Update: Cincinnati Officer Tensing Pleads Not Guilty, Held on $1Million Bail

Ray Tensing Court Appearance

Ray Tensing pled not guilty today in a court appearance to murder charges in the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose during a traffic stop. Dubose had been stopped for not having a front license plate. (See below for the body cam videos.) Tensing has also been charged with the lesser crime of voluntary manslaughter. According […]

Drunk Cop Puts Gun To Head of Good Samaritan Trying To Help


Last Saturday in Brooklyn Park, Maryland Michael Wojciechowski was returning home from the store with his girlfriend and their two small children when they saw their neighbor driving, seemingly in some sort of distress. Being a good neighbor, he got the man to pull over so he could make sure everything was okay. The man, Fred […]

Update: Special Prosecutor Named to Investigate Death of Judge’s Toddler


Update:  A special prosecutor has been named to investigate the case of the Juvenile Court Judge that left his toddler son in a hot car for four hours to die.   Scott Ellington, the prosecuting attorney for the 2nd Judicial District, has been named to investigate the case. The autopsy on Thomas Naramore has been […]

Resource Officer Used Position To Procure Teen Girls, Sodomy Charges Allege


A Watervliet, New York police resource officer used his position at Watervliet High School to engage in sexual relationships with two teenage girls, a seven count indictment brought before the state Supreme Court said Monday. 34-year-old Joshua Spratt was arraigned on four counts of a third-degree felony sex act for having oral sex with one […]

Officer Admits Lying To Grand Jury To Cover Up Fellow Cop’s Beating Of Cuffed Man


Gary Wayne Hopkins was viciously beaten at the hands of a sadistic Huntsville, Alabama police officer. As we previously reported, Hopkins was awarded $22,500 in damages stemming from an excessive force complaint. Hopkins was handcuffed in the rear of a Huntsville police cruiser when he kicked out the rear window. According to a video of […]

Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption


The following video playlist was submitted to CopBlock.org via the submission tab. The person chose not to have his name shared but wanted to let the readers here know about a scary yet educational playlist on YouTube. It seems corebass420 – on YouTube – created a 700+ video playlist of police brutality since 2000. From cops using excessive […]

Parma Police Arrest DEO for filming | Claim Disorderly Conduct/Obstructing

parma road pirates

SO, I’m riding my bike home from the store and I roll up on Parma Police Officers Kuehler, Gillsie, Ogrady, and Tellings. You may remember them from such videos as, “DEO’s Lost Video” and “Parma checkpoint 8 23 14 part1” and yet others like, “Parma Checkpoint” and most recently, Ademo has Officer Kuehler hiding behind […]

Wrong House: Off Duty NJ Trooper Fires At Three Teens Over Mistake

Jesse Barkhorn shot at by NJ Trooper

I would like to thank the police of this nation for remaining vigilant in their duty to upending the law. Your dedication to misconduct keeps me busy day and night honing my writing abilities and learning a plethora of new skills. I used to have this thing called ‘free time’ where I wandered aimlessly through […]

Body Cam Video Released – Officer Ray Tensing Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting of Sam Dubose


Note: This is a developing story and will be updated as information comes in. Another murdering cop has been indicted for murder by a Grand Jury. Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted in the shooting death of Sam Dubose, an unarmed man, during an off-campus traffic stop. University of Cincinnati Police officer, Ray Tinsing, observed Dubose […]

BREAKING: Tough Guy Cop Verbally Assaults Driver (Video)

tough cop

A video released this morning shows a “tough guy” cop verbally assaulting a man during a traffic stop. The police officer in the video is out of the South Holland Police Department, Illinois. The officer’s identity is yet to be determined. The video begins with the officer speaking to the driver in an aggressive demeanor. […]