatives and friends.some cases the police officers make up a lie and pull people over like the have a tail light out when there is nothing wrong with the tail lights.that is a violation of the constitution,you have the right to freedom of movement,I don’t see how those idiots are getting away with it.some people have become afraid to drive there cars when they are perfectly legal.

  • joe mastronardi

    When it falls apart and Cops fuck with you double O buck shot is a good equalizer.

  • joe mastronardi

    One thing I would not do is be out late at night. Go to work and go some place like pool party or store or some kind of activity like ping pong tournaments, shooting guns or shooting bows, or riding motorcycles, but the more you are out late and in bad places the more you will get into trouble. If you must drink drink at someone’s pool or home, but leaving bars after midnight is asking for it.

  • joe mastronardi

    When this system breaks down you’ll have to kill Cops like cockroaches. This is for real. Because we know what happens when someone controls you. Sure we can look at history when the Mongolians and Turks went into Europe. Bt they have so many weapons now. They have such advanced technology. It’s not like they just have guns and we have guns. They have things that will make guns obsolete. This means the only hope is nobody turns in their guns when they tell you to. There is no way around it. We must kill the police, but if the military comes in it won’t be Americans. It will be Russian and Chinese according to what signs they haveat the FEMA camps. If you don’t like bloodhsed you might want to leave this country and head to Europe or Argentina.

  • Joe in Missouri

    When should you shoot a cop? Easy…



  • Joe in Missouri

    These criminal thugs (police) have created the perfect system for home invasions.

    If I ever wanted to do a home invasion, and be fairly safe in doing so, all I have to do is announce that I am the police and then the mundane will stand down just like he is trained to do, and I kill him and his family —– just like the real police do.

    What an upside down world we like in.

  • Thomas Harland

    Beautiful! Never wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a cop because they were all pigs. They deconstruct their common sense and turn them into heartless and soulless machines that do not have empathy for anyone. I believe that there are many people out there that, if were not hired as a police officer, would have become serial killers. Basically, serial killers were hired on as police officers so they can legally kill people. Cops have such sick and twisted minds. Thank you for posting this. I had to share this with all my fellow teachers and they loved it.

  • Carl

    If you want videos of police abusing the rights of others, go to YouTube & search for Coalbunny. 200+ videos of police abuse. Now imagine that if the statistics are right….1 out of 100 LEO encounters are videoed while 1 out of 50 abuses are videoed…. and I have 200+ videos linked? Does 800 abuses sound right to you? I think it’s extreme conservative myself. I have been assaulted several times before. The cops have to show their manhood by assaulting a man that is physically disabled….? That doesn’t scare me really. What scares me is they trust them with guns.

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  • wardoc

    In Iraq and Bosnia/SerboCroatia, the populace being abused by “cops” responded by getting the names and home addresses of the cops and paying visits to them in the middle of the night when the cowards did not have their backup at their beck and call. The cops stopped abusing people to a large degree. Interesting historical point.

  • DougEberspacher

    Face it some Cops will feed you a line of bullshit and say they got the job to protect and serve. Maybe a few, but think about this…A Cop has total control over you. They can kill you. They get their kicks off all day. He stops you and he knows you are pissed and he loves it if you curse and scream. They are control freaks. They love chasing people and they love that some women love to screw them. My ftaher was a Cop for a couple years and he was a control freak. It was his way or no way. You’re best bet is don’t even think about going to a bar and driving. Don’t speed and drive wreckless and give them a reason to stop you. Think about it. Drive the speed limit and be legal. If you leave a bar drunk at night they get their cookies off laughing. If they closed all the bars half the Cops would quit, because at night what would they do? There would be no drunks to fool with. The worst thing is speeding. But if you’re just going half an hour speeding only saves you 2 or 3 minutes.
    But the best bet is if you can live in an area that you can use a boat all the time. I did that for 8 years and it was fun. No speed limits, no insurance, no tickets, no inspections. Face it millions of cars means many customers. You’re just a customer. If you can’t drive 25 miles an hour too well, then avoid going into town. Where I live there is small towns and no Cops. You can drive 40 miles and not see one. If you ask me technology has made Cops obsolete or at least we don’t need as many. For one thing everyone has a cell phone that can take photos and video. People get the stuff you do on video.
    But just like everything else. Cops will get theirs as soon as martial law is declared. If you have a CVop you want to get inside of a year they’ll be so jammed you’ll be able to fuck them up. But tell nothing. Years ago it seemd like very few Cops had an attitude. Today half of them have attitudes. They think they should get respect, but they are committing so many crimes they are losing it very fast.

  • Mike Maloney

    I used to be state’s attorney and I know Cops lie all the time. But in court you are pretty much screwed. myself i think of them as barbarians. I mean think of the old West days you could walk around with a gun on your side. Who can give you a hard time? Nobody can ever do something, because you are a Cop 24/7. The worst thing was letting women on the force and allowing midgets. It used to be you had to be 5’10” But now anyone can join and these little Cops have chips on their shoulders and always need backup. Cops used to be men and if the went to get one person they went themselves. Today they cry for backup with teenagers. I get sick and tired of a bunch of Cops that are not able tp handle things themselves.

  • Joe in Missouri

    wardoc says:
    August 2, 2011 at 9:32 am

    In Iraq and Bosnia/SerboCroatia, the populace being abused by “cops” responded by getting the names and home addresses of the cops and paying visits to them in the middle of the night when the cowards did not have their backup at their beck and call. The cops stopped abusing people to a large degree. Interesting historical point.
    This is precisely why many of the thugs now wear black masks and wear no name tag. They know what they do is criminal and they don’t want the American people to be able to find them and give them some justice.

  • jeff fitzhugh

    If you have problems with a Cop just find where they live and shoot them with a pellet rifle as they shave one morning, but tell nobody and never mention it.

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  • dave nickerson

    If a Cop says something smart and causes trouble, then shoot him. The best thing is to act like everything is fine and reach under the seat as he walks back to the car and shoot him in the back. If you have time get the recording device out of his car. Of course you could have a gun in your left hand as he walks to the car pump lead in him, but aim for his cock, because he might have a vest.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Sounds like there are either guberment agent provocateurs posting here or people that have been repeatedly screwed over by cops with no recourse or justice and are finally blowing off some steam.

  • richloomis

    @Joe in Missouri — yeah that was the first thing I thought as well with Nickerson’s post (and a few others in similar vein.) A bit too over the top even for those totally pissed at the whole scene. Personally, I feel that (like the Catholic church and damn near any other institution having significant real or potential influence over large segments of the populace) that VERY LONG TERM agents-in-place were infiltrated into the ranks by the Illuminati/NWO crowd per their own published intentions. These uber-bad apples continue to be deployed or signalled into action, whether in police departments or churches or elsewhere, ORDERED to commit their various atrocities so as to disaffect the masses against their institutions and gov’t and yes, even the Constitution which shall ultimately be portrayed as having “failed” us in our time of need, paving the way for the UN and/or whatever propaganda for a New World Order and guess what — most people will be so disgusted and feel so powerless that they will for the most part throw up their hands and say, hey, what could be worse? (Oh, and they will find OUT what is worse, but it’ll be too late.) Thus they haven’t shut down the Internet yet because it’s still useful in so many ways, helping to promote immorality, regular porn, kiddie porn, chat sites and prepper sites and survivalist sites and political comment sites etc whereby they can build up their Red lists and Yellow lists and Blue lists for the checkpoints. Those in full agreement with articles like this go on the Red list (for immediate death) those agreeing somewhat go on Yellow for the hard labor/death camps, and those accessing such sites AT ALL go on the Blue list for lifelong slavery/front line bio-responders/guinea pigs/trip wire cannon fodder for dangerous situations, etc. When the checkpoints go up, and new I.D. mandatory exchange/interrogation stations are set up, THEN the sorting begins. Of course, writers of articles such as this may very well have the “honor” of a personal visit from hit teams in lieu of relying upon eventual capture at checkpoints, etc.

  • jason statham

    where do you live that police are entering your homes and killing your families. no one condones officers that do improper things but killing people is proposterous. i promise that if police enter your home to kill you the news media would eat that alive and destroy the department. your irrational comments destroy your credibility. i agree that america has far from a perfect “system” in fact it needs more help than i can mention but this article is going to perpetuate violence on both sides only making the situation worse. the important thing here is that if you disagree with a certain law, killing the officer trying to enforce it for ten dollars an hour is not the answer. just because you want drugs legalized doesnt make them legal or their use an inalienable right.

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  • George Sand

    @ Jason – First of all, are you kidding me? You think that when police kill people that some media flak is enough punishment? That is some bullshit. Other murderers, killers or beaters get charged with crimes and do jail time. Why should police be treated any differently? And are you living in a hole? Police kill people who do not remotely deserve to die, all the time –

    These are only a few recent instances. Are you seriously saying that when a cop tries to kill you for no good reason, you have no right to fight back? Why is it on the public to refrain from defending themselves? How about place the blame on the violent cops? Why do victims have a duty to take it up the ass while all officer actions are assumed to be above reproach?

  • richloomis

    @Jason — another casual big-mouth “opinion” based on . . willful IGNORANCE and idiot presumptions, just ’cause you WANT the world to be as you imagine it. You obviously didn’t read or follow the NUMEROUS links included in reader responses, neither have you even half-assed viewed the files and archives of sites like CopWatch before spouting off. Here’s just one example I just now pulled off the Internet, among hundreds (if not thousands) available:

    JOPLIN, Mo. (CN) – The widow of a Vietnam veteran says sheriff’s deputies Tasered her husband 16 times and sprayed him with four cans of pepper spray, abusing him with “disproportionate and inexplicable fury” merely because he was parking his truck to walk the dogs.

    Christine Works sued Newton County Sheriff’s deputies Stephen Cathers and Don Hollingshead in Federal Court.

    Works says she was traveling with her late husband, Larry, on July 29, 2006 when he parked his truck at a rest area in Newton County.

    “Larry Works, now deceased, was a truck driver from Tennessee, who was attempting to park his truck to walk his dogs. Defendant Stephen Cathers ordered Mr. Works to park somewhere else and became immediately and inordinately enraged,” the widow says.

    She adds: “Although Mr. Works did not offer any active resistance, Officer Cathers and the officers he called for backup shot Mr. Works with Tasers multiple times, continuing to Tase Mr. Works after he was immobilized.

    “As a result, Mr. Works suffered physical damage and emotional distress for the remainder of his life.”

    She says several deputies showed up, broke the window of her husband’s truck with flashlights and Tasered him inside the truck, causing him to fall out of it and onto the ground.

    “After Mr. Works was out of his truck and on the ground, defendants continued to Tase Mr. Works, applying a hand-held Taser to Mr. Works’ right rear shoulder and his left rear shoulder,” the widow says. “The officers Tased Mr. Works three to four times after he was on the ground.

    “While Mr. Works was on the ground, incapacitated from multiple Tasings, and offering no resistance, Officer Cathers beat Mr. Works with his fists, so much so that it caused pain in his own hands.

    “The officers stopped Tasing and beating Mr. Works when Christine Works informed them that Mr. Works was a Vietnam veteran.

    “In total, Mr. Works was shot with 16 Taser darts from Tasers used by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department. The department also used four cans of pepper spray on Mr. Works.

    “At no point did Mr. Works offer active resistance to the officers.”

    Works says her husband suffered blood poisoning from the excessive Tasing 30 days later and felt its effects until his death on Nov. 9, 2009.

    “After the Tasing incident, Mr. Works experienced permanent side effects, including seizure-like twitching, burning in the eyes and nose, chest pain, and blurry vision,” the complaint states. “In particular, late in the day, after being awake for many hours, Mr. Works would experience twitching and a loss of muscle control. Mr. Works experienced these symptoms from the time of his Tasing and beating until his death.”

  • Joe in Missouri

    jason statham says:
    August 3, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    where do you live that police are entering your homes and killing your families. no one condones officers that do improper things but killing people is proposterous. i promise that if police enter your home to kill you the news media would eat that alive and destroy the department. your irrational comments destroy your credibility. i agree that america has far from a perfect “system” in fact it needs more help than i can mention but this article is going to perpetuate violence on both sides only making the situation worse. the important thing here is that if you disagree with a certain law, killing the officer trying to enforce it for ten dollars an hour is not the answer. just because you want drugs legalized doesnt make them legal or their use an inalienable right.


    Do you live in a cave somewhere? There is not a day that passes that cops in this country do not murder a citizen for no good reason. And yes killing someone for violently violating your inalienable rights is justified. If in doubt put a Chinese solider or just a mundane in the cops place and see how you would react to someone not wearing the funny looking clothes doing the exact same thing.

  • Carl

    I don’t think I can justify killing anyone. I sure don’t like the abuse by the system, but can you stomach killing a cop over a speeding ticket? What about over investigating a breaking & entering? I suppose if I spent enough time on this I could come up with far better examples. But my view on killing cops certainly does not make my feelings towards bad cops any less.

    I know how I feel right now over the abuse. I am disabled. Physically. I was arrested a week ago for giving my opinion to a cop about his lack of performance. Two men tried to pick a fight. They were swinging. And the cops gave them an unrestrained ride home. And when I shared my opinion on the police incompetence, I was arrested & taken into custody.

    Now, I am facing threats of physical harm. I reported them and the same police officer does nothing. I have a permanent restraining order to protect me. Where are the cops at?

  • richloomis

    @Carl — if you take the time to more carefully read the original article AND the more rational posts, you’ll see that no one is advocating killing cops over a speeding ticket or responding as a “good cop” to a breaking & entering, etc. Only the agent-provocateurs posting here (or those with undiagnosed rabies) yap about shooting all cops in the back, etc. But your sentiment to the effect that you could NEVER imagine killing an abusive/murdering out-of-control bully/gang member under any circumstances merely reinforces the theme of the article, i.e. throughout history the overwhelming majority of sheep go willingly to the long trenches and mass graves, kneel down docilely to be shot and topple over for burial. That’s your choice, fine, but what if it were your daughter or wife or mother being raped/tortured/skinned alive by armed thugs, and you had the means to put a stop to it? Would you passively sit in your wheelchair and drop the gun in your hand into the dirt, so as to salve your conscience for the thought of terminating such scum? If so . . maybe you are a form of scum yourself, you know, the kind with a deep yellow hue all over their face and body? There comes a time when we all must either HANDLE evil snakes, or THEY will handle us. Duh.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Carl says:
    August 4, 2011 at 2:07 am

    I don’t think I can justify killing anyone. I sure don’t like the abuse by the system, but can you stomach killing a cop over a speeding ticket? What about over investigating a breaking & entering? I suppose if I spent enough time on this I could come up with far better examples. But my view on killing cops certainly does not make my feelings towards bad cops any less.
    The problem with your logic Carl is that anytime a cops stops you for any reason there is a chance he is either going to kill you or beat you into a paraplegic and then charge you with a crime AND they always get away with it. If you do not defend yourself from the get go, you are not going to be able to do so. So yes ever though Larkin Rose did not go there, I personally can see the logic of killing any cops that stops you for any reason. It may be your last chance to defend yourself from a killer.

    The You tubes prove that cops murdering mundanes is endemic and that nothing is being done about it. Except trying to cover it up and Klan, I mean cops, blaming the victims for getting uppity.

  • Daniel

    Rights are law, the violation of rights are crimes! People have rights, among them are the unalienable right to liberty and privacy! There is no right to arrest but established by a verified complaint from an actual victim with sworn testimony and evidence! Cops are not victims nor can they be! This being said; I know most every cop in my county and all of them know me! I have a great freind in a police chief nearby, he is not law enforcement he is a peace officer and my education is why he is! The governments jurisdiction ends on the road my drive is attached to! They are not welcome to set foot on my turf without a valid warrant properly served by an unarmed server! All others shall be welcomed as assassins badge or not!

  • Nick Calloway

    I’m working on a few songs and would like to know what everyone thought about the titles? “I Shot the Sheriff and I also killed the Deputies” “Cops Walk Funny when shot in the Butt” “Cops have a gun and I got one too” “Pump a Cop with Lead and Be A Hero” “One Bullet, One Cop” “Cop Pulled a 9mm, But I pulled an AR-15” “Cop Without Backup is Like Lion Without Pride” “The Only Good Cop is a Dead Cop” This will be my first album.

  • Carl

    @ richloomis
    I’m not a cop, not an agent provocateur, nor have I been trained to kill. Clearly that SOME of the comments made by people that talk about killing cops are cops in disguise But there are also those that are not. You have the cops on one side and the crazy psychotics on the other. We’re in a bad spot.

    I am not in a wheel chair, and if I were in such a situation as you said, I doubt I would drop the gun. We can disagree until the end of time on how to handle cops, but you loose credibility when you attack those (like myself) that actually agree with you more than disagree.

    @Joe in Missouri
    I am already dealing with cops that allowing a dangerous man to stalk me. You talk of “…I personally can see the logic of killing any cops that stops you for any reason.” There is a problem with that. They are under oath to perform their duties in OUR best interests. If it comes down to a warrantless search and you and yours are under fire by the pigs, drop them and keep shooting until you run out of bullets, blood or targets. But, until that happens, go after the oath they swore to. Go after their boss & the oath they gave. Follow the chain of command and keep going.

    Yes, I know. A bullet follows the chain of command far better than written complaints. But keep in mind that not all cops are evil and not all cops are the enemy.

    And comparing cops to the Klan is stupid. Truly, as an entirity, they’re more akin to the 3rd Reich Nazis.

    There will be a point to which we have no choice but to start shooting. Until that day comes (which I admit could very well be past) we should try to follow the “due process”.

    While some of you are out shooting and picking them off, some of us will still follow the due process.
    I know that “we” respect you and your efforts, it is only proper that the respect is mutual.

  • Daniel

    People are under the very mistaken impression that cops are here to protect them! They are not, they are here to enforce what is called law, most of which is little more than pretended acts of legislation passed by a group we call legislators who took an oath and did not keep it! Rights are law and there can be no rule making or legislation to abbrogate them but there is. Those who say as the high court has that its ok to have our rights violated because the courts will secure them and there is a remedy have not attempted to do so in our completely corrupt and dependent courts who actually have a financial interest in the form of statutory bribes. In my state, a judge gets a 48 cent on the dollar conribution into his retirement account for every dollar he extorts from you!
    This is not our law, these are not courts of justice, and cops are not our freinds! They are the idiots supplying the never ending supply of people brought in to be fleeced not for crimes for crimes require an actual victim, but for profit! Dont doubt me on this for I have been there, done that, and have the tshirt!

  • Jack Zeller

    @Joe in Missouri..

    Joe, take a pill…Youyr last statement is simply silly…

  • Jack Zeller

    Carl – what jurisdiction did that happen in?

  • Jack Zeller

    @Rich Loomis-
    Rich, I would love to know your background and education…you speak as a fool, but I suspect you hacve a greater goal…

  • Jack Zeller

    @Dave Nickerson:

    Dave, you speak loudly, but your statement speasks iof cowardice. You won’t ever shoot a cop, you only see images dancing in your head. Your post is pure silliness…

  • Jack Zeller

    @Richard Kahn

    The Ballad of Carl Drega, huh? Apparently you were not on duty that day. Carl Drega was a sick, psychopathological loser, and it is a shame that he managed to kill the people he did before he took a well deserved 12 gauge slug to his empty head….

  • Joe Donovan

    The problem with this country is we have Cops. Take the Cops out of the equation and the American people would run the Mexicans clean to Mexico, but we got laws protecting them. Take the police out and we can take the control of this country away from the Jews. If we had a police force in the 1700’s the founding fathers could never have done anything. Police cost you money. You have to pay for their cars and they have to make money. But in this country the Jews control everything. We have Black drug gangs. We have Jewish bankers that make war. We have a country full of drugs. The Cops are useless at stopping these things, but damn good at arresting speeders and drunk drivers. But they can’t stop what is destroying our country.
    Cops having to follow all these protocols are useless agaonst the war on drugs, but unleash a family on a drug dealer who’s child is screwed up on drugs and things would get done. If everytime you arrest a drug dealer there is someone to take their place, then you have to do things differently. That would be send the soldiers to Colombia and destroy their drug trade. When they make a bust on a ton of cocaine it’s just show, because the CIA sold ten tons the next day. This criminal organization must be abolished. The CIA just creates war, because their job is to work outside the country. They failed miserably prior to 9/11.

  • richloomis

    @Jack Zeller — welcome back. Yes each of us will always be a “fool” to somebody, right or wrong. Specifics however, make a difference and allow honestly-intentioned people to actually communicate, so if you have an issue with something, spell it out. You still have not addressed the core item in my previous complaint to you, i.e. the fact that the law enforcement system is on a (deliberate in my opinion) downward spiral, disaffecting the populace and demoralizing the cops from within via a few, PRIMARILY empowered in this vicious cycle by the near-total failure of the “good” cops to POLICE their own ranks. They’ve bought into the fostered mindset/insanity that it’s not “manly” to turn in their abusive-monster, steroid-addicted drinking buddies lest they be labelled a fink scumbag etc.

    Nothing scares the average human more than being scorned by the “tribe” and being truly thrust out on their own, regardless how right the cause is or how it might truly bless the larger community. You damn well know this from experience with Internal Affairs!

    This mindset is fostered from above either by fools or embedded Freemasons/NWO flunkies of one stripe or another, and thus constitutes an inoperable cancer responsible for the atrocities we see all over, purposely now being played up even in the controlled press to “divide and conquer” and continually enhance the “death of a thousand cuts” of this nation (and the rest of the planet.)

    If the police were the ONLY institution being thus corrupted, we might survive . . but the same intentional rot infects Congress, the courts, the entire financial infrastructure, higher education, even the “pure” sciences (as Climategate showcases so well.)

    The big collapse is dead ahead and they do NOT want cops and the populace “on the same page” with each other, resisting the soon-to-appear UN troops and Homeland Security goons and relocation/death camps, etc, if at all possible.

    Regardless, they are already asserting centralized high-level control of ALL you cops, will eventually relegate you to basement rooms doing paperwork, your firearms confiscated under some pretext, flown or shipped away from your former community to work in some so-called “Fusion Center” — no more community cohesiveness or attachment to the former way of life, etc.

    Most cops will accept this and be thankful they are not out on the streets starving or being slaughtered amid the chaos. THAT’S what’s coming, in one form or another. Arguing about traffic stops misses the big picture, don’t you think?

  • Joe in Missouri

    Joe Donovan you are sadly mistaken. Drugs are not the problem the freedom crushing war on drugs is the problem. For starters you show me where in the Constitution we delegated the power to the feds to police what we put in our bodies.

  • Carl

    @ Jack Zeller
    Carl – what jurisdiction did that happen in?

    I won’t disclose my current location out of concern for safety, Jack (I know that I have already received an indirect threat from the mayor, however. No surprise.). I am sure if you give it a try, admin could release my addy to you.)

    I do not see you as a threat, but the psychotics here that dream of killing cops. Those guys are worse than the cops.

    You see, cops have rules that, if you know them and know how to utilize them, can be used to defend you from unlawful actions by the cops. Doesn’t always work, that I agree. But the psychotics that dream of killing cops, they have no rules. They have this psychotic idea that life without cops is a beautiful life. No, anarchy, life without government, is not beautiful. For a long time remote areas of Mexico had no government, no police. And what do they have now? They have armed drug cartels going around murdering innocent people because they can. In an anarchy, you face that. Yes in today’s world we already face that. But then consider the US Constitution gives us the most protection available world-wide. The Constitution does not give us rights, Jack. Instead it place restrictions on what the government can do. They cannot make law that restrict our freedom of speech or religion. They cannot force us to house troops. They cannot perform searches without warrant or due process. Yes cops do that, but they do it because very few people stand up to slap them down in court.

    @ Joe Donovan
    The problem with this country is we have Cops. Take the Cops out of the equation and the American people would run the Mexicans clean to Mexico, but we got laws protecting them.

    Joe, does that include the Mexicans that were born here? Or just the illegals?

    @ Joe Donovan
    Take the police out and we can take the control of this country away from the Jews. If we had a police force in the 1700’s the founding fathers could never have done anything. Police cost you money. You have to pay for their cars and they have to make money.

    And the “good cops” do a lot more productive work than a volunteer security force could ever do because of their training. And do not tell me that an anarchist group would not have *any* form of security.

    @ Joe Donovan
    But in this country the Jews control everything.

    Joe, go away. Just leave. we have enough trouble in this world as it is that we certainly don’t need any racist trash coming in here preaching their worthless crap.

    I think the majority of us here are trying (somehow) to make a positive change FOR America. I do not see that in your statements.

  • Kevin Benko

    @Joe in Missouri

    “Joe Donovan you are sadly mistaken. Drugs are not the problem the freedom crushing war on drugs is the problem.”

    Additionally, whenever government makes a drug illegal, either the use of that drug increases sharply or a similar, but more potent, drug is created.

    For example: Prior to heroin being outlawed in England, when one could obtain heroin from a pharmacy, heroin users throughout London was very low, less than 100. Shortly after heroin became illegal in England, usage spiked sharply.

    We can also see examples of such things in the US with prohibition and with the increased usage of crack cocaine in the 1980s.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Anyone that knows their history know that “police” as we know them today are historically a very recent phenomena.

    For most of this countries history we had a county sheriff (singular) and the people were the main body of law enforcement.

    What you see today is the “standing army” that the founders warned us about. They need to go.

  • richloomis

    @Carl — I note that you single out Mr. Donovan as supposedly being an ignorant extremist, per your item:

    @ Joe Donovan
    But in this country the Jews control everything.

    Joe, go away. Just leave. we have enough trouble in this world as it is that we certainly don’t need any racist trash coming in here preaching their worthless crap.

    Unfortunatly Carl, all you’ve done with that post is reveal your own knee-jerk programming/stupidity/false “humanity” that is so very proud of its own mental chains and presumptions.

    The is a VAST body of evidence out there — huge amounts of it straight from Zionists/NWO/Caballah Jews themselves (many of them FORMER Jews or otherwise totally against their “own” system) as seen per just a couple of examples below. The first item is from a previously very high level Jew in the Washington D.C. power stucture, telling it like it is (or was) and each of the two following links are also from Jews TRYING to inform well meaning idiots like yourself that sorry, Charlie, the real racists are in fact Jewish AND duh, they do in fact control damn near everything these days, AND their intentions have (for centuries and eons) to someday “inherit the earth” as their RIGHTFUL heritage to rule over ALL “goyim” (meaning anyone other than themselves, morally/spiritually no better than cattle.)

    Oh for sure, you look at yourself in the mirror and consider yourself very “with it” and cosmopolitan and educated and “love everyone” and froth self-righteously when someone dares to criticize Isreal or the Jewish banking cartel etc etc. But your self satisfaction is an illusion, a DELUSION deliberately inculcated by Hollywood and the controlled media (and yeah, Jews DO run it all per their own proud admission, look it up) so please, before grandstanding like a fool, try looking behind the curtain just a LITTLE before showing how silly/uninformed you really are. Being a dumbed down “nice guy” no longer cuts it . . if in fact it ever really did anyplacd in history.

  • Donovan

    Jews own the banks, media, courts, education, stock market and they finance wats nd they created Communism. When someone says this people should say enough already we know this. Plus read the books “Why Don’t You Believe What We Tell you” and “You Gentiles”

  • Joe in Missouri

    So what if the big players in the NWO are Jewish? Does that somehow prove to you that every single Jew on the planet is in on the conspiracy? The race or religion of these people has no bearing on anything. What they are doing should be our only concern.

  • Donovan

    You want to know how much the government controls. I’ve been to Klan Rallies and they’ll have Cops posing as Klansmen and they’ll throw bottles to get things going. I was at a Rally in Georgia and one so-called Klansmen took out an AR-15 with 20 people he didn’t know and I’m sure it was possible he was the law trying to get others to do the same thing. Be careful.

  • Dave nickerson

    @jack zeller
    In just a few months things will change big time. We will be under martial law by next Fall. Therewill be so much going on. Now here’s what we need for the Cops to quit and join us or we might have to kill thousands to persuade them it’s the best thing to do. Hide in the woods on a sharp turn with either small growth or even a deep river. Shoot the Cop and centrifugal force will do the rest. If there were no Cops the 200 million citizens would force Mr. Mexican and Mr. Niegro to leave. This ountry has been intentionally loaded with non-Whites so nobody would pay attention to the Jews. That means the ones that did this did so with malice. Our politicians did this as requested by the Jews.
    You think it was by accident that All western countries including America have had their racial makeup changed to now every major city is controlled by the Blacks and Mexicans? Now all of the people want to stand up to the government and force the brown people to leave.

  • Dave nickerson

    Also, if you have a van or pickup preferably a four wheel drive you should jack these things up so nobody can see inside. You can get trucks cheap. Jack them up so nobody can see inside. Darken the windows legally. Put up curtains in the back. Hide your guns. Does it make sense if you put a gun behind or under the seat you are guilty of hiding a wepaon? What are you supposed to do leave it on the seat and go into a store and someone steals it. If you told the Cops I left it on the seat they might charge you with a crime. You’re suppsoed to put it behind the seat, but nobody can see it. The same with a knife.

  • Dave nickerson

    When the richest people on earth are Jews the Rothschilds. When they own all the major TV, radio and newspapers, all Casinos except Trump, all Cruise Lines, and the amount of companies they own, because they own 15 to 20% of the stocks in a company is unreal. Nothing happens unless the jews want it to. If they want a war you got a war. Our founding fathers were screw ups. They gave us a form of government the Jews took control of. We need a form of government the people decide. Let the people vote and you can bet if they are lied to they will never vote the same again. The Jews have gained control of our government. Politicians know if they openly bad mouth the Jews in governemnt they are finished. You think every politician isn’t sick and tired of Israel? Just like everyone else? Politicians aren’t stupid, but they know they have to kiss the Jewish arse. This is why if they can’t do what’s in the best interest of this country, then take it out of their hands. If they are too pussified to tell Israel to quit committing crimes like 9/11 and all the bombings since 9/11.

  • richloomis

    @Joe in Missouri — you say:

    “So what if the big players in the NWO are Jewish? Does that somehow prove to you that every single Jew on the planet is in on the conspiracy?”

    Wow, Joe, how you ever managed to invent THAT out of thin air is beyond me . . did I not STRESS that all three references were from Jewish (or ex-Jewish) sources? How then do you feel it was implied that “every single Jew” is an enemy? For you to read that into the item shows more about your own mental state than about what was really said, yes?

    You then continue:

    “The race or religion of these people has no bearing on anything.”

    Oh really? Try telling that to the Palestinians or Iraqis or Iranians etc etc etc or even try telling it to ME, a mere “goy” piece of crap, hardly worth one fingernail compared to any one Jew — per their own Rabbinical public statements! Try telling it to our Neocon Jewish cabal, or try telling the Jews in banking that they really shouldn’t be looting/murderering our financial system like they’ve done, that would be like telling the FBI back in the 40’s and 50’s that the Sicilian/Italian MAFIA wasn’t really in any way ethnic, was just a coincidence that they all hung out together and killed together and ran the rackets together and started Las Vegas together — why should we DARE name names and tell it like it is or was? Or Meyer Lansky and Murder, Inc and all the vicious New York JEWISH gangs — likewise, we shouldn’t give a damn if obvious affiliations and networking and mutual protection measures emerged from their common links and heritage and beliefs and culture and interconnections? IT DOESN’T MATTER???

    Maybe not to you, Joe, but it matters to anyone with any genuine care or smarts or perspicacity or foresight. No, it does not imply blind “hatred” merely to identify the operative elements and mindsets and PUBLISHED INTENTIONS of the various active parties, whatever their origins or religion or self-justifications.

    “What they are doing should be our only concern.”

    No, it is NOT and should not be our “only” concern and why? Because people do not ordinarily obtain motivation out of a vacuum: one’s upbringing and values and expectations and programming and ideological outlooks DO connect to one’s culture, religion, etc. Thus if my next door neighbor proclaims himself a practicing (and proud) Satanist, unapologetic about the idea (and practice) of child sacrifice, for example, then their entire body of beliefs or “religion” DOES damn well matter, since it yields a useful hint about their likely future actions, propensities, inclinations, and might well affect whether I let my child visit their children, and much more. Details matter, Joe, not always to the exclusion of good sense, but they matter a great deal nonetheless.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Dave Nickerson – you state the Jews control everything…first of all that is patently not true, and secondly you state ‘the people shopuld decide’…are you saying Jews are not people?

  • Jack Zeller

    @Donavan…you are a little man, and of small mind…

  • Jack Zeller

    @Rich Loomis…as a Jew hater, you are missing the real enemy…think about it…

  • richloomis

    @Jack Zeller —

    Ah, come on, Jack . . such a tired old refrain, anytime ANYONE even dares to mention Israel, Zionism, Jews, with anything remotely approaching criticism they are immediately painted over and smeared as “haters” — and with a name like Zeller, why am I not surprised to hear this bullshit cowardly dodge from YOU? After all, so far you’ve refused to answer any of my questions, and now instead of addressing the issues themselves (or the writers of the articles instead of shifting it on me) you resort to name-calling — as if THAT automatically dismisses honest reporting and observations from ALL OVER THE FUCKING GLOBE!

    Or maybe you didn’t notice the prominent disclaimer (TWICE) that the items submitted were written by JEWS not by me. Oh, for sure, I know what comes next: they were all “self-hating Jews” is the insane bussword that you all attempt to smear even your own people who tell the truth.

    These dishonest (and tiresome) evasions used to work . . and may still distract a few dullards . . but nearly everyone is getting VERY weary of such transparent “poor me” bs, the Hollywood-inspired campaign suggesting the Jews never behave as nastily as the Germans or the Spainish or the French or the dozens of other societies who in times past have had to toss your treasonous butts out of their countries FOR DAMN GOOD CAUSE even as today your buddies are looting America of every dime before pulling the plug for the grand finale crash.

    No, even so I don’t “hate Jews” since relatively few of them have any idea what’s being done in their name and with their contributions and cooperation with their higher-ups, etc. In fact a rather large segment of Jews actively oppose what’s going on in their name . . but then creeps like you pop up from the peanut gallery and marginalize them as if they aren’t “real” Jews, yada yada yada.

    Fact is, I have good Jewish friends, have been invited (and attended) Bar Mitzvahs etc and find most of them as totally ignorant of what’s going on as the average Baptist or Lutheran or Muslim or Buddist, etc. Don’t try to pin your hate bullshit on me, it’s dishonest and conniving and says much more about you than me, so grow up.

    At various periods in history it’s been the Mongols in charge, or the Vikings, or the Vandals, or the Huns, or the Romans, and it’s never “hateful” to merely state the obvious, especially when anyone other than a child can merely look around and figurer it out for themselves. ESPECIALLY when the “victors” strut and preen and crow about it amnong themselves . . now even to the point that they openly brag in the mainstream press! I could cite dozens, if not hundreds, of items to back that up . . but of course you would not read ONE WORD and if you did, you would refuse to respond . . except maybe to sputter incoherently with rage and alarm and stupidity and GUILTY KNOWLEDGE.

    Yes, every dog has its day, your ancestors and contemporaries have labored long and hard, and so by all means exult in your momentary ascendency and self-satisfied expectations of “control” over us goyim . . but it will be every bit as short-lived as every other ethnic regime in history, and probably twice as bloody for all concerned. Fact is, if you’d bother to read the fine Jewish gentleman Henry Makow, you’d realize that Jews are being “set up” for internecine destruction every bit as much as the Muslims and Christians, etc, who are expected to slaughter each other (with the help of biowar, nuclear fallout, starvation, etc) so that the Satanists/Kaballah crowd can emerge from their bunkers and South American estates after it’s all over and pick up the pieces for themselves — no more Jews, no more Christians, no more Muslims etc — just “Mother Gaia” and if you worship anything other than environmentalism, you will go on the Red List immediately.

    That’s the general scenario. They are USING the self-important, grandiose Jews (who publicly proclaim ALL OTHERS to be mere animals in comparison, to be exploited as deemed proper) as today’s main mechanism for subversion and control . . but just as Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and every other tyrant before them, once absolute power has been obtained, the proud Jews will become every bit as much a “liability” as anyone else. Even thus do such regimes typically perform as the FIRST FUNCTION the destruction of the intelligentsia, their former generals and teachers and engineers and police or any other “threat” to their New World Order.

    So stop calling me names, wake up, you Jews will be right beside us in the camps, once again, and even as in Germany, it will be your own so-called “international leaders” who will sell you out once no longer needed.

    Here’s another JEWISH source of information (why do I absolutely KNOW you won’t read a word, much less respond intelligently!!??)

    Harold Rosenthal interview, parts 1&2: Hidden Tyranny

  • Carl

    Jack, this is really sad.

    Now I don’t know who we should shoot- the jew-hating racist neo nazis that act like cops; or the Constitution hating racist anti-American cops that act like nazis; and that both infiltrate sites like this to preach their vomit.

  • richloomis

    @Carl — well I guess according to you the continual looting and sabotage to this once great nation is being conducted by nameless gremlins, AND the open admissions BY the guilty parties should be ignored so as to prop up your pathetic delusions and prejudices . . but since I don’t hate Jews or Muslims or most Christians, I’ll tell you what I damn well DO hate: I utterly DETEST the spineless lying dishonest shits who never read what’s put in their fucking LAPS and then pretend it’s everyone else who’s ignorant and misdirected.

    Guess we’re talking about YOU Carl, but rest easy, we won’t have to shoot you, since your own idiot complicity will put you in the hands of today’s torturers and murderers and camp guards. THEY will do a number on you and your family that just “may” finally wake you up, but I doubt it. You’ll still be kissing their jackboots and star-of-david armbands and stroking their yarmulkes even as they drop you in your grave with a dismissive sneer, shaking their heads at the brain-dead craven stupidity of the goyim!

    Wish there was a way to make you address the actual details of the articles shared with you (thousands more available FROM JEWS THEMSELVES) but you would once again take the cowards way out by merely calling names and running away instead of intelligently discussing/refuting the facts (if it were possible) like an adult.

  • PetesFarm BS/NS

    Read US v Olmstead-When the police become the lawbreaker

    Then search n watch “The Worlds Largest Street Gang

    Then read Briscoe v Lahue where the S Ct made it legal for cops to testily & no right to a remedy, FTG

  • PetesFarm BS/NS

    WHODID911 Conspirators PLS READ Tis the zionists, CFR, PNAC, FRB, IMF & criminal banksters like Goldman sacks that r implimenting the police state & incarceration nation. They r also the 1’s hacking away at the tree of Liberty-we have Korts of Just This with Fibberty for all-the judiciary is as filthy as dirty cops that lie
    The Agents of Change r the CFR, PNAC & dual isreali’s in the executive branch & pentagon that are implimenting foreign policy that is not in the best interests of the American Way shows US Aid to the tune of $8,200,000 per day goes to fUNd the largest RICO, Terrorist entity in the world-the ashkeNAZI zionists that use true Jews/Isreal as a strawman.
    The Demona nuke facility in isreal needs to be SUbject to the same inspections as Iraq-there are many “missing” nuclear bombs n I believe they r in DEMONa being made into suit case nukes to be used against America to bring aboot martial law & NWO-this is why the cops act like gestapo-search for “mossad uses mini nuke in Bali” just like in 911, concrete was reduced to powder

  • joe donovan

    The jews assassinated all four of our presidents and countless congressmen. The took outWellstone who was jewish and the other congressmen who’s plane went down in Alaska. He was making a fuss about Obama. Clinton had many reporters killed. Obama is illegal as president. This means treason. He will hang and hos co-conspirators.

  • Joe in Missouri

    You people that are concentrating on “Jews” are way off base.
    They are also individuals with names such as Rothschild,Rockelfeller, Queens and King this or that,
    they are mostly also men,
    some are german,
    some are English,
    some are American.
    Some are gay,
    some are young,
    some are old…..

    And yes as if I had not noticed Some are also Jewish. SO fuckin; what? What’s your point?

    Not all Jews are part of this cabal and more than all Germans are. You guys are not too damn bright you know it?

