Nassau Corrections Deputy Arrested/Fired For Beating Inmate [VIDEO]

Nassau Deputy Inmate Abuse

Andrew Wilson Sasser, who is a Nassau County Corrections Officer, was caught on surveillance footage brutally attacking a male prisoner on July 1st, 2015. After an investigation has determined that he should be charged with a crime, he has turned himself in for arrest under the charge of simple battery he faces in relation the incident. He was […]

Excessive Force? You Decide (VIDEO)


The video above was recorded in Savannah, GA. where there appears to be a fight in the middle of the street.  One vehicle is stopped in the middle of the intersection and you see one male subject hitting the vehicle with his fists while a female is seen fighting with someone who is sitting in the […]

Rookie Cop Exposes Animal Abuse by Police Officers

rookie cop exposed animal abuse

After only two weeks on the job, Konawa Police Officer Jermaine Downs has broken the “Blue Line of Silence” by exposing two officers on the force for abusing animals on the job.  The officers involved allegedly bragged about shooting and beating stray animals while they were on duty.  Downs is now considering quitting his job over […]

Video Shows Police in Riverside CA Beating Defenseless Man at Walmart


Residents of the Los Angeles suburb of Riverside recently captured video footage of police brutally beating a homeless man for no apparent reason. The man being beaten is clearly no threat to the much larger, healthier and violence-versed officers. Yet that doesn’t prevent them from hitting, elbowing, kneeing and kicking the man as he pleads […]

Clovis, California Police Accused of Excessive Force

Clovis Police Excessive Force

Police in Clovis, California are facing a lawsuit stemming from accusations of excessive force during a public drunkenness arrest. Video of the incident appears to corroborate the accusations made by arrestees Travis and Justin Smith and their lawyer, Jeff Hammerschmidt. According to KFSN TV Fresno: [Police delivered] A shot to the head and a knee […]

Las Vegas Police Promise “Fundamental Policy Changes” after Dominic Gennarino Beating **UPDATE**

LVMPD beating man in downtown Las Vegas bar

**This is an update to a previous post on the Nevada Cop Block website, which was entitled, “LVMPD Beat Man for ‘Not Moving Fast Enough.’” It was also cross posted on under the title, “Las Vegas Police Beat Man for ‘Not Moving Fast Enough.’” (The original post has been included below for reference.)** On […]

Rochester, NY Woman who was Beaten by Cop is Indicted by Grand Jury; African-American Community Continues to be Silent

1186710_10201100607456298_1012373895_n (1)

  Rochester, NY Police officer Lucas Krull, before punching pregnant woman in head.   By Davy V. They lined up in their Sunday’s best. Only it was a Friday. Over a dozen African-American Rochester, NY clergy members spoke in front of news cameras and denounced the beating of a pregnant African-American woman, by RPD officer […]

Rochester, NY Police officer Caught on Video Beating Pregnant Woman

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 11.21.44 AM

  By Davy V. A video which has surfaced on YouTube shows a Rochester, NY Police officer beating a pregnant woman. The woman is heard yelling “You’re going to kill my baby!”, seconds before the Rochester Police officer is seen driving the woman into a wooden porch railing. The RPD officer is then seen punching […]

Federal Jury Finds City of Chicago Responsible for “Code of Silence” in Chicago Police Department


The following, submitted by Joe, was originally posted at On February 17, 2007, an intoxicated off-duty Chicago police officer, Anthony “Tony” Abbate walked behind the bar of Jesse’s Shortstop Inn and pummeled, punched and stomped 125-pound bartender Karolina Obrycka. Her “crime” was to refuse serving any more liquor to the burly Abbate because he […]