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CBN-network-bannerAre you passionate about police accountability?

Want to help grow a network of people actively advancing the idea that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

If so, consider donating to the “CopBlock Network.”

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What is the CopBlock Network?

The CopBlock Network is a group of individuals who believe “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights,” individually, each one of us has committed ourselves to this idea and together, and with our diversity of skill sets are determined to take this message to the highest level possible. The “ Network” currently consists of many volunteers who voluntarily contribute their time to The funds raised will be used to further the Network and will operate similar to that of a non-profit. Ultimately, I – Ademo Freeman – will take responsibility for the funds and will personally provide donors of the network with a breakdown of funds raised and the allocation thereof each month. I will continue to work with some of the awesome and talented people below to spread CopBlock’s message:

Pete Eyre: co-founder, Writer and Videographer
Kelly Patterson: Founder; Editor of; Journalist
Georgia Sand:CBN Contributor; Blogger; Editor
Danny Florez: CB Facebook Admin; CBN Contributor; Graphics
Joshua Hotchkin: CBN Contributor; Blogger;
Asa Johnson:CBN Contributor; Editor; Journalist
Derrick J Freeman: Co-host of CopBlockRadioVideo Artist; Media Personality
John Bush: Police Accountability Report (PAR); Liberty Beat Founder; Journalist
Deo Odolecki: Greater Cleveland CopBlock Founder; Video Journalist; Submission Editor
Janel Florez: Women of CopBlock Founder; Blogger; Activist
Kate Ager: Submission Editor; Blogger: CBN Contributor

The CopBlock Network also networks with these alternative media outlets (and more) to further the messages reach:
Filming Cops
Truth Voice
Counter Current News

How will the CopBlock Network utilize donations?

The funds provided by “CopBlock Network” donors will be used in a number of ways. We already create educational handouts; produce regular (video/blog) content, original social media content, and merchandise but with your commitment to the “CopBlock Network” we can take all of these to a higher level. For example:

More Boots On the Ground: Becoming a Network means having eyes and ears on the ground everywhere. Sending skilled CopBlockers to areas of breaking news, large events, and other points of interest will give the “CopBlock Network” the eyes and ears it needs to become not just an educational site, but also a breaking news outlet. We’ll also network with other offshoots to develop targeted education, networking, and CopBlock-related events throughout the world.

Expand Gear and Handouts: We’ve had a store for a while and there’s a solid base of educational material. These have obvious benefits in terms of spreading a police accountability message. Yet, with your commitment, we can obtain more informational materials in bulk quantities. The goal is to render the Network less dependent on donations and to obtain low-cost resources for local groups and individuals.

Create Original Content: CopBlockers are already producing content including, but not limited to original blogs, videos, the Police Accountability Report, and CopBlock Radio. With nearly 150 CopBlock offshoots sprouting up throughout the world, with your commitment, the Network seeks to expand the ability of such organizations to further develop CopBlock news, campaigns for victims of police abuse, and other activism and content.

NO LIMITS: Lastly, I could breakdown all the ideas possible at this time but the truth is, the sky is the limit. Will there be a headquarters? A studio, newsroom, campaigns for victims, fundraisers, attorneys on retainer, among others are all within the realm of possibilities, and we are committed to taking this message to as many outlets as possible.

For only $1/month you can help an already existent, successful Network evolve to the next level. Of course donating is NOT the only way to help. You can share our content, rock some gear, submit a story or just have a conversation with your friends. There’s no part that isn’t an important one, so thank you in advance for your support and remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

Below is the recurring subscription via the Store. It accepts PayPal, BTC and standard CC transactions. Remember, if you decide to contribute to the “CopBlock Network” you’ll be provided a breakdown of the funds each month via email.

Thank you in advance for your support. – Ademo Freeman