  • Daniel

    Howdy petesfarm, small world aint it! Oh stop it you guys are makin cops more paranoid than they already are and should be! The basis for allowing cops to violate you is on the presumption that there is a remedy available when they do in a court of justice! Just as pete mentioned earlier, there are no justice courts, only just us courts and we aint us! I have been there done that, I have a much faster remedy at hand and no need to even get up lol! There are no courts of competent jurisdiction left in this country, and same as last time, those carrying a bar card are the bag men, cops are Useful idiots!

  • richloomis

    @Joe in Missouri —

    Either you are deliberately not being honest (even with yourself) or you refuse to examine the subject in any depth whatsoever. Yes, if it were merely a case of a motley crew of disparate greedy men with no common creed or motivation or concept of “birthright” etc then one might agree with you that race and/or religion “doesn’t matter.”

    However, it is HUGELY disproportionate with dedicated and networked Jews, per their own PUBLISHED goals and intentions and gloating successes which are likewise published via their own Rabbis and in-house news organs, etc.

    It’s as if you were in Russia at the turn of the century, Jews/Communists taking over EVERY FREAKIN’ aspect of their society, and here would be little Joe from Missouri, desperately hoping someone would believe him as he spouts “hey, it don’t matter none, just a bunch of people together by happenstance, doin’ their thing, no common roots, no common creed, no common motivation, no published platform that is DAILY becoming reality, nope — nothing to see here folks, go on home, relax, there will never be gulags and deadly borders and mass executions of CHRISTIANS by these “non-Jews” yada yada yada.”

    Yet even at that time there were countless indicators, newletters, mass rallies, the murder of the Tzar and his family, major undercurrents of all sorts and stripes clearly revealing to anyone with eyes that the money financing the whole shebang was coming from Jewish bankers, Jews were assuming the top positions (often changing their names to disguise their roots and affiliations) and in fact many world news corrrespondents (later to inlude incisive remarks by Winston Churchill and others) that it was almost EXCLUSIVELY a Jewish plot and fail accompli — yet you are so ignorant that all you can do is pretend that “young” “old” “straight” “gay” etc means that there is no cohesion and purpose and common connection underneath.

    What a fool. One of the three links I provided earlier was this one:

    Featured practically at the top just under the header was a short video that quite easily illustrates just how intentionally dumb your protests really are, bet you didn’t even watch it, did you? An even better bet is that you did not click on a single linked topic along the right hand margin, detailing the documented basis from which the host commentator speaks — the former JEW well educated in the realities of his own former culture.

    Ok, little Joe, let’s now show everyone here just how much integrity and intelligence you really possess: I’ve isolated JUST THE VIDEO via a You Tube link below (so as not to overwhelm your poor brain with too much data) so please review the video below a couple of times and THEN tell us all that it’s just a few random associations among disparate mentalities! And that video doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the wider spectrum regarding the interconnected Jewish bankster families etc, etc. But let’s disregard all other matters, let’s just hear your reasoning re the short video, and see where that takes us, ok? Don’t be shy . . try to use more than a few dismissive expletives and illogical sputtering denials — actually show some depth to your presumed rebuttals so we can all follow your reasoning and documentation.

    Here it is:

  • Joe in Missouri

    You are a bit more articulate than most but you are still clueless.
    I guess if the (BLANK) are more than 50% men then we can blame the men rather than the Jews.

    Take names and you have my attention friend. Until then well I wont talk that way in public.


  • richloomis

    @Joe in Missouri —

    Ok, you were asked to address a very simple and obviously cogent argument brought not be me, but by one of the “Jews” who is personally very knowledgeable on the subject. Moreover, it is not about “me” being clueless or not, but rather whether or not Freedman was “clueless” in his public lecture, or whether the video content was “clueless” and immaterial to the discussion.

    Naturally, you would much prefer to pretend that it’s all about “me” so as to spare you the VERY difficult proposition of labelling these very well informed sources as bogus and incorrect and having to defend your position.

    You would never in a thousand years succeed in refuting these sources, nor hundreds of others in the same vein that I could bring into evidence, so what option do you have left? Attack me personally (without addressing a single solitary point in the items offered) and then attempt to limp off with a few shreds of phony “dignity” as if in a huff of righteousness . . when we all see it for what it truly is: NO ANSWER to the actual material which is straight from reputable Jewish sources themselves.

    All this came about because you rather abrasively attacked/dismissed another poster on this matter, AS IF there wasn’t a shred of evidence by which he and others might have derived an informed opinion. Perhaps we’ve at least demonstrated that there is more than one side to the issue?

    Nevertheless you’ve made it clear that you’d prefer to drop the topic, so I will — if you will — ok?

  • Carl

    richloomis says:
    @Carl — well I guess according to you the continual looting and sabotage to this once great nation is being conducted by nameless gremlins, AND the open admissions BY the guilty parties should be ignored so as to prop up your pathetic delusions and prejudices. .

    I never said anything even remotely like that. Anyone that attacks America, I feel, should have their erect penis skinned and then cauterized with battery acid so they won’t bleed to death before the trial. But alas, you don’t know that because you don’t know me, therefore since you do not know me you certainly have no business making such groundless allegations.

    richloomis says:
    @Carl — but since I don’t hate Jews or Muslims or most Christians, I’ll tell you what I damn well DO hate: I utterly DETEST the spineless lying dishonest shits who never read what’s put in their fucking LAPS and then pretend it’s everyone else who’s ignorant and misdirected.

    Ok, great! And you expect me to read *what*, exactly? So that I can agree with you? Oh, wait, that is unConstitutional, by not allowing the Freedom of Thought and Opinion. Hmmm. I read the piece from Larkin several times, in fact. I have experienced dishonesty by cops, theft, abuse, harassment, false arrest, you name it. And I still don’t understand your logic in wanting to take away from someone something that cannot be given back. I just don’t understand it, that’s all.

    richloomis says:
    @Carl — Guess we’re talking about YOU Carl, but rest easy, we won’t have to shoot you, since your own idiot complicity will put you in the hands of today’s torturers and murderers and camp guards. THEY will do a number on you and your family that just “may” finally wake you up, but I doubt it.

    richloomis says:
    @Carl — You’ll still be kissing their jackboots and star-of-david armbands and stroking their yarmulkes even as they drop you in your grave with a dismissive sneer, shaking their heads at the brain-dead craven stupidity of the goyim!

    Ahhhh. You guessed wrong if you feel that I’m any of those you mentioned. Oh, wait. I guess anyone that disagrees with you is one of those, which is your choice, though unConstitutional in and of itself since you go openly discriminate against others for their use of their Constitutional rights which really affect you in no manner. On top of that, you said that you don’t hate Jews, yet you hate those that do not think the Jews are trying to take over the world, and you refer to them in discriminatory manner by saying “You’ll still be kissing their jackboots and star-of-david armbands”, “stroking their yarmulkes”, and “shaking their heads at the brain-dead craven stupidity of the goyim!”.

    If that isn’t hating Jews (and Germans), then what is it?

    richloomis says:
    @Carl — Wish there was a way to make you address the actual details of the articles shared with you (thousands more available FROM JEWS THEMSELVES) but you would once again take the cowards way out by merely calling names and running away instead of intelligently discussing/refuting the facts (if it were possible) like an adult.

    “Make”? “Help” is actually more fitting. “Making” me do anything is just plain wrong and if anything earns you far more disrespect than I have shown yet (and I’m not sure if I have shown any towards you). I don’t live on the internet, therefore I’m not here 24-7. That’s just the way it is. I‘m not running from anything.

    Joe in Missouri says:
    You people that are concentrating on “Jews” are way off base.
    They are also….

    And yes as if I had not noticed Some are also Jewish. SO fuckin; what? What’s your point?

    Not all Jews are part of this cabal and more than all Germans are. You guys are not too damn bright you know it?

    And I bet you Joe that the largest percentage of them all together you’ll find more Christians than non-Christians. That’s just the way it (likely) is.

    Daniel says:
    Howdy petesfarm, small world aint it! Oh stop it you guys are makin cops more paranoid than they already are and should be!

    As if they need anyone’s help for that….

  • richloomis

    @Carl — ok, you make some good points, I did sound rather rabid myself there at times, and we are in agreement in many ways purely with regard to the cop aspect. However it remains true that you did not, and still have not, actually addressed either the generalities or the specifics of the material that refutes your own rather nasty dismissal of those posters who regard the Jewish aspects as germane to the larger picture.

    Like Joe from Missouri, even now you merely “disagree” with the offerings without daring to offer specific refutations (or more precisely, you pretend that not reading them and/or not viewing the video is somehow a matter of “principle” which allows you to continue disparaging those who differ with you, without being held accountable to logic and facts and expert insider discourse that shows your blanket assumptions to be highly questionable, if not outright false.)

    I was wrong to attack you too personally for what I STILL see as a deliberate failure to address pertinent details, but you are also wrong to pretend that you can smugly demean and push aside those posters who dare to address the usury and corruption they see in the world and call it as they see it. You were “called” on it, and deservedly so, but I shall now drop the matter (and let you get in one more “dig” or last word if you so desire.)

    The shared material speaks for itself far more persuasively than I could hope to accomplish on my own, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Best wishes to all of you . . goodbye for now.


  • Jack Zeller


    I had to smile at your rant toward me. First, I am not a Jew, but an Anglican (Episcopalian for the ignorant). My original comments were directed to the article, and how this attracts pointy headed skin heads to post here about jews and the ‘grand conspiracy is beyond me. Tghis is my last post, because sadly, I have learned very little here. And because I am in L.E. I most vehemently must disagree with such hateful and vengeful attitudes. I hope some how you find your peace.

  • richloomis

    @Jack Zeller

    Just couldn’t leave it alone, could you Jack. Ok, my own final reply to you, as to the others previously.

    First of all, it scarcely matters whether you proclaim yourself an Anglican or a Catholic or a Hottentot with a bone in your nose, fact is you walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and dirty the pond like a duck with your crap — which by amazing coincidence looks and smells just like the standard BS someone like Abe Foxman would spew.

    I never said that the Jewish mind control in Hollywood and the news media was a failure, far from it, and you certainly prove the case. (That’s even assuming you’re telling the truth regarding your true affiliations.)

    It’s been said that one could be dropped by parachute into damn near any culture or society on earth, and within a short time one could learn who or what was REALLY in charge by simply observing when people had to lower their voice or speak in whispers among themselves.

    So it is today re the Jews — again with the caveat that the common Jew most often has little awareness of how his or her support is being “used” and manipulated against mankind in general.

    Woodrow Wilson wrote: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

    Here’s the bottom line, Jack. You and your other two like-minded control freaks jumped all over some other posters who dared speak above a whisper on this vitally connected subject. You did so as if it were all a foregone conclusion that any so-called “moral” human would automatically knee-jerk agree with. Kind of like all those puppet Congress critters who bobbed up and down like servile shits to the Israeli Prime Minister during his White House visit.

    The three of you brought out your little yapping trained poodles and tried to pee all over these concerned and AWARE citizens. I responded by bringing a 20 ton elephant into the living room, and the first thing he did was amble over to your screeching mutts and stomp them into silent red mush, THEN it turned around and blasted a mighty fart in all your faces.

    From that point on all any of you have done is to pretend that elephant never entered the room, never demolished your pet prejudices, didn’t fart in your face and dare you to answer in kind.
    Neither you nor the others have in any manner attempted to deal with the elephant on his own terms, because you damn well know you’d get flattened yourselves in the effort, and worse, the elephant might simply trumpet a few of his even larger friends into the fray, and all hell would break loose . . and not in your favor.

    So I “get it” that you haven’t learned a thing on the actual issues (could tell that by your earlier failures to answer my points re cops) but maybe you HAVE learned that people are waking up to your line of shit, are NOT shutting up about the looting/desecration of our nation by the Zionist/Illuminati/Satanist assholes trying to muffle observation and dissent, and are NOT intimidated by the Carls and Joes and Jacks who thought a few casual dismissive SNEERS would suffice bury the question yet again.

    Didn’t work this time, and hopefully, as more people awaken, it won’t work the next time either.

    Good luck with all your coward cops . .


  • Henry makow

    We have wars, depressions, brown immigration, perverted TV programming, sex ed in school, and porn all over the place, because Jews want it. If the Jews wanted they could get every Mexican out of the country inside of a month. THere would never be another war if Jews didn’t want them. People say Illumaniti, Bilderbergers, Council of 300, CFR or bankers, but cut through all the bull and just say Jews! It’s a shame the people won’t wake up and take control from politicans and the people will vote. The people will vote in their district, state and Federal level. We allow 500 people to tell us what to do. So far we got drugs, crime, wars, and recessions and it’s time to get rid of them. Just kill them all if they won’t leave freely. You’ve had long enough and all of them should hang.

  • George matthews

    Hey dude do the segragate the KKK or Nazis? We are supposed to look at every individual and judge them based on what they do. When Communism rears it’s ugly head here the jews will work behind the scene and they will work together and they’ll run the show just like They did it in Russia. They will do it here. You’ll notice the camp guards were all jewish.

  • George matthews

    When should you kill a Cop? When he is on the ground already shot and you pump two more bullets into him.

  • richloomis

    Why would any honest person pretend to post as Henry Makow, when clearly those words were neither written by him in any of his published material, nor written by him as if he were online?

    You faintly echo some of his points, but it is TOTALLY inappropriate to give others the impression that he had somehow logged on here for this discussion.

    I use my own name, why don’t YOU, whoever you are?

    Or at least pick a neutral nickname having no “smear potential” against another real life person, especially when Makow’s name was specifically used in connection with this touchy issue.

    One might even suspect that you were Jewish yourself, and as with the final “Matthews” remark, could be construed as an attempt to “populate” the question with wacko-sounding extremists so as to darken what little progress was made here?

    Tone it down with the shooting-in-the-back crap, it only reveals you as very likely part of the “dirty tricks department” which comes into play whenever word gets around that the “forbidden topic” is actively being discussed somewhere . .

    And now, I really AM departing this scene, regardless of further ploys or crafty wordplay from any party . .

    If the shared material wasn’t enough to open some mental doors, nothing more that I could contribute would make a difference anyhow.

    Have fun, kiddies . .


  • Doug Eberspacher

    I only print the truth. I don’t do personal attacks. The Jews have fucked up this country and our pussy politicians suck their arses. The CIA dumps drugs into this country. They got rid of the Italian mafia to make room for the jewish aka Russian mafia. But they let the Crips and Bloods to do as they want. How many of you knew these gangs in order to be iniated into their gangs they killWhite people, but just like the Zebra killings of White people in the late sixties the law never told anyone who was doing it and why? So you have people that are murdered and how many times by these gangs? The world has too many people as it is and they just don’t care. They care a whole lot less than Arabs and Asians.
    All we have to do is get rid of politicians and the citizens vote, but you have to have at least a 100 IQ. This eliminates 3/4 of the negroes from voting. The citzens could get in there and make up laws we need and get rid of ones we don’t. But nobody gets paid for this. This government is in control of the Jews and that won’t change without ths country being totally destroyed.

  • richloomis

    Maye you guys are right. I didn’t know about the Crips and Bloods. Of course, I can’t say I know much about things when you arne’t there and you are only relying on hearsay coming from three different sources. I know they murdered those guys in the helicopters, because they were there and witness to whatever happened with the dude that had the misfortune of being set up as Osama. The thing with Cops if we got rid of the garbage the Jews have loaded this country with we could get rid of half the Cops. I know many small towns with only White citizens and no police. Then Blacks move in and you find you need Cops. Then of course they need revenue. Maybe someday I will kill a Cop, but it will be in self defense. I’m not a violent man. I’m a lover not a fighter.

  • richloomis


    An imposter/shill/troll just now posted an item using MY NAME in the header, whereas I had already announced my intention to no longer involve myself here. Since I still receive notification of additional traffic and comments, it was immediately apparent that the same asshole who pretended to be “Henry Makow” a bit earlier was at it again, this time using my name for his blather and bullshit and divisive game-playing.

    Be advised that ANY FURTHER USE OF MY NAME WILL BE COMPLETELY BOGUS. In fact I shall now delete even the notification function from my computer, so to all you little creeps who have nothing better to do with your life than mess with forum threads, go for it, type until your fingers fall off (both thumbs of course are already missing due to infection and rot from sticking them up your ass so much.)


    richloomis says:
    August 8, 2011 at 2:45 pm
    Maye you guys are right. I didn’t know about the Crips and Bloods.

  • George matthews

    Good riddance you had nothing to add. Go to another chat room. Maybe a sex chat room. Because we will have no choice, but to kill Cops in the near future, because this government has done nothing to curtail drugs in the least. These busts you hear about keeps prices high so the CIA makes more on their drugs. People think legalizing the drugs will help, but it will make drugs cheaper. The thing is we could send 500,000 troops to Colombia and destroy their drugs and these cartels could not strike back like they do to their own government. it would make cocaine $1,000 a gram. Until the American people take their country back we will continue to go downhill. To solve our problems we will have to kill Cops. But guess what dudes. You waited too long. You should have attacked right after Waco attacks, because they didn’t have the technology they got now. Plus everyone hated the government. Now your guns are obsolete.

  • richloomis

    I thought I could stay out, but I guess it’s too hard. I just believe killing Cops is not the answer. We need to protest them. But who knows what will happen? But I want apologize for the things I said. It is not like me to say such things. My NAMBLA members would curse me if they knew what I did.

  • Joe in Missouri

    There are some real morons here that seem to think that we delegated to the feds the right to dictate what we put in our bodies, whether it be food or so called “drugs.”

    The document is only 7000 or so words can you drug war morons please fin for me where we the people vested the federal government with this duty?

    Regardless what I put in my body is an inalienable right. What the hell else could it be?

    Think before you speak. I know thinking is hard for many of you but please try.

  • Doug Eberspacher

    They have been poisoning us in Great Britain and the USA for over 70 years. Cancer has been cured for 50 years. They have totally lied about cancer. They have lied about diseases, viruses andvaccines. They have cooked up those viruses in labs and then inside of a month create a vaccine. They had the vaccine ready the same time as the viruses. When the SHTF in the USA that’s when we get paid back for our ignorance. We get paid back for attacking Germany and not letting them destroy Communism. Then allowing millions of Communist Jews into this country. We get paid back for allowing 500 politicians to rule 300 million. Stupid people go to the voting booth, but it doesn’t matter who they elect it’s the same thing. Unless the citizens get the professional politicians out and the citizens vote on everything we will keep getting the same thing. They don’t understand a politician will vote for something based on how the people feel in his district, but a law only needs to pass by one vote. In the old days communities governed themselves. Now the FEDs rule. Our founding fathers really screwed up. They talk about democracy, but it’s a dictatorship when 535 politicians tell 300 million what to do. Then you have federal judges who answer to nobody. Get rid of all the FED. All these ABC agencies totally control us and now how do we challenge the federal government? There are no checks and balances.

  • George Matthews

    Does anyone miss richloomis? He’s probably gone to some other useless chat forum to anooy them.

  • Bill Sinclair

    Joe, the government has lied to us so many times. They lie about cancer. We have 65 million diabetics in this country and if something happened and for some reasonthey couldn’t get insulin 30 million would die in a week. This government intentionally made these people sick. All these tricks to get people to drink all these sodas. All the fructose syrup the put in our food. They intentionally allowed food companies to lie. The evidence is 65 million diabetics. You better quit eating processed food. Grow your own garden.

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  • DanD

    THE NEW PARADIGM: As the Federalization of law enforcement expands, the “Police” increasingly become nothing more than militarily-armed, government-sponsored gangbangers hiding behind badges.


  • robertsgt40

    Russ must work for the BATF

  • Bill Sinclair

    You hear of a police officer killed by drug dealers every now and then. This causes the police to become more dilligent. But as soon asd these militia or patriots take out a bunch of Cops when they go to do a raid you can bet thingswill heat up big time. Because the people will cheer and then the Cops will be pissed and they won’t want to hear things about being pro-gun. Then Cops get even worse. Then before long you got martial law.

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  • Carl

    I quit posting here since no one is interested in making things better, changing the system, or finding a productive way to deal with this matter. Instead all this hatred and vomit.

    Do you really have that right? To take a man’s life because he pulls you over? I don’t think so. I feel that we can work with the system to make improvements and changes that benefit both the citizens and the cops. Until we can get past all this vile hatred many of you espouse, it won’t happen.

  • joe haddock

    When everything falls apart with the next Mossad attack will it make any difference? When the Cops have to deal with people under martial law and they’ll shoot you at the drop of a hat. When they won’t have time to deal with you. I say they will be in the way of militia getting at the Jews and politicians who have screwed us. We need to execute the politicians and replace them with citizens that serve one year and then are replaced. Our founding fathers gave us nothing. In fact a better system would be like the Kingdoms in Europe where one person has the say so and no vetoes, filibusters or referendums. But the politicians can spread the blame around. Now the Jews have loaded country with brown people. Our system sucks if the Jews can load our ountry with shit. Plus the drugs are everywhere. All our good jobs have left. But the worst thing is the wars and the federal reserve we get with these politicians.

  • Jim

    Ask Jose Guerena. Or his wife. For just two examples of when it would be right…

  • Greycoat

    Zecarias De La Rocha listed in the banner of this sick site is a Marxist, i.e. left-wing radical. Rose is a self-described anarchist. That’s all I need to know. These people are evil and an enemy to everything that is good.

  • Patriot76

    Great article! I agree 100% with this information but now Americans need to put it to use. In other words cops are not cops but rogue agents doing the bidding for enemy politicians and bureaucrats whom have no belief whatsoever in the Constitution. Why the hell are they still around in this country? I believe when groups of people have concealed guns and see a cop beating on someone, it is time for all those from that group walk up to the cop with guns to his head and tell him to stop it or Else! There is bound to be a shootout eventually and we must win it. I believe all cops whether good or bad will always follow orders on the illegal laws. If the good cops were good then they would fight the other cops from doing illegal activities. I believe todays cops are not the same and never will til we the people beat the Absolute crap out of them. They will always treat you like the enemy. When more Americans understand the present government along with state governments take the Constitution as a farce and create their own brand of laws, we are in the eyes of cops, bureaucrat and politicians the enemey. Americans need to learn to have the firery passion in their hearts to understand what fighting for freedom and liberty is in THIS COUNTRY! Not outside America.

  • john sinclair

    One thing for sure this country will be in martial law inside of a year. If the Cops don’t side with the civilians we will kill them bythe thousands. You Cops better wake up. You better decide that the government has screwed you by allowing the CIA to sell drugs in this country and by allowing all the brown bastards in and by allowing the Jews to control this country. So you Cops better put down your guns, because if not we will pump you full of lead.

  • Patriot76

    Too Bad Greycoat isnt paying any attention to the message rather than blaming someone for being a marxist? The line is drawn and all Americans have a choice, just like the Alamo, you either shut up and fight or you keep using your big mouth to get you nowhere. And thats cowardly! Prediction? May or may not be bloodshed down the road. If you do NOT support the CONSTITUTION then you are definitely the enemy! Period. No questions ask. Too bad our founding fathers are not alive, the rope they hang all these anti Constitional traitors would be worn out!

  • Joe in Missouri

    Greycoat says:
    August 12, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Zecarias De La Rocha listed in the banner of this sick site is a Marxist, i.e. left-wing radical. Rose is a self-described anarchist. That’s all I need to know. These people are evil and an enemy to everything that is good.

    And I suppose you are a statist Greycoat? I think you are the dangerous one Greycoat. Your post shows how little you know about anarchists.

  • DanD

    Frequently in many of the posts here, some commenters attack “the Jews” for pretty-much owning us all (through our politicos) and then others condemn such observations by calling it “racism.”

    By itself, being a Jew is not a racially oriented circumstance. On the other hand, if one is an Ashkenazi Jew, or a Sephardic Jew, or even an Ethiopian Jew, NOW THAT is racially specific. By and large, Ethiopian Jews are Black. Sephardic Jews are more brown-skinned (like Palestinian Muslims), and Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasian. Caucasian Jews are — by many times — the largest race group of that religious perversion.

    Don’t believe me? Go ahead, Google it … “The Thirteenth Tribe.”


  • Joe in Missouri

    Let’s get back to fucking basics shit heads. We have a God given inalienable right to protect our lives and property no matter who the fuck is trying to take it away. And yes FUCK governments that think they can do this.

    Why the fuck should this create ANY controversy?

  • John Renehan

    The Ashkenazi Jews are the ones that immigrated from Khazaria and have no claim on Palestine as if that is a claim that someone else lived there 2,000 years ago. The Jews from Russia are the most violent rich bastards. They represent 90% of the Commies.

  • Bill Sinclair

    All the politicians executed were killed by the Jews. The Jews finance all wars. Everytime a politician says anything negative towards Israel or maybe they want to cut foreign aid, then that politician is attacked by the israeli lobby. If the jews control our government, media, education and banks, then how could anyone argue that Jews create this mess? I mean Mayer Amschel Rothschilds said, he doesn’t care who controls the army if he contorls the money. So you can see they can control by just controlling the money. Now throw in the control of the media, government and education you have to summize they control it all. If a company does something they don’t like and theywant to borrow money the Jew banks won’t be so eager to loan them money. If they want to screw you in the public arena they have all the media to do this. Just read the book, “The Score” by Rudy “Butch” Stanko.
    So they can do what they want with the banks and the Jewish politicians, control of publishing companies, control of education and control of the government is just icing on the cake. There are others who have money like the Dotheads and the Asians, but the Jews hit you with the kosher tax, the holocaust, Israel crying for aid and weapons and with America baking Israel 100% they can do what they wantin Palestine. Many times the whole world votes against Israel in the U.N, but their whore the USA always stands by Israel. If we left them alone the Arabs would attack them and the whole world would attack them with sanctions and boycotts.

  • JCZ

    @ Bill Sinclaire…

    Bill, Rudy “Butch’ Stanko is a nobody who sold tainted meat to school children…he was replaced in his church by a pizza delivery guy! They are all nobody’s. Yours is the silliest and dumbest post on this page we have seen! What politicians, and by what Jews? Pure silliness. We have laughed so over this! (-: You must be frightfully under employed…..

  • Richard Kahn

    As a Jew, I wish I had some of that money that some posters here say all the Jews have :-)

    And as the richloomis situation shows, one poster here can not be sure if another poster is who (s)he says (s)he is. Perhaps no one is who they say they are. Perhaps 90% of the posts are one single person arguing both sides so as to create distrust and “stoke the fires.” Maybe it is all another Jewish conspiracy.

    No one will ever know, or will they? Maybe the people who run this site will start requiring social security numbers and dates of birth to verify people’s identity before posting.

    No one will ever know.

    Or will they?

  • DanD

    Hey, little Ricky;

    Jews are the most racist MoFos on Earth! As a JEW, have you ever noticed how “your kind” treats each other like shit? Especially how the palefaced overlord Ashkenazi treat the lesser “colored” Jews.

    And as far as you failing to share in with your oligarchic brother’s mostly-stolen wealth? Well, the greater mass of Am-ha-Eretz have always been fleeced just about as much as the general goy population, it’s just that such as you (that is, if you’re not really an agent-provocateur) are allowed by your quisling-Jewish masters to at least keep some of the crumbs that you steal off any other more middle-class goy’s plate.

    Just look at it throughout “Jewish” history … especially in and around the European (sub)continent. You tell me, exactly what was it that kept getting Jews kicked out of almost every region that they ever passively invaded (after, that is, the Jewish Khazarian kingdom virtually got wiped off the face of the earth by its Hun relatives and Mongol competitors)? Did it — just possibly — have anything at all to do with the fact that those severely self-segregated Jewish migrating populations repetitively kept performing as whatever local goy-royalty’s taxation and criminal collections administrators?

    I mean, IT’S AN HISTORICAL APHORISM … Jews (at least, the Jews who were ever allowed by their Jewish landlords out of their ghetto to have dealings with the general goy public) are a greedy bunch of bastards! And generally, for the Jews who regularly dealth with the local non-Jewish populations, the shoe fit.

    So yeah, chances are, you’re probably not some direct-line offspring of the RedShield. But I’ll bet that — with your dying breath — you will still stupidly fight and die for a Rothschild agenda.

    As it is, there’s probably about 15 or 20 posters to this thread, most of whom are not Jewish.


  • Bernie Cohen

    I’m Jewish and it is what it is. We control everything. We control the banks, media, government and education. Over half the faculty at the Ivy League Universities are Jewish. 33 Congressmen and 11 Senators. We could run the show by just controlling the money, but why not control more? You control nothing in your own country. During the Communist reign we murdered 65 million. All shot in the back of the head in mass graves in Eastern Europe, but nobody cares. The Chinese Commies are murdering the Chinese by the millions. They can not say they don’t know since they learned what the Commies did in Eastern Europe. We could have moved to Madagascar or Khazaria, but we wanted to be where we could do the most damage. Now you fight in our wars. The police hold you back from going after us. Many of you would kill us by the millions and surely would if you knew everything we have done and the plans we have for you.

  • Richard Kahn


  • George Matthews

    yeah, yeah, yeah, if they listed 1,000 of the world’s richest people theywould all be Jews. If you took the Rothschild’s and warburg’s wealth it’s estimated at 100 trillion. With this much wealth they could create 100,000 Jews with more wealth than anyone else. If you looked at the percentage of wealthy and well to do Jews it would be so out of proportion with the rest of society I don’t think you would want the figures printed. Just like the Rothschild aren’t listed as the world’s richest people. How many soldier are Jewish? How many Jews pump out septic tanks, work in coal mines and are volunteer firemen? We need a study on that. The truth be told the dirty work in Palestine is done by the Palestinians.

  • Bill Calloway

    The Jews own us. Matt Hale and Edgar Steele wrote books about Jews and the FBI framed them both big time. This is corruption at it’s worse. Two innocent men in prison, because the jews were pissed. and rea The Edgar Steele story. You can have them send you his email stories.
    When you read what they did to them and how bad they framed them and wouldn’t allow them to see the evidence. FBI agents framed them and lied. This means the Jews control the OSI, CIA and the FBI. In Germany and Russia this is how it was and the people could always poit the finger at the Jews, so in America they made sure our country was polluted with many Mexicans, Blacks, Asians and even their enemy the Muslims. This was done to destroy our country.

  • Richard Kahn

    Well, if that is true @DanD [and others], then why would I support auditing and ultimately abolishing the Federal Reserve system? Wouldn’t that be cutting my own throat?

  • DanD

    R. Kahn;

    How about “plausible deniability?” Perhaps not for yourself, but if the Jewish Oligarchy for Global Conquest (I tire of the rather staid “Illuminati” and “New World Order” and “Bilderbergers” and all other more generic nom-de-plumes of the “Zionified Masters of the Universe,” cabal) didn’t have some more homegrown brand of quasi-Hebraic opposition, then to prevent a(n inevitably) much greater Gentile wrath from eventually befalling it, those nameless Noahide conquistador wannabes would have to invent one! Indeed they did just that during the long run up to WWII, when the rogue patricidal heirs of T. Hertzl’s Zionism helped insure that as many as possible of Europe’s rather Orthodox (and uncommonly anti-Zionist) Jewish population was oportunistically eliminated.

    Even in these modern genocidal times of batshit crazy on the Palestinian homefront, there are yet such voices in the wilderness as Neturei Karta, who at considerable risk to themselves. openly revile the more modern fake-Jews of the Zionist ilk (an interesting fact: the largest group of self-identified Zionist on Earth are CHRISTIAN … and THE ONLY REASON they want Zionland to succeed in its conquests from the Nile to the Euphrates is so that, thereafter, Jesus can then prophetically return to this planet during Armageddon and definitively destroy all the apostate Jews of that “Shitty-Little-State.” Great allies.

    And these stringently Orthodox and traditionally anti-modern Jews of the elder paradigm (pre WWI) truly do believe in the anti-Zionist message that they preach! And indeed, though they are so encompassingly marginalized as a bobble-headed sect, they are yet also still formally tolerated (for mostly nefarious reasons) by their more rabid Zionist kin. this is mostly because, by the very manner that NK culturally and theologically delimits its own expressions of religious authority, — indeed — NK is absolutely no real threat to the warmongers of Zionism.

    But in the longer run, NK also provides a well-managed variety of alternative trans-Jewish opinions. This seemingly rigid oppostion is then employed by most all the greater Jewish population (including “moderate” Zionists) for the quite clever purpose of deflecting expansive Gentile revulsion and retributive attitudes at global Judaism for tolerantly sustaining the most perverted modern war crimes (and U.S. Constitutional treasons), as committed (mostly) by the trans-sexually repressed perverts of Judaism’s bastard Zion sub-cult.

    So, okay … you also want the Fed abolished. What would you then like to have replace it?


  • Richard Kahn

    I would replace it with nothing. The constitutional function of “coining money and regulating the value thereof” would be returned to the US Mint which is a function of the Treasury Department. The paper money as we know it would either be backed by gold, silver, or other precious metal and could be redeemed at any time by same. If the fed gov’t is unwilling or unable to do so, then paper money would simply not be allowed.

    Does that answer your question?

  • DanD

    Like we were singing from the same choir book.


  • Bill Sinclair

    You stupid goyim that’s what the Jews said he did to put him out of business. They said he was processing cows laid out in the yard dead and diseased animals, but they have USDA inspectors all over the place. It would not pay at all to process animals that way.

  • Bill Sinclair

    Everyone wants to go to the western countries. Let’s let in 500,000 Indians and 500,000 Chinese and 500,000 Blacks to releive their over crowding. That would finish off this country.

  • Bill Sinclair

    The only good jew is Brother Nathanael. He’s telling you like it is.

  • Ian MacLeod

    What this massive and passionate response says is that Americans are on the edge, sick and tired of a government that makes up the law as it goes along, that treats We the People as though we were an occasionally useful resource that should otherwise be silent, respectful and obedient – or else. In scattered places, the police act like an occupying military, but without even the constraint of International Law. Our “rights” are treated as revocable privileges, to be removed any time an LEO feels like it.

    This can’t last. Pressure like this will explode sooner or later, and its getting later fast.


  • Capt Rob

    When should you shoot a cop?

    The answer is simple and obvious.

    At the same point you would shoot any other person.

    We are all in this together, people.
    When my children become more important than yours,
    we are all fucked.
    Pretty simple, isn’t?

    Fight the power
    If you have to

    Take ten


  • Joe Buck Era

    There are many White towns I’ve been to and no police. As soon as the Blacks move in you need Cops. In fact there is a town near me with only a few Black homes and the police are being called. Soon they’ll say we need town cops and then you need revenue and tickets. When we have this economic collapse there will be one bastard stopping us from getting at the politicians and Jews and that will be the police.

  • John Renehan

    The people are going to have to decide they are going to have to make changes. First with guns and then with their fists. Too late the politicians have really screwed uo this country

  • Capt Rob

    @ joe buck era

    WTF, Dude? You are saying less than nothing. Like a wierd noise one ignores. I think I may be (slowly) catching on to this type of inexplicable comments that seem to appear when serious info/education
    starts appearing on the horizon.Hey J.B.E. maybe you gubermint boys watched to much Pro Wrestling back in the 70’s. I will agree that what you saw up on the Armory stage was real rasalin, it was also staged. But keep on trying.

    People, we are very lucky that both the criminal element and the Jim Matthews/Joe Floyd/ and remember that Flag dude from MASH (sorry I dont remember his rank) element are not very Fucking smart, but they really think they are. And at this stage of our civil society experiment I respect the first group more. They just want to rip you off and will tell ya so.

    Wasn’t there once a time when serving as a Peace Officer was a goddamn honorable role. The ones who filled it did so to make themselves less important than the people. Willing to risk their own rights in order to secure the peoples rights. A man willing to enter a building containing an active shooter if a citizen was at risk. Whose goal was to make sure I returned to my family tonight even if it meant that he never would again. Honor. Ya gotta respect and love the ones that stand the gate. But not this crazy fucking us vs them mentality. We are all the people. All in it together.
    If we want freedom and liberty, the path is very clear and simple. It has been drawn up for a long time. Anybody remember The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America. That is the title. Not the TV version.

    ………. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers (unjust power does not exist) from the consent of the goverened. That whenever any form of government (a state actor or a concept, any form) becomes destructive to these ends (securing these rights), it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundations on such principles………….

    go read it right now. It is fucking awesome. We are it. We the people. All men. All of us together. And then read the list of repeated injuries and usurpations. Read it and then lets talk. Reasonable, civil, criticly reasoned discourse. Among equals. I may be completely out of my mind but this dog might hunt. We don’t really have a viable alternative.

  • Joe Buck Era

    Cops can say all they want they do it to protect the rights of others. I feel they do it for a paycheck and a cushy job with heat and AC. When they are off the force they can get away with a lot. They can call on their Cop buddies. I’ve had a couple Cops that told me they got on the force to fuck people up. Technology should be taking Cops off the road. These cameras can give someone a ticket and don’t endanger lives having someone pulled off the shoulder. That’s very dangerous. They should put up the cameras and save the fuel with Cops riding around. Everybody has cameras and can film people doing crime. Cops can be called to go after bank robbers and other criminals. If when the Mossad commits the next attack and then martial law and the Cops don’y change sides we are all screwed.

  • orion
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  • Freedom fighter USA

    Anytime a cop even conspires, let alone tries to, commit a crime shoot first and repeatedly into any of the cops unprotected area , head preferably. Even if you just see a cop loitering or prowling your neighborhood without being called get ready for defense and a preemptive strike against the mad animal.

  • Kender

    When should you “shoot” a cop? Never. They aren’t worth the price of a bullet. These parasitical vermin should be exterminated using gas or some other viable form of insect killer. Because that’s all they are, having divested themselves of all humanity the moment they put on a badge. Fuck the police. They are not even worthy of commentary.

  • tommy

    This is quite possibly the best thing I ever read.

    Even the intro about “knee-jerk” reactions is absolutely perfect.

    Glad that there are still some critical thinkers left in today’s era where the fascist corporations are ruling our lives through the media.

  • Duke

    An unfortunately rare pleasure to read something by one who has read and UNDERSTOOD the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We live in an age where anyone can become a ‘felon’ by the stroke of a politician’s pen, and law enforcement has grown a callus of blind obedience over whatever conscience and principle they brought to the job; and where the concept of an ‘impartial’ judge – or jury – is rare enough to be almost fiction.

    The men who stood up to a tyrant two hundred thirty-five years ago also knew that they were, in all likelihood, signing their own death warrants, but even so believed that sacrifice would inspire other patriots – the courage of their convictions was stronger than their fear if the consequences. Unless we continue to accept the increasingly apparent yoke of slavery – placed on us by our own elected ‘representatives’ and their appointed lackeys – and meekly submit to ever-increasing, and increasingly illicit ‘laws’, this may no longer be speculative, but a real, naked choice we might all be forced to make in an instant.

  • Jeff.Fitzhugh


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  • Danny

    John from LA….way too often I find that most defendants DO NOT follow up with a Federal civil rights lawsuit. And immediately after “the act” you should make sure you are aware of the requirements of the statute so as to meet the deadlines for filing.
    I believe that ALL within the freedom ranks should make themselves aware of these options within the statutes. And additionally, after any prosecution against you that results in a favorable outcome, you should also pursue a State Malicious Prosecution suit which also has its requirements. And you can pursue both suits simultaneously. But again, you need to be aware of the specific requirements for both. Go to the LAW LIBRARY and READ THE STATUTES! The librarian will help you. Develop a file for current or future reference.
    As example, in a state malicious prosecution suit, you must file notice of claim within 90 day period from the “favorable termination” you received. Look at the statute for your state, under municipal law volume. You would then have an additional 1 year to file the suit after the notice of claim.
    There is free legal assistance from lawyers regarding these suits. Call your local county Bar Association lawyer referral section and obtain 25.00 consultations or possibly no charge when they hear your outrageous case and want to take it for contingency!

  • Nancy

    Anybody here ever hear of Mohandas Ghandi?……
    He started a SUCCESSFUL revolution in 1930 which ended in 1947 when the British finally tucked their tails between their figurative legs and India obtained its sovereignity.
    He firmly believed in “passive resistance”.. NO violence.
    Ghandi had the Sermon on the Mount and the writings of Leo Tolstoy for his guides. He read Tolstoy’s book, The Kingdom of God Is Within YOU… and connected with the truths.
    … Just say “NO”…
    No, I will not comply…. No, I will not give you any information, NO, I will not give you any more of my energy/money to use to forge weapons to kill me and my children.
    No, I will not move out of my foreclosed home. No, I will not “move on”, you will have to physically carry me. No, I will not answer any of your questions. No I will not fill out your paperwork and submit it.
    No .. NO… no.. NO.. No…… no no no no no…………….
    As long as the people stand divided and FEED the reptiles, that is just how long they will be used as cattle and sheep to be milked, sheared, and slaughtered.
    STOP feeding the system…. and stand together… GET OFF YOUR KNEES.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Ghandi was passive by necessity not by choice. He said the the worse thing that the British did to his people was to disarm them.

