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Jeff Gray (HonorYourOath) Detained for Filming Bank Buildings

1st Amendment Test (bank buildings)

Yesterday Jeff Gray (HonorYourOath) was hassled because he videotaped bank buildings from public property. Gray was doing nothing wrong, yet because he dared to assert his rights, he himself had his freedom of movement curtailed and a threat of caging levied. This was a classic case of claims made and reinforced by individuals used to […]

1st Amendment Test – Video (HonorYourOath)

In our continuing effort for transparency and government accountability I decided to conduct a 1st Amendment test at my local Customs and Border Patrol facility. This is a test, this is only a test. Jeff Gray HonorYourOath

HonorYourOath’s Speed Trap Crasher!


This post comes to us from HonorYourOath. I just love this guy and his proactive education – both of non-police and police alike. His comment in the video below “I’ve got one” made me LOL:) -Pete For years in the state of Florida LEO’s have been ticketing motorist who warn others of speed traps by […]

HonorYourOaths illegal arrest video(s)

HonorYourOath illegally arrested

On Wednesday I blogged about Jeff, aka HonorYourOath on YouTube, who was arrested for ‘refusing to show cops his ID.’ According to the description on HonorYourOath’s YouTube video of the arrest – the raw version (also posted below): This video was being illegally held by the Lawtey police as evidence at the Bradford county Fl […]

The 4th Amendment Of July – Nationwide Event


Hello everyone, I’m Ashton Woolen from Georgia Cop Block and KnowledgeIsPower. Georgia Cop Block – website / Facebook / Twitter / [email protected] KnowledgeIsPower – Facebook On the Fourth of July we celebrate freedom, ‘Murica, and things that go ‘boom.’ But also on this day and the weekend of, copuis amounts of checkpoints, speed traps, and […]

Brevard Co (FL) Sheriff deputies fail to honor their oath

Brevard County (FL) Sheriff employees fail to honor their oath

In start contrast to claims of “serving and protecting”, yesterday, Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 2013, Brevard County Sheriff employees kidnapped and caged Jeff Gray, who was merely documenting their actions with his videocamera. Gray was not aggressive nor was he interfering with the traffic stop he was documenting. It’s clear who are the real aggressors. Raw […]

CopBlock Radio Show – Episode 16

Adam, Scott and Eric bring you episode 16 of the Copblock Radio Show on the FPRN Radio Network.  Download, share, sell, whatever you want to do with it.  We’re live every Wednesday night at 9:30pm on the FPRN Radio Network.  Listen live and join the live chat during the show and you can call into […]

Congrats Gavin Seim! Winner of The Checkpoint Contest


On March 4th we announced The Checkpoint Contest, which solicited content that best demystifies checkpoints and educates others about their rights should they encounter one themselves. When the deadline passed on April 8th we had received nine entries, which were judged by Terry Bressi (on behalf of Checkpoint USA), Ian Freeman (on behalf of Liberty […]

Told 1st and 4th Amendment Rights “Don’t Matter” Jeff Gray Follows-up & Nets Apology

Video thumbnail for youtube video Told 1st and 4th Amendment Rights "Don't Matter" Jeff Gray Follows-up & Nets Apology | Cop Block

From Jeff Gray: Back in May of 2011, I had an incident with two Florida Highway Patrol Troopers from FHP Troop G while taking photos and video of their Command Center Bus at a gas station. Trooper Michael badge #2154 incorrectly claimed that it was illegal to film both him personally and the Command Center […]

Escape from Bridgeport

Escape From Bridgeport

This video gives an overview my time on the ground in Bridgeport, CT with Angel Martinez of Connecticut Cop Block. All the footage used in the video was pulled from raw clips housed at and How were our interactions with folks who wore “Bridgeport PD” badges? As I wrote shortly after leaving town […]