Cops slam man’s head into patrol car

Unfortunately another video of police brutality. The best way to fight back is by holding them accountable with your video camera. Share the video with as many people as you can to expose the disgusting practice of harming the ones they are paid to protect. This happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was filmed by slabaught5.

  • George Sand

    So… they slammed his face into the patrol car because he said “I want to file a report.”

  • Michael Hunt

    Guy fights, guy tries to run, guy fights and runs his way into police car…

  • Chris Mallory

    I would give reasonable doubt to the slam at :40 seconds. The slam at :47 seconds should end with a cop in prison. The cop harassing the photographer should lose his job and pension as well.

  • Menzoberranzan

    @Chris – I think the “cop” harassing the photographer might actually be a security guard. If that is the case, he is within the scope of his duties to ask the photographer to leave the property. What is not clear is if the photographer was on private property or public (sidewalk).

  • Christopher Hansen

    Thanks guys. I was severely injured by Cops several years ago. I still have not fully recovered. My crime was calling them to my home AFTER my wife was attacked by a Pit Bull that had jumped our 6 ft. block wall fence.

    Never call the Cops. Never talk to a Cop.Never trust a Cop.

    Always video Cops every chance you get.

  • AlvinB

    Mike Hunt:
    Are you quoting from the actual police report?
    Just asking.

  • Steve Murzin

    The Peacekeepers clearly tortured this man, I say torture because when you inflict pain upon someone in restraints it’s an act of torture. The end quote, “America, Fuk yeah!” brought me to my knees.

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  • people2me

    At least it wasnt WHITE Officers slamming a Black man’s face. Phewww… now THAT WOULD-A been sick!

    Equality! We’ve come a LONNNNG WAY – THANK GOD.

  • Scott

    Keep filming… we are watching! Good job!!!

  • Dustin

    While technically unacceptable, it isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other things we’ve seen. I guess that is a tragic commentary on how we’ve been desensitized.

    I love the boldness of the cameraman. “You know I’m not breaking any laws right now. Go.”