Exton Officer Harasses Ron Paul Supporters

The Philly Tyranny Response Team was participating in the Nation wide Ron Paul sign wave – which took place on Oct 10th – when they had a little run in with an Exton, PA police officer. Below is video of that encounter – raw video here.

There you have it, more proof that the police aren’t concerned with protect you. This officer says, “I don’t have to be nice to you. That’s not in my job description.” He even states that he can tell you what to do and doesn’t care if you appreciate it or not. The men in the video did a great job of standing their ground against this jackboot thug.

If you’d like to remind the Exton, PA police that filming public officials is NOT A CRIME feel free to call them.

Stephen J. Meacham -Chief of Police
[email protected]

Police, Non-Emergency – 610-363-0200

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  • 1605

    Well handled and congratulations for not being assaulted by that juicer. He was amped up and apparently struggling to maintain his composure. I hope he didn’t beat his wife and/or children to much when he got home.

  • Allen Christian

    How many times does anyone, not just the LEO but anyone need to repeat, repeat, repeat an answer to a question, question, question. Your attempt to change and ask the same question several times to hassle the LEO was just stupid, how many times have you heard the same words from your parents. My 10-year old daughter would understand about blocking the view of merging drivers. You were just trying to get that LEO ramped up. Good job showing your inability to understand a simple order. DON’T BLOCK THE VISION OF THE DRIVERS WITH YOUR BIG SIGNS. Maybe this was a setup, How lucky you are there was no accident caused by those signs. Is it worth getting people hurt just to ramp up a police officer. You best look at your priorities about safety of the public.

  • Keith Nothing More, Nothing Less

    Allen Christian: We asked him 5 times if it was okay if we moved to a safer location and if that suited his preference but he dishonerably did not reply to our questions with nothing more than “IF I HAVE TO COME BACK WE ARE GONNA HAVE A PROBLEM”. We never once were in dishoner. The Jackbooted thug just needed to get a fix on picking on someone, usually he gets away with it. This time he was COPBLOCKED!

  • Steve

    To Allen Christian:It is people like you who give the constitution a bad name.Not sure what you were watching but they were not blocking the ramp and were fine with staying off the island.The fact that you think the attitude and conduct of this peace officer is acceptable is pretty sad.The Ron Paul supporter was nothing but respectable to the officer.They take a oath of conduct to follow and this cop needs to brush up on it.Also sounds to me like maybe,maybe,maybe you shouldn’t be driving if your that easily distracted by a small sign and I would hope you wouldn’t allow your 10 year old out on a island with a sign.Great job Tyranny Response Team,exposing abuse of power is a good thing.More people need to start to carrying and using phone cameras to protect themselves in situation such as these.Well,well,well done !!!

  • David

    The kid seems like a little a-hole. Cop didn’t seem unreasonable, just annoyed.

  • Tim

    So while I’m at college right now, Exton is my hometown. That intersection is messed up anyhow, people haven’t been able to see anything there for years, which is why the accidents happen in the first place. Signs aren’t going to change anything.

  • iawai

    Biff Tanne would be embarrassed to see this bullying. “So you’re a lawyer now?” – and what if he was? The bully may have had a point about blocking sriver’s vows, but there was no evidence he brought to persuade them of this.

    In his world, HE gets to decide what is safe, right, and lawful. Poor sucker will have a tough time coping when his city govt can’t afford to keep paying him to be a jerk.


    Go get your detectives and bring them back officer and while your at it grab your supervisor and bring him/her to.
    Now if I’m not being detained…..PISS OFF!

  • Dan

    “you shouldn’t be driving if your that easily distracted by a small sign”

    I do believe that the majority of drivers don’t want or intend to be distracted it just happens without forethought, Holding a sign on an island/intersection places drivers a disadvantage. Which then creates accidents.

  • Dan
  • Allen Christian

    Steve – It’s not impending the ramp, it’s the signs that block view in the intersection. One person here stated that he lived in Exton, knows the intersection and its messed up anyways. Well, when you start waving signs around on an island in the middle of traffic people tend to look away from what they are suppose to be looking at, the road. Now come on Steve, where’s you common sense about traffic and distraction. All the LEO asked was to move to the curb side and not stay in the middle of the island. Your are representing a presidential candidate, and need to use your brains doing so. If an accident was caused by distraction and signs preventing drivers to see how do you think Ron Paul would feel about this???? That a person representing him (Ron Paul) had caused an accident or helped contribute to one. The LEO invloved was trying to make a safe zone for everyone invloved thats it.

