Hidden Camera Video Proves Police Used Seized 5K to Get Woman to Cooperate (REPOST)


*THIS STORY WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED AT NEVERGETBUSTED.COM by BARRY COOPER* CORPUS CHRISTI — A hidden camera video shows how a police detective extorted $5,000 from a rape victim by promising to withhold felony charges if she agreed to forfeit the cash to the police.  The woman gave up her inheritance, but was charged anyway and […]

Former Narcotics Officer: “We Terrorized Families Over a Bag of Pot”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Former Narcotics Officer: "We Terrorized Families Over a Bag of Pot" | Cop Block

According to RawStory.com, a former Texas narcotics officer recently sat down with HuffPost Live to explain why he turned against the drug war. “A couple of times I raided a home and there were two kids in the home, scared, we terrorized the family, and it’s for a bag of pot,” Barry Cooper said Tuesday. […]

UPDATE: Barry and Candi Cooper’s Charges Dropped

One of the first stories that lead to a call flood here at CopBlock.org was the arrest of Barry Cooper and his wife – Candi.  They were targeted, the way I see it, by the local police for making KopBusters videos which, at the end of the day, made some officers look pretty bad, though […]

Cop who got busted had Barry Cooper’s DVD “Never Get Busted” in his patrol car

Talk about irony. If you’re not familiar with Barry Cooper you can check out his videos and web site here. As for the cop that was busted and sentenced to jail, I am going to let the original article speak for itself. All I can say is that the Judge kept calling him a “dirty cop” and gave […]

Candi Arrested By Rangers For Odessa KopBuster Sting by Barry Cooper

Candi was arrested (and released) by the Texas Rangers for a misdemeanor, False Report To Peace Officer, stemming from the KopBuster sting in Odessa, Texas that successfully freed Yolanda Madden from prison. We performed the sting one year and seven months ago. Early yesterday afternoon, a lady knocked on our door and claimed she accidentally […]

Cop Block digs into Barry Cooper arrest

Barry Cooper was arrested this past Tuesday on his way to a University of Texas Libertarian Longhorns meeting.  The reason for his arrest was due to a KopBusters video (see above).  KopBusters is a group of people, including Barry, who set up stings on officers.  In the video they catch a Liberty Hill, TX captain, […]