    That being said there peaceful solutions are preferred but not always possible. Take a look around you — all peaceful solutions have been compromised. We are in a tyranny.

  • Gandhi

    If somebody takes several decades to accomplish something were they successful? The Commies murdered people for 70 years. If someone was to give the people credit for breeding so many people they couldn’t kill them all that would be weak. The xorporations will always rule. The Jews will always rule the media and banks. The poor people could win if they all worked together, because poor people don’t need corporations the corporations need the poor people to work for them. But the poor people will never be organized because the governments will always stop them from doing anything. The rich bastards get to play

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  • Lady M

    One man who felt that standing up free was more important than kneeing as a slave:

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Xhosa pronunciation: [xoˈliːɬaɬa manˈdeːla]; born 18 July 1918)[1] served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. Before his presidency, Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist, and the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1962 he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to life in prison. Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on Robben Island. Following his release from prison on 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations that led to multi-racial democracy in 1994. As president from 1994 to 1999, he frequently gave priority to reconciliation, while introducing policies aimed at combating poverty and inequality in South Africa

  • Scott

    The constitution exists for the purpose of perpetual preservation of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Never forget that this is what makes America great. Install this in any Nation, and they will also be equally great. Pride comes before the fall. We may be better off, but we are no better than any one else. Our constitution happens to be the thing that is better than any other. Bringing this back home, the police officers, as well as all of us, including thugs and thieves, have the right to LL&TPoH. Okay, thanks for disagreeing in your mind as you read that last sentence. Anyone who intentionally injures someone’s right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness deserves to have their rights to those rights limited. I am not a cop, nor do I play one on TV, but the majority I have met are trying to do a decent and honest job. I have met one who defies this description. He had my car hauled off and impounded for a non working headlight. I was pulled over while on my way to the auto part store to buy a new one. They had my car for 8 days before I was able to go through the process to free my car from jail. This type of frustrating injustice, no matter how badly I would have liked to have punished that cop, does not warrant killing him over it. At that time, I was an ignorant citizen. I didn’t know my rights. All I did was talk to the Chief of Police, who was a friend of mine, who told me they are doing all they can to get rid of this officer without bringing a lawsuit against the City. Me, average law abiding citizen, was Okay with that answer, I didn’t want to make waves. Today, I would handle that differently, but my actions would not include cop killing, maiming, or name-calling. Had this been a home intrusion or any other action that would pose threat of life to me or anyone around me, then cop killing may have come into play. Mind you, it would be under the circumstance that they are acting illegally, threatening life, and I have ascertained that this is not a situation that could be remedied in a court of law. My right to life than supersedes for me the cops right to life, despite the fact he may have a sweet family who would miss him. I like Larkens article, however he is more trigger ready than I am. He raises good points that all Americans should chew on and ingest. The point I raise is that all life is as precious as mine, and I am not willing to take that from anyone UNLESS they are attempting to take it from me (or anyone else illegally.) Yes, I would stop a rapist even if it meant my life may be taken in the attempt. I am not crazy. If there were a better way, like calling in the cops that a lot of people posting here seem to be bashing, and there was time, I would do that. No, I would not kill an officer of the law unless he were trying to take my life (and I was innocent.) In that case, Larken, I stand behind you and I can only hope I am the faster at the draw. How many of you have what it takes to change things for the better? How many of you are active in changing laws to protect your rights? We can do more together, but we have to “Do!” Complaing does nothing. Discussions with follow up action steps gets things done. Is there such a forum already going? Please reply.

  • Mike Holechecker

    Something isn’t right. In London the Cops don’t carry guns. London is a big mofo. The Cops don’t even carry guns. Unless they just started. But think about it. How long have they carried guns here? Ever since their inception. So something tinks. I mean could it be all the Blacks and Mexicans is why we need so many cops? If that’s the case get them the frick out of ehre. Let’s open the jails and let all the Blacks and mexicans go back to their respective countries, but their whole family has to go and you’d see Cops going back to aresting jaywalker. There isn’t any other way to look at if. We have London as an example and also did they import slaves to England? If not then why are they there? It seems to me when they ahve the choice they will come to where the Whites live.

  • Douglas Nusbaum

    I have not done more than glance at a few comments which were mostly that. I suspect that none offer real coherent reasons that we are the way we are, or any suggestions as to what we need to do to change it, and how we might do that. Obviously, well actually not so obvious, if you do not understand the problem, it is unlikely that any solution offered will not work. If you take a few moments and do a search on some combination of the terms orwells boot tyranny, face forever I will be number 1 or 2 on the list that comes back. I wrote the article under the name factotum666.

    I am preparing a second article that, I think, offers some realistic solutions. It will be under my name Doug Nusbaum. The topic will be something along the line of evolution made us stupid

  • The Regulator

    Being an ex-cop, I never dreamed I’d ever agree with something like this. But the downhill march toward tyranny over the past 3 years under the Obama Administration has shown me that if we don’t stand up to these tyrants, we WILL become a police state rapidly. It is already getting that way in many localities. Law enforcement in Spokane, Washington is deplorable. The local city & county agencies are reminiscent of Hitler’s jackboot thugs. They have a reputation for violating the rights of citizens in some of the most horrendous manners. And I will serve them notice that if they don’t do a serious ‘about face,’ they will begin to see a war against them, the likes of which this country has never before seen. Violate my rights in any way, and they will get it right between the eyes. I refuse to become a statistic.

  • Lowglow

    For those of you acting like like life is grand and that Cops are all honest to good people looking out for your best interest, you had better wake up.

    No more are the days when you would see a Policeman and smile knowing he was a good person that you could trust to keep the peace, no today they are violent thugs with attitude problems and as one University study out of Michigan stated in it’s research that with in 10 years at the current rate we are going, more people will be killed by Cops than by Criminals.

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Lowglow:

    Uhhh, please list or cite the U of Michigan study, because I think you are full of it. That statement is absolutely ludicrous. Go ahead, give us a link to the study…

  • Jack Zeller

    @The Regulator:

    Really! Where were you a cop, pray tell? Of all the posts on this thread that claim they are ex-cops, no one yet will state where, and what their name is. Got the courage? Telling the truth? Prove us wrong !!!

  • joe block

    The citizens need to govern themselves. Career politicians are the
    problem. They do what Israel wants and the lobbyists. The have ruined this country. Now this country has to be destroyed in order to get rid of the trash. WOuld the citizens have done this to their country if they served one year in politics and then back to civilian life? I think not. IT isn’t fair that 535 people tell 300 million what to do. You could vote civilians into office and after one year the leave off and no perks. Think what this would save. How many laws do we need? I feel they keep making new laws to justify keeping their jobs. It might only be necessary to have lawmakers meet three our four times a year. We can do better than this crap. When they start doing things like Waco and 9/11 it’s time for a change.

  • joe block

    Time is nye. The Jews put filth in the White House like Bill CLinton, George Bush and now the illegal Obama. Obama will have to have some surprise and it looks like another attack will be needed and then they’ll declare martial law and suspend the elections. So you can apply heat to them but they get the final say. If you force the nigga to prove he was born in the states he’ll get the Mossad to pull off something, so you can’t win for losing.

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Joe Block:

    Please….your ignorance and paranoia overshadow your legitimate fear of overgrown government! Fight big government, not Jews, or banks, or business owners…

  • Joe Block

    The Jews tell our government what to do. Did our government tell the Jews we’ll create the federal reserve for you or the Jews used extortion to get it? The Jews created Communism and murdered millions freely for 70 years and nobody said a word. We keep attacking Arabs because of some bull they are hurting their people. Since we learned how many millions the Commies murdered cam we assume the COmmies in China are doing the same? But they are our number one trading partner. We attack Arabs for hurting their people. But say nothing and with the technology we have now you know some of what they do must get out.
    The only way things will improve is we are going to have to shed some blood. We’re going to have to go after the government, but we must destroy it and then elect private citizens and they serve one year and then back to civilian life. Career politicians have ruined this country. This country will have to be destroyed in order to get ride of the bastards in power. The Jews never told us Bill CLinton had fathered a boy with a black prostitute. This has got to be the most bizarre event ever. To have a president elected that had fathered a child with a negro prostitute and then elect him president. You might ask why everyone doesn’t know about this, because the Jews media saod nothing. Remember Gary Hart the Jew media made it known he was an adulterer and he was finished? So read this again. We elected someone to the presidency who used to screw black prostitutes on regular basis and even had a child with one and after this we elected hin president. Would the American people have elected him president if we had known this. No way. Why didn’t the Jew media tell us this. Because they want corrupt people in office. Now Clinton goes around giving speeches and has made 65 million since leaving office. How does someone who has a child with a prostitute get elected president? When the Jews want hin elected. Now many that read the Internet knew it, but if one percent knows something it don’t mean shite.

  • Nick

    The first question should have been whether or not cops are a constitutional entity at all. The answer is an unoquivical NO. Cops were private agents, starting out as collection agents, in particular slaves. They morphed into terrorists under the later days of the 19th Century; Tammaney Hall.
    We should also remember that the sheriff is not a cop, and he/she is subject to the will of the people.
    This is an excellent article, which points out that tyranny is always enforced by the power of the gun, and it is only that power of the gun that can change it. If that were not the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion to begin with.
    Unfortunately, I see that there are those comments from people who have deluded themselves into believing that we are still afforded a Redress of Grievance, or that the justice system works as it was originally meant by the founders.
    I also see comments that if we are decent people we have nothing to worry about. I know that not to be true as should everyone. The facts of police, and prosecutorial misconduct are legion.
    It should also be clear that the majority of the judiciary is doing just what was forecast by the Anti-Federalists; removing all power from the people and centralising it to the government. That is exactly what was indicated in the Indiana SC ruling.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Nick the constitution only applies to the federal government so the question of the constitutionality of local police is a strange one.
    BTW I would like a link to the article you mentioned it sounded interesting.


  • Joe Jones

    With new technology we don’t need Cops like we used to a few years ago. For one thing everyone has a cell phone and can take photos and video of a crime. If someone is speeding or runs over something a photo can easily be taken. I’d like to see see someone committing a crime now they would have numerous phtos. The police used to talk to the people and now they yell and scream. It just gets worse and worse until the Cops start killing and then the citizens kill. We’re soon going to see what cops are mad eof, because they’ll have to decide the government or the citizens.

  • HumanLiberty

    @Mick – the reason the BoR had to be added as an afterthought was to guard against peoples’ lack of intrinsic understanding of something the founders took for granted: what liberty is. They had wanted to be vague to leave it as open-ended as possible, hence the 9th Amendment. You even refer to your Bill of Rights “privileges” – indicating you don’t know the essential difference between a privilege and a right. The laws you site are themselves illegal, for being in conflict with the inherent rights of man to defend his rights, including property, by any means necessary. If your approach had been followed there never would have been a USA – it took men like Larkin Rose to make it happen. In your current mind-frame you would have been a tory. Go to if you want to learn what’s what in this country legally-speaking. This is a Great article. 100% true. H. L. Mencken observed that “every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.” – this article does a great job of explaining when, at least in principle, it’s time to start hoisting.

  •!/kladionica kladionica

    I do agree with all the concepts you have offered for your post. They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. Could you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  • Steve Barnett

    The Cops are what keep the citizens from getting at the culprits that have screwed up this country. We need to get at those politicians and choke the life out of them. POliticians have tunnels and cities built under all the mountain ranges into Canada and Europe. They’ve built these things since the 40’s. One under the Denver airport is huge. When SHTF they’ll go to these underground resorts and the rest of us will pay. Don’t let them get there. Where is their hair filtering system on these things. When they go to these resorts we should be waiting for them.They ruined your country, but get to sit out the billions who will be killed.

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  • lv

    i find it funny how many people commenting on this blog think they have the balls to shoot a cop. you are all cop killers on here? bullshit. you fucking listen to too much rap and shit thinking you have the right to shoot cops when things dont go your way. there are bad cops, true, but not even close to how many good honest cops that really do protect and serve. if you feel threatened by cops then you are most likely doing things that are illegal. so stop trying to justify killing cops in the name of self defense or because you look like a fucking gang banger they decided to see whats up with you and you felt violated. do it i dare you but i know you will be crying like a bitch when you either get shot up or handed the death penalty

  • Steve Barnes

    When this country falls apart in a year it will be the Cops who will man the roadblocks and checkpoints. The enemies will be anyone who has guns. When you pull up in your pickup with the guns in the back window or they start searchign everyone and they take your guns, then you’ll hate cops. Because they’ll tel you to shutup. But if you think killing cops now you won’t do it, but in a year or two it might be mandatory.
    How many babies, children and women and decent innocent people were killed in GErmany when those stupid British and Americans hit a button and dropped their bombs? The same when they nuked Japan. There were millions and millions killed. A bad cop will make 500 people hate cops.
    I mean millions of innocent babies and children killed, because the Jews needed us to protect Communism. So does that make cops better than these babies. If you could drop bombs on them it would be easy. But facing someone and seeing those little children’s faces those stupid British and American bombers could not have dropped their bombs. A bunch of cowards.
    If the government decides to crack down and send us to the FEMA Camps and the Cops decide they won’t do it fine, but if they do, then they should should be shot. A cop is not more valuable than an innocent children killed by bombs in Germany, Serbia, Afghanistan, Palestine or Iraq. Millions of innocent children are being killed in this ignorant shit. Everyday maybe 5 children get their legs blown off in Asia from land mines. While others are worried about Cops. If we had nothing but small communities of White people we wouldn’t need Cops. These towns of 1,500 white people we would have no need for cops. Cops require cop cars and then we need speed traps for revenue and a whole host of problems. We’ve got white towns around here all white no cops. Towns with blacks and they got cops. The cost of these brown people is enormous. No brown people and we could get rid of 2/3 of the cops.

  • Joe Bassett

    Under different conditions killing a cop would be easy. Let’s say if the country were to riot and civil unrest everywhere and cops came to your house to arrest you for shooting a deer to feed your family. Or you fished where you weeren’t supposed to to feed your family and they came to arrest you. Then you could easily kill cops. Let’s say you’re beign stopped at the checkpoints and you have guns and ammo and if they find them you get 5 years. Then you could kill cops. If the cops came to your property and shot your son and wife like they did Randy Weaver’s or what they did in Waco. Weren’t they cops who murdered those children down there? Would it have been so terrible if people pulled up and started shooting those BATF cops who were shooting wildly into a residence with children inside? There are situations where you could pump lead in cops just like a rabid dog and it’s coming down soon. We know the governemnt did Oklahoma City. We saw what they did in Waco. We know the government did 9/11. Shooting a cop in a few months might be nothing more than something to do. If so be it, aim for the head, throat or legs to take them down. I got news for cops join the citizens and frig the government when martial law is declared.

  • Mike Trice

    When you think about law enforcement think about BATF, FBI, CIA, OSI and think what they have done. The BATF were the ones who set the bombs in the Murrah building and blew it up. The FBI was involved in the 1993 trade tower bombing. The BATF murdered those children in Waco. The FBI and CIA were involved in 9/11. When these guys come around they push state troopers out of the way. The state troopers are the ones who come around and take all your guns when you do something they don’t like. We need these cops to go down on the Mexican border. We need them to arrest all the Mossad agents running around this country who are committing all the crimes. State troopers could come around and rake my leaves or stack my firewood.

  • DanD


    You’ve got most of it pegged … so far. But there are tipping points for anybody. Would I shoot a cop now? It depends on how he’s committing his institutional thefts against me. A seat-belt ticket here, and a lying speeding ticket there ~ such little indignities most everyone suffers. Since currently I carry no firearm, well, it waits for some future abuse.

    But what happens when one beats the shit out of a teenage boy (your son maybe?) just ’cause he don’t like niggers? Or maybe the homeless? Or Faggots? Or Atheists? Or White-trash? Or maybe his bosses don’t like your civil activism against crooked cops and they know that their jackboot can be trusted to beat the crap out of you?

    Yeah, there are a lot of “good cops,” but most of them are also cowards who are just too fucking frightened to rat-out their criminal badge-dangling brethern. Why? ‘Cause for the fear of it all, they will always “backup” their crooked pals on the force! Reason being, if they don’t, it will invariably be arranged that they get no backup in return some day. This is how — ultimately — good cops are turned to the dark side. Do you really believe that the cops in your neighborhood don’t control the local drug trade?

    Throughout history, there’s always been a tipping point where either you put the cops back in their place (by that time the “good” ones have already quit a community’s LE gangs) as public servants, or they fuck your family and then make you thank them for it while you continue to offer up your youngest son’s ass to them.

    You, Iv, sound like a very thankful person to me. Will you also take some pork-cream with that LE tube-steak? One day, you will have to choose. In the meantime, criminal law enforcement takes a bigger bite out of you every time, and just dare you to show disapproval. How often do you thank them for their thieving violence?


  • john Firskon

    The Police don’t like when someone doesn’t confirm to their standards. I’m 6’8″ 340 pounds. Police will not break bad with a big man. But I’ve seen them pounce on small boys. My father was a cop. He said the kind of stuff they call for backup today would get them laughed off the force. He says that started with allowing small men on the force. He said, They should go back to when you could be no shorter than 5’10” and it doesn’t matter if you’re 4 degree. If you’re 5’9″ you can not be on the force. I’ve seen men on the force who were 5’5″ and this is ridiculous. As soon as they allowed midgets on the police force and then women is when it went downhill.

  • Steve Barnett

    @kladionica Thank you. I will elaborate more later than you. I have plenty ideas to wake people up. will give you some idea what we’re dealing with.

  • Jack Zeller

    @jon firskon:

    Jon, your father must be an old man…I have been in LE since 1977 and am only 5-10, and I have arrested many men your size. Calling for backup came about because of the increase in litigation, NOT because officers were smaller! I always called for backup because I WANTED A SECO0ND SET OF EYES THERE TO PREVENT CIVIL SUITS AGAINST ME! Please, do not over simplify! Jack

  • Jack Zeller

    Dan D,

    Please, please, tell us what your real trip is…diatribe does not make it meaningful…go ahead, feel free to re-articulate your last post…

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Mike Trice,
    Hey there Mike, listen, just a quick question…what school grade did you graduate? I ask only because your post is so absurdly ignorant, that I feel a bit sorry for you…Jack

  • John Firskon

    I was stopped by a cop one day. He saw two eight packs in back of truck. He said I just drank them. I said they been back there two weeks. Even though I had just drank them. Two more cops stopped and they started giving me the business. So I hollered right back. One tried to grab my arms and put the cuffs on. I knocked him out then knocked out the other one and the third I slammed onto his hood and he busted out his windshield. I never heard one word about it. Today they would call in the SWAT. But they didn’t want to go to court and have to tell the story. Cops years ago if they were wrong you could knock them out, but today they are pussified like all society and they aren’t ashamed to call and say three officers down by one man. They aren’t ashamed for six cops to arrest one man. But cops are drawn from society.
    Cops today won’t smile when addressing people. They act like they want a confrontation. But most cops back then were big men I could not have taken those cops if they were six footers. But one was large and two shrimps. The worst are the town cops.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Jon Firskin

    ” was stopped by a cop one…knocked them all out…never heard a word about it…”

    You betcha! (-: it always happens like that Jon…on Mars…

  • John Firskon

    @Jack Zeller OK, I didn’t knock them out and they laid there till dark and got the fuck up. But they were wrong to begin with. The guy with me mooned this fag in town and they stopped me. So they tried to cuff me for nothing. It used to be that way. It isn’t like that anymore. The country is finished. If this was a white country you would have 1/3 the number of cops we have now. Cops are pussies now they break into a house with SWAT cause someone smoked a joint and they shoot the dogs. Cops never shot a dog 30 years ago, but now they do it everyday. They never yanked old women from the car. But I can tell you this. You cops better make the right decision and you better make it soon. This country is going down and you better side with the citizens, because this country has been run by the Jews for 100 years and you see what we got.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Jon Firskon:

    OK, so that’s the first change in your story…go on, you can do it, tell us what REALLY happened…by the way, people driving around town mooning gays ought to be stopped. And fined for being tasteless, mean, but mostly stupid. Tell us Jon, you really want to shoot cops because they stopped you guys from mooning? That is perhaps the funniest thing I have read in months!

  • John Firskon

    OK, you want the truth. Two Cops stopped me. Jack Zeller and his partner. They proceeded to fuck with me and I kicked the shit out of both of them. Then his partner was knocked out in the ditch. Jack said please don’t hit me anymore. So I said, if you blow me I’ll let it go. So Jack proceeded to give me the most wonderful bj I ever had. He teabagged me and was very gentile. So I let it go and never mentioned it again.

  • Texan

    To the ones that THINK they are safe:

    Submission is just that! When you have allowed government and law enforcement to do as they please you have set precedence. This previous year I ran into a situation where I was told “I am putting you in handcuffs for your safety and mine.” I said NO! you are not putting me in cuffs unless you are arresting me! I am MUCH safer with my hands free where I can defend myself and would be even safer still if you go ahead and hand over your gun because pal, cop or not I dont even know for a fact if your mentally stable! So that being said The safety factor is only yours not mine! He attempted to cuff me I did not allow this so he said I was under arrest and I allowed it then. Charges were dropped. I am currently in a lawsuit for over 1 million dollars on false arrest and discharge of the officer. Just as 4 times now I have NOT stopped for unmarked cars. (This has happened so many times because I am a professional driver) And they can do nothing about it! The law is written n such a manner that it says you must stop for a police officer… Well if its unmarked then you dont know if it is as any idiot can buy lights and put them on a car! These are just small examples of letting the police know, YOU know your rights and dont have to tolerate them infringing on your freedoms and rights to benefit themselves! IT IS COMMON PEOPLE!! WAKE UP!!! The only one standing up for you, IS YOU! Oh, as an after thought… For the individual who believes using caps for emphasis is childish Here is some more for you! I certainly dont recommend you follow these examples because truth is I am big and quick enough to keep a single cop from cuffing me if I so choose. As well you need to knwo the law where you are as it may vary extremely as in the case of the communist state of Indiana. And last if you are willing to take such action even if the law is in your favor be prepared to suffer the responsibility until then. Oh by the way when the cop tried to cuff me I was nothign more than an innocent bystander that witnessed a fight outside of a restaurant and I was trying to give the police officer the facts of what had happened. So much for being a good citizen!

  • john firskon

    I know Jack Zeller will chime in and tell you you are full of shit, but don’t change one sentence or he will pounce on you lika cat. Jack is one slick mofo. Cops are no snarter than anyone else. They got a gun and can kill you and they have a right to. Smart people live in mansions and yachts and drive big cars and hang with beautiful people.

  • john firskon

    It really is time to fuck up cops. Because you see how they are satarting to act? They are getting cocky and they demand respect. I don’t give them any. But seriouls we have to kill then=m, because they are standing between us and the Jews who have fucked up everything.

  • Jack Zeller

    @jon firskon:

    “OK, you want the truth. Two Cops stopped me. Jack Zeller and his partner. They proceeded to fuck with me and I kicked the shit out of both of them. Then his partner was knocked out in the ditch. Jack said”

    Jon, we love this! You bet I stopped you! At least now we know this is a fantasy of yours…no prob, I don’t mind. You are a funny, and a nothing dude.. (-:

  • Joe in Missouri

    “john firskon says:
    October 28, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    It really is time to fuck up cops. Because you see how they are satarting to act? They are getting cocky and they demand respect. I don’t give them any. But seriouls we have to kill then=m, because they are standing between us and the Jews who have fucked up everything.”

    What kind of drugs are you on john firskon? I would have thought that natural selection would have gotten rid of your ilk long ago. We will get the bankers john but not in the racist lynch mob way that you envision.

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  • http://none bob marks

    While in the process of rapidly losing our liberty, we should never forget this most insightful quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of the Gulag Archipelago, a three volume work, based on the Soviet forced labor and concentration camp system.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  • Steve Barnett

    That’s al well and good. Yes, they should have thought they had nothing to lose. But maybe those people lack the desire to have done it. Maybe we don’t know what we would do. I mean you didn’t know if or when they would come. But we can’t say anything. Haven’t we fought in every jewish war? We know they are poisoning us with vaccines, food additives, fluoride, and they have lied to us about cancer and the viruses they create and then poison us with the vaccine.
    We know they have lied about every war. We know Oklahoma City bombing, Waco and 9/11 were all inside jobs or done with malice intent and did we do anything? We have guns right now. But we have not used them. We are a nation of pussies and the sooner we realize that the sooner we might do something. How quick these bad asses will use a gun to shoot a deer or duck, but not to defend the future. It makes me sick these bastards act so brave, but won’t use these guns to defend their families and our way of life.
    Oh, they’ll be ready in a few months when the government decided to alow the Mossad to commit another attack. We’ll be talking about what to do, but guess what it will be too late then. Right after Waco we should have marched on Washington by the thousands and hanged all the politicians and rewrote the constitution. The only solution is the people to govern themselves. You are the ebst one to govern inside your home. We should make our own laws and get rid of these career politicians. We had a perfect opportunity after the govenrment murdered those women and children in Waco, because they were our people, but nothing but consumers or cannon fodder to the government.
    So we can not judge what people who were diarmed in Europe if we won’t get off olur fat nasty asses and start hanging these politicians. We’ll travel 500 miles to see cars go around a circle. We’ll sit all day watching negroes play team sports. But we will not do what we should have done years ago. After Waco we had 9/11 so the attacks are getting worse. The next attack is coming folks. It’s why they created the Patriot Act. The next attack ushers in martial law. If we don’t attack and hang these useless career politicians the next attack will be too fricking late.
    These politicians make $175,000 a year doing nothing. How many of you make $30,000 working your ass off? Don’t you think you would be better deciding what is best for our country? I can’t say exactly what’s going to happen or exactly when it will happen. But they are coming for your guns. Just like they came for tens of millions in Eastern Europe and loaded them up and shot them in a field just because they wanted tog et rid of them. I can see it now they’ve taken our guns and you useless bastards sitting in your house watching Friends and the knock at the door and these bastard sin black with guns say come with us. You’ll say, hold on We just fixed supper and the tv works and I’ve just opened a beer. You Mr. are going to face reality real fast.
    Your ancestors went to Europe and got invovled in WWI a war that was already over. That destroyed Germany and allowed Communism to be born. Then 22 years later they go there to fight and defend Communism. After that was all over they murdered the most intelligent people in Europe by the millions and Communism went from Germany to China. So this is what we get. We wouldn’t keep pur noses out of Europe’s business and we allowed the Jews to trick us into entering WWI. Something of no cocnern of ours. Imagine we were at war with Mexico and Canada and we had them beat and offered tehm peace to stop the war and go back the way everything was. it would be our right and the best thing for everyone concerned, but lets’ say Germany told Mexico screw them we’ll enter the war and beat the USA and after it’s over the signing of the Treat of Washington you give us Florida. We would be mad as hell if we learned this.
    Well, this is exactly what happened to Germany during WWI. We entered the war when Germany had defeated the dumb asses for allowing the Jews and England to get them involved in a war just to weaken Germany. Germany had beaten them. Does the Monroe Doctrine mean anything? Why is it they claim they have to follow the letter of the law, but only when they wan tto. Those presidents signed into law when there were decent men and never thought the Jews would take control of our country.
    So this is what we get for being stupid. If Germany hadn’t fought the Commies and the Commies took all of Europe so you couldn’t blame the shit on Germany. Could you say if all of Europe were communist today and the Commies had murdered the most intelligent in all those countries that that would be better than what happened? France, Spain and England should thank the Germans, but instead they stole their land.
    So this is what we get. You think this country has gotten better since Vietnam? The drugs, rock music, race mixing and society going into the gutter. So there will be another attack. We will be a=tild to turn our guns in and they will come to your house if you don’t turn them in or if you say or do anything they don’t like. Would you open the door and give the bastard the bullets? Because all the wars and guns taken and people murdered it boils down to this. Right here in this country. There is no doubt if we had a Hitler, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Patrick Henry they would have mad eus tunr off the tv years ago and they would have said to hang these bastards. Most people if you said we need to hang the politicians would say, oh such nonsense that is not the answer. The answer is to keep talking about the shit and letting everyone know what they are doing and posting on forums and reading books. That shit was past due in the sixties when the bastards started their plan to destroy us.
    It’s time to march to washington and hang all the politicians. It will be useless to have a race war, because we’ll kill each other by the millions. The polic ean dmilitary could just sit back for a month. We would use up our bullets on Blacks and Mexicans and then the military would come in gather up the guns an put you in the FEMA camps, becaus eif they are stomping on your rights now, when they are arersting millions you’ll complain and about your rights and all you’ll get is a rifle butt in your face. It takes a decade now to get things settled in court. You people who think voting or complaining will get things done. Forget about it. You protest in thecities the Cops love that. Then they get to use their tear gas and lasers, tasers, mcior wave weapons, acoustics and guns on your dumb asses.
    If we had massive protestd and the goons in black started their shit, but this time the windows from the buildings on both sides opened up and the people in the streets opened up on these bastards and killed them you then will have done what you should have done years ago. They have got to fear going against us like we fear them. Bill Clinton and Bush and Obama and all those politcians who have voted for this garbage you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be a pretty sight for those bastards swinging from the lampposts.

  • John Firskon

    I beleive this country is going to go down. Could any of you imagine just imagine our country and all the freedoms are gone? All the Interne tis regulated. All the dissidents in the FEMA camps. All your guns are gone. Think if we have to fight these bastards udner those conditions. Wouldn’t be better to take them on while we have guns.
    I can see it now, “Ok boys they arrested everyone that has been telling us they were going to do this. They took all olur guns. They regulated the Internet and tapped our phones and monitor our snail mail. They’ve got checkpoints every five miles. If anyone says anything anti-government and someone snithces. The government awards the snitch with $100,000. Every single thing that looks suspicious in any way the goons are busting down our doors.
    OK, things look real bad now. We never imagined how it could be this bad. So what should we do now? We can pull up to the checkpoints and curse them and be shot or arrested. We can hand out literature and tell the people we will have protests and risk being arrested and shot. Or we can go home and watch tv and drink beer. We all know they are going to do the later. Kiss your country goodbye unless some brave men decide they are going to get this thing started and start killing these bastards.

  • Michael Rivero

    You are all being suckered!

    Back in the 1960s, when the growing civil rights movement started pointing out that the Vietnam draft was putting most of the black kids on the front line and most of the white kids in the safe rear echelon areas, a booklet suddenly appears; a coloring book. It was called the Black Panther Coloring book and it was filled with highly inflammatory drawings of black kids shooting white cops.

    Needless to say this coloring book scared and angered white people, and they stopped listening to the concerns of the civil rights movement, and Vietnam continued to its bloody and disastrous end.

    Then in the 1970s, a whistleblower blew the lid off of the FBI’s COINTELPRO operation, and revealed that the FBI had, rather than chasing criminals, been sabotaging free speech by committing hoaxes and frauds, along with outright crimes,m against peace activists, early feminists, the native American groups and yes, the Civil Rights Movement. The Black Panther Coloring Book was one of the FBI’s many hoaxes designed to trick the public into seeing the civil rights movement as a public threat. Congress was forced to hold public hearings as the scandal came close to delegitimizing the entire government.

    So here we are today, the FBI is still around, the Occupy America movement has become a serious threat to the Wall Street Money Junkies. Most Americans are starting to ask why the US did not follow Iceland’s example and throw the people behind the mortgage-backed securities fraud in prison instead of helping them buy back the bad paper with some $45 trillion in money borrowed against the American people.

    Then there is the shooting of Scott Olson in Oakland and the flash-banging of the people who tried to help the injured vet (a violation of the Geneva accords). The US Government is losing the war for the minds of America today just as it was when the civil rights movement started to gain popularity.

    And today, as back then, just when the government needs to reverse the popular trend, a booklet appears in Phoenix filled with inflammatory ideas, to be blamed on the targeted movement.

    Fool me once…

  • Fascist Nation

    When is it OK to shoot a cop?

    Whenever it is OK to shoot anyone else.

    Anyone else, and you may have up to several dozen people gunning for you. Shoot a cop and you will have many millions worldwide gunning for you. That is the consequences of your decision…make it a good one regardless of that person’s gang affiliation.

  • Fascist Nation

    Just remember ‘the first one’s expensive. The rest are free.’ – a John Ross character

  • Joe Buck Era

    If the Russian people were to have attacked the thugs that came to arrest them and they were attacked they would just change their tactics. They would just call the poeple and ask them to meet tomsewhere or they would get the wpeople at work or wait until they left. There is no way to know. But fear is a bitch.

  • Don Cordell

    If you think all cops do things legally monitor and see the daily transgressions of cops all over America. You have another choice. Yet you keep on electing Democraps and RepubliCons and expecting Justice. Aint gonna happen, until you Google “Don Cordell for President” and see Justice can be had in November 2012. We must stop bad cops, and given the nature of the beast, most cops lord over the power they have. They tell you, you will submit to them or they’de just as soon shoot you. The do not want to take any shit from you. They are the power, and all that happens if they kill you is they are given 6 months off the job with pay. It is time for Revolution so ReVote to Restore America. Lets show the cops, and Washington, we have retaken this nation.

  • mike holecheck

    I wish all the poor people could just udnerstand you aren’t going to have shit anyway and just say screw it sell their homes and 100 million leave this country and then say here you go cops rule the Mexicans and Blacks. It would get old fast with no whites left around and just coons. We could do it, but everyone would have to say screw it. Because we can rule we outnumber the rich bastards 10,000 to one.

  • nv1z

    @Michael Rivero, I was wondering if anyone was going to beat me to it, but you at least alluded to it:

  • nv1z

    Apparently if I make a post with a link in it, that post gets hung up “in moderation.” @Michael Rivero, another listserv I am on posted “news” that obviously came from here. Hopefully “the moderator” will post my original – with the link and all.

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  • rufus levin

    You folks would make GREAT KKK recruits….how about wearing robes, carrying torches, and lynching policement in public….


  • Joe Bassett

    The Cops are going to need vnetilation. I can’t believe all the protests that nobpdy shoots them from the apartment windows. By this time next year things are going to be very bad. It would be sweet just once to see someone open up from both sides and get them in a cross fire, because we got to get the cops out of the way so we can get at the politicians and the other bastards that have screwed up this country.

  • Joe in Missouri

    “Author: rufus levin
    You folks would make GREAT KKK recruits….how about wearing robes, carrying torches, and lynching policement in public….”

    rufus levin, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There are some nut jobs here but the fact remains that cops have been abusing and even murdering American citizens with impunity since their inception. They are now the standing army that the founders warned us about.
    Are you familiar with cops murdering a woman holding a baby in Rudby Ridge? I assume you know about cops murdering dozens of children in Waco TX. How about cops cutting off a mans arms and legs with a fire axe while he was still alive?

    I suggest you also check out the following resources:

  • Archie1954

    Americans and all Western peoples have the moral and ethical right to resist unlawful arrest and gratuitous violence against their persons. If the police are doing soimething illegal then of course they should be opposed, otherwise they will continue to flaunt the law with impunity. All this means is that police officers must be properly trained in their duties and responsibilities and be professional in their policing operations at all times. Is that really too much to ask of parties that have a right to kill you on the street?

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  • Ian MacLeod

    When a police officer breaks the law, like anyone else he becomes a criminal. When he breaks the law using a firearm in the commission of that crime and endangers the life of a citizen and/or the lives of his/her family, that person has a clear natural and legal right to self-defense. Period. The courts can twist the law (that’s happening more and more), but from a legal, moral and any reasonable standpoint, that’s the situation. A criminal is a criminal whether he’s wearing a badge at the time of committing a crime or not. My own personal belief is that a police officer should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. He has tremendous power entrusted to him, and too damned many are abusing that power and the citizens they were hired and took an oath to protect!


  • Kevin

    Where I live, in the Paradise California area, two local sheriffs were gunned down when they invaded someone’s home where they were not in hot pursuit, had no warrant, had no concern for the resident’s welfare, etc… In other words, had no lawful authority to do so. Unfortunately they also killed the resident who was taking a shower at the time (probably didn’t hear any knocking or announcing of them being “police”) and came out of the bathroom armed to see what all the ruckus was about. Of course, the homeowner/victim was vilified in the press, and the cops were deified. Over 3000 patrol officers from all over the state came to town to go to his funeral (with their patrol cars, and most likely “on the clock”) and they named a local highway after these criminals.

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Archie1954

    Archie, you are spot on! And well said. The police will carry out their duties as they are trained, carry the ethics of their profession as taught, and morally follow the constitution as long as they are educated in it. I said, way, back in an earlier post that now is NOT the time to cut training budgets. It is the under trained police officer that get jammed up. Every time. Jack

  • Joe in Missouri

    If I lived closer I would make it a point to defecate on the graves of these scum in blue. Perhaps someone reading will take up the torch.

  • Jack Zeller

    @joe in missouri:

    You are for sure a courageous patriot Joe. Yours is the statement of an immature teen. No wonder the public recoils at such as you…

  • John Firskon

    This country will have another attack inside of a year and more than likely in the Spring. From now until then the citizens will protest and the Cops will continue to arrest people. But when the Mossad commits another attack we will live under martial law. Many of us know for a fact this government planeted bombs in the Murrah Building and they were involved in the 1993 trade tower bombings. We know they intentionally murdered those women and children in Waco and we know the government let the Mossad commit 9/11 and many agents made money shorting stocks and even took camera videos and have hidden all the evidence that would show the sheeple what really happened on 9/11.
    Now that to me is enough for the American people to march on Washington and hang every politician and agent they can get their hands in that city. That’s on top of the Jews have gotten the last three presidents elected and the three of them aren’t worthy as dog catchers. The truth is none of them could legally enter the White House. They knew all the crimes and immoral acts Bill Clinton and Bush had committed and the FBI knows right now that Obama is 100% fraud. They know the birth certificate he presented is 100% fradulent. This is treason of the highest degree.
    This is enough the American people should start cutting throat. You Cops want to play Cop go ahead. But the surpreme law of the land the FBI is committing high treason. So this makes law enforcement null and void in this country when they allow scum like Israeli Mossad bomb and murder citizens. The FBI knows who committed 9/11 and they know another attack is coming, but this one will usher in martial law. That’s when things get hairy. The local Cops will have to arrest the protestors, while the FBI plans more attacks and allows the Mossad to get away with another attack.
    Our OSI, CIA and FBI are controlled by the Jews. A lot more than they controlled Russia and Germany. What’s going on in this country is way over the head of the average Cop. He doesn’t have a clue he’s being used and the local Cops better learn about these attacks and they better decide to stand with the citizens of this country. Because on 9/11 they didn’t just kill citizens, they killed many hundreds of Cops and Firemen. The people are sick by the thousands from the asbestos, nuclear particles from the micro nukes used in the basements of the trade towers to cover up the fact they stole all the gold out of the vault and the concrete dust.
    Everyone was used on 9/11. The FBI had reports of Mossad agents running around the country doing many clandestine operations like selling junk toys in the Malls to justify being here and entering government buildings and setting up the Arab people once again running around pretending to be Arabs learning to fly planes they didn’t need to land. They’ve done the same thing when they bombed all the airplanes the last 40 years and blamed it on Arabs everytime.
    9/11 was nothing more than a CIA, FBI, and Mossad operation. The winners were the government and their Patriot Act they wanted to push through. The Jew Silverstein who made billions after planning 9/11 with his Mossad pals right after he leased the towers. The losers were the Arabs once again. The poor bastards who have to live in the desert and their only crime they have oil. The Arabs should just let the American oil companies pump the oil out and let them pay them pennies for the oil, because it’s going to cost them a lot more with millions of deformed babies and destroyed and occupied countries. The biggest losers are the American people. Most of them don’t know it, but there is another attack that has already been planned and it will go down in 2012.
    The reason all this has occurred, because this country went to Europe and destroyed the best country in Europe that was a bulkhead to the unrest in those Slavic countries and allowed Communism to be born. Then went back and defended it so it could thrive and conquer more countries and murder millions more. Then the very Commies moved to America by the millions and our country has gone downhill ever since. Now the old crusted bastards sit in the VFW and tell people how they fought for our freedoms while the country has gone to hell ever since. Those bastards don’t have a clue they helped to destroy this country and since they don’t have a clue what they did after all these years I don’t expect the Cops to grow brains and decide to stand by the people who have built this country.

