Ademo Caged for Felony “Improper Influence”


UPDATE 07/05/11 FOOTAGE RELEASED BY KEENE POLICE. See the raw video, as well as Judge Burke refusing a subpoena, here.




Yesterday Beau Davis was held in “contempt” for not removing his hat when ordered by a stranger named Ed Burke in Keene district court. He was told that he’d spend the next five days in a cage. For what? Where’s the victim? Thus far Ron Dunn, the “bailiff” who initiated the interaction, has failed to express remorse for his actions.

This morning CopBlock.org founder Ademo Freeman went to Keene district court to discuss Beau’s treatment with Ed as he walked into his office. When they reached the second floor where the office was located, Ed ordered other men with guns to “arrest” Ademo. They obeyed.

A moment later Derrick Horton, who had been doing “Don’t Take the Plea” outreach on the first floor, was handcuffed as he stepped onto the second floor to try to hold everyone accountable through his camera.

Ademo was alleged to have acted with “Improper Influence” RSA 640:3 – a “Class B Felony” and is currently at Cheshire Co. Jail until his “probable cause hearing” on July 7th at 9am in Jaffrey, NH. His captors have issued a $5,000 ransom and they stole his camera.

Derrick was processed, given a “violation” for filming, and released. His “crime” was filming in the lobby, which many, including myself, did yesterday. A bit arbitrary. Don’t you think? That’s the difference between natural law and man-made legislation.

2011.06.29 12:00pm EST:
Thus far $230 has been raised through CopBlock.org/Support to help Ademo. 
2011.06.29 1:00pm EST:
Please call 603.271.2521 then press “5” for to reach Don Goodnell, “director” of Admin. Offices of the Courts, to demand the release of the surveillance footage taken at Keene district court on Tuesday, June 28th.
2011.06.29 1:20pm EST:
Ademo & Derrick’s arrests noted in New Hampshire Sentinel “Adam M. Mueller, 28, of Keene was arrested after an encounter with Keene District Court Judge Edward J. Burke in the court lobby, according to Keene police Sgt. Christopher L. Simonds. Simonds didn’t know what transpired between Mueller and the judge, but the judge ordered a bailiff to arrest Mueller, he said.”
2011.06.29 2:15pm EST:
Yesterday Pete Eyre was told it would take 24-72hrs to “classify” Ademo at jail, after which time he could have visitors. Kate Ager just called and was told it would take up to four more days.
2011.06.29 2:20pm EST:
Strategy brainstorming meeting created for tonight at 6pm at the Keene Activist Center.
2011.06.29 4:00pm EST:
Richard Van Wickler returned Pete Eyre’s call and informed him that Ademo was done being “classified” and would be moved into general population after his health assessment. Pete and Kate plan to visit Ademo at 6pm.
2011.06.29 5:00pm EST:
Pete Eyre spoke with Ademo on the phone. A video from that conversation will be up tonight, after Pete returns from visiting Ademo at jail but briefly, Ademo noted that Beau was going to be released tomorrow (Thur.) morning, rather than Fri. for “good behavior.” He also encouraged those so-inclined to donate a buck or another set amount per day that he’s caged via CopBlock.org/Support.
2011.06.29 8:oopm EST:
Kate Ager to to “judge” Ed Burke: Release Ademo & Beau video made live (see below).
2011.06.30 10:30am EST:
Beau Davis is free(r)!
2011.06.30 11:00am EST:
Pete Eyre and Kate Ager went to Keene district court and requested all documents/media/content related to the arrests of Ademo Freeman, Beau Davis and Derrick Horton. They left with some documents related to Ademo – a complaint, assignment order and order of commitment. The other documents will be mailed.
2011.06.30 12:00pm EST:
Help us get footage from Ademo’s camera – it’ll prove his felony charge absurd. Call prosecutor Chris McLaughlin and tell him to do what’s right: 603.357.9815 (then press #1).
2011.06.30 12:10pm EST:
“Adventures in Statism Full” video captured on Derrick Horton’s camera by Derrick and Jason Repsher added to thread (see below).
2011.06.30 1:45pm EST:
Pete Eyre mailed a Freedom of Information Act letter to Edwin Kelly, 107 Pleasant St., Johnson Hall 3rd Fl., Concord, NH 03301 to obtain all related documents/video/content. The “state” is supposed to respond within five days.
2011.06.30 5:00PM EST: Ademo is free(r)!! Check out the video above to hear in his own words how it went down.


Beau Davis, Pete Eyre & Ademo Freeman next to MARV

Help keep Ademo going – visit CopBlock.org/Support
Donations will be used however Ademo best sees fit. If we raise enough to bail him out and he wants to be bailed out, he’s out. Otherwise any donations received may be used to help cover the costs incurred by going pro se, projects, food, etc.

Call those involved. Let them know that they’re responsible for their actions. It’s not right to initiate force against a peaceful person.
Chris McLaughlin – 603.357.9815 ext. 1
.prosecutor [tell him to turn over the footage from Ademo’s camera – it’ll prove his felony charge absurd]
Ed Burke – (603) 352-2559
– “judge” Keene district court [communicate that you do not condone his rights-violations of Ademo, Derrick and Beau]
Richard Van Wickler – (603) 903-1600
– “superintendent” Cheshire Co. Jail – [ask his thoughts on the situation and note that he himself is culpable since he’s keeping a peaceful individual caged]
Timothy K. Peloquin – (603) 357-9813 ext. 7029
– Keene PD “officer” who signed “Improper Influence” complaint against Ademo [inquire if he thinks Ademo deserves to be in a cage for nine days or if he can identify a victim]
Don Goodnell – (603) 271.2521 ext. 5
– Administrative Office of the Courts, director [encourage him to be transparent and release surveillance footage from building]


Kate Ager & Ademo Freeman at PorcFest

The overview below was written by Kate Ager (a friend, and one of the eight arrested outside Manchester PD).
I woke up this morning (Tuesday June 28, 2011) to a Keene 411 text message alerting me that, “Ademo Freeman just got arrested at city hall,” so I went down there. When I arrived, I passed Jason Repsher downstairs who was doing Don’t Take the Plea outreach and proceeded to the second floor where the first thing I saw upon opening the door was a Keene Police officer grabbing Derrick Horton’s arm; he was ordered to put his camera on the counter, placed under arrest and taken into a back room.