  • Allen Christian

    Keith – Well, any reasonable person would have moved off the island once the officer stated it was causing a distraction to drivers. What part of that did you have trouble with? If you are creating a hazard on the island, move off the island, simple answer. What I could see in the video, right where you were standing was a good place since you are in the right hand turn of a curb, opposite where traffic was merging. You have either been rehearsed by someone or just like creating a story to put onto a blog. Either way in our town we had Ron Paul Supporters picketing in our common not blocking traffic, how many other cities in the US had no issues. If this was a wide ranging issue, why didn’t we hear about it in my town? To create self journalism only serves the person creating the story. You got your 15 minutes of fame, good for you.

  • Allen Christian

    Steve – Do you belong to C.L.A.U.D ? Chaos – Lawlessness – Anarchy – Utopia – Disorder ?
    When speaking about the constitution, are you talking about the actual constitution that is framed on my living room wall? or the bill of rights (you do know they are two separate articles) – Which BOR article? and what are you referring to

  • Chris Mallory

    Allen, isn’t it time you shined your badge, put on your uniform and went to work collecting revenue from citizens?

  • Chris Mallory

    I wonder if the officer would have said anything if they citizens had been collecting for the FOP? I seriously doubt it.

  • Allen Christian

    Chris – I pay as much or more than you in taxes. For some unknown reason you think public employee’s don’t pay in. Well Sir – I’m disabled and was injured during a surgical procedure. I wish I could shine my badge and put on my uniform. You have no idea how much I would like to walk and converse with others.

    This isn’t pity time for me, you asked and I’m telling you. What about my family and grandson who I cannot enjoy their fun, they have to work around me and it’s unfair to them. I gave 30 years in public service and don’t have a thing to show for it, again my fault as I didn’t expect to lose the use of my left leg. So Chris, would I like to do what you asked me to do, yes I would except one thing collect revenue. I have never been paid by any resident, never took a coffee, did what was needed to protect and serve.
    I will never regret that and for whatever you think of LEO’s it’s really sad that you don’t look at LEO’s other than an enemy and for that I’m sorry for you because there are more great officers men and woman working for us then the few that decided to help themselves.
    Chris – If you ever want to put on the uniform, I would give you the same respect as I do with anyone in uniform, the dedication, the sacrifice and sometimes show my respect to the fallen. When was the last time you went to a fallen LEO or Soldier? Maybe this week you did? But you look at the faces of the relatives, parents, wife’s, mothers, sons and daughters, friends of the fallen uniformed men and woman. You willing to give them the respect they deserve?
    Are you willing to pick up arms when they fall?

  • Allen Christian

    Chris – Your right if they were there for the FOP?? what “fraternal order Police” I guess???

    They people who would be supporting the FOP WOULD HAVE KNOWN WHERE TO GO AND STAND WITH THE SIGNS, not in the middle of an island obstructing the view of traffic. Gee, you feel into that one didn’t you

  • Mike

    The kid was being an asshole? Did you even watch the video? The officer was clearly unprofessional and disrespectful. Instead of resolving the potential problem peacefully, he made threats and refused to answer questions, and he threatened an illegal arrest.

    What if the kids were collecting money for the fire department? Our city lets firefighters stand right in the middle of traffic to collect donations. That’s far more dangerous than standing on an island and holding a sign, yet it gets a pass and nobody complains. It seems that revenue collection trumps free expression when it comes to these things.

  • Allen Christian

    Mike – Not if the sign holders were blocking the view of traffic “to impede traffic, to interfere or slow traffic”. Then the officer has probable cause to write, not sure to arrest as I’m not sure if this is a criminal or civil offense, giving the officer the right under law to arrest. In NH it does, but usually the offender is given a criminal citation. The officer became disrespectful when the same question was being asked, come on Mike, or are you just hearing what you want to hear. Tell me Mike, what would you do if you were the LEO?

