Human Trafficking

According to CIA estimates, approximately 50,000 human beings were trafficked into the United States for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation in 2010. The victims of human trafficking are subject to cruel treatment and are given little hope of escape.

It is a shame that this form of human trafficking receives little attention from the media and is almost ignored by society, and in fact, many people are likely unaware that this type of thing goes on.

There is another type of human trafficking, which occurs right in front of us. Victims of this type of human trafficking are also often used for the purposes of forced labor, and many of them are sexually exploited. This type of human trafficking is also largely ignored as an issue. When not ignored, it is often cheered by much of the public.

In 2007, the latest year for which government statistics are available, a whopping 14,211,500 arrests took place in the United States. Many of those who were arrested were likely arrested multiple times, but this number is still quite a large figure. This is especially worrying considering that less than two million of these arrests were for violent crimes, the rest being property and victimless crimes.  Many of these 14 million plus arrests result in someone being sent to prison.

The media never refers to this as human trafficking, but lets be clear: it is.

These people are taken against their will by armed members of paramilitary organizations. They are stripped of they rights, often brutally. Many times these situations end with these people being taken away from their families for months or years at a time. Many of these people are forced to live in cages. Additionally, many of these caged individuals are subjected to brutal and dehumanizing treatment by other prisoners or guards. Perhaps worst of all, many of these people are subjected to violent sexual assaults while kept in their cages.  Mention prison to the typical American male and his first thought will have something to do with prison rape.  Americans know that this type of thing occurs regularly, but few people seem to care.

And this kind of thing isnt just happening to a few people or even a few thousand people. According to the U.S. Government’s own Bureau of Justice Statistics [page 2], 2,284,900 people were incarcerated in 2009. This number represents about 1% of the adult population. Additionally, around 5 million more Americans were on probation, meaning that if they engage in activities deemed inappropriate by the State, they will be sent to prison as well.

Police officers who arrest people for their involvement in nonviolent, victimless, and/or property crimes know full well that the person who they are arresting could very well end up in prison. Furthermore, these officers know what goes on in these prisons—that the person who they arrested will be subjected to forced labor and possible forced to participate in unwanted sexual activities.  Police officers and much of the general public may claim that these officers are “just doing their jobs,” but this argument is a false one which ignores the issue at hand.

Because it would be impossible for this type of human trafficking to take place without the active participation of police officers, we must be quick to condemn them for their actions.  We must speak out against this type of behavior and expose these people for their crimes against the populace.  This is why websites like Cop Block are important.

As the great Ludwig von Mises once said: “No one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result.”

  • Jim

    The CIA, huh? A very reputable bunch to be quoting figures from, that. And I’ll wager they’re making plenty of clandestine cash themselves with that very same human trafficking.

  • dougo

    it,s true the oldest and largest criminal gang in the U.S.who do everything they can to fuck up everyone else.look in the mirror boys we need law according to the constitution and bill of rights,not you and your corrupt ways.this is an eye opening article of ,thanks for the perspective,wow

  • bhoodlum

    It is time for the human race to wake up and realize we no longer need leaders: not in the workplace, and not in our country. We can organize and police ourselves with compassion and justice. I think the 1919 general strike in Seattle illustrates that point nicely. The global elite and those who serve them need us, not the other way round. Anarchy is NOT about no rules, it’s about NO rulers.

  • paschn

    As with selling palestinian Human Organs, Israel has a booming business in Human traffickingas well. remeber their attack on the USS Liberty? Looks like they won’t let go of a plan that works..

    As for the “Democratic” Nato alliance;

    Strange, isn’t it, that the only media covering the slaughter is the one in the “evil” nation of Venezuela…Hugo Chavez’s media has covered/reported on it all….Where’s OUR corporate media coverage of these atrocities?

    This type of trash goes a long way in explaining the thugs WE have in uniform here and abroad.

  • Jane

    I hate this, but I know it is true and that makes me very sad. What has happened to us?

  • zon

    Jane, pretty much we got taken over by the moral descendants of the Nazis.

  • Anonymous

    The Anarchy you describe is childishly naive. Without governance, you have neither protection from private mercenary armies, nor a functional macro economy. Good luck getting even High School level education in a non-centralized society, let alone actual scientists who invent useful things like the Internet you are using right now.

  • White Indian

    Is sadistically whipping a Libertarian “voluntary slave” ok, as long as I have a Libertarian voluntary contract?

    “If voluntary slavery is legal, we can consummate this financial arrangement, to our mutual gain. If not, not, to the great loss of both of us. Slave-master Rafe would never shell out the cold cash if, after he paid, I could haul him into court on assault and battery charges when he whipped me.” ~Voluntary Slave Contracts by Walter Block

    Is there any age limit on Libertarian “voluntary slaves?”

    “[A parent] may sell the rights to the child in a voluntary contract. In short, we must face the fact that the purely free society will have a flourishing free market in children.” Children and Rights, Mises Daily

    This sort of Libertarian moral breakdown all originates from their degrading, humiliating, and objectifying view of humans, as evidenced by their proselytizing query:

    “Do you own yourself?”

    It’s as if the Libertarian Savior said, “Thou shalt own thy neighbor as thyself.

    Depicting people merely as property or resources to be owned is a horrible objectification of human life.

  • MK Hammer

    Let’s see..Divide and Conquer seems to be working. How many do we gots?!
    Whites-rednecks-blacks-democrats-gays-libertarians-lezies–spics-degos-chinks-commies-republicans-nazis-facists-the french-seniors-kids-cat people-dog people
    This is how they win and they are kicking our asses in case you forgot to look.
    Human beings are merely chattel property for the bankers grist mill. Do you really thing the constitution means anything? Forget about it and read the Articles of Confederation.
    Quit pissing and moaning and calling names and study the law and flood the courts with Truth. Bury them in their own laws. Take the day off and observe a judge in the courtroom. They get nervous with strangers in the gallery. Try it.

  • John

    Well, it seems that it is the cops fault that someone commits a crime. I mean victimless crime usually cost something to someone so no longer victim less, and those poor poor property damages again cost something to someone and therefore if it is caused by someone with evil intent of course that poor person is not to blame. So Phred, please enlighten us on how to take care of each other. I mean we obviously know everything thing, that is why we steal from each other and destroy property because it is fun. So yes the poor policeman is such a nazi…oh wait..the nazi are fun loving people…

  • Eric

    So people going to jail is human trafficking? I admire your compassion but it seems misplaced. You are implying that only perpetrators of violent crimes should be imprisoned. No crime is “victimless”. Even if a crime did not harm a person, it is a crime. To ignore acts of those non-violent crimes is to condone them. If you do not have some sort of repercussions then nothing will stop them from committing more and increasingly violent crimes. Not all crimes will result in jail time. Percentage wise, relatively few are. It is largely handled with fines, unless they are a repeat offender.
    And to get the record straight, prison rape happens a lot less than people think it does. It has been broadcasted all over Hollywood because that’s what sells movies. And when it does happen, it is taken care of.
    The prison system is not Human trafficking, it is punishment for those that cannot abide by the laws set by the place in which they live.