Groom beaten by cops at his wedding


A groom was arrested at his own wedding reception over the weekend. Now some guests say police beat the groom while he was handcuffed. A mug shot of Jake Twombly shows his eye swollen shut and blood coming from his nose.

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  • http://@Young92782 Ryan

    Why is there an off duty cop doing security at a wedding? This Grimes guy is a bad mofo. Callflood anyone?

  • Menzoberranzan

    @Ryan – Off duty police officers quite regularly work as security. IMO, they are stealing money from legitimately licensed professionals, because they are generally neither licensed or trained for security work. Security work is quite different than “law enforcement”, or beating your clients and arresting them.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Some venues require that you hire off duty police, which sucks because as seen here they don’t give a shit that you are paying them and act the same way they do on the street. Like douche bags. Compare that to a private security company, which may actually care about getting a recommendation, not to mention be concerned about a lawsuit as the money would come out of their pocket, not the taxpayers pocket like when the police get sued. I would never get hold a function at a venue that forced me to hire off duty cops, too much room for trouble there.

  • Chris Mallory

    I would imagine the venue owner has been convinced that have security with arrest powers is a good thing. In Ky, lots of bigger venues only use off duty cops for this reason. Not only are they taking money from private guards, in many cases they use their tax payer provided uniforms, equipment and cars while doing these jobs.

  • Saladin

    Is getting married now against the law?

  • Ed

    This is what happens when military training and War fighting capabilities of Veterans are let loose upon a relatively civil society. When this snaps back and pops the Zionist Bolshevik apparatchik in the face it will get very interesting indeed.

  • no_treason

    This is the “best” part: “Police insist Twombly was cuffed, but never beaten by the officers” “No evidence of anything being improper-now he was handcuffed and arrested.” Yeah, right- and how did the guy’s face end up looking like a ransom letter.

  • Russ

    Alcohol is the key word. There has to be a commissioned police officer present if alcohol is being served to a group of people. Usually, with a cash bar your good with licensed bartenders and someone/anyone working security, but if you’re giving away drinks, even just beer/wine, you need a cop.

    At my wedding to my first wife, we had 6 cops as guests and they still made us hire an off-duty cop to be in uniform.

  • Russ

    WOAH!!! Did you all listen to the end of the video? This cop had already been in the news twice within the past year. Once earlier in 2011 for opening fire on a vehicle he claimed was coming toward him, and again in 2010 for opening fire on a photo-journalist who “looked like” a suspect he was after! So, not only does this asshole beat a man, after he’s cuffed and laying complaintly on the ground, at the man’s wedding, just because he was evidently bumped into, but he’s shooting at people on a fairly regular basis??? Who all was in this car he was shooting at? If there were any passengers in it other than the driver he claims was coming at him, and especially if there were any children in the car, he should already be sitting at home, under suspension, while an IADZ investigation is ongoing. Second, how the hell is he on the street after shooting at a journalist???

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  • Lou

    This was a wedding. Where is the video of the incident? That should leave no doubts as to what happened. Or is filming officers illegal in Iowa now too?


    Last year Grimes fired at KCCI photojournalist Spencer Vaughn while looking for a suspect who was vandalizing the building — and believed to be carrying a handgun — shortly before 11 p.m. on Oct 13, 2010.

    Issue #1 – He did not announce himself before firing
    Issue # 2 – He missed (I wonder what was hit)


    I amend Issue # 1 Above – He did allegedly yell “show me your hands”

    And add Issue #3 – he did not adequately identify his target

  • JP

    What? You think everything is video recorded nowadays. Many times when there is a lack of video it’s because the footage shows the arrested drunk’s guilt.

  • darius vons

    there is zero reason to beat anybody… unless your a cop, then you have a reason to beat everybody.

  • ArizonaChris

    On rare occasions, an incident will be captured on video.. In this situation all there is to go by is a group of witnesses, and a issue of two sides to one story. More then likely, the judge will take the officers story over the victims word regardless if there was witnesses.. The witnesses were friends with the victim so there could be an issue of taking sides due to having a personal relationship with the victim. I’m not saying this is indeed the case but merely pointing this out from a Judges point of view because that will be considered when reviewing this case amongst other things. It’s up to the victims witty Attorney to convince the judge to consider the victims story. It would be interesting to find out how this turns out

  • Chase

    I am having my wedding this saturday and was just told about the law in my town that you have to have an off-duty police officer if you are going to have alcohol at the wedding. REALLY???? Where did our freedoms go??? The last thing anyone wants to do is have some stranger cop at there celebration. Thanks for ruining the fun. I am fine with passing by in patrol car and making sure things are fine. I am fine if you want to watch people leaving and if they are swirving or acting a fool pull them over. But there is no need to have an offduty police officer at every event a US citizen has. Next thing we wont be able to have a party at our house without an off duty P.O.

  • Rob

    Chase, just out of curiosity what state or town is this in. I don’t believe that is the law in NY or Florida. If I can find the law you are talking about I’ll write a post here about the Nanny state for adults.