  • Joe Bolton

    Cops don’t have to be nice to anyone, especially little ball-garglers like the Rumle Stilskin-looking white trash here. He told you what you couldn’t do and added a little accentuation to it. What’s the matter? Need to be hugged When hearing bad news?

    You guys know you were breaking his balls and he was breaking yours back. If you really wanted to be a big shot, you should have put your hands on him. That big boy would have had you bleeding and unconscious in two moves before you could even say ‘Help’ to the other piss-ass behind the camera.

  • 1605

    Joe Bolton is a bed wetter who cannot articulate any reasonable argue, instead he incites.

  • Patrick Bateman

    @Joe – no, most of them don’t have to be nice to anyone. Which is why they are some of the fucking dumbest, lowest and most useless people in society. I would kill myself if I ever had a kid and he/she chose to be a patrol cop. I’d disown his disgusting ass. I’d much rather he/she be a hooker, shovel shit, or work at McDonalds. Some of the people whom others view as occupying the lowest rungs in society have far more class, utility, and purpose than cops who troll the streets- and of course, they actually know what customer service is.

  • Steve

    Allen-he was not on the island when the officer confronted him and he said no problem when the officer told him to stay off it.It is unfortunate that you are disabled,a family member being disabled affects the whole family and I wish nothing but the best in regards to your disability.I have a family member who is a state trooper in another state and I also give to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund which helps the families of fallen officers.Thing is,if he treated a family member like that,I would definitely tell him that kind of behavior by a public servant is not okay.Never heard of CLAUD,but would listen to what they had to say with out disrespecting them.I will always stand against abuse of power,especially when it comes to someone who took an oath to serve,protect and respect among other things.Wondering,do you have a copy of the oath you took to become a cop on the wall also ? If you do,you need to read it again.Also wondering if you know the statistics on police officers when it comes to spousal abuse and substance abuse ? Your assuming a lot with your comments.A badge and a uniform do not give you the right to disrespect and abuse people and many cops think it does.In many situations….chaos….lawlessness….anarchy….disorder..are a result of abuse of power and the treading on of peoples rights afforded them by the constitution.I don’t think utopia should have been included in there,doesn’t make sense to me to include it.

  • Bob

    Real smart remark 1605. Did you stay up all night thinking that up? It shows something about you. Guess that’s what happens when you can’t “parrot” what your 2 “leaders” say and have to come up with something by yourself.

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  • Steve

    Joe-your lack of intelligent conversation makes me think you probably didn’t graduate from high school and are to lazy to educate yourself on the English language.Seems to me you weren’t shown enough affection when you were younger because of your hostile and immature attitude.If you still are a bed wetter I would suggest counseling,I think it might do you some good.Also,that cop didn’t look so tough to me.He must have felt real tough behind his badge and uniform.It seems to me Joey you are bottom feeding racist.

  • Ron

    Allen Christian is a little bitch ass ex LEO. You think this cops attitude is acceptable? Step to me with the same attitude this cop did and I will disable your other leg. You have no badge to hide behind now, there would not be a damn thing you can do about it other then file a police report that will never get resolved.

    Now If I know LEO’s(and I do), you will probably say that you would shoot me, instead of taking your beating like a man.

    The only reason this cop thinks he can talk to people like that is because he literally has a gang of thugs on the other side of that radio. Cops come into my gym all the time, act all tough and I drop em like a sack of potatoes. Then they run their mouth, I just ask them if they want another beating.

  • Allen Christian

    Ron – First of all, I’m retired, disabled. That aside, you want to bet down on someone, you need a good look in the mirror. Just by the words of another whom you never met, to advocate violence is ok from you Ron, you’re a private citizen, I can do what the fuck I want to. But, the LEO has to stroke your hairline, bow to the all mighty Ron. I’ve heard more crap from students walking to school. But don’t worry Ron. Anytime you feel the need to pounce, just remember what your doctor told you, the little white pill twice a day, take the purple one when you become a real ass to anyone. I have to admit RON, you made me laugh. I don’t get out much and trying to get use to my new condition but thank you very much, still laughing…

  • 1605

    Actually Bob (aka Joe Bolton) I said all I needed to say on the subject in my first post. After that, once I realized I was throwing my pearls to the swine, I figured I might as well get down in the mud with em. See what I did there?