  • Joe bassett

    @Jack Zeller
    Jack you’re the Cop. Should Americans even give a crap if the FBI is involved in 9/11 and all the other crimes this guy claims. I know Waco should have had the people in this country rioting. A lot of experts are asking questions about 9/11, but getting no answers. I hate to say it, but I truly, truly believe this country needs a full scale revolution like we have never seen. One when the smoke clears the yarmulke boys haul arse to Israel and beg just to live in peace and ready to hand over their nukes and the control. One where all the bridges and buildings will be destroyed.

    You think it takes centuries to build cities like they have in Europe and a war destroys it all. Then the people have to rebuild like the war gave them employment. In a war the rich don’t fight. They don’t rebuild. I wish I was wrong, but I think everyone worth over a billion should swing and we can start over.

  • kevin
  • kevin
  • Ian MacLeod

    Rosy Cheeks – “if a police officer uses deadly force on you I’m sure he has a reason too, but you know you can stand up for the criminals, congrats for doing that, I’m really glad someone is protecting their right to commit crime.”

    Check these out, Rosy:

    Rosy, there are literally a few thousand of these, and those are just the ones where someone had a damned camera handy! The level of gratuitous violence by cops is accelerating in this country, and the numbers of fatalities are increasing fast! Personally I don’t give a damn WHAT some crony judge says – I know the law, I know our rights, and regardless I will NOT just stand around and allow some bastard with a badge to beat me, my wife or my children and hope we survive it just because he’s a cop! If I have to and I can, I’ll kill him if that’s the only way to protect myself or my family from what is a gratuitous attack by a deadly dangerous, heavily armed and obviously violently insane CRIMINAL. When a cop breaks the law, he has joined the ranks of criminals and I am NOT obligated to allow him to victimize me and mine. I’m a vet who joined in time of war like all the rest of my family and ancestors including my mom, who was a WWII vet with time in the European Theater! Allowing a rogue cop to murder me or mine – or anyone else for that matter – is NOT part of the deal, NOT what we fought for and risked our lives for in over more than a century of loyal military service! NO cop is judge, jury and executioner, and until a person has been charged, tried and found guilty in court, that person is an innocent citizen, and cops are NOT authorized to punish anyone, much less execute anyone! I worked ambulance for over a decade, some of that in east Oakland, a place that’s seriously dangerous in some places. I’ve worked with cops, and I have a tremendous respect for the men and women who do that job. It’s difficult and often really dangerous, and I couldn’t do it even if I wasn’t disabled. I’ve know cops who retired and were proud that they’d never had to draw their service revolvers (cops couldn’t carry these hand-cannon they like to haul around now – they were issued guns and those were what they used) in decades of service. These SWAT cops are cowards who are NOT to serve anyone but themselves. If they break into someone’s home, then they can (and demonstrably have) drop a little pot on the body, stick it into someone’s pocket or stash it in a medicine cabinet, “find” it, and they can steal the property and everything in it, sell it and add that to the department budget. If they wait and catch the guy on the sidewalk coming back from the store or something they can’t. It’s the same ting that drives the damned DEA’s attacks on doctors who correctly treat chronic pain and to hell with the patients who die as a result of their not bothering to understand or give a damn about the Medical Standard of Care and just want the money.

    As far as I’m concerned that “judge” in Indiana ought to be removed from the bench and that ruling of his should be struck down as massively unconstitutional. Since break-in robberies are being committed all over the country now by criminals wearing SWAT uniforms, the only way I can tell a criminal from a cop is to read their IDs and/or to judge by their behavior. If their actions are criminal, then dammit, they ARE criminals!


  • Jack Zeller

    Ian Macleod:

    Ian, I am surprised you are not out on Central Square smoking dope!

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Joe Bassett,

    Joe, I served on the JTTF for nine years after 9-11…I sat with FBI and any and all other members of security services…Some of the brightest minds in the nation. What pinhead source of information told you that the FBI, CIA, Mossad, whatever, pulled off 9-11? It was pulled off by ME middle class jihadists that we now refer to is Islamists. Islam and the jihad, are our direst enemies. We need to deal with them, and then the rest can wait in line.

  • Kevin

    Jack Zeller:

    Now your just being silly:

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Kevin:

    Stop with the silly links. Talk.

  • Kevin

    The links aren’t silly, they are self evident truth. The cops are almost to the man the criminals these days. In the 2nd link I provided, the media report even said the screen door was ripped off its hinges, yet somehow they “believe” the cops were invited in and “ambushed” by the resident. That’s like saying he committed suicide by blowing his own brains out, twice!

    One thing about cops and thieving ‘crats, lawyers and judges must not have been taught by your mommies, is that anyone who will steal with you, will steal from you.

    Once you finish empowering the communist takeover, what makes you think you won’t be right along side the rest of us in the concentration camps and the mass graves, huh? How many cops, ‘crats, and black robed English professors from hell do you think a communist oligarchy needs anyway? Same thing goes for the media whores. Nice thing is, that the mass of the public doesn’t have much left to lose anymore, so you guys have a *lot* farther to fall than the rest of us do and we will thoroughly enjoy watching the fall.

    Its just starting, like the raided pension funds and the political attacks on your unions. But go ahead, keep sucking !@#$^ of your handlers, the globalist elites, and see how much reciprocal affection they show for you when you have worked yourselves out of a job.

    Nice thing about being a tyrant is you can always find SOMEONE to do anything for a buck, even cut their own throat.

    Thomas Jefferson’s seal said “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” but I think it is even better reversed: “Obedience to tyrants is rebellion to God.”

    There, is that enough “talk” for you?

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Kevin:
    For child’s talk, yes, it is.

  • aguy

    You loser crybabies need to get a life. There is no “tyranny” in the US and cops are not the enemy. Go live in North Korea if you hate it here so much. THAT’LL give you a taste of tyranny. I’ve never been one of the “love it or leave it people”, but you people are the worst nuts I’ve ever seen. I truly think you need to feel REAL tyranny so you can come back to the US and kiss the ground because you will then be grateful to have all the freedoms you do have. In any “tyrannical” country, you’d be on death row just for writing the childish “Kill the Cops” crap on this site. Here, you have the right to publish this crap, however sick it may be. I, however, think this goes WAY beyond free speech as it incites violence against those who took an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect you. You should be ashamed of yourselves…but reading this “When you should shoot a cop” article tells me you have no shame.

  • Ian MacLeod

    Jack Zeller –

    I’m afraid I don’t indulge. I have in the past, but I guess I just out grew it.It does nothing for the pain of all the nerve damage or the arthritis, either. And I likely couldn’t stand as long as it would take for me to be of much use. I’m still trying to recover from a really bad screwup by the VA that almost killed me. Why do think I should be out there smoking dope though? It sounds as though you disapprove of what I wrote. Why? do honestly believe that cops ought to be able to pull this shit?

    They lie to get warrants, they rarely check their informants, and hire some very suspicious characters, and they sometimes use them in setups that allow the police to confiscate the house for money they can put into the budget. They too often set people up for this that they KNOW are innocent, and they sometimes kill them. They are almost never held accountable. There’s a lot more going on like this all over the country. Our “unalienable rights” are no longer either: they are not unalienable, and they are not rights; they’re privileges. Every time we simply surrender to armed attackers who have NO warrant real or fake, or the warrant is for some other house or another name who treat their victims as though they are tried, convicted and sentenced. they endanger families and often the entire neighborhoods, and sometimes they kill. Sometimes they just humiliate and beat whoever they get hold of.

    My country is being, maybe has been, taken over by insiders who were planted by the richest people on earth, and they are destroying it for their and their owner’s own purposes with the often stated purpose of killing a majority of the population. They’re vicious attack dogs wielded by sociopaths, all of it paid for by US – the people they’re being used against. They don’t deserve the names of Law Enforcement, cops are any other such thing. They’re violent criminals, no more, no less.

    Law abiding Americans should have no reason to fear police, but when they break in without warning or reason in what is almost the middle of the night and endanger our lives or those of our families or neighbors they ARE criminals themselves, and we have every right to act in self-defense whether our assailants or the government refuses to recognize it or not. Let them keep getting away with assaults and with murder, and none of our rights exist any longer, but worse: nor does our Freedom!


  • Joe Bassett

    Jack get a fucking clue. The BATF put ezplosives on the main columns in Oklahoma City. A fertilizer bomb will no take out the columns. It might blow out the wall some, but would probably on blow out the windows. In Waco they only wanted Koresch. Can you find out wha the original warrant was? The guy went into town everyday. They could have gotten hin anytime they wanted. They intentionally murdered those people. The CIA is nothing but a warmongering clandestine organization that should be abolished. How come the FBI will take the time to infiltrate trailer trash who are drinking beer talking smakc against the president, but can’t bust people planning 9/11? I would say you average FBI agents knows 9/11 just doesn’t make semse, but they like their $90,000 year jobs. Since not one politician has said anything about what the government told us that occurred on 9/11 I don’t believe you’ll find many FBI agents doing it. Because FBI underlings have to do what the head honchos tell them. But thousands know 9/11 was committed by the Israeli Mossad. Bur the offier in blue must serve the Jew. There are paper trails of CIA and FBI agents made millions shorting stocks on the airlines invikved ib 9/11.
    The problem is the US government is organized with billions of dollars at their disposal. We thousands that know are not organized and we don’t have the money or manpower to do much. But if the officer didn’t fall into line and do what they are told they could not easily control us. I find it hard to believe that people even want to live in this warmongering country.
    Just like in the Middle East it would be cheaper to just buy the oil instead of what we are doing. So it can’t be just the oil why we are over there. Have you heard of the millions of deformed Iraqi babies being born? Does that mean it isn’t occurring? Landmines left in Asis kill and cripple hundreds of people each year. Have you heard about this? Does it mean it isn’t occurring? Millions of women are raped and millions are murdered each year, but have you witnessed any of this?
    The FBI knows right now Obama was born in Africa and could arrest him right now. The fact they haven’t does that mean his isn’t illegal? It means they aren’t doing their job. When all these crimes are committed by the Israeli Mossad I can tell you this the FBI knows the Mossad have done it, but a Jew heads the CIAm , OSI and for sure they more than likely have their agent heading the FBI. Now if we had a Cohen head of CIA and Goldberg heading the OSI and Greenbaum heading the FBI it wouldn’t mean shit to you. But this is why the Russians and Germans couldn’t get along with the Jews. SO the Jews wised up and they wrote the Protocols Of the Elders of ZION. That is why we pay negroes millions to dribble basketball. It;s why Jews control everything. They were kicked out of our countries so much they decided they would create a plan to control us.
    But what am I thinking the government doesn’t lie. They never lie. Politicians don’t lie.

  • Simon

    What? A quick flyby of the comments shows me that many of you condone this action and thinking.
    What are you? Sheep?
    So you want anarchy? No leaders and no law!
    Just a free world where you can do what you want – every man for him self?
    Just let me ask one more question… Who would rule that world?
    You think that if we all “agreed” to anarchy then everybody would just walk around and be happy…
    What a profound lack of understanding of the human nature.
    I promise you if no cops were there to uphold the law the world would be ruled by criminals who would in an instant create dictatorships a 1000-fold worse than anything you would ever imagine…

  • Joe Bassett

    If you’ll notice society has gone to hell. Cops come from society so could it be a surprise that cops have gone to shit? There was a time when a cop had to arrest someone they did it by themselves. Now if they stop a carload of old women they call for backup. Quit being pussies and man the fuck up. It used to be a cop might question someone and they would decide it was no big deal and not press an issue. Now if you jaywalk or have an empty beer can in your vehicle you got trouble. I mean close the bars or get off our backs. I’ve had many people throw an emmpty beer can in the back of my truck. That can get you in trouble. Probably have your car searched.
    Face it our ancestors would not have put up with seat belt checkpoints and sobriety checkpoints. Not that Cops woulsn’t have done it. They know when they have a sobriety checkpoint they know how many arrests they’ll make for other reasons. So why not have checkpoints on every road? They don’t because we would complain a little and they would have to hire twice the number of cops. But if they did like that they would make huge arrests and then not so many after a few months. The biggest waste is all the cops in the court houses. Although court house bombings have gone down by 50% since they put cops in court houses. 9/11 was about airplanes, so why did we get cops in court houses? I suppose it’s just more bullshit they do to us. What’s next after the next attack that’s coming? If they are going to hit a stadium look for checkpoints there. So if you accidently forget to take the knife out of your pocket then you are screwed.
    , I used to take a knife on airplanes and they never said a work. How many people are stabbed on airplanes? I never heard of any, but the Jews and their 9/11 we can’t carry knives. I wish the Jews had just used guns on 9/11 and they wouldn’t care about knives.

  • John Firskon

    Yes, it’s nice when things are organized. Nice organized Jewish wars. Where people attack a country decided by sumc politicians. Not a country like Israel who has attacked our men. Or a country like China that is Communists. No we attack poor defenseless Arabs who’s only attraction is their oil. We attack them because they hurt their own people inside their borders. But we don’t bother with the Communist Chinese. So it seems to me the Arabs should become Communists and then anything would be ok. Because it was ok for the Commie Jews to murder the Slavs for 70 years and none of the Commies have had to pay for their crimes. In Russia they don’t bother them. The worst ones hauled arse to Israel. A country like Poland or Ukraine might know of a Jew Commie thay murdered thousands and they want them brought back for trial. But the Jews say too late. That’s when those countries should impose sanctions on Israel and not buy any of their products and boycott Israel all over Europe. Because if Israel wanted someone and the Slavs didn’t hand them over they would cry foul through the media, then they would impose trade embargoes or they would send in assassination squad to go after them.
    I don’t know why the poor Palestinians don’t just leave Palestine, because the U.N. will not help them. The world will not help them. They should move to Khazaria or Jordan or Syria. I justr done understand why nobody will do something for those people.\ People try to send the Palestinians aid and the Jews shoot them and everyone in the world thinks this will be the end of Israel, but then there is other news and people forget. But if the Jews had problems with someone they would have it in the news everyday.

  • Joe Buck Era

    I would love to see anarchy. The bad guys run the show now. The Jews run everything. Kind of like the Italians run the mob. But no tmany know there were more Jews in the mob than Italians. It doesn’t matter bad guys always rule because they want to rule. Good people don’t want to rule anyone.
    We only need cops because of the cities. If we didn’t have cities we would only need 1% of the cops we do now. You could compare the amount of cops they had in places like Switzerland, and Iceland 30 years ago to the United States and Western European countries. The most blacks and Mexicans the more cops you will need. But as things get more violent it gets more violent for everyone. But just like the wars and having to clean up and rebuild it falls on the shoulders on the whites just like every other time.
    Our cities in the USA are totally destroyed and who will have to clean them up? The whites of course. The whites built those beautful cities in Africa and the blacks have destroyed them. The whites built those beautiful cities in Europe and the Jews got us to destroy them and then we had to rebuild them, because the Jews and blacks weren’t going to do it. If the whites ever wake the frick up and decide they are sick of the Jews, then this bullshit would end. But things aren;’t getting better. They are more violent and dangerous than anytime. The only thing is the last twenty years the Jews have brought the violence to our shores and even though some of those attacks like 9/11 occur in some of those countries everyday, we cry about 9/11 and have anniversaries. We have a bigger anniversary for 9/11 than other countries have for signing peace treaties.

  • Kevin


    the founding fathers defined anarchy. It is when a govt does not adhere to rules that protect the liberties of the people, like storming someone’s residence w/o a warrant nor hot pursuit. I see it like a car engine. The anarchists say: don’t start the engine, and the authoritarians say rev that sucker way over redline until she blows! Either way, the work the engine is designed to do, protecting the property, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the common man, is not getting done. It is only with the classic liberal philosophy of people like Thomas Jefferson who advocates the engine be contained within its operational parameters, does it serve mankind. So extremist views on either side are merely more Hegelian dialectic. You are projecting on us classic liberals a position that we do not advocate, anarchy (don’t run the engine) to support your position that there should be absolute power in government (over rev). So, in fact, since authoritarian regimes are not stable, not “sustainable” as it were, then what YOU are advocating is what they all devolve into, ANARCHY!

    Another thing MY mommy taught me: when you are pointing the finger at someone else, you IN FACT are pointing at least 3 back at yourself.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Ian- No Ian, I don’t really want you smoking dope on our common…I just said that to confirm who you are..have a good day.

    @Aguy and Simon – Spot on both of you, and well said…forensically I can tell you that the most violent sound makers here would be the least courageous in an atmosphere of true anarchy. They would be begging for protection. And in the present, probably painfully underemployed…

  • Kevin


    hey, catch a clue why don’t you? Read the declaration of independence and the constitution. Read the necessities and causes of taking up arms written a year before the Declaration. Have Webster’s 1828 dictionary handy when you do it so you understand what you are reading. Things are WAY worse now then they were when our forefather’s rebelled. Talking about how things are in North Korea is utterly non-sequitur to what our founders fought and died for here. It is you who should leave and go back to England if you like living in an absolute hereditary govt so much.

    Oh, and I hope your grand kids love all the taxation w/o representation they are getting due to the unlimited public debt the bankers are running up in their names. Who’s grave do ya think THEY will be defecating on?

  • Kevin

    the problem with most you cops and cop mentalities out there is that your legal education comes from those black robed devils and their bar assoc minions, who do the bidding of the same scum we kicked out of here in the revolutionary war, rather than actually reading what the founders had to say, and what their issues actually were.

    You think all this nonsense you do is the “American way” when you are clueless about what a bill of pains and penalties is, why paper money is not allowed in a “republic,” (or even what a republican form of govt is). Honestly, it would be more productive to try to explain this stuff to a bunch of poodles.

  • Kevin


    oh, by the way, that “oath” you tout, is called a blood oath, and the punishment for violating it is hanging in the town square from noon until sundown. Advocating a different form of government than constitutional and republican on THIS land is treason and a violation of one’s oath. Do you advocate that anyone should be able to be jailed (what our founders defined as an “infamous crime”) without a sworn complaint from a competent fact witness under injury or the indictment/presentment of a grand jury? Yes? Hmm… Where did I put my rope?

  • Mike Holecheck

    We lost this country when the Jews got their federal reserve. They did this after they wrote the protocols of zion. They wrote the protocols of zion and then financed the 1905 war between Russia and Japan and then tried to overthrow the Russian government. The politiicans had fought to keep out a central bank. No doubt Teddy Roosevelt loosened things up, because he was the first Jewish president. There was no way they could have gottne bearded yarmulke wearing Rabbi as president, but Teddy got the job and hardly anyone knew he was Jewish. So just after he’s no longer the president we get the federal reserve and right behind that we get WWI and then the Jews got Russia and by the end of the century they had murdered 70 million during peace time and got 100 million killed in wars.
    So this is how we got to where we are today. We destroyed Germany and allowed Communism to be born and then defended it later. Then allowed the Commies to come to America and our country has gone down hill ever since. It wasn’t until the sixties we got drugs and rock and roll and then Vietnam and we were finished. Today we are nothing by a Jewish stooge country. We do whatever Israel wants and our politicians do whatever the Jewish bankers want. We didn’t stand by the president’s they killed. Kennedy was the last our presidents have been hand seletected by the Jews ever since. Now we have what might be an agent trained by the Commies as our president and this means bad times are ahead for this country. Just think we could be doing so much good. We could be cleaning up the nuclear waste and the landmines in Asia, but the Jews are going to run our country in the ground.

  • Ian MacLeod

    Simon: “What are you? Sheep?
    So you want anarchy? No leaders and no law!
    Just a free world where you can do what you want – every man for him self?
    Just let me ask one more question… Who would rule that world?
    You think that if we all “agreed” to anarchy then everybody would just walk around and be happy…”

    How do you figure you know who or what I am from just this? And I DON’T think anarchy would here, not for generations. Anarchy, the formal philosophy requires intelligent people who are also dedicated and courageous. That describes a relative handful of people in this country these days. And why does ANYONE have to “rule” the world, or even this country, besides the citizens? We need administrators for following the policies set by us. The problem is that ANY position of power can be corrupted by the greedy, and the greedy sociopaths have been using the authority of insane levels of wealth and the access it buys to take everything over ans warp it for their own benefit, which they have decided means that they need us reduced in numbers and the survivors reduced to the level of slaves.

    There are two ways to run a country. If it’s run for the benefit of the entire country, the wealthy, or even the more brilliant administrators, scientists – those whose interests build knowledge, technology, whatever, so it benefits all – can still enjoy tremendous privilege. Instead, they don’t WANT that kid of privilege – they want ownership of EVERYTHING, people included. They’re willing to destroy everything we’ve built in centuries of effort to gain that kind of power. They are, again, sociopaths, and they are utterly ignorant in their own fashion. The damage they’re doing to the planet may make it uninhabitable for them as well as for us, but they think that wealth will buy them anything. They’ve never run across a situation in which it couldn’t. It’s high time they did!

    Meanwhile, law enforcement who can murder at will are going to push any populace into rebellion. I think that’s what they’re aiming for. TO them, cops are just more of us, as are military. If we and they fight each other until one side or the other loses, then they only have to get rid of the survivors. There’s always someone higher up who thinks he’s safe as long as he follows orders. Meanwhile they use games theory to “win” and to destroy whomever they choose while we, or most of us, keep following the “rules” and remain predictable and limited.


  • Ian MacLeod

    Mike Holecheck, you and others here need to learn to differentiate: it’s not just “the Jews” who are so central to the problem, it’s the same Zionists who are running Israel and ruining America, just like it’s not “Christians” being such fanatic stooges here. It’s the Dominionist-warped fanatics infiltrating the Evangelical denominations, people like Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan and others like that who hauling people like the Tea Party around by their noses. Religion, for those susceptible to it, needs to be banished to the private sphere, like sex. It just isn’t anybody else’s business, and not to be done in polite company.


  • John Firskon

    When the bombs were dropped on Germany in that JEWISH financed war they did not pick out soldiers or bad guys. They killed little babies as they were exiting the womb. They killed old women and young children. The Jews hate all Nazis, all Klansman, all southern rednecks, all blondes and anyone who has pride in their white race. All Jews are Commmies when Communism takes control.

  • Joe Buck Era

    War is just organized anarchy. Scum like Bill Clinton or George Bush or Obama who is illegal by the way decides to do what the Jews ask of them and to bomb a country. They bomb it for no reason, but they do it anyway. Wars are not necessary anymore. Sanctions and embargoes can take care of that stuff. If you give people sanctions or embargoes the people can force the govenrment to do the right thing unless it’s just a bunch of Jewsih bullshit where they want to force a country like Iraq to not build nuclear power plants and then you bomb them like Israel has done to Iraq and Syria. A country that can bomb any coutnry anytime they want.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Nice post Michael……
    It even can use repeating:
    Michael Rivero says:
    October 29, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    You are all being suckered!

    Back in the 1960s, when the growing civil rights movement started pointing out that the Vietnam draft was putting most of the black kids on the front line and most of the white kids in the safe rear echelon areas, a booklet suddenly appears; a coloring book. It was called the Black Panther Coloring book and it was filled with highly inflammatory drawings of black kids shooting white cops.

    Needless to say this coloring book scared and angered white people, and they stopped listening to the concerns of the civil rights movement, and Vietnam continued to its bloody and disastrous end.

    Then in the 1970s, a whistleblower blew the lid off of the FBI’s COINTELPRO operation, and revealed that the FBI had, rather than chasing criminals, been sabotaging free speech by committing hoaxes and frauds, along with outright crimes,m against peace activists, early feminists, the native American groups and yes, the Civil Rights Movement. The Black Panther Coloring Book was one of the FBI’s many hoaxes designed to trick the public into seeing the civil rights movement as a public threat. Congress was forced to hold public hearings as the scandal came close to delegitimizing the entire government.

    So here we are today, the FBI is still around, the Occupy America movement has become a serious threat to the Wall Street Money Junkies. Most Americans are starting to ask why the US did not follow Iceland’s example and throw the people behind the mortgage-backed securities fraud in prison instead of helping them buy back the bad paper with some $45 trillion in money borrowed against the American people.

    Then there is the shooting of Scott Olson in Oakland and the flash-banging of the people who tried to help the injured vet (a violation of the Geneva accords). The US Government is losing the war for the minds of America today just as it was when the civil rights movement started to gain popularity.

    And today, as back then, just when the government needs to reverse the popular trend, a booklet appears in Phoenix filled with inflammatory ideas, to be blamed on the targeted movement.

    Fool me once…

  • Joe in Missouri

    Could you neanderthals please get off the “Jew” angle and just present facts please?

    There are many in the Illuninati that are not Jewish. You make it sound like the Jewish grandmother that works at the corner bakery and her whole clan are in on a world conspiracy.

  • Ian MacLeod

    First, thank you, Joe in Missouri!

    “John Firskon
    When the bombs were dropped on Germany in that JEWISH financed war they did not pick out soldiers or bad guys. They killed little babies as they were exiting the womb. They killed old women and young children. The Jews hate all Nazis, all Klansman, all southern rednecks, all blondes and anyone who has pride in their white race. All Jews are Commmies when Communism takes control.”

    John Firskon – I’m getting sick of you bigots attempting to turn this into a RACE problem – IT ISN’T! The Zionists are a dangerous, murderous group, but they do NOT represent all the Jews on the planet by a long shot! The tactics used by the Nazis can be used by anybody, and a lot of people HAVE used them. A lot of it is simply games theory and some practical psychology. Plus a lot of sheer cruelty and sociopaths at least in the lead, with sadists on the ground with weapons and authority, all of it backed by stolen wealth. Now, kindly take a look at what America has done – mostly without the major portion of the country knowing: COINTELPRO, Agenda21; look at what we’ve done in Haiti since the 1800s. We’ve done the same and worse in other countries; look at how many we’ve destroyed strictly for corporate exploitation. Look at what we’ve done to Libya! America has been as vicious and murderously destructive as any other empire! And now that we know that’s being done in our name, with our money and with our children as brainwashed soldiers, it’s time to STOP IT! I have no desire to be any part of a thieving, lying, destructive imperial power. Dammit, we could well on our way to the stars by now! We could have clean energy for everyone, decent lives and no hungry, starving people, we could have FAR MORE advanced medical care for everyone! Instead we work ourselves into an early grave having died poor, fall victim to diseases that are totally unnecessary but they’re there because of industrial pollution and in some cases because they were WEAPONIZED and DELIBERATELY PLANTED! We know what cancer is, what causes it and how to treat it. Try to find that information though. It has all been hidden for a long time, but treatments and causes are starting to come out now thanks to the Internet, which the government is trying to bring under control. Instead we have almost a literal handful of super-wealthy living lives of insane levels of luxury and power while tens of thousands or more for each of the rich go without basic necessities so that the rich can have it all! The American Dream is a crock, folks, and you know who’s holding the stick! They don’t even show us the carrot anymore.

    Time to start paying attention, stop blaming all the old, traditional enemies the people who consider themselves our “owners” have been pointing us at for centuries now and LOOK! You’re like a dog growling and chewing on the stick he was hit with instead of the sadistic bastard who was holding it!


  • DanD

    Zionism’s heretical brand of Judaism MUST have ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to survive. Truth be told, most of the world’s Jews are Caucasian! Going further down that pseudo-racist rat-hole, most of the Jews who are now alive or even those who ever lived are not and never have been Semites. Go ahead, Google Arthur Koestler.


    Where do the Ashkenazi Jews come from?

    The Thirteenth Tribe

    The Khazar Empire and its Heritage

  • jim

    I don’t like this article because it does not cite to specific auhorities, court rulings with the proper citation. Nor to illustrative cases..

  • Joe BucK Era

    No country has ever been bombed like Germany. They never firebombed a city until they did Tokyo and they dropped nukes on Japan, because they told Japan unconditional Surrender and they didn’t want that. So we dropped the bombs for no reason. Truman should have been tried for war crimes. This country rules the world and it looks like Russia nor China are going to tell us to get out of their hemisphere.

  • Steve

    This article and many of the ignorant, bigoted comments that follow is more than ample evidence that an above-average intelligence and a decent education hasn’t a chance to mask a diseased mind and a warped view of life. I could spend days and write volumes pointing out the specific ways so many of you are mentally diseased/warped, but I’d rather just polish my badge up a bit and go out and violate some more or your constitutional rights.

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  • Kevin


    Well, thanks for pointing out the crux of our problem. The ranks of our “men in blue” (like you) are mostly filled with narcissists and psychopaths. Oh, did I mention traitors? I don’t suppose you know that the whole reasoning behind the “regulatory state” that you love so much was that capitalism had purportedly “failed” and created the great depression (and not the communist institution of a central bank watering down our currency with fractionalized banking, thereby creating the balloon of the roaring ’20s, then popping said balloon by calling in farm loans and intentionally starving the economy until they could get their crony FDR – the “Delano” being from the “Delano” banking family of England – into office, put us into a war we didn’t want/need then lock stock and barrel transferring our “govt officials” over to the globalists — see the “Rod Class” action on youtube)?

    I also don’t suppose you know that this “regulatory” “administrative” state is nothing new and progressive, but the same old crap we fought to get rid of, ROMAN CIVIL LAW where the state only recognizes “things” rather than the inherent right of “persons” as separate from things (cuz to Caesar everyone is merely his “property” also)?

    You are so utterly lied to and propagandized it boggles the mind. Like I said, the only consolation for the rest of us will be to see you ultimately get betrayed by your “handlers” like you have betrayed us. Of course, we all could just decide to “survive” together, to go back and to seek the wisdom in what the founding fathers paid so dearly to give us, and to understand that the inbred, psychopath freakazoids will still not be happy after they have depopulated 90% of us so it is up to us to decide whether we live and put them out to pasture, or we die and the human race is ultimately doomed to extinction with these people in “control.” “To be, or not to be”

    But just go ahead and keep believing the cognitive dissonant message you’re getting from your “cult leaders.” I’ve lost everything to the likes of you so I’m ready for death. Are you?

  • John Firskon

    I’m guessing the cops in Eastern Europe were liquidated right along with the rest. When the government screws people over it’s the police that have to take on the mobs created by our givernment. They had to do it in the sixties the national guard had no bullets in their guns. The thing is the cops don’t read the stuff and only read cop books and cop crap on tv. Their whole fucked up lonely world is with cops, but it works out, because they can drive around drunk and the other cops will let them go. The cops have maybe six months before anarchy, because your illegal president needs to start a war or allow the Mossad to commit another 9/11. They killed about 350 firemen on 9/11. How many cops did they kill? Because they were murdered. But nothing will change. When anarchy comes it will be the same as always. The rich sit on their yachts and gated communities and the poor riot and will be arrested, but this time many cops will be killed. In fact I don’t want to kill Cops My father used to be a cop, but they stand between the people with ropes and the ones who need hanging.
    If the cops just quit and let the blacks, mexicans, whites and Jews go at it for a solid couple weeks. Then you could go in and collect all the guns from the blacks, because they will run out of ammo in a couple days.

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Kevin:

    Kevin, you must be ready for death. To begin shooting cops is a sure way to achieve it in an efficient manner. Steve, I am with you brother. These posters are are mostly simply underemployed (and uneducated)wacko’s

  • Kevin

    John Firskon:

    according to this:

    it looks like 60 cops were killed.

    But no worries, it doesn’t look like the rest of them are really evolving a survival instinct yet.

  • Kevin

    Jack Zeller:

    No need to shoot them, hanging is the traditional punishment. Nice thing is they pretty much all can be done because thanks to the oath there are no accessories. All officers who either knew or should have known rights were being violated by their fellow officers are principals.

    Now we just have to educate these “occupiers” about the noble, historic, and legal duty of the Citizenry to form and participate in vigilance committees.

  • Don Cordell

    Pretty soon, we will have to have permit to carry “Rope” to possess “Rope” because there are going to be a lot of hangings. If we don’t stop the terrorism caused by our “YOU must obey” cops, we will all hang. This problem is happening even in the smallest communities, as those police are even less learned about our Constitutinal Rights. Good old boys in operation. Our elected officials tell us, they know what is good for us, so comply or else. Click on my name for the solutions.

  • http://facebook Jameslash2

    I agree whole heartedly with your article. I just want to mention that all of these jackbooted thugs say their violations of our rights is for “public safety”. Those who are the “law abiding citizens” are the same ones that make it possible for these violations to occur. By being scared of having their complacent lives disturbed, they unwittingly allow and even push for laws that violate our rights. The weak and scared trade rights for security.

  • Archie1954

    There are a number of extreme views represented here but all they are showing is the general concern the public has with the unprofessionalism and militarization of the American police forces. Such violent and repressive measures are a direct result of the failed “war” against drugs. When police started to carry military weapons, make warrantless searches, arrest innocent people and yes shoot and kill those who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the public knew matters had become uncontrollable. It is time for the police to become the peace officer again, not the gung ho military squad looking for the enemy to dispose of on the streets of America.

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  • Joe Buck Era

    There was a time cops would talk to you like they had sense. Now they holler and scream and demand answers, when you don’t have to answer any questions. By law you don’t have to answer any of their questions. But nobody can tell me that Cops don’t bring in their own trouble. They start by yelling at someone and trying to intimidate them. But the worst thing if they see one beer can in your vehicle they can search your car. I had hundreds of beer cans in the back of my truck. People will throw them back there. But today a cop acts like you can’t have cans in your truck. But this is how it happens. When the Commies want to take control of your country they want you drunk on cheap beer and plenty of cocaine and crack. The CIA dumps drugs on this country. There was a time nobody wanted a prison near their home, but today they fight for them, because of good paying jobs.

  • andrew cook

    Before any of you believe a thing that Larken Rose says, I suggest you do some research. The dude will post anything to sell the trash he has on his website.

    I have issued this challenge to Rose on his website and I will issue it again here:

    Larken: Do you tell people that buy your crap videos on how to avoid paying income tax that you were not able to sell this bullshit idea to a jury? How many people end up in trouble following your bullshit advice.

    Don’t fall for it people. Larken Rose is just another tax protest snake oils salesman.

  • DanD

    Hey Steve;

    Why is it badge-dangling punks like you who always squeal the girliest whenever you’re confronted by something you can’t control?

    Any way, are you really a cop? Or are you just a security guard rental wannabe?

    In reality, it’s flip-idiots like you that gets the more sane and reasonable individuals of society’s greater LE infection needlessly slaughtered. So many good-cop lives could be saved only if your “brothers” just pumped a bullet in your head first. Then the rest of our national community may even consider that there still is a righteous element left among your community. But they do need to start house-cleaning out your brand of sewer-filth very soon.


  • Joe in Missouri

    “andrew cook says:
    November 4, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    …..Larken: Do you tell people that buy your crap videos on how to avoid paying income tax that you were not able to sell this bullshit idea to a jury? How many people end up in trouble following your bullshit advice……..

    Regardless of the usefulness of Larkin’s materials and juries not knowing shit most of the time – do you have a clue as to why we pay an income tax or who the money goes to? If you said the government, you failed the quiz that any fifth grader should pass. I suggest you go to youtube and watch either the Secret of OZ or The Money Maters.

  • jack zeller


    Dan, please, yours is the rant of an idiot, or a 14 year old. The L.E. officers getting killed in the line of duty today are killed by lunatics, pure psychopaths and common criminals. Not by sensitive politically in touch visionaries such as yourself. I do not know Steve, but his post was spot on. Get real.

  • Bill Sinclair

    Cops are scum and not line of defense. If they weren’t how did Communism take control in Russia and then from East Germany clean to China? I mean things cops are doing now they would never have done 50 years ago. Look at the freedoms you’ve lost. The seatbelt was something put on vehicles to use if you wanted to use it. It was totally up to you. Now it’s put your seatbelt on asshole or you go to jail. The driver is even responsible for the passengers to wear their seatbelt. What if you got a friend who says frick a seatbelt. The cop stops you because your passenger isn’t wearing a seatbelt and then he sees a beer can in the back of your truck that somebody threw back there yesterday and that gives him the right to search your vehicle. He looks behind the seat and damn you got a shotgun behind the seat because you went bird hunting that morning and damn you forgot you left the bastard loaded. Now you are under arrest for carrying a hidden loaded deadly weapon. You’re going to jail because something your passenger did. Something that wouldn’t have gotten you stopped 25 years ago.

    Why are they all of a sudden so concerned for us. Aren’t we still bombing countries for oil killing innocent citizens? Doesn’t an Iraqi citizen have just as much right as I do to be happy? But our Jew controlled government decides we must go there and kill those people for nothing, but we have to wear our seatbelts, because the same government that murders babies is so concerned for us.

    So you’re charged with hiding a deadly weapon and of course the cop can’t just write you a citation. No he has to throw the cuffs on you and go through the whole bullshit, because you’re one dangerous bastard. Now the whole time this is going on you got cars flying by you 70 miles an hour endangering your life. So he loads you up and your passenger’s license is revoked, so you can’t call someone to get your car even though you live just up the road. No it has to be towed so there’s $100.

    Now 25 years ago you wouldn’t have even been stopped. Now you’re getting ready to shell out probably shell out who knows how many thousands. So how short of a leap is it from this to the cop can stop you and search your vehicle for nothing, because after all your passenger says screw the seatbelt or maybe the cop claims he couldn’t see the shoulder strap on your passenger.

    What we basically have is cops can stop you for not violating and moving violation and you go to jail. The cops can tell you when they set up these bogus sobriety checkpoints and seat beltcheck points they arrest people for other violations. For out of date driver’s license, warrants, and no insurance. Now if these are just sobriety checkpoints why are they asking for your driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. Why are dogs always at these checkpoints? If the dog acts like he smells something. Let’ say you got groceries in the drunk and he smells some meat. The cop can pop the trunk and you went hunting that afternoon and you put your guns in the trunk, because you don’t want them on the back seat where someone can steal them. You are suddenly in a whole heap of trouble.

    Now I got no problem with getting drunks off the road. But to randomly stopping vehicles is not about drunk driving. It’s about stopping people sort of like in Russia where a Cop can stop you and ask for your passport and you better not have left it home. After midnight they stop all cars driving around.

    Now if you’re an old grandmom this stuff won’t affect you. You probably don’t drink beer or hunt. But there are a lot of people who do and those are the ones who have lost your freedoms. Because if you can’t put your gun out of sight of someone who might steal it, then you’ve lost your freedoms. They’re already gone.

    Now since 9/11 a crime committed by the Israeli Mossad and our own government. They have hired almost another 900,000 federal agents. Just their paychecks cost us 81 billion just their paychecks. What about cars and equipment and benefits?

    We have slowly lost all our freedoms and guess what? We will have another attack, because we have a president who has tried like a mofo to hide his birth certificate. He finally showed a fake document. The FBI knows the document was a fraud and the U.S. Marshals should have already arrested him. But since the FBI won’t do there job the sheriffs of this country are looking into whether they can even put him on the ballot in their county.

    This means that Obama needs a smokescreen. He’s got a couple options. He can let the Mossad commit another attack or he can just say screw it bomb Iran. So because law enforcement won’t take out a criminal in the white house, because their excuse is it would be a distraction. But it wasn’t a distraction to assassinate Kennedy, because he was going to get tough on Israel.

    So expect something to happen to occur in this country or in Iran. But we deserve this, because we allow lawmakers who have a career in politics to make our laws and didn’t call for an investigation in Oklahoma bombing, Waco murders, and 9/11 which we know was committed by the Mossad.

    But it comes full circle, because if the Jews had told us about Obama he would never have been elected. They make sure to tell us about Gary Hart and his affairs, but they seem to ignore when it’s someone they want to put in the white house. The Jews want a criminal in the White House and we all lose everything. Just one human in position as president and millins die and we could lose every right we got in the next few months.

