“I’m Gonna Beat The Shit Out Of Him!”: Dallas police brutality caught on tape

  • Jim Babb

    The “tragedy” to the mayor is that this reflects poorly on the city and the police. The fact that a man was viciously attacked was just “unfortunate.” Typical.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abuse-Is-Not-Protection/131451616894365?v=wall Donnie Cole

    I’m just glad he is taking the position that he is as Mayor this is a Crime against the people not just this one man.

  • Dr. Q

    The news anchor in this clip is a complete asshole. Not only does he insinuate that the victim in this video deserved to be beaten because of his criminal record, he attempted to trivialize the significance of the video evidence. To him, the officer’s remark merely “raise[s] questions about whether the beating was premeditated.” When a person announces his intentions to commit a violent crime against someone and then does so, there are no “questions”; that the beating was premeditated is simply a verifiable fact.

  • R

    This isn’t an isolated incident, pigs do this shit all the time. Rape, murder, assault, burglery… cops get away with it all, if they get caught they just lose their job. Welcome to the police state!

  • Kathy

    It is insanity to think that a “certain” type of person somehow deserves to be pounded on. Assault is assault. The law does not have a “does not apply” clause for people that wear uniforms. The News Anchor should NOT have even mention the guy’s record. It wasn’t relavant. It sounded like he was trying to justify the police officers actions, which of course would be impossible.

  • matty

    Fox News… Fair and Balanced.

  • fairys

    sounds fair to me.. look at the record that was oulled up. if YOU were him and he DID NOT surender… what would you do? and like one knows excatly what the other would do? so 6 outta 12 shohim with TASERRather than ther GUN! right?! stupid. he would have died if it HAD been guns!

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