Ex-Police Officer Given Maximum Sentence – Because He Shot Two Cops

Selma Shooting Jessie Hernandez Jr

It’s getting a little better because they’ve been so blatant about it that it’s drawn the world’s attention, but it’s still rare when cops get charged with the crimes they commit, up to and including murder or attempts to murder others. Even on those rare occasions when their crimes are outrageous and the evidence is […]

Social Media Study Reveals Half Of Americans Hate Their Police Dept.


With the rise of digital technology, it has become easier and easier to document the transgressions of state enforcers like police – so it is no surprise that according to a social media analysis by drug treatment and awareness website drugabuse.com, almost half of Americans hate their local police department. The study found that a […]

Cop Kills Spoon Wielding Man Having Mental Episode – Body-Cam Turned Off


========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== An Alabama man that was killed by a Tuscaloosa County police officer Thursday for wielding a “large metal spoon in a threatening manner” was having a “mental episode,” officials say. Police say and an unidentified officer responded to […]

Audit Shows Alabama Sheriff Embezzled Tax Funds For Private Use

Sheriff Scott Walls Embezzlement

========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL An audit of the money spent by Sheriff Scott Walls has exposed, among other issues, his illegal use of taxpayer money essentially as a personal expense account. According to WAFF48 […]

Update: Pistol Whipped Cop Was Afraid of Making Headlines


========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== This is an update to the story I brought to you earlier in the week about the Alabama officer that was knocked out after a fight with a suspect and the bystanders took pictures instead of helping.  Fed […]

LEO’s: Time to Quit Yet? – Beaten Officer Mocked On Social Media


Last Friday a Birmingham, Alabama police officer was brutally beaten during a routine traffic stop by the suspect he had pulled over. As he lie lifeless and bloody spectators showed no remorse, instead choosing to photograph the fallen and badly injured officer and posting them on social media with mocking comments. [READ MORE ABOUT THAT […]

Alabama Cop Plots Murder and Cover-up; Keeps Job

Middlebrooks Plots Murder

The headline just doesn’t do this one justice. Let’s try again and pretend that headline space is really long because it should read… White Alabama cop plots murder and cover-up of black Alabama man, city pays 35k in hush money, cop keeps his job, not long after the audio posted above was recorded the same officer was key […]

Meddling Kids: And They Would Have Gotten Away With It … 8/3/15


Every week at CopBlock.org we bookmark many stories of police abuse, corruption and brutality; as well as other stories of an entire justice system gone awry. Unfortunately we do not get to write about all of them in detail due to time constraints. Yet we often feel like we forgot something at the end of […]

Fed’s Indict Deputy Who Pulled Trigger of Unloaded Gun to Mans Head

Robert Bryant

Justin Watson, a former Madison County Alabama sheriff’s deputy, has been indicted by federal courts for a number of crimes relating to an incident that occurred in August 2012, although those records have just now been unsealed. The 30-year old Watson, who had been with Madison County Sheriff’s Department since December 2008 and resigned this […]

Man Dies After Being Chased and Pepper Sprayed by Police

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.07.06 PM

========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== (Tuscaloosa, AL) A man collapsed and died Friday night after being chased down and pepper sprayed by Alabama police. An anonymous caller told 911 dispatchers that the man, later to be identified as Anthony Dewayne Ware, was sitting at the porch of […]