  • Bill Sinclair

    There are plenty of ways to get away with not paying taxes. The rich and corporations don’t pay taxes. They have trust funds and all kinds of tricks you won’t learn about unless you have a lawyer. They can leave their stuff for people while the poor bastards sometimes are left with nothing. But there are plenty of things you can do to pay very little taxes. You can work in this country six months and go visit your country you came from and you keep all your money. THen retire in your country and live well. If it weren’t for money wasted on wars, illegals taking jobs sending money home, money to pay soldiers, and money to pay for all the illegal babies and health care and get rid of the federal reserve and they could probably cut out taxes by half. We are being robbed in this country and the only solution is get rid of career politicians. Vote in decent citizens and replace them every year. That stops your career politicians from destorying your country. \

    The average politicians is able to corrupt from the start, because he’s already made the decision he’s not going to weld, drive truck or farm to make a living. He’s decided he’ll just say yea or nay and kiss babies to make $175,000 with perks and benefits up the ying yang. So he’s very ripe for corruption. A farmer or construction worker they work hard and aren’t as easy to corrupt.

  • DanD

    Seat belt laws are a fraud. Statistics proves this to us.

    Do you know that wearing a seat belt can also get you killed? Yup, there are seat belt deaths, but the government doesn’t keep such statistics on file, because to do so would also be proof that wearing a seat belt IS not ONLY a guaranteed life saver. In real time, wearing a seatbelt is just a gamble that the next auto accident you are in will be one where the seat belt actually saves your life, instead of say like, entrapping you in a burning vehicle, or because its a side impact, the shoulder harness breaks your neck, or perhaps maybe the severity of an impact causes the lap-belt (especially with fat people) to terminally lacerate the intestines.

    Wearing a seat belt is as much of a gamble to stay alive as is not wearing a seat belt. Statistically, and especially in relation with the type of accident involved (e.g. head-on vs side-impact, rear-end, et-al), wearing a seat belt MAY increase a passenger’s chance of survival, but it’s still just a gamble. Being a gamble, such passive restaint use should be the sole decision of a vehicle’s passenger(s).

    But seat belt tickets are also 1000% profit for the issuing government parasite. It’s not so much about “protecting” the road-riding public as it is a practice of CONTROL over that public’s perception of freedom from nanny-state government. More than anything else, the seat belt-issuing jackboot is declaring his power to cleverly steal the hard-earned money of a captive driving public.

    Also, do you ever notice that, when business enterprise tax revenues dry up, punitive tax collections skyrocket?

    Ultimately, “Click-it or Ticket” laws are punitive taxation without representation, and the cops are just the government’s gangbangers of punitive tax assessment. This alone is why, every time I hear of some law enforcer (especially the CHPpy types) get their brains splattered across a freeway, I figure that’s just one more PO parasite that I don’t have to worry about stealing my money from me by way of predatory law-enforcement.


  • Mike Holecheck

    The seatbelts if they were so important why weren’t they used 50 years ago? If saving one life is worth billions why didn’t they use the airbag invention when they were created in the sixties? It just makes me smile all over when cops are so concerned about my safety and everyone’s safety. I’m reminded everytime one buzzes by me on the highway 80 mph. Also, you can flip the bird to the police it’s a finger and nothng they can do. I learned this on route 50 near Cambridge, Md. when current sheriff was on the other side of the highway and the passenger in my car flipped the deputy the bird and he ran us down and I told him get out of my face and drove off.

    Instead of making cars safe for rich why can’t all cars have all the airbags and backup cameras and safety warning devices and the government can kick in money to help lower the cost. If it’s that important? Which is more important to wear your seatbelt or go the speed limit? I’m assuming the speed limit, but I’m curious why they stop you going over the speed limit they give you a seatbelt violation?

    Also, I’d like to see the police report when someone is caught drunk driving if they left a bar or a residence, because I think it’s time to close the bars. If their purpose is to put drunks on the road, then it’s time to close them or force them to make sure none of their patrons are too drunk to drive home.

  • Jack zeller

    @ DanD

    While it is true that some people have died in accidents because they WERE wearing a seat belt this is a very low number. The fact is, thousands upon thousands of severe and deadly automobile injuries have been prevented by the use of seat belts. I have been to thousands of accidents over my career, and there is no question. So many deaths and debilitating injuries that could have been prevented just by clicking it on. So many people are killed, being thrown from the vehicle. The statistics on this, and empirical experience are overwhelming. I down drive down my driveway without putting on a seat belt. Whether it should be a law or not can be argued. Cops don’t make the laws. You do. In my state only kids have to be buckled up, because we are a live free or die state. So if you want to vastly increase your chance of death on the highway, simply flout the law. But don’t allow anyone you really care about to fail to buckle in.

  • frank bradley

    I drive a 1975 eldorado. I’ll take my chances in a big car. They are making cars smaller and smaller and it make no sense. They are making cars smaller and trucks bigger. If you don’t want to wear a seatbelt get a convertible one of the older Eldorados. They are cheap. I’ve got a 1975, 1973 and 1971 Eldorado Cadillacs. They are cheap and ride smooth and I don’t have to fool with a seatbelt.

  • Archie1954

    Jack Zeller above has the right of it. Sometimes even if seldom, the government gets it right and the seat belt law is one of those times.Regarless those that complain that the government is controlling them had better think seriously about that belief. I don’t trust the 1%, the elites, and think they and their Republican friends are brainwashing the public to think that any assistance from the government for people is somehow undermining the country. What garbage! If you believe, as I do, that the taxes you pay every year are actually your money not the government’s then when it comes back to you in some form, whether as social security in your old age or Medicare, it is your money helping you not the darn government’s. Those who would prevent you from being assisted with your own money are ideologically damaged and in thrall to the elites who want to keep it all for themselves.

  • Kevin

    Fact of it is that anyone touting the seatbelt law, or any of the nanny state laws for that matter, is committing treason against the constitution. If you were to study Madison’s notes of the constitutional convention, you would see that when the framers spoke of “the general welfare” they were not talking about welfare checks, but in fact, having there be federal buildings, like post offices, accessible in every reasonably sized community. To say otherwise would make them roll over in their graves. Not only that, but, for instance, here in California, the DMV/legislature is just flat out wrong about on purported “safety” statute/regulation. I was in taking my class M (motorcycle) written test the other day, and there was a question on it asking whether wearing helmets causes less head injuries, less neck injuries, less head and neck injuries, or none of the above. Well, I happen to know FOR A FACT that wearing helmets causes less head injuries and MORE neck injuries (because the collision with a helmet causes a more rapid deceleration snapping the neck rather than your skill potentially getting crushed in). And in fact, one with head injuries, if you survive, is more likely to recover due to brain placisity than one with a neck injury (ala Christopher Reeve). For example, look at Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and James Brady.

    Now, I’m not saying you are not more likely to survive with or without a helmet, however, isn’t it each person’s own choice to make the quality of life v. the quantity of life decision? I think I’d rather die than be the next Christopher Reeve. But compelled, mandatory, over regulated, under diversified health care, creates a presumption that the nanny state owns your body, so they can make you do any dang fool thing they want to with it.

    When I pointed out to the DMV lady that that question was flat out wrong (because their answer was “both head and neck injuries”) she said “oh, well, we only go by what the insurance companies tell us.” And since, even though I got the question wrong, because I didn’t fail my test (where if I had gotten that ONE question right I would have passed it) I had no standing to challenge the question so that stupid idiotic question gets to stay on the quiz until lightening strikes and not only is it the pivot for some pour soul, but also he has the gumption, means, and determination to challenge it. Every wonder why obviously bogus, unconstitutional laws (can you say “gun control”) stay on the books for so long?

    Oh, and here is another example:

    Way back when, I was reading a Popular Mechanics about what had become all the rage, 6 wheeled ATV’s (yes, this was the ’60’s). They were talking about when one should and when one should NOT wear seatbelts. Now all of these buggys were “topless” (e.g. convertibles) but some had roll cages. The rule of thumb was, if it has a roll cage, have a seatbelt and wear it. If not, you are far better to be thrown clear because at least you have a CHANCE of not having the buggy land on top of you. But today, convertibles that DON’T have roll cages are still equipped with seatbelts and wearing them is mandatory.

    One thing no one seems to have been able to clue into is that insurance companies are COST PLUS industries. In other words, we think they want to save the consumer by reducing payouts, and there may be a small modicum of competition to that effect, but that is mostly, just like our “two party” political system, merely for show (like professional wrestling). In fact, they cry they are entitled to a “reasonable profit” which is a percentage of the money that goes through their pipeline. The bigger the pipeline, the bigger the siphon. Once again, govt is masterful at creating conflicts of interest and that is why the same (or inferior) health care for humans is 4 to 10 times as expensive as health care for animals.

    Listening to the mind numbing communist rhetoric for decades has made us forget about what made America great, open, highly competitive markets with a free, diversified press to report on EVERYTHING. Business, products, and services, lived and died on THEIR REPUTATION! Why do we need all these regulatory agencies when things such as “consumer’s reports” for various industries, who also relied on their reputations for being fair and unbiased would allow the consumer to sort it out for themselves.

    Now we are reaching a very dangerous tipping point, where those in public service, dependent on the public dole, and those dependent on them, are approaching 50% of the voting public. Once that happens the death spiral of American “democracy” will be unstoppable. It made me sick to see the public servant union trolls in Wisconsin picketing the governor when he was removing their right to collectively bargain because he was “destroying the American dream!” WTF?!? Since when was the American dream to get a fat cat parasitic bureaucrat job? I thought it was the right to go out and start your own small business on a level playing field with the big guys and have some modicum of a chance to strike it rich. Build a better mousetrap as it were.

    I don’t recognize this America anymore. I’m beginning to agree with George Carlin. Its called the “American Dream” because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.

  • DanD

    I’m only saying that wearing a (passive protective) seat belt should be the auto passenger’s choice (or at least the driver’s) and never some unconditional, totalitarian mandate of punitively taxed law-enforcement. As it is, when I’m driving on the freeway, I almost always buckled-up because — statistically — it’s a wise move. But you know where I’ve gotten my last two CHPpy “awarded” seat belt tickets? in 25-mile-an-hour residential zones … you know, places where seat belt use is inconsequential to saftey. Hell, the last “click-it” ticket I got was where I took my seat belt off early while waiting in backed-up traffic to enter a parking lot!

    But hell, I’m sure doing a seat belt “gotcha” sting just outside the entrance of a grocery market sure beats the hell out of doing real police work!

    As I’ve pointed out previously, the primary and pevailing concern of “modern” law-enforcement is not public safety, but almost wholly has to do with the police-state revenue-enhancement of “public-service” wages. America’s cop-class has only been transformed into the income-collecting guarantor for the parasites of our governing aristocrat-class, i.e. parking enforcers-to-cops-to-LE managment-to-governors-to-judges, et-al, or in other words, the institutional “house-niggers” of the richest 1%.


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  • brinca brinca

    You actually make it seem so easy along with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really one thing that I think I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very vast for me. I’m taking a look forward on your subsequent publish, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  • Jeff Fitzhug

    If you were to ask me that and wanted a one sentence answer. I would say the absolute best time is when he is half way back to his squad car. I think you catch my drift.

  • Joe Buck Era

    Did the government decide after 80 years seatbelts were so important? I feel airbags are better, butyou can unhook them and Cops say nothing. I say that the seatbelt thing they figured they could raise a lot more money. They can see the shoulder harness and know if you have your belt on. They’ve probably raised several billions arresting people when they stop for seatbelt violation. If you don’t want to wear seatbelts buy a conbertible and be done with it. They can’t do a frigging thing.
    Cops see that all laws make sense. If they did a study that chewing gums causes accidents the cops would fine you for it. They can stop you for tons of stuff. It used to be if you had a moving violation. What would you rather have someone who obeys the law and doesn’t wear a seatbelt or one who wears his seatbelt and drives 80 mph? Because cops drive 80 mph.

  • Archie1954

    Joe Buck Era I have two convertibles, a BMW and a Porsche and both of them have seat belts including shoulder belts so I’m not sure what you meant about buying a convertible and the police can’t do anything.

  • Bob


    KOP KILLA is probably a cop who is trying to discredit those who protest government tyranny.

    If he’s not a cop, he should seek professional psychological help immediately.

  • Joe in Missouri


    As bad as Kop Killa sounds he is closer to the truth than most want to admit. I would bet everything that I own that at the very best one cop out of one hundred has not done something that he should spend many years in jail for.

    For instance how many cops have not arrested, locked in a cage, destroyed families, possibly caused them to be raped, all because he thinks that is the proper thing to do to to someone who’s only “crime” is putting something in his body that our owners don’t allow us the slaves to put in our body?

    I really think that one good cop out of a thousand would be getting too generous.

  • jack zeller

    @ Joe in Missouri

    Joe, so sorry Dude… We can’t fix stupid, and you are it….

  • Joe in Missouri

    Jack that was the most well thought out well worded piece of logic I have seem posted in this whole discussion.

  • John Moore

    There is nothing worse they passed these seatbelt laws and you’re driving through a reisdential neighborhood 10 mph and a cop has to stop you because you’re in a moving vehicle and you aren’t wearing your seatbelt. That’s where the cop is stupid. I mean he can’t see you’re driving just 10 mph. Anyhow, I was driving through the neighborhood without wearing my seatbelt and the cop turned around so the next drive way I turned into and he drove on. I mean can’t the cops used common sense? He clearly saw someone driving without a seatbelt and thought CUSTOMER. After a while you just want to shoot the bastards when they do shit like that. I mean I’m in a residential neighborhood going 10 mph maybe 300′ to my neighbors house and a cop can stop me and give me a ticket. I know I am right that a seatbelt was put there if you wanted to use it. But the law had to get involved. They will go to a country in Europe or Asia and bomb them to make money, but we have to wear seatbelts, because they are so concerned about humans. I guess when you’re at war you have to wear your seatbelt in your humvee. I wish one of those Arab countries would create a virus that would wipe out all humans on the earth and then they can live in peace. Whites are sucking the Jewish ass and destroying the world. Without them we would not have nuclear power polluting the world. Something created by the Jews just to kill millions of people and they found some use and it’s not needed. WE have crystal clean solar power, hydro, and they could use hemp to run the power plants. It’s big industry that is polluting the world.

  • Barry Kline

    Jack Zeller claims he was an ex-cop. His attitude will be it’s a law and you need to adhere to it. If they pass a law that you can not drink or eat while driving he will enforce it. In some places if it’s raining you have to have your headlights on. I assume even if it’s light sprinkle? You are not allowed in some places to smoke in a car with young kids. But what if all the windows are down or you have a convertible? My father smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. We were with him a lot, but there would be a window down and so smoking was no big deal, but if it’s a law you can’t do it. Smoking in a house is no big deal if you got windows open. Closed up it’s a big deal. But I bet it’s a law you aren’t allowed to smoke in your house with a small child. I don’t know why they don’t just force them to close the cigarette factories, especially when it was learned they added stuff to make them more addictive. I got to believe millions would quit smoking instead of rolling their own. I don’t know why we need bars to serve alcohol and put drunks on the road? I mean that must be what puts the drunks on the road, so close the damn things. They would not be missed. I mean let’s say a bartender is mixing my drinks twice as strong and I leave thinking I’m ok I’ve only had three drinks when really I’ve had six. I think it’s time to close the barss Either that or you can only drink enough alcohol that you are safe to drive. You can only drink 2 beers and hour for some and 1 beer for others. But I bet you they would lose so much money in the courts. The courts act like they don’t like criminals, but they love them it’s the only reason they operate. We had enough laws and didn’t need more to give Cops reasons to stop you.

  • DanD

    Two issue:

    Cigarettes and killing off the rubes … Google PACK CIGARETTE TOBACCO AND RADIOACTIVE FERTILIZER. Back just after WWII when the government’s scientists were just discovering that atomic bomb tests were leaving some really nasty, long-term poisons “Blowing-in-the-Wind,” The cigarette companies were “influenced” to all start using a fertilizer that was mildly radioactive.

    Voila! Now all those lung-cancer patients displaying a certain pattern of disease can be blamed on CIGARETTES, because the low half-life fertilizer is basically causing the cancer before it functionally “dies-out” (pun intended).

    Second issue: The seat-belt laws were really never about public safety, that fact that ALL seat-belt caused deaths are left out of the equation establishes that! Entirely, SB laws are about “revenue-enhancement,” and the fact that it’s nationally mandated, event the individual states cannot refuse to enact and enforce them. Here in California, the Chippy-pigs go up to Altadena’s (LAC) community regularly (mostly because it has a lot of minorities in it) and set up “seat-belt traps.” Old grandmothers doing 5 miles an hour to go visit their kin two blocks away are cited, and nowadays, that’s $154 a pop!

    Every time I hear about a CHPpy pig getting splattered on the freeway, I figure that at least somebody got rid of one excess government gangbanger hiding behind his badge, and at least I won’t have to worry about that oinker stealing my hard-earned cash from me with his cowardly exploitation of a government crime-family “law.”

    Nowadays? You’ve got to be criminally predisposed if you want to be a cop.


  • Larry Sinclair

    I always thought that was total BS the government wants you to wear seatbelts, because they care about you. It started out Buckle up Buckle up like it was all fun and then Buckle up, because it’s the law click it or ticket . We need a law if a cop passes you going 80 mph you could stop him immediately and give him a ticket. There few cop cars on the road compared to other cars, but they cause any accidents. If a cop is just cruising around I see no need in speeding. ‘
    I got tired of the seatbelt bullshit. So I bought a 1966 Eldorado convertible and don’t have to fool with it. I’m sick and tired of another law they can stop you. Once the revenue starts you can’t stop it. If I’m in another car and I get a seatbelt violation I look at it I have to pay for the freedom.

    There is one thing missing and that is permanent checkpoints, becausew we got random ones now. How many thought it would come to this? When they put up permanent chwckpoints you got Communism. We destroyed Germany and now the Commies have come here./When they put up these permanent checkpoints I’m coming up through the woods and blast them with high powered rifle. If you people can’t see Communism is here. They put it on us slowly.

    When they collectr the guns I can tell you what is nest. You will be killed wholesale, because there is too many people and they don’t give a frick about you.They look at your like a pest when you talk about constitution and freedoms. If you couldn’t stop them with guns you thunk you’ll do it with words and paoer?

  • Zac

    Thumbs up, from a sworn LEO

  • Bogdan

    Larken, I think you got the title of the article wrong. It should be: “When Should You Kill, Injure Or Detain A Cop”

    You assume that I have a gun when the cop’s assaulting me. What if I have a knife or nothing at all, but my hands or my knife are quicker than the cop’s gun? What if by using my fighting skills I can kill or detain the cop without having to use a gun? Shouldn’t I do it just because is not gun vs gun fight?

    One more thing… you can as well replace “shoot a cop” with “defending from a cop”. It doesn’t matter if you kill the cop or just injure him/her, as long as you defended yourself.

  • Kevin


    who are you thumbing up? Because if its that the police should be held to the same standard as the rest of us, then I salute you!

  • Jerry Smuts

    He’s giving the thumbs up, because cops stick together. It’s the them versus us mentality, My father used to be a cop and he was caught drunk driving so many times and the other cops always let them go. Just like speeding and whatever they want/

  • Mike Dunn

    Cops will become hated more and more as they set up checkpoints and always stopping people because of seatbelts. They started doing this shite for a reason. People start to feel the cops can stop them anytime. You forget to renew your license. Your insurance laps. You got a joint in the ashtray. Things that bother nobody, but you go to jail for it. Things are going to get interesting, because it’s going to get worse. The first time we strike back and kill several cops they’ll be ready for martial law. Upon declaring martial law if there aren’t 1,000 dead cops inside of a week it means we are not going to fight for our rights.

  • Jack Zeller

    @ Jerry Smuts…Jerry, where was your father a cop?..I mean exactly what agency? Jack

  • Jerry Smuts

    He was a Cop in Maryland State Police and I know he was stopped a few times and I know it’s called professional courtesy Cops go on drnk driving they didn’t used to give other Cops tickets for a damn thing.

  • Tyler

    This whole conversation just seems so unhelpful at this point. Right wrong or otherwise, to debate the shooting of cops in the context of the non-violent occupy movement only serves to discredit an mock the principles on which it was founded. It alienates the apathetic and galvanizes the opposition.

  • Joe Buck Era

    What should piss the cops is they could easily send in the military into Colombia and Bolivia and keep troops there so they can’t produce their cocaine, but the CIA dumps drugs into America. When the cops bust a drug ring the CIA is able to get more for their cocaine. It’s a joke played on cops. Think if there were no drugs how much easier things would be. If any of you think we can send troops to Asia and Europe, but can’t sent troops to third world countries to destroy their drugs, then you haven’t learned anything. This is why we need citizens elected to office and replaced after one year, because politicians don’t have to care. They live in the rich gated communities. You notice when they first run for office you see them out campaigning and once they’re in office they don’t have time for the common folks.

  • Don Cordell

    The problem is: YOU keep electing RepubiCONs, and DemocRATs, and expecting change. IF you do not elect me in 2012, we will lose this nation completely. I must be President in order to stop the rape of Americans rights. We must stop the SWAT terrorism against our citizens all over the country. There is no RepubliCON who tells you they will bring manufacturing back to America, they tell us we must have a global economy, like the European Union, that we must include China as part of our World Government. WHY? We are not part of China, we are not part of Cuba, we are not part of Russia. AND we are bankrupt. They tell us we owe $15 Trillion, yes YOU, owe not Congress. If you think we have Police Abuse now, wait until the next election is over, IF I’m not in the White House, they intend to clamp down on us completely. I would not be surprized to have Rationing of Food, electricity, gasoline, and more. The are installing new Smart Meters in our community now, so they can program the electrical rate versus the time of day of usage, and the message, that we can see how much we are using, so we don’t exceed our monthly allotment (exceed what?) So if I exceed my allotment, the lights turn off for the rest of the month? If I don’t get elected, then what? You’ve seen Obama in action, want more? The RepubliCONs under Bush sure didn’t do us right. NO Candidate is going to restore us. So what do you want? Are you going to vote? IF you don’t get involved, we lose. We can’t allow this nation to continue this way. The police don’t respect us in any way, and we don’t have any rights. We’ve lost the Bill of Rights. I’ll Restore not Change America. Google my name and see my plans.

  • Steve Barnes

    Don, You know I was going to run for president, but I was going to use a different method. I was going to spend a year and a half going all over the country and talking to everyone and tell them what was wrong. What is wrong is the Jews control our country and it’s why Israel tells the U.N. to get screwed and we attack other countries for the same thing. But something came up and I to put it off, but I knnow I wouldn’t have a chance to win. You have no chance and no third party has a chance. You remember Diebold the touch screen crap that they can program. Well they still use that in states they want to win. In Florida, Cali, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. If they get those states you can’t beat them. Remember the chad crap in Florida? Jews who claim they are so smart couldn’t punch out a card. Oh, vey ve are so friggin stupid. You think the Jews are this close to totally dominating the world that they will let someone come in and screw things up? You think they’ll let Ron Paul get rid of the federal reserve? The Jews own us and if anyone claims it’s zionist and not the Jews, then have one of these Jews ventilate these media and banker Jews that arre the problem.
    Didn’t you learn with Ross Perot? He had a good message and spent 60 million and couldn’t win a state. If it was this easy we would have done it years ago.
    I’v said for a long time if you want to take back your country you’re going to have to do it with guns. You’re going to have to execute the politicians. Anyone that steps in to stop this like “COPS” will have to be taken care of. Let’s stop the nonsense. After the country is destroyed then we have to elect citizens to public office and get rid of the lawyers. Let them do the paperwork, but not the voting process.

    You haven’t realized how bad things have gotten. Clinton had raped women and bred with prostitutes and used drugs. Bush was a draft dodger. Obama is a fraud and everyone in the government and the FBI knows this. He could and should be arrested right now. This is what happens when you have career politicians making decisions. If you had citizens deciding they would vote to remove Obama immediately.

    When you elect criminals like Clinton and Obama you give the Jews more control. Obama needs a smokescreen and he needs soon. This will probably be anoter 9/11. The 9/11 inside job got everything in place and now martial law can be a fact in a few days. So even if you had a legit way to actually be voted in it’s too late for that. Because I don’t think you’ll see the next election. I think they’ll suspend them, because we’ll probably have a civil war by then.

    When this unrest occurs it will be like every other one that has occurred. The populace have been raped so long and so many cycles created and too many people learning the truth. So what you need is people killed by the millions. Now if we killed the politiicians, filth, and cops, then we could rewrite the laws. Nobody can tell me if the citizens made the laws that this stuff would not happen.

    Our founding fathers gave us a shit government. If not how did the Jews get their federal reserve, media control, and how we got involved in Asian and European wars? Now our country is full of drugs and crime and the states now see prisoners as big business. Feeding them, clothes, transporting them and money in the courts. So many people love their cage kicking jobs where they only have to sit back and unlock cages and nothing else.

    If everyone just realized kill all the politicians and Cops are going to get in the way, so kill them until they quit. Now even this won’t matter, because the government is going to bring in U.N. soldiers from Russia and China. Who knows how ugly this will get. You could be talking about Communism rearing it’s ugly head all over the world and we are the only ones that have guns. So the battle is huge repercussions. We must win and this might mean being stopped by a cop and a whole bunch of guns in the back seat and you got to take out the cop. Not that you want to, but you have to.

    Look what they did in Oklahoma City, Waco and 9/11. They were all planned and each one got worse. The next attack look for a football stadium or some forum where tens of thousands will be killed. The Mossad and your government will be the ones who commit it and with that being said does it make sense that we do what the cops say? I mean we’re being attacked by the federal government and you would hope the cops would attack this government who killed their boys on 9/11. The world has been wrecked economically. Remember 1929? When the world was thrown into a depression by the same Jewish bankers who have created this one. Same shit different year.

    So the choice is yours. The federal government murdering citizens to control them by the thousands after we learned they have been poisoning us for decades. But seatbelts are so important? When we are in martial law and rioting and cops and their bullshit will mean nothing. They been used by the government for decades dumping drugs into the country and cops arresting people for jay walking. Most people just want peace and quiet, but the corporations want money and the government wants total control. What the citizens want and these other entities want are totally different.

    What you are going to have is the government will commit another attack and then declare martial law and this means the federal government controls everything. It will mean checkpoints and if you talk about constitutiional rights you get tazed and a gun in your face. The KKK and differnet organizations have tried to tell you for a hundred years, but you said screw the message and kill the messenger. You went to Europe and destroyed Germany and now you’re going to pay. Things will never be the same again. You could wake up next week and have Communism at your door.

  • Archie1954

    Steve Barnes, a couple of comments on your post. The “Jews” do not control the US, the Zionists do. Please understand that many Zionists are adherents to Judaism but many more are not. For instance a great number of right wing conservative Christians are Zionists. Also “Communism” is a discredited spent force. It is no longer the big bad boogeyman. It has only a very few countries under its sway such as the failed state of North Korea. It is rapidly disappearing in Cuba and China simply because as an ideology it just doesn’t work in real life. What Americans should be worried about is fascism because it is rearing its ugly head in the US. Fight it with all you’ve got!

  • fsdfgd

    things i love about cops, besides the millions of overpaid corupt cops

    they dont serve and protect they hand out the most tickets they can to take money out of hard working americans and give to the city, county or state.
    also out of every ticket depending on who pulled you over a large percentage of that ticket goes directly back to the police ranges from 6% to 22%
    that is used to pay for their uniforms, bulletproof vests and guns, brand new chargers, impalas, epeditions, tahoes, suburbans, escalades, or undercover cars they get new every 3 years. even if they did lease thats a ton of money and they have to put on decals and turn into police car. then you got these moron cops that want top of the line computers with wireless internet (tax payer paid not their pocket) new radar detectors, even low profile light bars because old school class ones are cheap and dont look cool. then light bars inside cop car in front and back and turn signal lights.
    now they got new grant money costing millions for each state to pay for 16 lane radar scanner with software and liscense plate laser tagging and on their front and rear scanners to scan liscense plates in parking lots and on highway. ( their rational to find stolen cars) but would include liscense plate problems, no plate, dark covering, expired sticker and millions more instant tickets.
    just like when 2 or more people get in an accident, a report is filled up and cops hand out more in fines. thats your job, you cant ask for more money.
    besides the cars and toys in cars and equipment they were cops drive around where ever the hell they want and they waste tons and gallons of gas everyday. the taxpayer pay for local and state cops to drive up and down in circles.
    then while they are driving around they dont have to obey traffic code or law for stop signs, stop lights , or speed limits.
    another cop isnt going to pull over a cop for going 60 in a 25 zone nor give him a massive ticket. countless times i have seen on the highway where speedlimit is 65 or 70mph cops fly past you going at least 80 or 85 or 100. no lights or anything
    i cant make a citizens arrest on cops for speeding. what they are trying to do is find people speeding to give them massive tickets
    and a large amount of these idiots drive big 4 dr cars or suvs that dont have a small fuel efficient 4 or 6 cylinder enging, they have big v8s and alot of the chargers have hemis or srt8 hemis that have 340 and 425hp respectively. that alot of horses and is a sports car, a very expensive sports car that they can drive however the hell they want! dont have to buy it, or repair it, pay for gas and wont ever even get a ticket for speeding, blowing stop light or get parking ticket.
    many of them are even taken home so they dont even have to drive their other car to work to get into their squad car. must be nice using police car for errands
    in what world is it just that police officers in the US drive nicer cars than 90 percent of americans?
    even people that get good jobs with benefits like free company car they dont keep getting new cars, free gas for life, never pay insurance or repairs that cost alot including tires oil changes brakes tune ups transmissions
    what happened to the days of police driving old school impalas? why cant they buy and drive a late model impala that already has the police package installed?
    i mean you can get late model impala for couple hundred dollars and it will run forever
    then when it comes to a police pulling you over they have all the power let alone its a felony to turn on their lights and pull you over but thats a whole other agrument.
    too many people dont know their rights and just give into police and just want to be polite and hope they give you a warning
    i can go on and on
    also police are against the constitution, and we citizens give them power to keep peace. there needs to be more people and citizens to regulate than a couple internal affairs guys per couple hundred officiers

  • fsdfgd

    check out tackikalguy1’s youtube channel

    he does his research and fights for his rights and clearly shows on video what they police are doing that wrong and against the law.

    also shows you how to get out of any ticket because the judge, state and police are on the same side against you there for you can not get a fair and just ruling by this court, case will be thrown out

    takes more than one court date and a petition
    subscribe to his channel if you like and want to watch his new videos

  • caltrop

    I found your website via survivalistboards which I have been banned from for posting stuff like this; I rarely post there anymore and only occasionally check it to see if there’s anything worthwhile, which there usually isn’t. THEY are very PRO-POLICE! I don’t expect the reference to this article to last long when THEY finally notice it.

    I haven’t fully read the article but I saw a YouTube video about this and I agree with everything. By today’s standards our founding fathers are all “TERRORISTS”. And I don’t think PEACE will do it now just as it was back in 1776 — it is going to take some ass-kicking & hard-work to get things straightened out!

    I find it deplorable the way POLICE are acting today. I had my truck impounded for no other reason than the SHERIFF said so. I had slid off the road in a winter storm with NO damage to anything other than I was stuck in a farmers field. I took this to court and it was dismissed as are most cases I hear about today.

    Thanks for this site. I will be back to see what’s up.

  • Bill Collins

    In all the wars the last century they probably killed 40 million civilians. Are Cops more important than a mother nursing her child as the bomb comes through the ceiling? I live in an area where the small towns have no cops. The larger towns have police and I avoid them. The cops means congestion. The msall towns are peaceful and of course they don’t have negros. I had a cop give me a bogus ticket and I want to kill him. Soon when the SHTF we’ll have all the time we want to pay retribution to all the bastards. We got less than a year. Obama is a fraud and he needs a smokescreen to keep us preoccupied. So expect another 9/11 inside of 3 or 4 months. So anyone you want to pay back you will never have a better time than when they commit another attack, but the one thing that will slow you up is martial law, because it’s coming

  • Jay

    I mostly agree, but some of what was said is little over the line. When he said that we have the right to kill government agents for violating our rights for example. Would that not be a violation of their rights? All the talk of killing is a bit much which is sad as the point he was trying to make was solid. We do have a right to resist tyrannical government, but that does not give us the right to go around being “cop killers” unless they try to kill us.

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  • Carl

    In the earlier parts of this thread I have been saying that cops should not be killed. Not all cops are bad. Since then I have been arrested TWICE. On false charges. Not my opinion since the DA dismissed the charges….
    Listen, w can’t go around killing everyone of one particular employment. There’s good cops out there, too. Instead we should praise the good cops and kill the bad cops. Kill the bad cops and let the hoodlums and villains have their way with the bad cop’s families. Let’s put more on the line than just their jobs or their lives.

  • Richard Rhodes

    It should scare the hell out of people when they see what kind of nuts are loose on the earth. You people are all in need of serious medical attention.

  • John Kreig

    I might kill a cop myself. This cop stopped me without wearing a seatbelt and he saw a gun in the car and arrested me and I was charged with having a concealed weapon, because he could see it under the seat. Cops are bastard cocksuckers like the citizens are anymore.
    Inside of six months we’ll be looking at martial law anyway. Cops that act like goons will be allowed to be Cops, but Cops who sympathize with the citizens and won’t arrest them at checkpoints. They’ll be gone. So only bastard cocksuckers will remain on the force.
    If you learn how the Commies acted you start to hate Cops, because there were millions of Cops in Eastern Europe and those bastards couldn’t stop Communism? Will they stop it ehre? Are Cops not supposed to protect the citizens and wouldn’t this eman if their country is being taken over by Communists shouldn’t the Cops say screw it and kill them?
    That question will be answered inside of six months, because there will be another attack and it will be a lot worse than 9/11. I look for them to blow up a stadium or some business that a Jew would have recently purchased and colelct insurance like Larry Silverstein did just prior to 9/11.
    If they can force us to wear seatbelts, then all our freedoms are gone, because they can and will enforce the seatbelt law even if you are riding around a neighborhood 5 miles and hour. So it’s not about safety. I mean they go to iraq and bomb and kill a millions of their citizens, but we have to wear seatbelts.
    The governemnt allows them to put fluoride in our drinking water, vaccines that give kids Autism, crap like MSG, trans fat, preservatives, aluminum silicate that fucks up your brain, and they allow them to push sodas hich do nothing but destroy your body. So the governemnt doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. Seatbelts were there to use if you wanted to. I think an airbag is better than a seatbelt, but you can unhook them.
    In some states you have to use your wipers if it rains. This can even be if it’s just a fine mist, it’s still raining. This is why I live on a yacht and seldom go by car. I can get anythign I want by boat, no isnurance, tires, speed limits, driver’s license or inspections. When you have hundreds of millions of people you are just a customer a cop extracts money from. Also, I can leave my boat and got to the earest towns and then to a harbor and no city cops around and no state troopers. I live near five towns and damn few negroes and no Cops. So live where there are no Cops and you don’t have the bullshit.

  • Jack Zeller

    @Richard Rhodes – you are spot on…just look at the next comment by one John Kreig… but like most commenters on this site, he would never have the guts or courage or real convivtion to do it. It’s all hot air from them…

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  • RJ

    Excellent article! True Patriots are what we need. We need to reeducate the masses in what Liberty really means. In spite of those who distort the truth for their agenda to undermine our Second Amendment rights, we WILL NOT go down like cowards, or flop over easily. Tyranny will fear us – Tyrants and Dictators have aroused the True Patriots!!!


    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

  • Joe Peel

    There is nobody that will do anything. The brave ones from 150 years ago, but all they did was fight bravely in another Jewish war, so it was all in vain. The Revolutionary War the people of this country drove out the enemy. If there was anyone who was going to do anything it would have been after 9/11, because the government intentionally targeted those people even though they claimed they only wanted Koresch and they could have gotten him anytime. The were watching the property for weeks. The guy went into town everyday and he even jogged around the property everyday. The day they went to arrest hin he had just driven back from town. Their intentions were to kill everyone. The women and children. So Waco should have been a wake up call for the people of this country. They could have gotten the guy in town even though the arrest was bogus. They wanted them for weapons violations. But there were no violations. That was the best time for the militias to attack the government. Because it’s a huge country and their beef is with the government. So this means congressmen. But don’t worry about them. They all have resorts they have built in both mountain chains since the 1940’s.
    This is just a guess. But I believe they will cause earthquakes which will trigger volcanoes and this will cause nothing to grow in the Northern Hemisphere. This will mean billions dead inside of a year. They want to kill billions and they have two options vaccines and no food being grown. They’ve already created hybrid seeds and this is means they control the food supply.

  • Sammy Harrison

    There’s going to be a new game in town. Shooting Cops at checkpoints. I’ve got an 6 shot battery of 10 gauges just for this purpose. Because it’s about to get hairy real soon. You’ve heard about Communism. They don’t play. They murder millions to take care of dissidents. There is no fair trials. They don’t fool with them. It’s must easier to just shoot everyone they don’t like. The Cops are the ones standing in the way and they either join the citizens or pay. Because this shit was created by the Jews. Once again you see the exact same thing from 1929. The world economy is wrecked. Countries going bankrupt. Country defaulting on loans. Countries with the highest unemployment since the depression. You think this just happened? The Jewish bankers are doing it by not loaning money and plants closing. So this whole thing was planned. So when everything falls apart we need to string up the bankers and politicians who did it. The Cops will just be in the way. But when everything falls apart and you got riots in every city the Cops will be so busy. If you come up through the woods and mow down the Cops at a checkpoint they won’t have time to investigate anything.
    So if there is someone you want revenge against you’ll be able to do whatever you want inside a year and that’s a fact.

  • Joe Buck Era

    The white race has been shit on by the Jews for thousands of years. They just did their corruption until they were kkicked out and they never had roots. It was so easy to just move to another country. The Jews have killed thousands over politicians, reporters, scientists and investigators over the years in every country. We won’t kill one Jew banker or one Jew media mogul that is trying to destroy our country. The Jews murdered millions in Eastern Europe, but those people won’t murder the JEws who remain and in many places there are damn few Jews left, because they have hauled arse out of Russia. They own the USA. That’s why this country is full of drugs and full of porn and corruption. If not for the Jews you would not have the crooked politicians we have now. We could probably get laws passed that could rewrite the laws and eliminate career politicians. Because they are the ones who will vote in favor of the ones with the deep pockets and the lobbyists. If people were to serve for only one year, then these special interest people would just go away.

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  • Joe in Missouri


    Will Grigg in an interview on anti-war radio goes into the history of “police” in the US he also talks about law enforcement not having a monopoly on the use of power.

    In the territory of Idaho I believe a citizens committee of vigilance arrested, tried, and hung a murdering sheriff. If the system can not correct itself (and it looks like it can not) I think this would be a wonderful way to get our country back from the jack booted terrorists that call themselves law enforcement. The peoples patience is wearing thin….and WE ARE THE LAW.

    Please listen to this interview:
    “Bad cops make the other 5% of law enforcement look bad’.”
    ~Dave Champion

  • 005 KPD

    @ joe in missouri

    Joe, you should really go back and complete high school, learn how to read and write, and then perhaps a course in logic. You are right about one thing. WE ARE THE LAW, means that the people write the laws. The people pay police to enforce the laws fairly. If you don’t like the laws, change them. Don’t blame the cops for carrying out the peoples wishes. In other words, don’t be stupid. Can we fix that? Jack

  • kevin


    It is not so much that the laws are bad. It is the arrogance and stupidity of the cops who will not apply the most fundamental principals of statutory construction to those said laws and the courts who WILL NOT enforce administrative exhaustion on the said police (said administrative exhaustion which will sort out the true meaning of the laws and the actual level of harm, given the totality of the circumstances, by the act or omission). Google Garrett Hardin’s “The Tragedy of the Commons.”

    Besides, don’t you know that, according to Joseph Stalin, democracies are countries run by those WHO COUNT THE VOTES?

    No? Why not ask our “president select” GWB?

  • Joe in Missouri

    KPD said:
    @ joe in missouri
    Joe, you should really go back and complete high school, learn how to read and write, and then perhaps a course in logic. You are right about one thing. WE ARE THE LAW, means that the people write the laws. The people pay police to enforce the laws fairly. If you don’t like the laws, change them. Don’t blame the cops for carrying out the peoples wishes. In other words, don’t be stupid. Can we fix that? Jack
    I think all would be served best if you addressed the issues rather than expending your efforts on character assassination.

