Columbus Ohio Cop Uses His Badge to Abuse Driver


A Columbus Police Department officer is in trouble. This is what I’ve come to expect from police officers these days. Anthony Smallwood and a friend were in a parking lot in Lancaster Ohio. As they tried to get out of their car, they bumped the car next to them with the car door. The woman […]

Grapevine, TX Police Chief Gives Play by Play of Shooting Incident (VIDEO)


Eddie Salame, chief of Grapevine, TX police, is seen in the video below giving a step by step account of the encounter between Grapevine police officer Robert Clark and Rubén García Villalpando. I’m surprised to see such a video released by a police department providing such a look into their reasonings behind this officer involved shooting. […]

Bodycam Protects Officer Against Sexual Allegations


Falsely accusing others of a crime is never okay. It is exactly that sort of behavior that erodes human trust and helps to feed the growing police state. In the video above, the body cam worn by the officer protects him against allegations of sexual wrong doing. The young woman in the video attempts to […]


FILE - In this March 13, 2015 file photo, suspended Cleveland Police patrolman Michael Brelo, left, sits with attorney Tom Shaughnessy during an administrative hearing in Cleveland. Brelo faces two voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams following a high-speed chase in November 2012. His trial is scheduled to begin Monday, April 6, 2015 in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan, File)

Michael Brelo jumped on the hood of a car after a high speed chase through the streets of Cleveland and fired 15 times. This brought the total amount of shots fired on the vehicle to 137. Yes, police fired one hundred and thirty-seven times at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams; the occupants of the vehicle. […]

Baltimore Cop Sentenced to Just 6 Months for Violent Assault; Victim Speaks Out


Kollin Truss was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer after Baltimore Police Officer, Vincent Cosom, falsified his police report. Truss remembers thinking, “this is nothing like what happened that night and all I can do is pray that I get low bail so I can get out, so I can reach out to an […]

Graphic Photo Depicting Brelo’s Crime


This photo along with this description was found on Facebook. Posted by former East Cleveland Mayor, Eric Jonathan Brewer. **Warning Graphic Photo** This brutal picture of Timothy Russell’s and Malissa Williams’ bullet riddled bodies hasn’t been published or broadcast by any news media outlet in the world. It reveals killer Cleveland cop Michael Brelo’s vicious […]

Breaking News: Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Police Officers Over Freddy Gray Death

Baltimore police officers indicted

Six cops in Baltimore have just been indicted for their involvement in the death of Freddy Gray. Via CNN: The six officers face charges that, if they are convicted, could lead to decades in prison, based on their alleged actions that day. Among them: Illegal arrest, misconduct, assault and involuntary manslaughter. Officer Caesar R. Goodson […]

Another Cop Upset About Getting the Finger


The video and text below (blockquote) was submitted to by Z.L. via the Submission tab. I was pulled over by Virginia State Trooper Highland after dropping my child off for school the morning of May 14, 2015. The trooper was running radar in front of the school and as I drove past him I gave […] Contributor Pepper Sprayed and Arrested for Giving Cop the Bird


Adam Rupeka is the founder of Capital District CopBlock, a CopBlock Network contributor and overall pain in the butt to law enforcement all over New York. His specialty is conducting First Amendment audits of government buildings, like jails, police stations, and federal buildings, but recently he found himself the victim of an illegal traffic stop. […]

Smoke Pot Get Raped; “The John Torrance Story.”


*The following post was submitted via’s Submission Tab by Matt Killen.* Date of incident: 2003 Department/Individuals Involved: Randolph Jackson, Senator Oelrich and a few Alachua County Sheriff’s Editorial Interview with John Torrance It was 2003 and John Torrance was a civil engineering student at The University of Florida. He was a Gator Fan (still is) […]