Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.

Cop Block is committed to highlighting the double standard often granted to those in uniforms and badges. We do this by raising awareness and providing support to victims of police abuse and other related institutional injustice. By documenting police actions whether they are illegal, immoral, or just a waste of time and resources, then agitating against the individuals responsible (ideally while recording and then later sharing), we can work together towards transparency and a real impact on issues of police accountability.

CopBlock.org serves as a resource for education and awareness on individual and civil rights. We encourage constructive discourse and knowledge through the dissemination of different viewpoints and tactics in order to combat both the frequent violations of civil rights and the lack of accountability in modern policing.

We do not “hate cops.” We simply believe that all human beings have equal rights; no one class or group of people has any more rights simply by the nature of his or her position or uniform. *The failure and inability of to realize and act on this philosophy is to the detriment of all individuals. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials, we safeguard not only our rights but those of future generations.

Those of us volunteering at CopBlock.org do not condone violence, though we recognize it is morally acceptable when used in self-defense of self or others. As a general practice, we do not enforce intellectual property claims of any sort, and encourage everyone to use Cop Block information, logos, graphics, etc. to join the fight and contribute to activism in their preferred manner. However, we dissociate ourselves from those who encourage initiatory violence to further their ends, or otherwise do not adhere to the non-aggression principle. [Click here for more on the non-aggression principle]



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Let’s create a better reality.

Help us share with more people the paradigm-shifting fact that Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.

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  • Mad HaTTer

    an interesting thought just occurred to me, you should consider writing a “copblock” app which when opened and a button is hit it uploads a/v+local police channels to a cloud storage account owned by copblock and provides a link (similar to how imgur does) then you could get the news first and it would help people get it out there even if the cops take or break their phone. You could also use something like a ddns and zoneminder instead of cloud storage so it is streamed directly and saved continually. Of course you’d have to monitor it and cut off nonsense streams and pocket activations or you could just write a recognition algorythm to do that…

  • Mad HaTTer

    btw your contact link on this about page is formatted incorrectly consider using a
    mailto:[email protected]

    instead of the crap you got going on there as its adding a http://www.copblock.org/about/[email protected] for the email address which of course is bringing up a 404 because the browser is trying to open it instead of opening a mail app

  • williampenn

    What percentage of copblock.org’s funding comes from Communist Party front groups?

  • Keepitreal!

    You guys and girls here at cop block are all about truth, accountability and responsibility. Why then in your mission statement do you lie? I mean you say that you do not hate cops. That is totally untrue! If you hate cops it doesn’t matter, but why do you lie about it? Anyone who watches your videos you can hear the anger in your voices and all of the disrespectful thing you say to police. There are numerous videos when people call cops cowards and assholes when they aren’t doing anything to them. That shows the hate you all have for police. So why do you lie in your mission statement? That takes credibility away from you all and the point that you think all cops are liars and criminals!

  • AbbyK

    Has cop block decided to shift it’s focus from systemic police brutality to whether consent laws are unfair to men?

    Ex: https://www.facebook.com/CopBlock/posts/10153227964718189

    This post was so far outside of what you guys normally share on Facebook I couldn’t help but wonder what was up.

  • SeeBee1961

    Does CopBlock.org have a document developed to pass along to legislators so voters can demand better police accountability? If not, please develop. I created this one here just as my own personal wish list, but I recognize it could be improved and shortened by people with actual legal, legislative and budgetary experience; I am just a layman who is frustrated with excessive force violations. FYI:

    My recommendations to cut down on police brutality:

    1. More extensive police training to help them develop better judgment in uses of force and gain a reasonable level of knowledge about the public’s rights (including the right to film and audiotape police). They should be required to sign a legal document stating they know these basics before they are allowed to work in law enforcement.

    2. Higher educational and intelligence standards for police recruits.

    3. Better police pay to retain the smarter and better officers and increase their satisfaction on the job.

    4. All law enforcement “use of force” cases should be investigated by an independent body not affliated with local law enforcement agencies or the DA’s office. That independent body should determine which cases go to a grand jury.

    5. There should be a national database of law enforcement employment records to enable easier background checks and identification of “problematic” officers before hiring. The records should include: Notation of all complaints against them and the resolution of such complaints, as well as notations of violence and other crimes in their personal lives. There should be mandatory counseling or training sessions for officers that reach excessive levels of complaints, and this should be in the records too. Officers found guilty of significant offenses should be blacklisted in this database and banned from working in law enforcement, security, prison work, or any job in which they are armed and have authority to control vulnerable people.

    6. Find a solution to the weaknesses in using grand juries (only has the prosecutor’s side presenting information, for example), which notoriously do not indict cops.

    7.Develop and require the use of police body cams that cannot be turned off, that have un-deletable videos, that are archived in the cloud daily, have a clear warning when the battery needs to be recharged, and are worn at all times by officers. I think the cams are more important than privacy considerations, such as officer bathroom breaks — after all, the videocam faces forward, not down.

    8. officers who break the law or use excessive force should be required to bear some or all of the costs of their legal defense and penalties. People who don’t have to take responsibility for their actions are unlikely to change their actions.

    What else?

  • Human

    It would be helpful if the regional Cop Block Groups FB pages were open to the public, meaning no FB account required to view the page. Some are available but for example the KansasCityMetroCopBlock groups FB page is not. I do not have a FB account nor will I ever create one. However, I would like to review the FB pages in my area as I am considering contributing to the cause. Thanks

  • cbgeorge

    They wont reply anyway. I sent couple emails, NO REPLY