Ademo, who was being held in the conference room, was taken to a room off to the side where I could see him through the window and spoken to by multiple police officers. After their encounter, Ademo was taken to the Keene Police Department. Jason Repsher stayed at the Keene District Court to watch Derrick’s proceedings while Rich Paul and I went to the police department to gain further information about Ademo.

At the police department, the woman at the front desk said that she did not know any information and would speak with the arresting officer when he was free for a moment. We checked in with her multiple times, but she did not follow through. About forty-five minutes after arriving, I was standing outside with Rich and Jason, when Officer Short drove into the parking lot and informed us that Derrick had been transported to the police department and would be released shortly, and Ademo was being charged with a Class B Felony, Improper Influence [*].

Ademo’s charge was based off of asking judge Ed Burke questions on his walk into the building regarding caging peaceful people, such as Beau Davis, for wearing hats in the courtroom. Derrick was released with a violation for filming. Twenty minutes later, we were told by Officer Rivera that in half an hour Ademo would see a judge other than Burke, because of the conflict of interest, at Keene District Court.

I parked at the courthouse and saw Ademo in the back of Officer Peloquin’s cruiser, so I was able to exchange a few words with him on the way to the second floor. Judge Lane ‘oversaw’ the bail hearing/arraignment and decided that “the state,” who brought up prior arrests and that Ademo is on bail for the chalking incident on June 4th in Manchester, had made a convincing argument. Ademo argued that he has never missed a court date and should be released on signature bond, but bail was set for $5,000.

At his request, Officer Peloquin turned Ademo’s property over to me – except his video camera. When Ademo was taken out a side exit and put into the Sheriffs vehicle, I left through a different exit and watched as they drove away. A bailiff whom had followed Ademo and the officers outside apologized to me, telling me that he was “sorry for what I had to go through in there” and to call or come speak with him in a few hours to find out Ademo’s court date and the location where it will take place.

The bailiff should not be apologizing to me, he and his colleagues should be apologizing to the person(s) whom they actively aggressed against. Ademo was taken to Cheshire County Jail awaiting a probable cause hearing which is to take place at 9:00 AM on July 7, 2011 in Jaffrey District Court.

Pete and I went down to the courthouse around 3:30 PM to inquire further about Ademo’s hearing. The bail hearing this morning was also an arraignment – I learned thatt with felony charges a plea can not be submitted; not guilty is submitted automatically by the judge. Pete got the phone number of who to call in Concord regarding getting a copy of the footage taken today by the surveillance cameras in the courthouse. Ademo was filming his encounter with Ed Burke but his camera is being held, presumably as evidence.

  • Shigman

    This is what happens when you try your activism in court-FELONIES! Judges don’t fuck around, as you all can see, in court you gotta play by their rules if you want to help your guys’ case against hats in court. Get an attorney, try to pass something that allows hats, but the LEGAL way, not YOUR way. All this is hurting your cause and making you all look like giant douchebags. Maybe if this felony sticks, maybe you guys will rethink your plan.

  • Nicolas

    What next? Does he insist on the right to appear in court with his underwear exposed and his pants positioned at mid-thigh? This is an incredibly puerile trivialization of important issues.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    A Muslim would have not been jailed for their “hat”…… Selective enforcement… The hat “respect” issue is from decades and centuries past when hats were so huge, the person behind you could not see the show as THAT is disrespectful. This is judicial misconduct at the least, forced slavery at worst. Either way, a man (or woman) has every right to wear what they want as long as they are not violating the rights of others. Break your conditioning/programming! LIBERTY is too big to fail!!

  • Darren

    I am a financial advisor and have two judges and many police officers as clients. I find it interesting when they are in my office that they don’t follow their own rules when dealing with a professional. They use their cell phones, wear hats, appear late or miss all together on a frequent basis. I am in sales and get my income from them and many others so obviously I never bring up the issue but I find it despicable that these financial illiterates that leave their entire finances to people like myself, can on a whim lock me up for whatever the hell they feel like. If I had my own practice I think I would send them a $250 failure to appear bill when they miss their appointments like they send to all of us.

    The issue of wearing hats, or baggy pants, or whatever should be a personal choice. Nobody should want to go into court not looking their best but that is their right to do so. How can the court have a leg to stand on when half the defendants are wearing horrible orange jumpsuits forced onto them by government? Is a hat, newspaper, book, etc really causing harm to the court?

  • Nicolas

    Oh, this lad wears a hat as an expression of conscience?

    There had better be some wiser people leading the movement against police abuse or it will quickly become a laughingstock that produces more public ridicule than sympathy.

    Making the wearing of this hat in court an issue is, practically speaking, idiotic. It is the sort of thing that cops would script to discredit the effort to hold the police accountable. I smell a rat.

  • WAAmbulance

    How about a copy of the arrest report? What he has been accused of is either threatening the judge or offering to bribe him. I sure would like to know what he said that could be interpreted as either of those.

  • Matt

    Anyone who thinks the petty issue of refusing to take a hat off in a courtroom is fighting for liberty deserves what they get. Getting a little tired of these chump change tactics….practically begging to be arrested for miniscule no real time crimes and then begging everyone to show solidarity for poor Ademo or whoever else decides to get in someone’s face under the auspice of “liberty”. Man in a black dress…same old tag line, same old everything. I challenge you Pete and Ademo and Beau, to shit or get off the pot. Make a real stand. Stop paying your taxes since you think it’s theft, how about stop going to court altogether, otherwise your whole schtick is one big circle jerk and you are all looking like a bunch of fools to those outside your little circle of friends.

  • Matt

    Matt says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 29, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Moderation? Are you serious? The people behind copblock.org censor shit before they decide it is okay to post? LOL. What a JOKE.

