Lying Cops Ruin An Innocent Pennsylvania Man’s Life, Now Won’t Even Apologize

Zachary Handley

A Pennsylvania man is getting a chance at getting his life back, seven and a half years after lying cops ruined it. According to Lehigh Valley Live, Zachary Handley was 14 years old when cops arrested him in connection with a 2007 arson investigation. Being a kid at the time and not fully knowing his […]

I tried to save a Life! But the Blacksburg Va Police (All Ex-Army) tried to put me away for Life!


A few years back when I was only 17 years of age, I was well known as a everyone’s hero and best friend in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia. I helped everyone I met, I was young, strong and full of energy and did a great service to my community. I was a member of […]

“Non-Lethal Force” by Rad Geek

[The following post was written by Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson with reference to an article I published last month titled “Burning down the house.” It was originally published at Rad Geek People’s Daily on January 28th. Rad Geek is a Las Vegas-based software developer and libertarian activist who frequently comments about police brutality and cop […]