    I have written no laws Jack and no one that represents me has written any laws.

    People that carried out the peoples wishes as you suggest as being good were judged guilty and executed in the Nuremberg Trials. It is you, that needs a course in history, logic, and good manners.

    I think you are under the delusion Jack that we live in a democracy where any old thing that the people want is justified and should be inflicted upon me. Do you even know the difference between legal and lawful Jack? A democracy and a constitutional republic? Or do you even care?

  • Joe in Missouri

    KPD said:

    It is not so much that the laws are bad. It is the arrogance and stupidity of the cops who will not apply the most fundamental principals of statutory construction to those said laws and the courts who WILL NOT enforce administrative exhaustion on the said police (said administrative exhaustion which will sort out the true meaning of the laws and the actual level of harm, given the totality of the circumstances, by the act or omission). Google Garrett Hardin’s “The Tragedy of the Commons.” ……

    KPD you are way off base. 99% of the laws are not lawful, constitutional and are violative of inalienable rights.
    Our laws and legal system are rotten to the core.

    Do you think that the government has the right to make any American to disappear, be tortured, raped, and murdered with no due process? Because that IS THE LAW.

  • kevin


    No, that torture law only applies to U.S. persons which are aliens, denizens, or corporate fictions. Where does the constitution or declaration of independence talk about “inalienable” rights?

    See, the problem is your ignorance of the terms. The issue is that those laws that are there are unconstitutionally void for vagueness because they are not written so that people like you, and the average cop, can understand them. That makes it so that you cannot find PLAIN, speedy, and adequate remedy in the ordinary course of law. The emphasis is on “plain.”

    Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his book “democracy in America” that America was great because America is good. For example, the number 1 best selling book in America in the 1800’s, right after the bible, was Blackstone’s commentaries on the common law of England. He found it remarkable that even little children knew the law inside and out. And why not? Because American’s were proud of the system of government we had established and we knew that knowing the law was the best way to exercise our political rights.

    By letting our employees in govt dictate what our schools taught our children, the first thing they did is phase out the teaching of “civics” (which was about how to protect your individual UNalienable rights) and replaced it with “U.S. Government” (a dry, mostly fictional account of the mere mechanization of the legislature).

    Here’s an example of how utterly ignorant you, and 99.9% of the rest of society are (not meaning to be denigrating, just illustrative):

    Have you heard of “fully informed jury rights?” The right of the jury to nullify bad law and know of this? Called the “right of conscience.” Well, according to those black robed English professors from hell, no law allowing the jury to know their rights in this regard exist (and indeed no such right exists). Well, that is flat wrong and so far I’ve found it in EVERY state, either in it’s Constitution, or in its codes. Of course you would not know it unless you knew what you were looking for (and you very well may have learned it in civics).

    There are two sources of law: man and God. God’s laws come from nature and the bible generally perviewed through the common law. Man’s laws come from the customs and traditions of the merchants, the Constitution, and the legislative enactments.

    Each state has a law that states “in criminal actions in libel, the jury will rule the law as well as the facts.”

    Guess what? Libel is not necessarily limited to a defamatory publication. It actually means: “anything one does that has a tendency to interfere with another’s ability to have friendly intercourse with his peers or conduct business.” All actions in Roman Civil Law (e.g. man made law) are commenced with what is known as a “libel.”

    So you see, your rights are already IN the law, you just don’t recognize them, and certainly neither cops nor judges are going to tell you where they are because they profit greatly by having raised you up as a crop that they can then later harvest.

    Wake the F up and stop getting your education from government schools, mass media, churches, and most certainly judges and lawyers! They are ALL lying!

    Be thankful that you live in the age of the Internet where all the alternative information is readily available.

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  • john price

    One thing is you have only the rights they give you. You should not have to wear a seatbelt if you don’t want to, because a seatbelt does not make you a better driver. I mean you can unhook the airbags if you wish. How about the fact that many cars don’t have bumpers on them? You can bump a car and do $3,000 in damages. The police if they are so great, then they would know when a law is unconstitutional and just not enforce it. I mean if they passed a law you could not chew gum and drive at the same time would they enforce it? The thing with cops is they enforce laws no matter what and they feel no matter what they enforce it. I’ve only had one cop tell me they don’t agree with the seatbelt laws. Most go right slong with the laws.

  •,uk glass dildos

    Thank you for some other informative web site. The place else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a project that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  • kender

    It would seem that in the prelude to a re-enactment of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror in the USA the key element being forgotten or, more likely, conveniently dismissed is HUMAN NATURE. You do realize that cops at one time were little children also, and they had many of the same experiences that we all had, they went thru puberty, they got drunk at the prom, blah, blah. Somewhere along the line, maybe a bad parent, maybe a case of psychopathology (gee, ya think?), they chose to become the thugs that they are. No one forced them to choose THAT for a career, they went for opportunistic reasons, that’s a given. My point is after eliminating all the lawyers and cops thru violent means, which by the way, those of you advocating this have either never been in a decades-long Cambodia-Rwanda type war, or you are psychopathic shills yourself who love death, because that is what it will devolve into should the USA decide to “throw off” the tyrants. What with every single race on earth represented in the USA, it is foolish to suppose that it will be just a few years boxing ring match, where we throw the bad guys out establishing an era of Pax Americana and those millions of patriots who “died for us” will be heroes, and prisons will open and we will have finally learned our lesson, and everything will be peachy. Read up on Rwanda and then transfer it here and magnify the violence by Texas times ten. You don’t understand that what you are advocating will destroy everything……and why do think that there will be anyone better to lead than those who have gone before?
    Don’t get me wrong I DESPISE the abuse of authority, I believe it is a calculated and shrewd maneuver to wear us down and crush the spirit. But if you understand that most people obey out of indoctrination, then understand this….human nature has not changed either. You have heard of the aftermath of all these nations who also wanted to throw off their particular tyrant. Look at them now! Cambodia was much better off in the 1960’s then it is now. Look at Central America. Guatemala, El Salvador, they have not fared at all well, since THEY tried to “get free”. I cannot think of a single nation that is better for having had a revolution.
    What makes anyone think the USA will escape a similar fate? Because of “manifest destiny” and that God’s eye shines upon the USA alone? If we are not carried away as slaves by the rest of the world because of the national debt (can you even COUNT to 15 trillion?), it is a certainty that eventually, as a nation, the USA is headed for a Roman Empire-like fall from history’s pages. The soldiers returning from the war zone are RUINED as humans. They have committed acts so depraved and vile that the question of them seeking jobs as security guards and cops should cause night mares….you think today’s cops are bad? You just wait. they have honed their “talents” of torture in places like Abu Ghraib and Bagran and are going to be staffed at a Fema camp near you.

  • Steve

    A few years ago I would have probably said the person that wrote this was crazy and paranoid, but after all the laws that have been passed in the last few years I can’t agree more.

  • James zellar

    What is wrong with you people. Shooting cops, anti Jewish, all this trash you talk. Give every cop in the nation a day off, a blue flu then see what happens. You will be depending on gun nuts who are really trigger happy. Do a ride along w a local cop on a Saturday night dealing w all the drunks who are out of control. Then see where you stand.

  • Joe Buck Era

    You people blame the Cops and others blame the drunks, but you don’t get it. If drinking is such a huge problem maybe we shoudl close the bars? People would say you can’t close the bars, but if closing the bars would solve the problem, then that is the solution. If they closed the bars for oen eyar and accidents were cut in half and drunk driving was down 60%. Would you people argue to close the bars? I mean what if they had places where people gathered and they beat the frick out of people and then everytime they left that place they would beat the frick out of everyone. Then the law would close those establishments.
    I’ve driven around over the years, maybe a tad over the limit to maybe a couple beers over the limit maybe 300 times. Out of those 300 times maybe 8 times I had left a residence in this condition. If you take that as an average anyone would have to agree that closing the bars would stop that, because if you’re at someone’s home and you drink you can sleep there before you leave. Or maybe you’ll drink home more and not be on the road, but the arguments from idiots are that you’ll just get drunk at hoem or people’s houses and ride all over the palce, but I beg to differ, because I’ve gotten plenty of booze at home and gotten drunk and went to bed.

    So I ask everyone if bars put 75% of the drunks on the road shouldn’t we close the bars? I mean everyone of you know how many times you drank home and someone elses house and drove and how many times you’ve driven home froma bar. You have to leave a bar. They won’t let you sleep with your head on the bar for an hour They make you leave. You got outside and it’s 30 degrees and you know damn well you arne’t goign to sleep in your car, you’re going home.

    So what do we citizens do? I say screw it close the establishments that cause the p[rbolem and screw the people who have to screw fat chicks. We would probably solve the pregnancy problem. The accident proiblem. This designated driver stuff is bullshit. CLOSE THE DAMN BARS and the people who run them have to actually get jobss instead of participating in putting thosuands of drunks on the road. I’ve sat in the parking lot with many drunks, because I didn’t wan tthem to drive in that condition, bu5t the bar wners didn’t give a crap.

    If you had strip clubs and houses or prostitution on every corner do you think people would screw more whores? Why is the answer right in front of our faces, but we can’t see it?

    My guess is if bars closed the windshield, paint, towing, car manufacturers, impound lots, and the courts would lose tens of billions of dollars a year and that would be the result of closing bars. Not one Cop can tell me that they didn’t arrest 70% of their customers when they left an establishment that served alcohol.

    If the people made the laws we would approve of bar closures and we would allow people to sit home and smoke a joint and stay off the roads. I bet you the Cops arrest millions each year that leave ball stadiums drunk. They were super stupid, because they got drunk on $7 a can beer.

  • Mike Holecheck

    I believe people are best to decide how their homes operate unless they are dysfunctional. So if we are best to decide what goes on inside our homes how come we aren’t the ones to ebst decide what goes on outside the home? I believe Joe Buck Era that the government causes our problem. The government dumpbs drugs into the country. They have cheap alcohol. If you want to slow down alcohol start taxing it $5 a six pack. Food has gone through the roof, but beer has hardly changed. When the Commies take control you will pay $1,000 a gram for cocaine and beer would be $100 a six pack, because it would be illegal then and only the rich could get it.

    I believe the people are the only ones who can solve our problems and not career politicians. How many people would vote to go to war, because Saddam might have weapons? Would we vote not to do business with a Communist country like China? China is the biggest problem, but American companies want to do business in China and India for the 2.5 billion people. America will become less impressive when everyone makes $8 an hour. Russia has no poor bastards beating down their doors, because they are the poorest on earth. When Communism comes we’ll be poor. Our country prospered a t the turn of the century and then the Commies came and ever since WWII this country has gone downhill.
    The fact is the CIA dumps drugs in this country. Just like all the other countries and they fund their illegal activities. They trade guns for dope.
    Kennedy would have put a stop to a lot of this nonsense, but the Secret Service had Kennedy killed by someone hiding in the trunk. If the president is killed for trying to make the country better and we didn’t slaughter the bastards who did it, then we deserve everything we get.
    In Eastern Europe they were always dirt poor and just when other countries were experiencing industrial growth they were not able to play the game, because of the Commies. They keep countries poor. If Communism ears it’s head in this country look for all your guns to be taken. Forget about alcohol and drugs and they will be shooting millions here. But your stupid ancestors fought Germany. I would imagine many German pilots dropped bombs on their own relatives.
    We could never get one Jew to drop one bomb on Israel.

  • Joe in Missouri

    James zellar says:
    December 22, 2011 at 10:15 am

    What is wrong with you people. Shooting cops, anti Jewish, all this trash you
    talk. Give every cop in the nation a day off, a blue flu then see what happens. You will be depending on gun nuts who are really trigger happy. Do a ride along w a local cop on a Saturday night dealing w all the drunks who are out of control. Then see where you stand.
    James you need to learn your own countries history of the standing army that you call cops being a very new phenomena in this nations history. We did very well and could do very well again without them.

    For some reason those that attended government schools do not seem to know ANY history at all and are therefore doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.

  • KPD005

    @Mike Holecheck…

    Please, Michael…your post is strong on accusations, and weak on fact…..rhgggght, the CIA planted an assassin in Kennedy’s trunk..Please, crawl back into your irrational and ignorant hole, and we’d all appreciate it! Jack

  • Mike

    I do see your point to some degree there is a time and place for violent resistance. However I think the way you present your point is on the extreme side. Yes you are right a evil law is still evil even if it is a law. But to advocate extreme resistance for even the smallest violation of our rights is a quick way to anarchy and at that point the lawless will use extreme violence to impose there idea of law on you, all you need to do is look at the violence in Mexico. All im saying is only use violence when nessisary. Just because a cop pulls you over for speeding doesn’t give you the right to shoot them. Now if they break into your house with out just cause and is trying to hurt or kill you or your family by all mean put two in his chest one in his head. Remember never take a life unless you have no other option. Trust me its not like the movies. (two tours Iraq one in Afghanistan). I do respect and agree in part with your posision but I can’t advocate uncontrolled violence.

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  • Agent L

    This should be a bumper sticker “When evil is “legal,” become a criminal”

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  • Mike Holecheck

    Go to JFK videos. Look at Harris 77 2008 video. Look at frame 313 and see the head shot going upwards the bullet exiting. The shooter was in the trunk. ONly one or two people knew about shooter in the trunk. ALthough many knew he was going to be shot. But yess the assassin was in the trunk and Jackie even said it seemed like the shot came from inside the car. If you were sitting right beside someone and a shot came from behind the seat you would have known. If you look at the filn you’ll notice they raise the film up to Kennedy’s shoulder. I think to hide smoke coming from the back of the seat behind Kennedy. The camera wasn’t raised just the film. It was doctored and there had to be smoke from behind Kennedy and they had to obscure that. They took frame out too because they didn’t want to show the car almost stopping. The driver turned around and looked right at Kennedy. Email the FBI and ask them and they’ll tell you.

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  • Ian MacLeod

    Obviously there are a great many of what we would have called “rogue cops” back when. Take a look here: and realize that this is just a drop in a lake these days, though. The thug-factor in L.E. has shot up in the past decade so much that I find it hard to credit that it’s just coincidence. Then look at laws like the NDAA, the Enemy Expatriation Act, and all the martial law-oriented laws and E.O.s that were passed or promulgated on the QT and there they sit, waiting. Are we to think all of this was just part of a “just in case” set of contingency plans? As for the author’s assertions, he’s right: if we actually had “unalienable rights”, then any one of us would be justified in doing whatever it took to preserve the exercise of those rights. And as usual, what the law says doesn’t cover the actual situation. There’s always a “but” in there somewhere, and what it comes down to is that despite what the Constitution says, in practical terms WE HAVE NO RIGHTS AT ALL. Defend yourself and you’ll likely die; FAIL to defend yourself and you stand a good chance of dying. Cops have become literally untouchable, and if they can brush up against you or place themselves in the way of your breath, of an innocent and innocuous movement, they can call it assault or attempted murder if they feel like it, shoot you right there and have it called “proper procedure.” And too many cops seem to feel like it a lot these days. There are just too damned many stories, too many casualties. To me it adds up to a planned country-wide confrontation between L.E./military and the rest of us.

    For what it’s worth, it looks as though a lot of other things are dovetailing so that a number of major crises are going to hit within weeks of each other at most, maybe within days – food and water crisis, the economy, pandemics, etc. It’s going to be a mess, and creatures like officer Harless are not likely to see the error of their ways and change their minds. That’s why they were hired instead of normal range IQ’s without anger management problems. Scary, and I wish it hadn’t waited until I was this old and damaged.


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  • Joe in Missouri

    Larken I know you probably don’t keep tabs on Dave Champion but I am worried about the guy. Was he NDAA’ed or what? Doesn’t answer emails, no radio show posts in a month… I am at a loss on how to find out what has happened to him.

  • Sensationally Retarded Logic!

    I really do hate to see cops overstep their boundaries, but this is some pretty over the top shit! Haha I thought is was a satire piece when I found it! Holy shit, was I wrong!

    Basically, a sentence by sentence breakdown of why you are a douche:

    1) I don’t think you could find as many people as you think you could that would absolutely, without a doubt NEVER resist law enforcement. They just might not be so quick to pull the trigger, waiting for a moment when use of such force is necessary.
    2) Even assuming (1) is wrong, it seems pretty hasty to conclude that much of humanity’s tyranny and oppression stems from people’s belief that it’s not OK to resist law enforcement (at least without further explanation).
    3) It is physically impossible to “do nothing.”
    4) In my ideal world, police would also do things like stop people from driving to fast, along with protecting me from a shit load of other reckless and negligent things.
    5) I think the next sentence should read, “IN THE NAME” of law enforcement…
    6) And you’re probably right about the second part. People probably don’t commit crimes in opposition to law enforcement too often. Unless the “law enforcement” is being committed unlawfully, in which case it isn’t really even law enforcement anyways.
    7) I’m not watching any documentaries about famous dictators.
    8) I’d probably resort to violence if a few cops began hoarding me, my family, and hundreds of people into a cattle truck or starting randomly gunning us down. That would be okay in the eyes of most people I imagine.
    9) Extreme “law enforcement,” that is…
    10) Would it be a lot less gruesome? Or would it be a fucking free for all where life expectancy isn’t more than a few years? You can’t count of a government without allowing them to enforce rules. People are innate shitheads.
    11) I’m pretty sure the Jews would have disagreed with this one in the mid 1940s.
    12) You know, it’s often more patriotic to stand up to the government rather than cower down. I mean, wasn’t the the point of rejecting the Magna Carta as our founding constitution? (I’ll help. Yes… it was.)
    13) I don’t think humanity has suffered all that much. There has been a few fudges here and there, but for the most part, humanity has been doing pretty well. I mean, we have been around for what? At least 100,000 years? Maybe over a million. I don’t know this one for sure, so I can’t be exact.

    14) In regards to paragraph 4 as a whole — If you fundamentally understand tyranny and oppression and experience either, you’re kind of a pussy if you don’t stand up for yourself. But most people don’t really fundamentally understand tyranny and oppression and they are even less likely to have experienced it. People that read this article THINK they are being taken by a tyrant and being oppressed, but they aren’t likely. Sometimes you just have to be accountable for your actions. Furthermore, you have to remember that history is written by the winners.

    I can’t stop laughing at how faulty your logic is and how under argued your asinine conclusions are! Let me know if you’d like me to tackle the last three quarters of your crappy article!

    -Not a cop, but a lawyer.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Sensationally Retarded Logic – if you are an attorney I am the Easter Bunny.

  • Sensationally Retarded Logic!

    Well Happy Easter. Or whatever it is Christians say.

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  • me

    i’m going to make a cop shoot me. he made the choice to do what he did.

  • Steve Jobless

    the real question is “when shouldn’t you?”.

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    Great work! Guess some these people don’t want to know the truth but don’t shit about how the law really goes! I could tell u some shit that cOps have put me thru that would blow your mind so I say fuck them all everyone of them that think there badge is a crown!

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  • Brent Ryan Thornton

    Cops are fond of saying they have families to go home to, and thats why they jump the gun so often. As if to imply that their families safety and security concerns supersedes your own concerns you have for your family.

    In fact this cowardice is traitorous to all law enforcement is supposed to represent! As a leo, you forget your family. Ya dont bring em to work with you and you dont allow PERSONAL feelings to effect your PUBLIC job. Allowing fear to influence a decision that could result in death for a person is CRIMINAL. If the job scares you, find a new line of work. Before some hot shot, supreme court protected stupid, pig starts squealing about how dangerous their job is- save it. I was a certified eod tech, and handled unexpended ordinance every day. After that, I ran a blast crew in a goldmine. Cops. Lazy cowards.

  • Carl

    @ Brent Ryan Thornton
    Very well said, Brent. People don’t think of that many times, and rarely will the cops. If ya don’t like the job, find something else. Slavery ended well over a hundred years ago. No one can force you into any particular job.

    I recall one time I was arrested the cop started saying the same thing- each night he goes home to his family. That’s all he cares about. Then he started bragging about his experience, failing to take note of everything he said. Well, I did. Hell, I was cuffed in the backseat after the pig beat me up. You bet I was listening.

    He served two or three tours in Iraq in the USMC. His words- two or three. Gotcha. THEN having spent 23 years IN the USMC. Ok. THEN having been a cop working the beat in Denver for….”around 23 years. Yeah, right.

    Sorry, but I know a lie when I hear it. And those were lies. I double checked with a friend that worked in his department and I saw his *publicly available personal info*. 23 years in youth detention, 3 years of which he was a DPD reserve officer, and while in college he was in ROTC. I forget which service.

    Respect? That POS wants *my* respect? Well, I want a blow job, too, and I think I have a better chance of getting a good one than that pig has of ever getting my respect.

  • Kevin

    @Brent Ryan Thornton:

    You rock man! Good to see a few LEO’s who still have 1/2 a clue.

  • Kevin

    @Brent Ryan Thornton:

    You know, I think we could offset that trigger happiness if we made it simply a policy that if you pulled your gun and killed someone in the line of duty, that your service would be forever terminated. There is already a law on the books here in California that says that anyone who has ever participated in a duel will be forever barred from public service. To me, it is not a giant leap to ban any cop who kills someone regardless of who’s at fault. We know the DA’s and police depts always clear the shooter so fault should be immaterial. Use your gun, go back to the private sector. Done deal. Now if we were getting honest investigations from the shooting investigators, then perhaps we could say he should only lose his public service job if it wasn’t justified, but I think the cops can have their investigator/protectors to thank for a blowback reaction like this. There is utterly no self policing going on in these institutions and they need to be carved off in big hunks until they catch a clue. I would not feel sorry for them one bit. If you consider yourself a “good” cop, you better start reading your constitutions, Magna Charta, declaration of independence, federalist and anti-federalist papers and making some god damned noise or it could be your job that is next when we the people come in to clean house! (oh, and see all this recent activism? ya, we’re coming for ya)

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  • John

    Has anyone actually put any of these supposed “rights” to defend ourselves against criminal cops to work? I’d like to see some examples and actual legal precedents. I’m unaware of anyone killing a criminal cop who lived to tell about it and wasn’t prosecuted as a cop killer. The courts pay lip service to our rights, but only when big-gun attorneys, the ACLU, or the media force them to, do they actually follow up on them.

    The Supreme Court, for example, will make a ruling that is supposedly binding for the entire country. Sure, that case applies to the defendant in that particular case, but try to get your public defender to see that it applies to you in a virtually-identical situation. Why isn’t it automatically applied?

    If you’re not rich, famous, or lucky enough to get a pro-bono lawyer who cares, you’re screwed. “Justice” is extremely expensive and the police know that once they target you, you’re going to suffer. Either you will be found guilty or pay thousands or tens of thousands for your defense. And they have legal immunity to act against them, in the event you’re totally exonerated. And you certainly don’t get your legal fees back, when you’re found not-guilty.

    The courts and prosecutors have established over and over they will almost invariably side with the cops rather than the citizens, regardless (or in spite) of the facts. “A house divided against itself” and all… They declared war against the people long ago and cops are on “their side”, while citizens are the cash cows and whipping boys for the sociopaths in political power and in uniform.

    They sided against the whole populace in the 60s when they realized they don’t have to restrict their abuses of power to the voiceless, minorities, homeless, etc. They discovered it’s easier and safer to beat on hippie kids having a sit-in than confronting criminals. Hell, they can beat up rich people’s kids and the jackboot-licking, cop-worshiping people in this country will make sure the kids are chastised for daring to upset a cop and how they’re no good because of it.

    They also discovered handing out tickets makes money, while fighting and solving crime costs money. Anyone who’s ever been victim of a crime knows the police do absolutely nothing, assuming they ever even show up. Call 911, then order a pizza. The pizza will show up first and the pizza guy won’t find (or make up) some insane reason to arrest the one who called.

  • Joe Backwiet

    If you have a lot of cops it means you got a lot of crime or a lot of customers. You can’t ride around freely anymore. They can stop you for not wearing a seatbelt. As the government poisons us with more vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride and crap in our food the cops need more customers. Each customer is money. I stay away from area with lots of cops. I don’t go to the cities and suburbs. I have a small area I go to. You can drink a beer and it’s 20 miles stretch of no law. The towns have no cops and that tells you there are few blacks. But they are starting to move in and in one town with five families of them have had the law called more in 3 years than the previous 20. So it’s just a matter of time these small towns will have police and they’ll need customers. Like if you don’t stop all the way at a stop sign or sweve just a little. If you don’t go to places with police you never get stopped by the cops. I can go and get drunk and drive home and have nothing to worry about.

  • Meatwad

    John, you have not read all the replies, have you. I wrote about a young man named Sagon Penn, he is one case you are looking for. The SDPD were in rampage mode one night after another cop was shot at or actually shot,, that detail I don’t recall. Sagon Penn shot two cops and a ride along he thought was another cop. He was found not guilty.

  • B ill Clarke

    If cops get to the point where you can’t have anymore freedoms, then it’s time to move to remote places with fewer cops. I know I’ve spoken with cops out west and they just are laid back. Along the east coast is the worst and Delaware is among the worst. I got to believe it’s all these niggers and Mexicans. Delaware has about 6 chicken processing plants and loaded with mexicans. Delaware cops are lying bastards. Killing them should be legal.

  • Jim

    Just a clarification. Stalin, Lenin, Chairman Mao,Hitler and Pol Pot were not cops. The troops that they commanded were not cops either.

  • Meatwad

    Thank you Joe Backwiet for saying this, “They can stop you for not wearing a seatbelt.”

    Well well they can arrest you (I mean ticket) for using your wipers and reserve water to wash your wind shield in the mid day sun to get the dust off.

    We had a horse n buggy world, a war and Constitution passed. In this constitution document we are of and have common rights. These rights, they never imagined they would or could be trampled on, but always defended as inalienable rights. The right to use the common roads of the day. Used freely by all in their normal daily lives routines and excursions. So in time technology gains and we have better roads, but this unreasonable demand to be paid up in licensing taxes, and registrations repeatedly imposed annually, goes too far beyond the pale of intrusive government. Then they have the gall to profess you ‘shall do business with another, or you have no right to use and to travel with your common property on the common road’. The nonsense of it and the police demands to see these “papers please”?. I am a free man and I have no involuntary servitude under an Constitutional form of Government. So what gives? Organized criminals and the henchmen enforcers, their private gains at the cost of common liberty. Where I live, it is “illegal” to own a Horse or an Ox, but what about these new Mustangs. Imagine telling Thomas Jefferson he could not ride his Horse on the common paths. Illegal licensing, registration and insurance papers, stop the henchmen enforcers demands.

    Then Joe said, “Like if you don’t stop all the way at a stop sign or sweve just a little.” There is more Joe said, but you’ll need to go up there.

    There was a man not too long ago in a Mountain community, that allegedly ‘rolled a stop sign”. The local county sheriff tried to pull him over. Well they ended up killing him over that rolling stop. Mainly because of the dog pack mentality these cops have these days, well always had really. The “police” in places where they treat others as family are the places we used to have. Escalated illegal* drug wars weened the police state to where it is today, and only is getting worse.

    *Our amendment number Nine demands the end to all prohibitions. Just plug into it, the certain enumerated right key word of “intoxicant” found elsewhere in the Constitution. Now reread the ninth amendment, over and over if need be until it sinks in and you too want all prohibitions of any intoxicant done with. When will reason take over and put a stop to this never ending escalation of an insane policy. That’s right policy, a stubborn attitude a small group maintains to continue the illegal act of prohibition. No matter what you do, if you keep hitting your own foot with a hammer, why do you expect anything other than pain?

    If enforcement would stop violating common rights, they wouldn’t feel scared.

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  • Kutcher Balzov

    I think it’s morally (if not legally) justifiable to shoot any cop that shoots an innocent person.

  • Kutcher Balzov

    And if you do (God forbid) have to shoot a cop, take G. Gordon Liddy’s advice and aim for the head because they’ll be wearing body armor.

  • Meatwad

    Kutcher, does it take a cop shooting another to get to that point, or is stepping over the line of legal duty all it requires? How far will the cop go that crosses the line of legal, how far will they go? It is common sense to presume they will continue down that illegal road once they started, so right there is the point where you should act in self defense. As soon as they cross the legal line, consider that a lethal threat upon you.

    As the cop likes to say, “ignorance of the law”,,, well when they ask for your illegally imposed papers*, there was a line crossed.

    *drivers lic, insurance coverage(illegal servitude to another)

  • Don Cordell

    Wrong, there are times when killing a oop is the only solution, for Justice. While it’s been 70 years ago when I started having trouble with cops, the anger has never gone away. Starting when I was 18 in Los Angeles, and Street Cars and Buses either didn’t go where I wanted to go, or stopped running when I needed to go somewhere, I walked. In four years 1945 to 1949 I was detained 7 times on suspicion, walking after dark. NOT lingiring, walking to where I was going. Anytime from 7 PM to 2 AM booked on suspicion for 72 hours each time. I’ve never been guilty of any crime in my life. I’ve never been drunk in my life. I’ve never been in a fight in my life. Yet the attitude of the cops was, we’ll find you guilty of something. Well the cops are on my list. When I watch Cops on TV, and see the abuse of our Bill of Rights, yes it’s time to fight back. I see the thrill the cops get, of kiss my butt or else, the total demand of surrender or else I have the right to Kill YOU. It’s time for Americans to stand up, and retake control of this nation, One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. click on my name or Google my name and find the solutiouns I have for our nation. IF we do not retake control of our nation this coming November, we have lost and will never ever retain our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Down the drain, line up for the buses to camp, to be reeducated to the new Socialist Government, a total Government no back talk, or you will be killed. Kill a Cop? Kill or be killed may be the only answer to the future of our nation.

  • anonymous

    to all that argue about the use of deadly force here is where it says that it is your not only your right, but your duty to use it

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  • Bill Calloway

    It is an absolute fact the CIA dumps cocaine into this country. How much damage is done by this cocaine? How many are killed? How many break into homes to buy it? It is a fact all wars are nothing but lies. It is a fact they allow those soda companies to bombard us with sodas everywhere and then they give you these big gulps to make sure we scrw up the pancreas of all children. These things should be banned. Then the government is giving us vaccines loaded with mercury and aluminum to intentionally give kids Autism.

  • joe from tampa

    whenever the cop violates the constitution.

  • Alejandro

    All I really have to say is that there are a few bad cops out there who abuse power. It is false to assume that all police are donut munching lackys of a master government who only wish to enforce their own ego-centric vision onto the citizenry of the nation. Those who break strict rules put in place to protect innocent citizens should be punished, but if I am walking through a public space and see a police officer, I don’t assume he/she is going to come up to me and start giving me crap for no reason.

    I have friends who are cops and then GENUINELY wish only to protect and serve. They GENUINELY work long hours for little pay because they feel it is the right thing to do. They GENUINELY care deeply about the constitution and its rights. They spend the vast majority of their working hours dealing with drunken idiots, pimps, crack heads, and other dregs of our society that the rest of us would rather avoid. They have no interest in propagating a Orwellian style government, putting computer chips in peoples heads, or throwing the unwilling into concentration camps.

    I think 99% of police deserve out utmost respect and honor. 1% do the wrong thing because they are overly zealous, and policies that punish that 1% are a necessary piece of our society.

  • nickzedd

    There’s no such thing as a good cop.

  • Kevin
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  • ME

    “We do not strive to be enemies”, you do not advocate violence, etc. All in your FAQ. Yet you condone shooting people. Now, my friends, who is the hypocrite ?

  • ME

    Strange. Write a reply pointing out the inconsistency between the above article and your stated goals and intentions, and surprise. Its not up there. Makes you wonder…

  • ME

    Ah, awaiting moderation. My slip. Did not realize you censor people. Censorship is the tool used by tyrants to abridge public freedom of expression. Again. Who is the hypocrite now ?

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  • Jack

    I read where many put the nonsense out there that there are only a few bad cops, and that most are good law abiding law enforcement officers. That is Bull manure, the ones you are trying to say are the good ones are obligated to arrest the others(badge or no badge) when they see them committing a crime. (Excessive force, battery, assult with a deadly weapon are crimes.) BUT THEY DON’T! That makes them accessories during and after the crime. CRIMINALS. Quit trying to say there are good cops when they are by oath and law obligated to enforce the law and PROTECT the citizens. That is the unwritten agreement that caused people to stop carring their own brand of justice in a holster on their hip.
    Sheeple need to wake up to this fact and quit trying to make excuses for the criminals that don’t necessarily start or partake but keep their mouths shut and go along with the active criminals with badges, perpetrating the crimes.
    Larken Rose is 100% right.

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  • jilian

    i think cops should die, they are enforcing laws that do not apply to us citizens of the united states, you support the rich and lock up the poor. the system has screwed me and alot of other people i know, as long as obama is running this county i support blowing up police stations like they do overseas. why can obama tell syria’s president to step down, but if we took to the streets he would order cops to shoot us where we stand. kill the cops then kill obama. I am from south africa and the niggers try to kill us decent white folks all the time, the discrimination is still there. cops only enforce laws that are against us but are allways the first to break them themselfs. i support what happened in colorado and hope that the cops trying to difuse those bombs at his house all die from his booby traps. I would love nothing less that to see all the cops in the united states die. then we would be better off.

  • Steve Barnett

    Look what law enforcement did in Oklahoma City. The BATF blew up the Murrah building themselves. They planted bombs on the columns and took out the columns. In Waco they didn’t allow the women and children to leave and murdered them all. Then the militia didn’t do anything and then we got 9/11. Since then they hired 900,000 more federal agents. So the militia sat back and now they control us even more. I would like to see enough cops killed that we redo the whole system. Our politicians are nothing but Jewish controlled shit. When the government commits the next attack and they will inside of three months. Whoever comes for your guns you must take them out. We can not allow what happened in Russia with wholesale mutder to happen again.

  • Jeff Fitzhguh

    That is true the BATF did kill those people in Oklahoma City and they did murder those women and children in Waco, but did anyone pay for that? How about 9/11? We have paper trails and we have hundreds of videos that prove 9/11 was an inside job. Towers falling down on fire is BS> They set off micro nukes under the trade towers. This wasn’t done to bring them down. This was done to cover up the fact they had stolen all the gold from the vaults inside the trade towers. Why didn’t the FBI become involved in all these incidents? You mean to tell me they can look at that Murrah building and see main columns taken out? I mean I can look at the building and see that. What about in Waco? They only wanted Koresch and he left the property everyday and went to town. Why wasn’t there a major investigation when someone leaves the property everyday and they wait till they get back and then start shooting through the closed door. Why wasn’t people punished for bringing in tanks?

    Are skyscrapers smoldering falling to the ground and you can clearly see bombs going off in the buildings/ You can clearly see bombs blowing 200 feet outside the building. Did the FBI look at the videos and decide fire brought down steel buildings? What about the micro nuke blast and all the asbestos that have screwed up a mess of people been investigated?

    I can tell you why, because Israel owns this country and it is flooded with Mossad agents and they even train our FBI. So the enemies of the USA will only be KKK or Nazis or southern peopole and Muslims, but never Israelis.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    excellent article, and I agree, thugs with badges can be the bad guy

    I’m also tired of hearing the term suicide by cop, let’s call it what it is, MURDER by low life scum with a badge.

  • Nathan

    Why dont you explain this story than that states that Indiana passed legislation that makes it almost LEGAL to shoot police? I dont think you did enough homework for you example with Indiana.

  • Dave Nickerson

    Why are Cops so important? You might need them in the infested cities, But in rural areas in many toesn we don’t have cops, but we have cops in every town that has a lot of blacks. There is one town near me that has 1,000 people, but no cops. That’s because the colored town is 6 miles away. They kept them out of this town, but now we have about half a dozen colored families that have moved in and guess what the state troopers are called in most weekends for loud music and noise. Soon we will have a cop there and then tickets for small offenses and you’ll have to wear your seatbelt to go to the VFW. There are several towns around here with no police and the only thing they lack is a colored town adjacent to the white part.

    When the Commies took control of Eastern Europe they murdered tens of millions. They had Cops, but they could not stop it. The CIA sells drugs in this country. The BATF blew up the Murrah building and they intentionally murdered those women and children in Waco and 9/11 was committed by the Israeli Mossas and our own government. So if all this has occurred does it mean shite that you don’t wear your seatbelt? Is a lying Cop that only got a badge to push people around, because if someone is a cop you can never fight them fairly, because they can always shoot you and you would be charged with assault against a cop anyway. I know cops who did this to push people around. I never had anything against Cops, except the ones in town who would jump in your face and holler and lie and hope you would say or do something they coudl arrest you for.
    If a Cop kills someone for something they aggravated a citizen should go to the Cops house and a .22 makes little noise. Once a cop in many places they have priviledges where they can drink and drive and their cop buddies will give them a pass.

  • airsoft sniper rifles

    shoot a copper ? I know we’re not quite there yet

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  • AOD

    You have only one life.

    Shoot them before they shoot you, that simple.

    Take the guy in Texas who shot officers trying to repo his house.

    Justice served.

    Think of the rich stealing food out of your kids mouths.

    Your lack of healthcare.

    Cops abusing you.

    They are playing you, and you have a lot to give them back, trust me.

    Stand up or lay down, but do it smart.

    Prepare so when these events happen you can make an impact.

    Not condoning violence here, just saying, ha.

    You are my hero, really.


  • JMC31337

    When should you shoot cops?
    You’ll fair a lot better if you take your bruised ass to court and argue writs motions case laws or technicalities instead of trying to explain your murder charges…
    Besides it leaves room for an onslaught of lies by the cop if you’re over there shooting at him/her
    All they would need to say is “saw the suspect with a gun and tried to question but they ran into a house forcing me to defend myself”
    Avoid all this and have a witness at all times or get video surveillance …
    Face it, it’s the world we live in these days

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  • Jin

    To JMC31337:

    It is stupid to say you or anyone should “never” shoot a cop. There really are only two choices. Did you even read the article? Also, how are you going to take yourself to court if they kill you while you just stand there looking at them. This body is mine and I’m the only one in charge of it no one else period. It’s human nature to defend one’s self when being attacked or did that change? Lets say you do make it to court . They are only going to take the side of the cops over yours and you (at best) are going to leave with nothing or get time in jail for whatever the cops want. They’re not going to really get punished, just a paid vacation and are back on the “force”. Quit being stupid and learn how to pull the trigger when you need to. They are not our friends, they don’t care about you. People have been killed by who were completely innocent & unarmed. You can just stand there and die if you want to. I’m defending myself to the end. There is no discussion on the matter and if I die. Oh well, at least I died on my feet than on my knees in which case, I will die anyway. It’s people like you why this country is the way it is. You can punish children when it is needed but you refuse to punish the government when it is needed? Cowards. I know how you would act if children were able to use guns. You’d just back down very quickly. Grow a pair.

  • Jin

    Life is not worth living if you are willing live like this with so many restrictions. I’d rather be dead than to live like this. People like you really have no value for life or yourself if you’re willing to live in any kind of condition. Sickening. There are no good cops. Anybody else attacking you and you fight back but cops attack and you just stand there? What makes you think they won’t kill you anyway? At least you might have a chance to get away because after all. They have to investigate it.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    Here’s the thing about cops. When you are in a rural area you don’t have to deal with them. When you are in highly populated area you have cops everywhere and all you are is a customer. Cops in rural area get along with the people, because it is easy to kill a cop in a rural area. In the city they just slam the people around, because they have buddies to back them up.
    That cop has a gun and he can kill you and say you reached for something. They stop you and see a beer can in the floor board they can search your car. If you have a gun under the seat or in the trunk it is concealed. What are you supposed to do leave the gun on the damn seat? A concealed weapon is a concealed weapon. Everyone if you have a pick up truck put a gun rack in the window and put a high powered rifle and a shotgun on the rack and have locks so they can’t be removed and see how many times the cops stop you to see if they are loaded. One thing it will do is someone will think twice about screwing with you.
    But there is notning the cops can do. The guns are in plain sight and it will make them think twice about screwing with you, because they know you have more fire power than they do. Keep you guns in the open, because you can not conceal them. All your freedoms are gone. Now guns have become the enemy. When the Commies took the guns from the Eastern Europeans they went around and loaded the people in trucks and shot them freely right in front of the people. They could do nothing to stop it. SO when those ABC thugs come to your door you must take them down. They are coming to take your guns and they are armed with full auto. The first raid they try and they are left lying at the scene you watch, because then if anyone says anything they bust your door down. You can not get at the politicians or the bankers unless you go through the jack booted thugs.