  • Allen Christian

    Ron – I’m sorry, I didn’t see that you are a student. Ron I really don’t think you will be too much of a problem for yourself or anyone. Sounds like a true sociopath with real violent neurotic tendencies. Someone will drop you hard, and I guarantee it won’t be the LEO’s. You really do need to talk to someone like mom, probation officer, hell Santa Clause if you like men in little red suits.

  • Ron

    After reading your posts I know your retired, disabled and mildly retarded.lol

    Good response though, I thought what I wrote was funny, I tried to match the cops tone. No stroking or bowing just act like a normal human and not a disrespectful ass who tries to intimidate people with made up wiretapping laws. ” I’m going to go get my detectives?” Don’t you mean your mom? What a pussy. Your on this mans side?Come one really?on this cops side? SMH You drank to much of the Kool-Aid, go find your puppet master and tell him you want to be a real boy again.

    I can take most people, I have to think that way, my amateur MMA record is 12-2. A one legged man would not be a problem.

  • Allen Christian

    Tell me something Ron –
    I could tell this LEO was tired, looked like he been up working for awhile. He even stated this, Would you treat your mother the way he was treated? Would you treat a stranger the same as the LEO. If you can’t you are a social racist, why do you get to pick and choose who you treat with respect and don’t. If I showed this to any of my family and if I was the child acting the way he was towards the LEO, my family would think I was mental (left that wide open for you Ron). It was escalated by the aggressor. The LEO was even trying to walk away, but the aggressor wouldn’t let him. By the way Ron, I know you’re not the candidate, because if you were I think Ron Paul would tell you to take his name off everything you have. I hope you know Ron Paul is a Doctor and treats all people with respect. By using this Ron Paul sign day only diminishes what Ron Paul is doing. You gave me a great idea about sending the video to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. They meaning the presidential candidates really don’t like this type of publicity. If Ron Paul wants my support, maybe he should step in to your crap.

  • Ron

    The great Allen making excuses now, ah poor baby, so tired, eating donuts in my car is such a hard job. lol

    What video are you watching? As the video starts the young man asks where else he can go and the cop says “I can tell you this, If I have to come back here, I’m going to arrest you” The officer is making threats of the bat, he uses unlawful arrest like a weapon, just throws it around. Then the whole wiretapping thing? Really? In a state where the courts just said taping the police is fine. A memo was just sent to all officers in Philly telling them not the harass or arrest photographers. He know the charge is made up, that’s why he does not arrest them.

    I know there was a time when young men were polite and the police were polite right back. When the police started getting mean, felony stops, unlawful searches, etc… so did the people.I agree the people got meaner but the cops treat everyone like a criminal in the name of safety.

    These crooked ass cops started a war. That’w why this site is here, it’s why your here.People are done taking straight up shit from the police and grinning about it. Look at this cop just making shit up as he goes along, was the young man supposed to say ” yes sir, right away sir?”

    I feel slightly bad for picking on you. You seen like such a reasonable, rational, and likable person(you never know though this is the internet). You probably were one of the good ones, but protecting bad guys like this makes you an accomplice to the crimes the bad ones commit. You protecting the bad ones because, they are one of yours. Well I am not one of yours and I guess that makes you my enemy and this is they way the cops already see it. Citizens are the enemy, all of them.