  • http://songsoflilberty.com Sam A. Robrin

    “[A]s our strategy becomes more focused” is problem number one: There should be a strategy worked out and in place, ready to go at a moment’s notice. There should be several meetings to discuss various tactics, decisions should be made, tasks delegated–then, before any event, another get-together to coordinate existing strategy with the event’s individual characteristics and variances. Signs should be painted and ready to go (paint up a bunch of “FREE [-blank-]” signs to be filled in later. Once more, I’ll mention the importance of rehearsed, memorized songs. Rides should have been arranged ahead of time. Consultation on the law should be procured. Everyone should have a list of their personal preferences as to identity, bail, lawyers, commissary, fees, etc., as well as instructions regarding rent and pets and all that life stuff that jail grinds to a halt–with volunteers who’ll take care of such. A thousand other things I’m not thinking about should probably also be done, but that’s why you have planning discussions well ahead of time–no one person can think of them all, so you bounce them around.
    Best of luck with all that, though–I tried, and got little more than vituperation for the effort.

  • Tristan

    I’m still amazed that NH has solved all the violent and/or crime of theft (eg victims). I’m glad this robed gangster should be disbarred for locking people up for a “wardrobe” issue.

  • http://www.humanadvancement.net/blog Kyle Bennett

    “Making the wearing of this hat in court an issue is, practically speaking, idiotic. ”

    I agree, the baliff and judge are idiots for doing that.

  • George Sand

    @ Matt – the first time a poster posts, they must be approved so that we can avoid spammers. After they post the first time, all comments will automatically post. Calm the fuck down.

  • J

    (iv) privately addresses to any public servant who has or will have official discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding any representation, entreaty, argument, or other communication designed to influence the outcome on the basis of considerations other than those authorized by law;

    Ademo could be in some trouble here, I would get a Lawyer on this one

  • http://CopBlock.org Rob

    Matt we have over 2,000 spam emails a day sent to this site. Our filters do a great job picking them up, and Like George said, if it’s your first time and your comment made it through the filters we will post whatever you left. Sorry for the slight delay, unfortunately at this time this is the best system out there. (we’re always open to recommendations if you have a better way to filter 2,000 spam emails a day) Trust me, It had nothing to do with the content of your post. –Rob

  • Mike

    Part a of that law seems to require physically threatening Ed. Part b would seem to require trying to bribe Ed, and part c doesn’t apply as it is directed at public servants who don’t report violations of part a or b.

    I doubt Ademo threatened or tried to bribe Ed (although I wasn’t there so can’t say for sure, but from what I have gathered from reading cop block both of those things would seem to go against Ademo’s personal philosophy). So I don’t see how that law applies to what he did.

  • Mike

    @Matt I think that members of cop block getting arrested for totally bizarre reasons like not taking off a hat shows how silly the entire justice system is and how law enforcement officers are nothing but petty thugs.

    In this situation, let’s not forget that the Keene court system/police department has decided it is perfectly OK to put someone in a cage for wearing a hat and then to put someone into a cage when they question them about that action. That is tyranny no matter how petty you believe their form of protest to be.

  • Mike


    “…designed to influence the outcome on the basis of considerations other than those authorized by law”

    This section seems aimed at bribery. As long as Ademo didn’t bribe him it shouldn’t apply. Surely talking to a public servant is authorized by law (unless Ademo threatened him which is covered by Part a.

  • J

    Pete you make a good point, in that the contempt case for the hat, had already been settled.. So The Charge on Ademo is not Valid.

  • Matt

    @mike. Pretty simple solution to this “tyranny”, which is, take your hat off just like you keep your pants on. But that isn’t up to me….if Pete and Adam and Beau want to continue getting arrested for piddly shit – that is their business. Until they start choosing to REALLY make a difference by standing firm to their beliefs it’s all smoke and mirrors. Pete uses the term “kidnapping” quite often. If I, a total stranger went up to Adam in broad daylight, and actually kidnapped him at gunpoint, would Pete run to his RV and make a video? Or, would he defend his friend and get him back no matter the cost? Dollars to donuts he would probably even call the *gasp* police. But even if he didn’t, lets see Pete start cutting the shit and spewing his rhetoric and start proving his point. These guys purposely choose to violate petty crimes because they know it is safe, yet pretend it’s the big time,
    and it’s getting OLD and making the liberty movement look like a bunch of kooks.

  • Matt

    @George Sand: Oh I’m sorry, did I rattle your cage? lol

    George Sand says:
    June 29, 2011 at 11:41 am

    @ Matt – the first time a poster posts, they must be approved so that we can avoid spammers. After they post the first time, all comments will automatically post. Calm the fuck down.

  • robert

    it’s time to flash mob with hats, get as many people together as possible, fill every seat, after the judge sits everyone put on their hats, as many different hats as one can find, and yes must have one with a ya-mica,

  • Larry in Va

    Matt is right…….so lets fix this …Ill repeat my offer

    “come on I pitch a handful of half baked criticisms at you and the response to me is slow and poorly thought out…..why arent supporters manning this site live?”

    Heres my offer Ill drive up from Virginia with MY crew and cameras and guys who are former magistrates,police officers and efficient at popping folks out of jail so that you have your top guys back and can mount a strong defense from outside….Im packed up already with 5500 cash …..5 Canon GL pros…..mainstream contacts…laptops…mifi’s….5 people and a minivan…..

    all I need is the name of a banner printer there in town ahead of arrival

    (Because apparently no one is yet)

    this is my 1 offer and it explodes at 2359 EST tonight…..

  • Larry in Va

    oh and trust me…..they (ANY LEO UP THERE) WONT get our cameras or footage….

  • Dawn

    Matt, you are so right on. Glad there’s a voice of reason on this sight.

  • Dan

    ahhhhh yes,,,they are looking for more money

  • Matt

    @Larry in VA – well, it’s been several hours, but Pete is too busy playing on his facebook re re re re posting Kate Ager’s pre-pubescent letter to Judge Burke that he doesn’t give a shit about and will never hear/read. But oh yes….got to let us know she wrote a letter…..WHOOP DEE DOO. This whole group is irritating me to no end – and it sets liberty movements back in large strides. I’m not surprised at all that Pete and others are completely ignoring your offer…..and I know why……there are consequences that extend beyond a week in the pokey that they are completely unprepared to deal with. It’s much easier to battle ego’s with small town patrol cops in nowhere USA than to actually man up and do something about what you think is unjust.

  • Larry in Va


    disappointingly I have to agree….it appears they are more concerned with useless banter.

    I had my team on notice that we may have to make a road trip….since its clear its complete disorganization there.
    I’m starting to believe some of these guys are more talk and show than substance.