  • Wally P. Taylor

    The hardest thing to do is act nice when cops stop you. But you must force yourself that breaking bad with them you will never win. Just figure they are just losers you like being able to intimidate people. He stops you and can ruin your whole day. He gets his adrenaline rush everytime he gets out of the car. It’s all about excitment. Jus think if you got to ride roller coasters all day long. Or if you were the guy who got the playboy center fold ready for her shoot. Or if you got to just fish, hunt or test drive cars and boats for a living. It’s all about adrenaline. The cops gets his thrill, because he gets to laugh at drunks and because he has the authority to stop you for anything. If he doesn’t like you he can make you miserable. In this day and time everyone should have a camera in their car filming all confrontations with cops. It will pay off when they threaten you. Cops used to be decent and weren’t hateed. But today you have young cops and people aren’t mature like they used to be. I was working on the water at 7 years old. I was doing man’s work. Kids today don’t work until they get out of school.
    If you can make a cop laugh they will let you slide. You must kid around and say come on my wife has divorced me and I’m about to lose my job and I can’t afford these fines, but don’t get angry. Just smile. My father always smiled when dealing with people. If you are offensive like I always am, then you get nothing but a hard time. Sure the cop you are dealing with you would like to just drop him right there. But you must use your head. My blood would boil when the cops stopped me and they knew it. I would clutch the steering wheel and not look at them and not say anything. But dealing with people you must remember you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.
    There will come a time when we will have to shoot people who come to take our guns. We must do that or it’s all over. We will be just lik the Russians. It can’t be a good feeling the knock at the door and you’re having supper with the family and you are going outside of town and be shot. It’s happened to hundreds of millions from Germany to China. YOu think you are important? You are just a fly speck.
    I suggest everyone should get a van that nobody can see in. YOu can hide your beer cooler. YOu can take a nap. You can keep your guns in the back and they can’t be calle concealed. Just have them lying right there on the seat in the back, but it’s not concealed. How can you hide anything in a car unless it’s in the trunk or under the seat and then it’s concealed, because you didn’t leave it on the seat for someone to steal.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    cops knock down my door, and there’s going to be a lot of dead cops when I finish shooting.

    I am tired of thugs with badges getting paid vacations when they break the law.

    I will solve their problem, PERMANENTLY.

    and for anyone who thinks violence isn’t the answer, I guess you never studied american history, try it once, and learn how our forefathers dealt with an unjust, corrupt and out of control government 236 years ago.

  • George Matthews

    The government murdered those women and children in Waco. Did the Cops do anything about that? The BATF did the killing, but no cops involved. If you kill soemone the Cops are going to charge you with it. The BATF did not have authority over the sheriff. The sheriff should have taken control. On 9/11 3,000 people were murdered and many wear firefighters and police, but George Bush and Larry Silverstein have not been arrested. Larry Card tells George Bush about the second plane, but no reaction from George. Then they tried to lie and say they saw in a room the second plane crashing, but there was a clock on the wall when Card told George Bush. These clowns should all be arrested by the citizens. Congo Rice says a plane crashed into the towers and it must have been a terrible accident.

  • Carl

    @ Jin: You’re right- cops are cowards. Cop gets in your face and you can do nothing (legally). Cop can even beat the crap out of you, but have you ever noticed that it is almost always while on duty? Yep. Because they are cowards. You never see cops pull that crap of duty.
    You see, on duty, they can do anything and if you do anything that resembles self-defense, they have you in for felony assault.
    Off duty, if they pull the same crap, you can hand them their ass on a paper plate and the odds are IF you lose, it’s only a misdemeanor assault. IF you lose.

  • meatwad

    Lets keep one thing in focus here folks. When the on duty cop steps over the legal line of what is legally allowed for him to do, you have no idea where it will end with the law violations on their part. If they make the first violent move against you, then you are within your duty to put a stop to that criminal. If they hit your head with a metal club, that is an attempted homicide. I don’t know why nobody gets upset when they whip out those clubs and hit peaceful protesters with them. They are trying to kill those Citizens with those metal clubs. Please do not come back with an example like ‘this blah blah, what do I do then?’, you will recognize the deadly threat when it is upon you. If you don’t, well, so was life.

    I am of the nature to step in when another is facing such a criminal threat (I have), no matter what clothing or fancy fashions they wear and what bling they carry. Who else would do so for a stranger?

  • John Townsend

    JCZ I assume JCZ stand for Jerry Cohen Zuckberg Rudy Buthc Stanko was selling meat cheaper than the Jews and the media Jews got together with the meat packing Jews and ganged up on this guy and said he was selling rotten meat to school kids. The army never paid him for 6 million dollars worth of meat. Then they just charged him with selling rotten meat. How could anyone process and sell rotten meat with a plant full of USDA people. The government keeps inspectors right there all the time and they are involved in ever process in the plants. The Jews will control all meat packing plants and don’t like any competition.

  • Carl

    @ Wally Taylor: I don’t have a problem being nice to a cop. I have met some damn good cops. And I have met some that respond poorly to criticism.
    I’m really simple about it- “Yo copper, if you feel that you have the right to infringe on my rights as an American because you are fearful for your safety, then I suggest you find a different job. It’s idiots like you that make being a cop such a hard job.” Somehow that offends them. Guess the truth hurts.

  • Jerry Banning

    Cops today ask for trouble. The first hint you aren’t complying with everything and they think you got an attitude. What if bankefs, doctors and lawyers started screaming at you. You would get offensive. If they want to quit approaching the cars, then stop people clear of traffic and have the driver walk back to the cop car and then they won’t have a confrontation and they can see if the driver is impaired. But stopping people and walking up to the car if I wanted I could shoot a cop. In fact you could just act normal and when the cop walks back to his car just shoot him in the back. How many are hit by cars when theh stop someone on the side of the road and they get struck by a car?
    I mean if you as a civilian go up to someone’s car in a remote area you could be shot and the same for a cop. If they want to stop people on highways they should build a pull off area every five miles. They could build a ramp for an entrance like regular ramps. Besides they should have an area people can go to the bathroom. But it would save hundreds of people from getting hit on the side of the road. Are cop just dumb idiots that don’t have any ideas on how to solve problems?
    I think they want to approach the car so they might see an empty beer can or god forbid a roach in the ashtray.

  • meatwad

    Don’t get me wrong Wally. If the cop is civil, then there is no problem. It when they cross the lines of what they can or can’t do that the options become limited. I plan on dying of old age.

  • George Matthews

    Today the Cops are looking in your car and trying to find anything. I had a bag of trash the other day and the cop was looking at it for a long time. They look for an empty beer can when it used to be you could have hundreds in the back of your truck. A car is your personal property. If you got empty beer cans in it so be it. It’s your car it doesn’t mean you just drank it. It could have been there for months.
    You can just feel the difference in the way they act. An empty beer can and they can search your car. Then they find a gun under the seat.
    I bought a van 12 years ago and lifted it and cops can not see anything. They can’t see if I have a beer can in the floor board. They can’t see if I have guns in the back. I could have prostitutes back there or I could have an arsenal.
    One day I was sitting in a parking lot with my kids and I had the seat laid back and people saw kids and not adult and called the law. The cops came and I basically said I don’t have to tell you what I’m doing here. Now if I had a van lifted they could not see in and I could have laid down on a bed in the back.
    You must keep them from being able to see inside your personal property. Your options are limited.
    But when cops ask your where you’ve been or where you are giong you must tell them to pack sand where the sun don’t shine. Because they aren’t your friend.

  • piefPreve

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  • vapor 4 life review

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  • Yank lll

    Remember these words the next time it happens to you..

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    or these..

    “At what point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home? An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually…and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest. ”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

    This is real, from history that cannot be rewritten by lies. This is where we are headed if you comply with illegal repression even when they call it law.

    Yank lll

  • Patrick T

    Agreed 100%. If you have the right to do X, you have the right to use force to stop someone from forcibly infringing upon your right to do X. Otherwise you don’t really have the right to do X. The only competing rationale is practical (they can make your life hell if you do that). The boys in blue today are the equivalent of the boys in red in the last quarter of the 18th century.

  • Steve B.

    If cops are os great and so smart they should have been able to stop the Russian revolution. They thing with a cop is they get an adrenaline rush everytime they stop you. It’s like a ocnfrontation. If you are pissed they are not. They will ruin your day and they get a kick out of it. But why they are so hated today is they perform seatbelt and sobriety checkpoiints. I’ve been to Russia and you have to stop at all checkpoints if they tell you to and after midnight they flag down any car and you have to produce papers. So these checkpoints are kind of like Communism.

    Cops stop you at these checkpoints and they will make many arrests that have nothing to do with seatbelts or aldohol. This combined with if they see a beer can or roach in the ashtray or if they smell alcohol or something that could be marijuana they can search your car so this gets them many more enemies. If your license is overdue. or you have tickets not paid or a warrant then you go to jail. So it just gives them more enemies.

    Because of the seatbelt laws they are hading out many more fines than they used to. Plus it pays them well for other violations. They can basically stop you for anything. I would suggest keep your cook if SHTF and you can not allow the cop to know who you are, then I would just let him head back to his car and pump lead in his back, but don’t let him get to his car. Any shot in the back will take him out. YOu could aim for the head, but you’ll probably be shook up and not be that good of a shot them.

  • Corporate Entity

    I have gone through life just fine and fully capable of solving my own problems without including a 3rd party (“Government Interference”). The only real time I get nervous and blood pressure starts to rise is when these REVENUE PRODUCERS (POLICE) are behind me or attempting to Extort more $$ from me under the Illusion of Public Safety and Security. The Irony here is quite obvious and for the Fluoride Drinking GMO Lovers just google YOUR cities Police Departments Mission Statement…YOUR WELCOME, now go make a court payment. Our Inexpensive Cameras our available for the holiday

  • mendt

    Cops should be shot/killed when they participate in ruining other
    people’s lives by supporting the draconian prohibition laws which
    only give actual “bad guys” the upper hand. Legalize drugs and stop
    the fantasies about how bad things will be if it happens…
    These are lies told by the government which profits from
    incarcerating innocent people. The prison industry is just that…
    An industry.
    The more stupid, pointless laws they make, the more reasons they
    have (and use) to simply lock anyone they desire up yet rich wall
    street types are doing lines of cocaine all day long and we never
    hear about them getting busted OR their lives being ruined because
    of it. The sooner we actually become a FREE country, the better.

  • ted

    Any douchebag who reads this article and actually thinks to themselves ‘wow great writing’ or ‘man, you hit the nail on the head’ clearly doesn’t understand the whole point of policing, the Bill of Rights or the realities of the world we live in. I know and have been a law enforcement officer. I am also finishing my law degree, so any idiot who wants to challenge the validity of what I’m saying should at a minimum have the same. “Street lawyers” who think they know everything there is to know about ‘their rights” should take some time before they blurt out drivel like this author. Ever heard of a thing called criminal procedure? how about the exclusionary rule? how about civil rights legislation (see Section 1983) that’s intended to provide citizens with an actual course of action to vindicate any alleged or actual violations?

    It’s sooo easy for some dumb-ass to sit around on the internet and spew out tired catch-phrases like ‘the police are Nazis” or “Protect your rights at all cost”. Why don’t you ass bags go and live in some place like North Korea where they actually arrest you AND your parents for statements made by your grandparents speaking out against the President? Everyone bemoans the oppressiveness of the police here, because your all pussies who have never experienced real hardship or oppression. It’s so easy to sit in your mom’s basement and complain, when you can remain anonymous and have no need to be accountable for your words.
    None of you losers who support articles like this get off your asses and do anything to change the situation, or seek to understand any other point of view than the narrow group of like-minded jerk-offs on sites like this. That’s the beauty of the internet for people like this author. They can find a site that validates their own retarded worldview, and then shout about how they were wronged, and then have others coddle them and tell them that they know how it feels, because they were violated too! “I was just sitting there, minding my own business, praying and helping a little old lady cross the street (like I always do), and then this cop comes up to me and is like, “hey don’t help a little old lady”, and proceeds to beat my ass!” of “you know, it’s not like I was trying to hurt the cop when I reached for his gun, after he tried to put me in handcuffs for beating my wife with a belt to the face”
    Go out and see the real world! interact with other people, and I promise you, this a**hole and his stupid article will be proven wrong a hundred times over. People complain that police stereotype and profile, but isn’t that exactly what this article and all those who support it are doing too? All cops are Nazis? Really? All of them? What about the ones who help people? what about the one’s who actually arrest the guy who robbed you? What about the ones who help your family get out of a burning car or house? Those ones are Nazis too? If that’s truly how you feel then you are a twisted individual? And to say, like this article did, that if a police officer puts their hands on you, that you have the right to SHOOT THEM, should be criminal itself! The anonymous author him/herself is advocating committing murder on someone. Doesn’t that strike anyone as a bit odd and sadistic?
    Just remember, as the saying goes “there are no atheists in foxholes”…think about it; Everyone of you whiny babies who bemoan the police, are also the first to call and ask those “Nazis” for help when your car is burglarized, or you’ve been robbed, or stabbed or shot, or your friend is missing. Kinda weird isn’t it? Just like people who talk crap about people making too much and not redistributing their wealth to the masses, they’re also the ones who hate paying taxes and bemoan the government ‘sucking them dry’ when April 14th comes rolling around the corner. Try this on for size – Next time anyone of you who actually believe in this idiotic article are in serious trouble or need of help, just don’t call the cops. They’re not gonna help you anyway right? They’ll probably just take you to jail for being robbed right? See how it plays out for you. I’m sure you’ll LOVE IT.

    There’s this little notion called ‘personal responsibility.’ How about you fools start taking some. The police may sometimes be wrong; there’s no denying that. But every single time I hear someone talk about the police mistreating them, I never even hear something along the lines of partial personal responsibility. No one ever says ‘Well yeah I was doing something I shouldn’t have been doing, and I deserved to be arrested or cited, but at least I didn’t deserve to be punched in the face for telling the police officer I didn’t think that high of a fine was fair.” Its ALWAYS the police’s fault for you people. It’s always someone else who’s to blame, someone else who made you do something you shouldn’t have, or someone else who’s doing worse things right now, so the cops should be ‘out arresting them instead of me” Grow a pair, take your licks and IF you think you have a legitimate gripe, then file a civil rights violation claim with the ACLU or lodge a complaint with internal affairs or seek to file criminal charges against the officer(s) directly. And any of you who sit around and say “you’re retarded, the system is corrupt man’ are also the same sh*theads that enjoy all the perks that system has to offer you.
    Don’t do something that could put you behind bars, and you won’t be put there. There are hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens who somehow manage to do it every, single day of their lives.” Why don’t you people who listen to f**kers like this author get a clue, put on your ‘big-boy’ pants, be responsible for your actions, and stop blaming the police because your a piece of crap. Be better and you won’t have those problems.

  • Joe Buck Era

    I like no law. Where I live there is no law, but there are no blacks. As soon as there are enough blacks to have law time to move. I like driving to town and drink a few beers and know I can drive home drunk with no cops. But it’s a back country road. Now that won’t work in the city or suburbs.
    I like the small towns around here. I can be down at the dock on the island drinking a beer which is illegal. If a cop comes down there he won’t say anything, but in town he’ll be all over your ass.
    The fewer cops the better. I don’t have to wear a seatbelt. That’s the way it is in small town America. We police ourselves.

    You go out west cops don’t give a shit. Along the East Coast they are all in your ass. Some of the worst cops are in Delaware. They are a bunch of pricks. Maryland isn’t so bad. Delaware must have a cop for every hunded civilians. The only place I encounter them is along 50.

  • Timmy Mills

    The thing is cops with their sobriety checkpoints, seatbelt checkpoints and seatbelt violations. Also they see a beer can in the car they can search it. If I stopped someone and they had a joint in the ashtay I would not give a fuck. Beer cans that have been in the car for weeks is nonsense.

    They started this seatbelt shit in the 80’s, because our ancestors would not tolerate it in the sevenrties. Seatbelts are there if you want to use them. I mean I can unhook the airbag.

    I tell people get a fan jack it up so they can’t see insidfe and hide your beer cooler, guns and cunts in the back. You can take a nap in the back and nobody can fuck with you. When I go to the big city I hsve a run in with the cops everytime.

  • meatwad

    Ted, how can a citizen follow through with the “criminal procedures” when they are dead.

    A sheriff deputy was called to a domestic violence call. As he arrives he sees a young man walking away from a local store. He barks his orders, and because the young man did not respond to his barking fast enough, he pepper sprayed and beat the young man. The young man has down syndrome. Why is that pig still on the sheriffs staff? Because we are in a police state.

    Do that to my family and you will be picking up pieces of “good cops” from where they lay.

  • Richard Kendrick

    I will repost as needed. You can copy and post as you see fit.

    We must fight leftist attempts to destroy the Second Amendment. We cannot wait until confiscation legislation is a reality. We must move to secure our liberties before the left uses tragedy to strangle us into slavery or worse.

    I call on conservatives to plant the seeds of success. We all have friends and family that serve in our armed forces or within law enforcement agencies. These are the individuals that leftists will call upon to disarm the nation.

    Plant seeds of success through conversation. Pick up the phone, send an email, meet face-to-face and have a frank conversation with every member of these units that you know. Be straightforward and ask this question: If you were ordered to take the firearms from our citizens what would you do?

    Engage these folks before hand. Plant the seeds of revolt in their minds now before orders are issued and training kicks in. If these folks are mobilized under orders they WILL revert to training and obey orders. Seeds of doubt must be planted before hand.

    Furthermore, many of you know high ranking officials in many of these units. These officials are the key to success. They will have the authority over and loyality of our defense and protection forces. Have private conversations with them. Ask them what they plan to do if ordered to imprison or confiscate. Ask them how their fellow commanders feel. Encourage them to quietly seek out like minded officials. Encourage them to consider the gravity of their actions before they are forced to decide how they will respond.

    Good luck and let’s win this before it become a national tragedy.

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  • RNA Drops

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this web site needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be once more to read much more, thanks for that info.

  • joelol

    from my cold dead hands, i’ll only defend my rights with force when absolutely required. but dont mistake that for cowardice. those who submit meekly to tyranny are deserving of their fate. not me.

  • sidewinder

    cops are made up of humans just like us. so you may think the odds of a bad one is just the same. but in the same way most pedo’s crave a job as a vicar criminal minded and power hungry thugs wil crave a job with the police or in polotics. if its 50/50 your doing wel because a cop breaking the law to get a conviction wil help there job prospects so a dodgey cop wil allways out promote a decent cop and thats just very sad. so more power to the good cops out there. some of us recognise your up hill struggle. so if like me you see a cop hanging out of his car smoking a fag or sneeking down an ally trying different inocent peoples gates. or and you wil love this. tearing his uniform climbing over the wrong fence to a yard that has its car gates open 12 foot away (id bet my pension his boss never knew) then report them. do try to get them on camera thought and make many copies of the film because they wil lie and try to “acidentaly loose” your evidence if they deem it posible. and if you do know a good cop that uses investigation and not just walking around intimidating poor people then try to support them when you can or eventualy there wont be any.

  • D. Wagner


  • V for Vendetta

    Any time a pig is out of hand you feel threatened for your life and safety or your families you have a God given right to protect yourself and your family from any threat regardless of their JOB DESCRIPTION that is all it is nothing more. Any Pig comes at me for any reason without respect I will put a bullet in his head. They are not Gods and I will show them their own blood to bring them back to reality. we are all human and equal on this planet just cause they have a gun and badge does not make them above or better then anyone PERIOD. Every human has a right to be treated with respect and dignity I will tell you now pigs you cross that line you will see your own blood and you will see you bleed just like everyone else. Your Pussy government given job description means absolute shit at my front door.

  • EnLane

    Oh Ted, you silly little pig. Why would you assume that when we’re in some sort of trouble we automatically call the nazis, err cops? Most of us would be quite content without any pig involvement whether we have a dilemma or not. Typical piece of garbage cop supporting his bacon based bros. Why don’t you do us all a favor and eat a buckshot? Better yet, why doesn’t your disgraceful pig ass unlawfully enter 95% of anyone else’s dwelling? I’m sure they’d have no problem leaving your heart in your lap. You’re nothing without your back-up you wanna-be tough guy, remember that

  • Steve B

    Ted, You assbag. You cops keep the peace here while we fuck up the world totally destroying it. When all the Commie countries fall you guys go with it. I know 30 years ago cops never called back up, but now they call for backup if it’s a 90 year old woman. They will taser people. Cops used to talk to people. N ow they holler and scream and if 3 or 4 cops show up they do break bad. I mean search cars, because they see a beer can? Who cares if someone has a roach in the ashtray? You finally got your seatbelt laws in place and get to search more cars.
    I got news for everyone. Get a van and jack it up. Then if the cop tells you to get out say the drivers door won’t open and get out the passenger side. So he can’t see shit. Keep your beer cooler n the back.
    Once I was with two kids and drove the ex-wife to the city and she was getting an operation. I laid the seat back to get a nap. Someone saw the kids in the car and called the cops. They came there and were breaking bad instead of acting decent. They asked if they were my kids. Instead of the person walking up to the car to see what was up they called the law.
    WTF is it with people thesedays? I mean you see two kids then walk over to the car, but if I had a van they wouldn’t have seen shit. Forty years ago when I was 8 I could ride my bike in town to play ball. That might be child abuse now.
    So make it hard for them ytou can buy a jacked up van for $7,000 to $10,000

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  • Josephine Bassett

    You can say what you want, but until white men grow balls and start whacking these useless politicians that rape us nothing will change. Our country is full of drugs, because we won’t send troops to South America to destroy their drug trade. We can go to Asia, Germany and Iraq and blow them up for no damn reason, but we can’t take care of the third worlders who are manufacturing drugs and our government knows it, but no troops are sent there. There is a war going on in our hemisphere, but our politicians don’t give a shit. Now we get attacked by our own country, because the chickens have come home to roost.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhigh

    You should shoot a cop when he comes to take your guns or violates any of your rights. This means trying to search your car. I was leaving a bar one night, but I hadn’t drank anything. This cop Trego thought I had been drinking and he stopped me just before I turned into my driveway. He said you swerved. I said you stopped me because you thought I had been drinking. He said maybe I did, but what are you going to do about it? I got ready to get out and kick his arse. In fact I had my hand on my pistol and got ready to pump him full of lead.

  • Archie1954

    Ms. Bassett your ignorance is frightening, your call for more international violence at the hands of the American military is beyond stupid. If you don’t want drugs in your country then don’t let them cross the border. Just because they aren’t legal in the US doesn’t mean that they aren’t legal elswhere. To have the US telling every other nation what it can and cannot do within its own borders is the height of arrogance and hubristic in the extreme.

  • Josephine Bassett

    Dude, white men have been fucked big time the last 100 years. We go to all these countries and blow them up. Then we find out the whole thing was nothing but a lie. Millions killed for nothing. We have a CIA going around the world starting wars. But we can’t send troops to South America and destroy their cocaine trade. What Colombia is so powerful and we can’t tell them curtail your cocaine or we can do it for you. I bet you if Germany was manufacturing cocaine we could shut them down. Then we learn the CIA sells drugs in this country. We got these useless politicians who lie to us and like the whole thing is just lie and then screw it. Jews have whacked many of our politicians, but we won’t whack them. In fact if you suggested whacking a useless politician peoole would say, “Are you nuts a distinquished sitting politician?” When all we got to do to solve the problem with politicians is to elect people to office and they serve one year and then replaced. No more career politicians who gets loads of perks. It is a jot where you serve the country watching out that your country isn’t destroyed. But we have got to get violent. A politician says a bunch of bullshit, then his cousins feel the pressure. His cousins all of sudden have shit tore up and even worse.

  • Toby Platek

    Exactly what I want for Christmas is not my 2 front teeth (I have them), I wish to put on some good weight and I wish it to be healthy weight. I don’t wish to place on weight with empty calories, I wish to maintain my wellness.

  • Meatwad

    Ms Bassett, you are one of the typical morons I am ashamed of,,, being within the same borders as you.

    OUR ninth amendment DEMANDS the end to the prohibition of Cocaine (and every other “intoxicant”) you freakin idiot.

    I know that you hate freedom, but pick up the constitution and bill of rights and read it yourself.

    The fourth amendment also has these intoxicants listed as our right to have and use.

    Funny that the Supreme Court defines “effects” as property. Yet the smarts the authors of the bill of rights had, they would not have the same item twice in the same list using two different words. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,,,” Houses are property. Effects are other things like intoxication.

    Are you still the moronic drug warrior that you pretend to be? I can help you out of that brainwashed mode with a simple rinse. Repeat after me Ms Bassett, “prohibition is illegal, prohibition is illegal,,,” go to sleep repeating that three times every night until you learn to love liberty and despise the tyrant prohibitionists that have weened the police state into existence.

  • Meatwad

    Here is an interesting case that provides another example of the Citizens right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Defending your brother from a criminal cop, Not guilty. Look for the web file name “man_who_hit_cop_is_acquitted_with_help_of_video_footage”.

  • Josephine Bassett

    @ meatwad
    Dude, those little pieces of paper didn’t do anything to stop the cabal that quietly created the federal reserve that has robbed us of trillions. It didn’t stop WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or Iraq.
    The pohibition of alcohol had zero about people comsuning alcohol. The government care if you get blind drunk as long as they can tax you. It was about the oil companies wanted cars to use peroleum and not use alcohol as fuel. When oil was well underway, then prohibition was lifted.
    The Bill of Rights didn’t stop the cabal from stopping the growing of hemp which would eliminate all other power plants. It would end the cutting of forests. Hemp was stopped, because those corporations new it would stop their horrendous profits. It would replace plastic.
    Our country is becoming more brown everyday. Those piece of paper have done nothing. So the Slavs were killed by the tens of millions and a piece of paper would have stopped that?
    Those piece of paper didn’t stop the government from murdering those children in Waco or Oklahoma City and it didn’t make the people move against this government. Then we get 9/11 and even though every politician knows it was an inside job, but they won’t even mention it.
    So our politicians who are supposed to represent us and speak for us have done nothing. If the facts were presented to the sheeple do you believe they would want the government to remain silent about these crimes?
    The only justice there can be are thousands of people going to Washington and hanging all the politicians, judges and lobbyists and then writing another Constitution, because the one we got is not working. It’s outdated.
    If we allow the people to vote on things that are a concern for this country, then the Jewish bankers and corporations can’t control us. We elect common people to office and they are replaced each year.
    9/11 should have been the final straw.
    Unless the people go to war with the government and kill so many government people that we can turn the tide, then our children are screwed.
    We know all the crimes the government has committed. We know how they are trying to poison us with fluoride, chemtrails and vaccines, but we can’t wake up the sheeple to this. Our children won’t even know about these things.
    When the jack booted thugs come to your door to take your guns you just hold up a copy of the Constitutiona and the Bill of Rights and they’ll put bullet holes in it.
    People should be allowed to grow marijuana. The only problem the government couldn’t tax that. Marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol. The government if they can create a hybrid plant and take control to where you would have to buy all the seeds from them just like they are trying to do with our food supply, then you could grow for your consumption. A seed would cost you $10. If you can’t grow a weed and smoke it you have no freedoms.

  • Meatwad

    Mr Bassett, you are showing signs of having two personalities and neither one has a clue, but you do understand the base corruption, just not how to get out of it.

    So you know they do not respect the Constitution,,, so why bother writing a new one? Lets live up to the one we have with the original intent as defined as the line we travel on.

    For example, the first thought of the first amendment,,, there would not be a “gay marriage” issue because the government would be out of the marriage business (a religious establishment) altogether, PERIOD.
    As I said in the last one about prohibitions,,, get rid of all of them and we would be disabling the biggest police state policy they have to put down the 99%ers.

    You want solutions,,, you do not start by killing policy makers, you expose the policy makers for the fakes that they are and they go away. Now if the policy they made destroys lives and kills with impunity (the Bush families fake wars 1&2&3), we have capital murder charges that can be leveled at them.

    So many people out there think that the current prohibitions are valid laws,,,, this we must work on to apply the changes that need to be made. Remove the illegal prohibitions, then what will be their excuses to perform another illegal ‘no-knock’ entries in the middle of the night at the wrong addresses. You never hear of the piggies breaking into homes to get at real criminals, do you. Nope, it is just the “drug” law breakers they do that to,,, with an excuse “they will flush the evidence”. Today we gave them the technology so they can retrieve the “evidence” if it were flushed, so make them stop with those lies as well.

    There is no legitimate excuse they can come up with to break into a home in the darkness to “get the bad guy”. Soviet styled nazis… (it gets convoluted don’t it).

    Our Constitution is fine as is,,, if the special interests would stop redefining the words used. Another example. The “Well regulated militia” is not a militia bogged down in paper work, it is “well practiced with the arms they have”, Well Regulated is ‘to practice often’.

  • Josephine Bassett

    The Constitution is flwed if we have to fight to have them follow it. This is stupid the politicians are to follow it to the letter and there are checks and balances. They are supposed to do what we want, but thsy never do. We don’t want wars, brown immigration, drugs and we don’t want to police other countries.
    We could send troops to Colombia and Bolivia anjd destroy their drug trade, but we don’t do it, because the CIA sells the drugs. So the politicians make the decision to flood our countries with drugs. They go asfter right wing groups like the KKK and anyone they want taken out and will frame them. But they never infiltrate the Crips and the Bloods, because if they did they could bring down the whole mess in 3 monmths and take people off the street that shoot white people. Just like the Zebra killings of the late sixties the law has told us nothing.
    You mention the constitution. Could you imagine if a company had policies writtem 230 years ago and didn’t change the whole damn thing by now? I mean it uses militia for the secomd amendmsnt and peple say we don’t need a militia now. It’s outdated. We need to write another constitution that says if the government so much as attempts to change the gun laws, then you kill them.
    The reason we need to write another constitution, because we need to elect farmers and lumberjacks to congress and no more lawyers. They serve one year and then replaced so how could you make so manmy changes and still use the old one? The whole system needs reshaping. The people vote on anything that concerns the country. Majority wins. The Jews couldn’t control the Kings of Europe and why they got rid of them. This government was created by Masons and who knows the Jews might have been involved figuring what kind of government they could best control. The whole thing might have been a cam. You can’t write something that can easily be destroyed and have a powerful federal government and then no hope to change anything. The federal government armtwists the states if they don’t comply and cut off funding.
    This shit started with the federal reserve. It is illegal and only takes money out of working people’s pockets and puts it into the Jewish banker’s coffers. So this is nothing new. The politicians need to discuss the protocols of zion and how thjey affect us and how it gives them control. Media control must be taken out of theie hands. Many politicians have spoken about this, but to no avail. Congress just plays along and doesn’t interrupt anything.
    Not one politician has mentioned Waco, Oklahoma City or 9/11 as inside murder jobs. This can’t be hidden. We saw the whole thing. If I wanted to really hit the USA I would have taken out the White House and Capitol Hill. But then Silverstein wouldn’t have gotten 3.5 billion.

  • Josephine Bassett

    The Constitution is flwed if we have to fight to have them follow it. This is stupid the politicians are to follow it to the letter and there are checks and balances. They are supposed to do what we want, but thsy never do. We don’t want wars, brown immigration, drugs and we don’t want to police other countries.
    We could send troops to Colombia and Bolivia anjd destroy their drug trade, but we don’t do it, because the CIA sells the drugs. So the politicians make the decision to flood our countries with drugs. They go asfter right wing groups like the KKK and anyone they want taken out and will frame them. But they never infiltrate the Crips and the Bloods, because if they did they could bring down the whole mess in 3 monmths and take people off the street that shoot white people. Just like the Zebra killings of the late sixties the law has told us nothing.
    You mention the constitution. Could you imagine if a company had policies writtem 230 years ago and didn’t change the whole damn thing by now? I mean it uses militia for the secomd amendmsnt and peple say we don’t need a militia now. It’s outdated. We need to write another constitution that says if the government so much as attempts to change the gun laws, then you kill them.
    The reason we need to write another constitution, because we need to elect farmers and lumberjacks to congress and no more lawyers. They serve one year and then replaced so how could you make so manmy changes and still use the old one? The whole system needs reshaping. The people vote on anything that concerns the country. Majority wins. The Jews couldn’t control the Kings of Europe and why they got rid of them. This government was created by Masons and who knows the Jews might have been involved figuring what kind of government they could best control. The whole thing might have been a cam. You can’t write something that can easily be destroyed and have a powerful federal government and then no hope to change anything. The federal government armtwists the states if they don’t comply and cut off funding.
    This shit started with the federal reserve. It is illegal and only takes money out of working people’s pockets and puts it into the Jewish banker’s coffers. So this is nothing new. The politicians need to discuss the protocols of zion and how thjey affect us and how it gives them control. Media control must be taken out of theie hands. Many politicians have spoken about this, but to no avail. Congress just plays along and doesn’t interrupt anything.
    Not one politician has mentioned Waco, Oklahoma City or 9/11 as inside murder jobs. This can’t be hidden. We saw the whole thing. If I wanted to really hit the USA I would have taken out the White House and Capitol Hill. But then Silverstein wouldn’t have gotten 3.5 billion.

  • Archie1954

    I believe the only time you should kill a cop is when it is youyr life or his. If he illegally attacks you then you have the right of self defense. The government does not have the right to murder you by cop, did you hear that, no right to murder you by cop? Illegal is illegal whether a criminal is doing the illegal act or a cop is doing it! End of story!

  • Josephine Bassett

    I think the world belongs to everyone. Did our Constitution stop us from fighting WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq wars? All which were based on lies. Did it stop the BATF from murdering those kids in Waco or Oklahoma City. In Waco they intentionally killed the kids. They could have easily gotten them out of there. In Oklahoma City the BATF agents were not in the Murrah building when the bomb when off at 9am. I think 9am people are supposed to be at work. But they were down the street watching what the bombs did. They had planted bombs on the columns and made the building collapse.

    Now we got 9/11 3,000 killed a rich Jew Larry Silverstein and the government got tens of thousands more agents watching the citizens and they got two buildings out of the way that were slated for demolition. I can’t believe those insurance companies paid Silverstein without some kind of investigation.

    So our constitution didn’t stop any of these events. I think the Constitution is outdated. I mean does anything written or created 225 years ago pertain to today? Imagine if we built buildings, farmed, built ships, like we did 225 years ago.

    For one thing we need to elect non-lawyers for congressmen. These people are replaced every year and this stops the bankers and corporations from controlling the politicians, because what we have right now is a bunch of career politicians who will do anything to keep their jobs. Lawmaking has to include many people. Give many people a chance and then out the door back to civilian life with no perks.

    There should be one final check and balance and that is the people. The people should be allowed to vote on important issues that affect this country. The people decide if we will go to war and decide on immigration issues. That will stop these unnecessary wars and will turn things around and the rest of the world will be better for it. Right now Jewish bankers run the world and our politicians won’t stand up to them.

  • Meatwad

    Josephine, recall what Jefferson said about the liberty tree. And you expect the corporate controlled ballot machines to be the fix??

  • Josephine Bassett

    We have a system in place the establishment is not going to let this system go easily. They have been in control for over 100 years and they like this thing they got going. I just say we need to elect people to office that serve just one year and then replaced. This way the bankers and corporations can’t control the politicians and we do away with the career politicians. The career politician has to go

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  • Evita Germershausen

    This really answered my problem, thanks!

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  • Archie1954

    As I’ve said before the only time is is excusable to “shoot” a cop is when it’s his life or yours. Because he represents the state does not mean that your right to self defense is nullified, unless you believe that the state has the right to kill you without due process.

  • josephine bassett

    It depends if you are growing a field full of marijuana and a cop comes along and see it you might have to put a couple slugs in him. If you’re out hunting and you kill a dozen pintail ducks that is a migratory bird which means federal offense and you might hae to decide to take out the cop in order to not go to jail

  • josephine bassett

    IF a cop stops you and you are drunk shoot the mother fucker and drive on. Cops come to your door to take your guns you shoot them and you shoot them a lot. The best thing is to ambush them. Maybe have a tunnel and when they come to your door shoot them with a battery adn then light off a porch clearing device. Then go out through the tunnel and shoot some more.

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  • Miriam

    Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you!

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    when should you shoot a cop? this is easy.

    you should definitely shoot a cop when cops commit assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder against completely innocent people simply because their vehicle “resembles” a suspect (aka christopher dorner)

    you should definitely shoot a cop when they violate the 4th amendment by demanding to come in your house without a warrant (see recent boston neighborhood searches)

  • Josephine Bassett

    This might boil down to the local boys the sheriff and the state police going up against the feds. They federal government is the problem and there might be a confrontation there. They are suppose to uphold the constitution. But the police never stopped the communnists in Russia. I hope the people know what is at stake. Millions of people being murdered. The federal government is the ones killed those kids in Waco and in Oklahoma City the BATF put bombs inside the buildings and killed kids. All the school shootings are by the feds and I hope the local police see this for what it is. They kill our children and then go after more gun control. The federal government is how the banker boys control us. A powerful central government is what they always warned about. This check and balance left out one thing. The people being allowed to decide the final vote. When the smoke clears this country will be destroyed just like they destroyed Europe, Asia and now the Middle East and there will be tens of thousands of cops killed. If the federal ones have their ranks thinned so severe that they can’t be replaced then we win. When the jack booted thugs come to take your guns you must thin out their ranks.

  • Sterling Jones

    The problem in this country is the government is screwing us all. IF they would send troops to Colombia and destroy their drug trade we would not have to deal with it here. They send troops everywhere else and if we really wanted to stop the drugs we would go to the source. You let the Nazis or KKK start manufacturing drugs and they would show you how to stop it. The problem is you have an agency the CIA that goes around the world dealing in drugs. They sell the very drugs the law claims to try to stop, but there is no war on drugs. I would send a million troops to Colombia and keep them there until there was no more cocaine. We go to Afghanistan to help them manufacture their opium. The governments are the biggest drug dealers.

  • Meatwad

    Deadly wrong Sterling. Honoring the principles (I know that is really a toughy for your type) of our Constitution and putting an end to the illegal prohibitions of these other products people use, then we wouldn’t have so many excuses the police state have to invade our lives on assumptions of “drug use”. The police state is weened through prohibition policies, and the likes of the Sterlings are the morons that encourage the police states progress.

    The ninth amendment is the clearest law written when you plug into it the other enumerated right of the intoxicant liquor. Which by the way, is thee by far worst chemical concoction a human could use to intoxicate themselves. Funny how so many drunks are dead set against “drug use”.

    Your idea Sterling, is how we found ourselves facing the monsters in badges. Presuming you are one as well.

  • Sterling Jones

    Meatwad you bastard,
    So you are fine with sending troops to Asua and dropping agent orange on them and blowing up German cities and now blowing up the Middle East and leaving all that depleted uranium on the ground which is giving them thousands of deformed babies, but we can’t send thev troops to Colombia.
    You’re wrong. I didn’t mention liquor. I have ideas. First we should close the bars at midnight. Then hold bars responsible for their patrons. Maybe even prohibit the manufacture of hard liquor. A few light beers are a big different to hard liquor.
    But if you close the bars at midnight the Cops would get so bored they would quit. There were be a lot fewer accidents with closing earlier. Patrons could not consume as much liquor. Towing companies would lose money. Auto body shops, glass manufacturers, auto paint companies would lose money and the courts would lose money.
    So it would hurt their revenue. I really see no purpose in hard liquor. I think it should be outlawed and if the people take control and get the politicians out of the process we can take back our country.

  • Marcus

    NICK! a “right” is not a “privilege”…I don’t give a crap what your daddy always told you. We don’t have a “bill of privileges”.you moron. Your knowledge Must be heavily informed by that 3 semester community college law enforcement certificate (not even degree)

  • Archie1954

    The so called war on drugs is responsible for the death by cop scenario becoming very prevalent on the streets of America. When should you soot a cop? Only when it is your life or his or your loved one’s life or his. No other time. While the corrupt judicial system does not hold police guilty for their crimes at least it might allow some leniency toward you if you haven’t done anything wrong. Cops lie through their teeth and hopefully some judges, at least the few, very few honest ones are starting to realize that.