  • Allen Christian

    Ron – maybe we have met somewhere somehow, I guarantee to if you did the same crap to me as he did to that cop (I’m talking about a regular Joe on the street) we would be deep asses to elbows into each other. But if you came to me and asked me an opinion a idea I would treat you with the respect and kindness that we all should. That’s why a blog is good to a point. But Ron, if you want to make a difference then the tools are in front of you to start. Just to bitch and degrade others is just a bully and a thug. The reason why I became a COP at 35 was because of the bullies and thugs. Now ask me about education and training for these LEO’s and changes that need to be made and afforded the LEO’s and I’m all for that and will support you 110%. But to just show video and bitch without a way to show how this could be changed how education and training would have provided for a better outcome, yes we can as one great President stated. Unfortunately, police like every other occupation has lost officers do to budget cuts, training and education for many have been non-existent because of manpower shortages. (Your comment here would be “that’s no excuse”) Well, Ron ever had a job where orders to complete a job or a mission are required to be followed if you want a job? Ever served RON, pick up a M4 and man a post? Well Ron, when education and training have been put on the back burner its not the LEO’s fault it’s yours and mines and everyone else who doesn;t want to pay higher taxes. We reap what we sew. You want a better understanding, higher trained and educated law enforcement officers, you best get your checkbook out because if the LEO’s can’t get the funding, they sure would appreciate a donation to their training budget. You state that the courts have ruled about video tapping, yes they have, but not all 50 states have the same ruling. Do you think on Friday when the ruling was made, that on Monday LEO’s everywhere knew the decision, come on be real. In my state when a court has made a finding that changes law, that doesn’t mean the law is wrong, there may be parts to a law that have to be re-written. We get our interpretation from the States Attorneys General Office. We work under that state law of the Attorney Generals office unless it is a local ordinance. You want to make changes to how COPS talk to people. Ask the State Attorney General’s office to draw up knew legislation so every LEO has to say, yes sir, no sir, your right sir, I’m always wrong sir, Your paycheck pays my salary sir, can I follow you home and shovel your driveway sir. Here’s my phone number if you never need me to babysit your kids sir. Would that change your attitude regarding LEO’s?

  • Joe smith

    This cop is a total loser. He has no right wearing the badge and needs to learn how to talk to people. He knows nothing about the laws and about national candidates. This cop should be sued for harassment and treats to arrest. Sue him please do It.

  • Watcher

    Can you say over aggressive cop. Get off the riods. Maybe you can hear the kids questions if you wernt roiding and always have to be right. This cop can’t be that dumb. I guess his detectives laught at him when he went back to this precent and this is why they didn’t show up. I wounded who he voted for or even votes. He is registered as “dumb ass”.

  • m granhold

    mean people Suck what cant cops just be nice. Protect and serve or Bully and harass…hum? you be the judge

  • Joe Bolton

    The only bed I’m wetting is the one you call your parents room when dad is out on a bender. When you finally move out, I’ll still be making house calls. Maybe I’ll leave a batch on your old bed, just for shits n giggles.

    And now my name is Bob? OK, whatever makes you happy, 1605.

  • John Mullen

    The cop’s right he doesn’t need to be nice to you and your only out there to bust his balls by video taping him, dont’ you people have jobs or a life to attend too?

  • Leader

    This cop is a dumb asshaole. He needs to treat people with respect. Somebody find the cops name and post it. I bet it’s Richard and he goes by Dick

  • King

    This cop is a prick. Think he went home and beat his wife after he seen this on the Internet

  • Debi

    The signs are small handsigns. The location was about 500 feet BEFORE the intersection. There was no view distance block for vehicle operators. An unknown woman with opposing political beliefs screamed things shortly before the cop was called, evidencing the reason for police arrival. This officer pulled up in his car, using the “f” word to get the “f” over here, pointing to the other side of the street. NICE TALK for a representative of law enforcement who’s salary and benefits I’m paying in this district. This was all BEFORE and was the reason the camera was brought out, he initially revealed his bad, unprovoked demeanor. How sad there are always a few bad apples to ruin the barrel – we have lots of good law enforcement friends. Guess he was having a bad day, still no excuse to talk like that.

  • Selective “Enforecement”

    So what about the college & high school students who are wandering up and down the roads collecting money for charity? I have never seen an officer reprimand them for being a distraction– and yes. I live in Exton and yes the students patrol the same areas and busy intersections.

    I find a swarm of students stumbling up and down major roadways, criss-crossing between cars to get cash a lot more distracting then an organized group of protesters (whatever their cause) peacefully waiving signs.

    Haven’t seen the West Chester Police harassing the “Support Our Troops” gang that regularly flank the intersections near the courthouse.

    Didn’t realize the folks we employ to ‘serve and protect’ got to be so choosy about who gets to break the nonexistent nebulous rules…

  • Selective “Enforcement”

    Sorry for the misspelling– a bit fired up whenever I see civil liberties being callously thrown to the wind.

  • Joe Bolton

    @ King – I doesn’t make him a prick when it’s justified. The dinner was cold.