  • __sports__talk__645

    I really like Pete and Ademo, and I agree with them. This situation has me really worried, however. I think trying to defend two felony prosecutions in two states is too big a job for anyone. I’m sending positive vibes and hopefully some cash (if I’ve got a few spare FRNs at the end of this month). But I think this episode is not going to end well. These courts and judges are dangerous. I hope this turns out Ok for Ademo, but I’m worried.

  • Matt

    @sportstalk645 – I wouldn’t worry too much – I personally think half the times these guys end up getting charged with this type of piddly stuff is just to get them out of their faces if only temporarily. I am sure, no doubt, that the charges will be dismissed simply because they are indeed trivial and really not worth the paper they are typed up on. Naturally, everyone will champion such dismissal as some sort of victory for liberty, but in reality….they are being played (and no Ms. Ager, your unread letter will have nothing to do with any of it). I say this in all seriousness by the way….not sarcastically (except the Ms. Ager part….that I did mean sarcastically…lol).

  • Larry in Va

    wow…..and so the world turns

  • jaybird

    It is well known that wearing a hat in court is against court protocol. If you choose to wear a hat knowing it ends with doing time in a cage, then be happy you got time to waste proving absolutely nothing except that a foolish act will meet a foolish end. Procedures/rules pertaining to the court-room may not make sense but it is important to have concrete guidelines for safety and fluidity.

  • K

    @Matt- I have no hallucinations that my letter will cause Ademo to be released, charges to be dropped or anything of the sort. That does not make getting my message out there pointless.

    You’re rude.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Here is information that the Keene Police don’t seem to understand. I learned of it in government school, but it is possible that some police may have been skipping that day in their school career. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_(government) That page clearly shows that they are derelict in their duties regarding the separation of powers meant to protect people from rouge dictators like the ones in the Keene court house. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_powers. This information is quite elementary, yet the “officials” pretend it doesn’t exist, and it is the very foundation that was probably taught the first day of LEO boot camp. What happened? Does the United Nations ICLEI being involved/owning Keene NH have anything to do with this? Do Keene Police even know they are a UN operation and ACTUAL traitors? Many good questions in need of answers here people. Silence is acquiescence! I am not a Glen Beck fan, but many Police are, and Glen nails it, when he shows the operations happening NOW in Keene NH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esJY2SK_4tE&sns=fb Any Police that that keep peaceful people out of cages by rouge actors will most likely prevail because they will have the power of the alternative NEW main stream media formerly known as alternative media behind them 100%.

  • Rebecca Olesen

    What a crock of shit. I DO believe in respecting the court, they are just doing their jobs; but hell, I believe in common respect. The problem is when they force “respect” onto you with verbal intimidation and arresting people; instead of just kindly requesting that the hat be removed as those are the rules of the court; and it’s not just about respect. It’s about keeping faces visible etc. Safety reasons.

    Anyway if they have enough time to fuck with this guy, they must have solved the PROBLEM OF CRIME ;D Real crime I mean.

  • http://youtube.com/kinleyhard K.C.

    This charge and statute subsection smacks of and seems similar to ex parte communication or illegal representation/practicing law without a license/unauthorized practice of law. Regardless, modern Western courts mistake themselves for the papal or royal ones. Also Burke and/or the state should have the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Apparently bailiffs, cops and judges are often confused and/or threatened by basic common sense, conscience, morality, reasoning and the truth.

  • Matt

    @K – I don’t care if you think I’m rude or not. Not everyone thinks your letter is a great idea. It’s sounds juvenile, looks juvenile and IS juvenile. It serves no point other than to let big mouth Ademo know you think he is a neat guy.

    @Bill – Your post is exactly one of the reasons why people think we are all crazy. You’re citing wikipedia….LOL – infused with some snarky jabs here and there, and topped off with babbling whitewash – I mean…..Keene employees are traitors..??…a UN Operation?? LOL. I hardly think Keene Police is keeping the entire population there in cages. Most of these liberty movement folks spend a few days in the lock up AT MOST – and it is not as if they were simply plucked from the street. They stand in front of police cars, smoke pot and blow it in cops faces…..HELLO. In many cases – they even lie…..like Meg McLain and her tearful TSA experience. She claimed all sorts of terrible accusations. Then….TSA shows video – and we see a distraught Meg sitting in a chair while the nice TSA lady keeps handing Meg kleenex and consolations. None of this crap above is helping us with liberty, and while a moderator or Pete or letter writing Kate may think it’s rude to bring it up, it’s the truth. And still no response to Larry in VA. Ridiculous. Keep soaking up the applause and well wishing on facebook Pete for a job well done. >:/

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    But Keene IS an ICLEI operation. Did you not see the proof I posted? Here is more.. http://tinyurl.com/5sh757s .You proved nothing but did call me names. Yes, if you swear an Oath to defend the Constitutions, THEN take dictates from the UN, you ARE a traitor. How can FACTS hurt the liberty movement? YOU hurt the liberty movement for NOT proving me wrong!!

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    I am a three in a row (95-95-96) NASCAR Champion at Monadnock Speedway down the street in Winchester NH. I use the scientific method of research in the liberty arena like I did to WIN championships, not the emotional, name calling method of Keene MH tyrant sympathizers. The UN dictates the policies in Keene and it is traitorous! Just the facts man…

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Matt, you pissed me off so bad I replied quickly without proof reading my quick comment, I apologize to the rest of the readers here, I will try to do better moving forward. The Free Keene people DEFEND LIBERTY for my 10 year old sons future. I stand with them, NOT the authoritarian dictatorship that runs Keene NH and MA where I am. Liberty is too big to fail!

  • http://CopBlock.org Rob

    Matt, all I can think is “seriously”??? Your last comment uses Meg, Ademo and Pete’s name directly implying that you know them as Megs name is never mentioned on our site except for your post. While Pete has full access to moderate this site he spends his time with Liberty on Tour and persons like myself help moderate. You also bring up Meg but she is never mentioned here and has no direct ties to Cop Block. She is a great person and does a lot but i’m confused as to why you are throwing her TSA incident into this post. Your response yesterday “@George Sand: Oh I’m sorry, did I rattle your cage? lol” makes me wonder if you are even an adult. Comments like that are just childish and I hope one day you will grow up. Feel free to address myself, My name is Rob and i’m always around to help if you have a question.

