Kern County Sheriff’s Gone Wild

UPDATE: The video below was just posted on Star’s Youtube Page. It’s the video from her security camera placed at the front door.

Until this past week I had never heard of Kern County, California.  It wasn’t until WinLiberty, a Cop Block contributor and liberty activist, emailed me about a woman whose home was broken into on Tuesday.  I was shocked by the video: cops banging on doors, crawling through windows, violating the woman’s property, mocking her, and lying to her, among other things.

WinLiberty and I have spent most of Thursday attempting to get a hold of someone at the Sheriff’s office.  WinLiberty sent emails, faxes and left several messages.  So did I.  While doing so, WinLiberty was able to get in contact with Star (the woman in the video) who told him the Kern County Sheriffs department has been harassing her, as well as her friends, for a while now.

I haven’t been able to contact Star yet but from what I’ve gathered, it goes something like this: For some reason the Kern County Sheriffs Department wants to find Alan Gjurovich, who I  assume to be a friend of  Star.  They’ve been looking for him for several months and have been harassing her, as well as other friends, in the process.  Five months ago they jailed and beat her friend Joe who was doing nothing but walking at the time.  He’s again being targeted by the sheriff’s department with threats of violence if he files charges against officers.

All of this aggression towards Star and her friends could possibly be a result of their views about and battles with police.  As sovereign individuals, they believe the government has no legitimate authority over them, cops included.  They’re free people living on the land and are not tied to the cooperation known as The United States of America.  I’m not too familiar with the philosophy of freemen, but I respect her for standing up to these thugs.

I can’t say the same for the Kern County Sheriff’s department.  Their actions, whether Star is a sovereign individual or bound to U.S. laws, were totally uncalled for.  They repeatedly ignored her when she requested they leave her home, lied to her, and damaged her property.  And this all began when they illegally (in my eyes) entered her home.  They did what they felt like doing without regard for her rights, the laws, or the safety of others.  If Star had decided to defend her property, her life would be over- either spending the rest of her life in prison or being shot dead by other officers.
Notice how the officer doesn’t want to talk about the double standard in the video (top).  When I ask him what would happen if it were four of my friends and me who broke into this home, he says he won’t answer hypothetical questions?  Maybe that’s because he knows we would be hooked, booked and stuffed in a cage before lunch…getting the full jail experience every step of the way.

Without pressure on this department, I can tell you exactly where this case is headed.  None of these officers will spend a single night in jail, their fingerprints and mug shots won’t be taken, and no handcuffs will be put on them.  They will most likely be put on administrative leave, with pay, while this process plays out.  The officers will get the privilege of their peers deciding if they broke the law, long before a judge or jury.  And by this time, the department will say they found no wrong doing by their officers.  Or, at best, they’ll claim they’ve been retrained on the matter and are back on duty after serving a paid suspension.

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  • Joe Citizen

    Way To Go! That’s the way to stand up to these law breaking/enforcing thugs of power. Over the years I have totally lost all respect for any of them. Not so much the old schoolers out there and there still are a few left. But these jokers in uniform that strap that badge and gun on and their head swells to the size of a beach ball, no respect for you buddy.

    I mean come on, you really can’t expect me to respect you when you don’t respect me, now can you? I didn’t think so. I have had clowns like those in the video come busting in and waving their arms like Barney Fife and hollering GET UP, GET DOWN, barking orders right and left sounding like cowboys loading the hogs for slaughter.

    Did they have a warrant? Why certainly not, but they can get one, they said. I’m like, didn’t you know you needed one before you got here or are you really as dumb as you look. I really don’t believe there is much requirement for smarts to become a cop. The usual gut and a hog head will suffice to get them in there.

    Good Job on this website. Long, long overdue.

  • Jane Citizen

    First question, Why did this video appear to be severely edited? I think there is much to the story that has been left out. Secondly, Why were Sheriff’s Deputies enforcing an arrest warrant with a private company (i.e Bail bondsmen), Although I think this entire situation could and should have been handled differently by the Sheriff’s Department and by the citizen, I would like to know why the woman did not open the door after Sheriff’s Deputies were “banging for several minutes?” If she was unsure of their credentials she could ask for further identification or called 911 and verified with their dispatch that Deputies are at her home. I sincerly doubt the officers would have had the same negative attitude with her if she would have answered the door and spoken to them instead of speaking at them. I think people get treated in response to the way they treat others. Just my opinion.

  • Anthony Searles

    I live in Kern County, I am a huge fan of the bill of rights and my civil liberties! On 07/13/12 KCSD Detective Conner (who by the way I filed a verbal and written I.A. complaint against), Deputy Carpenter, Detective Dorkin and I believe a Deputy Brown. came to a Residence I do not live at, with what they claim to be a Search Warrant. Kicked in the front door with absolutely no attempt to contact me first (a contact phone number is posted on the window next to front door has been posted there since 2010 as well as a written statement stating I do not consent to any searches without a warrant or court order and me being present) They placed a copy of pg 1 and pg 2 of a 6 page search warrant (incomplete search warrant)in the floor of the living room.

