We do not “hate cops.” We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights. The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.
  • 22 2014 April

    District Attorney Continues Vendetta Against Ademo

    In the video above I outline, and update the viewers on, the current status of my case relating to wiretapping charges out of Manchester, NH. By watching the video and/or reading the back story here, you...

  • 21 2014 April

    Accountability Through Transparency Video Contest

    60-second overview: The police do not police themselves. People are still being wronged despite the introduction of dash-mounted cameras, and the adoption of police-worn body cams is no different. To ensure a record of the...

  • 15 2014 April

    Mental Cages Precipitate Those Physical

     Let him who would move the world, first move himself. - Socrates If someone was kidnapped from your community and went missing for years you’d be concerned. Say you lived in Manchester, NH, Murfreesboro, TN,...

  • 11 2014 April

    A Parley in Parma

    PARMA POLICE OUTFIT Phone 440.887.7300 Website http://cityofparmapolice.com GREATER CLEVELAND COP BLOCK Email [email protected] On Facebook http://facebook.com/greaterclevelandcopblock On YouTube http://youtube.com/clevelandcopblock RELATED CONTENT Parma agrees to pay 16-year-old boy $40,000 to settle police brutality lawsuit by Brian...

  • 08 2014 April

    Self-Sufficiency Is Dangerous to A System that Relies On Dependency – Randy Stroud

    In November of 2012 I met Randy Stroud at the Music City Liberty Fest. Later, I became more familiar with his own efforts – much of which focuses on doing damage control when subjects to...


Frances Blackburn shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: December 23, 2013 Police Employee Involved: Jose Valdez Police Employee Contact Information: Wind River Agency, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 (307) 332-3112 On December 23,...

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Berkeley Copwatch shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. After each mishap or tragedy that occurs these days in Berkeley, we are told that it could have been averted “if only” the police had been issued...

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Cleveland Scene

April 21, 2014 | 7 Comments

Date of Interaction: March 28, 2014 DEO writes: Cleveland Cop Block meet up with Pete Eyre, March 28, 2014. I think you’ll see Cleveland Scene got this part wrong. Part 2, The Hit and Run is...

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Injustice In Brunswick, GA

April 21, 2014 | 19 Comments

This post was shared anonymously via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: April 5, 2014 Police Employees Involved: Officer Browning, Anthony S.Badge #145 Police Employee Contact Information: 912-554-7600 Phillip has been a part of our...

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This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions. Story #1 MOTHER: Son brutally attacked by police officer http://www.wsbt.com/news/local/mother-son-brutally-attacked-by-police-officer/25201520 A...

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Off Duty Cop Shoots Fleeing Unarmed Suspect

April 18, 2014 | 37 Comments

Huntsville Cop Watchers shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: 4/15/14 Police Employees Involved: Unnamed Morgan County Deputy Police Employee Contact Information: 256-351-4800 Earlier this week, an off duty Morgan County Deputy shot...

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April 9th, 2014 Denver Cops Threaten Good Samaritan with Arrest by Andrea Dantzer Dani Juras and her family would soon find out the sad truth of current law enforcement mentality. Their family dog, Harley, slipped...

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This post was shared via CopBlock.org’s submit page by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous. Date of Interaction: March 13, 2o14 Police Employees Involved: Kevin Corbett, Jose Aljandro Police Employee Information: Loveland Ohio Police Department...

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First Checkpoint Block of 2014

April 16, 2014 | 11 Comments

DEO shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: April 12, 2014 Police Employees Involved: Seven Hills PD Police Employee Contact Information: (216) 524-3911 The first checkpoint of 2014, Seven Hills was kind enough...

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Oh did that say “Preventing”? Editorial mistake. “Committing” is the word we’re looking for here. That should be, “Recent Instances of Police Committing Sexual Assault.” Obviously. Late last year, San Antonio police officer Jackie Neal...

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Waukesha SWAT Sgt. Accused of Murder Threats

April 16, 2014 | 38 Comments

Photo Waukesha WI Police Sgt. Gregg Satula (Credit Waukesha PD) By Tim @wkshacopblock – MilwaukeeCitizenPress In the latest incident to come to light in what would generously be called an incompetent police department, Waukesha PD’s...

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Cop Chokes Out Teen

April 15, 2014 | 39 Comments

Lucy Ingalls shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: March 2012 Police Employees Involved: Chicago Police Police Employee Contact Information: Address – 3510 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60653, Telephone – 312-746-6000...

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This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions. Story #1 SC officer shoots man reaching for cane http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/sc-officer-shoots-man-reaching-for-cane/2014/02/26/1b97852e-9f3d-11e3-878c-65222df220eb_story.html A...

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