  • K

    @Matt- It doesn’t matter if you think my letter is a good idea or not. I’m not looking for everyone’s, or anyone’s, approval. It does serve a purpose, which is not to let Ademo know that he is a “neat guy.” If I wanted to let Ademo know that I thought he was a “neat guy” I would tell that to him directly. Don’t you have anything more productive to do with your time than criticize people? You may not think my letter helps anything, but it’s not harming anything either.

  • K

    And what exactly is childish about trying to express my concerns to a man who I believe is in the wrong?

  • Delmer Woolensack

    @Matt: Honestly did not read all your comments, but even halfway through your fist, came up with several points against it.
    You call wearing a hat in court “petty” which is absolutely correct, but a right someone should have none the less, same with a button or an earring, the courts do not have the right to demand what closes we wear in a court with out reason, it is OUR property, and we LET the judge work there. If you can’t ignore a guy in a hat; you are far far to “petty” to be a judge.
    Next you accuse Copblockers of ‘asking for it’, however “Come see the violence inherent in the system! Help Help I’m being repressed!” does come to mind, but the key there is VIOLENCE. If a man is treated violently when he attempts to stand up for his right to wear a hat, he will meet the same response when he is forced to defend his less “petty” rights.

  • Matt

    Well well well, look at that. Some voluntaryist society this is going to be – I mean, I can’t even call Meg, Meg?!!!. Quite frankly, there is too much to respond to – but I’ll try. Kate Ager…..it’s childish because who takes a letter of inquiry handwritten with scribbles and underlines seriously? It reminds me of junior high with the little flip folded paper with numbers on it. Grow up. To Bill: Where did I call you … that is YOU a name? I didn’t, I stated your “proof” makes the liberty movement look crazy….Claiming some persons entry into wikipedia as proof that Keene, NH is acting as agents of the United Nations is not proof. I won’t even entertain the wasting of my time – there is nothing to invalidate because you haven’t provided ANYTHING other than some kibbles and bits you found on a self made encyclopedia. I could change that in one hour to say Keene is a town on the planet of Mars. To Rob: Sorry I called Meg by her name….oops? – what would you have preferred me to call her? Look, you know as well as I know that she is just one cog in an antique bicycle gear that has plenty to do with copblock and supporting Ademo and Pete. Can we please just cut the crap? And so I asked George if I rattled his cage….I ended it with a “lol”….that means tongue in cheek….again – come on here. Delmer: Look….I dislike the legal system and some if it’s non virtue as much as the next guy. But – one thing I am smart enough to know is, that I am not a Judges Boss, even if my tax dollars pay his/her salary. A judge doesn’t have 1 million bosses just because 1 million people pay taxes. Same goes with a cop and a fireman and a postal worker and a janitor in a state owned building. Otherwise, who in their right mind would want those jobs, if some noob can just stroll up to them and make them do a dog and pony show just because “I pay your salary?”

    And once again – my questioning (and from the looks above, quite a few agreements with me) has diverted everyone’s attention into stroking themselves in an epic battle of wits – and smart money says it won’t end without a few more responses. Hmmm….sort of like cops. A few bruised egos and look out…..people gonna show me who is the man around here. And one more thing….I don’t know why there is some concern with my bringing up Pete into this discussion. There is a great big copblock sticker on his RV, he wears the shirt….his video is at the top of his page….so why isn’t he in on this discussion…and specifically, why didn’t he respond to Larry in VA? I’m sorry if that is a tough question to answer…..but hey – he is asking for money….and before I depart with any of my Benjamins, I want to know how they are used – and what exactly is the “strategy” with all this nonsense.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Matt, You really missed the mark on the reply about me. When you wrote “Your post is exactly one of the reasons why people think we are all crazy” Implies I, and the Keene Voluntaryists are crazy along with you, which I do not stand with you and I consider your remarks slanderous to me personally and I would never speak for a Voluntaryist by default.

    The Wikipedia articles, which cross reference with other information, even in school textbooks if you would actually check into it, that the system we are meant to have should have checks and balances, and the Police and Courts are DIFFERENT BRANCHES that are to NOT FOLLOW orders from the other blindly especially ILLEGAL (clearly unconstitutional) ORDERS which Keene Police seem to do all the time.

    And in closing, the scene there in Keene (and here) makes one wonder, who pulls the strings, who sets policy, who is the (claimed) Sovereign power (when the People should have that power) and YES the UN is that power by the City of Keene’s OWN admission, no longer respecting the Peoples wishes or Rights. History repeats, and the winners were not the state/authoritarians in 1776, and eventually the results will be the same. I cannot understand people that frown upon freedom and side with dictators!

  • Stephen Powell

    “The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.

    You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.”

    — Robert A. Heinlein

  • Guy

    Has anyone read the 11th amendment to the CONstitution? 11th amendment, clause 1, strips the judicial authority from the courts. The courts know this, but, the people don’t (thus, they are regularly railroaded). Let’s use it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Sand

    @Guy – that is not what the 11th Amendment means. The 11th Amendment is about state sovereign immunity. Basically, states governments are immune from other people suing them.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    “The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to be SECURE in their PERSONS, houses, papers, and effects, against UNREASONABLE searches and SEIZURES, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    Notice the capital letters in for emphasis. ANYBODY that thinks they have the right to respond to me with violence because I am wearing a hat, cannot provide a justifiable “reason” for doing so. Courts cannot make policies that counter the 4th amendment. This makes many actions committed by the government ILLEGAL. From drug laws/raids to seatbelt laws. I believe Judge Burke has not read that amendment or is too stupid to understand its meaning, as is the case with far too many Americans. Apparently some who have posted here.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    Nicholas: “What next? Does he insist on the right to appear in court with his underwear exposed and his pants positioned at mid-thigh?”
    If it is legal in the street, it is legal in a court. Period. I think you are the one trying to trivialize important issues.

  • Shigman

    @delmer so you are saying if an employer has a dress code that says no hats because it is a casual work place, fires an employee who refuses to remove his hat and refuses to leave due to contributing to the employers business, is the employer in the wrong for firing and getting the cops involved? You people and your fight for allowing hats in court are beyond sad, and I feel sorry for the shame you bring to your families.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    Shigman: Not at all what I said, you have something completely backwards. Judges are OUR employees, not the other way around. Very poor example. If that is the max of your intellectual powers, I feel sorry for your family as well.

