Golden Beach (FL) Police Officer #5032 Threatens Man for Recording

Officer #5032, (I’ll call him by his number since he acts like a robot) an afternoon shift supervisor of the Golden Beach Police Department, tells the man recording, “we can video tape you but you don’t have the right to video tape us without our consent or record us. Do you understand that?” He goes on to say that it’s a felony and that, “I could escalate this but I won’t.”

What a wonderful world this officer must live in. Not only does his boss – the government – force you to pay his salary but it even protects him from being filmed while working for your dollars. When the camera man brought up the (silly) first amendment Officer #5032 said, “You really don’t wanna argue that.” Of course you don’t want to argue that silly thing you took an oath to uphold. Why would you, right?

I decided to call this officer before the video became public to see if I could get a comment, I was successful at connecting with Officer #5032. At one point he stated he doesn’t mind being recorded yet the state laws says there needs to be consent. He also tired to get out of his comments, after taking a break to call a supervisor (IMO), by reminding me that Florida is a two party consent state. I appreciated his attempt but I’m not in a state that requires two party consent. Even if it did until I’m allowed to opt out of paying their salaries, they won’t get the option on whether or not I film them.

If you disagree with Officer #5032 (Robert R.) call him, 305.932.0756 or the chief – Rudy Herbello – 305.935.0940 ([email protected])

Other Golden Beach contacts:

Glenn Singer Mayor [email protected]
Ken Bernstein Vice-Mayor [email protected]
Judy Lusskin Councilwoman [email protected]
Amy Rojas Councilwoman [email protected]
Bernard Einstein Councilman [email protected]


  • Sucktackular

    This is gonna be good.

  • Ron

    Its been YEARS that video has been cheaply available and NUMEROUS encounters placed on youtube and other social media websites in those years.

    How can any police officer NOT be aware that it is not unlawful to video tape an officer doing his duty?? It is entirely lawful, do YOU understand THAT Robert?

  • Mike Gogulski

    Bumbling idiot pig is bumbling. And an idiot. Imagine my shock.

  • Luke

    At least he is talking to you on a somewhat reasonable level…

  • Ivan Tayclue

    A good security guard is a step up from this guy. I lived in Miami for over 20 years. Golden Beach is a tiny, tiny department that is a catch basin for every f*** up cop who has been tossed from larger departments. The government structure is basically a home owner’s association posing as a municipality. The entire municipality is walled-in and Golden Beach is basically a bunch of wealthy pricks playing their own little monopoly game. I would expect ignorant comments from one of their finest.

  • Paula Parmeley Carter

    I was just informed by the chief that he is preparing a press release at this time and will call me back when it is done.

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    Great job Ademo you were respectful and professional and kept him talking! Like someone else said above how can a LEO possibly still not know photographers rights?!? I just recently filmed a Florida DOT officer telling me that “it’s a felony to film the police”.I had that video posted on YOUTUBE but the officers supervisor called my job and out of fear for getting fired I was forced to remove the video!

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  • Chino

    Cops went to my house with out a search warrant and jumped my fence hit me and got my keys and gate opener.arrested me and went in my house with out a warrant.then put me in a cop car and got a warrant.destroyed my house and charged me with possession.etc took all my jewelry and money.and took my D.v.r. Witch was recording .they said they wanted to know was com in in and out of my house.but it would also show them hitting me.jumping my fence with no identification that they were cops.ever aven m neighbor call 911 becuase he thought it was a home invasion.

  • K.C.

    I thought one of the keywords was “army rojas,” meaning red army. Until I re-read it.
    Great call, Ademo. Pretty typical response by the cop. He wasn’t as arrogant and aggressive when you called him on the carpet.

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  • paschn

    The arrival of the police state. Imagine, the United States of Israel brought down by it’s OWN PEOPLE!

    Blatant treason even then. How much FURTHER back does it go?

    I suggest you parents EDUCATE your children to the evil this nation spreads before you allow them to, (ROFLMAO,yeah, right), fight to protect “our” country.

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  • Jim

    Does florida not have a Constitution similar to ours here in Oregon ART.1 SEC.20 have a look at it, and if you don`t like florida`s law, use ours, you can you know. One state cannot reign in your rights more than any other can.

  • Robert

    I really love that you guys went forward w/this. It’s getting really ridiculous in less “free” states. I’m from CA originally and I wish we had had a movement like yours when we lived there. I consider FL somewhat similar and hope you make some change there as well. I also hope to make it to Manch on 10/1! :)

  • Robert

    I’m sure this has been answered before but what repercussions can happen to an officer incorrectly stating the law? Especially dealing w/officers saying you cannot film, et al?

  • Robert

    Talk about criminal threatening… This makes me so angry and I hope others as well.

  • Jim

    I have e-mailed Golden Beach pd, with above info included. If they continue this course of actions, then they are in commission of crimes, FELONIES. Now what do you do with a felon, who is presenting themself as an unmistakeable, armed and dangerous threat, to your liberty, property, and your very life? What do you do? If your cops are good people, Don`t let their so called bosses put them at such high- and unneccessary risk, if they are not so good, Get Rid Of Them, HOW EVER YOU HAVE TO!!!. I e-mailed something very similar to Golden Beach pd over a week ago, Have yet to get a reply. You do not have to submit to criminals, treat them like criminals, in uniform or out. These are the DUTIES of a FREE Indivividual, in a FREE Republic. Every time your officials violate your rights it is despotism, tyrranny!!! CRIMES!!!

  • Jim

    You do not have to submit to criminals detaining or kidnapping you (i.e. an unlawfull arrest) many people have been aquitted of murder, in such cases. study up and be sure you have all your facts and law in proper order. Then be sure they don`t stack a jury on you, one of their methods is useing those questionaires, they lie to you about, telling you,that you have to complete, They use those to stack juries, among other means

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  • Sheep Dog

    There are unreasonable people everywhere. Think of those who you work with in your workplace. There is a bad representative in every line of work. BUT when the wolves come…who do you call? Who responds before fire, swat, and ems??? Police. Lets give them the respect the good ones deserve.

  • Jim

    If the (so called) good officer is upholding his OATH, I am sure the officer will be alloted all the respect he earns. If the officer is not upholding his OATH or refuses to uphold it, or violates it, in order to deprive one of their liberty, their property or their very life, then that officer has cast off any lawful authority that he may or may not have had. He has become an unmistakeable, armed and dangerous threat to the community, a liability, he has morphed himself into an abomination to the OATH he took, vermin feeding off of the flesh of the very people they are suppose to serve faithfully. When you see your friends and neighbors abused and their GOD given rights trampled upon by those claiming they have authority that they don`t have, REMEMBER, When your on the juries across this land, REMEMBER!!! An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use FORCE in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.”(State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260). ALSO, One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance. ”(Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910). Respect is something earned, NOT given lightly. The OATH is how we seperate the Men from the punks,Batman from buckwheat, and Faithful, Honorable public servants from criminal despots, leeching off the people, under the guise of protect and serve. DON`T BE NAIVE ENOUGH TO BELIEVE ANYTHING DIFFERENT!!! NOW, this all being said, I do not advocate unneccessary violence at any time, BUT, I do not advocate being a victim either. confirm all this and use it as you see fit. FREEDOM, DEFIANCE IN THE FACE OF TYRRANNY!!!

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  • Burn The Obedient

    There is only one Constitution that matters….