Mentally Ill Albany Man With Heart Condition Dies After Taser Strike


An Albany, NY man died in custody after he was struck with a Taser during an altercation with police, Officials said Thursday. The incident happened around 12:30 Thursday morning on Lark Street near Second street. Family say officers came across 39-year-old Donald Ivy, Jr during a midnight walk back from a corner store. Police claim […]

Albany NY Detectives Accused of Stealing Cash in Warrantless Search

Albany NY Police Department

*Originally posted at by Annabelle Bamforth and received via the Cop Block submission page* Date of Incident: June 18th, 2014 Individuals Involved: Detectives Scott Gavigan and Anthony Scalise and Sgt. Richard Gorleski Outfit: Albany (NY) Police Department Phone: (518) 462-8017 Facebook Page: Albany Police Dept. on Facebook Twitter Account: Albany Police Dept. on Twitter Area Cop […]

New York State and Albany Police Refuse Orders to Arrest Occupy Protesters


I don’t have enough fingers or hands to count the number of times a police officer has told me “We’re just doing our jobs.” And if you don’t like the LAW you need to lobby (or run for office) to change it. My response to that has always been, “the words lawmakers write on paper […]