  • Matt

    Bill – just because I disagree with your assessment of Keene being a part of the United Nations, doesn’t mean I am a government sympathizer. And I stand by everything I’ve said before – I can’t help if you feel slandered based on a comment on a web forum – I don’t know what to tell you if you’re that easily offended. No victim no crime comes to mind.

    Delmer – Just because something is legal on the street doesn’t mean it’s legal in a court. You can’t play hop scotch….you can’t smoke….you can’t hitchhike and you can’t have a lemonade stand. The rules inside a courtroom have been around forever – if you don’t understand that, then there isn’t much else to say. And even if there weren’t rules….there is a understanding of decorum, manners and respect to some small level. I don’t feel less “free” if a judge asks me to take my hat off. I would feel less free if he told me I couldn’t wear it on the street or in my home. But in a court….nope – I wouldn’t feel repressed in anyway.

  • Matt

    And Delmer…..judges are not OUR employees, anymore than the guy who plows the interstate in the winter or the guy who changes the toilet paper on the spools at the courthouse. Everyone pays taxes….even the judge and the janitor. Any govt. employee cannot possibly answer to every single person who pays taxes – hence the reason why they have bosses, supervisors etc. You seem to think we the people OWN every person who decides to work for government in some fashion. Maybe you should stop paying your taxes since you don’t think they are being put to good use. But I doubt you will.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    Matt: Your response is hysterical! They are OUR employees or who exactly do you think they work for? The “government”? It is not a separate entity, it is intended to be of, by, and FOR the people. Of course we don’t “own” public servants; they have every right to quit if they do not want to service their customers. Sure they pay taxes too, and they get 1 vote just like everyone else. You may say that “Any govt. employee cannot possibly answer to every single person who pays taxes” and there is certainly truth to that, however, go to a hospital and have it break a law against you. Will the police do anything about it? Nope, they will tell you to “Get a lawyer”. Why? Money. Cops take bribes from hospitals and act as their “private security”, but if you hurt one running away from a doctor or nurse that has physically assaulted you, you will be charged for assaulting an officer. My point behind that example/story is that you we can expect our “public servants” to serve each taxpayer equally, because it is their job, same as a McDonalds worker is supposed to serve each customer with the same bright smile and friendly hello. Expecting less from OUR employees is ridiculous. We only need their supervisors when they refuse to listen to their REAL bosses, the tax payers. Who is the boss of the police supervisors? >The Chief? >The Mayor >The taxpayers. The ONLY reason for public servants to exist is THE PUBLIC.
    Technically paying taxes is against the law right now. Our military and police forces are not only getting away with, but being ordered to commit terrorist acts. Contributing to a terrorist organization financially is illegal.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    And back to the cloths real quick: “You can’t play hop scotch….you can’t smoke….you can’t hitchhike and you can’t have a lemonade stand”
    No, of course you can’t you can’t play hopscotch, smoke, or have a lemonade stand because that would be a LEGITIMATE distraction. You probably can try and hitchhike, but not too many cars go through courtrooms, so good luck with that.
    “The rules inside a courtroom have been around forever – if you don’t understand that, then there isn’t much else to say” Sure there is: There was no law preventing slavery for billions of years on this planet, rules have to be changed, and there is NO direct coloration between disrespect and wearing a hat, none. Should I bend on one knee and kiss the judges ring if he asks? I would spit in his/her face first.
    Judges are given powers to keep their courts in order, not to have their every whim catered to. I have not seen either copblocker who has been jailed for the atrocity of hat wearing act in a disorderly manner by any stretch of the imagination until threatened with violence. You may not feel less free that you cannot wear a hat to court, but I do feel less free that I cannot wear a t-shirt that says “America has the worlds highest per capita incarceration rate in the world” and not be jailed for contempt. I have every right to wear such as shirt to express my feeling of disgust for what those in the legal system do. Would you feel repressed if you were to be jailed if you showed up to court in anything less than a $5000 suit? Do you support the courts almighty power to make such a rule? If you cannot throw me in jail for wearing it on the sidewalk, you can’t take my freedom for wearing it to court.
    Please, give me one GOOD reason why someone shouldn’t be allowed to wear a hat in court, show me the victim of the crime, otherwise I am protected by the 4th amendment.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    You cannot disagree with my assessment of Keene being a part of the United Nations, I proved they ARE. WTF!

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Matt, Pete E. knows who I am, knows my phone number, address and the rest of my contact info. Anonymous commenter’s have no credibility, and you seem to defend the Keene Court like you work there, or at least work in the corrupt system somewhere. If you really stand behind what you claim, go ahead and forward your contact info to Pete so he can forward it to me so I know who I am really dealing with. If you cannot do that, please reserve you comments, and save us a bunch of time responding to the rediculas arguments that come from you.

  • Matt

    Delmer – we can go back and forth with the salvo’s all day. You believe what you want, and I’ll believe what I want. You think my posts are ridiculous. I think yours are. I’ll never convince you otherwise and you’ll never convince me otherwise. You wear your hat in court, I’ll take mine off if asked.

    Bill – I’ve been through this so many times before….the ole give me your name, address, phone number bit……and not gonna do it again. This is always the last ditch effort by someone who is desperate to “win” a comment war. It’s like a comic book ending, because now the answer will be….”see…you’re a pussy, you’re a fake…etc etc etc”. But the thing is, I don’t care what you think at this point. After I hit submit, you’re not on my mind.

    Why on earth is it necessary for you to have my phone number? And my address? It’s not like I know yours…? And I do stand behind what I said…..so now you, the thought police, are asking for my ID Mein Fuhrer? And for what….so you can “know who I am dealing with”? I don’t know what Ademo’s last name is or where he lives, does that mean he doesn’t exist? lol. You sound like a cop now…..and my answer to your inquiry is “Am I required to answer your questions?” is coming to mind. Here is a simple solution: if you think my arguments are ridiculous, DON’T REPLY to them. And no, I will not “reserve my comments” just because some guy named Bill who won a race in 1995 at Monadnock Speedway thinks I should lay out a resume to Pete, who isn’t even reading any of this! LOL. Not only will I continue to reply as much as I want, I will also continue to disagree whenever I feel the need to. And likewise, you can continue to make your demands about collecting info on people to your commander in chief Pete. But you’ll reply back again and keep this going….you can’t help yourself – just like a cop.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    “ Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ” Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    If you say so Matt. You are the man! Truth is self evident, so I am good. A cop, THAT is funny! I am willing to give you my info to PROVE I am not a cop! You are not willing to do that…Case closed on your (lack of) credibility! The more you post, the more history of what an American is meant to be is learned by Police that read here from the people that respond to you. It is quite valuable actually, that is why I continue…Not for your sake or mine..