    Took a bunch of property, even property that did not fall under the perimeters of the search warrant such as NV goggles and a 1939 Victorian Princess Mirror. I was notified they broke into the residence so I called there station to find out what was going on, the dispatch told me they would have a detective call me. I showed up at the residence. I was searched by one deputy, they searched the vehicle at which I was a passenger in (not in the search warrant perimeters) I asked to see the search warrant and was refused, I asked why they were searching and was told nothing, I asked if they thrashed the residence and was told nothing.

    They searched a boat, garage, car, truck, neighboring property all which did not fall under the search warrant perimeters. They took my cell phone and did not list it in the Search warrant property receipt. I filed a case to have property returned with the Superior court of CA county of Kern. Went to court on 07/19/12 The Judge and her clerk said there was no record of a search warrant with the courts, the D.A. said there was no record with their office in regards to the search warrant. quick break – a search warrant has to be signed by a judge/majistrate after a law enforcement officer swears to knowledge and truth of probable cause. If it is accepted, the judge signs, the D.A. gets a copy, the sheriff/police get a copy to enforce. So if it was a legal warrant the courts and the D.A. would have record of it.

    The whole point of this illegal search was to obtain copies I have of KCSD deputy Costamanga making threats to me, SGT Williams of KCSD admitting on video to taking the I.A. complaint I filed against Costamanga and then stating there was no file. Evidence that Det Conner was giving out witness/reporter identities to criminal/suspects. The Detectives even lied on when they claim to have conducted the search.

    KCSD is corrupt, through and through, no ifs and or buts about it!.

  • http://none Jean

    I reported a stalker, being followed, which is harrassment and was told by a friend, that they do not interpret that as being stalked, now my life is hell, Im followed, the man shows up all the time everywhere I go, and was told by a law enforcement officer that they will do nothing, he has not broken a law, and so i continued to live like this in kern county. its horrifying they won’t do a thing. I finally am giong to the state police for help.
    I am afraid, intimidated and harrassed, and just because he has not verbally said he is harrassing me does not change this fact.
    Kern country seems to transltae stalking as something where the person must state they are harrassing, therefore, any female can be followed all the time, stalked and they drive by the house and sheriff dept wont do one thing. I am furious and if I have to will go to congress about this. Im so sick of it. I am a decent law abiding lady and this small town sheriff dept Lt. said being followed is not stalking, being harrassed by being followed again and again, even if they drive by my house too is not stalking that it is ok?? that was his take on it, and he did this to another lady, living here in the mtns, Lt. Hanson said sorry that is not a crime, a man can do that to a woman and they will do nothing about it..he acted as if it was no big deal. They could pull him in and warn him at least, but he continues, and nobody does a thing. Its scary to see that those sworn to protect, refuse to bother.

  • gina

    i know that with out the law this place would be crazy, kern county is and they get away with it… daughter Brandi was scared of cops and i didnt want that because if ever she got lost id want her to go to a cop instead of a stranger so every time i had a chance to introduce her to a kc sheriff pd i would and finally one night across the street from our home we met a nice sheriffs officer with a daughter her age , he showed her pics and she was finally comfortable.. that lasted about six months. when a sheriffs officer who had been sitting out front of my home baby sitting me for a cps worker whom i wouldnt allow in my home and left. i had someone coming to pick up Brandi and when i the sheriff saw my dauughter and i he came running around the corner of my house screaming hold it, i told my daughter get in here and shut the security door …he beat and beat on it telling me to open it and i said no,. not until my sister in law gets here shes a C.O. at tehachapi beautiful daughter standing next too me hyperventilating begging me no momma pleasxe she was deathly scared to death at this point. he continued to tell me open the door now i told you to stop come here open the door now hed yell. and i said no not until she gets here. at that point my cell phone rang and he says whats that is that a weapon i said no its my phone and i can not hear with all this yelling im shutting my door. and ss i turned around he comes flying threw my back door screaming stop resisting stop resisting and i had my hands in the air aying im not im not. and hes in a dead run and i look down at my daughter and my first instinct was to protect her so i picked her up and set her out on the front porch and stood up the next thing i know im face down hes kicking the heck out of me and the whole time hes screaming stop resisting and i could her my daughter whos father just passed away 8 months before begging him to stop and i told him please dont do this in front of my ddaughter he said i should of thought about that beforre i resisted…the next thing i know hee stops hurting me and i look up to see like ten sets of cop boots storming in my home and they retrieve my are which was stuck under me and cuffed me and as he picked me up he yanks my hands comopletely over head tto the point where the others had to tell him calm down. he asked me what made me think he couldnt come in and i said the fact i have rights and he said not living here you dont.. he refused to let me gom to the doctor told me hed keep me in jail along time if i insisted on going,, i have a heart problem i told him over and over as well so i sat back went down town for 6 hours and to the hospital on my own and the damage to my neck and between my shoulder blades the doctor said was only the result of blunt force trauma..i went to court and everytime a cop came near me i panicked and hid so i didnt go until three years later when my children were safe in kansas at my sisters and out of that system and they threw it out like it never happened and my public pretender said i could sue and so did channel 29 cause all the witness which how i learned he grabbed my throat fom behind and slammed me to the ground and my girl friend was on the phone the whole time….but i dont know how to or what cause i dont want to dissapere in this county like others have before id just rather be wiht my girls and heal from this…