BREAKING: Cop Shot In Fox Lake Illinois


Fox Lake city officials have stated that an officer has been shot this morning in Fox Lake, Illinois.  There is currently a manhunt underway for possible 2 armed suspects.  A newspaper for the area, The Daily Herald stated that, “an officer was shot near Rollins Road and Route 59. The officer’s condition was not immediately available.” […]

Autopsy Reveals El Paso Man Who “Charged At” Cops Was Shot In the Back


On April 29th, 2015 El Paso Police were responding to a burglary on the block that Erik Salas Sanchez lived on. Police encountered Sanchez at a home which was not the one burglarized, but the one where he lived with his mother. She claims that police arrived at their home and asked her to come […]

Oppose the Return of the More Cops Tax to Las Vegas: Tuesday Sept. 1st


Last year, former Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s continuous attempts at a “More Cops Tax” failed to pass in the County Commission, after dozens upon dozens of citizens commented in person against the proposed tax hike, and hundreds of signatures against it were submitted to the commission. Shortly after, Gillespie announced his decision to not […]

[VIDEO RELEASED] Dallas Cops Kill Man Begging for Help in Jail Lobby

Dallas County Jail Joseph Hutcheson

DALLAS — Following weeks of passionate protests, Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez released surveillance video showing the final moments of Joseph Hutcheson’s life. Hutcheson, 48, died Aug. 1 in the lobby of the Dallas County jail. He entered the lobby acting erratically and begging for help. Sheriff’s officers handcuffed him. The video appears to confirm witness accounts that […]

Veteran Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Buffalo Police Department


The following post was submitted via the submission tab. You too can share your stories, ideas or more simply by clicking this link. Incident – June 3, 2013; Lawsuit filed August 22, 2015 Buffalo Police Narcotics; Detective Joe Cook Buffalo Police Spokesperson Michael DeGeorge, 716-341-9522 Decorated Iraqi War Veteran files federal civil rights suit […]

Orlando Officer Filmed Beating Homeless Man Bloody


Video has surfaced showing an Orlando cop beating a homeless man bloody as he tries to defend himself in a vacant lot near the corner of Ossie Street and Parramore Avenue on Wednesday. The footage shows 44-year-old Terre Johnson mounted by officer James Wilson who pins him to the ground, grabs his head and grinds it […]

The Game of Respect – Are the Police Really That Different From the Mob?

The GodFather NYPD

I was watching a documentary about “the Godfather.” You know, the movies from the 70’s? They depicted a mafia family named Corleone. It was the starting point of many careers in acting. Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and a slew of secondary characters that would repeat in 40 years worth of mob movie fame. The movie […]

Lehigh Valley CopBlock DUI Checkpoint Refusal

Lehigh Valley CopBlock DUI Checkpoint

This video was submitted by Severin Freeman, the founder of Lehigh Valley CopBlock, via the submissions page after it was uploaded to their YouTube Channel. It shows his interaction with an officer (and later his supervisor) during a DUI checkpoint in Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania. The officer, who refused to identify himself even though he […]

Police Kill Two Dogs While Man Not Home – Won’t Tell Him Where Bodies Are


An Arizona man says he returned home after a neighbor called to tell him they heard gunshots to find that Phoenix police officers had shot and killed his two dogs. Eric Morgan said he arrived at his home near 10th Avenue and Buckeye Road on Wednesday, where he found two blood stains at different areas of […]

[UPDATE] No Indictment by Grand Jury In Ryan Bolinger Killing


Months after officer Vanessa Miller shot and killed Ryan Bolinger for “walking with a purpose” on a busy Des Moines, Iowa street, a grand jury not only found the officer innocent of any wrongdoing, but said that there was no evidence to indicate any wrongdoing had even occurred. The following events occurred on June 9th, […]