Crazy out of control Philly cop beating random people (with interviews)

Crazy police officer Joe going around beating a young handcuffed guy and his aunt in West Philadelphia. This cop is so out of control you can even here all the other officers saying “Joe Joe Joe, you know your dead wrong!!!  This was filmed by Universalmoor.  Universalmoor was interviewed by THENEXTLEVEL and goes into great detail what lead up to this, what happened that you don’t see on camera and what happened after when he tried to hold these officers accountable.  Hats off to both of you allowing Cop Block to use your videos. You can see the full length original video with witness statements  HERE and below is the 4 part interview by THENEXTLEVEL.

  • http://www.veteransoutreach.info Glenn


  • Trees

    ss waffen scum will hang

  • paschn

    One thing we need to get done RIGHT now is rescind the UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws in states making it a crime for TAX-PAYING citizens to film a public servant while they perform their duty in public. This is a BALD faced attempt to give special treatment/protection from prosecution of the Blue Goons that stand between the betrayed and those that have betrayed them, period!
    Another thing that will work is neighborhoods donating for installation of state of the art video cameras that will record audio/video and send it to a remote device for assimilation then distribution to the masses. This will give people access to proof UNTAINTED by the corporate media that will show the names and faces for use in the future by the oppressed.

  • bill

    we see this everyday in poor neighborhoods scattered throughout tn and most of the time its worse than what you saw in that video. The sad thing is the poor have nowhere to turn when police abuse them so they just take the abuse and pray for better days.In all my life I never dreamed I would see the day when police would act as criminal thugs but after watching video after video of police abuse I now understand that most police are just thugs.