  • LP

    I really hope that no one reads this and thinks they actually will have a legal defense if they shoot someone who tries to encroach on any of their fundamental rights. How important your right is determines the type of scrutiny with which the court will review the officer’s depriving you of the right if it is unclear whether the deprivation was unconstitutional. It probably plays a role in how much you can win in a Sect. 1983 civil suit against the officer/police department/city. It doesn’t mean you can kill. Makes no sense, really, to say I have First Amendment rights so I can kill anyone who tries to stop me expressing them? If your mom tells you to shut up and go to your room, just blast her away to protect your right to free speech, too? I had high hopes for this article when it came up in a Google search but I was sorely disappointed.

  • LP

    I really hope that no one reads this and thinks they actually will have a legal defense if they shoot someone who tries to encroach on any of their fundamental rights. How important your right is determines the type of scrutiny with which the court will review the officer’s depriving you of the right if it is unclear whether the deprivation was unconstitutional. It probably plays a role in how much you can win in a Sect. 1983 civil suit against the officer/police department/city. It doesn’t mean you can kill anyone! Makes no sense, really, to say I have First Amendment rights so I can kill anyone who tries to stop me expressing them? If your mom tells you to shut up and go to your room, just blast her away to protect your right to free speech, too? I had high hopes for this article when it came up in a Google search but I was sorely disappointed.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    Cops are going ghetto more and more each day. They are getting more violent. Once they get like this they need to be pulled off the force. When they get an us versus them mentally. Then they see everyone that doesn’t bow down to them as a potential treat. Those cops make it hard for everyone. When this economy collapses there will be 100,000 dead cops inside of a month or we’ll all be in FEMA camps. When the government takes way your freedom it’s cops that have to deal with the mess.

  • John

    When should you shoot a cop? Whenever you see one!

  • David

    Criminals hate cops by default,most people nowadays don’t have much faith or trust for cops,do the cops want everyone to hate them and be against them? If so,they are crazy,if not,they need to start policing their own,you can see videos and read news stories on a daily basis of cops abusing their authority and breaking the law,if cops aren’t going to be punished for their crimes and held to account for abusing their authority,the American public will all see them as the enemy and act appropriately,this isn’t just my opinion,this is a fact.If people choose to be cops,they need to set the example by obeying the law,just like a preacher,if he isn’t going to obey Gods law,he doesn’t need to preach to us about obeying Gods law,anyone who does this is a full blown hypocrite and I believe hypocrisy is the biggest sin of them all. A democracy cannot function without honorable people and the cops need to be setting the example for all of us.

  • William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    Cops work for the Jews and the drugs dumped on the streets and now they have a prison system in place like any other business and they make billions transporting prisoners, feeding them, guarding them, housing them, cleaning their clothes and they have to keep it stocked and the nonsense marijuana laws do just that.

  • Meatwad

    So I am “the bastard” am I Sterling? Hey Sterling, the definition of being insane, is trying the same thing over and over again and you expect a different result ‘this time’. Getting “tough on drugs” is what was tried in the period of US History known as the “prohibition era”. Remember that school lesson, or did you make it that far? The same error of an insane policy is what must be changed, not getting tougher on the growers and users. Following the intent of the Constitution,,, now that is a challenge I make to you, try it, you might like it Sterling. It is called freedom, liberty, living your rights, and not catering to a Union organization to make “their job easier” to violate everyone’s right to freedom, in their own home. There is not one legitimate excuse for a cop to break in a door of anyone’s home on these searches they go out on. Their main excuse is, “so the evidence will not be destroyed”. Well they can flush all they want to, and you can still recover the evidence from the sewer pipe. Take pictures of it as you collect it. We bought you those tools and you still break in the doors??? Statsi pigs just want to kill the people inside.

    Remove the illegal pigs biggest excuse to violate everyone’s rights everywhere we go, end the unconstitutional prohibitions of ANY “intoxicant”. Quoted “intoxicant”, because that is the legal keyword found in the constitution to use while reading the ninth amendment.

    “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights*, SHALL NOT be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Bill of rights 9.

    *the “intoxicant” liquor, see 18th and the 21st amendments.

    Meaning any “intoxicant, shall be as legal as any liquors are, hard, medium, or soft watered down beer. Sterling Jones’ last ‘solution’ is just more failed prohibitionists failed nonsense for more of a police state. He would love to see the military killing people over his prohibitionists insanity. I am the bastard Sterling? I want to party with other people not KILL them like you would have us do. Who’s yer daddy. Yeah, uh-huh.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    some low life scumbag cop shoots my dog and there’s going to be dead government goons when I finish shooting.

    people need to quit being sheep. LOCK AND LOAD

  • patriot

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Kiko4564

    dave nickerson says:
    August 3, 2011 at 1:21 pm
    If a Cop says something smart and causes trouble, then shoot him. The best thing is to act like everything is fine and reach under the seat as he walks back to the car and shoot him in the back. If you have time get the recording device out of his car. Of course you could have a gun in your left hand as he walks to the car pump lead in him, but aim for his cock, because he might have a vest.

    Nope. Aim for the head.


    This site, the author of this article, and all comments are currently under scrutiny and have been determined to be an active threat to national security.

    You are hereby ordered to stand back from your digital device, computer, etc.. Do not attempt to destroy or delete digital evidence. Under federal law, upon receipt of this notice, any attempt to destroy or delete digital evidence related to this this site or the article in question is a violation of federal law.

    In order to protect life, you and all occupants of your residence are ordered to move to the outside front of your residence and assume a face-down position, head oriented to your residence and feet oriented to the main point of ingress until government officials arrive to process the crime scene.


    The Government
    “Don’t Fuck With Us!”

  • Carl

    Dude the REAL NSA won’t say that shit. Go fuck yourself.


    Lighten up Carl. It is blatantly obvious sarcasm that has clearly gone over your pee sized brain. Your inability to comprehend the written word is astounding and shocking. Do you vote? God help us all if you do. I sure hope there are not a significant number of your type out there.

    What is more dangerous than Johnny not being able to read is Johnny not being able to comprehend what he has read.


    Carl, this should have been a dead giveaway that the comment is sarcasm:

    “The Government
    “Don’t Fuck With Us!””

    If you would like, I can break out the crayons and finger paint to draw you a clear picture you can understand.

  • Drake

    Interesting article, and I agree that if things in our nation ever got to the point of Nazi Germany then we the people would need to stand up and fix the problem, but I have this idea that you fail to realize the fact that if you start shooting cops that you are starting a civil war that will end up costing you your life. The fact is that Stop and frisk is not a problem unless you are doing something illegal, and if a Cop enters your home illegally or illegally searches and seizes evidence then you need to realize that the evidence is non-admissible in court. Any time an officer is killed in the line of duty it is a horrible thing and the majority of the time the person who committed this atrocity ends up paying with their life. Yes we have the right to bare arms, but when a Cop stops someone for carrying a weapon they are doing their job, and odds are that they are just verifying that you have a concealed carry license, if you don’t like how things are in our country take it out on the Liberals and the Democrats who want to force more Government down your throat (such as Obamacare) and fight the system by working to get the laws right not by attempting to kill an innocent person who is doing their job.

  • O

    “I was just doing my job” didn’t work at Nuremberg, and it’s not going to work now. Wrong is wrong regardless of what the law says and whether or not you have a badge on your chest.

  • Drake

    There is a large diffrence between shipping people into concentration camps and stopping someone who is looking suspicious. The idea of a cop stopping someone who looks like they may be carrying a weapon should be no more than a simple stop the person shows their carry permit and then move on. In refrence to situations discussed in this article he mentions checks at airports, which suck granted, but when we didn’t have them we had September 11th happen, as for border checkpoints they are trying to keep illegal drugs, and illegal aliens out of America, and lastly sobriety check points that stop people to try to get the drunk drivers off the road, I know that there are times when they get other people for things like driving on a suspended license, or expired tags or some thing, but no matter what when stopped for one of these things if you have nothing to hide, or are doing nothing illegal then it is as simple as show ID or whatever and move on.

  • Mr. Mcgoo

    If you see a cop you should kill it, if you fear for your life…

  • Mike

    Bull crap. Every violation of the law by government is a problem, regardless of what I’m doing. I have lots of things to hide and they are all legal.

  • pairofpants

    ….sometime before they close the door on the cattle car, to your cyanide shower…..

  • Ihatebluepiggies

    I can’t wait. Grilled piggies. Lets bring back all the old executions from the victorian age.

  • Tim

    I truly hope to meet some of you genius individuals when you’re truly in need of a police officer’s help. I’ve been a cop in Metro Atlanta for 29 years, and even as much as I’ve heard about individuals like yourselves I’ve never met one of you……yet. I’ve met several that thought they were you, but found out how terribly mistaken and mismatched they were. Always remember….when you start shooting, you sign a check for your entire ass to whomever you’re shooting at so if you think getting together on this BS blog and getting your engines reved up is what you need to do you certainly have the right to do it. That right in call “LAW” most of the time for those of you that have actually thought about reading books. Mr. Rose comparing modern day police officers to Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot convinces me just how stupid he really is. Keep thinking that Larkin….it will guarantee you a very successful future. Looking forward to seeing you chaps.

  • pbeauchemin

    This guy asks an important question and offers an interesting answer.
    I could be wrong, but would nonetheless bet that this writer does not
    even realize for a moment that he is speaking the exact words and
    offering the exact same constitutional arguments voiced by Bobby Seale,
    Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, and Stokely Carmichael back in the

    Do you think this guy actually would have supported the Black
    Panthers in their struggle against murderous police departments, then or
    now? Maybe. If so, he deserves credit for being consistent. If not,
    then he’s just another pontificating asshole with a stupid opinion on a
    sophisticated philosophical idea that is far over his head.

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    How do the cops that kill think there sputnik.

  • DaveinATL

    Looking forward to seeing you to chap you don’t own Atlanta I know I could shot your police ass you fuckin sitting duck

  • WiseWeasel

    Cop, crip, crook, whatever. When someone defies human rights, they do not have the right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. They have the right to death, discrimination, and seemingly endless suffering. If a man in a suit with a badge shoots a kid in the chest for riding his skateboard (kid killed over $2 rail fee) or because he “saw a weapon” (murder of ernesto duenez jr), you have every right to end his pernicious existence. The same goes for the bloodthirsty crip who mistook your best friend for someone who owes him crack money. The difference is the cop won’t go to prison. He’ll be put on suspension until “things cool down”. And yeah, murder’s going to bother you for the rest of your life, it’ll get you put in a maximum security prison, unless you’re killed by other cops or citizens around you, but you’ll be making the world a safer place. Not everyone is strong enough to throw themselves under the bus for the good of the human race. In fact, hardly anyone is that strong. But bravery is not having no fears; it is finding the strength to overcome your fears.
    Wisdom says, taking a life is justified if it saves a life from being taken.

    PS. It’s sad that so many people who hate the police are so unwilling to become them. That’s the only realistic solution. Do better. Make things right. Pay it forward. When a citizen stands up to a cop, people will assuredly suffer, but when a cop stands up to a cop, justice may yet prevail.

  • joe smith

    yes the Jews at Auschwitz had nothing to hide and they all ended up ok, turns out it was a petting zoo with pretty bunnys and baby kittys. look at the state of our nation, soon our police officers will have to pick a side,Freedom, Liberty and rebellion or ship the people like you to the “petting zoo” you will get no help from me and i might even shoot escaped “zoo” patrons on sight. Enjoy your slavery and remember, scum like you don’t deserve to breathe the air of a free people so stay in the concentration camps


    You are a sore disappointment yourself. You obviously dont understand any part of this article. What was said within this video/document is truth and we need to stand up for our right because shit is getting worse each day .. you dumbass… see it with your own eyes. And if you cant , shut the fuck up.

  • copkilla

    Ha fuck you

  • Killallcops

    Tim I hope you and your trash family are found and set on fire like the trash you are.. Your family deserves to watch you die a slow death. you and all your pig friends will be getting yours real soon. I pray we get to see your family cry as they watch your smolder. Then you need sodomized with that tin badge of yours. Until then your family needs raped

  • killallcops

    Drake when any cop is killed “In the line Of duty” It is a great day for the USA. You need your head smashed in for being a pig lover. death to all pigs

  • Mr. Hand

    “Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins … Society is in every state a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” — THOMAS PAINE

  • Hana Kuro

    See, you had a point. Up until the vaccine shit. that just makes you look dumb.

  • Larry

    It is the job of every good citizen to obey just laws. It is the job of every good citizen to disobey unjust laws…Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Enki

    In-so-far-as US law goes, most states used to have legal provisions for this. In Louisiana there was a state supreme court verdict that stated “It is your right and responsibility to resist unlawful arrest by any means neccesary, up to and including the application of lethal force”. Personal opinion as to Ethics, as soon as someone threatens another person’s safety unduly, theirs is forfeit. Practically…only if you are confident you can get away with it, unless you want to be a martyr (or “crazed” lone gunman, and possible excuse for more knee-jerk gun laws).

  • affirmativeaction1962

    sorry, godwin’s law stipulates that when you compare anyone to hitler or the nazis, the discussion is over and you have lost.

  • David Garland

    aim for the pelvis lots of nerves and arteries there plus he aint gonna be walkin
    for a long time even if he lives and when he goes to the ground then you put a round in his brain case

  • Matt Bonfadini

    Its pretty clear that you have been conditioned to worship government. Let me break some things down here… #1 we have the inalienable right to travel. The government forces us through the threat of force to “register” our vehicles as a means of controlling our right to travel. The cop is the instrument of that force! #2 even if the official story of 9/11 were true, TSA could not have stopped it. Armed passengers could have stopped it not a checkpoint in the airport. TSA exists only to condition people into acting like prisoners. #3 we have an inalienable right to be armed. Firearm”permits” are a means of the government making your right a privilege. Cops exist to take that privilege away. Cops have only one purpose in this society and that is to ensure that you comply as a slave. If you aren’t a slave then you are the enemy.

  • T

    If the civilian breaks rules he gets shot so what makes a man behind a badge so special that he gets to live?

  • 6stufapins

    Lock n load. An intruder is an intruder regardless of attire and most individuals in my home will respond against invasion.
    1 shield children.
    2 shoot Intruders.

  • Phil Rozzi

    I would personally just rape the cops wife, kill his kids and cut the cops nuts off and let the thing free to go so he can look me in the face each day knowing I’m the guy who killed his entire family

  • David Amwake

    up date this! Indiana made it legal to shoot cops who try this shit nowa days!

  • M


  • bigj

    Why don’t we all join up, arm ourselves, organize ourselves and police the police? We out number the cops 20,000 to 1. Better than just complaining here.

  • D. Nic

    You pos.. pull your gun out on me and you wont make it… You are nothing but disgusting pos to advocate the killing of police officers…

  • D. Nic

    so what are you waiting on?? your such a bad ass…. NOT

  • rebel1916

    Choke on a bag of dicks, maggot

  • Michael Ryan Dominy

    it’s always been an us vs. them mentality. and look at why, y’all are talking about shooting law enforcement

  • Jo

    You people make me laugh. All of you low life maggots are ignorant. Very gullible people! I feel sorry for all of you idiots future and off-spring.

  • wombleranger

    In response to the title of this piece when should you shoot a cop? As soon as you can!

  • PurpleTantrum

    Are you 12? Anyone who thinks mass murder of cops is a reasonable response to a (possibly) unjustified search deserves to rot in prison. You think your fellow dirtbag prison mates care about your free speech rights? Read the rest of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. There are inalienable rights and unalienable rights. You need to know the difference. Did you miss the part where it explains what to do if the government becomes corrupt? The people select a new one. It doesn’t say that individual psychos who are pissed that airport cops searched their suitcase get to play Rambo and then fantasize that they’ve saved their country from tyranny. You are the reason we need cops. Educate yourself, get a grip on your mental health and stop giving kids the idea that if their teacher scolds them they should just bust out with the family arsenal and show her who’s boss. Grow the f*•%* up and act like you deserve those rights instead of a padded cell.

  • jane smith

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    if you have any problem please contact [email protected], FOR MORE HELP.

  • Magus

    Cops got a big bill to pay, and the bill is nearly due. I’d say they’re enemies of the people, but most of those people are sheep. It won’t be long till the government and their police pick a fight with someone who’s going to kick their ass. The boat will sink.
    Government = Dead
    Cops = Dead
    Sheep = Dead.

  • Cypher

    I don’t advocate shooting anyone. Unless your life is in danger, refrain, retreat and organize. There is no sense in being a martyr. The media is owned by the left and any sort of patriotic resistance will be spun as an extremist group taken down for the betterment of society. Your life is better served getting the word out and pointing out the tyranny. If it ever comes to an armed resistance make sure you are organized. We have Senate elections coming up in November and a Presidential election in 2016. Get the word out, wake people up and get them to vote! Make no mistake, you go up against a LEO or DHS by yourself and you will be killed and the media will make you out to be a nut. That being said keep you and yours safe and watch your 6.

  • Levi Mitchell

    The articles makes some good points about defending your rights against corrupt cops and other government agents, but the writer seems to me to simply be an anarchist who considers all security measures to be tryanny. They seem to consider all police officers criminals and anything a cop does to be a crime.

  • Jay Yoon

    I think everyone should protect themselves, and that those who are too cowardly to do that should be left to suffer the consequences.

  • veritasspiritus

    I would put a bullet through the scumbags head, and then go back to sleep.


  • John Smith

    I live in a small town and people are so blind. Things are out of control. The cops use these automated license plate readers that read 100’s of license plates in a couple minutes. Then it goes to a database and if there are warrants they pull you over. It doesn’t matter who is driving. They are supposed to purge the records after 10 days but they don’t. Each state is responsible for monitoring the records and we all know how that’s going. Google (Automatic License Plate Readers” and find out the truth. They record GPS coordinates and can tell when and where you or your spouse have been in the last few months (Big Brother x 10). It is out of control and most people don’t even know about them. I took my spouse to dinner on her birthday and got pullled over for no insurance. I have had insurance for 40 years. The problem was I did not receive the renewal notice in the mail and did not realize it was out. Then, I got arrested for an outstanding warrant I knew nothing about in another county. I had an accident 1 1/2 years prior and they said the reason I had not been contacted was they had the wrong address. So, I ended up in jail. I had never had an arrest. They had the wrong type vehicle, wrong address, date of birth wrong (1957 instead of 1987), and I have not had a drink in 10 years. They had me charged with DUI. I can’t stand the bastards now. Hardly anything on the arrest report was right. I had to get a lawyer and I live on disability. We need to stand up it is out of hand. I now have a Concealed Carry Permit and as far as I am concerned the cops can kiss my ass. The only “Protect and Serve” I need is a Glock 17 and a Machette.

  • FreeSoul

    Police are the scum of the Earth. Good people do not seek power and tell people to what to do. Every law passed is enforced by the tyrants enforcers. Police are demons from hell and have sold there soul for a paycheck don’t ever cry for the demon for they will not cry for you and they will gladly see you imprisoned or dead.

  • Keith Talone

    Blacks need to follow the rules like everyone else. Stop being Rude, ignorant, loud. Get a job stop looting. You Act like Animals then are mad when white people say you act like Animals. Your actions are why white people don’t want to be around you !!hire you !!rent to you!! because you all ways create a problem. Soon as you don’t get your way it’s racest let’s loot. Obey the law! If you fight with police and you get killed good! You dont pay taxs, work, support your kids, just take take take. 95% of blacks actions make the 5% of good blacks suffer!

  • Indiana Resident – Law Student

    The Writer of this Article clearly has not read any of the Laws here in Indiana. Being a Law student myself, and living In the state of Indiana, I know for a fact that our former Governor Mitch Daniels, passed a law in 2006, granting citizens the right to shoot to kill any Enforcement officer of nearly any agency, or enforcement group, be they Civil, Count, State, or Federal. Look into Indiana “Castle” laws, or the infamous “Cop Killer” laws of Indiana, for verification to this fact. This writer, while spot on about a great deal of legal, civil and constitutional topics, is using false information, false documentation, and the very same spin techniques that the modern news media uses to manipulate all of us, with false Information. Indiana is one of the few states within the Union, that grant citizens almost a s much right and power as the enforcers, so long as those enforcers are also committing crimes against civil rights, societal rights, or committing Crimes, Citizens have the right to overthrow them, within the state of Indiana. This writier need to do more research before they spout more false information.

  • anon

    Sadly America will continue its brisk run towards tyranny with the majority of the masses asking to have the entire life dictated to them and to try to insist that everyone should live like that. Fact is the vast majority of America has an IQ too low to be rational.

  • anon

    That and the older people with decent IQ and wisdom are so sick of seeing it they just shut it out of their mines. To quote the bible “many people’s hearts will grow cold”.

  • dcf10

    Police unions are the problem. period. Dont kill anybody “ask for a supervisor if possible” before any confrontation. And always pull into a business that has security cameras for your protection! if its a traffic ticket situation. ALWAYS

  • second class

    May I please distribute this article but ommit the title?? I mean no disrespect to Mr Rose. It is so well written and i want my family to read it. The title will immediately cause them to roll there eyes and close their minds.

  • Michael Ryan Dominy

    Kill it? LEOs are people, not its. I think I found a domestic terrorist here.

  • Warrior

    It’s sad that there are people who will take your advice and their life will be ruined after they are sentenced to prison or death…

  • Mr. Mcgoo

    Who cares what you ‘think’ I sure as sh!t don’t.


    “if you have the right to do “A,” it means that if someone tries to STOP you from doing “A”… …you have the right to use whatever amount of force is necessary to resist that person.”
    In an ideal world, that would be great. However, based on my copious watching of Liveleak, Copblock and similar videos of citizen-police interactions (and the comments), 95% of citizens actually have no idea what their actual ‘rights’ are. They say things like “I know my rights”, when in fact they don’t. Telling someone who is ignorant of their rights that they can defend their rights with force is asking for trouble.

  • Chauncy

    If two or more persons conspire to injure,
    oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory,
    Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment
    of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of
    the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the
    highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder
    his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

    They shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from
    the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include
    kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an
    attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or
    for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or
    custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory,
    Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights,
    privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or
    penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his
    color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or
    both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation
    of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or
    threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be
    fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this
    section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap,
    aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual
    abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or
    imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be
    sentenced to death.

  • Warren

    If there is a million other people who agree with me, why are we not meeting up to overthrow every major police department.

  • Warren

    We have to make moves. It is time.


    This is a piece of shit website that should be shut down!

  • Youonlyliveonce

    There are too many statists being pumped out every day. We are still considered “fringe” and “radical”, an obvious ad hominem attack

  • Youonlyliveonce

    You are the problem. Your exact mindset manifested throughout every martyr and tyrant throughout history. You are the problem

  • William Perrin

    I love the article and you’re 100% correct. Our system promises that “Checks and balances” are in place to get and keep the bad cops behind bars where they belong, but checks and balances aren’t there in the modern age. How many law enforecement agencies ever “Blacklisted” people for their religious or political views? More than any of us can count even though many may not want to admit the truth. More often than not armed conflict should be the answer especially in a age where laws become more oppressive than used for the benefit of society.

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  • Tom Haake

    I know a bunch of people will criticize my opinion but I believe that officers are abusing their power and using excessive force when not needed too. My principle is, only use excessive force in order to establish order when needed too

  • Richard Olsen

    You, and people like you, are the problem. You are thoroughly indoctrinated with the idea that we need the government to protect us; from ourselves. The person, “who looks like he may be carrying a weapon (which should properly have been called a firearm) has a RIGHT to be carrying it. The statutes that make carrying it illegal without a permit are themselves enacted unlawfully. As for the airport and ALL other “checkpoints”, all are implemented in total disregard of the inalienable rights that the Bill of Rights strictly prohibits, or strictly limits government’s power to interfere with. With respect to “illegal drugs”, lawfully, there is no such thing as “illegal drugs”. The whole “drug problem” arises from the perversion of the proper function of government under a constitutional republic. Compulsory public education is another such perversion. How do freedom and compulsory exist together? You, not unlike most of the inhabitants of this country, lack the fundamental understanding of freedom as envisioned by those who created and ratified, “this Constitution for the united states of America. If you did, you would understand instantly that the constitutional republic no longer exists, and formally ended just before the start of the Civil War.

  • Richard Olsen

    You are absolutely correct except for the IQ part, though the result is the same as that of having a population of largely mentally deficient people. The fact is, the creation of a society in which ignorance and functional illiteracy are widespread has been intentional and is a part of the plan to establish a world government operated as a feudal oligarchy controlled by a relatively few who are planned to be the possessors of all assets, controlling the surviving population as dependent serfs allowed to exist so long as they serve their lords and masters. In this country, centralized control of schooling was, and is, a key element in the plan to subvert, usurp, and ultimately supplant our lawful government. It is now well along, usurpation has already been accomplished.

  • Ian

    Actually I just believe that when martial law comes into play we will just have another American revolution. That is truly where doomsday will begin.

  • Shod

    So what would you do? Threaten to sue while cops rape your wife and murder your children? American cops are THE domestic enemy.

  • Shod

    That message was the truth. It’s also the truth that the country is so full of sheep because sheep are the ones who live to procreate. The government murders or imprisons most of the rest.

  • Shod

    I wouldn’t cry if 10 cops were killed for every unarmed citizen that they kill. I also wouldn’t cry if a cop were killed for sexually abusing someone’s female relative while pretending it was a legal search. I actually cheered when the guy went into the airport and offed TSA goons. Make no mistake; History shows that when a government leaves no access under law, and refuses to obey the law… people eventually begin shooting back.
    The banks impoverished millions of Americans during the great bank rip off. They took bailout money from us and invested it in China. Then they forclosed on the houses of the people that they put out of work.
    Make no mistake. While most people in America are law abiding, they’re not stupid and they can recognize organized crime when they see it. This includes the government from city to Federal and the entire American police structure as well as the banking system.
    Oh yes, people will be shooting back.

  • Shod

    Exactly. And yet, the police are nothing better than organized crime. The amazing thing is that they believe that nobody notices.

  • Shod

    In truth, anyone will protect their family, if able to. But after the dust settles, that person will be prosecuted violently and held up as a societal monster. The media will have a field day, the cops will shut down traffic with a mile long parade for the funeral all at public expense and the cops will continue business as usual.
    I really like the fact that we have camera and video technology these days. But I believe that after the cops kill someone, instead of protests and riots, folks should very quietly and legally boycott every business in town that is a Chamber of Commerce member. Cops love protests and riots, why fight them on THEIR terms. Boycott and make them bleed to death from draining their money. Faster, cleaner and no violence, court or cops.

  • Shod

    I agree with you other than the “IQ” business. People are sheep, and the media is totally government/corporate owned… as are the schools. I had to set my kids straight constantly when they came home from school, from grade school through college.
    We live in a government/corporate Fascist Police State. The question is, what do we do about it?
    As usual, educate your kids. The public school system is controlled by the government and corporate financial interests. “Get em when they’re young”.
    The idea is to capture children when they’re young and brainwash them into the “new normal”. Anything that the authorities say is true. If the authorities accuse a person, the person is guilty. There are enough sheep in this country who get on juries and do exactly what the government wants them to do. Now they’re working on YOUR kids so that they have acceptable consumers, jurists and plenty of people who believe that there’s no difference between right and wrong. There’s only what the government and the corporations say and how you FEEL.
    I’m hoping that the sleeping giant that is our good ole U.S.A. will finally wake up. But I have my doubts.

  • Shod

    The way the old Soviets did it was to bring in troops from far away so that they wouldn’t be as concerned about shooting people that they knew all their lives. I’m sure that after hiring X-Nazis and Soviets for 50 years, our current Fascist government, will keep a few thing out of the old play books.

  • acacia

    i fully agree i have a family member in a law suit right now due to police brutality! The badge does not change the fact that you broke the law

  • PurpleTantrum

    Fortunately we don’t have a system where 9 innocent cops are sentenced to death by angry American with a gun because of the crime of one cop. Make no mistake, I absolutely believe that one cop deserves twice the sentence for misusing his position of power and trust to intentionally cause harm to someone. But the idea that the misdeeds of one automatically makes every cop out there an SOB is about as smart as saying that because men commit 90% of the crime, all men are inferior. Not just the criminals, but every last person with a penis. Would kinda suck, wouldn’t it? And let’s face facts, if we really dealt with every situation by blowing people away like the old west, there would be an awful lot of bodies to clean up. Who the hell wants to deal with that? There is something to be said for communication and protest and legislation. Anyone can be trigger happy, but there wouldn’t be anybody left if we all had that idea of dealing with things that piss us off.

  • jinx

    If you are attacked by ANYONE you have the moral and legal right to protect your life and limb. As we are learning from past events the cops are eager to use force. I learned a long time ago, preteen, that police are people who cannot earn respect on their own. As a government thug they can demand respect “UNDER THE COLOR OF THE LAW”. Every state and the federal government have laws protecting the individual from government abuse and coherence, you are allowed to respond in kind if you are attacked. I have spent time behind bars AND been exonerated for “resisting arrest”. I should have sued but my beliefs wont allow me to except monies I did not earn. I have family my cousins who are cops, I love them but….

  • justin

    So since you just told someone if they can’t then they should shut up…do they now have the right to kill you?

  • Robert

    “…as a last resort…”

  • E3

    Yeah, they don’t want to hear that part.

  • shaine

    this is touchy shit man

  • Robert

    No one ever does, I think, except for the people that do.

  • Sonny

    We now live in a police state , some states are worse , in Utah there have been 13 police shootings so far in 2014 alone , some where police shot a person that was doing something wrong many were not , some were running away and were shot in the back! And all the cops said I was afraid for my life , what a load of crap !
    I can personally attest it is scary to to have someone put a gun in your face or get shot at , but I have never been afraid of someone running away or having their hands in their pants !
    in Utah if you don’t do what the police demand you either get beat down or shot ! Thanks Jim Winder .
    As long as cops see all of the citizenry as a potential threat and we are all breaking the “law” they should know that some people will see a big blue target every time a cop rolls by .

    R.I.P. Danielle Willard , Darrien Hunt .

    If you don’t believe me have a look at this >>>

  • MidnightCowboy

    Whomever wrote this article is a complete nut job. First of all, comparing modern law enforcement to Hitler, and Stalin?

    I believe that you the author, has a responsibility to the reader; inform. Your writing is completely out of this world with insanity. To think that honest good people with little information on this tioic, come to read your garbage is truly frightening. These poor people look to you for infomation for guidance, and this is hand them?

    You should be ashamed.

  • L

    You’re a fucking nut job! No one, I repeat: “NO ONE” has the right to take anyone’s life – ever !!!!!

  • Dripper

    Citizens of America I would highly recommend we all take a stand once and for all against police corruption.The best way to do so is to write to your state representative and complain about it.take a stand,Let them know fed up we are from all of this.Come Join M.A.C.C. (men against corrupted cops) in support,back each other up nationally and help dissolve the corrupted brutality quickly within the police forces and to help pass laws for every citizen in case we feel uncomfortable,unease and offended by a sudden attack by a cop so we can protect ourselves.we don’t deserve it so why should tolerate it? Together we stand,divided we fall remember that.I urge and encourage everyone that’s had enough to stand up and help defend our god given american rights that corrupted cops are attempting to take away with nonsense procedural excuses they literally use against us.please go to the website below,sign up and become a member.Support copblock in your local neighborhood,towns and cities.

  • JB Smith

    I caught a uniformed Hampton Police officer and a Virginia state trooper exit my home using keys with my computers and software. They have vandalized and stolen over $200,000 worth of my personal property. Karen Rodriguez, VA DCJS, sent me a letter in the mail stating that no action would be taken against Shorty Wallin or Tweeds. Police can get keys to anyone’s home and commit any crime they want. They put a big scratch on my car last night. Their names are Belinda Robinson, Jose Hernandez, Debra Moss, Linda Curtis, Darlene Bradberry, Tony Passaro, Paul Compton, Thomas Shull, Jared Vance and a host of others. They put a microchip on me used to torture and defame so they could get away with crime. CALEA called them desperate cops. OSI, asked me if I had ever met any of them and I said no. Belinda Robinson through her Bible in my yard. They have destroyed my business, my health, my life and stolen my life’s savings. People need to learn about the active denial system. It is on William and Mary’s website. I have been tortured by these filthy animals for seven years. They wrecked me in my car and constantly run me off the road. I am suing them for false arrest. I got them on perjury and failure to redact. This is the most corrupt place in the nation. Senator Kaine sent me a letter telling me that the Public Corruption Unit of the DOJ was investigating. He told me he was sorry I was being torture by these criminals. FBI Agent Chris Kelly, Kevin Rojek and Royce Curtin haven’t done anything to make the torture stop. I have dozens of eye witnesses to the torture. They allowed all their attorneys to watch me be tortured. Only one, Megan Bradshaw, had the integrity to recuse herself. The rest of the attorneys are just as criminal as the cops that rape, torture, sodomize, drug, steal, and abuse. They put video of me taken in the privacy of my home, bathroom, shower, on a Virginia state police sponsored porn site tagged “bare naked justice”. Judge Allen said that was moot. I have one thing to say to Arenda Allen, if you believe gang rape and sodomy is moot, strip yourself naked, spread your legs and let the filthy animals crawl all over you!


    Indiana Supreme Court ruling, which declared that if a cop tries to ILLEGALLY enter your home, it’s against the law for you to do anything to stop him. FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!!! FUCK “UP” WHOEVER MADE THAT UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW TOO!!!

    We have criminals pretending to be cops just to get into your homes!!!!! Go ahead and let them in, after all they have badges right?, only to find out that they are NOT even cops!!!


    “The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “in the line of duty,” take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the “law enforcer” was the bad guy and the “cop killer” was the good guy. As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history.”




    “The tree of liberty MUST be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    That “LAST RESORT” is past it’s due!

  • Larson Collins

    When should you shoot a cop? If in a 100% corupt, oppressive, impoverishing, murdering, rogue, illegal, unconstitutional, oligarchical, inverted totalitarian, police-state, as the U.S. Government is, than as many as you can without getting caught, constantly.

  • PurpleTantrum

    I don’t know if you realize how many thousands of cops there are in the US, but the fact that you can find maybe 20 videos on the internet of out of control cops is not proof of what the majority of them are doing. It shows us that there is a very small percentage of cops that are flip wiggy nuts and need their badge and gun taken very far away from them. But it also shows that our media spoon feeds us negativity every day. The news will very rarely show you any stories of the thousands of cops doing good deeds every day, because that doesn’t hike the ratings and it doesn’t get people all worked up. People forget positive things 2 seconds after they happen. And people sure as hell will rarely bother to take out their cell phone and start filming if a cop comes to their rescue or does something nice.

    On the night of my 21st birthday I broke down on a dark overpass, several miles from anything that was open. I was in an industrial stretch of the highway, and my van was sandwiched between the guardrail and the white line marking the shoulder of the road. Every time a car would zip past me the van would shutter and quake. This was a time before cell phones and the highway I was on didn’t have any emergency phones, at least none that I could see. As a woman it would have been pretty dangerous to try and walk back to civilization, and I can tell you that I was way too chicken to try. When I was 2 hours late coming home and my dad had called highway patrol, you better believe that I was overwhelmed with happiness when those cops came and rescued me. They drove me the 30 minutes to my house after calling a tow truck for my van. Those cops were awesome but it’s not a story that will get the attention that a police misconduct story will get.

    Obviously there shouldn’t be any bad cops. One is too many. But the media lurks around waiting for a negative police story and they replay them every hour. The good cop is lucky if his deeds get published on the back page with a lousy 3 sentences. All the media has to do to lead you to believe there’s an epidemic of people jumping out windows is to blast every single case of it nonstop until everyone panics. The truth is, an awful lot of us just hate cops and actually want there to be a problem so that we can feel justified for antisocial attitudes.

  • BillyRay

    Why does it always have to be a battle of “us against them” argument. If your narrow minded and uneducated then it doesn’t matter which line your standing behind. Get above it all. Don’t hide behind repression by waiting for prosperity to show up at the door cause that’s going to be a long wait. I did 24 years as a special operator in the military and I can tell you that’s a hard life but the recruiter is open every day offering opportunities. I can also I see both sides of the argument. I brought a special threat eliminating skill to the table to every deployment I had. I’m not talking about drive bye’s or running my mouth. To say that is to say I also brought with me the same big generous heart I was raised with. In time however; the violence brought by evil intent started getting tiresome. It was relentless to say the least. Don’t bring a history of violent or deviant behavior to the table then ask for fairness. Fairness is not what you have earned. Now for who “YOU” are by definition. Your black, white, brown, pick a color of your choice because I don’t care. Your an American first and I fought and was ultimately critically injured for YOU. I came home and joined a major University and EARNED a Bachelor of Science in logistics in four years. I rose above my situation and YOU can too. College Algebra, Finite math, Data Analysis and Calculus was hard but is it harder than waiting for Mom’s government check every month? The government is begging to help “at risk populations” go to school and rise above. Tell me your too stupid or not smart enough to walk in that direction because I looked in the mirror and said the same thing 5 years ago.

  • Edward

    see people its like this we on this site ether know what’s up and are ready to act its the others, who think the police are hear to protect we have to wake them up but the sad truth is most of America is no longer in touch with the reality and do not want to wake up but a few more wake up every year when a cunt pig abuses them for the first time. I hate cops pretty much always have when I was 16 a piece of shit metro pig and his lover ( partner) I say lover because I know cops like to suck each others dicks when they can. tied me and a friend to a yucca tree in the AV (they drove us there) and began shooting @ us, I get kind of emotional when I talk about this and I want cops to know if you ever touch my kid or my family I swear on my mothers I eyes I will take a week to kill you. fuck all police you were all bullied on the play ground and are psychologically unfit to be police pigs please if there are any cops thinking of committing suicide cause of this please. HURRY THE FUCK UP AND OFF YOURSELF do us and your family a favor you bunch of cunts but I’m losing track they are not going to do anything because they are in denial or just out right scared. its like a fight, does curling up in to an ass ball stop a bully, fuck no or does getting up and kicking his ass stop him. fucken reason and peace they are counting on the all lapd is a continual shock troop presents well I get to angry when I come to this site ya wana make the world a better place kill cops lobbyists judges and attorneys bunch of misery manger’s i openly advocate the killing of corrupt cops politicians judges and attorenys and i d love to get busy so lets get this civil war shit started why because no one wants to lose ther cabble or the Costco card they taken so much and replaced with novelty electronics in hopes you wouldn’t notice the shit they took from you which was priceless in closing make the world a better place kill do unto pigs as they have to us fuck cor-pirate America and the pigass i mean police if there is a cop who does not like what i said i am willing to meat you and we can handle it no guns, pussies, just hand to hand and i will rip you manhood from your body fuck you stupid badge wearing cunts i hope you all die to day an empty meaningless like you have inflicted on other and ther families ps any one planning an action let me know and i mean violent confrontation not some lame ass sit in where people are go to the system to say that the system is abusing them

  • loonpatrol


  • loonpatrol

    You just violated his constitutional right to express his opinion you fuc#ing loon…

  • loonpatrol

    Civilians don’t get shot for breaking the rules…you’re more dramatic that the most Liberal Liberal…

  • Johnny Law

    You are a paper revolutionary. I seriously doubt that you have the testicular fortitude to do what this article advocates. Resistance is illegal in and of itself. I seriously doubt that any criminal ever believes that the police are justified in arresting then hence you advocate for killing the police who are just enforcing the law. That is why everyone has the right to a trial and possible civil redress if the arrest is found to be illegal. Stick with paying Grand theft auto, you’ll have a better chance of staying it of jail and staying alive.

  • Jack Hopkins

    Shod, I seriously doubt that US cops are out there raping and pillaging.If they are then they are not long on the job or walking free.

  • patriot

    If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to
    be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.

  • patriot

    some low life scumbag cop shoots my dog and there’s going to be dead government goons when I finish shooting.

  • patriot

    dave nickerson says:
    March 01, 2015 at 1:21 pm
    If a Cop says
    something smart and causes trouble, then shoot him. The best thing is to
    act like everything is fine and reach under the seat as he walks back
    to the car and shoot him in th