  • Debi

    Bolton’s choice of language is about as bad as the officer’s chosen introduction wording. Are we just seeing a prevalance of increase in uneducated foul mouth people out there? Can they speak their opinions in more acceptable verbal format? Comments like those of Bolton here are why it is sometimes difficult to remain on a thread.

  • Joe Bolton

    @ Debi – We are all adults and when there are disagreements involved, then foul language becomes a part of the vernacular.

    I know that I basically a lone wolf on this site so I choose to have a little fun, twist the knife and break chops. As a matter of fact, it’s been quite an easy task to get under skin over here.

    Bottom line is that no matter what Insaw or how I say it, I will be gang-banged on here because of my views.

  • ekeyra


    Im glad your legs dont work so there’s one less asshole with a badge harrassing citizens. Have fun shitting your own pants.

    Anybody know what that song was from the beginning of the video?

  • Lj5227

    Those guys were out of line! The officer explained why he needed them to stop blocking view of drivers, resolving a unsafe situation. The young men were being confrontational and were clearly provoking the officer. Clearly the officer may have done a better job of keeping his cool, but he was really in a ridiculous, frustrating situation. Ron Paul supporters need not appear to be bullies and thugs its o.k to be angry at what is happening with our goverment, but how you express that anger especially while your holding RonPaul signs makes us look like publicity hounds and quite frankly, like dummies. One more question, If in the middle of the night you are sleeping with your wife next to you and your two small children in the next room and someone is kicking in your backdoor, who you gonna call?

  • lot of love

    Lj5227- the cop is the dummy. he got the law wrong, dosen’t know who ron paul is, and is a angre dick head. I won’t call him because he is dumb he will go to the wrong house.

  • Joe Bolton

    The cop in the video was breaking balls because the ”amateur video journalists’ were doing the same to him. Give someone an inch and they’ll take a foot. It’s just that you shitdicks can’t seem to understand that. The cop will win the end. Accept it already.

  • JJ Messick

    OK I gotta say something here. This cop was being a real prick. And I do think he needs to be dealt with about proper protocol. And if it isn’t that departments protocol to treat citizens with professional respect then it is time to change the protocol.

    Having said that if the officer’s demand to remain off a traffic island was all that needed to be done. Then just do it. Don’t argue about something so minor and trivial. Not being there I can’t say wither or not there was a real safety concern. But apparently this officer thought so.

  • jerk it

    this cop needs to be fired. He has no clue how to treat the public. FIRE HIM… How can you be so dumb you don’t know who Ron Paul is. FIRE the TOOL

  • John Jacobs

    The police in Exton are hard up for action and go WAY OVERBOARD. You think it’s bad in cities, at least those guys have to deal with real crime. The cops in sleepy suburbs outside of major cities wish they were NYPD blue. They wish and it bothers them, big time.

    I saw a cop pepper spray and accost a mentally handicapped guy in a store because he wouldn’t get on the ground. He ended up calling for like 10 back up officers. The guy was like mid 30 and kept screaming for his mom. It was surreal. They took my name and said I might have to be called in as a “witness” and I said “all I witnessed is you go overboard beating up a retarded guy, you probably don’t want to call me in on this” .

  • Yes

    I’m a thug. I have a problem with authority. I don’t trust cops. But from where I sit, these kids were asking for a beat down. Since when do cops have to be nice and polite? Who the hell asks a cop giving you a direct order why he’s not being nice and polite to you? He’s right, being nice and saying please isn’t his job. If you expect an officer to bring you ice cream and say pretty please stop blocking traffic, you’re not an advocate for liberty. You’re just a tool.

  • Paul Bonneau

    Well, that was dumb. The cop was not being unreasonable. I don’t like cops and have written articles critical of them. But sheesh, can’t you just move down the street like he says? You were causing traffic issues. Go somewhere where you won’t cause an accident.

  • lover boy

    The cop doesn’t know how to talk to people. Nor does he know who Ron paul is. They only think he knows is how to beat his wife and stick a needle in his ass. He is out of control for a little incident like this how do u think he will act on something bigger. He a pretty boy needle jacker. Hey cop inetead of sticking a needle in your ass read a news paper jack ass.