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Police Accountability Report – Episode 35

If you would like to submit a story or record a segment for the Police Accountability Report (on lack of accountability for police in your area) please email podcast[at]copblock[dot]org. We also welcome feedback.

You can also hear the podcast and other great liberty minded programs on LRN.FM.

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If you would like to participate in the “Sponsor a Neighborhood” program, you can make a donation below. With the “Sponsor a Neighborhood” program, we will be sending out packs of 50 door hangers to activists on the ground in neighborhoods impacted by botched police raids that make national attention.  With the door hangers and a bit of work, everyone in the neighborhood of a botched raid will be able to find their home town being covered by Cop Block! We can’t do this without your donations, help us spread the call for police accountability by funding this program.

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  • Manuel Barkhau

    > “After five to 10 minutes, he started foaming at the mouth and
    > eventually died,” Martin explained. The officers performed CPR
    > but could not revive him.

    performed CPR…

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Scott

    Better news about Sheriff Joe

    Arizona Prosecutor Can Be Sued for Bad Arrests

    (CN) – Publishers of Phoenix’s alternative weekly newspaper can sue the special prosecutor who they claim ordered their late-night arrests at the behest of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the 9th Circuit ruled Thursday, adding that the journalists have no case against “America’s Toughest Sheriff” himself.
    In a partial dissent, Judge Jay Bybee of the San Francisco-based appeals panel called the case a “sordid tale of abuse of public office.” It began in 2004 when the Phoenix New Times, which had long been critical of Arpaio and his policies, published the sheriff’s home address in the wake of an investigation of his real estate holdings. Reporters discovered that Arpaio had removed his personal information from public records about his land holdings, and the sheriff claimed that he did so because he had received death threats. The newspaper countered by publishing the sheriff’s home address, which was available on websites for Maricopa County and the local Republican Party.
    Taking its lead from the original complaint, the ruling says Arpaio waited 10 months until his “political ally” Andrew Thomas was elected Maricopa County attorney before striking back at the newspaper. He asked Thomas to investigate the weekly for violating a state privacy statute, but the prosecutor initially refused. Meantime, the New Times went on criticizing the sheriff, and also began publishing articles critical of Thomas. For two years Arpaio tried to get nearby Pinal County to go after the paper, but prosecutors there ultimately passed as well

  • BJD

    “Preston is charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident that included injuries and crossing a lane line”.

    Why is he getting a free pass on bribery. He tried to bribe the officers with a get out of jail free card in his city.