Two Men Arrested And Tased For Standing In Walmart Parking Lot


This video took place in the aftermath of a “black lives matter” rally in Homewood, Alabama. A few dozen people took part in the peaceful protest, chanting “No Justice, No Peace” and “I can’t breath”, in reference to the choking murder of Eric Garner at the hands of police officers last year. After chanting, participants […]

Filming The Police in Dothan, AL: Cameras Are an Effective Deterrent to Police Abuses

Keep Calm and Film the Police

This is a repost of an article originally published on the SouthEast Alabama Cop Block website, which discusses some of the many reasons why it’s always good to film the police, whether it be during your own personal interaction with the cops or when you see others being detained by them for some reason. Dothan, Al: […]

This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Crazy Cop

Holy cow! Pull up a seat — This week’s corrupt cops stories rogues’ gallery is going to take awhile to get through. We’ve got jail guards, FBI agents, deputies, internal affairs officers, a deputy police chief, even a judge. Let’s get to it: In Fresno, California, the Fresno deputy police chief was arrested last Thursday […]

Uber Raided By Police In France And South Korea, Banned In Germany

uber beat

The multinational ride sharing corporation Uber has been a thorn in the side of government from the very beginning. Uber provides a quality service at an affordable price that the government-cartelized transportation industry just can’t match. As true free market entities, companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecare operate outside of government regulation allowing customers to […]

Did Ex-Cop/Lawyer Help Frame Former Alabama Football Player for Murder?

Will Dickerson Alabama Murder Defendat

This is a repost of an article originally published on the South East Alabama Cop Block website, which discusses some of the improprieties and possible misconduct by members of the Barbour County “justice” system. This involves the case of Will Dickerson, a former University of Alabama football player, who has been accused of murdering a man […]

What Does That “Thin Blue Line” Tag/Bumper Sticker Mean?

Thin Blue Line

Note: This post was received via the Cop Block submissions page and was originally published at the website of Southeast Alabama Cop Block. It relates to the “Thin Blue Line” merchandise that police often use to tip off their fellow employees that they are a part of the “club” and therefore shouldn’t be required to […]

NEW GROUPS!! Denmark, AL, AR, CA, IL, MI, MT, PA, and WA


The groups below are now included on the page, as well as the map embedded on that page, to make it easier for individuals in their respective communities to connect and collaborate with those around them to affect a positive change. The purpose of this post is much the same – to make more […]

Peaceful Walker Illegally Disarmed and Falsely Charged by Kenneth Sessions, Atmore Police Employee


Chad Thrower shared the content below via – if you have a moment please give the Atmore police a call and question why they targeted a man who did nothing criminal. Date of Interaction: September 3, 2014 Police Employees Involved: Officer Kenneth C. Sessions; Police Outfit: Atmore (AL) Police Department Phone: 251-368-9141 My brother […]

Know Your Rights!


Shawn Peterman (Southeast Alabama Cop Block) shared this post via’s submit page. A little knowledge and a few words can go a LONG way toward getting a cop to leave you alone and move on to easier prey. Two simple phrases that could change the way the police deal with people everywhere: 1) “Officer, am […]

Killing of Jeremy Acre


Date of Interaction: March 19th, 2013 Police Employees Involved: Chris Zeigler, Jason Chambers, Al Cox Police Employee Contact Information: (334) 567-5441 The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office came to the home of Jeremy Acre, a Montgomery, Alabama firefighter on March 19, 2013 under the auspices of a “welfare check” based on the word of an unreliable […]