“I didn’t break your arm, you broke it” Says Jailer Who Tased 60 yr Old Woman

Police Taser Fun

Nancy Mason, a 60 year old woman, was arrested for stealing from the local mall. Upon being brought to the Hamilton County Jail she was searched and asked to remove her earrings. Mason refused and seven sheriff’s deputies began to surround her. That’s when Sergeant Rodney Terrell tased her, breaking her arm in three places. According […]

Two Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies Murder Man on Video; News Responds in Defense of Airing Video


Michael Thomas was conducting his usual business route when he noticed two Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies chasing a man around. That man was later identified as Gilbert Flores and on video (below) it appears he was murdered, with his hands in the air, by still unidentified Bexar sheriff’s deputies. See for yourselves. From the video you can tell that […]

Trial Tax And Plea Bargaining

trial tax

Submitted by Matt Raska BeaverCreek CopBlock There’s this incorrect assumption about jury trials in America: They’re a fair process. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution states: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall […]

Georgia Cop “Likely Shot Accidentally” by Other Police Officer While Responding to Wrong Home (UPDATE)


*THIS POST IS AN UPDATE TO THE EARLIER POST, “Homeowner Shoots Cop after Police Respond….” A DeKalb County cop was likely shot by a fellow police officer after responding to the wrong house Monday evening. The incident happened around 7:35 p.m. when officers were responding to a call about a burglary-in-progress. DeKalb County Public Safety Director Dr. […]

Woman Convicted of Crime For Being Kinda Near Police During An Arrest

too close

Kimberly Bracken, 30, was riding her bicycle in Pittsburgh when she happened upon the scene of officers arresting a young man for an undisclosed crime. Although she was on public property and approximately fifty feet away from the police and suspect, she was charged with interfering with official acts. Last Thursday (8-27-15) she was convicted […]

Honolulu Police To Piss Away $575K With “Anti-Gun Stupidity”


In one of the most ridiculous examples of hubris and waist by a local government in recent memory, the Honolulu police department will be destroying $575,000 worth of handguns paid for by taxpayers because they “don’t want the weapons on the street.” Derided as the “height of anti-gun stupidity” by Second Amendment supporters, the department […]

BREAKING: Cop Shot In Fox Lake Illinois


Fox Lake city officials have stated that an officer has been shot this morning in Fox Lake, Illinois.  There is currently a manhunt underway for possible 2 armed suspects.  A newspaper for the area, The Daily Herald stated that, “an officer was shot near Rollins Road and Route 59. The officer’s condition was not immediately available.” […]

Autopsy Reveals El Paso Man Who “Charged At” Cops Was Shot In the Back


On April 29th, 2015 El Paso Police were responding to a burglary on the block that Erik Salas Sanchez lived on. Police encountered Sanchez at a home which was not the one burglarized, but the one where he lived with his mother. She claims that police arrived at their home and asked her to come […]

Homeowner Shoots Cop after Police Respond to Wrong House on Burglar Call

Dekalb Police Officer Shot

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County cop was shot after responding to the wrong house Monday evening. The incident happened around 7:35 p.m. when the officer was responding to a call about a burglary-in-progress. The officer suffered a bullet wound to his thigh. DeKalb County Public Safety Director Dr. Cedric Alexander said officers received a vague description of […]