    I love what Sam has to say about people like you…

    “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” -Samuel Adams

  • Matt

    And right on cue…..”BILL”, the man who trusts wikipedia but thinks anonymous commenters have no credibility on this summit of America forum is back. Bill, you obviously think my comments are worthy of your attention, since you keep replying to them. Not only do you reply to them….you put TIME into them, since you obviously scoured quotes.com for 20 minutes after you replied and found just the right one that I don’t give a shit about. So make up your mind….either I’m credible, or I’m valuable….WHICH IS IT MEIN FUHRER? What you gonna do Agent Provacateur…..arrest me for failing to ID? Hide behind the quotes of dead men? Win another championship at Monadnock? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. LOL. Quite the conundrum isn’t it?


    Matthew Voluntaryist Freeman

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Did you not read my last response? It seems not.

  • Matt

    Not really Bill. Until you give me your name, date of birth, SSN, address, phone number and favorite color, I’m afraid I just can’t find anything you say as being credible.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    You don’t even need me here to respond more, the truth is self evident. Thanks for your good work. I always thank those that help me.

  • Matt

    Did you not read my last response? It seems not. Until you provide me with your license, birth certificate and pictures of your Monadnock Speedway trophy, you are simply not credible.

    But you can pretend as though I’m not bothering you and try to arrogantly convince me that I am somehow amusing you if it makes you feel better; the truth is, indeed, self evident.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Thanks again! This is great!

  • Delmer Woolensack

    @Matt: “Let’s agree to disagree”. That is what WRONG people say. Glad I won the argument, you weak minded fascist looser.
    The reason I cannot agree to disagree with you is because of how people like you are allowing our freedoms to be constantly eroded. I imagine you also believe we should ‘obey police orders’ regardless of weather they are “reasonable” or not. You probably think George Bush is some kind of hero for breaking US and international law by torturing people. Maybe I am wrong in these assumptions, but if I am not, People like you are the reason 9/11 happened, and will happen again.
    Have a nice life, be all the butt hole you can be.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    I have nothing to hide. I live an honest life, and just want my son to be free when I am gone. What is your motovation? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_L_IXoXoZs

  • Matt

    Delmer – and here I try to step up and be the gentlemen – and in return, I get called a name….*sticks tongue out at Delmer* neener neener neeeeenerrr. Well, a hearty eat shit and die to you too -lol. I’m glad you like to sit at home imagining/assuming all the things I could/would/might/maybe think about. LOL. Constantly eroded freedoms? Courtroom rules have been in existence since Christ was a cowboy…..as has been not getting in a judges face. IDIOT. I actually hate George Bush, but if my liking him somehow distresses you, then YES….I LOVE HIM.

    Bill – HELLO?!! Until I have copies of your tax returns, you don’t exist….clicked on your vid, saw it’s a weekend 1/4 mile 60mph tops bullcrap car race – not interested. If you want your son to be free – maybe you should be focused on making sure that happens, instead of data collecting with non credible anonymous commenters. What’s next….gonna call me a troll now? lol. You’re running out of ways to have the last word. Maybe post another quote from some place….give you some time to think about something else to say.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    Matt, You can have the last word, write what you want after this post, I am fine with that. I am a member of http://www.oathkeepers.org as a non-LEO supporter and get the word out through their info, which is very effective. I will keep that up. I highly respect Police that honor their Oath and stand shoulder to shoulder with them as well as Copblock. I know Oath keeping Police will insure people get due process, and not thrown in a cage for bull shit dictates from tyrants. Good luck with your anti-liberty movement, when history repeats from lack of knowledge, I know my son will be free when I am gone. Now is your chance for the last word…..

  • Shigman

    @Matt great job getting under these moron’s skins. Reading all the banter here was a great laugh to me seeing how it’s pissing Bill and Delmer Woolensackonhisface

  • Matt

    Bye Bill. I hope Ademo’s bullshit disorderly conduct arrests make a difference in your son’s freedom.

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Bill

    A quick video message meant directly for Keene LEOs from Oath Keepers founder and Attourney Stewart Rhodes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2MJbw0o-B0&feature=player_embedded

  • Matt

    So it is possible to be an honest oath keeper AND a UN Traitor all at the same time? lol.

    Exciting car race video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2nO3jOc7rY

  • Delmer Woolensack

    Matt: I almost left a comment saying how I knew playground name calling would get a response from you. It honestly isn’t that much worse than coping out with “lets agree to disagree” pansie. Thank you for responding with SOME substance. Before I counter your statement, I would like to say thank you for being a citizen that objects to George Bush. This makes me wonder why it is impossible to change your mind at all? Mabye this point will have at least some effect.
    Was it not a requirement to wear a powdered wig to court at some point in history, which you used as a point several times? What happened to those?
    Your idea seem to fundamentally remove the ability of a person to object to a judges professionalism or his overall position, which I basically do. Just as I retain the right to stand on public property and alert other citizens or potential customer of a business that is treating people unfairly, I think I should have the freedom to wear a shirt, or giant button, or a hat that says “Judges don’t know Justice” or “Land of the Free? WTF?” or any other completely legal piece of clothing that does not cause a “reasonable” problem for the court. Any judge that cannot see that seat belt laws and drug prohibition are against the 4th amendment should not be on the bench. Same with any judge that thinks it should be illegal to dance at the Jefferson memorial.
    But my main point is the wig thing, how do you explain that? Hats are perfectly acceptable in every other public place in this county, and there are a lot of us balding men out here. That gives me a great idea, wearing a wig to a Keene court instead of a hat.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    Here is a point Matt: You are not being a “stand up gentleman” defending a terrorist that puts someone in jail for the victimless crime of wearing a hat. You did see the pictures of officers wearing hats in court didn’t you?
    There is a much bigger story behind this question, but should other court employees be permitted to make snide remarks regarding the charges being brought against a defendant, during court?

