Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption


The following video playlist was submitted to CopBlock.org via the submission tab. The person chose not to have his name shared but wanted to let the readers here know about a scary yet educational playlist on YouTube. It seems corebass420 – on YouTube – created a 700+ video playlist of police brutality since 2000. From cops using excessive […]

National City Police Officer Slams Disabled Man to Ground & Punches Him


*The following post was submitted using CopBlock.org’s Submission tab by Sergio Rodriguez.* On 2/13/2015 I was in National City in San Diego County. I was traveling south on Hoover, trying to cross over, but the intersection was blocked due to a DUI/drivers license checkpoint a couple blocks away. The police department blocked the street to stop […]

Body Cam Video Released – Officer Ray Tensing Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting of Sam Dubose


Note: This is a developing story and will be updated as information comes in. Another murdering cop has been indicted for murder by a Grand Jury. Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted in the shooting death of Sam Dubose, an unarmed man, during an off-campus traffic stop. University of Cincinnati Police officer, Ray Tinsing, observed Dubose […]

BREAKING: Tough Guy Cop Verbally Assaults Driver (Video)

tough cop

A video released this morning shows a “tough guy” cop verbally assaulting a man during a traffic stop. The police officer in the video is out of the South Holland Police Department, Illinois. The officer’s identity is yet to be determined. The video begins with the officer speaking to the driver in an aggressive demeanor. […]

Pennsylvania State Troopers Brutalize Skateboarder for Giving Finger

Chris Siennick lays back on the asphault in a parking lot near Sixth and Kelker streets in Harrisburg, Penn. "€œI don't know what to think of the future, it doesn'€™t scare me though," and said he hopes to get sponsored but does not limit himself to skating. â€"Whatever opportunity knocks on the door,"€ he said. "€œI might try to be an actor or an astronaut."

This next tale of police state barbarism was brought to you by the Pennsylvania State Police who would like to remind you that… If ya can’t beat ’em, beat ’em anyway! Back in May of this year Chris Siennick, 25, was out riding his skateboard, as he is wont to do. He admits that he […]

Newark Police Lieutenant Compares Black Mayor to Monkey

Newark Police with Mayor Ras Baraka

In Newark, New Jersey, an unnamed lieutenant has joined the ever- expanding list of cops who have been exposed publicly as racists. The allegations involve a Facebook post in which Ras Baraka, the city’s black mayor, is compared to a gorilla. This particular case involves not just the lieutenant currently under investigation by the Newark […]

Remembering John Crawford III: 1 Year Later


It’s hard to believe it has been one year since John Crawford was murdered by Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams. A lot has happened since, and a lot more innocent people have been killed at the hands of the police in Ohio. For those of you not familiar, John Crawford was killed by […]

Texas Prosecutor Appoints Committee of “Outsiders” to Review Sandra Bland Death

Sandra Bland Investigation Committee

On Monday, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis held a press conference (see video below) to announce the appointment of a committee to review the suspicious circumstances behind the death of Sandra Bland. This committee will purportedly be comprised of “outside lawyers.” According to to Mathis’ press conference, this committee is expected to present its […]

Aurora IL Police Kidnap, Then Rob Gun Merchant


31-year-old Joel Romero, of Aurora, IL, was tired of his .44 handgun and wanted to be rid of it. What better way to do that than an online sale? After all, the Internet is the new home of the merchant. Shortly after he listed the pistol on his favorite online marketplace, the Orwellian Community Oriented […]

BREAKING: Police Tow Vehicle With Deceased Bodies Inside (Video)


In a video released yesterday by James Hawthorne on Facebook, police tow a vehicle with deceased bodies inside. The incident occurred in Humboldt Park Chicago. It is currently unknown whether police were involved in the deaths. Regardless, it is safe to assume that towing a vehicle containing dead bodies does not coincide with police procedure; […]