Woman charged with felony after groping female TSA agent

According to Fox News, Yukari Mihamae, a 61-year-old-woman from Longmont, Colorado, was arrested and charged with felony sexual abuse at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix this past Thursday after grabbing a female TSA agent’s left breast.

Without condoning what Mihamae did, I can’t help but point out how hypocritical it is for the government to arrest air travelers for doing to TSA agents what TSA agents do to countless air travelers every day. If having strangers grabbing at your breasts and genitals is no big deal, as the TSA would have us believe, then what justification can there be for charging this woman with a felony?

  • Jacob

    Almost hypocritical…while invasive i don’t believe TSA agents ever grab with both hands, squeeze, and twist. I also can’t believe that news man got through that without giggling!

  • JL Turner


    You think one of these thugs wouldn’t lie.

    Everyone stop flying, boycot the airlines.

  • SAVE america STAND up

    so my question is why? did she do it? I love news you see (lol) a story and never any reasons why events occur…

  • You know

    BOYCOTT FLYING! If we all stand strong together on this one, and start to stand up against the TSA as they did in Texas and now in Florida, we may start to see results. It’s a matter of willing compliance- why is this woman even being charged?


    Pat our kids down, pat my wife, my daughter, grope their boobs, but return the patriotic honor to the the dealers in shame and it is sexual harassment?
    Then let a nigerian with a fake boarding pass, walk through every gate and fly any plane without question….. AWESOME!

  • Dano

    Jacob – “i don’t believe TSA agents ever grab with both hands, squeeze, and twist”
    What about putting hands down peoples pants? Or lifting up their genitals so hard that it almost lifts people up. Some women said it was worse than going to the gyno. Time to believe by friend. ;)

  • JP

    You all need to get real.

  • LegendaryAsshole

    I promise you, I will return whatever search a TSA agent performs on me.

  • Vinnie

    A judge dismissed the charges..one for liberty…http://youtu.be/qjlnOH2P5HA

  • thisguy

    The TSA agents give you a choice between a pat-down and a pass through the metal detector. Take your pick. If you don’t like the pat-downs, take the metal detector. If you don’t like either, don’t fly.

    Problem solved.

  • Erica F

    Nice to hear the case was dismissed. I won’t fly, problem solved. Luckily I haven’t had to go anywhere. I have only flown one trip in last 15 years, and it was in 2004. I was annoyed then, imagine how I feel now!

  • DocHoliday916

    Saw this one earlier today…”“the TSA are the ACORN backwater that couldn’t make it as mall cops.”