  • Matt

    Delmer, I have never once said that I agree with the hat rule. For all I care, you can wear a dead deer carcass as a hat. My issue is that until it is changed – it is simply a rule, and like all people, when ego’s collide and power struggles occur, the gloves come off. I mean jeez….look at this simple internet forum – and everyone in here is defending their positions to the umpth degree. What makes you think a judge in person is going to tolerate anything less? Burke has heard the drumbeat of “you work for US” a thousand times – it isn’t registering, so what does one do when something doesn’t work? You change what you’re doing. No matter how many times you try to start a car without a battery, it isn’t going to start, so one day….you just buy a battery for it.

    I cannot possibly answer to the olden golden days of court. But I have a thought. When the wig wearing was a rule, how do you think it got changed? Do you think one day a lawyer said Fuck You I’m not wearing this? Probably not. I am ALL for liberty, which is something that has gotten lost somewhere between Bill’s boring car race video and here – and my main point to this entire debacle is that fighting for your right to wear a hat in court using the particular avenue that is being used, ISN’T WORKING – and quite honestly, I am more pissed about getting dick shoved in my ass at the gas pumps by dirty special interest political groups than I am some guy wearing his hat in court and butting heads with the judge over it. You want freedom? Great! Because as far as I am concerned, the American public is getting seriously hosed in much bigger avenues than local yokel patrolmen and some judge who is sick and tired of dealing with the same stupid shit every week. May not be stupid shit to you, but it is to him – so bitching to me about it is, once again, not going to help one ioda.

  • Delmer Woolensack

    All right Matt, Can’t disagree with much in your last comment. The way I see it, copblock is all about public servents that cannot obey the rules. Each time I have seen them arrested for hat wearing, the asked quite clearly for a “reason”, hence showing haw their “rule” is unlawful per the constitution.
    I would also agree that there are much more important things to get pissed off about, maybe a pick your battles kind of thing, but look at how the system fights on even a small battle like this. Violence and terrorism, never offering reason.

  • Paul Bonneau

    Some have complained about Ademo going on about hats, calling it “puerile trivialization” and so forth.

    In the old days one had to kiss the bishop’s ring. Apparently we have some ring kissers here.

    My view is that the copblock folks are actually doing the hard work, so maybe they should get to choose what strategy looks best to them. Hats do make some sense, strategically. It makes the people in government look awful. Not working, you say? How do you know what happens in the minds of all who observe this?

    But I have to add that subjects that matter to people tend to have more success, in getting people to rally to your task. Think of homeschooling for example. Parents tend to be jealous of their prerogatives. As a result, homeschooling has definitely move from the illegal sphere to the legal.

    Same thing with the issue of guns.

  • Guy

    @George Sand…the judicial powers of the united States derive from Article 3, section 1 of the US constitution. In plain English, period. The 11th amendment clause 1 removes the judicial power of the courts, in plain English, also. All courts and oath takers are foreign states to the people of the several states. See FSIA, et al. There are cases that have been adjudicated on this subject, you do the research and find them. Final word…case closed.

  • George Sand

    @Guy – here is the text of the 11th Amendment.
    “The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.”

    This is clearly, in plain English, sovereign immunity for states. The judicial power of the US SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED…to EXTEND TO ANY SUIT… against one of the United States by Citizens of ANOTHER STATE…. or by citizens or subjects of ANY FOREIGN STATE. This loosely means courts don’t have judicial power when one state sues another state, or when someone from state A tries to sue another states. E.g. American Courts do NOT have jurisdiction over suits where California is suing Texas, or someone from Arkansas is suing the state of Oregon. That is all this means. Not saying I agree with it, but the interpretation you propose is not only entirely contrary to the plain English of the text, it is contrary to the entire body of American constitutional jurisprudence.

    There are cases adjudicated on this subject indeed. It’s called sovereign immunity.

    Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia –

    The Eleventh Amendment, the first amendment to the Constitution after the Bill of Rights, was adopted following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. 419 (1793). In Chisholm, the Court ruled that federal courts had the authority to hear cases in law and equity brought by private citizens against states and that states did not enjoy sovereign immunity from suits made by citizens of other states. Thus, the amendment clarified Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, which gave diversity jurisdiction to the judiciary to hear cases “between a state and citizens of another state.”

    Although the Eleventh Amendment immunizes states from suit for money damages or equitable relief without their consent, in Ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908), the Supreme Court ruled that federal courts may enjoin state officials from violating federal law….In Fitzpatrick v. Bitzer, 427 U.S. 445 (1976), the Supreme Court ruled that Congress may abrogate state immunity from suit under the enforcement clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In Central Virginia Community College v. Katz 546 U.S. 356 (2006), the Court ruled the Congress could do the same regarding bankruptcy cases by way of Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the Constitution.

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  • Tom

    Dear to have them ask me to take my hat off…
    They can go to hell…….

  • Jay

    @Matt Cool trolling bro

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  • Anonymous

    Use Corpus Deliciti. If no Corpus Deliciti, no crime.

  • Free Soul

    How about posting a mailing address for donations? I hate to run up my credit card debt, it makes me feel like a bankster.

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  • meatwad

    I just got off the telephone contacting the above number in red listed as the prosecutors line, press #1, but it just seems to be the PF’s line, and I suggested they “do the right thing and arrest ed burhe for his crime(s)” which there would be multiple crimes leveled if justice was the concern of that PD,,, and I also left one voice message for ed burkes office to suggest he resign to save his pension. It is a good thing they didn’t destroy evidence of burkes crime(s).

  • meatwad

    Sry, the above comment I made had the error “PF” it obviously should be PD. I also told them the incident is going viral here in San Diego California, and the media here will be having a field day with it.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyIUhowujrA orange county jail address

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  • Tom

    It is my (opinion)
    Ed Burke – (603) 352-2559 – “judge” Keene, get his head out of his ass. Who an the hall dose he thenk he is.
    Improper Influence” RSA 640:3.

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  • Luc

    Did Judge Berke ever get disciplined for making a false statement and report? He lied to the bailiffs, no problem if you’re a Judge. Judge Burke is a know liar and Liberty activist hater, he should recuse himself whenever their are activist before him.