RT’s “War of Words” with Kirby Interviews CopBlocker Ademo Freeman


Recently I was a guest on “War of Words” with Kirby, via RT, to discuss everything Police State USSA. The interview is below. I really appreciate the time Kirby gave me to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” From RT’s post: Police brutality seems to be on the rise but why? […]

Cop Attempts to Break Phone, Illegally Arrests Man Filming

Coptical Illusion

This video and story come to us via CopBlock Submissions from Robert Landon Johnson. While videotaping an arrest in Wake Forest, NC; Officer S. Woods tried to intimidate me once he noticed I was recording. He began by telling me to remove my hand from my pocket, (it was in there because of the freezing […]

Kansas City Cops Take ‘Murder’n’ Pride Photos


Two Kansas City, Kansas police officers were recently spotted posing for a photo that many are calling distasteful, at best. The officers were seen exiting their cruiser an approaching a vandalized stop sign by locals. The sign had been altered to read –cops STOP murder’n– some time before the incident. The two cops then took […]

Copblock of Manchester Police Checkpoint (VIDEO)


The post below was originally posted at FreeKeene.com by Rob Mathias. Make sure to check out the full playlist, the folks in New Hampshire have been CopBlocking Police Checkpoints for years – here’s one I attended a few years ago – and they’re very effective. Rob mentions in one of the videos that they had 24 […]

Tennessee Sheriff’s Home Raided by Feds

Robert ArnoldTHUMB

WSMV Channel 4 reports: The FBI and the TBI searched the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Robert Arnold’s house in connection to an ongoing investigation. Susan Niland, public information officer with the TBI, said they are investigating possible public corruption involving “multiple targets” within the sheriff’s office. The five locations that were searched on Thursday include Arnold’s […]

Hollywood Man Shot By Police For Unclear Reasons

Cops Shoot Man IN Hollywood

A man was shot by Los Angeles police at 2am Sunday May, 24 for reasons that are still very unclear and bear further investigation. According to ABC7 Los Angeles: The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. on Cherokee Avenue near Hollywood Boulevard, authorities said. Several people were outside at bars and restaurants in the area during […]

Swearing Is NOT A Crime; “It is today” says Cincinnati Cop (VIDEO)


[UPDATED: I’ve updated this post at 12:39 pm on Monday, May 25th, to include local news coverage and picture of ticket] Forest Thomer sent me an email today saying, “I was arrested yesterday for calling myself a motherfucker in public.” If you think you might know the name Forest Thomer, you may, he was featured […]

Update on Wentworth Harassment Incident and Francis Muzzey


On May 1st, 2015 I shared a submission from Laura Thompson titled, “Why are the Wentworth and State Police Harassing a Senior Citizen” which stated: On March 10, 2015, at the annual town meeting in Wentworth, NH, lifelong resident and senior citizen Francis Muzzey motioned to cut the police budget by twenty thousand dollars. He […]

Cleveland Police Aggressively Arrest 71 at Brelo Protest Using Questionable Tactics and Force


Yesterday Deo, Tom, Jason and myself spent the day in downtown Cleveland after the not guilty verdict was officially rendered in the Michael Brelo case. For those unfamiliar with Brelo’s case, click here. The video below is a summary of yesterday’s Brelo Protest from the marching around town to the arrest of 71 protestors by Cleveland Riot Police. The four […]

Garbage Collector Lives Matter


This Memorial day weekend, Americans are shifting their hero worship from police to veterans and soldiers fallen in war, but the U.S. military isn’t the only industry that often demands the lives of it “employees.” According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,585 American civilians died while doing their jobs in 2013, and being a police […]